PNG Kalsa i stopim ol yangpela meri long kamap lida

Updated 16 April 2013, 17:36 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Ol yangpela meri long Papua New Guinea igat bikpela laik long kamap lida long ol grup na komuniti blong ol.

PNG meri lida

Unia Api na Dr Lalen Simeon long PNG Leadership Symposium long Geelong, Australia (Credit: ABC)
Odio: Dr Lalen Simeon na Unia Api blong Pacific Adventist University PNG i toktok

Despla toktok ibin kam long Dr Lalen Simeon Director blong  Research na  Postgraduate Studies long Pacific Adventist University long PNG na wanwok blong en, Mr Unia Api.

Tupla ibin autim despla toktok blong tupla long namba tri PNG leadership Symposium em Deakin University ibin hostim long Geelong long stat blong despla mun.
Stori blong ol ibin bihaenim wanpla wok painimaut em oli bin mekim long Goroka long Eastern Highlands, New Ireland na Hanuabada long Central provins.
Dr Lalen Simeon i tok ol meri i lukim ol yanpela meri husat i gat kain achivmen long wok blong ol, oa wok blong sios, komuniti oa long sports olsem lida.
Tasol long publik speaking em samting oli lukim olsem oli no strong longen na sapos oli oli kisim training longen bai em i halivim ol gut long kamap lida.
Caroline Tiriman ibin toktok wantem tupla na pastem tru emi bin askim Mr Unia Api long lukluk blong en.
Phils Opinion: Interesting point indeed by Mr Unia Api and Dr Lalen Simeon from PNG re Custom/Culture and Tradition not giving a chance to younger leaders both woman and man in PNG and Melanesia as a whole….so therefore if  the Youths keep on finding it difficult to be future leaders then they will definately become leaders in problematic areas Rascals/Gang leaders this is one important area Melanesian Government,NGO,Churches and Youth Groups should be looking at today.Listen to the interview if you can.

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