Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 689

1) PNG PM itok emi laik stopim korapsan

Updated 28 November 2012, 17:12 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Praim Minista  Peter O’Neill itok kantri blong en imas strongim ol wok blong stopim korapsan.

Taem emi bin givim wanpla bikpla toktok blong en tede long National Press Club long Canberra, Mr O’Neill ibin traem long tok klia long ol niusman-meri long why na kantri blong en ibin slou tumas long kisim sampla gutpla kaikai long ol gutpla wok moni emi wok long kamap nau long kantri.

Emi bin tokim olsem PNG ibin lukim ikonomi ibin go antap long kantri long despla 11pla yia igo pinis, tasol oli no lukim wanpla gutpla samting long despla.

2) PNG PM calls for Australian aid rethink

Updated 28 November 2012, 19:06 AEST

Canberra correspondent Stephanie March and staff

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called for a “total realignment” of the half a billion dollars in aid Australia gives his country each year.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called for a “total realignment” of the half a billion dollars in aid Australia gives his country each year.

In a speech to the National Press Club in Canberra, Mr O’Neill said development assistance was being spread too thin and that the funding would be better directed towards roads, schools and hospitals.

“[It] would require a total realignment of the aid program from small projects, in a diverse range of areas, to major infrastructure projects.”

PNG is the second largest recipient of Australian aid after Indonesia, with the majority of it spent on good governance and health programs.

“Even the Australian taxpayers question… what have we achieved? All our social indicators are still very low, that is why we are trying to encourage the Australian Government to participate with us in some of the key programs that our government is now introducing.”

Mr O’Neill said he realised his proposals could prove unpopular.

“I know there will be some in the aid lobby who will be horrified by this suggestion. But if we are going to make sure that your aid supports our economic and social development, and helps us guarantee our security and stability, we simply must make sure it is more aligned with our priorities and needs.”

Aid is not the only area where Peter O’Neill wants to see change.

He said while Australia’s mining sector was slowing, investors should consider opportunities in PNG.

“Papua New Guinea’s mining and gas sector is not slowing down, it is in fact growing.”

But his invitation comes with conditions.

“By investing, we mean a long term investment. We do not want fly-in, fly-out arrangements that has happened in the past.”

Australia’s Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, said he would discuss Mr O’Neill’s requests “in detail” when he meets with his PNG counterparts next week.

“We want our aid to the country to reflect the needs and the priorities of the government in Port Moresby absolutely,” Senator Carr said.

3) Prince Albert of Monaco to visit PNG

By Online Editor
12:04 pm GMT+12, 28/11/2012, Papua New GuineaPrince Albert of Monaco will visit Papua New Guinea on Friday.

He plans to meet scientists involved in the Papua Niugini Biodiversity Expedition in Madang. This is according to expedition leader Prof Philippe Bouchet from France.

He said the expedition involved more than 100 scientists from 20 countries and was organised by the University of PNG, the French National Museum of Natural History, Pro-Natura International and the French Institute for Research and Development.

“The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is one of the expedition’s funding agencies,” Bouchet said.

“We are honoured to have the Prince with us. He established his foundation in 2007 to support projects in conservation and sustainable development and environmental education.”

He said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Madang Governor Jim Kas had been informed of the visit.

“Prince Albert II will arrive in Madang on Friday. A reception for him will take place at Divine Word University,” Bouchet said.

He said that the prince would board the research vessel Alis and take part in some deep-sea sampling, if the weather is favourable.

He will take a trip to the Swire Research Station in the Wanang Conservation Area. The expedition seeks to document the marine fauna and flora of PNG from the bottom of the Bismarck Sea to the top of Mount Wilhelm.

 4)Pirates rob passenger ferry in PNG 

By Online Editor
12:09 pm GMT+12, 28/11/2012, Papua New GuineaA passenger ferry in Papua New Guinea was held up by pirates in coastal waters off Bukawa between Finschhafen and Lae, Morobe, Tuesday morning.

They held up passengers and crew of the mv Geyam¬sao and made off with the ship’s takings.

The Lutheran Shipping-owned vessel left Buki wharf, Finschhafen, at about 9.30am yesterday and pirates raided the vessel two hours later, ferry captain Zeriga Oida said.

It was not known how many men were involved in the hold-up at sea.

Oida said some of the men boarded the vessel as pretending to be passengers at Buki, with guns and bush knives hidden in their luggage.

He said the onboard pirates waited until they arrived at Cape Arkona, off Yambo and Widuru villages, before they took their weapons out and ordered everyone to lie face down on the lower deck.

About 200 passengers and five crew members were aboard the vessel at the time.

Taking advantage of the lack of mobile phone coverage in the area, two of the pirates stood guard upstairs – one at the wheelhouse and another towards the back of the top deck – while two other¬s stood guard over the passengers downstairs.

Other men armed with bush knives then rummaged through the belongings of some passengers and stealing whatever they could find.

One passenger, the mayor of Gagidu (Finschhafen) station, Manase Laina, had his mobile phone, laptop, an airline ticket to Port Moresby and a considerable sum of money taken off him.
Oida said he was at the wheel when a man armed with a gun appeared on the port side and ordered him to do as he was told.

Another man then entered the wheelhouse and damaged the ship’s communication equipment.

Oida said the piracy and hold-up took 10 minutes. The robbers left in two banana boats that had come to pick them up in what was obvious¬ly a planned operation.

About K8,000 (US$3,872) in passenger fares was taken along with all the contents of the vessel’s canteen.

A couple of young men who tried to resist the pirates suffered minor cuts while another man had to be taken for a medical check-up in Lae after being kicked in the stomach.

Provincial police commander David Warap said they had leads and were working on them.


5)New library for B’ville

Celebrated New Zealand author Lloyd Jones was in Arawa on Monday to raise awareness about Bougainville’s new public library set to open next March.
Jones, best-known for his Bougainville-based novel Mister Pip, first came up with the idea of a new public library in Arawa more than four years ago. But he says even now that the building is almost complete, most Bougainvillians still don’t know the library is for everyone.
“People aren’t aware that this building is for them. That’s the first task, to make them realize this is their place. They can walk through that door in the same way they can walk through the door at home,” said Jones.
Part of the problem is the library’s location is behind a fence on the grounds of Arawa Secondary, which has given up its sports field for the building.
“There will always be that fence around it for security reasons, but I would like the metaphorical fence, that is there right now, not to be there,” said Jones.
All Bougainvillians will have access to the library’s 15,000 books, large haus win, and five outdoor reading rooms.
Barry Binding, with New Zealand’s Volunteer Services Abroad, has led construction of the building and has long been trying to get that message out.
“All the time I’m trying to get across that it’s a public library,” said Binding. “So many people still think it belongs to this high school but it doesn’t.
Jones and Binding met with regional school principals Monday to help spread the word that everyone is welcome.
James Koibo, Regional Commissioner for the ABG, chairs the Bougainville Heritage Foundation that will take control of the project once construction is complete. He says the building could become the cultural heart of Arawa.
“This building doesn’t only house the books. It will have stories. It will have artefacts. It will be a stage for performances so that young people can be educated on the traditional ways and cultures of Bougainville itself.”
The new building comes at a cost of about K350,000. Most of the money comes from fundraising efforts in New Zealand. But Jones has also put in K60,000 of his own money.
Still Jones maintenance of the library won’t be a typical Western library, and instead will takes on a shape that is uniquely Bougainvillian.

6) Solomon Islands Government Looks To Improve Food Security

Agriculture ministry considers bananas as key crop

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Times, Nov. 27, 2012) – The Ministry of Agriculture in the Solomon Islands says that the issue of climate change and food security is a top government priority, and the Ministry will “seriously consider reports and recommendations that seek to mitigate against its negative effects.”

A recent report by the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Center has suggested that climate change could lead to bananas becoming “a critical food source for millions of people.”

The authors of the Report argue that these changes “could provide an opening for cultivating certain varieties of bananas” at higher altitudes, even in those places that currently grow potatoes. They say that while bananas also have limiting factors, they may be a good substitute for potatoes in certain locations for small holders to start considering.

“Food security is a long term issue which requires long term strategies and solutions. Such reports provide important information on how best we could tackle this emerging global challenge,” said a senior officer within the Ministry responsible for food security.

“What is important for the Solomon Islands is that we take into account such researched based assessments and see how best we could incorporate it into workable policies and programs.”

It is understood that the Ministry is currently assessing food security within rural communities, one that would provide an important benchmark for future policy responses.

“Such reports by experts will complement our work, as part of our assessment we will certainly look into the various banana varieties and assess how best they grow in various conditions… we will also focus on some of our key crops,” said the senior officer.

The report has predicted that the world’s three biggest crops in terms of calories provided – maize, rice and wheat – will decrease in many developing countries. They suggest that the potato, which grows best in cooler climates, could also suffer as temperatures increase and weather becomes more volatile.

Solomon Times

7) Solomons ready for military withdrawal says soldier

Posted at 17:56 on 28 November, 2012 UTC

A New Zealand soldier among what is expected to be the final platoon of New Zealanders to participate in the regional assistance mission to Solomon Islands or RAMSI says the country seems ready for a military withdrawal.

Lance Corporal Karl Johnson’s platoon is the 16th to be sent from New Zealand since 2003 when the Australian-led force was first deployed to restore peace after several years of civil unrest.

Although RAMSI will remain in Solomon Islands for at least another four years, its focus will be on ensuring the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force is robust enough to maintain law and order.

Lance Corporal Johnson says the capital Honiara, the heart of much of the conflict of the late 90s, seems very peaceful.

“Where you find large groups of unemployed young men, you’re going to have tensions of some description but it’s no worse than South Auckland that’s for sure. And probably a damn sight safer.”

Lance Corporal Johnson says the large numbers of Solomon Islanders he has seen working hard in tough conditions to improve their lot give him hope for the country’s future.

Radio New Zealand International

8)Reforestation Legislation Discussed At Vanuatu Workshop
Participants review definitions, benefits of planted forests


PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Nov. 27, 2012) – A two-day consultation workshop on Planted Forests Legislation has seen the valuable input of tree growers that will determine the legal direction for Tree Growing and Ownership of Planted Forests in Vanuatu.

Held at the Department of Forests conference room at Port Vila, Tagabe, from November 15-16, 2012 the workshop had 35 representatives from Aneityum, Aniwa, Tanna, Erromango, Efate, Emae, Epi, Malekula and tree growers’ representatives from Efate and Santo and the Department of Forests attended the workshop, which is part of the consultation towards developing a Planted Forests legislation for Vanuatu.

In his opening remarks Director of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the former Director of Forests Livo Mele, commended the Department of Forests for taking this initiative to involve tree growers in determining the legal direction for tree growing and ownership of planted forests in Vanuatu.

He also noted the government’s recognition of the importance of the productive sector, and the need for the sector to organize itself to meet the growing demand for agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries products.

Acting Director of Forests Hanington Tate, who led the consultation, raises the importance of a piece of legislation on planted forests, developed in consultation with tree growers in Vanuatu. He highlighted that the forestry sector is currently governed by two Acts, the Forestry Act 26 of 2001, which deals mainly with management of natural forests. Part 7 of that Act which concerns reforestation was specific only on the establishment a reforestation fund, including payments and out of the fund.

The second Act, Forestry Rights Registration and Timber Harvest Guarantee Act of 2000, covers planted forests, but falls short of addressing several reforestation activities currently happening in Vanuatu. The Act was developed by a foreign company, interested mainly in the sale of carbon without consultation with the Department of Forests and tree growers in Vanuatu.

Mr. Tate further highlighted the areas that the legislation will cover to ensure that growers of trees and forests benefit from their investments. He stated that planted forests legislation will clarify the following issues:

  • Definition of different types of planted forests – planted forests has been referred to often as either plantations or woodlots. These terms have been used to mean different types of plantings of the same meaning. The legislation will define these terms according to area.
  • Ownership of planted forests and products – this legislation will define owner of planted forests. This will differentiate between owner of land and owner of planted forests.
  • Joint-venture arrangements – growing and managing trees through Joint-venture agreements are currently occurring in Vanuatu. This legislation will give that type of investment legal recognition because none of the existing Acts recognized it.
  • Registration of planted forests on customary land – Forestry Rights Registration and Timber Harvest Guarantee Act has catered for registration of trees planted on leased land. The plated forest legislation will address the option of registering planted trees on customary land.
  • Sale of planted resource, especially logs – the Forestry Act No. 26 of 2000 prohibits export of all types of logs, except for sandalwood and coconut logs. This is seen as an impediment to investment in forestry plantation. This legislation will address this issue in relation to export of plantation logs.
  • Investor confidence – Issues in relation to investor security will also be address by the legislation, and ensure that investors are attracted to invest in development of forest plantations.
  • Harvesting and licensing requirements – Licensing issues and license fees for harvesting of planted forests will be legally determined by the legislation.
  • Reforestation plan – the planted forests legislation will require the development of a national reforestation plan; which will guide major development in reforestation in Vanuatu.

Tate thanked FAO for coordinating the funding under the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) program for the consultation workshop, which will eventually lead to the development of the Planted Forest Legislation.

The second consultation workshop will be held in Luganville on Santo for the Northern provinces from December 13-24, 2012.

Findings from these workshops will be consolidated into a draft legislation which will be discussed at a final workshop planned for March 2013.


Vanuatu Daily Post:

9) Vanuatu MP Slams Political Advisor’s Comments
MP claims advisor misleading public over PM’s land debt


By Len Garae

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Nov. 27, 2012) – In Vanuatu, MP Willie Jimmy has refuted “in the strongest terms” the response by the First Political Adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office to our front page article which promised to challenge Kilman’s outstanding debt in court.

MP Jimmy who is also the President of the Vanuatu Liberal Democratic Party describes the Letter to the Editor as “purposely designed to confuse and mislead the public by linking the Prime Minister’s debt, to the issue of land ownership in Lakatoro” which he insists “is a totally irrelevant issue here.”

He asks, “Can you prove to me in Law that provides criteria and requirements for candidates wishing to contest the general elections can offset their debt, with the value of assets they have against the Government to quality them to be allowed by the Commission to contest an election?”

MP Jimmy says the Representation of the People’s (Amendment Act) is clear and mandatory. “All it says is that if a person wishes to contest the elections, he or she must not have any debt with the Government. That is what the Law requires as precondition for all candidates to comply with in order to contest the elections”, he says.

“Therefore, my reading and understanding of the Law is clear, and I stand behind my belief that the Commission was wrong to have allowed Mr. Kilman to contest the October 30 general elections without clearing his Vt13 million [US$140,769] debt with the Government.

“I find it hard to accept your reasons that Mr. Kilman’s claims against the Government over the value of land in Lakatoro to be relevant or related in any way to the criteria under the provision of the Representation of the People’s Act that applies to people wishing to contest elections in Vanuatu.”

While MP Jimmy says the First PA is entitled to his opinion he adds that in his view, it is irrelevant in the name of equality and justice for all.

“This case in my view has nothing to do with the title of Prime Ministership, but Mr. Kilman’s status before his election,” he said.


Vanuatu Daily Post:

10)Miss Port Vila 2012 crowned

Posted on November 28, 2012 – 10:11am |

The Vanuatu Association Pikinini (VAP) would like to thank all the audience and the 6 judges that attended the election of Miss port Vila 2012 at Club Vanuatu last Friday.

Congratulation to the new Miss Port Vila 2012, Miss Jemila Theuil from Malekula , first run up Miss Julie Sandy from Tongoa and second run up Miss Adrea Tari from Ambae.

VAP congratulates the rest of the contestants for their faith, confidence and hard work to participate in such election and encourage them in future events.

“Even though they did not win the title of Miss Port Vila 2012, they will be proud to say to all their friends or relatives that they have participated in this contest.

“Also there will be more opportunities for them as we are organizing Miss Vanuatu 2013. The application is open to anyone of you who want to contests again.

“To our organizing committee we acknowledge their support and help for this contest. President Mrs Michel Bourri, Casimir Runa, Marie Louise Milne Carcasses, Serah Taravaki, Carla Boutique staff, Tropical staff, DJ Brian, Leon Enock, Paul six, Wan Smol Bag, Poeravarava, Shefa Mala, Twins Park, Krakie Garae, Mc Thimoty and Harrey, Mrs Monica and Dora and Club Vanuatu Staff.

“We would like to thank all the sponsors for their support and donations.

“MP Moana Kalosil Carcasses, Air Vanuatu, CEO GRD Holding Mr James Kang, Club Vanuatu, Mr Marco Herominly, Carla Boutique, Tropical, Tropik Star, Colorite Graphics, Daily Post, Lotus, Scalp Coiffure, Evergreen Tour, Ah Pow Bakery, Bijouterie Henault, Leader Price, VBTC, Tusker, Vanuatu Beverage, La Terasse, Beef House Restaurant, Bay Watch Restaurant, Rina & Spa, Paris Shopping, Au Pêché Mignon and FM 107.

11) Dalinda releases second album

Posted on November 27, 2012 – 12:39pm |

Female music artist,Dalinda, is launching her second album on December 7 at the Seafront stage in Port Vila starting at 8.30am to 8.30pm.

On November 30 Dalinda will be interviewed live on Paradise FM 98 at 11am where a quiz will also take place throughout the first week of December at 1pm on Vala’s Show where each winner wins a copy of the CD.

Dalinda will also take part in a Melanesian Night at Aup Peche Mignon on December 14.

The volume 2 of Dalinda’s album is titled ‘Toka Varu’ and it will be on sale at Stanley Imports shop in town opposite the Westpac bank.


11) Fiji Trade Union To Form Party Separate From Labour: 
Trade leader says Labour has betrayed ‘foundation values’


MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Nov. 27, 2012) – One of Fiji’s two peak union bodies has announced it will form its own breakaway political party to stand at the 2014 elections.

The Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) has had an increasingly tense relationship with the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) in recent years and FTUC President, Daniel Urai, confirmed to Pacific Beat on Tuesday that the new party will be formed.

Mr. Urai says the Fiji Labour Party has betrayed its foundation values.

“[Fiji Labour Party] has seemed more like only looking after one ethnic group and just one group of farming community,” Mr. Urai said.

The Fiji Labour Party was formed by the Fiji Trade Union Congress in 1985, but Mr. Urai says FLP leaders have lately announced that there is no link between the two organizations.

Mr. Urai denies he is giving Fiji’s coup-installed military government legitimacy by forming a party to stand at the 2014 elections.

He says he and his supporters are “between the devil and the deep blue sea.”

“You don’t partake, things still move on,” he said. “If we partake, then we may be able to have some say in the formation of the next government.”

Mr. Urai says the name and office holders of the party will be announced in around two weeks time. He says the party will be based on a multi-racial structure.


Radio Australia:

12)Legalise sex trade in Fiji

By Online Editor
12:08 pm GMT+12, 28/11/2012, FijiHealth authorities in Fiji want sex work legalised to remove discrimination against what some say is the oldest trade in history.

This was confirmed to The Fiji Times by the Ministry of Health’s acting permanent secretary, Dr Josefa Koroivueta, Tuesday.

“For many years sex work has been regarded as illegal in the country,” he said.

“We need to address this so that sex workers do not face discrimination.”

Dr Koroivueta said Fiji was working towards a human rights-based approach and discrimination of sex workers was against human rights.

“We have a HIV/AIDS Decree that is human rights based and does not discriminate.

“The issue in Fiji is that the sex workers become non-compliance when it comes to human rights,” Dr Koroivueta said.

He said the new legislation for sex workers would be in compliance with the HIV/AIDS Decree and totally based on human rights principles.

Dr Koroivueta said the new legislation should be ready by next year.

But the Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said a statement by the acting Permanent Secretary for Health that a change to the Crimes Decree was being contemplated is incorrect.

Khaiyum said no amendments to the Crimes Decree have been approved by cabinet and any significant changes to this decree would require cabinet’s approval and would only occur after wide community consultations.

Meanwhile, 34 youths from 13 regional countries were part of a Regional Youth Training of Trainers on Transformational Leadership Development Workshop. The five-day workshop at the Pacific Theological College in Nasese was funded by United Nations AIDS and Pacific Leadership Program and its main purpose was to strengthen leadership capacity to lead and contribute to advocacy on HIV/AIDS services in Pacific island countries.

Trainer Dr Ehab El Kharrat said the epidemic was not concentrated but there were indications sexually transmitted infections were widespread in the Pacific.

Participant Christina Ora said such an initiative could help tackle the stigma and ensure young people’s access to lifesaving information on HIV/AIDS prevention.

Fellow participant Tatabo Karereiti of Kiribati said the workshop was helpful. “I will go and teach my community what I have learnt here,” he said.


13)Use of social media in Pacific growing exponentially

Posted at 03:23 on 28 November, 2012 UTC

A research paper has found that the use of social media in the Pacific has grown exponentially in the past few years and has the potential to significantly influence the region’s governance and development.

Danielle Cave, from the Lowy Institute in Australia, looked at the growth in information and communication technology across the region.

She says while the Pacific is a relative latecomer to telecommunications, the figures show that tools like mobile phones, facebook, and online blogs have enjoyed a big growth spurt in recent times.

Ms Cave says people are using social media to hold people accountable for their actions.

“We’re seeing people post pictures of rubbish and complaining why are people leaving rubbish around the streets and who should be paying for this and really thinking about what is happening in that sort of sense. And at the same time people are holding politicians accountable for their actions, blog posts are going up asking what politicians are getting paid and where is that money going.”

Danielle Cave says there are almost 700,000 facebook users in the region now, of which at least 150,000 of those joined this year alone.

Radio New Zealand International

14) Création d’emplois au Vanuatu et en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée

Posté à 28 November 2012, 8:19 AEST

Pierre Riant

Les secteurs des transports et du tourisme sont visés.

L’Australie a décidé de financer un nouveau projet : Pacific Growth and Employment Project (Projet de la croissance et de l’emploi dans le Pacifique) qui est un partenariat avec l’Organisation Internationale du Travail, la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de l’Australie et l’ACTU, la grande centrale syndicale australienne.

C’est hier que la Présidente de l’ACTU, Ged Kearney, a officiellement lancé ce projet à la Maison du Parlement à Canberra.

KEARNEY : « C’est un projet assez unique dans le sens où ce n’est pas tous les jours que la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie et l’ACTU sont partenaires. Mais nous avons décidé de le faire parce que le besoin et réel dans le Pacifique, notamment en ce qui concerne le chômage des jeunes.
Ça fait des années que nous planifions ce projet. Depuis que nous avons vu que l’industrie australienne  était active dans le Pacifique en fournissant des services dans les secteurs des transports et du tourisme. Et nous avons pensé que les jeunes pourraient accéder à des emplois dans ces industries.

Prenons un exemple concret. Sur l’île de Manus, en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée, sur laquelle se trouve un centre de détention du gouvernement australien pour les demandeurs d’asile, les propriétaires fonciers locaux ont menacé de couper l’électricité sur l’ile en disant que tous les emplois associés au centre de détention sont donnés à des Australiens et pas aux habitants locaux. La réponse de Ged Kearney.

KEARNEY : « C’est affaire en particulier est très complexe. Mais revenons à ce projet qui va s’assurer que si des Australiens font des affaires dans les secteurs des transports ou du tourisme, notamment au Vanuatu et en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée, et bien nous nous assurerons que les habitants locaux puissent avoir des emplois et s’il y a des barrières, nous nous en occuperons.
Ce sont parfois des choses toutes simples. S’assurer que les écoles locales fournissent des qualifications appropriées ou que les jeunes aient accès à des transports pour aller suivre une formation dans une école et obtenir ces qualifications.
Et enfin quel est l’ampleur de ce projet, combien de fonds vont être injectés ?
KAERNEY : « Et bien c’est un petit projet mais il fait partie d’un programme beaucoup plus grand associé à l’Organisation Internationale du Travail et le gouvernement australien.
Mais celui là est assez modeste, il n’y a qu’un peu plus d’un million de dollars dans ce projet. En tous les cas, nous sommes extrêmement résolus et nous ferons de notre mieux pour mettre en place des structures qui aideront les jeunes à trouver des emplois. Je ne peux pas dire combien d’emplois seront créés, mais nous prenons très au sérieux les problèmes des gens et notamment des jeunes qui ont dû mal à trouver du travail. 

Ged Kearney, Présidente de la grande centrale syndicale australienne, l’ACTUéation-demplois-au-vanuatu-et-en-papouasie-nouvelleguinée/1052740

15) Guide de survie aux catastrophes par la chanson

Posté à 28 November 2012, 8:32 AEST

Pierre Riant

Il était une fois un cyclone…

Solomon islands children sing abc 20121128
Des enfants salomonais chantent la chanson du cyclone. (Credit: ABC)

Une œuvre de bienfaisance australienne, Caritas, propose un DVD destiné aux éducateurs de la petite enfance du Pacifique pour qu’ils enseignent des méthodes de survie aux catastrophes naturelles.
Ce DVD, selon Caritas, est un moyen efficace et peu coûteux pour aider les jeunes enfants à se préparer à l’arrivée d’un cyclone, d’un tremblement de terre ou même d’un tsunami.
Le directeur de ce programme pour les îles Salomon et le Vanuatu, Adam Eliot, indique que les comptines pour enfants font bien passer le message « Les éducateurs se réunissent et identifient les cyclones comme la grande menace. Ensuite, ils choisissent une mélodie qu’ils connaissent et que les enfants devraient connaître également. Et avec l’aide du Bureau de gestion des catastrophes naturelles, ils écrivent des paroles sur cette mélodie que les enfants apprennent à chanter. »

Business News:

16) Australia funds new work scheme

By Online Editor
11:54 am GMT+12, 28/11/2012, Australia

Australia  is funding a new scheme aimed at creating jobs in the tourism and transport sectors in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

The Pacific growth and employment project will be run in partnership with the International Labour Organisation and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ged Kearney, president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), told Radio Australia that it was a unique project because it involved a partnership between the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the ACTU.

“We have joined together because we saw a real need in the Pacific, particularly, within the area of youth unemployment,” Kearney said.

“This project has been planned for quite a number of years, when we saw that Australian industry played an active role in the Pacific in terms of providing services around those two areas.

“And we thought well, why don’t we use that presence in the Pacific, in particular, to help young people access jobs through these industries, because they are large as you can imagine.”

Kearney said the new scheme was part of a larger project by the International Labour Organisation and the Australian government.

“There’s more than a million dollars directed into this project, but nevertheless, we are very committed and we will do our best to set up structures which will help the young people get jobs.

“We can’t state exactly how many jobs this will create but, what we can say is that, we are looking seriously at how people are having trouble, particularly young people, in getting jobs.”


17)Invention for coconut scrapers and extractors

Luke Rawalai
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

IN a bid to help people of the greater Udu Point area, Also Island Limited director Jim Bandy designed and invented a machine to lighten the load of processing virgin coconut oil.

Mr Bandy yesterday held a public exhibition which saw the machine dry scraped coconut in about an hour.

The display included a modern version of the common electric coconut scraper and the virgin oil extractor.

Mr Bandy said the project was successfully completed through funding provided by the New Zealand government.

“Coconut is a natural resource that is available abundantly in our islands and we have been looking for ways in which we could simplify the task of extracting VCO which often takes gruesome hours of hard labour to achieve,” he said.

“I had no difficulty in putting together the scraper and the extractor as all I had to do was make small amendments and improvements to the electronic coconut scraper model before I began work with the extractor.

“In order to extract quality oil from the nuts we needed to ensure that the scraped coconuts had a moisture level of 11 per cent and we had to reduce the normal moisture of normal scraped coconuts which is usually 50 per cent to the 11 per cent mark.

“The moisture level is tested with the weight after drying,” he said.

Mr Bandy said the modern easy dryer would certainly save time and energy for his workers who stand for hours alongside the hotplates turning over scraped coconuts.

18)Landowners reject Draunibota deal

Torika Tokalau
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LANDOWNERS of Navakavu have rejected the Pacific Building (Fiji) Solutions’ proposal for the development of Draunibota Bay in Lami.

The secretary of the landowners’ committee handling the proposal plans by PBS, Taniela Vueta Bani, confirmed they met last Friday.

The meeting was attended by Mr Bani, Navakavu chief Na Rokobaleni Joape Tukitoga, Navakavu development chairman Joape Tukitoga Caginidaveta, and representatives from the seven yavusa – Nasei, Nabaramai, Waitabua, Nakaubeqa, Natodre, Laselase and Natabuivalu – of Navakavu.

“We refused to go ahead with the negotiation of the proposal after finding out the intention of Pacific Building Solutions to lease 36 acres instead of 3.5 acres which we had initially agreed to,” Mr Bani said.

He said the initial agreement was for 3.5 acres only. This was decided by elders who met the representatives of PBS to discuss its intention to lease the 3.5 acres of foreshore at Wailekutu earlier this year.

“Before they met for their first seating to finalise finer details of the lease, the landowners found out a notice of foreshore development had already been published in one of the dailies. It was the leasing of the 36-acre foreshore instead of the 3.5 acres that had already been agreed on,” Mr Bani said.

Ministry for Lands foreshore officer Thomas Fesau said if the landowners had rejected the proposal from PBS, there was nothing the government could do.

He said the final decision was with the landowners themselves and now they would wait for an official confirmation from them.

“I have written a letter on behalf of the Rokobaleni and heads of the eight mataqali and this has been delivered to the roko of Rewa Province. We are following this channel and they will deliver it to the Ministry of Environment,” Mr Bani confirmed.

She said once they got a confirmation from the landowners of their decision, they would then release a statement.

PBS had proposed to subdivide and develop 1.3935 hectares of freehold land at Lot 1, Waibola in Wailekutu, a residential zone, and further lease the foreshore State land that consists of more than 14 hectares of mangrove and shrub land in the Wailekutu flood plain, about 11km from Lami Town.

The proposal is to construct the PBS main headquarters and have access to the foreshore for the purpose of sea transportation using its own barge to load and offload containers and cargoes for heavy civil engineering works.

The development proposal, divided into three phases, proposed stage one to construct a jetty and wharf, a container yard, 10 lots for commercial complex, reclamation of the proposed 4.5 hectares of foreshore and tidal flat for construction of a maritime facility, deepening of immediate mud flat through dredging, sourcing landfill and marine slipway for boat repairs and maintenance.

PBS managing director Michael Fairfax was unavailable for a comment but his personal assistant Ana Coogan-Whippy confirmed they had yet to meet with the Navakavu landowners.

Climate Change+

19) Small Island States disheartened by NZ over climate change

Posted at 17:56 on 28 November, 2012 UTC

The Alliance of Small Island States has voiced disappointment that the New Zealand government has ruled out committing to a legally-binding agreement on the Kyoto Protocol.

At the UN climate change negotiations in Doha, AOSIS is pushing for a second commitment period of targets for greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.

The AOSIS chair, Nauru’s Marlene Moses, says urgent action is needed on reductions because short-term mitigation ambition was central to the agreement that was reached at the last climate summit.

She says leadership on the issue hasn’t been forthcoming from regional players such as New Zealand.

“They’re our friends, they’re our neighbours, they’re in our neighbourhood and it is very disheartening, it is very disappointing, the position that New Zealand has taken on the Kyoto Protocol. It’s also mystifying for me personally because they’re a neighbour and they see the challenges that are being faced by their closest neighbours and by the small island nations.”

Marlene Moses.

Radio New Zealand International

20)Seas rising 60 percent faster than UN forecast: study

By Online Editor
2:57 pm GMT+12, 28/11/2012, FranceSea levels are rising 60 percent faster than the UN’s climate panel forecast in its most recent assessment, scientists reported on Wednesday.

At present, sea levels are increasing at an average 3.2 millimetres (0.125 inches) per year, a trio of specialists reported in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

This compares with a “best estimate” by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2007, which projected that by today, the rise would be 2 mm (0.078 inches) per year.

The new figure converges with a widely-shared opinion that the world is heading for sea-level rise of around a metre (3.25 feet) by century’s end, co-author Grant Foster of US firm Tempo Analytics told AFP.

“I would say that a metre of sea level rise by the end of the century is probably close to what you would find if you polled the people who know best,” Foster said.

“In low-lying areas where you have massive numbers of people living within a metre of sea level, like Bangladesh, it means that the land that sustains their lives disappears, and you have hundreds of millions of climate refugees, and that can lead to resource wars and all kinds of conflicts,” he added.

“For major coastal cities like New York, probably the principal effect would be what we saw in Hurricane Sandy.
“Every time you get a major storm, you get a storm surge, and that causes a major risk of flooding. For New York and New Jersey, three more feet of water would be even more devastating, as you can imagine.”

The investigation, led by Stefan Rahmstorf of Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), gauged the accuracy of computer simulations that the IPCC used in its landmark Fourth Assessment Report in 2007.

That report jolted governments into nailing climate change to the top of their agenda, culminating in the ill-fated Copenhagen Summit of 2009, and helped earn the Nobel Prize for the IPCC.

The new study gave high marks for the document’s forecast on global temperature, saying there was a “very good agreement” with what was being observed today, an overall warming trend of 0.16 degrees Celsius (0.28 degrees Fahrenheit) per decade.

But it said the IPCC’s projection for sea levels was much lower than what has turned out.

The panel’s prediction for the future — of a rise of up to 59 cms by 2100 — “may also be biased low,” it warned, a caution shared by other studies published in recent years.

Foster said the bigger-than-projected rise could be attributed to meltwater runoff from land ice, something that was a big unknown when the IPCC reported in 2007 and remains unclear today.

Other factors were technical uncertainty, he said.

The IPCC’s projection had been based on information from 1993 to 2003, and there has been more data since then, helping to prove the accuracy of satellite radars that measure ocean levels by bouncing radar waves off the sea surface.

The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report will be published in three volumes, in September 2013, March 2014 and April 2014


21) Madang Lagoon affected  


A BIODIVERSITY expedition which is progressing in Madang has shown the Madang Lagoon, once famous for its rich biodiversity to be adversely affected.
The revelation was made by Senior Scientist of the Papua Niugini Biodiversity Expedition Professor Philippe Bouchet last week.
The expedition is being carried out in two different locations in the country. In Madang covering the Madang Lagoon and surrounding areas including Kananam all the way down south to Yabob and Bilbil while the Terrestrial expedition at Mt Wilhelm, in Simbu.
Professor Bouchet said the expedition to be big as it had attracted a huge team of scientists from more than 20 countries.
He said many including him had learnt of the lagoon’s rich diversity through the years of research and documentation done by the Christensen Foundation adding that the team had arrived with a huge expectation of making many new finds.”Lukewarm”.
He said four weeks into the expedition and he and his team of scientists had found the diversity to be no longer as rich as it was 25 years ago.
“Many of us had heard about the Madang Lagoon and its diversity way before even making the expedition. Midway through the exercise and the sentiment among the scientists has been the same. That the Lagoon has become very degraded,”he said.
Professor Bouchet said he had made several trips prior to the team’s arrival to explain to the locals the purpose of the expedition first in September last year and early this year and January.
He said it was presenting the research to them that he had noticed the people to be very worried about the level of mining and logging activities and the environmental change.
The scientist stated that he had thought the level of the activities to be very small scale given size of the country and that the people had no reason to worry.
However he said the team had found that the lagoon had changed adding that one of the major causes to be the fact that the small rivers were now carrying a lot more soil into the sea especially during heavy rains.
“The water that is going into the sea is not clear but is very brown and this is largely due to the changes in land use including more plantations, logging, slash and burn agriculture etc. All these combined make the soil more prone to soil erosion today.
“There is more siltation going into the lagoon and this is what reef animals dislike the most.
“The beautiful castle which is the lagoon is buried in a lot of sediment and many species that should be there are not there,”he said.
An example of a fauna that the lagoon was once rich in but was now lacking in was the cowrie. He said there ought to be about 40 species in the area but that the shell specialist had only found about 15 of them.
He said they could be found but even if this did happen that they would be rare.
Professor Bouchet said in terms of science and discovery, the expedition had not turned out the way that they had expected but that despite the disappointment of the team that the findings would prove important in terms of awareness on the status of this lagoon once dubbed the “Pearl of the Coral Triangle”.
He stressed that the purpose of the expedition had been purely about science and not to take sides on the issue of environment impact and development versus conservation.
This he said was something for the government, nongovernment organisations and other stakeholders and for them to decide on what to do with the team’s findings.
Professor Bouchet said the arrival of the scientists from the Christensen Foundation who had carried out the baseline survey boating the lagoons rich biodiversity 25 years ago would be crucial to PNG this week.
This he said was because they would be able to truly confirm whether the Lagoon had been degraded over the years or not.
“Our impression of the lagoon is that it has changed but the scientists from the Christiansen Foundation will be able to cofirm this,”he stated.

22) Hailstorm victims running out of food


MORE than 2000 people in the new Jiwaka Province who have been affected by a pronominal hailstorm last week are running out of food and are calling on the govt to assist them.
The people of Aviamp village are now running out of their staple food crop like kaukau and greens which have all dried up after the hailstones which reached an inch above ground level has destroyed them all.
WHP Disaster Officer Paias Kar who has seen the disaster area and who is expected to visit the people today said the issue is serious for the people of Aviamp.
He said the Provincial Disaster office will see what it can do for the people of Aviamp after the visit.
“There are no funding readily available right now but the WHP Government is looking for ways to assist the affected people,” Mr Kar said.
Councilor of Aviamp village John Wesley who lost hectares of orange and coffee trees said all kaukau gardens and greens and vegetables have all dried up.
“Our food crops have dried up like they have been burnt,” Mr Wesley said.
He said this has resulted in a shortage of food in the area.
“But we expect the worst because every food crop is affected and it seems that we will not be having any food for the next several months,” Mr Wesley stressed.


22)Racing-Metro boss denies ‘Fijigate’ scandal

By Online Editor
2:58 pm GMT+12, 28/11/2012, France

Racing-Metro president Jacky Lorenzetti on Tuesday strenuously denied that the Top 14 club tried to prevent Fiji players from competing in the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Lorenzetti’s denial follows comments made by former All Black Simon Mannix that Fijian players at the French club where he coached last year were paid to be unavailable for the World Cup tournament.

But writing in “an open letter to fans concerning Fijigate”, published on the club’s website Tuesday, Lorenzetti denied the accusations.

“Racing Metro have never prevented any player, neither Fijian or of another nationality from participating in the World Cup or an international tournament,” Lorenzetti wrote.

“The selection of one of our players in a national team is a cause for pride and honour in the club,” he continued.

“The best proof is that Albert Vulivuli, another Fijian playing for Racing, did indeed participate in the last World Cup.

Mannix had claimed that the French club made payments to encourage Sireli Bobo, Jone Qovu, Josh Matavesi and Virimi Vakatawa to be unavailable for the 2011 Pacific Nations Cup, effectively ruling themselves out of World Cup selection.

But in a statement to AFP on Monday, Mannix claimed that comments made by him during an International Rugby Board (IRB) radio show “Total Rugby” in January 2012 had been “distorted”.

“The comments that were attributed to me in this broadcast should be clarified because they were distorted and do not correspond to reality,” said Mannix, who now works as backs coach with Irish side Munster.

“In fact, I had just wanted to say that if the club Racing Metro 92 had wanted to, they could have easily compensated the Fijians and presented a cheque to those who did not wish to participate in the World Cup.

“These (players) sometimes prefer to consolidate their club careers faced with the organisational difficulties of rugby in the Pacific Islands and overlapping national and international competitions and their respective calendars,” he added.
Winger Bobo and second rower Qovu, who are still playing for Racing Metro, cited “personal reasons” in 2011 for their decision not to play in the Pacific Nations Cup during the Top 14 season.

Racing-Metro signed Cornwall-born Fijian utility back Matavesi from Exeter Chiefs as medical cover in March 2011, and he too said he wanted “to focus on his club” as did winger Vakatawa.

The Fijian Rugby Federation made a formal complaint to their French counterparts over star lock Jone Qovu withdrawing from their autumn test squad claiming he was injured before he then played for Racing-Metro.

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) took immediate action in telling Racing that Qovu would not be able to play until December 4 after the period when Fiji had played their three tests.

The International Rugby Board (IRB) will decide whether to open an investigation into the matter during a meeting in Dublin on Tuesday.


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