Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 955b


Lorsque nous sommes seuls à espérer et à vouloir, cela ne demeure bien souvent qu’un espoir et un vœu, mais lorsque nous espérons et voulons, ensemble, une nouvelle réalité prend immanquablement forme. Alors célébrons, en ce 20 mars, la force stimulante que nous confère la Francophonie. Célébrons les liens puissants que nous confèrent la langue, les valeurs, les espoirs et les ambitions que nous partageons. Célébrons une manière « francophone » de vivre ensemble, d’être au monde et de concevoir le monde.

Parce que la Francophonie, c’est d’abord la volonté de dire NON !

NON aux aspects les plus néfastes de la mondialisation, une mondialisation oublieuse de l’Homme, de sa dignité, de sa liberté, de ses droits les plus élémentaires, faute d’éthique, de régulations, de volontarisme.
NON aux inégalités économiques, sanitaires, éducatives, numériques toujours plus marquées.
NON aux conflits oubliés, aux populations civiles, singulièrement les femmes, abandonnées aux exactions les plus viles.
NON à l’impunité et à l’immunité des auteurs de crimes contre l’humanité.
NON à l’uniformisation culturelle et linguistique qui menace le patrimoine intellectuel et la création mondiale, mais aussi la démocratie internationale.
NON au relativisme culturel qui défie l’universalité des droits de l’Homme et menace la paix.

Mais la Francophonie, ce n’est pas pour autant vouloir cristalliser les contestations, les colères, les frustrations, c’est vouloir les dépasser en éradiquant leurs causes.

C’est vouloir, dans notre espace, promouvoir l’éducation et la formation, l’enseignement supérieur et la recherche, et développer la coopération au service du développement durable.
C’est vouloir accompagner l’ancrage de l’Etat de droit, de la démocratie et des droits de l’Homme, tant à l’échelle nationale qu’internationale.

C’est vouloir, dans l’urgence comme dans le long terme, dans la prévention structurelle et l’alerte précoce comme dans la consolidation, œuvrer à la résolution politique, judiciaire, voire militaire de toutes les crises et de tous les conflits qui déchirent nombre de nos pays.

C’est vouloir s’investir sans relâche pour que la langue française demeure, aux côtés d’autres grandes langues internationales, la langue de la création, de la recherche, de l’innovation, de la société de l’information, de l’emploi, la langue officielle et de travail des organisations internationales.
C’est vouloir, pour ce faire, renforcer sans cesse un multilatéralisme véritablement assumé, dans la concertation comme dans l’action.

C’est vouloir fédérer les énergies agissantes des réseaux de la société civile et des organisations non gouvernementales.
C’est vouloir se mobiliser pour améliorer la situation et la condition des femmes, actrices majeures, mais aux potentialités encore trop peu reconnues.
C’est vouloir susciter les jeunes vocations, révéler les jeunes talents, pour mieux s’adjoindre leurs compétences.

La Francophonie, c’est donc avoir l’audace de penser que nous avons, ensemble, une emprise sur notre destinée commune.

Que cette Journée internationale de la Francophonie soit donc l’occasion de fêter, avec enthousiasme et fierté, cet optimisme de l’espérance et cette audace de la volonté.

Abdou DIOUF Secrétaire général de la Francophonie


When we only hope and wish, it often remains a hope and a wish, but when we want and hope, together, a new reality is inevitably form. So celebrate, in March 20, the stimulating force that gives us the Francophonie. Celebrating strong links that we provide the language, values, hopes and aspirations we share. Celebrating a “French” way of living together, of being in the world and the design world.

Because the Francophonie is the first will say NO!

NO to the worst aspects of globalization, a globalization of the forgetful man, his dignity, his freedom, his most basic lack of ethical duties, regulations, voluntarism.
NO economic inequality, health, educational, digital still greater.
NOT to be forgotten, the civilian population, particularly women, abandoned to the most vile abuses conflicts.
NO to impunity and immunity for perpetrators of crimes against humanity.
NO to the cultural and linguistic uniformity that threatens the intellectual heritage and the world premiere, but also the international democracy.
NO cultural relativism that challenges the universality of human rights and threatens peace.

But the Francophonie is not actually aiming to crystallize the challenges, anger, frustration is wanting exceed eradicating their causes.

Is wanting in our space, promote education and training, higher education and research, and develop cooperation for sustainable development.
This is to escort the anchoring of the rule of law, democracy and human rights, both nationally and internationally.

Is wanting in the emergency as in the long term in structural prevention and early warning as in the consolidation work for the political resolution, judicial, military or all crises and conflicts in all many of our countries.

It is wanting to invest tirelessly for the French language remains, alongside other major international languages, the language of creation, research, innovation, information society, the employment, the official and working language of international organizations.
Is wanting to do this continuously strengthen multilateralism actually assumed in the consultation as in action.

Is wanting to unite the acting energy networks of civil society and non-governmental organizations.
Is wanting to take action to improve the situation and status of women, major actors, but the potential is still too little recognized.
Is wanting to encourage young vocations, reveal young talents to better enlist their skills.

La Francophonie, so is having the audacity to think that we, together, a grip on our common destiny.

This International Day of Francophonie is therefore an opportunity to celebrate with enthusiasm and pride, optimism of hope and audacity of will.

Abdou Diouf   Secretary General of the Francophonie

C/- VANGO Secretariat.

Vanuatu daily news digest | 20 March 2014

by bobmakin

Once again it’s two days’ news in one, and the Prime Minister is officially visiting the victims of cyclone Lusi on Santo. The northern big island is also in the news for seekingmunicipal status for Port Olry village with a population of over 4,000 and hoping to win more investors for the region according to Leon Kathy Warsal. All custom owners have apparently agreed to give their land for the purpose. Port Olry is said to be ripe for further development in the tourism sector. Negotiations are proceeding, says Radio Vanuatu.

The national coordinator of the Customary Land Management Office (CLMO) sayslands on which there are pending cases in the lands tribunals now fall under the new law of the Customary Land Management Act. All such cases, says Alicta Vuti to Radio Vanuatu News, will be dealt with in accordance with the new law. Cases pending under the village, area or island tribunal should be referred to the CLMO for transferral to the appropriate jurisdiction.

The Vaturisu Council of Chiefs meets with the Minister of Lands tomorrow at the Malvatumauri nakamal.

Two recent important press releases from the Ministry of Lands will be forwarded to readers of this bulletin in a separate post immediately after this.

A World Bank project will increase and replace Port Vila street lighting, according to the ministry formerly responsible.

Daily Post yesterday revealed that the theft of the name VHRA (which should belong to the Vanuatu Hotels and Resorts Association) by a particular businessman investor was not actually hijacked by him, but by his partner, another businessman investor.

Tanna Coffee is now exporting to P&O visitors who can enjoy the famous brand from the espresso machines on board P&O liners calling here.

Yumi Toktok Stret – Vanuatu’s biggest online forum – has a Youth candidate for the forthcoming Port Vila by-election. Ephraim Songi is from Shefa and promises to carry the voice of urban youth to the national Parliament, Daily post reports. Meanwhile they also indicate that UMP’s hierarchy is more than a little challenged as to who might be their candidate.

Tuesday’s Vanuatu daily news digest has prompted responses opposing my stand, and that of the writer of the Daily Post article concerning the Kava Conference in Suva, thatmore action is needed by Government as regards kava. Comments received have dwelt upon the continuing malpractice of growers or kava agents sending shipments filled out by ‘two-day kava.’ The Kava Act No. 2 of 2007 provides for the protection of purchasers of the kava raw product, whether for local consumption or shipment to overseas buyers. However, successive governments from 2002 have yet to provide for the policing and penalties required to give effect to the legislation. It is on this score that I believe many within the industry take issue with governments which have done nothing except draught the legislation.

More than a little amusing in Tuesday’s paper was the elevation of our man in Europe to celestial responsibilities. The Daily Post said the Foreign Minister signed the order for the Ambassador’s appointment as “Ambassador Extraordinary and Planetary” to the EU. It did not, however, list the planets involved!

Happy Journée de la Francophonie!


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