Exploring Papua,Moluccas and East Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia

Uploaded on Sep 26, 2009

These are Eastern Region Of Indonesia.known as Melanesian Land of Indonesia.Means that Indonesia not only a country for Malayo polynesian (malay) but also for Melanesian people.we Live together in Peace and Harmony,even some foreign country do not happy seen us live in diversity.
I used Moluccas Folk Song “Rasa Sayange” as Backsound in this Video.Rasa Sayange is Original Folk Song From Moluccas island,one of Indonesian province in eastern part of Indonesia.This Song played at the first time in 1930’s by Moluccan Singer “kailola”.Enjoy my Video..(^_^)

lagodaxnian – terima kasih!

Phils Note: 

The Maluku Islands, also known as the Moluccas pron.: /məˈlʌkəz/

Though originally Melanesian,[1] many island populations, especially in the Banda Islands, were killed off in the 17th century during the Spice wars. A second influx of Austronesian immigrants began in the early twentieth century under the Dutchand continues in the Indonesian era.



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