Raising West Papua

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A video that gives a background to the situation in West Papua, reminding the viewer that despite human rights abuses by the Indonesian Government, the Papuan people continue to struggle for independence.
This video was produced in 2003 to raise awareness about the condition in West Papua. It uses interviews from people based in Melbourne, combined with archival footage from a variety of sources to tell the story.



PHILS NOTE: Indonesia move on,your times up!…..give back our Melanesian Land to our Melanesian People.We Melanesian know you are here because of  GREED…OUR MINERAL RESOURCES GOLD,COPPER etc.FREE WEST PAPUA NOW.

The Netherlands-Holland– should also be held accountable,responsible & be blamed for this MESS and for listening to USA (America) –  by not handing West Papua back to the its rightful owners, instead just backing up their bags and head off back to Europe...chance for the greedy Indo’s  (Asians) to move in, they see GOLD.

MELANESIA:Papua New Guinea,Bougainville,Solomon Islands,Vanuatu,New Caledonia,Fiji,South Sea Islanders Of main land Australia,Torres Strait Islands,Timor,Flores,Sumba,Maluku & Our Melanesian Spear Head Group.…….We as Melanesians can work together to support and help our Melanesian Wantoks from West Papua gain their FREEDOM/INDEPENDENCE.


Wantok-One Talk (means Speaking the same language belonging to the same clan,tribe,people,village,Island,Province BELONGING together )

WAN is One. 

WAN PIPOL is  ( One People )

WAN SOLWARA is (One Salt Water/Ocean) We belong to the same ocean/Salty Water!


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