‎”Well being for Melanesia”

Bob Makin, Vanuatu Daily Post, 5/9/2012

Surveys and reports are not generally riveting reading. Here is an exception. “Alternative Indicators for Well-being for Melanesia” – a Vanuatu Pilot Study – is compulsive reading. It proves a lot of things we have suspected all along.

For example:
• 79% of ni-Vanuatu have access to customary lands (92% of those living in rural areas).
• 90% of ni-Vanuatu know their customary land boundaries.
• 88% of people feel they have enough or more than enough customary land to meet their needs.
• 95% of people with access to customary lands make their homes and grow food for personal consumption on that land.
And all that is just for a start…

(Phils Note: Thank you Bob Makin & Ralph Regenvanu for forwarding this news to me.Very Important.

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