Anoatha- Anotha. Solomon Islands Music

Uploaded on Apr 19, 2011

4lifejaybee–¬†Anoatha is a Traditional contemporary string band from North Malaita in the Solomon Islands. Their passion for ENGLISH KEY (as their music is called) started way back as early as after the Black Birding era after the return of locals from overseas and have since been playing extensively, showcasing their talents only occassionally during important village entertainment activities. After so many years of entertaining only their local To’obaita fans, they finally recorded their first albulm in 2010 for the entire music fanatics of Solomon Islands. Their music is truly original and rare, with almost all the songs in the albulm a blend of contemporary and English Key. For those who want to travel back in time Anoatha music serves as a perfect medium through which one can visualise and picture the past.
Anoatha band reserves the legal right of ownership of the music.
Enjoy their music,


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