5ème congrès annuel du Parti Travailliste à Kowékara/New Caledonia -Credit: Magalie Maly Tingal/Radio Djido, Kanaky.

Phils Note: ( All 25 Million+ Melanesian People & The World Media ) EYE/ear on the Melanasian Island Nation Of New Caledonia in 2014…..Autonomy LEADING to Independence KANAKY.Ummm and France wwill fight to keep it because of GREED $$

Nickel sector

Nickel mining in New Caledonia

SOIL – Red colours on the mainland ( La Grand terre )  reveal the richness of the ground in iron oxides and nickel.

New Caledonian soils contain about 25% of the world’s nickel resources.


 Politics of New Caledonia

Logo of the Territorial Congress

New Caledonia is a sui generis collectivity to which France has gradually transferred certain powers.[20] It is governed by a 54-member Territorial Congress, a legislative body composed of members of three provincial assemblies.[21] The French State is represented in the territory by aHigh Commissioner.[21] At a national level, New Caledonia is represented in the French Parliament by two deputies and two senators.[22] At the 2012 French presidential election thevoter turnout in New Caledonia was 61.19%.[23]

For 25 years, the party system in New Caledonia was dominated by the anti-independence The Rally–UMP.[21] This dominance ended with the emergence of a new party, Avenir Ensemble, also opposed to independence but considered more open to dialogue with the Kanak movement,[21] which is part of FLNKS, a coalition of several pro-independence groups.[21]



Since 1986 the United Nations Committee on Decolonization has included New Caledonia on the United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories.[27] An independence referendum was held the following year, but was rejected by a large majority.

Under the Noumea Accord, signed in 1998 following a period of secessionist unrest in the 1980s and approved in a referendum, New Caledonia is to hold a second referendum on independence between 2014 and 2018.[28]

The official name of the territory, Nouvelle-Calédonie, could be changed in the near future due to the accord, which stated that “a name, a flag, an anthem, a motto, and the design of banknotes will have to be sought by all parties together, to express the Kanak identity and the future shared by all parties.”[29] To date, however, there has been no consensus on a new name for the territory.[30]

New Caledonia has increasingly adopted its own symbols, choosing an anthem, a motto, and a new design for its banknotes.[31] In July 2010, New Caledonia adopted the Kanak flag, alongside the existing French tricolor, as a proposal to become the dual official flags of the territory.[32] The adoption made New Caledonia one of the few countries or territories in the world with two official national flags.[32]The decision to use two flags has been a constant battleground between the two sides and led the coalition government to collapse in February 2011.[28]


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