Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 693

MELANESIA(Western Pacific) : (We have Atolls,Islands,Coastal,Central and Highlands (Upstairs!) with Snow Cap Mountains!)

1) PNG PM na ol foran bisnis laen

Updated 6 December 2012, 12:35 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

PNG PM itok ol foran bisnis kampani imas wokbung wantem ol PNG pipal

Papua New Guinea Praim Minista i laikim ol mining projek na ol narapla wok bisnis long kantri long putim sampla long ol despla moni long PNG na noken karim igo aut long kantri.

Mr O’Neill ibin mekim despla toktok long mining na petroleum konfrans emi bin pinis aste long Sydney.

2) MSG skills movement scheme underway in Honiara

By Online Editor
12:07 pm GMT+12, 06/12/2012, Solomon IslandsThe Melanesian Spearhead Group second implementation meeting of the Skills Movement Scheme is underway in Honiara.

Members of the MSG Subcommittee: Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands are attending the meeting.

Speaking at the official opening of the meeting, Foreign Affairs and External Trade Permanent Secretary, Joy Kere, said the subcommittee had laid groundwork for implementing the SMS from their August meeting this year.

Kere said this was done through identification of the roles and tasks of key agencies such as immigration and labour and the education or national qualification institutions in facilitating the movement of skilled MSG nationals.

She says the meeting will consolidate this work to ensure appropriate measures guiding the scheme are met.

She said since SMS involved skilled people, the meeting will also be considering options for mutual recognition of qualifications to facilitate movement under the scheme.


3)Vanuatu Commissioner of Labour says skilled workers scheme timely

Posted at 03:52 on 06 December, 2012 UTC

The Vanuatu Commissioner of Labour says a new Melanesian Spearhead Group skilled workers scheme is timely.

Members of the MSG have signed an agreement to implement a Skills Movement Scheme, an initiative allowing about 400 workers from each country to be employed across the MSG countries.

Lionel Kaluat says the initiative has come at an important time as the global financial crisis has affected many small island states.

He says Vanuatu is short of a range of skilled workers.

“I’m looking more at skills such as engineering, scientists, all these very, very high skilled technical skills we need in terms of infrastructure to do engineering for building of airport, building of bridges, building of wharves. And these are the skills that the country really needs in order to enter into bigger scale developments.”

Lionel Kaluat says there is also a need to put a policy in place to address the need for greater human resource development in Vanuatu.

Radio New Zealand International

4) PNG union leader MSG labour scheme only temporary solution

Posted at 16:07 on 06 December, 2012 UTC

The Papua New Guinea Trade Union Congress says a new employment project promoted by the Melansian Spearhead Group is only a temporary solution to the shortage of skilled workers.

Members of the MSG have agreed to implement a Skills Movement Scheme to allow each countries to employ workers from the other members.

The General Secretary of the Union, John Paska says there is an acute skills shortage in PNG which is fast becoming chronic.

He says the scheme on its own does not solve this.

“The initiative is welcome but it cannot be treated as the panacea for addressing the skills shortages in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere for that matter in the region. There has to be a constructive approach and such a constructive approach must require that the relevant finance, necessary finance, policy framework is pumped back into the development of training institutions and skills development in respective countries.”

John Paska says Melanesian governments need to collaborate with Australia and New Zealand to boost their human resource development.

Radio New Zealand International

5) Bilateral relations vital for Pacific: US

By Online Editor
09:10 am GMT+12, 07/12/2012, Papua New GuineaThe United States will critically enhance Pacific Partnership between Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG for successful national development.

The newly appointed US Ambassador to PNG, Walter North, stressed this at the US Embassy in Port Moresby yesterday during a press conference.

“The US wants to maintain good bilateral relations with Papua New Guinea and contribute to its development, therefore, collaboration between these three countries is very important.

“The US Government will continue to contribute towards Women’s Empowerment such as response to gender based violence, enhancing Pacific Partnership between Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG,” he added.

The Ambassador stated that the US Government will continue working to help prevent and respond to gender based violence in PNG.

He said they will continue working with the Health Sectors under President Obamas Global Health Initiative, Educational and Cultural Exchanges and Democracy and Good Governance.

“You have a wonderful rich nation blessed with an abundance of resources, a vibrant civil society in which there is so much talent. “I have so much interest for the country, the vibrant cultures and traditions, the friendly people, the natural geography such as volcanoes, the national history, and many others,” he added.

He was commissioned by the Governor General, Sir Michael Ogio on Tuesday, and officially took office as the 13th United States Ambassador to PNG.

Ambassador North arrived in Papua New Guinea on November 18, following his September 20 confirmation by the United States Senate and his swearing-in as Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands on November 7.

Prior to that, Ambassador North served as the Mission Director in India, Indonesia, Zambia, Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

He also held a number of positions at USAIDS Washington Headquarters as Administrator for International Agencies or Offices. Ambassador North is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, holding the rank of a Career Minister.

North will serve as ambassador for two years in the country.


6) West Papuan activist highlights opposition within Indonesian Government to dialogue

Posted at 03:54 on 06 December, 2012 UTC

A member of a group tasked with negotiating with Indonesia on behalf of West Papuans, says efforts to hold dialogue with Jakarta face numerous obstacles.

The five-man group, made up of exiled West Papuans, was selected at last year’s Papuan Peace Conference in Jayapura to prepare for dialogue with Jakarta over ongoing problems in the Papua region.

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called for dialogue with Papuan leaders and has met more than once with Papuan church representatives.

However since then, according to the US-based Octo Mote, access to government has been restricted for those working to discuss solutions for Papua.

“The radical strong group from the government, including the home affairs ministers, the political and law and human rights co-ordinating ministers, not to mention the military, strongly oppose this idea of dialogue.”

Octo Mote

Radio New Zealand International

7)West Papuan activist says Jakarta targetting peaceful separatist group

Posted at 18:46 on 06 December, 2012 UTC

A West Papua activist says Indonesia’s security forces are singling out the National Committee of West Papua, or KNPB, because of its peaceful commitment to Papuan self-determination.

In recent months, Indonesian special forces and police have arrested and, in some cases, tortured or killed a number of Papuan activists.

The Papua police chief has warned that he intends to crush the Papuan push for self-determination.

Joe Collins of the Australia West Papua Association says that the KNPB has proved the most effective group in terms of regularly mobilising Papuans to express their aspirations.

“And that is the basic fear of Jakarta, that the internatonal community is actually watching what’s going on. And the KNPB are the ones that are actually bringing the attention. There was a Kopassus (Indonesian special forces) report released a few years ago which had a quote which says they have more to fear from peaceful rallies and demonstrations than actually from the armed resistance because the peaceful rallies are bringing the attention to what’s going on.”

Joe Collins

Radio New Zealand International

8) Illegal Drugs, Firearms Operations Uncovered In PNG
2 youths attempted to smuggle $95,000 worth of marijuana

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Dec. 5, 2012) – In Papua New Guinea, a major drugs-for-guns trade syndicate operating between Tari in the new Hela province and Daru in the Western province involving the use of light aircrafts was uncovered last Tuesday in Tari, Hela province.

Third level airliner Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) workers in Tari become suspicious when two youths fronted up in the morning with their bags to travel to Balimo in Western province.

Tari MAF port manager Mr. David Kelawi said the two youths were rough and hasty in the manner in which they tried to book their tickets.

The youths had 29 kilograms of homegrown and dried tobacco leaves packed inside a sports bag as their only luggage.

Mr. Kelawi and his security guard Mr. Henry Angu became suspicious of the two youths and opened the sports bag to see its contents.

To their amazement, they found dried and rolled marijuana leaves packed neatly inside three empty 1 kilogram rice packets amidst the stack of tobacco leaves. They pulled out the items and reported the matter to Tari police.

The two youths, realizing that their bags were checked, dashed off into the crowd and never returned to claim their luggage.

Tari based police mobile squad 9 and general duty officers arrived and took the bag and the marijuana packets to the police station where hopefully the owners would show up to claim their goods. Police will then have them arrested or interrogated. Mr. Kelawi said MAF would ensure that all cargo and goods arriving and leaving Tari would be vigorously checked from now onwards to detect any illicit items like marijuana and guns.

Tari police believe the marijuana is worth some K200,000 [US$95,247] at street value and prices, and was primarily being smuggled to trade for high powered weapons with people in Western province who have access to illegal firearms crossing into the Papua New Guinea border from West Irian and Jayapura in Indonesia.

Tari police said with the hectic and increased activities in the Southern Highlands and Hela provinces as a consequence of the PNG LNG project, landowner leaders are using youths to smuggle in weapons by sponsoring them to take the risk of being caught via small third level airliners.

Police said they have intelligence of youths spending several days in the jungles between Hela and Western provinces trading drugs for guns.

PNG Post-Courier:

9) PNG Police Accused Of Burning Jiwaka Ballot Boxes
Officers also reportedly assaulted district administrator

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Dec. 5, 2012) – Five members of Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary were allegedly involved in the burning of the Jiwaka provincial seat ballot boxes in Banz in September, Highlands Police Chief Teddy Tei said yesterday.

One of them was arrested on Saturday in Banz and charged with the burning of Ballot Boxes on the night of September 21, armed robbery, stealing and illegal use of a motor vehicle and causing grievous bodily harm.

The rest of the police officers who are still on the run are wanted for similar charges by police.

The police investigation team is yet to establish whether police-issued firearms were used in the holdup of security guards protecting the ballot boxes.

Police did confirm earlier that high powered firearms were used, allegedly by locals during the attack.

Three days prior to the burning of the ballot boxes, the same group of policemen, a composite of a Mt. Hagen based Mobile Squad and Highway Patrol Personnel, along with some political supporters, allegedly attacked Anglimp South Waghi District Administrator Kimin Gokumiye.

Mr. Gokumiye was harmed, his vehicle forcefully taken and K9,000 [US$4,286] in cash on him was also taken, Highlands Divisional Police Commander Teddy Tei said yesterday.

The five policemen were on the run since September 18 when they acted without any authorization by attacking the District Administrator. Three days later, the ballot papers were gutted.

ACP Tei called on the four officers to voluntarily make themselves available to the police investigation team and not act like criminals by hiding away from the law, which he said would eventually catch up with them.

Chief Tei said First Constable Michael Tua, 47, of Wara Kar village, Banz, Jiwaka province who is attached to MS7, was arrested after he was sighted near his village with the Administrator’s vehicle and was in police custody after he was hit with the four charges on the burning of the Jiwaka Regional Seat ballot papers, armed robbery, illegal use of motor vehicle, stealing and causing grievous bodily harm to Mr. Gokumiye.

“There was no instruction from the government that [neither] Dr. William Tongamp nor the police gave permission for these men to get the vehicle from the District Administrator. These were the acts of criminals and these officers have no space in the police force. They will face the full force of the law,” Mr. Tei said.

Though Chief Tei did not elaborate on the police part in the destruction of the ballot papers, during the night of the destruction to ballot boxes, over 10 people dressed in Ninja type clothing and armed with firearms drove in three unmarked vehicles and damaged the boxes containing the ballot papers. Seven local people were already arrested over a week ago in relation to the burning of ballot boxes. Mr. Gokumiye was the administrator when Jamie Maxton Graham was the local MP.

Mr. Graham vacated his Anglimp South Waghi seat and contested in the Jiwaka Regional Seat which was won by Dr. William Tongamp.

PNG Post-Courier:

10) Vanuatu Officials Reiterate Support For West Papua
Ties with Indonesia may be cut if no-confidence move succeeds

By Ricky Binihi

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Dec. 5, 2012) – Vanuatu’s next government, if a motion of no-confidence against PM Sato Kilman succeeds in Parliament, will work more with the people of West Papua and Vanuatu could cut diplomatic relations with Indonesia.

That was the message the dignitaries and sympathizers of the West Papua cause heard when the Morning Star flag was hoisted at Vete’s Headquarters in Port Vila to commemorate West Papua’s Independence since 1961.

Former Head of State Mr. Kalkot Matas Kelekele, Melanesian Progressive Party (MPP) President and former Vanuatu Prime Minister, Barak Sope, the President of the Graon and Jastis Party (GJP) MP Ralph Regenvanu, former Foreign Affairs Ministers MP Joe Natuman, MPP Malekula MP Sai Esmon, Dr. John Ondawame, West Papua outspoken leader Andy Ayamiseba, and members of the Vete hierarchy were all present on December 1.

Former President Matas Kelekele who reportedly told the President of Indonesia he still prayed for the Melanesians in West Papua said “colonization by the Indonesians of West Papua is a sin.”

Former Vanuatu PM Sope said the MPP does not recognize West Papua as part of Indonesia and it will never do so and that “the struggle for West Papua must continue because victory is certain.”

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Natuman said the relations between Jakarta and Port Vila must be “terminated” because he alleged that in the past two years Indonesia has provided funds to individual Vanuatu politicians and not the Nation.

Four government backbenchers moved to join the Opposition that Friday so when GJP President MP Regenvanu took the stage on Sunday he said the government that will be elected on December 10 will ensure that West Papua becomes a priority.

Members at the ceremony that was organized by former MP David Abel and Chairman of the Organising Committee, Mr. Alul Ravue heard that after the 51 years of struggle 600,000 West Papuans have died and 7 million Indonesians have migrated to West Papua and have diluted the cause for Independence of West Papua is coming.

Mr. Shem Rarua who has been mandated by the West Papuan Council to speak at the occasion announced that they have now decided to register West Papua cause to the International Court of Justice in Hague and they are confident Vanuatu’s brothers and sisters of West Papua will be free.

Vanuatu Daily Post:

11) Vanuatu Utilities Minister Signs For Phocea Release
Ports director says minister has no power to release yacht

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 5, 2012) – Vanuatu’s Minister of Public Utilities, Harry Iauko, has signed a deed of release of one million vatu, or nearly US$11,000, to release the mega-yacht Phocea.

The mega yacht has been detained in Port Vila harbour since it was seized in July over an alleged smuggling and forgery operation.

Mr. Iauko says that he has taken legal advice from the Attorney General and the Prosecution that there is no longer a case in Court between the government and the owner of the Phocea.

However Vanuatu’s director of Ports and Marine, Morris Kaloran, says that Mr. Yauko has no power to release the Phocea and that he has never been consulted by the office of the Attorney General to release it.

The director says that the Phocea’s arrival in Vanuatu breached International Maritime laws and Vanuatu should bring back the claimed owner, Pascal Anh Saken, to be charged.

The forgery case against Mr. Saken was recently withdrawn by the court on the basis that he was not in Vanuatu.

Radio New Zealand International:

12) Vanuatu PM fends off no-confidence vote

Updated 6 December 2012, 23:25 AEST

Pacific correspondent Campbell Cooney

Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Sato Kilman has fended off a no-confidence vote by reshuffling his ministry.

Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Sato Kilman has fended off a no-confidence vote by reshuffling his ministry to secure the support of opposition MPs.

Mr Kilman has taken the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery portfolio from Dunstan Hilton, and given it to Kalvau Moli.

The Prime Minister was re-elected only a month ago but had four ministers defect after he reappointed a number of ministers who were facing impending court cases.

After the recent shuffle, Mr Kilman said he now had the support of 30 members of the 52-seat parliament.

“I’ve been in Parliament for 17 years and most of that time – soon after any election of [the] Prime Minister – you find the Opposition making every effort to try and get numbers to form government,” Mr Kilman said.

“This time, it’s the same except it’s a really short time base.”

Mr Kilman also said he was “very disappointed” to have corruption allegations levelled against him by the opposition.

“No one has proved anything,” he said.

“If a member or citizen of a country thinks there is a crime committed then they should report it to the appropriate authorities and have it dealt with by law.”

13) Government Announces New Decree For Companies In Fiji

Decree reportedly helps decrease organizational ‘red tape’

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Dec. 5, 2012) – The revised Companies Decree will be gazette on 1 January 2013 and companies in Fiji will be given a 3-month transitional period to comply with the new requirements.

Attorney General and Minister for Justice Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said there has been widespread consultation on the new Companies Decree and welcomed input from the stakeholders before the act is enforced.

Consultant Bruce Cowley, a partner at the international law firm MinterEllison who assisted in the drafting of the new law, today briefed lawyers, accountants, businessmen and other stakeholders on the main changes in the legislation.

All new companies in the New Year will be required to register through the new decree.

Sayed-Khaiyum said one of the fundamental changes will be to the fiduciary duties of director through the companies and this will bring it in step with the international best practice.

“We are also looking at the registering of the companies, the need to get away from the requirement of minimum two members etcetera and the distinction between public and private companies,” he said.

Private sector organizations have welcomed the changes with Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation chief executive officer Nesbitt Hazelman saying that the new decree takes away a lot of red tape.

He said that it is a good move in terms of modernizing Fiji and has a more professional approach on handling companies in Fiji.

Ministry of Justice acting permanent secretary Mere Rakuita said the revised company act is on par with international laws.


14) Fiji voter registration to end Friday

By Online Editor
09:14 am GMT+12, 07/12/2012, FijiThe second phase of the voter registration comes to end today and all eligible Fijians have once again been urged to take advantage of the opportunity.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said it was the last opportunity in this phase for Fijians to be able to register and everyone who is yet to register is to do so before the end of Friday.

“We want every Fijian to have their say in the 2014 elections and time is fast running out,” said Sayed-Khaiyum.

He said government is extremely pleased at the high number of potential voters who have taken part in the process.

“The fact that close to half a million Fijians have made their way to EVR centres throughout the country shows their commitment to the process and their enthusiasm to take part.

“It bodes very well for a successful election in 2014,” he said.

Close to 11,000 Fijians have registered as of Tuesday during this second phase of registration and more than 900 people have corrected their entries.



15) Cook Islands PM stands by PACP record

By Online Editor
09:20 am GMT+12, 07/12/2012, Cook IslandsCook Islands Prime Minister, and Chair of the Pacific ACP Group, Henry Puna   says he stands by the recorded outcomes of the Special Meeting of Pacific ACP Leaders, held in Papua New Guinea on 21 November 2012.

Issuing a statement today reaffirming support of the Pacific ACP Leaders’ collective decisions in Port Moresby last month, Prime Minister Puna said the special meeting concluded with the agreement of all the Leaders present and the Communiqué accurately reflects the decisions reached.

These decisions include the Leaders’ full support for Fiji to be engaged in PACP meetings at all levels, and for an interim secretariat hosted and funded by the Government of Papua New Guinea to convene meetings of PACP Leaders.

The agreement for an interim secretariat provided Leaders with the mechanism to better engage the Fiji Leadership at a practical distance from the Pacific Islands Forum and its related meetings, from which Fiji remains suspended.

The PNG-hosted interim secretariat also preserves a process for the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat to continue to assist the PACP Members to successfully conclude negotiations with the EU on an Economic Partnership Arrangement (EPA) and related matters.

Prime Minister Puna, as Chair of the Pacific ACP Group, reiterates that the best possible decision was reached in Port Moresby because it demonstrated collective support to embrace Fiji while sustaining full respect for the Forum’s position, and its processes.

The Special PACP Meeting recorded the wishes of the Leaders and those wishes were to uphold that collective spirit of cooperation in moving forward, the Prime Minister added.



16) Kiribati Allegedly Issued Passports To Illegal Arms Dealers
2 North Koreans switched nationalities to Kiribati, Seychelles

By Mark Willacy

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Dec. 5, 2012) – A North Korean company that the United Nations says is a front for illegal arms shipping has reportedly been sourcing passports from small nations, including Kiribati and Seychelles.

The ABC’s 7.30 has been shown evidence that the Pacific island nation of Kiribati and the Indian island nation of the Seychelles have both given passports to North Korean directors of a Hong Kong-based company.

Human rights activist Ken Kato says he’s discovered documents in Hong Kong in the name of New East International Trading Limited.

He says the firm’s two directors are named as Chol Han and Ju Ok Hui, and both identified as North Korean citizens.

“Both men belong to what’s called North Korea’s “second economic committee,” which sells arms all over the world,” he said.

“This committee is the subject of both United States and UN sanctions.”

As he followed the paper trail, Ken Kato says he found these two North Koreans suddenly changed nationality – listed in official documents as holding passports from Kiribati, then later from Seychelles.

“I have no evidence, but I think both Kiribati and Seychelles knew at the time that these two men were North Koreans,” he said,

“They must know that North Korea is spreading nuclear technology and spreading missiles, so it’s unforgiveable.”

The ABC approached both the Kiribati and Seychelles Governments.

The Seychelles said police and financial investigators are now looking into the allegations.

The Kiribati government did not respond, except for a representative of their office in Tokyo, who said the questions were “rude.”

North Korea has used foreign passports before; in 1987, two North Korean agents using Japanese passports placed a bomb in a Korea Air flight, killing 115 people.

Even the top echelons of the regime have flashed foreign passports; in 2001, the eldest son of the late Dear Leader Kim Jong il was caught trying to enter Japan for a trip to Disney land on a fake Dominion Republic passport.

Radio Australia:


17) Prospérité entre Mélanésiens

Posté à 7 December 2012, 8:27 AEST

Pierre Riant

L’avenir semble prometteur entre Fidji et la Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée.

Les relations commerciales devraient aller en se renforçant, ces deux pays ayant de toute évidence décidé d’investir davantage chez l’un et chez l’autre.

Un succès également pour le Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance (GMFL) qui voit 2 de ces États membres devenir des partenaires importants sur l’échiquier commercial régional. Un GMFL qui se renforce alors que la grande institution de la région, le Forum des îles du Pacifique semble perdre en influence.

Pour ce qui est du commerce, pour Wadan Narsey, professeur d’économie à l’Université du Pacifique Sud, on peut parler de boom commercial…
NARSEY : « Et bien on peut dire comme ça parce que nous avons eu cet accord commercial régional pendant 10 ans, PICTA, (un accord de libre échange entre les pays océaniens sans l’Australie et la Nouvelle-Zélande), mais pas grand-chose n’a suivi.
Le marché a maintenant augmenté. Il y a 9 millions de personnes dans la région et 7 millions sont en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée. Mais le reste du Pacifique ne s’est pas toujours intéressé à la Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée. Et quand j’ai fait des travaux pour le Forum des îles du Pacifique j’avais été surpris de voir à quel point les producteurs de Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée étaient  très très protectionnistes.
Mais il y a un boom maintenant et c’est largement généré par les vastes flux financiers qui émanent des investissements du projet d’exploitation de gaz naturel liquéfié.
Des investissements énormes et beaucoup de sociétés fidjiennes veulent absolument investir en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée, on parle de gros investissements.

Mais est-ce que ces investissements vont dans les deux sens ? Les investissements papous à Fidji sont une certitude avec les retombées du gaz naturel liquéfié, mais qu’en est-il des investissements fidjiens en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée ?

NARSEY : « Oui, oui, ça l’est. Définitivement. Je crois que les Fidjiens en ce moment… Et bien ici, ils ont la Bank of South Pacific et ce n’est pas rien. Ils ont acheté la Colonial Bank qui était auparavant la National Bank of Fiji. Il y a aussi le tourisme mais ils sont dans les opérations bancaires et ils recherchent davantage d’investissements.

Je pense aussi que les investisseurs fidjiens en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée seront plus à l’aise en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée qu’ils ne le sont en Australie ou en Nouvelle-Zélande. Tout simplement parce que l’environnement papou est d’une certaine façon très similaire à l’environnement fidjien, ou des îles Salomon ou du Vanuatu.
Je pense donc que ces sociétés se débrouilleront bien en Mélanésie : à Fidji, aux Vanuatu, aux îles Salomon et ils seront gagnants en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinéeérité-entre-mélanésiens/1057274

18) Fidji: rejet de la demande de libération conditionnelle de Laisenia Qarase

Posté à 7 December 2012, 8:52 AEST

Pierre Riant

L’ancien Premier ministre fidjien renversé en 2006 par Frank Bainimarama, l’actuel Premier ministre, a écopé de 12 mois de prison en août dernier après avoir été reconnu coupable de corruption.

Les faits reprochés à M. Qarase, 71 ans, remontent au début des années 90, entre 1992 et 1995 pour être précis, quand il était directeur d’une société d’investissement, mais aussi conseiller auprès du Grand conseil des chefs coutumiers et directeur également de la Fiji Development Bank du gouvernement et membre du Conseil d’administration des Affaires fidjiennes.

En présentant la demande de libération conditionnelle, l’avocate de l’ancien Premier ministre, Tupou Draunidalo, a souligné la fragilité de l’état de santé de M. Qarase en ajoutant que l’environnement carcéral était préjudiciable à la santé de son client.

Le juge de la Cour d’appel a estimé que M. Qarase pourra être transféré dans un environnement approprié à son état de santé tout en purgeant sa peine.ération-conditionnelle-de-laisenia-qarase/1057290


19) Relief on the way for dry Pacific

Posted 7 December 2012, 7:22 AEST

Meteorologists are predicting the western Pacific should soon get some relief from the dry spell that has gripped the region.

Meteorologists are predicting the western Pacific should soon get some relief from the dry spell that has gripped the region.

The lack of rain is starting to have a major impact in some countries.

The OK Tedi copper mine in Papua New Guinea is facing closure because of low river levels.

Water supplies are being rationed in Samoa, while in Tonga and Niue levels are running low.

The climate and meteorology advisor to the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program, Neville Koop, toldPacific Beat that rain could be on the way.

“Certainly back a few months ago we were looking like an El Nino would be likely, so this deficiency in rainfall can be associated with the movement of seawater that accompanied that.

“We are moving back towards more normal type rainfall, I would expect that they would start to see some rain fall around the Papua New Guinea region over the next few weeks.

Mr Koop said the western Pacific is experiencing rare weather conditions.

“Generally speaking the climate in the Pacific likes to be in either El Nino or La Nina and long periods in neutral are fairly uncommon,” he sai

20) Big nations block curbs on tuna overfishing

By Online Editor
09:19 am GMT+12, 07/12/2012, Philippines Efforts to curb overfishing of tuna in the Pacific were blocked by big countries that refused to cut their catch at a meeting of tuna-fishing nations in the Asia-Pacific, delegates said Thursday .

The Western and Central Pacific Commission, comprising 30 member nations and territories, ended a five-day meeting in Manila with minor agreements to help tuna stocks recover, said observers who attended.

The commission had hoped to address concerns that many tuna species were being fished beyond sustainable levels in the Western Pacific, a region that produces more than 50 percent of the world’s tuna catch.

However Palau fishing official Nanette Malsol said many big nations refused to cut their catch, especially of bigeye tuna which the commission said should ideally have its catch reduced by 30 percent.

“The big fishing nations did not make any significant commitments to cut their overfishing of bigeye tuna. It is the big fishing nations… that have historically overfished bigeye tuna,” she said in a statement.

Malsol, who also chairs the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, a coalition of small Pacific island nations, blamed the European Union, the United States, Japan and many Asian nations for taking most of the adult bigeye tuna with “longline” fishing vessels. Only China agreed voluntarily to cut its catch by such vessels by 10 percent while South Korea and Taiwan both agreed to cut theirs by two percent, Malsol said.

Garry Leape, head of the delegation of the US-based Pew Environment Group, said he welcomed some measures taken at the Philippine meeting.

This included an agreement to extend to four months, a three-month annual ban on the use of “fish aggregating devices” or FADS, floating devices that lure fish, making it easier for boats to haul them in.
FADS also result in catching of juvenile tuna and other threatened species such as sharks, rays and sea turtles, environmentalists said.

The commission also agreed on a measure to avoid catching whale sharks in tuna nets. But Leape said the country delegations were only interested in protecting their individual interests rather than working together to prevent the depletion of tuna stocks.

“It seems inevitable that, given these management decisions, we will again sit down and discuss an overfished stock in an even worse state than today,” he said in a statement.

Because tuna is a migratory species that crosses country boundaries, cooperation is crucial to sustaining the resource, experts said.


21) Reef Group Receivership May Affect 10 Pacific Nations
Niue Premier discussing future of shipping service with receivers

By Aigaletaule’ale’a F. Tauafiafi

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Dec. 5, 2012) – A number of Pacific countries could be affected economically after Reef Group went into receivership last week.

The company provides services to Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tonga, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue, Tuvalu and Kiribati. It also runs large-scale business ventures in some of the countries.

Tiny Niue Island, with a population of just over 1,000 could be the most vulnerable of the Pacific nations. That is because in addition to owning a noni farm with the Government of Niue, Reef Group is also the exclusive shipping company that provides its monthly freight service.

But there is some confidence that its vulnerability will not be overly tested. One of the receivers, Colin McCloy, remained optimistic.

“We are committed to doing the best we can for the future of the Reef Group, its shipping business and services provided in the South Pacific,” he said.

“We will work diligently with relevant parties on the possible business and assets sale of the Reef Group. Yet, in the meantime, it will be business as usual for its employees and contractors across the region.”

That positive note has been picked up Niue’s Premier, Toke Talagi who is currently in New Zealand talking with the receivers and Reef Group. He told Radio New Zealand he can’t speculate on the outcome of the meetings at this stage.

“I can’t say anything further than that at this particular point in time.

From what I have read in the newspapers the receivers are keen for the business to continue but we will know more about their plans this afternoon.”

This was also the comment by the President for Niue Chamber, Avi Rubin.

“It’s a bit early to comment as our main concern was the ship service to Niue for the near future, and from what we heard its business as normal,” he told the New Zealand Pacific.

“Our Premier is in Auckland looking for possible solutions for the long term and the other Reef ventures that involve Niue. We will meet when he gets back and then will have a better idea of what we can expect.”

But Mr. Kalauni of Shop Export told the New Zealand Herald he is not overly concerned about the Reef Group impact.

The next Reef ship, the Southern Reef 007 is leaving for Niue this Saturday. A shipping officer at Reef confirmed, “It’s leaving on Saturday morning and should arrive at Niue either on the 15 or 16 December.”

He is apprehensive about the company’s situation, “but we hope things will work themselves out alright.” Mr. Kalauni remains optimistic. “There are a number of options for Niue and I think we should be alright.”

One of the options said Mr. Kalauni, “Perhaps Samoa who now owns the Pacific Forum Line could be convinced to service Niue.”

He added: “Maybe they can do it more than once a month?”

Samoa Observer:

22) Some Pacific Nations Oppose Fish Aggregating Devices Ban
Proposed 4-month ban would hit island countries hardest

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 5, 2012) – Pacific nations have argued at a key meeting in Manila over how best to regulate devices that attract tuna amid growing concern over depleted stocks.

A call to extend an annual ban on fish aggregating devices, or FADs, to four months has been among the most contentious issues at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting.

An annual July to September ban on FADS is already in place in waters that account for half the world’s tuna catch.

A Palau fishing official who chairs the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, Nanette Malsol, says a four-month ban would hurt small Pacific nations the most.

She says they would oppose an extension of the so-called closed period unless the smaller nations were compensated.

Critics say fishing with FADs means juvenile fish are snared, as well as bycatch that includes threatened species like sharks, rays and sea turtles.

Radio New Zealand International:

23) Fatal tornado smashes Auckland

By Online Editor
3:16 pm GMT+12, 06/12/2012, New ZealandThree people are dead and seven injured after a tornado ripped through the Auckland suburb of Hobsonville, with police ordering people to shelter in their homes amid fears of further twisters.

The tornado, which hit about 12.15pm, ripped roofs from houses, toppled trees and sent debris flying on to cars.

Hobsonville Point residents have been ordered to take shelter in their homes and cars with the MetService warning of the potential for further tornadoes.

Police have set up an operational base at the worst-hit Whenuapai.

Urban Search and Rescue were in the area at the time on a training run and have been called in to help check houses. But it’s understood several downed power lines in the area are preventing search teams from getting to some buildings.

Toni Hayward, administrator at the Open Wananga Office in Hobsonville, saw the tornado rip through.

“It came right through here and picked stuff up and threw it on the road.”

“The sky went all dark and there was a big clap of thunder, all the trees were flattened.”

A construction worker on a new high school site at Hobsonville told Radio New Zealand there were people missing and many people injured.

“Pretty bad,” a man, quoted only as Sam, said.

“We did a head count, I think there are a couple of people missing.”

An ambulance spokeswoman said five crews were attending different scenes.

“We are currently assessing seven patients all in and around Hobsonville.”.

There are now severe thunderstorm warnings for the Waikato area.


24) Green groups warn of Doha failure as aid pledges fall short

By Online Editor
09:18 am GMT+12, 07/12/2012, QatarEuropean Union promises of rising aid to help developing countries tackle climate change on Thursday failed to ease a stand-off at UN talks in Doha that green groups said were on the brink of disaster.

The two-week meeting, due to end on Friday, is deadlocked on modest goals such as aid and an extension of a existing UN-led plan to combat climate change into 2013. The talks have agreed nothing that would curb rising world emissions of greenhouse gas emissions.

In one step, several EU nations announced extra cash to help the poor to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to more floods, heat waves, droughts and rising sea levels. Typhoon Botha killed 332 people in the Philippines this week.

“We are actually giving more money next year and in 2014 than in the past two years,” European Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard told Reuters.

National pledges by Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and the Commission in Doha totalled more than 6.85 billion euros ($8.5 billion) for the next two years – more than in 2011-12, she said.

Developing nations welcomed the promises but demanded a collective commitment, from nations including the United States, Australia and Japan, for a doubling of aid to $US20 billion a year in the period 2013-15 from $US10 billion in 2010-12.

“We highly welcome the pledges that were made by some of the countries, but we think it has to be done within a framework,” said Pa Ousman Jarju of Gambia, chair of the group of least developed nations.

Finance is a huge stumbling block at the meeting, with many developed countries reluctant to set new aid targets in light of their own financial difficulties at home.

The Doha meeting has had low ambitions from the start, and failure would be less spectacular than at a U.N. summit in 2009 when world leaders including U.S. President Barack Obama failed to agree a new deal to combat climate change.

The current meeting has also been trying to work out a symbolic extension of the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocol that binds about 35 rich nations to cut emissions by at least 5.2 per cent below 1990 levels during the period from 2008 to 2012.

A group of leading environmental groups – including Greenpeace, the WWF and Oxfam – said they were launching “an emergency call to governments to save Doha from disaster”.

“This has been almost a laughable exercise,” said Kumi Naidoo, the head of Greenpeace, who accused developed nations of failing to lay out more ambitious goals. World greenhouse gas emissions are set to rise 2.6 per cent in 2012.

Scientists also said the talks were out of line with the needed urgency. “We are not on track,” Michel Jarraud, head of the World Meteorological Organisation, told Reuters. “Scientific evidence is getting stronger.”

“Climate change is happening before our eyes.”

On aid, developing nations want a timetable to raise aid to $US100 billion a year by 2020 promised at a summit in Copenhagen in 2009. Developed nations also promised $US10 billion a year for the years 2010-12 but set no goals for 2013-19.

Negotiators drafted texts to extend Kyoto, but left a difficult choice of options to be decided by ministers.

“We will as a community of nations adopt a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol tomorrow,” Christiana Figueres, the U.N. climate chief, predicted to applause.

The European Union, Australia, Ukraine, Norway and Switzerland are the main backers of Kyoto which are willing to make further legally binding cuts in emissions beyond 2012 until 2020.

But they account for less than 15 per cent of world emissions. Russia, Japan and Canada have pulled out, saying it makes no sense to continue when big emerging nations led by China and India have no binding goals.

Kyoto backers see it as a blueprint to help unlock progress on a deal last year to work out by 2015 a new, global agreement to fight climate change that would enter into force in 2015.



25) Involving youth in discussion key to improving sexual and reproductive health in Pacific

Posted at 02:01 on 06 December, 2012 UTC

A youth worker from Solomon Islands has welcomed a recommendation out of a report on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, which encourages greater youth engagement in decision making.

The New Zealand Parliamentarians’ Group on Population and Development launched the report yesterday based on a hearing that brought together a number of Pacific politicians and NGO representatives earlier this year.

The YWCA Solomon Islands’ Programme Manager, Julieanne Wickham, says it’s important to involve adolescents in decision making about their own sexual and reproductive health, so they can act responsibly.

She says there are a lot of unwanted pregnancies in Solomon Islands and not talking about it just ignores the problem.

“Sex is a very taboo topic, we not talk about it in the family. People know that it’s happening but nobody wants to get up and talk about it in public and say we have to deal with it.”

Julieanne Wickham.

Other recommendations from the report include decriminalising homosexuality and ensuring legislation and policies protect the rights of women and girls.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International

26) Male leaders urged to take lead on sexual and reproductive health in Pacific

Posted at 18:46 on 06 December, 2012 UTC

Male leaders are being urged to take the lead in bringing about progress on sexual and reproductive health in the Pacific.

The New Zealand Parliamentarians’ Group on Population and Development launched a report yesterday based on a hearing that brought together a number of Pacific politicians and NGO representatives earlier this year.

The recommendations include supporting legislation and policies to protect the rights of women and girls and encouraging greater youth engagement in decision making about their own sexual and reproductive health.

The Vice Chair of the group, New Zealand MP Maryan Street, says there are cultural challenges in the Pacific which can prevent sexual and reproductive health and rights’ agendas being advanced.

She says before any real progress can be made, male politicians need to get on board.

“Because there are so few women members of parliament in the Pacific, the burden cannot be carried by women alone either in parliament or in the non governmental sector so male parliamentarians have to step up to lead this agenda and many of them are.”

The Vice Chair of the NZPPD Maryan Street.

Radio New Zealand International

27) Voluntary HIV testing encourage in Solomon Islands

By Online Editor
12:14 pm GMT+12, 06/12/2012, Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands permanent secretary of the ministry of health and medical services (MHMS), Dr Lester Ross has encouraged the general public to undergo voluntary test for HIV and Aids.

Dr Ross was speaking at the World AIDS Day celebrations Thursday in Honiara.

Dr Ross stressed the importance of getting tested, especially with the increasing number of HIV cases diagnosed.

“It is important that people get tested for HIV/Aids so that once the results are positive, then we can start treatment as soon as possible.

“At this stage and rate it is still manageable, as we have all the necessary facilities and medical supplies that can manage this disease.

“It’s not like other countries that with such big numbers, hospitals will not be able to treat patients with HIV,” Dr Ross said.

Solomon Islands this year recorded three new cases, bringing it to a total of 20 cases since its first diagnoses in 1994.

“Out of the 20 people living with HIV/Aids, nine have died, whilst others are either continuing or have just started treatment,” Dr Ross said.

He added to that 20 cases may be the recorded figure however it would mean more than 2000 are living with the virus in the country but are not aware of it unless they get themselves tested.


28) Dengue Fever Breaks Out In New Caledonia
Public urged to seek medical help if symptoms appear

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 5, 2012) – The government in New Caledonia is warning people about an outbreak of dengue fever.

One hundred and twenty-seven cases of the dengue type-one virus were reported last month and there have been sixteen cases so far this month.

The government says most regions of the territory are affected by the outbreak and it has warned people to use insect repellent and to destroy possible mosquito larvae breeding sites at least once a week.

The authorities are advising people to be vigilant about seeking medical help as soon as they experience symptoms of dengue fever

Symptoms include chills, aches and high fever.

Radio New Zealand International:

29) Cervical Cancer Causing 60 Deaths Annually In Fiji 9
Health officials call on women to screen for cancer regularly

By Nanise Loanakadavu

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Dec. 6, 2012) – At least 60 women die from cervical cancer every year in Fiji. This was revealed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) yesterday during their receipt of three diathermy units from AusAID at the Fiji Pharmaceutical Services warehouse in Suva.

As the number one cause of death for women in Fiji, 120 women develop cervical cancer every year while three to four new cases are reported monthly.

According to the head of the MOH Wellness Unit, Dr. Isimeli Tukana, an average of 450 cases of all cancer were reported annually from 2000 to 2011. He said this figure made cervical cancer the most common cancer among women — followed by breast cancer. Dr. Tukana said their fear now centered on the late presentation of cervical cancer because they could not do anything with it.

“We want women to come for screening regularly because the number of cervical cancer cases in Fiji has created a lot of fear with the ministry,” Dr. Tukana said.

Dr. Romanu Turaganiwai, acting consultant obstetrician at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital said three to four pregnant women who were diagnosed with the deadly disease did not survive after giving birth.

He said a lot of young women were dying because they came with advanced stages of cervical cancer. This, he said, was because they did not allow themselves to have Pap smear and screening.

“These are younger mothers with ages ranging from 23, 26 and 32 years old,” Dr Turaganiwai said. He said the ministry was now emphasizing family planning and providing postgraduate training to lower the number of deaths.

He said cervical cancer had become a burden for the ministry and a social burden for families because children lost their mothers.

Dr. Tukana said from the large number of cervical cancer cases, it was possible to infer that a lot of young people were sexually active.

“Sexual activity is a big issue involving young people. If you are sexually active you should go for screening,” he said.

The donated machines will allow the ministry to treat the disease in its early stage by removing the abnormal tissue around the cervix.

AusAID acting senior program manager, Margaret Vuiyasawa said countries like Australia had reported a decline in serious pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix in women through the use of these machines.

She said AusAID was committed to preventing cervical cancer in women in Fiji, and they had so far provided routine screening to women as part of this commitment.

“Currently, Fiji has relatively sparse resources to deal with these patients,” she said.

Fiji Times Online:


30) Traditional bag made in Papua placed on threatened list by UNESCO

Posted at 01:57 on 06 December, 2012 UTC

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation says the Papuan traditional woven bag called noken is under threat and needs protection.

It has placed the bags on its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.

The noken is a knotted net or woven bag handmade from wood fibre or leaves, by people in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Men and women use it for carrying produce, fish, firewood, babies or small animals, as well as for shopping and storing things in the home.

UNESCO says there are a number of factors threatening the survival of noken including a lack of awareness, fewer craftspeople, commercial competiton and problems sourcing traditional raw materials.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International


31) Community Input Key To Bougainville Education Centers
World Vision project will cater to children, youth

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 5, 2012) – The non-governmental organization World Vision says two new centers providing basic education in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville should succeed, because of community buy in.

Educational services are seen as vital for Bougainville because it is still recovering from the shut down of services that occurred during and after the ten year long civil war.

World Vision’s project manager, Helen Teviri, says they will cater for children, and adults up to the age of about 25.

She says while other such schemes have failed on Bougainville, the community involvement is likely to be the critical factor in sustaining their Basic Education Improvement Plan.

“If the community can plan whatever programs that they feel that the community would have in there, they can plan all that and they understand, the whole community understands the programs and takes ownership of that and understands these things are to be met then I think that the sustainability of the project will be there.”

Radio New Zealand International:

32) Sogavare: Withdrew University Bill

By Online Editor
3:07 pm GMT+12, 06/12/2012, Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Member of Parliament MP for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare has recommended a temporary withdrawal of the Solomon Islands National University Bill.

Speaking in parliament Thursday the chairman of the Bills and Legislation committee urged the minister of education and human resource development Dick Ha’amori to withdraw the Bill because more work and consultation needs to be done.

Sogavare said his committee recommends that the minister withdraw the Bill for the time being and replace it with a white paper to parliament.

“This is to allow the committee of the whole house to fully discuss the policy intentions of the government of the conversion of SICHE to a university.”

He said there is a need for the formulation of a comprehensive legal and administrative framework that would address all the legal and administrative concerns.

“Important areas that implies consideration of the Bill is the purpose and structure of the university and the budgetary implications of converting SICHE into an university.

“If that indeed will be the case then the committee feels that we might as well do it properly and get it right from the start.”

The chairman of Bills and Legislation committee stressed, if the government decides to go ahead regardless of this advice then the committee recommends second option.

The committee recommended that the minister temporarily withdraws the Bill and takes the proposed amendments to Cabinet for consideration and approval.

Another option is instruct the legal draftsman to produce a new draft and reintroduce the bill to parliament.


33) Israel and the University of the South Pacific to collaborate

Posted at 06:34 on 06 December, 2012 UTC

The University of the South Pacific has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation.

The university says the collaboration will assist the development process in the region and foster a friendly relationship through technical cooperation, training and capacity building.

It’s acting vice chancellor, Dr Esther Williams, says the agreement is another milestone for the University in its efforts to strengthen links with Israel.

She says the university also recognises the importance of Israel in the Pacific.

The agency and the USP will cooperate over the next three years in the areas of public health, women’s empowerment and agribusiness development.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International


34) NZ Sevens bid for four in a row in South Africa, former captain returns for Kenya Sevens

By Online Editor
3:28 pm GMT+12, 06/12/2012, South Africa

The past three years have brought with them a black wave of international Sevens dominance on South African soil with New Zealand winning the SA Sevens title in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Most recently, last year in Port Elizabeth the kiwis broke the hosts’ hearts with a last-gasp win against South Africa and now Paul Treu and his men are steeled for revenge.

Knowing the depth of pride and passion for rugby in South Africa, Gordon Tietjens and his side are readying themselves for a backlash in 2012.

“Last year was definitely one of the special ones” said New Zealand captain, DJ Forbes.

“Toby Arnold had the ball before giving the ball to Tomasi [Cama] to seal the deal in the last minute, and that was against South Africa in front of their home crowd, so it was memorable.

“They [South Africa] have the home crowd here though and I’ve heard they have Cecil back, so they will be looking to get their season back on track. We can’t read too much into their performances from their last couple of tournaments and I am sure they will be ready.”

Forbes has been instrumental in their victories as captain, also aiding his side with crucial tries in last year’s final, and that in 2009.

Whilst admitting they are all special, he looks back to the last tournament in George most fondly.

“2010 against England was probably my favourite. It was the last tournament in George, a place we had a lot of support over the years, and it was against England.

“Bryce Heem had gone off so we were down to six men and England had the ball before we managed to win a penalty. Some of the boys wanted a quick tap, but I called for the posts, which Tomasi was able to kick.”

Not only have New Zealand won three successive tournaments in South Africa, and five of the last eight, they have also won eight of the 13 Cups since the Series began. How does Forbes explain that success?

“We have had a little bit of success here I guess,” added Forbes.

“There are probably a few things we can put that down to. We have a pretty good fan base, we get a lot of support. In George we had it, and we do in Port Elizabeth too.

“Outside of the rugby too we get into the community. We go out and give food and water to those less fortunate than us and we try to implement what we do off the field, on it. For the boys, we work hard to try and give some of the support here something to smile about.”

Facing a pool here that consists of Fiji, England and Scotland, Forbes knows his side will have a difficult task in making it four successive victories.

“We are in the pool of death and as far as we are concerned we need to get the job done on day one. We have lost two Cup finals this year so of course we want to win here.

“To show our consistency is good, but it is still disappointing to trip up in the end. Our ultimate goal is the World Series, but the beauty of the Sevens for us is that we have another chance to get back on the horse.

“We have been pretty successful, but we don’t want to rely on the previous results to get us through but we are looking to exhaust all avenues to get a Cup win here in South Africa.”

Meanwhile, former Kenya Sevens captain Humphrey Kayange has been recalled to Mike Friday’s squad for the Cell C Nelson Mandela Bay SA Sevens, the third round of the HSBC Sevens World Series, which takes place on December 8-9 in Port Elizabeth.

Kayange missed out on the opening two rounds of the Series in the Gold Coast and Dubai owing to his studies at Bristol University. However, he has proven his fitness and flown to South Africa to replace the injured Sidney Ashioya, who sustained a hamstring injury in Dubai, where Kenya finished third to go joint-second in the Series.

30-year-old Kayange captained Kenya between 2008 and 2011 and joins the squad alongside Billy Odhiambo, Oscar Ayodi and Fabian Orlando, who make their debuts in the place of Collins Injera, Oscar Ouma and Biko Adema, who each have exam commitments back in Kenya.

“We can confirm that Humphrey Kayange is able to join the Kenya Sevens team for the Port Elizabeth leg of the HSBC World Sevens Series,” said Friday.

“Due to the injury of Sydney Ashioya we have successfully been able to agree with Bristol University for Humphrey to be excused from studies for four days, for which we are very grateful.

“Bristol have also been very supportive in recognising the importance of Humphrey being allowed to represent his country, even though this means they will be without him for an important fixture themselves.

“Andrew Amonde, captain of the Kenya Sevens team, is extremely pleased to have Humphrey joining the team to assist the new debutants and other very inexperienced squad members. His calming experience will be an added bonus as Amonde leads his team into the PE round.”

Currently second in the standings with 32 points, the Kenyans are grouped in Pool C alongside Wales, Argentina and Spain at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.


35) Keep the 7s faith: Fiji Official

By Online Editor
3:27 pm GMT+12, 06/12/2012, South AfricaDIGICEL Fiji sevens team manager Semi Rogoyawa has assured fans to have faith in the team and the results would come ahead of the Nelson Mandela 7s tournament in South Africa this weekend.

Following the team’s shocking exit in the Dubai 7s last weekend, fans have questioned coach Alifereti Dere’s tactic of changing players after each leg of the International Rugby Board Sevens World Series.

But Rogoyawa said fans needed to understand the motive behind this move and the benefit Fiji rugby would get in the long run.

“This is all build-up for the bigger events that’s coming up. Rugby World Cup 7s next year is one of them,” Rogoyawa said.

With Fiji pooled alongside series points leaders New Zealand, England and Scotland in Pool B at the South Africa 7s, Rogoyawa said they were not concerned with the pressure on the team to win this tournament.

While Rogoyawa said the tournament was important to keep Fiji’s chances of winning the series on track, they were up against teams coming with similar ambition this weekend.

“It’s not easy because all teams at this stage are equally strong and competitive.

“All teams come with the aim to win this tournament, we are one of them,” he said.

“We just want to remain focused and take a game at a time. We obviously have some tough battles to overcome in the pool stage.

“All the players are injury free and settled in well here (Port Elizabeth, South Africa).”

Dere earlier told Times Sport he would work on set piece play – the area that led the team down in Dubai.

Fiji will play England in its first pool match at 10.22pm this Saturday before taking on Scotland at 1.28am Sunday and later New Zealand at 5.58am in the last pool match.

Fiji team:Forwards – Setefano Cakau, Levani Botia, Inia Tukere, Gasaudua Tube, Vilitati Nadianilobo, Peni Maka.
Backs – Ilai Tinai, Sikeli Vuruna, Joji Ragamate, Maleli Bula, John Stewart, Peni Vaciloa.


36) Tahiti plans path to Brazil

By Online Editor
3:24 pm GMT+12, 06/12/2012, French Polynesia

Fresh from the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 draw in Sao Paulo Tahiti national team coach Eddy Etaeta is already planning his approach to the tournament, with a new programme set to be implemented.

The “Path to Selection”, as the new programme has been christened, will debut in January 2013 according to Etaeta.

He says “Path to Selection” will determine the squad which goes to Brazil, with no guarantees the Nations Cup winning side will automatically be retained.

“Those players who won’t follow the programme set up by team management, will not be included in the squad which goes to Brazil,” Etaeta says.

“Some people say it won’t be possible to get the results we need in four months, but I can assure you we will not be taking any ‘tourists’ with us to Brazil.”

Tahiti will be the only amateur side taking part in the tournament, a sentiment that has not been lost on the Toa Aito’s coach.

“There are 99 per cent amateurs and one per cent professional football players in the world and our Toa Aito have earned the opportunity to represent amateur football against the greatest nations in the world,” Etaeta says.

“Imagine what our Tahitian players are going to experience in June 2013.

“Tahitian players and clubs need to understand that the national team will play the Confederations Cup against teams like the African champions, South American champions Uruguay and the world champions Spain.

“Even if we are amateur players, we have to be prepared to perform as professionals.”

Tahiti’s qualification for the tournament was a first for a Pacific Island nation and came on the back of years of dominance by Australia and then New Zealand in the Oceania region.

The country is also playing host to the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in 2013 putting the country under the footballing world spotlight, which Etaeta says this makes the game’s future there more important than ever before.

“My main tasks with the Fédération Tahitienne de Football are technical development, youth development, coach development and elite football performance,” he says.

“Improving our future will come only from a common project that has to involve the clubs, and a game philosophy with performance at the base.

“Another aspect is to have more players in professional clubs which would make our national side more competitive.

“I think in order to do this we need to create a youth training programme that is very specific both in terms of the quality and the sporting requirements and that will certainly be possible with the creation of youth academy.

“If we don’t change our approach we will remain playing football for leisure, without the opportunity to take part in high level competitions.”….


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