Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 680

1) Unni Karunakara en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée

Posté à 14 November 2012, 8:16 AEST

Pierre Riant

C’est la première fois que le président international de Médecins Sans Frontières visite ce pays.

tribesman PNG highlands 20121113

La violence tribale fait aussi de nombreuses victimes dans les Hauts-Plateaux.

Cette organisation humanitaire privée dirige 2 projets sur place et c’est une visite sur le terrain de ces projets que son président international a entamé.

Nous avons pu l’intercepter dans la ville de Tari, dans la région sud des Hauts Plateaux où M. Karunakara a inspecté le Centre de soutien familial de l’hôpital local. Un hôpital où 30% des patients sont des victimes de la violence sociale, conjugale, familiale ou tribale.

KARUNAKARA : « C’est ma première visite en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée et mon objectif est de visiter les deux projets que nous avons ici. L’un est à Tari, où je me trouve en ce moment, et l’autre à Lae. Le but de ces centres est d’apporter un soutien médical et psychologique aux victimes de la violence familiale et sociale.
Tari est la capitale d’une toute nouvelle province qui retient l’attention du gouvernement central. Toutefois, on est loin du compte et le gouvernement est loin de pouvoir fournir tous les services médicaux dont a besoin la population de Tari.
Nous avons aussi été choqués par l’ampleur de la violence sociale dans les Hauts Plateaux. 

Choqués au point d’ouvrir ces centres de soutien familial. Mais pour faire quoi exactement ?

KARUNAKARA : « Essentiellement 5 choses. La première est de s’assurer que les victimes de la violence aient accès à des soins d’urgence. Chaque personne qui a besoin de notre assistance est aussi systématiquement vaccinée contre l’hépatite B et le tétanos. En outre, nous nous assurons que les victimes de viol aient accès à des contraceptifs pour éviter les grossesses. Nous nous assurons qu’elles aient aussi accès à des mesures prophylactique post-exposition pour diminuer le risque d’infection au VIH. Et enfin, nous leur offrons un soutien psychologique. »

Mais pourquoi avoir choisi la Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée pour établir ces centres ?

KARUNAKARA : « Nous sommes une organisation humanitaire médicale  qui opère dans 65 pays à travers le monde et notre objectif a toujours été de travailler pour des personnes qui sont en situation de crise. Et nous pensons que les Papous, notamment à Tari et Lae, sont en situation de crise à cause de la violence sociale. Nous voulons que des mesures soient prises pour que les hommes et les femmes victimes de cette violence aient accès à des services médicaux et à des services psychologiques aussi.
Notre mission est plus ou moins bien reçu à Lae et à Tari. Nous travaillons maintenant avec le ministère de la Santé qui a tiré des leçons de notre expérience en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée et qui va peut-être copier les mesures que nous avons prises ici pour les appliquer à l’échelle nationale, dans le reste du pays. 

2) PNG direct flights to NZ proposed

By Online Editor
12:46 pm GMT+12, 14/11/2012, Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea is looking at the possibility of establishing weekly flights to and from New Zealand to boost trade and tourism, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said Tuesday.

O’Neill said that had come about following successful talks between officials of both governments.

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Richard Maru led a delegation to New Zealand in October to look at ways to bolster trade relations between the two nations.

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully reciprocated recently when he led a delegation to Port Moresby.

On both occasions, the ministers met and discussed issues that will be mutually beneficial to both countries. Among the issues was the need to establish regular flights between the two countries.

O’Neill said Maru had written to Air Niugini to seek the airline’s help to make this work.

“The New Zealand government has been requested to talk with Air New Zealand about the options of offering a similar service to Port Moresby and back,” he said.

“We know mines like Lihir and other resource projects in PNG already have enough New Zealand contract workers to fill up half of such a flight,” he said.

“We believe the return flights from Auckland will target inbound tourists from New Zealand, especially targeting the Kokoda trail hikers.”

Possible routes would include Port Moresby-Nadi-and Auckland return flights or Auckland-Port Moresby and Hong Kong weekly flights on a code share basis.

3) Expats taking over in PNG

By Online Editor
4:17 pm GMT+12, 14/11/2012, Papua New GuineaUnscrupulous  foreign nationals are breaching immigration and labour laws by getting married to Papua New Guinea women in order to get a foothold in the country and buying land and running businesses reserved for Papua New Guineans, according to Task Force Rausim Alien (TFRA).

These are the findings of the Task Force after its recent successful operation in the Highlands, code-named “High Altitude” that netted more than K1 million for breaches of PNG laws.

Task Force boss John Bria said in a statement Tuesday that he and his team had submitted a report on their findings to the National Security coordinating Centre which comes under the Department of the Prime Minister and the National Executive Council.

“The report reveals that non bona fide foreign nationals have now penetrated the fabric of PNG society, especially in the Highlands region, and have engaged themselves in village level micro-economic activities like buying and selling coffee beans on the roadside and breeding of local pigs,” Bria said.

He said unsuspecting local people have been lured into selling their customary land to these foreign nationals. They in turn establish themselves in the local communities “by engaging in micro-economic activities that pose a real challenge to local subsistence farmers and small businessmen based at the village level”.

The reports says that once these foreigners take control or dominate local business activities, “local people will be displaced and traditional norms and values will be threatened”.
“These foreigners have seriously breached their visa and work permit conditions by engaging in traditionally reserved area and not working according to their designated positions which they had applied for before entering the country,” Bria said.

He said some of these foreigners had managed to go into reserved activities as a result of “marriage of convenience using PNG women as fronts and changing their visa status to dependants of their PNG wives once they obtain their marriage certificates from the Office of Civil Registry”.

“There has been a lax in security vetting in the issuance of marriage certificates. (Our) investigation reveals that most of these foreigners have their original wives back in their country of origin and use PNG women for business convenience and later dump the women and their children and return to their country of origin once they have achieved their targets,” Bria said.

The Task Force has identified weaknesses in the government systems as the main reason for these ‘unscrupulous foreigners taking advantage to penetrate into the villages”.

“Settlements in urban centres and suburbs as well as villages in Central Province that are accessible by road are now witnessing an influx of foreign nationals who are operating trade stores, taxi services and PMV buses under the guise of being married to Papua New Guinean women while other foreigners engage local people with money to run businesses and engage in joint venture operations,” Bria said.

“There is nothing wrong with foreigners conducting businesses in the country. Some of them are genuine and they are welcome to invest in the country. However, our laws and regulations and our citizens must not be exploited under the guise of investments. We will not tolerate foreigners with fraudulent intentions who abuse our women and resources,” he said.

Bria said his team will continue to conduct covert intelligence operations throughout the country and report on national security threats and arrest illegal immigrants and foreign nationals engaged in reserved activities and organised crime syndicates, as well as their PNG partners.


4) 86 Petitions Remain After 2012 Papua New Guinea Elections

Presiding judge calls for common sense in hearings process

By Elias Nanau

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Nov. 13, 2012) – There are 86 election petitions remaining from the original 105 registered in Papua New Guinea.

Under the election petition rules, a petitioner was allowed to file a challenge within 40 days after the official declaration by the Electoral Commission.

Justice Colin Makail said yesterday the remaining 86 petitions were still many to go and parties needed to progress the matters efficiently.

“I would strongly suggest we apply common sense,” he said.

Makail said so far, 17 petitions had been fixed for trial.

Yesterday, lawyer for Kagua-Erave MP James Lagea told the court he would be moving a motion that service by petitioner Daniel Tulapi had not been affected.

It caught Makail by surprise as he noted the court had accepted that service at the Car Club, in Port Moresby, and the matter had been going through preliminary hearings.

“You should go up to the Supreme Court. This court has accepted service,” Makail said. “Why will we need to go all over again?”

Makail stressed there was a court process and it must be allowed to continue unhindered.

He said frivolous and vexatious allegations should not slow down the court progressing the petitions.

Lagea had been going to court and Makail asked why there should be a dispute.

“I say a hundred times, there’s no other venue to settle election disputes.”

A pre-trial conference for Lagea and Tulapi would be held on Nov 30 but the collapse of the Yalo Bridge, in the Kagua-Erave electorate, Southern Highlands, has hampered both parties from getting statements from the 30 witnesses for each party and which includes the Electoral Commission.

The National:

5) PNG/ Indonesian bilateral talks

By Online Editor
12:47 pm GMT+12, 14/11/2012, Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has invited Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to visit Papua New Guinea before he retires in October 2014.

O’Neill extended the invitation, when he met with the Indonesian President, after the Fifth Democracy Forum in Bali.

Both leaders discussed various issues, including working together to develop the oil, gas and electricity sectors.

O’Neill conveyed to President Yudhoyono of his government’s plan to engage Indonesian companies to build roads to connect towns in PNG, as well as build a 10,000 megawatts hydro-power station, and additional power plants in the eastern part of Papua.

This is part of PNG’s plans to provide power for border towns, including those along the PNG – Indonesian border.

PM O’Neill revealed plans to seek help from Indonesia to develop the airline industry in PNG.

Yudhoyono extended his support on increasing trade and investment with Indonesia. He also expressed gratitude to O’Neill for attending the Bali Democracy Forum.

O’Neill said it was a privilege to be a part of the forum. Both nations also plan to develop and maintain the current bilateral relation they share by working together.


6) Autonomous Bougainville News:(dawnfm)

131112Trad troupe
by Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President chief John Momis has just launched team Bougainville team to take part in the PNG Games.

President Momis called on the team to represent Bougainville with pride and come back with medals.

He said that although the ABG had limited funds it gave FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINA towards the team.

Chief Momis said his government believes in its youth and committed funds to the TEAM BOUGAINVILLE.

540 participants will represent Bougainville at this year’s game in Rabaul.

The team leaves Bougainville tommorrow on two boats, MV BOUGAINVILLE ATOLL and passenger boat Mv Kikori from the Solomon islands.
2012-11-13 11.43.19.jpg

Tae kwando team present their

Tae kwando team present their item

2012-11-13 11.24.58.jpg

131112BOUG SET
By Aloysius Laukai
Bougainville team ready for the PNG GAMES in Rabaul
They are ready to sail to Rabaul tomorrow.
They assembled for the ABG PRESIDENTT JOHN MOMIS to farewell them to Rabaul.
2012-11-13 11.00.02.jpg
By Aloysius Laukai

ABG President,Chief John Momis will start a weekly radio programme on New Dawn FM starting this week.

The weekly talk program will address individual issues affecting affecting the region.

The program will have the President addressing the people of the region and will also include several talk back shows live on New Dawn Fm.

ABG President chief Momis wants to interact more with his people as he wants the people of Bougainville know exactly what was happening in the region.

He said the local information office has not been doing enough to promote Bougainville although they have been around for a long time.

The program will be podcasted for our interested listeners overseas and the web address will be announced shortly.

NBC Radio Bougainville will be asked to also air this program.

By Aloysius Laukai

Bougainville’s long serving Matron, FLORENCE KANAU has died after a long illness at the Buka General Hospital this afternoon.

SR.FLORENCE KANAU graduated from the Papuan Medical College in 1968 as a Nursing Sister.
She was first posted after graduation to Daru, Rabaul before coming to Bougainville.

She became the Matron for the Arawa Hospital in 1975
taking the position from an expatriate Matron Thompson.

Since then she has been the matron in charge of the Arawa General Hospital until the hospital closed at the height of the Bougainville conflict in 1990.

During the Bougainville conflict she went home to Buin
but continued to help the communities in Buin.

When services resumed in Buka after the conflict, she started again as the Matron orgarnizing and recruiting new staff for the SOHANO HOSPITAL now moved to the Buka town.

She retired as the matron for the Buka General Hospital in 2010 and was replaced but she continued working untill she felt ill some months ago.

She is survived by two boys and two adapted girls and six grandchildren.

Late Matron Florence Kanau was still waiting for her retirement pay when she died.

She is one of the many Bougainville public servants who has been waiting for the much talked about Hardship Allowance from the National Government.

They should have paid the monies in June this year
however the dates have been moved to the end of November this year.

The body of late FLORENCE KANAU is at the Hospital Morgue awaiting funeral arrangemends.

Meanwhile,another former deputy matron. Rose Tsiroats has been sick for a while now. She has been the deputy matron and active member of the Bougainville Nurses Association serving as the Branch President. New Dawn FM understands that during her time the Bougainville Nurses recieved several salary raises for the nurses.

By Aloysius Laukai

Bougainville’s long serving Matron, FLORENCE KANAU has died after a long illness at the Buka General Hospital this afternoon.

SR.FLORENCE KANAU graduated from the Papuan Medical College in 1968 as a Nursing Sister.
She was first posted after graduation to Daru, Rabaul before coming to Bougainville.

She became the Matron for the Arawa Hospital in 1975
taking the position from an expatriate Matron Thompson.

Since then she has been the matron in charge of the Arawa General Hospital until the hospital closed at the height of the Bougainville conflict in 1990.

During the Bougainville conflict she went home to Buin
but continued to help the communities in Buin.

When services resumed in Buka after the conflict, she started again as the Matron orgarnizing and recruiting new staff for the SOHANO HOSPITAL now moved to the Buka town.

She retired as the matron for the Buka General Hospital in 2010 and was replaced but she continued working untill she felt ill some months ago.

She is survived by two boys and two adapted girls and six grandchildren.

Late Matron Florence Kanau was still waiting for her retirement pay when she died.

She is one of the many Bougainville public servants who has been waiting for the much talked about Hardship Allowance from the National Government.

They should have paid the monies in June this year
however the dates have been moved to the end of November this year.

The body of late FLORENCE KANAU is at the Hospital Morgue awaiting funeral arrangemends.

Meanwhile,another former deputy matron. Rose Tsiroats has been sick for a while now. She has been the deputy matron and active member of the Bougainville Nurses Association serving as the Branch President. New Dawn FM understands that during her time the Bougainville Nurses recieved several salary raises for the nurses.

7) Solomon Airlines celebrate 50th anniversary
By Online Editor
09:04 am GMT+12, 14/11/2012, Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands Airlines board chairman, Bill Tyson and his deputy, Central Bank governor Denton Rarawa have paid tribute to the staff of the national carrier as the airline prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary today.

“Fifty years is a remarkable milestone, an important phase in the airline’s history when you look back it’s a credit to all the people who work for the airline and those who have worked with the airline through its time,” Tyson said.

The airline’s chairman said the national carrier’s resurgence in the past four years has only been possible through the hard work of staff and management, good decision by the board of directors, the active presence of a strong chief executive officer and the support of successive governments.

While the mood this week is one of celebration at Solomon Airlines, a little over four years ago the status of the airline had been far from sound.

“The country faced some very difficult times between 1998 and 2005 because of those issues the airline got itself into a bad financial situation.

“When I came on the board in late 2008 a decision had to be made either we continue with the airline, we sell the airline, or we walk away from it.

“The board believed there were some wonderful people working for the airline and it showed that it could run itself effectively given that it could get out of the debt,” Tyson said.

He said a key decision to sell one of the airline’s twin otter aircrafts provided enough financial support for Solomon Airlines to begin its restructure and recovery plan.

In December 2008 the government endorsed the plan and in 2009 the airline settled its debts.

Tyson said the airline’s future is bright as it prepares to open its new multimillion dollar office complex at the Henderson Airport and receive its new $40 million (US$5.5 million) Dash 8 from Greece.

He said the purchase of the Dash 8, which is the biggest and most important acquisition in the airline’s history, was necessary due to a big increase in lease charges from Airlines PNG.

In addition Tyson said Solomon Islanders had grown accustomed to and expected the standard of service provided by the Dash 8.

As for the new office, he said this will centralise the airline’s operations under one roof.

Looking ahead beyond the airline’s 50th anniversary, Deputy Chairman, Denton Rarawa said for the airline to be economically viable it will need to expand the Dash 8 services to other airstrips apart from the Gizo, Seghe, Munda, Kirakira, Lata, and Auki.

“The government, donors, development partners need to ensure that all airstrips can handle the Dash 8 plane. The airstrips need to be upgraded so that they are all weather and tar sealed.”


8) Unpaid Solomons Health Workers Threaten Mass Protest
Claim government owes over $135,100 for festival work

By Jennifer Kakai

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 14, 2012) – Health workers have given the Solomon Islands government until November 22 to pay their duty allowance for work done during the July Festival of Pacific Arts (FOPA) in Honiara.

Failure will result in a mass protest.

This decision was reached during a meeting held at the National Referral Hospital yesterday, chaired by FOPA health subcommittee head Dr. Aaron Oritaimae.

Dr. Oritaimae said 374 health workers have not been paid their allowances, which totals up to more than SB$1 million [US$135,100].

“The workers demanded their outstanding payment be made by 22nd of this month,” Dr Oritaimae said.

“Failure would result in a protest, which will involve boycotting duties.”

Workers also agreed that if they are not paid, they will not take part in any future event the government organizes.

“It is time for the government to stop playing games with us and pay us for what we have done,” one worker said.

Dr. Oritaimae said the protest that will be carried out is based in principles and not money. “Our protest is on equity and fairness.”

He said if other public servants are paid for their services during the FOPA, there’s no reason why health workers should be treated the same.

The demand will be submitted to the Permanent Secretary for Health Dr. Lester Ross today, who is expected to take it up with relevant government authorities.

Solomon Star

9) New Vanuatu Prime Minister To Be Elected Next Week
2 rival groups face off to claim majority government

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 13, 2012) – The office of the clerk of parliament in Vanuatu has confirmed that the new parliament will meet on Monday to elect a new speaker and a prime minister.

The 52 elected members of parliament will first elect the speaker who will then conduct the election of the prime minister.

After that, the new prime minister will appoint his 13 ministers.

With less than a week to go, two rival groups – one led by Sato Kilman, the other by Edward Natapei – claim to have majority support.

Our correspondent says with 17 political parties winning seats the country is likely to face more instability than during the last parliament.

Once elected, the new prime minister will benefit from a one-year grace period during which no motion of no confidence can be lodged.

Radio New Zealand International:

10)New Caledonia removes Kanak structures from Noumea square

Posted at 03:28 on 14 November, 2012 UTC

The authorities of New Caledonia’s capital have used bulldozers to remove traditional Kanak houses from a Noumea parking lot after they had not been dismantled as agreed.

Security forces were deployed for the dawn action which followed weeks of unsuccessful talks to get the area cleared.

A committee called 150 Years After erected the traditional structures in late September for events aimed at marking the festival of citizenship, but at the event’s conclusion a Kanak group maintained the facility.

The customary Kanak Senate also encouraged the so-called city tribe to dismantle the structures in line with the undertaking given before the festival.

The incident comes amid a continued search for common symbols of New Caledonia’s identity as the territory nears a possible referendum on independence.

Radio New Zealand International

11)Constitution a symbol of hope: Ghai

By Online Editor
09:17 am GMT+12, 14/11/2012, FijiFiji’s Constitution Commission chair Yash Ghai hopes the new Constitution would be a symbol of hope which would “enable this beautiful country to transcend to a full democratic rule.”

The  five-member commission is well in the midst of drafting Fiji’s new Constitution and hope all Fijians would take time out to study the draft document when it is made available by mid December. Ghai said they would also welcome feedbacks on the draft Constitution.

He said one view is like one candle in the darkness and if all Fijians share their views on the draft constitution with them then there will be no room for darkness.

“The new Constitution may not have answers to all your troubles but it may give you, the people of Fiji, a guide and a commitment, to move on as a modern nation – having sovereignty with dignity,” he said. He encourages all Fijians to take part in the process.


12) More than 1000 workers to be laid off at Fiji Roads Authority

Posted at 06:08 on 14 November, 2012 UTC

The Fiji Roads Authority is laying off almost all its staff, with more than a thousand being made redundant.

The Authority employs 1152 staff and 1035 are to lose their jobs but many could find work with the overseas contractors who will handle road works from next year.

The Ministry of Information says the change is part of the government’s programme for a radical upgrade of the quality of Fiji’s roads.

It says the overseas contractors will be required to pass on their expertise to local workers.

318 staff who have temporary positions will not qualify for redundancy payouts.

Radio New Zealand International

13) Tuberculosis a threat to Fiji

By Online Editor
12:49 pm GMT+12, 14/11/2012, FijiTuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that is still a major threat to Fiji’s population.

This was revealed in the Ministry of Health’s Fiji Journal of Public Health report which was published and released this year.

Ministry of Health project officer for TB Asenaca Mataika in the report said the most recent data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Report 2011 showed that Fiji had an incidence rate of 27 people out of 100,000 and a prevalence rate of 40 people out of 100,000 in population.

“In 2010, there were approximately 191 active TB cases and in 2011, about 213 cases recorded by the national program,” Mataika said. She said out of the 213 cases that were recorded last year, 24 per cent were recorded in the Central and Eastern divisions, 41 in the Western Division and 17 per cent in the Northern Division.

“The populations most commonly affected by TB are those with low socio-economic status, poor housing, and unhealthy lifestyles, mainly in semi-urban and densely populated areas,” Mataika said.

She said TB mostly affected the productive age group between 15 and 55 who were exposed to various social and environmental determinants.

“Males represents a higher number of TB cases than females. An estimated 7 to 11 per cent of total TB cases are represented by children under the age of 15 years,” Mataika said.

Furthermore, she said the treatment success rate (TSR) of new smear positive TB cases in 2010 were at a low 67 per cent.

“Out of the 33 per cent that were not successfully treated, six per cent had died, 24 per cent had defaulted and three per cent were transferred out with their outcomes not recorded,” Mataika said.

Therefore, she said any person with symptoms or signs suggestive of TB should be investigated for tuberculosis.

However, she said other co-morbid condition such as TB-HIV and TB-Diabetes Mellitus were challenges that the National TB Programme needed to address to fully control TB in Fiji.

She said people living with HIV infection who were also infected with TB were at a great risk of developing active TB.

She added any TB suspect could be referred to 3 DOTS centres in Tamavua, Lautoka and Labasa Hospitals.


14) Switzerland set up consulate general office in Fiji

By Online Editor
12:58 pm GMT+12, 14/11/2012, FijiSwitzerland has congratulated Fiji’s election as chair of the Group of 77, a powerful informal lobby group within the United Nations.

And, Wellington based Swiss Ambassador, Dr Marion Weichelt Krupski says it’s a great honor for Fiji to lead the G77, whose membership has grown to 132 member states including China.

Dr Krupski is in Suva this week to open Switzerland’s first honorary consul in Fiji, to be overseen by Swiss national working in Fiji, Rolf Gfeller. Gfeller, an engineer by profession works for Goodman Fielder.

“The opening of the Honorary Swiss Consulate General in Suva brings our still young bilateral relations a significant step further.

“It is indeed one of our foreign policy goals to deepen relationships with all countries in the Asia-Pacific region in order to improve our mutual knowledge and identify new spheres of co-operation between our countries.

Dr Krupski said her country will step up its people to people contacts with Fiji and is offering scholarships for Fijian graduates from all fields to pursue doctoral or post doctoral research in Switzerland.

Fiji and Switzerland established consular relations in 1981 and diplomatic relations, nine years later.


15)Dr Edge no longer head of USP journalism school

By Online Editor
4:10 pm GMT+12, 14/11/2012, FijiThe University of the South Pacific (USP) has confirmed that Dr Marc Edge has been relieved of his administrative responsibilities as Course Coordinator of the Discipline of Journalism at USP effective from 12 November, 2012.

The Head of School of Language, Arts and Media, Professor Sudesh Mishra, will assume the role of the Coordinator of the Discipline of Journalism,” a USP statement said.

Dr Edge was filing this position temporarily since the departure of the substantive Head of Journalism, Shailendra Singh, who proceeded on study leave.

However, Dr Edge is still an active employee of the University in his capacity as a senior lecturer in the Journalism programme and will be working closely with Professor Mishra in the education and training of journalism students.

The University also thanked Dr Edge for his work in training students in the fields of media.


16)Tourism Fiji Unveils Newly-Branded Marketing Campaign
Previous ‘Fiji Me’ slogan not effective in global promotions

By Reginald Chandar

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Nov. 13, 2012) – Tourism Fiji now has a new global advertising and marketing campaign which will be launched to the world in early 2013.

The new campaign is the result of extensive efforts by Tourism Fiji to boost the returns for the Fijian Government from this critical industry, increase tourist revenue and showcase the spirit of Fiji to the world.

An extensive research project on Fiji’s marketing positioning by the Tourism Fiji Board revealed that the current branding, “Fiji Me” was not having the desired impact globally, thus a new marketing strategy was needed to differentiate the country from all other tourism destinations.

Attorney-General and Minister for Tourism, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum who unveiled the brand in Nadi said the new campaign is designed to encourage tourists from around the world to make Fiji their number one holiday and conference destination.

“It will showcase a distinctive new brand identity and slogan, “Fiji – Where happiness finds you,” which captures the unique spirit and essence of Fiji and its people and identifies why Fiji stands apart from other destinations in the region.”

The new global advertising campaign, which has been developed by New Zealand-based ad agency, ColensoBBDO is designed to identify the special qualities that make Fiji emerge from the “sea of sameness” with other island destinations.

It features spectacular images of the spirit of Fiji captured by world-renowned internationally-acclaimed photographer, Steve McCurry.


17)Samoa University Students With Unpaid Fees To Sit Exams
Opposition slams national university’s handling of situation

By Niccola Hazelman-Siona

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Nov. 13, 2012) – “Why weren’t the students advised prior to the study week to give parents ample time to seek the money they needed?” is a question Tautua Samoa leader, Palusalue Faapo II wants answered.

The Tautua Party has weighed in with comments on the National University of Samoa (NUS) issue of students being prevented from sitting their end of year exams.

Starting last Monday, the students who had outstanding fees were turned away from exam venues and late payments were not accepted by NUS staff.

However the Prime Minister and Cabinet overturned that decision at the end of the week and the more- than 300 students affected, will now have new exams set.

Tautua leader Palusalue Faapo II said he is saddened by the train of events.

He pointed out that while he is mindful of the difficulties faced by NUS and sympathized with the management and staff, NUS should be held responsible as well as the parents.

He pointed to the lack of time advising parents that previously-accepted procedures had suddenly been changed.

“The fees are very expensive and people do not have that kind of money freely available. They will need time so why wasn’t a notice given out or aired through all the media?”

“We know that the parents are at fault for not paying their child’s fees however we are in Samoa and not all parents are able to afford the fees at this time.”

Palusalue said there are other ways to deal with the situation.

“My children go to school in Australia and the case there is that students are still allowed to sit but they cannot graduate or receive their results until their fees are paid, why can’t we do that here?”

Fellow Tautua member, A’eau Peniamina said the issue is very important.

“We know that it is not the government’s fault, and yes, the parents are at fault, but the university is not a private organization, it belongs to all Samoa, it was built so that our children can have an education.”

A’eau said that the failure of parents to pay for school fees is a reflection on Samoa’s economic situation.

“These are signs of the times, this is the reality of Samoa, not all parents have money and not all parents can afford these fees, it shows the reality of what most families are going through.”

“It is every parent’s dream to be able to give their child the best of everything including an education but money does not come easy to most families.”

Samoa Observer:

18)Soccer academy for Bougainville

By Online Editor
1:11 pm GMT+12, 14/11/2012, Papua New GuineaPlans are underway for a soccer academy in Bougainville, a move set to raise the standard of football in province.

A commitment by Papua New Guinea Football Association with counterpart funding from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville government.

PNGFA President David Chung gave the undertaking following a meeting with Governor Joe Lera who also indicated to support the building of this infrastructure set to ignite and raise the standard of soccer in the province.

Chung earlier said the meeting with Governor paves way for the AROB government to identify a piece of land to realise that plan.

He met with Governor Lera in Port Moresby a fortnight ago to cement this proposal.

The academy, which will comprise of a dormitory, two classrooms and two football ovals will also be used by the New Guinea Islands region to promote football. Chung who is also the president of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) and vice president of the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) also conveyed to Lera that FIFA is also committed to the development of football on Bougainville.

This is evident by the previous support from FIFA to Bougainville’s youth development program which was introduced some years ago and also the recently-introduced Just Play program which was launched at Hahela primary school on Buka Island in September this year.

Lera said the land where this academy will be constructed is now the immediate issue that needs to be addressed. He however said the Bougainville Soccer Federation and the Autonomous Bougainville Sports Foundation are already discussing the identification of land availability.

Meanwhile, the establishment of this soccer academy in Bougainville is expected to draw a lot of support from Bougainvillians.

With the Bougainville mens team reaching the finals of the Besta FA Cup at the weekend, the infrastructure should add to improving the style of football especially when the side was thrashed by an experienced Lae Football Association (LFA) to successfully defend the title.

Many, especially the soccer fans have welcomed the idea adding it was best for soccer in the province.


19)Coach from Fiji to run clinics in PNG Games

By Online Editor
1:10 pm GMT+12, 14/11/2012, Papua New Guinea

Throws coach James Goulding arrived from Fiji yesterday to attend the PNG Games in Kokopo, where he will conduct coaching clinics and assist in delivering basic coaching courses.

Goulding is a former Pacific Games javelin champion and currently coaches Leslie Copeland from Fiji in javelin. Copeland qualified for the London Olympics with a personal best of 82m.

Copeland was ranked 13th in London Olympics from a field of 44 athletes.

“James has experiences as a sports development officer for both the Fiji Sports Council and the Oceania Athletics,” Athletics PNG President Tony Green said.
“He is a qualified International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) lecturer and we are delighted to have him in PNG to share his extensive experience with us”.

Mowen Boino will arrive in the country today from Vanuatu and will travel to Kokopo to assist Athletics PNG deliver a number of programmes.

Boino, a three-time Pacific Games gold medallist in the 400m hurdles and three-time Olympian had vast experience at international competitions, and would be on hand to assist in a number of areas,” Green said.

“Mowen would conduct hurdles clinics for the PNG development squad members and assist with the hurdles component of the coaching course.”.



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