(from Kirk) KH 2010 Review article of ‘In Defence of Melanesian Customary Land’.

Olgeta – hemia nao wan riviu artikol blong 6 pej we mi bin raetem abaot gudfala pablikesen ia ‘In Defence of Melanesian Customary Land’. Smol riviu artikol we mi bin raetem ol ibin pablishem online long wan dijitol journalPacifiCurrents, isius 1.2 mo 2.1, long Epril 2010. Journal ia ANU witem AAAPS mo Griffiths universiti trifala ia nao oli joen blong pablishem journal ia (lukluk daon blong faendem se AAAPS etc oli olsem wanem). mi bin sapraes se oli bin letem mi mi pablishem samting ia, fram igat sam strong toktok insaed, be igud. be ating ino bin gat eni man i ridem fram we i no bin gat wan i sendem eni toktok ikam. 2010 mi bin sendem samting ia ikamraon long sam blong yufala. Nao bae mi sendem ikamraon bakegen fram ating hemi taem blong ridem bakegen, mo tistaem tu bae mi sendem ikam/igo long plante moa man. Yu jes klik long samting ia daon ia blong ridem.
Tata, fren blong yufala, Kirk
Dear friends and colleagues – here above is the url for a 6-page review I wrote of the 2010 ‘In Defence of Melanesian Customary Land’ publication. Although the publication deals specifically with certain areas of Melanesia, certain of the concerns it raises are of relevance to many areas of the Pacific (and also, by inference, for aspects of indigenous land rights in many areas of the world). This review was published online in the PacifiCurrents ‘e-journal’, Issues 1.2 and 2.1, April 2010. This electronic journal is produced through the ANU (Australian National University),the AAAPS (Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies),and Griffiths University (also in Australia). The article contains information (particularly re PNG) up to the end of May (2010). Land is the most important asset Pacific islanders have, and, as all Pacific islanders know, if you lose your land you will (rapidly or gradually) lose your culture and your real identity. The topic of protection of traditional land rights should therefore be a normal part and parcel of the concerns of all well-meaning outsiders working in the Pacific.
With best wishes and respect,

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