Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 677

1) US President bai wokbung wantem Pacific

Updated 8 November 2012, 21:30 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Win blong President Barack Obama i gutpla blong ol Pacific Ailan kantri.

Wanpla politikal saintis blong Pacific itok, win blong President Barack Obama aste bihaenim ileksan, i min olsem gavman blong en bai go hed wantem ol wokbung emi bin mekim bifo wantem ol ailan kantri blong Pacific.

President Obama, em mama blong en ibin karim em long Hawaii, ibin winim ileksan aste, taem emi bin winim 303 vout blong electoral college na man husat ibin resis egensium em na man husat ibin sanap makim republican pati, Mit Romney ibin kisim tasol 206 vouts.

Dr Tarcisius Kabutaulaka, Associate Professor long Center for Pacific Islands Studies long University blong  Hawaii itok demokratic pati blong Mr Obama igat planti moa save na wokbung wantem ol Pacific kantri winim republican pati.

Dr Tarcicius Tara Kabutaulaka hem Melanesian Wantok blong yumi blong Solomon Islands na hem based kon Universiti blong Hawaii.
2) Immigration minister: Australian economist ‘not welcome’ in PNG

3:04 pm GMT+12, 08/11/2012, Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea’s Immigration Minister says his department’s been directed to prevent Australian economist Ross Garnaut from entering the country.

Professor Garnaut angered Prime Minister O’Neill last week by describing the wealth accumulated by the charitable trust, the PNG Sustainable Development Program, as “very tempting for political figures”.

The Prime Minister told Parliament Professor Garnaut had disrespected local leaders and was no longer welcome in PNG.

Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato has told a press conference his department’s been directed not grant Dr Garnaut entry while his comments are investigated.

“Our position is that he’s not welcome to PNG at this point of time anyway,” he said.

“We’re investigating the basis on which the allegations came about…and when those investigation details come to end, then we’ll see what steps legally and democratically we can take.”

Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs, Richard Marles, said Papua New Guinea was within its rights to block entry to Professor Garnaut.

“At the end of the day who PNG says is welcome or not in its own country is obviously a matter for PNG,” he said.


Unidentified Disease Affecting PNG’s Western Province
Ok Tedi Development Foundation held responsible for deaths

By Neville Togarewa

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 7, 2012) – Leaders in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province including Members of Parliament are very concerned about reports that women are dying from what they have described as “abnormal bleeding” from a cause or causes that are yet to be identified.

And they have called on the authorities, especially Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF), to urgently do something to prevent more deaths.

Member for North Fly and Minister for Arts, Culture and Tourism Boka Kondra, South Fly MP and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aide Ganasi, and Member for Middle Fly Roy Biyama made the call yesterday.

“Women are dying from abnormal bleeding along the banks of the South Fly River system and Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) does not seem to be doing anything about it,” the leaders said.

OTDF is responsible for the implementation and delivery of impact projects along the Fly River and the mine-impacted villages of Western Province.

Their call comes four months after a general health investigation report was submitted. The health investigation was conducted among the people of Suki Fly Gogo and Manawate regions from April 24 to May 4 this year. The report was done by OTDF officers Michael Gen and James Yore, for capacity building project and monitoring and evaluation respectively.

According to MPs Kondra, Ganasi and Biyama, the report was presented to the then OTDF team leader for community development and acting capacity project program manager, Bill Rua, after a request from the Suki Fly Gogo and Manawate Women’s Association executive members.

Mr. Rua then presented the report to OTDF chief executive officer Ian Middleton who said they are yet to act on the report.

Mrs. Nareme Makai, the women’s and children’s rep., confirmed yesterday that a number of women, and children, have died since the report was submitted four months ago.

“We have been patiently waiting for OTDF to act upon the report and bring the medical assessment team to confirm the reports. Now we are forced to seek government support but due to lack of medical services in the region, we are being sent to Kiunga which is costly.” She said.

The people have requested for immediate attention as a result of what they claim are daily reports of abnormal bleeding from young women and lumps on young children and adults.

This includes ulcers that are prevalent among users of the Fly River.

This is also a normal occurrence for water users of the Fly River. The health investigation report by OTDF covered 35 villages.

The total population of the Continuation Mine Community Agreement (CMCA) region is about 70, 000.

The methods used in the investigation focused on group discussion with 4-5 hours of questions and answers with respect to variety of diseases from personal hygiene, family planning, general health service, diet and safe water.

Three villages were visited and health investigation conducted.

The findings show health services throughout the two regions have been allowed to deteriorate to a below average national rate. According to the investigation report, many people have died from curable diseases; health facilities are at an appalling state; there is inconsistency of drug supply; staff absenteeism; women dying from loss of blood; and only half of the children under the age of one year receive their immunization vaccines.

“This is a serious problem and OTDF and relevant government authorities must do something now before more of our people die,” she said.

PNG Post-Courier:

3) 35 foreigners, four nationals arrested

The Task Force “Rausim Alien” has netted a total of K1.3 million for the state after the completion of its operation in the Highlands region, which was code named “High Attitude”. The joint operation was conducted by PNG Immigration and Citizenship office as the lead agency, the Department of Labour and Employment and Police Department composite unit of CID and intelligence personnel from NCD and Central command.
A total of 35 foreign nationals were found guilty by the Goroka District Court after a vigorous trial for breaching their visa and work permit conditions and were fined K5000 each for migration offences and K45,000 for labour infringement. Other items such as firearms and pornographic materials were forfeited to the state for disposal.
During the course of the operation, two officers from the Labour Department were also arrested for aiding the commission of these organised crimes to be committed by these foreigners.
The two, plus a further two impersonators, were locked up in the cells in Goroka town.
A foreign national who claimed to be a PNG citizen and had in his possession fake government documents was also arrested and locked up in the cells.
The Task Force will conduct similar operations around the country and foreigners have been warned not to engage in illegal activities that will jeopardise their investment opportunities in the country and have been urged to respect the laws of the host country and not to abuse establish laws and regulations under the disguise of investment, as the Task Force will come down hard on any foreign nationals found to be involved in organised crime. This applies to PNG nationals who are found to be aiding and abetting the commission of these crimes.
Four months ago, the Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato issued a three months moratorium and grace period to allow illegal foreign nations to voluntarily surrender themselves to immigration authorities and exit the country without prosecutions. However, this period has already expired and the Task Force “Rausim Alien” team is now in full swing to crack down on illegal immigrants and other non bona fide foreign nationals found to be involved in illegal activities.



By Aloysius Laukai

The Regional member for
Bougainville, JOE LERA has committed FIVE THOUSAND KINA to support the Buka
women’s groups to stage their WORLD FOOD DAY celebration now post-phoned to the
end of this month.

He made this commitment
during one of his visits to the Hagogohe constituency recently.

During one of his COE visits
and in the HAGOGOHE COE he was welcomed by the chairman PIO BISIA former ABG
member LAWRENCE BELLEH, village elders and students from the Tahetahe Primary

MR. LERA has been using these

meetings to communicate his five year development plan for Bougainville during
his term as the Regional Member for Bougainville.

The two day Hagogohe World
Food Day activities will be coordinated by ABG’s Primary Industry Division will
be held at the HOKO Sports Field on 28th and 29th
November, 2012.

This year’s theme is
Agricultural cooperatives- is the key to feeding the world.

081112 malamo supports Kapu

By Aloysius Laukai

The principal of the Buin
Secondary School TONY MALAMO has supported calls made by Sewing Machine
repairer and trainer, PIUS KAPU for funding support from the authorities.

MR. MALAMO made his comments
on the New Dawn FM website saying that the School’s Home economic department
has been utilizing MR. KAPU to repair the school’s sewing machines.

He said the person needs to
be supported to carry out his work in other parts of Buin district and not just

MR. MALAMO said what MR. KAPU

has been doing is really a individual effort to help the communities.

Last week, MR. KAPU called on

the member for Konnou WILFRED KOMBA to give financial assistance so that his
training can cover all areas of Konnou COE as a peace project for the Konnou

He has already run trainings
in Eight villages within the Konnou COE.

081112 3 DEATH

By Aloysius Laukai

At least three passengers
including the driver of the vehicle died yesterday near Hakets Primary School
near Hanahan parish on Buka island.

The car driven by a Tongan
priest was driving at high speed and lost control of the car resulting in the
can overturning several times killing at least one passenger instantly.

The driver and the other
passenger died on their way to the Buka General Hospital.

Just yesterday New Dawn FM
released a Buka Police report on the increasing number of road accidents on
Buka island involving drunk drivers.

Police believe the driver was
also under the influence of liquor


By Aloysius Laukai

Public servants on
Bougainville who have been waiting for their risk allowance have been told to
remain calm as the date for payment is not yet confirmed.

Chief Executive Officer for
the HUMAN RESOURCE DIVISION, PUARA KAMARIKI today said that the final payments
for risk allowance will be paid before the end of November.

He told New Dawn FM that he
does not know anything about next Tuesday 13th November as the
payment day.

MR. KAMARIKI said that all
calculations have been completed but a date will be set once everything is in

He said that he sympathized

with the officers however this matter was beyond his control.

071112 Nurses fellowship strengthened

By Tapo Tovilu

Nurses Fellowship in the Buka General Hospital over the weekend completed a
three day religious gathering.

gathering which was attended by a small group of nurses from Rabaul and Kimbe
was part of the Nurses fellowship group.

came to Bougainville to help strengthen ties both in work as colleagues and in
the spirit as fellow Christians.

began with the arrival of fellow colleagues on Friday and closed on Sunday with
a closing diner at the Buka General Hospital.

071112 Grade eights sit for exams

By Tapo Tovilu

eights all around the country this week will be siting for their exams to
determine whether they get a space in grade nine.

grade eights kicked off on Monday with language and will end on Friday with

the controversial Outcome Based Education curriculum in the region the outcome
of this year’s exams will be examined to better improve the education system in
the region.

experts have called on a review of the OBE system in the region to better help
in the education of the region.

grade eight exams will end as of this Friday with the all primary schools to
commence normal classes next week.

071112 Chinese to respect culture

By Tapo Tovilu

investors in the region have been called on by NGO’s to also recognize
traditional ways of conducting their business in Bougainville.

a meeting held in Fiji on Asian influence in the Pacific region a report was
released outlining the ongoing non recognition of local and indigenous ways of
conducting business by foreign investors in the Pacific.

this NGO’s in the region will be looking at better ways of incorporating the
two in bringing out the maximum results in terms of revenue earnings from both

report released on the pacific watch website stated that mainly investors from
the super powers failed to recognise local ways of conducting business.

there was an alarming rate of frustrated locals who were not happy with
investors simply because they distanced themselves from the people of the land.

this report Bougainville was a main area of concern due to its relations with
Chinese and other Asian investors.

report will be filed and presented to the ABG as to help in the proper
establishment of investor groups in the region.

5) Sikua: Where’s the land rental list?

FRIDAY, 09 NOVEMBER 2012 04:44
OPPOSITION leader, Dr Derek Sikua says the failure by the Ministry of Lands to publish the whole list of government land rental debtors in the Solomon Star on Wednesday as promised by the Permanent Secretary brings into question the integrity of his office.

Stanley Wale last week denied reports obtained from the Ministry of Lands by the Opposition Leader that Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo had directed the omission of his name and names of Government Ministers and Backbenchers from the list of land rental debtors published in the Island Sun last Tuesday.

Mr Wale said his Ministry was only able to publish the first 10 pages of the whole list of land rental debtors in the Island Sun last due to financial constraints however added that the Ministry had secured funds to publish the entire list on Wednesday in the Solomon Star.

Dr Sikua claimed that the list of debtors published by the island sun only carried the names of Members of the Opposition and the Independent Group and members of the public.

This he said was despite the fact that the Prime Minister himself and a number of Government Ministers and Backbenchers also have land rentals owing to the government.

“The failure by the Ministry of Lands to publish the entire list of government land rental debtors in the Solomon Star on Wednesday as promised by the Permanent Secretary brings into question his integrity and that of the office he holds.

“Furthermore, it is an act of injustice against all the land rental debtors whose names had to be publicized in the Island Sun.”

He said it would have been fair on all debtors had the Ministry awaited the availability of sufficient funds for the publishment of the entire list at once.

The Opposition Leader said he believes had the Ministry followed the normal order of its debt listing, the Prime Minister’s name should have been published in the Island Sun last Tuesday as he is one of the highest arrears debtors.

“I am interested to know what criteria was used to omit some names from the original list and if really there is still a whole list of land rental debtors still to be published other than the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers and backbenchers.

“These are valid points that the Permanent Secretary should clarify rather than just simple accusing me of lying and blaming financial constraints to cover up the Prime Minister’s apparent corrupt act,” the Opposition Leader said.
He meanwhile calls on the Prime Minister not to use his cronies to cover up his “corrupt act” with misinformation.

The list will now be published tomorrow.

6) Crowning night set for queens

FRIDAY, 09 NOVEMBER 2012 04:24

Contestants for the Miss Solbrew Beauty and Charity pageant.

ARRANGEMENTS for the crowning night, which is expected to be the ultimate show-piece of this year’s Solbrew beauty and charity pageant have been finalised.

The crowning night will be held at the Honiara Hotel on November 17.Pageant chairman Tony Koraua said the crowning night will initially start with a public float parade on November 15, where all the eight queens, their corporate sponsors, and charity representatives, will take part in a show of cooperation and support.

Mr Koraua said the float will start at the police headquarters at rove up to the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE) sports grounds, the main hosting site of the recent Festival of Pacific Arts.

“People must to turn up in good numbers in support of the float in aid of such a worthy cause.”

The eight queens had been visiting charity organizations recently and engaged in other events around town.

Mr Koraua said their recent engagements were at the two events at the golf club on Tuesday morning and at the Point Cruz Yacht Club in support of the Melbourne Cup.

“This was symbolic because the Melbourne Cup was always associated with charity work in Australia and about half of all bets on the activity go towards Australian based charities.”:

7) Vanuatu opposition group claims more support than caretaker government

By Online Editor
3:12 pm GMT+12, 08/11/2012, VanuatuA Vanuatu opposition grouping made up of seven parties and some independents has signed a Memorandum of Understanding in a rival bid to form the government after last week’s election.

The so-called Solidarity Agreement was reached between the Presidents of the Vanuaaku Pati, the Union of Moderate Parties, the National United Party, the Ground and Justice Pati, Nagriamel, the Melanesian Progressive Party, the Vanuatu Liberal Democratic Party and some independents.

In a statement, the grouping expresses confidence it will secure 30 votes in the 52-member parliament.

The group says the signing of the agreement is possible because the official election results have now been published.

The deal states the MPs desire to combat corruption and to restore confidence, stability and growth in the country.

The party of the caretaker prime minister, the People’s Progressive Party, claims that Sato Kilman has the support of the majority and will retain the top job.


8) Noumea Accord review talks in Paris in December

By Online Editor
3:07 pm GMT+12, 08/11/2012, New CaledoniaThe French overseas territories minister, Victorin Lurel, has set December 6 as the date for the next meeting of the signatories of New Caledonia’s 1998 Noumea Accord.

Lurel says preparations are underway for the talks which will be held under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault.

The 1998 Noumea Accord on greater autonomy, which provides for a phased and irreversible transfer of power from Paris, is to enter its final phase, with a possible independence referendum between 2014 and 2018.

Lurel said key issues to be raised include support to the transfer of power and the high cost of living.

He has earlier said there is also a need to find a common flag and name but that won’t happen before the 2014 elections.

There has been a heated and unresolved dispute over which flag the territory should choose – an issue that last year prompted four governments to collapse.


9) Constitution dilemma

Nanise Loanakadavu
Thursday, November 08, 2012

THE Constitution Commission has raised concerns that the period for the public to assess the draft constitution before it is put to parliament has been reduced to one week.

These changes were made following the amendments of the Fiji Constitutional Process (Constitution Commission) Decree 2012 last week by the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Commission chairman, Prof Yash Ghai earlier revealed that the draft document would be a perfect Christmas gift for the people of Fiji next month.

However, in an interview with the Pacific Beat earlier this week, Prof Ghai raised concerns on the time frame given to the public to assess the draft constitution.

He also raised concerns to the Australian-based news organisation on the changes to the decree under which the commission operates, reportedly in response to Commodore Bainimarama’s “disappointment” over the alleged conflict of interest.

Under the decree the commission is required to publish the names and salaries of its staff members and consultants.

Prof Ghai said the draft document would be summarised on small pamphlets so it could be distributed to all people in Fiji next month before they submit it to the President.

He said the commission was required to ensure that the people of Fiji were able to participate in the process.

When contacted yesterday regarding his interview with the Pacific Beat, Prof Ghai, according to the commission would not be making any further comments regarding the issue.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said Prof Ghai could decide for himself whether he wanted to be part of the constitution process.

Commodore Bainimarama said there would be ample scope for public discussion once the Constituent Assembly started its deliberations once a document was ready.

10) Commission apologises

Nanise Loanakadavu
Thursday, November 08, 2012

THE Constitution Commission has apologised to Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi for not informing him that his term ended on October 31.

The apology came after Ratu Joni issued a statement saying he had resigned from his position as a consultant to the commission effective from yesterday.

In an electronic mail between Ratu Joni and commission executive secretary Keshwa Reddy obtained by The Fiji Times, Mr Reddy explained that a letter was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office last week on the recent changes made by the commission regarding Ratu Joni’s appointment as a consultant.

Mr Reddy explained via the email that they were not able to inform Ratu Joni of the recent developments because he was away in the west.

Mr Reddy said Ratu Joni’s contract lapsed on October 30, and hence they had paid him accordingly.

When contacted yesterday the commission says, there was no need for Ratu Joni to resign because his term ended on October 31.

In an earlier press statement Ratu Joni said “I am resigning my position with immediate effect and thank the chair and members of the commission for the privilege of working with them”.

Ratu Joni explained that his involvement with the commission had become an issue thereby detracting from the objective of producing a new constitution.

His resignation followed government’s disappointment after discovering that he was part of a delegation that made a submission to the commission.

By Online Editor
11) Fijians overseas to be registered soon

08:57 am GMT+12, 08/11/2012, Fiji Fijians living abroad will also have their say in the 2014 general election, says Election Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Sayed-Khaiyum said work is being done regarding the registration of Fijians off-shore and government has already spoken with the missions abroad regarding the registration of Fijians currently residing there.

“At the moment we are working with our providers as to how best we can provide this service taking into consideration the limited resources we have but at the same time we shall be able to provide these services as far wide as Germany, UK or Afghanistan where Fijians are residing abroad.”

“Police and Military officers who are currently on peace-keeping missions abroad will be able to register once they return or if services are provided to them.

Sayed-Khaiyum also added that his Ministry is looking to have a one day election in Fiji and move from the trend of the usual seven days of elections as done previously.

Eighteen Electronic Voter Registration centres have been identified and will open for the second phase of registration in urban centres around Fiji from this Saturday.

The elections office will for the period of November 10 till December 7, 2012 will now facilitate registration of voters only for those who have not registered to date and corrections to the provisional national register of voters (register) from this Saturday.

Minister of Elections, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said registered voters requiring corrections to their details on the register must personally bring their voter registration card to facilitate the correction process.


12)PNG and Fiji off initial EU list for visa-free access

Posted at 06:43 on 08 November, 2012 UTC

The European Union has excluded Fiji and Papua New Guinea from its plans to drop visa requirements for Pacific Island countries.

A senior EU official in Suva says because Fiji and PNG are larger nations, the European Commission considers they are in a different league to the region’s small island states set to get better access.

Adam Janssen says travellers and traders from ten Pacific countries won’t need a visa if they stay in Europe for less than three months.

“The Fijians and PNG are big countries compared to the small island states and they were considered to be under a different category. For the moment it’s only the small island countries in the Pacific and the Caribbean who were put to the list.”

Adam Janssen says the Commission may add Fiji and Papua New Guinea to the list of countries with free access to Europe when it sees the time is fit.

Radio New Zealand International

13)American Samoa’s House of Representatives has new members

Posted at 00:45 on 08 November, 2012 UTC

In American Samoa, six new representatives have been voted in to the 21 member House of Representatives from yesterday’s elections.

The new members include one woman, Vui Florence Saulo, who will be one of the two members for Tuala-uta District.

House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale, now the longest serving member of the Legislature was re-elected.

One member ran unopposed, Representative Faimealelei Anthony Allen and Swains Island selected Alexander Jennings for another term well before yesterday’s voting.

Voters rejected a proposal to change the constitution to give the American Samoa Legislature the power to override the governor’s veto of legislation.

Meanwhile, Faleomavega Eni Hunkin has won a 13th term as American Samoa’s congressman.

He polled more than 54% of the vote in the congressional race with Aumua Amata polled 34 percent, Rose Tago Lancaster received 4 percent of the vote, Kereti Mata’utia garnered 3 percent and Fatumalala Al Shehri received 2 percent.

Faleomavega says he is grateful for the opportunity voters have given him to serve again.

“Very honoured and very humble by our people allowing me to continue my services in this capacity and I just have to work harder.”

Faleomavega Eni Hunkin.

Meanwhile, none of the teams in the gubernatorial race in the Territory polled 50 percent so there will be a run off election on the 20th of November.

Radio New Zealand International

14)People seeking immigration advice in New Zealand warned about fraudsters

Posted at 06:43 on 08 November, 2012 UTC

The New Zealand Government’s Immigration Advisers Authority is reminding people to check to ensure anyone providing advice is licensed.

This comes after an unlicensed immigration adviser was ordered to make refunds after collecting more than 4 thousand US dollars running an unlawful immigration business.

Kauapi Lutelu, who is also known as Prince Pastor Kauapi Lutelu Salanoa of Mangere, pleaded guilty to six charges in court in September.

He avoided a jail term because of his severe mental illness, a sentence of 14 days community detention and the order to give refunds to four victims.

Lutelu had advertised that he had been given a ’quota’ by the Minister of Immigration for 250 Fiji nationals who required work permits or permanent residency and that applicants would need to pay just over 40 US dollars.

He wrote to those who registered for his fake quota, saying they would be charged about 800 US dollars for a work permit and about 1600 US dollars for permanent residence.

Radio New Zealand International

15) Call on Australia to raise Papua abuse with Jakarta

Posted at 03:30 on 08 November, 2012 UTC

The Australian West Papua Association is calling on the Australian Prime Minister to raise the crackdown on activists in West Papua at the Bali Democracy Forum.

The Prime Minister Julia Gillard is one of the co-chairs at the Forum, and the Association says she should use the opportunity to press the Indonesian President into addressing concerns of the ongoing violence in West Papua.

The Association says it is encouraged that the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has said he would be bringing the issue of West Papua to the attention of the Indonesian President at the Forum.

The Association’s Joe Collins says there are credible reports of excessive use of force by the Indonesian security forces in West Papua, particularly in last month’s security crackdown on peaceful activists from the West Papua National Committee.

He says given Australia’s close relationship with Indonesia, and the fact that it is providing training to the Indonesian security forces, the Prime Minister should raise the human rights situation in West Papua as a priority.

Radio New Zealand International

16) Sato Kilman sur la touche (pour l’instant)

Posté à 8 November 2012, 8:43 AEST

Pierre Riant

Les négociations pour le pouvoir vont bon train au Vanuatu

Les résultats officiels des élections du mardi 29 octobre indiquent que 16 partis et 4 indépendants vont se partager les 52 sièges du Parlement.
Le  Vanua’aku Party d’Edward Natapei a remporté 8 sièges, c’est-à-dire plus qu’aucun autre parti.

Lundi, le Parti progressiste populaire de Sato Kilman, le Premier ministre sortant, a remporté 6 sièges mais a indiqué que des accords ont été convenus avec 9 autres formations politiques pour la formation d’un nouveau gouvernement autour de Sato Kilman.

Une coalition qui n’est toutefois pas suffisamment majoritaire, même situation pour Edward Natapei et ses alliés.

Les tractations se poursuivent alors que les deux prétendants aux fonctions de Premier ministre tentent de séduire les nouvelles formations politiques et les indépendants.


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