Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 815


1) PNG meri i laikim loa blong protektim ol

Updated 28 February 2013, 13:13 AEST

Ol meri lida long Papua New Guinea i askim gavman long kamapim loa long givim strongpla mekimsave bihaenim vailans.

Sarah Haoda-Todd, Lae bisnis meri na komiuniti lida i toktok long belkrai blong ol meri (Credit: ABC)

Ol meri Papua New Guinea igat right long toktok strong na autim krai blong ol long traem kisim halvim na luksave blong ol man lida blong kantri long stopim vailans egensim women.

Oli mekim despla toktok bihaen long minista blong communiti developman, Loujaya Toni ibin joinim ol long bikpla protes em moa long 1,000 ol meri ibin mekim long Lae long tunde long despla wik.

Mrs Toni ibin askim ol meri long noken “emotional” oa soim tumas belkros na belheve blong ol taim oli laik autim ol wari blong ol.

Long wik igo pinis 5pla man ibin rapim wanpla nurse blong Angau Memorial hospital long Lae, na despla ibin mekim ol dokta na helt wokas long haus sik long stopim sampla sevis long haus sik.

Sarah Haoda-Todd wanpla bisnis meri na communiti lida long Lae ibin go pas despla protest na Caroline Tiriman ibin askim em long despla toktok blong minista Toni.

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2) Strongpela laik long kontrolim bia long PNG

Updated 28 February 2013, 17:18 AEST

Ol law enforcement agency long Papua New Guinea i laik long strongpela lo i stap long mekim save long ol husat i burukim lo long sait long bia.

Ol toktok long strongim lo long daunim problem blong bia long PNG (Credit: ABC)

Deputy Police Commissioner bilong Papua New Guinea Simon Kauba, i laikim olsem imas igat strongpela mekim save bilong lo, antap long ol manmeri husait i burukim ol lo lukautim bia na ol narapela strongpela dring.

Assistant Commissioner Kauba ibin mekim dispela toktok, bihainim wanpela bikpela tupela-dai kibung bilong bia we ibin kamap long Port Moresby dispela wik.

Mista Kauba itok, taim gavaman imas storongim ol lo bilong bia, olo papa mama tu imas wok strong long skulim gut ol pikinini bilong ol long noken dring bia na mekim nambaut.

Dispela bikpela kibung bilong bia long Port Moresby i harem olsem, olo lo lukautim bia insait long PNG em i olpela pinis, na igat nid long senisim na strongim ol dispela lo.

Na Deputy Secretary bilong Justice and Attorney General Department Jack Kariko tu, i tokaut olsem pasin bilong bia i save bagarapim sindaun bilong ol manmeri bilong PNG em i wanpela bikpela samting, na gavaman i nau lukluk storong long steretim dispela.

Long ol toktok bilong em, Mr Kariko itok em i hamamas long ol bia kampani husait ol ilaik joinim gavaman long halivim na daunim dispela heve.

Namel long ol manmeri husait ibin kamap long dispela bikpela kibung long Port Moresby long toktok long olo nongut bilong bia, em nambawan meri Chief Magistrate bilong Papua New Guinea, Nerrie Eliakim.

Ms Eliakim itok, olo lo bilong bia na ol strongpel dring long Papua New Guinea em ol i olpela stret, go bek moa long yia 1950, na igat bikpela nid long senisim na strongim ol dispela lo.

Em itok, ol imas strongim dispela lo long luksave long way ol i mekim bia, salim long ol stua, na how ol manmeri i kisim na dring tu.

Chief Magistrate Eliakim, husait i save sindaun na harim planti kot kes bipo, itok long yia 2009 na kam antap, ibin gat moa long 50-percent ol kot case bilong dring bia we ol pikinini aninit long 18-krismas ibin stap insait long em.

Na long dispela yia tasol, namel long mun January na February Papua New Guinea ibin gat moa long 400-pla kot case pinis.

Kelvin Kaspar ibin toktok wantaim Deputy Police Commissioner Simon Kauba na em tu igat wankain tingting, olsem Chief Magistrate Eliakim

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3) Call to pull special forces out of Papua

Ridwan Max Sijabat and Margareth S. Aritonang, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Headlines | Wed, February 27 2013, 11:31 AM

The Regional Representatives Council (DPD) has strongly urged the government to cease military operations and withdraw special forces from Papua and West Papua to end the prolonged violence in the country’s easternmost provinces.

The DPD said that the presence of the non-garrison troops, who mostly belong to elite forces within the Indonesian Military (TNI), had caused animosity among local groups who have launched attacks against them.

“If Jakarta wants to end violence, the militaristic approach has to stop, and all non-garrison troops from the military elite forces must be withdrawn from the two provinces because their presence and their irregular operations have triggered attacks on garrison troops and innocent civilians,” DPD deputy chairman Laode Ida said on Tuesday.

The council suggested that after the withdrawal of these troops, the security operation should be handled by the local police in close coordination with the Cenderawasih Military Command (KODAM).

Papua DPD member Ferdinanda Ibo Yatipay alleged that the presence of non-garrison troops in Papua was designed “to maintain instability” in the region.

Ferdinanda also said that the series of violent incidents in the past few years could be attributed to growing dismay with the regional autonomy program, which had so far only benefited local elites.

“Ten years after the granting of special autonomy status, no new infrastructure in the transportation, education and health sectors has been built, while the largest chunk of special autonomy funds has been used to finance the bureaucracy or been stolen by corrupt local elites and powerful officials from Jakarta,” she said.

In the past 10 years, the government has disbursed Rp 47 trillion (US$4.84 billion) in special autonomy funds in an attempt to accelerate development in Papua, one of the country’s poorest provinces in spite of its abundant natural resources.

The government had earlier admitted that the management of the special autonomy funds has been plagued with problems.

Chief of the Special Unit of Acceleration of Development in Papua and West Papua (UP4B), Bambang Darmono, said Papuans themselves were not ready to manage the huge budget.

“We’ve found that the absence of local regulations on the management of the funds has encouraged confusion and bickering among local leaders and members of the indigenous councils on how to best use the money,” he told members of the House of Representatives’ Commission II overseeing domestic governance earlier this week.

The House’s Commission I overseeing defense has once again urged the government to hold dialogue with separatist groups in Papua, to help reduce tension in the region.

“The government must give them a chance to freely speak their minds. Listening to them does not mean bowing to their demands. This is only the first step toward having a mutual understanding before moving to the next step,” Commission I member Ahmad Muzani of the Great Indonesian Movement (Gerindra) Party said.

In Papua, the Paniai Police apprehended on Tuesday two alleged members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) led by John Yogi, after a tip-off from locals who said that three armed men were seen in a boat crossing the lake and landing at the foot of Mount Bobairo.

Paniai Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Semmy Ronny Abaa led a 30-strong manhunt team sweeping the mountain but the three armed individuals managed to flee by speedboat to Kebo village.

4) New Papua governor opts for new team to tackle problems

Posted at 03:48 on 28 February, 2013 UTC

The newly elected governor of Indonesia’s Papua province, Lukas Enembe, says he will form a special team to resolve conflicts and violence in the province as soon as he is inaugurated.

The Jakarta Globe reports Mr Enembe as saying the team is expected to be active during his first 100 days in office, and will include people with vested interests to help take in different views on how to solve problems.

Mr Enembe, who won the gubernatorial race by a 52 percent earlier this month, also says the team will talk to pro-independence groups to find common ground.

He says Papua’s problems have roots in high unemployment, poverty and underdevelopment, as well as in pro-independence and anti-government sentiment.

Jakarta has directed billions of dollars into the resource-rich region since it was granted special autonomy in 2001, however three of every 10 residents live in poverty.

The governor-elect says the central government’s development policy in Papua has often not been in line with the will of Papuans.

Radio New Zealand International

5) PNG election given damning assessment

Posted 28 February 2013, 20:30 AEST
Papua New Guinea correspondent, Liam Fox

Two different groups of election observers have delivered similar, damning assessments of last year’s national elections in Papua New Guinea.

Transparency International and the Domestic Observation Group sent observers around PNG during last year’s national election.

Both groups identified the poor state of the electoral roll as a major problem, with thousands of people being turned away from polling booths because their names were absent.

The rugged and volatile highlands region is renowned as a hotspot for electoral fraud tactics like multiple voting and underage voting.

But in their reports both groups say they observed similar practices in other parts of the country.

Also spreading from the highlands to other areas was the practice of money politics, where candidates hand out large amounts of cash to garner votes.

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6) PNG govt aims to axe money laundering
By Online Editor
3:41 pm GMT+12, 28/02/2013, Papua New Guinea

The  Government is committed to improve PNG’s anti-money laundering regimes, both to fight corruption and to avoid PNG being blacklisted by Financial Action Task Force’s (FAFT) anti-money laundering standards, which could have serious implications for PNG’s financial sector and the broader economy, says Attorney General and Justice Minister Kerenga Kua.

Kua said in a statement that Government officials from PNG coordinated by the Department of Justice and Attorney General were already active participants in the technical training and support provided by the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering, designed to improve the level of officers’ technical knowledge and skills and help them make practical plans for implementing improvements to PNG’s anti-money laundering systems.

He said extensive Australian Government technical assistance has also been provided over a number of years through the Australian Attorney General’s Department.

“In some Government agencies, significant levels of expertise have been developed as a result. For example, the Office of the Public Prosecutor now regularly carries out proceeds of crime and anti-money laundering training and awareness raising for officers in other agencies, such as the police force.”

“PNG is also now leading an Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering Pacific Typologies Workshop on Corruption and the Proceeds of Crime, consistent with its leadership of the anti-corruption policy agenda work of the Pacific Islands Law Officers Network, the annual meeting of which was hosted by PNG in October 2012,” Kua said.

He further stated that one issue which the National Coordinating Committee would address as a high priority was the resourcing and effectiveness of the Royal PNG Constabulary’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

He said the Asia Pacific Group Report found that the FIU was inadequately resourced to carry out its core functions.

“With a better resourced and fully effective FIU, PNG law enforcement authorities will have the ability to analyse and disseminate financial reports received from banks and financial entities, and then trace, investigate, freeze and recover much of the substantial monies that are lost every year from the PNG budget because of corruption,” Kua said.

He said some positive steps have been already taken to minimise the possibility of banking fraud, including the FIU’s customer due diligence guidelines issued to the Banks, requiring customs to produce proper identification when opening accounts and clearing cheques, and FIU issued guidelines requiring banks to put in place a system of checks before paying government cheques.

The Department of Justice and Attorney General, with assistance from Australia’s Strongim Gavman Program, is currently reviewing the Proceeds of Crime Act 2005, to improve and strengthen its operations.


7) Resource owners adamant over input into Bougainville’s Panguna plans

Posted at 07:24 on 28 February, 2013 UTC

A representative of resource owners in the Panguna region of Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville says they want to ensure they have some control of the province’s new mining policy.

The deputy head of the Bougainville Resource Owners Representative Council, Chris Damana, says this week’s forum in Buka is invaluable for airing concerns about a possible re-opening of the huge moth-balled mine.

He says they have been critical of Canberra’s apparent involvement in drawing up the province’s new mining policy which he says brings back memories of what happened more than 40 years ago when the controversial mine was started.

But Mr Damana says the resource owners have been assured it is only a draft and they will have input.

“We, the resource’s owners are trying to take some control on this. I mean we want to make this mining policy as ours, because it will bless us or it will affect us in the future.”

Chris Damana of the Bougainville Resource Owners Representative Council

Radio New Zealand International

8) Australia Warned Not To ‘Meddle’ In Bougainville
Former commander Kaona slams proposed mining policy

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Feb. 27, 2013) – Former Bougainville Revolutionary Army commander Sam Kaona has warned Australia not to meddle in Bougainville affairs.

He said the first policy draft on mining in Bougainville was no different from the colonial policy that caused the crisis.

“The Australians have taken control of mining policy in Buka and the first policy draft by ABG legal unit headed by Tony Regan is no different from the previous policy,” Kaona, who is chairman of the recently formed Bougainville Resources Owners Representative Council, said.

He added that the proposed policy, sponsored by AusAID and drafted by Regan, risked Bougainville’s first constitutional crisis.

“Since the constitution is the supreme law of Bougainville, section 23 of the Bougainville constitution, which restores ownership of resources on Bougainville to the customary landowners, is the only option that is constitutionally legal.

“So any attempt to impose any other resource ownership system would be invalid and ineffective – they are risking a constitutional crisis.”

Resources rights activist Simon Ekanda shared similar sentiments.

“Bougainville mining policy does not belong to Regan, BCL (Bougainville Copper Ltd) or the Australians, it belongs to the resource owners and the people of Bougainville.

“This is to be a Bougainville mining policy written by Bougainvilleans in Bougainville for the Bougainville resource owners and people.

“Section 23 of the Bougainville constitution returning the resource ownership to the customary landowners is to be the foundation of that policy.

“Let me be absolutely clear – there will be no compromise on this.

“The Panguna landowners must determine that their interests will be best served by securing a special mining lease over their resource and then to entertain qualified mining companies with the view to putting Panguna back into production.

He also cautioned ABG President John Momis to be careful with the new mining policy.

“Both PNG and Bougainvilleans have died and it is unwise if Momis allows colonial administrators to rewrite Bougainville mining laws.”

The National:

9) Solomon Islands coping with hundreds infected with dengue fever

Posted at 07:17 on 28 February, 2013 UTC

The World Health Organisation in Solomon Islands says four new cases of dengue fever were detected in Gizo on Wednesday while there are now over 300 suspected cases of the illness in Honiara.

Country Representative Dr Juliet Fleischl says surveillance has increased since January when clinics noticed an increase in the number of people attending clinics with dengue symptoms such as high fever.

She says earlier this week teams visited Malaita and Guadalcanal as part of a step up in training and surveillance and there were no cases found in either province.

Dr Fleischl is asking for the public to help limit the outbreak by clearing water from around their homes where the mosquito carriers breed, as well as using insect repellent and bed nets.

She says the increase in cases is related to more surveillance.

“The initial outbreak was recognised in early 2013. There are now over 300 suspected dengue cases reported in Honiara. And yesterday four new cases were reported in Gizo. This is not an explosive outbreak.”

Dr Fleischl says the WHO is also working with the Honiara City Council to make sure rubbish and breeding sites are cleared.

Radio New Zealand International

10a) Vanuatu PM Urged To Protest West Papua Killings:
Papuans allegedly bribed to kill Indonesians to justify military buildup

By Ricky Binihi

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Feb. 27, 2013) – The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) is calling on the Prime Minister of Vanuatu Sato Kilman to send a Protest Note to the Indonesian government over the killings of Melanesians in West Papua and the recent alleged separatist killing of eight Indonesians.

“Jakarta is paying West Papuans to kill Indonesians so that Indonesia can justify the military buildup in West Papua to commit genocide on Melanesians,” the outspoken member of the WPNCL and head of the West Papua Mission Andy Ayamiseba told the Daily Post.

Daily Post conducted the interview with members of the WPNCL on the same day the Indonesian Ambassador had a press conference in Port Vila.

Visiting head of the West Papua Mission in New York, Octo Vianus Mote, said Indonesia wanted something to “trigger” the huge onslaught on the Melanesian people and Jakarta orchestrated that “trigger” Thursday last week.

As a result of the incident the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has had his Foreign Affairs Minister send a Protest Note to Jakarta and has reportedly increased the number of PNG security forces on the border between PNG and West Papua.

After the killing in West Papua of Indonesians allegedly by separatists the Ambassador of Indonesia visits Vanuatu to strengthen the Development Corporation Agreement Jakarta and Port Vila signed in 2012.

“Vanuatu must be alerted and not be bribed. It’s a bribery agreement so that Vanuatu could not talk out against the killings of Melanesians in West Papua,” Mr. Ayamiseba said.

Mr. Mote said in American Samoa where they have a senator who is very vocal internationally on the West Papua issue Jakarta wants to establish a Development Corporation Agreement with them. To silence them, Mr. Mote said.

The Vice Chairman of the National Coalition for Liberation Dr. John Ondawame who described the so called Indonesian development as “money politics from West Papua sources” says they are looking forward to when West Papua will be granted full membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

A decision will be made on West Papua’s MSG status in June.

Vanuatu Daily Post:

10b)New provincial councillors hold first meeting tomorrow

Posted on February 28, 2013 – 9:41am |

Jonas Cullwick

The new councillors will meet at their respective provincial headquarters in line with the Decentralization Act which states that upon declaration by the Electoral Commission of the names of elected councillors following a provincial election, the council will meet on the first Thursday following that.

Newly elected councillors from four provinces will meet for the first time tomorrow (Thursday) to form the new Provincial Government Councils of Penama, Malampa, Shefa and Tafea Provinces.

The electoral commission announced the names of the elected councilors over Radio Vanuatu last weekend after the elections in the four provinces on February 12.

However, the names cannot yet be made public in the paper because the list has not yet been gazette by the State Law Office, according to the electoral office.

The main business of Thursday’s meetings will be to elect the new Presidents of the four new provincial government councils. Other office bearers will be elected following those of the Presidents.

Meanwhile, a team of five trainers from the Department of Local Authorities (DLA) head office in Port Vila is on its way to the four provinces for tomorrow’s council meetings.

The team consists of Director of DLA Cheryl Ala who has gone to Tafea, Deputy Director Edward Kaltamat and Principal Development Planning Officer Ben Tabi to Malampa, Senior Physical Planning Officer Jerry Sampson to Penama and Project Officer and Training Coordinator Central, Michelle Jonas is going to the Shefa province meeting.

Following the election of the Presidents and other office bearers, all the new councilors will participate in an induction and a Local Elected Leaders (LEL) training to be run by the DLA trainers starting on Friday and ending on Friday next week. The LEL training consists of 12 modules and this first session will cover four of the 12 modules.

“This first LEL training for the new councilors will cover four competencies. These are Representation and Leadership, Communication, and Use of Power,” DLA Director Ala said.

She said the electoral office is also sending officers to the four provincial government councils meetings to see that the conduct of the elections of Presidents are by secret ballot as required by law.

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11) Political Parties needed in Fiji’s Constituent Assembly: Tikoduadua

By Online Editor
3:54 pm GMT+12, 28/02/2013, Fiji

Fiji’s Prime Minister’s office permanent secretary Pio Tikoduadua has clarified that the announcement of the Constituent Assembly will await the registration of political parties.

Tikoduadua said political parties needed to be part of the assembly that will discuss and approve the draft constitution under the Fiji Constitutional Process (Constituent Assembly and Adoption of Constitution) Decree 2012.

“The only delay in the announcement of the assembly is because we need verification as to which parties are registered by the Registrar before we make the announcement,” he said

The constituent assembly decree requires that the assembly be diverse, and where possible, be composed of members who represent registered political parties, faith based organisations, trade unions, employers, the business community, Government, farmers and members of rural communities, the RFMF, national organisations, women, youth, people with disability, pensioners, other Fijian-registered civil society groups, and individuals, amongst others.

Meanwhile applications for registration from three political parties have so far been advertised by the Registrar.

The public are then given seven days for submissions should they have any objection. The Registrar will then analyse the applications and, objections if any, before she decides on the party’s registration status.



12) Tonga Media Asked To Suppress Names In Murder Case
Magistrate’s request supported by attorney general

NUKUALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Feb. 27, 2013) – Tonga Magistrate Salesi Mafi this morning requested that journalists suppress the names of the six accused in the Preliminary Inquiry into the death of New Zealand Police officer Kali Fungavaka, which entered its third day at the Nuku’alofa Magistrate’s Court today.

After calling the journalists from various media organizations into the Magistrate’s chamber before the inquiry began at 10:00am he verbally told them not to use names of the six accused in their news coverage. The Magistrate had initially directed journalists at the start of the inquiry, to report responsibly.

The President of the Media Council Inc. (Tonga), Pesi Fonua, this afternoon wrote to Magistrate Mafi seeking clarification on whether the verbal request for name suppression in the open court was in fact a Court Order, or was it a request, or just a suggestion for the media representatives covering the Preliminary Inquiry?

Magistrate Mafi indicated in writing that it was a request, stating “but I can make it an order if I think it will protect the rights of the defendants to a fair trial.

“I am thinking of their rights to a fair trial. But if people called to be jurors have preconceived ideas in their mind from the media then they may not be impartial,” he noted.

The Attorney General Neil Adsett this afternoon advised that the media representatives should follow the Magistrate’s direction, and “pending clarification from the Magistrate treat what he has said as a requirement that you do not now disclose names.”

The Attorney General also stated that this is a Preliminary Inquiry to see if the Magistrate is satisfied that there is a sufficient case to proceed to trial in the Supreme Court. “Only the prosecution case is put forward at this stage and the defense have not had the opportunity of stating their case, so the public should be careful to keep an open mind until all the cases are revealed.”


This is the third day of the Preliminary Inquiry and media organizations have extensively aired and published details revealed in the inquiry, which included the names of the accused and their alleged part according to the evidence given by the witnesses who were called by the prosecution. The six men charged with manslaughter, with an alternative charge of causing grievous bodily harm include five police officers and one civilian.

Giving evidence this morning were police officers who were on duty on the night of August 17, 2012 when Kali was arrested. This afternoon further evidence was given by some of the inmates who were in custody at the Central Police station on this night in question.

The Preliminary Inquiry is held in open court and the prosecution is expected to call 32 witnesses.

Matangi Tonga Magazine:

13) Sixth Samoa Business, Trade Directory Launched
Samoa businesses hope to get boost from online exposure

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, Feb. 27, 2013) – It started because there was a gap in the market; today the sixth Samoa Islands Business & Trade Directory published by Talamua Media & Publications was launched.

Also launched was the upgraded version of the directory online

Doing the honors was Deputy Prime Minister Fonotoe Pierre Lauofo who used the opportunity to discuss the initiatives to have a Competition Law to promote healthy competition in local businesses.

Fonotoe acknowledged the high quality of the publication which is printed in full color and glossy stock.

“It’s attraction is you get pictures of the businesses, their products and services addresses and contacts,” he said.

Owners of Talamua Media, Apulu Lance Polu, started the directory six years ago; he noted the length of time it took SamoaTel then to produce the latest telephone directory for the country.

At the time, Talamua Media published a weekly, the Le Samoa, and the back page of the newspaper contained a business directory.

As the years passed more businesses wanted to be listed in the directory and more pages were allocated to it.

It led to the first annual fully color printed version of the BTD in 2006.

Now the publication carries contact information for businesses in Samoa divided to Upolu and Savaii islands and American Samoa.

It also includes white page listings for both countries.

Up to date telephones and contact information for Government Ministries and Corporations in both Samoa’s are also included.

Last year’s BTD was a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Samoa as an independent country.

This year’s directory is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the fish canning factory – StarKist in American Samoa.

Apulu said 86% of the company’s employees are from Samoa and have benefitted the Samoan economy over the last fifty years.

The Directory carries goodwill messages from the new Governor of American Samoa, Lolo M. Moliga, the Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi and J.C. Kim, Chairman of the Dongwon Group that owns Starkist .

Apulu credited the effort put in by the Managing Director of Sales and Marketing Angela Kronfeld- Polu and her team of sales representative and the designing team both for the printed version and website for the hard work on the publication.

“There is a huge potential for the local business market that are yet to be tapped and business will get a global exposure through our directory online,” said Angela.

The Directory will be launched in American Samoa later this week.



14a)« Le gouvernement ne peut pas accepter de cadeaux de l’Indonésie! »

Posté à 28 February 2013, 8:19 AEST

Pierre Riant

Barack Sope, ancien Premier ministre du Vanuatu, estime que les uniformes de police offerts par l’Indonésie doivent être renvoyés à l’expéditeur.

papuan protesters AFP 20130228

Protestation à Djakarta de Mélanésiens de Papouasie à l’occasion du 50ème anniversaire de leurs revendications indépendantistes. (Credit: AFP)

C’est le nouvel ambassadeur indonésien au Vanuatu, Nadjib Ripaht Kesoema, qui offert ces uniformes en présentant ses lettres de créances au Président vanuatais, Johnson Abil.

Le Vanuatu est depuis longtemps une terre d’accueil pour de nombreux Mélanésiens qui ont fui  la Province indonésienne de Papouasie, la partie ouest de l’île de Nouvelle-Guinée.

Et pour Barack Sope, maintenant député de l’opposition, accepter un tel cadeau est inadmissible.

SOPE : « Le gouvernement du Vanuatu ne devrait pas accepter ces uniformes. Beaucoup de sang a déjà coulé en Papouasie occidentale et ce sont les militaires indonésiens les responsables.
Comment l’Indonésie peut aider des Mélanésiens du Vanuatu ou d’ailleurs alors qu’elle les tue également, qu’elle tue des Mélanésiens en Papouasie occidentale.  C’est inacceptable.

L’Indonésie doit résoudre la question humanitaire et la situation coloniale en Papouasie occidentale, ce qu’ils ne font pas, ils refusent de le faire.
En clair, ce que nous faisons au Vanuatu est hypocrite. Nous disons une chose et nous agissons autrement. Ce n’est plus consistant alors que nous l’étions avant, à l’époque du Père Lini et de tous les combattants de l’indépendance qui luttaient pour la liberté. 

L’ambassadeur indonésien a pour sa part exprimé sa profonde tristesse à la suite de la dernière flambée de violence en Papouasie. Huit soldats indonésiens et quatre civils ont été tués la semaine dernière lors de deux incidents séparés dans la région montagneuse de Puncak Jaya.

– See more at:«-le-gouvernement-ne-peut-pas-accepter-de-cadeaux-de-lindonésie-»/1094796#sthash.UboijkCn.dpuf
14b) Colloque : Défense Internationale et Sécurité

Posté à 28 February 2013, 8:28 AEST
Pierre Riant

L’occasion pour plusieurs intervenants de tirer à boulets rouges sur la politique de défense du gouvernement australien dans le Pacifique.

Les dirigeants du Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance. [Pacific Institute]

C’est à Sydney que se déroule la deuxième édition de ce colloque et le général de division fidjien, Sitiveni Rabuka, a déclaré que des puissances asiatiques, la Chine Notamment, tissaient de nouveaux liens avec les îles Fidji tandis que l’Australie : « se cachait derrière le mur du politiquement correct. »

L’Australie et la Nouvelle-Zélande maintiennent toujours leurs sanctions à l’encontre de Fidji, sanctions imposées après le coup d’État militaire de 2006. Depuis, des élections démocratiques ont été annoncées pour 2014.

Pour le Professeur Richard Herr, du Centre Universitaire Fidjien pour les Affaires Internationales et Régionales, l’Australie doit recadrer sa politique :

HERR : « Je pense que d’une certaine façon, l’Australie est complètement à côté de la plaque en matière de sécurité régionale. Mon principal argument est de vous dire que si l’Australie n’adopte pas l’approche des « deux régions » avec les îles du Pacifique, l’Australie ne pourra pas œuvrer dans le sens de ses intérêts stratégiques et de ceux des nations océaniennes du Pacifique.
Et l’Australie deviendra un partenaire extérieur à la région. Le ‘Pacific Plan’, n’est plus de mise à mon avis. Le Groupe Mélanésien faire de Lance pose un défi au Forum des îles du Pacifique et toutes les associations qui excluent l’Australie prennent de l’ampleur aux dépens de l’Australie et elle gagnent du soutien dans les îles. »

Par l’approche des deux régions, Richard Herr veut dire que l’Australie devrait considérer le Pacifique à travers deux régions, le Pacifique et la Mélanésie. La Mélanésie est une grande composante du Pacifique et il ne faut pas la dédaigner.  En fait, le Professeur Herr souligne que l’Australie ne devrait surtout pas dédaigner le Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance qui chaque année prend de l’ampleur.

En clair, pour se préoccuper du Pacifique, l’Australie doit se préoccuper en particulier des pays mélanésiens au lieu de se concentrer sur des alliances occidentales en Afghanistan ou en Irak.

– See more at:éfense-internationale-et-sécurité/1094800#sthash.Ck5s1x0a.dpuf


15) Police seize Australia’s biggest ever ice haul

Updated 28 February 2013, 12:20 AEST

Police have seized more than half a tonne of the drug ice with a street value of $438 million, the largest haul of its kind in Australia’s history.

Australian Federal Police and Customs officers have made what they say is the largest seizure of the drug ice in Australia’s history.

NSW Police were also involved in the investigation, which authorities say led to 585 kilograms of ice valued at $438 million being taken off Sydney’s streets.

A taskforce comprising officers from the AFP, Customs, New South Wales Police and the Australian Crime Commission jointly took responsibility for the operation.

Police revealed in a press conference this morning that three men – a 32-year-old from Singapore, a 51-year-old from Hong Kong and a 21-year-old from Canley Vale in Sydney – had been arrested and charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of drugs.

The maximum sentence is life in prison.

AFP Commissioner Tony Negus told a press conference this morning that a joint operation began in September last year following a tip-off from a member of the public.

He said the investigation led to a “suspicious facility” at West Ryde in Sydney, where the arrivals of “suspicious containers” were monitored over several months.

The drugs were discovered in a chemical shipment from Shenjing in southern China on February 22.

Mr Negus said the three men were arrested yesterday while allegedly trying to collect the drugs.

“The investigation remains ongoing and we’ve not ruled out further arrests either here in Australia or overseas,” he said.

“We’ve already been in contact with authorities in China and a range of further inquiries are under way.”

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione hailed the work of the taskforce in seizing the haul of methamphetamine, which is nearly twice the previous record haul of 300kg last in Sydney last July.

“When the police and the community work together, these are the sort of results you get,” Mr Scipione said.

“We’re very fortunate that somebody took the time to make that phone call.

“Make no mistake. This is a hideous, insidious drug.

“This is the sort of drug that sends people mad.”

The three men will appear in Sydney Local Court this morning.

– See more at:


16) Interpol moves to halt illegal fishing in Pacific

Updated 28 February 2013, 19:58 AEST

Interpol has held its first ever meeting to address illegal fishing, in a bid to curtail the multi-billion dollar black market.

International criminal police organisation Interpol has held its first ever meeting to address illegal fishing, in a bid to curtail the multi-billion dollar black market.

The organisation’s Environmental Crime Program established an illegal fishing unit to help countries deal with fish piracy and to monitor and disrupt criminal activities.

The Pacific Ocean is a hotbed of illegal fishing, and Greenpeace’s Pacific Oceans Campaigner, Nathaniel Pelle, told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat that governments need to work with Interpol to reduce the impact of illegal fishing.

Audio: Nathaniel Pelle speaks to Pacific Beat (ABC News)

“Best estimates are that as much as a third or even a bit over of the fishing that goes on in the Pacific region is illegal or unreported, and that’s a real tragedy for Pacific island fishermen and it’s a tragedy for the species that are in this area,” he said.

Mr Pelle said it is estimated that illegal fishing costs the Pacific region as much as $2 billion each year.

“That amount of money leaving the Pacific region could add substantially to development in the area,” he said.

“The west and central Pacific is a vast expanse of ocean… and the very limited capacity of the Pacific island countries to police their waters is a huge problem.

Mr Pelle says Greenpeace would like to see Interpol provide some guidance around the world with a registry of vessels that have engaged in illegal fishing.

“Unfortunately you know you can conduct illegal fishing and then often the country will simply pay a fine and then that’s the end of it,” he said.

In addition to fish poaching in the open ocean, many of the Pacific’s inshore areas are being exposed to unsustainable fishing.

Head of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s Coastal Fisheries Program, Lindsay Chapman, told Pacific Beat that invertebrate species such as the sea cucumber, or beche-de-mer were being seriously affected.

“They have been fished down to very low levels and there is concern about recruitment or the animals being able to reproduce given the very low numbers,” he said.

Audio: Lindsay Chapman speaks to Pacific Beat (ABC News)

Mr Chapman said giant clams and trochus had also been fished out in many areas.

“People are having to go further to catch the crabs and other seafood so it’s a serious problem across the region.”

The Interpol meeting was held in Lyon, France, from February 26 to 28.

– See more at:

17) Visas denied for Fiji Warriors trio
By Online Editor
10:36 am GMT+12, 28/02/2013, Fiji

The  Fiji Warriors suffered a major blow yesterday when four players failed to board the flight to Australia ahead of the opening Pacific Rugby Cup match against the Junior Waratahs in Sydney tomorrow evening.

Three of the players were denied visas to travel to Australia and New Zealand because of their ties with the military while one suffered an eleventh hour injury.

Fiji rugby head coach Inoke Male looked a frustrated man at the Nadi airport as he tried to arrange for replacements.

Male said Aminio Nakicobula, Ron Katonivere and Lea Matayavusa were denied visas while Mosese Taga was injured.

He said replacement for these players would be sourced from abroad.

“The preparations were good but we have been let down by the visa problems,” Male said.

“Just because their family is in the military the players have been denied a chance to showcase their talent overseas. Despite the setbacks the players are looking forward to the first game against the Junior Waratahs.”

“We are taking a young side. It is a development team. We are looking to the future. This team is being groomed for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. We are taking under-23 players to develop them for the future Flying Fijians.”

The Fiji Warriors won the PRC last year. The side topped both the core teams cumulative section and the Pacific Island conference.

Last year, Fiji defeated the Junior Waratahs 30-15. Male said this year’s tournament would be tougher.

“We experienced it last year playing against the development Super Rugby teams is always difficult,” Male said.

“Those teams contain players who will step up into the Super Rugby level. It will be a tough battle for our young players against the overseas oppositions.”

“The boys have been sacrificing their time. They know that through the sacrifice the door will open for them in years to come.”

“It is a good chance to show their talents and may be secure contracts. We will be contacting players in Australia and New Zealand to fill in the void. They are players who are in our extended squad.”

“The target is to retain the trophy. We will try our best.”.


18) Rugby World Cup was the dream: Serevi
By Online Editor
10:40 am GMT+12, 28/02/2013, United States

Of all the names involved in Rugby Sevens, and in the Sevens World Cup, one still captures the imagination of fans around the world more than any other.

Over the course of two decades, the name of Waisale Serevi became synonymous with the Rugby World Cup Sevens, which this year marks its 20th anniversary when Moscow hosts the sixth edition two decades after Edinburgh hosted the first.

In the build-up to the eagerly-awaited pool allocation draw for the Moscow tournament, Serevi has spoken passionately about the event and its effects on his career.

“When you start out as a young rugby player you go to lots of places and play in all sorts of tournaments, but it’s everyone’s dream to play in a Rugby World Cup,” said Serevi.

“I’ve been lucky enough in my career to go to seven World Cups – three in 15s and four in Sevens – and it’s something very special to me.”

Serevi’s first taste of the Rugby World Cup movement came in the 15-a-side game in 1991, in a 13-3 loss to Canada in Bayonne. That day he played in the same side as the current Fiji Sevens coach, Alifereti Dere, and opposite Canada’s great fly half, Gareth Rees.

He went on to play at both the 1999 and 2003 Rugby World Cups, but it was on the Rugby World Cup Sevens stage where Serevi became a god among mortals.

Twice, in 1997 and 2005, he inspired the Fijians to victory in Hong Kong, proudly lifting the Melrose Cup on both occasions to spark mass adulation and prompt a national holiday.

“In Fiji if we win the Rugby World Cup Sevens, it’s a very big thing for everyone. Fiji is a small country and winning a World Cup is a huge honour and a privilege.”

Fiji will be drawn from the top band of six for the pool draw in Moscow on 28 February, four months out from the tournament on 28-30 June. However, as Serevi himself acknowledges, nothing is certain in the modern game of Rugby Sevens.

“It will be tough as we’ve seen in the Series. There is a lot of talent in Fiji and it will depend on them picking the right players, but there are no longer ‘big teams’ and ‘small teams’ in Sevens, the margin is closing between all the teams.

“It’s no longer about history, it’s no longer about what you did last year or last week. It is about how you perform in those seven minutes. That is the beauty of Sevens.”.



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