Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 960


1) Nyus i kam long MP mo Pati

Port Vila By-Eleksen Kampen

Olgeta –

Kandidet blong yumi, VOES BLONG HEM I LUS, mekem se mifala mas kanselem sam kampen long yesede.

Be TV kampen toktok blong hem i kamaot long TV yestede finis – watjem TV afta long nyus blong save luk tede i go.

Be i luk olsem bae hemi kam gud tede, afta bae hemi save kampen bakagen tumoro.


Wednesde 9 Eprel
11am: Market Haos
5.30pm: Blacksand
7.30pm:  Switi

Tosde 10 Eprel
5:30pm: Emae komuniti opposite New Covenant Jioj (Sheperd studio eria)
7.30pm: Bladinière; nakamal blong Patrick

Fraede 11 Eprel
11am: Sea Front Stej
5.30pm: Fresh Wota 5 T-Junction
7.30pm: Vao komiuniti (St Paul Senta, Freswota)

KAMPEN T-shet:
Yu save kam long ples blong kampen, o sipos no long reception blong Ministri blong Lands, blong pem wan kampen T-shirt blong Andrew blong 1000 vatu.
NAOIA TU yu save pem tu long Beverley Hills General Store (hemia narasaed smol park long en i go long Freswota 5).

Yu save daonlodem mo printim-aot o yu save sendem long email posta blong Andrew Napuat, kandidet blong yumi, long ples ia.

Statistik form:
Sipos yu wantem givim sapot long GJP mo yu wantem mifala save yu, kam long long ples blong kampen o long reception blong Ministri blong Lands blong pikimap wan statistik form blong fulumap nem blong yufala mo givimbak bifo by-eleksen.

Ta, MP Ralph Regenvanu

2) Vanuatu daily news digest | 8 April 2014

by bobmakin

  • Parliament will discuss 6 matters in the sitting of Parliament beginning Friday, VBTC News informed us this morning. The report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the new international airport; a promissory note concerning the new international airport;the guarantee for the loan from the Export-Import Bank in the U.S. (purpose not stated); a government guarantee for a loan to Air Vanuatu; and there will be two elections for deputy speaker positions.
  • Lands Minister Regenvanu has made a clarification on the international airport promissory note question to this writer today. He says the promissory note will be tabled for consideration by the Ad Hoc Committee at the Parliament sitting Friday. The Committee has received funding from the Australian Government to engage top level lawyers and financial and business consultants to independently advise it about the concession agreement and promissory note. Parliament will receive the advice of the Committee at the first ordinary session at the beginning of May and then make a decision.
  • Professor Don Paterson has pointed out that an EIA might not be legally required at this stage, as I suggested yesterday, under environmental legislation, for the Greenfield airport project development.
  • However, the most challenging comment comes from Nasimal saying “this foreign PM abuses the very authority invested in him. I appeal to MP R. Regenvanu to pull his MPs out from this dictatorship government of Moana Carcasses and Edward Natapei. These two will create future disunity in our Nation if we ignore their latest activities or scam concerning this international airport. We don’t need this new airport.We just have to improve and do proper maintenance on our existing airports or little extension and strengthen to cater for B767, B777, B787, A330 and A350 planes. My question is why bankrupt our beautiful islands with this massive so called loan of $350 million? I also appeal for our northern provinces’ MPs to consider this very carefully and the location. Do not bankrupt the northern provinces’ population without their concerns [being expressed].
  • Daily Post this morning points out how the government’s Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) gives more ministerial control over the granting of citizenship to the present or any future prime minister, who will nominate 2 of the 5 members to thepositions of the President’s commission. He will also act as Citizenship Commission Chairman if the Chairman is absent, as in sent on tour. The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission’s “new product” has even been made to enter the Constitution which spells out the discounts and bargains for the state privilege of citizenship on offer for wealthy foreigners who seek to become ni-Vanuatu earlier rather than later.
  • The new land laws are the subject of training taking place this week, Radio Vanuatu News reported. The Customary Land Management Act and Land Reform Amendment Act are effective following the new laws passed in December. The training will help everyone concerned to understand the new procedures. Customary Lands Management officers and Lands Department staff are participating in the training. Minister Regenvanu emphasized to participants at the opening that the main purpose of the legislation was to remove the powers of lands ministers and put custom back to its rightful position in making lands decisions.
  • The nature and costs of investment properties picked up by the Vanuatu National Provident Fund are again under consideration in the election campaign. The youth candidate Ephraim Songi is raising the issue as reported in yesterday’s Post. Since the properties concerned become principal assets for the old-age sustenance of these young people, their interest is welcomed by their hearers.
  • The criminal convictions of George Winslett, one of those who has been promoting sales of vast tracts of land between Erakor Lagoon and Teouma River, were also mentioned in yesterday’s Post. In a company called South Pacific Ltd, Winslett and others have been promoting a casino, hotel and real estate haven, but they seem now to have fallen out and it is not clear from media reporting who is really in charge of the company. They say it has vast expertise from investments in Arizona, Mexico, Colorado, California and Canada. Were they lying to the Prime Minister? It seems unlikely the promoters have any major interest in these overseas properties when even their resort at Pango village seems to be in financial difficulty according to local business personnel.
  • The involvement of women in all affairs was emphasized by the Director of the Department of Women’s Affairs, Dorosday Kenneth, seeing a need for the male population of Vanuatu to think differently about the role of women. Kenneth pointed out how this change in ideas was required even as early as at the time of Independence. She was speaking to a meeting in the capital, VBTC News reported.
  • The Transparency Vanuatu NIS study’s score-card for making decisions about national integrity was under attack from a government leader this week. He preferred the MCC model. It needs to be pointed out, however, that the MCC rating makes extensive use of Transparency’s NIS studies in countries along with the their Transparency International global corruption index.

3) Vanuatu – Job Alert08-Apr-14
Blong moa infomesen long ol vakensi we i stap anda go long website ia
Sendem aplikeisen blong yu i go stret long employer nomo!

4794Wanted Shop Manager

WJ Store

Source:Daily Post (Weekender)05-Apr-14Due:

4793Chinese Speaker Wanted

Evergreen Limited

Source:Daily Post (Weekender)05-Apr-14Due:

4792Principle Human Resource Officer

Public Service Commission

Source:Daily Post (Weekender)29-Mar-14Due:11-Apr-14

4791Internet Governance Officer

Telecommunication & Radiocommunication Regulator

Source:Direct from Employer08-Apr-14Due:11-Apr-14



Source:Direct from Employer08-Apr-14Due:30-Apr-14

4789Part – Tme Sales Assistant

The Kava Empowerium

Source:Daily Post (Weekender)05-Apr-14Due:

4788Master 20GT Wanted

South Pacific Cruises

Source:Daily Post (Weekender)05-Apr-14Due:

4787Shop Assistant

Not Stated

Source:Daily Post (Weekender)05-Apr-14Due:

4786Shop Supervisor

Not Stated

Source:Daily Post (Weekender)05-Apr-14Due:

4785Executive Assistant Vacancy

Airports Vanuatu Ltd

Source:Daily Post (Weekender)05-Apr-14Due:16-Apr-14

for more details on these jobs please go to –
Credit : Etha Kaltapas


4) Air Tahiti Nui/Air France venture halted in US

8 April 2014

US transport authorities have declined a bid by Air Tahiti Nui and Air France to enter into a joint venture for part of a key route both carriers fly.

The two airlines wanted to join forces for the service between Los Angeles and Paris but the plan was rejected because it was deemed not to be of any benefit to travellers.

French Polynesian media reports say the rejection is not final and the airlines’ lawyers are working on a revised bid.

The plan was to improve the profitability of the link.Radio New Zealand Int


5) Palikir fiber optic cable network swings into action

By Online Editor
09:35 am GMT+12, 08/04/2014, Micronesia, Federated States of

The Information Communication Technology Committee for the FSM national government met at the Department of Resources and Development to further review the status of the “Palikir Network Project” being pursued to improve ICT situations facing the nation’s central location.

The meeting was chaired by Jolden Johnnyboy, assistant secretary for communications, and attended by representatives from the legislative branch, the judiciary branch, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Finance and Administration, the Department of Resources and Development, the Office of Statistics, Budget and Economic Management, Overseas Development Assistance and Compact Management, the Office of Environment and Emergency Management and the Public Information Office.

Johnnyboy went through the formative background of the project based on a May 13, 2008 memorandum from FSM President Manny Mori.

The memo stated: “I have reviewed the current government expenditure on internet leased lines by individual department or office, and I found that we are spending an average of $8,500 a month for multiple connections without having any means to assess or analyze the efficiency of their contribution to productivity at the workplace.”

Based on his observation, Mori put together the committee to investigate more cost-effective ways and “initiate the process of planning and implementation of a more consolidated infrastructure that will provide a unified intra-government communication system utilizing the right technology that allows security to be maintained while providing a shared link” with efficient connectivity.

It was reported at the meeting that to date, five offices are utilizing the fiber optic cable network with bandwidth of 10mMpbs namely the Department of TC&I, Office of SBOC, Congress office and the FSM Supreme Court main office.

FSMTelecom has endorsed the dedicated internet service agreement with the national government for the rate of US$4,000 per month for 8Mbps.

While feeling ecstatic about bringing to real terms its mandate by the president, the committee acknowledged that a long way remains to ensure every office gets the benefit of the network and that the right level of management and support staff is in place to maintain the system in the longer term.

According to the IT’s responsible for connecting offices to the network, another migration date for transitioning offices from their former lines to the network will be in early April. Connection to the unified line depends on when each office feels ready to make the switch

The Network Operation Center is placed at the central facility at the Congress compound using available power-backup equipments to keep the network operable when the main “island power” blacks out.


6) Nauru slams door on UN inspection

By Online Editor
1:36 pm GMT+12, 08/04/2014, Nauru

Human rights investigators from the United Nations have been been forced to cancel a trip to Nauru to investigate the fate of asylum seekers sent there by Australia.

The order to stand down came from the Nauru government but is understood to have originated in Australia, which pays many of the near-bankrupt island nation’s bills.

The order to stay away was given as the group was about to depart for the Pacific Island after a two-week visit to New Zealand looking at polices on detaining prisoners.

Its next port of call was to have been Nauru but the trip has been called unsuitable, and cancelled.

Canberra started sending asylum seekers to Nauru in 2001, to deter other asylum seekers from trying to get into Australia.

Conditions in the camps, in which several hundred people are living, have been criticised repeatedly.

“The government of Nauru, which invited us, have asked us not to come,” the group’s leader, Mads Andernas, said.

“They cite practical reasons for it not being suitable or practical for us to come.”

Andernas declined to comment on the conditions on the island without being able to go there.

A spokesperson for the rights organisation Amnesty International, Graeme McGregor, says the conditions at Nauru are harsh, and are being kept secret.

“This is just another denial of transparency in a string of denials. Although the Australian people are paying billions of dollars for this policy they’re not getting to see what’s actually going on in there.”.



7) NZ gavman i givim mani long mekim maket i seif long ol meri

Updated 8 April 2014, 17:16 AEST

Gavman blong New Zealand bai sapotim program blng Safe Cities long kamapim bikpla sanis tru long ol Gordons Market insait long Port Moresby siti.

New Zealand Minista blong Foren Afeas, Murray McCully, ibin mekim displa tokaut tede taem em i givim displa luksave tede long helpim ol mama, husait i save go long maket oltaem.

Kantri Representative blong UN Women PNG, Dr Jeffrey Buchanan itok displa ol mani helpim blong New Zealand Gavman bai lukautim ol wok ol ino pinisim na tu, tu long mekim ol bas stop na market eria i seif.

Em i tok displa helpim i blong mekim market i seif blong ol hat wok blong ol mama, long go ples wea em i seif long salim garden kaikai blong ol blong mekim mani blong ol na femili.

Kay Kaugla, Gender Desk Officer long National Capital District Commission i tok displa sapot blong New Zealand Gavman bai helpim ol mama na meri igo long maket.

“Displa helpim bai igo pas long mekim gut olbas stop na ol eria insait na arasait long maket eria.” em ibin tok.Radio Austraia


8) Îles Salomon: l’eau potable manque toujours

Mis à jour 8 April 2014, 15:47 AEST
Caroline Lafargue

9000 Salomonais sont répartis dans 24 centres d’hébergement d’urgence à Honiara. Ils ont perdu leurs maisons, détruites par les inondations, les glissements de terrain et les vents forts la semaine dernière.

D’après le Bureau salomonais de gestion des catastrophes naturelles, l’urgence actuellement, c’est de fournir de la nourriture, des toilettes, des vêtements aux évacués, mais surtout, de l’eau. Graham Kenna, le directeur du bureau salomonais de l’ONG Save the Children:

« Heureusement il a plu dans la nuit de lundi à mardi, et c’est une bénédiction parce que nous manquons cruellement d’eau potable, particulièrement dans les centres d’hébergement d’urgence. Je suis assis devant l’un d’eux, tout près de l’aéroport, et les gens ont pu recueillir de l’eau de pluie cette nuit. Mais on sait déjà qu’il faudra des mois pour rétablir l’eau courante partout. Les services municipaux y travaillent, certains quartiers ont de nouveau l’eau courante mais par exemple je n’ai pas d’eau à mon bureau, qui est dans les quartiers ouest. »

Le risque de déclenchement d’épidémies comme la dengue, la malaria, le choléra, etc, n’est donc pas écarté.

D’autant que les secours ne peuvent toujours pas atteindre la campagne autour d’Honiara, durement touchée par les inondations, coupée de la ville et surtout de l’aéroport, par où arrive l’aide australienne et néo-zélandaise. Graham Kenna:

« Nous ne pouvons toujours pas sortir d’Honiara, car les ponts ont été détruits par les crues, des deux côtés de la ville. Mais avec un peu de chance, s’il ne pleut pas trop, nous pourrons envoyer une équipe mardi après-midi, à l’est d’Honiara, pour essayer de voir quels sont les besoins des populations là-bas. Et une autre équipe a pu se rendre à l’ouest, sur un bateau. L’Australie a mis à disposition des secours un hélicoptère pour constater l’étendue des dégâts en dehors de Honiara mais la collecte des données est très lente. »

Graham Kenna, du bureau salomonais de l’ONG Save the Children, au micro de Richard Ewart sur Radio Australie.

En toile de fond de cette catastrophe que plusieurs observateurs jugent inédite sur Guadalcanal,  une polémique éclate sur le rôle de l’exploitation forestière sur l’île-capitale, accusée d’avoir considérablement aggravé les effets des précipitations très fortes la semaine dernière. On écoute Ben Afuga, le Président du Forum Solomon Islands International, un groupe de pression de la société civile, interrogé par Stefan Armbruster sur SBS :

« Quand vous marchez le long des plages, vous voyez beaucoup de troncs d’arbre, et beaucoup de victimes ont été tuées par des troncs d’arbre, l’une d’elle a dit que quatre troncs sont arrivés et ont emporté sa maison. »

À Honiara, les rumeurs courent, dont celle-ci : il y a de l’exploitation forestière dans l’intérieur des terres, et sous l’effet des précipitations très fortes, de nombreux troncs auraient été emportés par les eaux et auraient fini par former un barrage sur la rivière, lequel a cédé sous la pression de l’eau, occasionnant une montée brutale des eaux à Honiara. Notons que ce rôle de l’exploitation forestière dans les inondations n’a pas été attesté, ni par les pouvoirs publics, ni par des scientifiques. Radio Australia

9) La mise sur écoute des Fidjiens, une chimère irréalisable

Mis à jour 8 April 2014, 15:47 AEST
Caroline Lafargue

La mise sur écoute des portables et la surveillance des ordinateurs est techniquement impossible, estime Vodafone Fiji.

L’opérateur de téléphonie affirme ne pas avoir les moyens techniques d’assurer une telle surveillance de toute la population fidjienne.

Voilà qui soulage du monde, car le décret pris par Franck Bainimarama pour encadrer les élections du 17 septembre prochain comprend un article, l’article 63, qui interdit aux Fidjiens d’exprimer des opinions politiques 48 heures avant le scrutin, que ce soit par téléphone, par email ou sur les media sociaux.

Tout Fidjien qui enfreindrait cet article 63 est passible d’une amende de 27 000 dollars américains et de 10 ans de prison.

Vodafone Fiji précise qu’il n’existe pas de loi autorisant les opérateurs de téléphonie à intercepter les textos, les appels téléphoniques ou les messages internet, et que cela ne peut être fait que sur l’ordre de la police ou de la justice – avec un mandat de recherche en bonne et due forme. Radio Australi

10) L’actu en bref de ce mardi 8 avril 2014

Rédaction radio NC1ère
Publié le 08/04/2014 | 11:56, mis à jour le 08/04/2014 | 11:56

Zika, patronat, fonctionnaires et pyromanes sont au menu de l’actu en bref de ce mardi 8 avril 2014 en Nouvelle-Calédonie.

Le ZIKA en Province Nord.

Sur la zone VKP, les services de santé ont enregistré 28 cas. Mais la DPASS Nord estime qu’ils pourraient être beaucoup plus nombreux.
Les services de santé encouragent donc la population à appliquer les consignes de lutte contre les moustiques.
A savoir : détruire les gites larvaires et se protéger contre les piqûres.

Un “carnet de santé de la Nouvelle-Calédonie et des entreprises”.

Ce carnet  , présenté ce mardi par le MEDEF NC , aborde 14 questions pour construire le pacte économique et social de 2014.
Un document qui sera adressé aux candidats des élections provinciales.
Il s’agit d’une invitation à la réflexion de tous les groupes politiques, pour établir ce que le MEDEF appelle « un diagnostique partagé » de l’économie calédonienne .
L’occasion de pointer du doigt « ce qui ne va pas et ce qu’il faudrait faire ». Par exemple, comment combler le gouffre des
dépenses publiques ou le taux record d’illettrisme de 23 %, sur le territoire qui induit  l’insuffisance du nombre  d’employés
L’occasion , pour le MEDEF, de rappeler à tous que l’entreprise est « au cœur de la machine économique ».

Les fonctionnaires réfléchissent…

C’est ce mardi matin que débute à l’université de Nouville, le  congrès de la fédération des fonctionnaires
Au programme, divers intervention de personnalités politiques et des travaux sur les dossiers importants du syndicat  parmi lesquels la réforme de la fonction publique.
David Meyer, le secrétaire général de la fédération remettra également son mandat en jeu lors du renouvellement du bureau du syndicat.

Un pyromane arrêté à Boulouparis

Dans les faits divers, l’homme de 26 ans arrêté pour avoir causé un incendie à Boulouparis a avoué être l’auteur des faits.
« C’était juste pour voir ce que ça fait »… C’est la justification qu’il a donnée aux gendarmes pour ce qui a été l’incendie le plus dévastateur de ce début d’année.
Le 8 janvier dernier, ce feu avait brûlé pendant deux jours et détruit prés de 1 300 ha de brousse du côté de Boulouparis.
L’affaire sera jugée le 18 avril prochain. En attendant, l’homme a été laissé libre sous contrôle judiciaire.


11) Pacific nations working towards introducing wind power

Posted 8 April 2014, 13:15 AEST

Pacific nations are considering developing wind power as a renewable energy source.

Representatives from the region met over the weekend in Fiji to discuss the feasibility of using small wind turbines to generate power.

Energy Program Coordinator at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Anare Matakiviti has told Pacific Beat many Pacific nations are keen to develop new energy pathways.

“It’s a challenging road for most Pacific countries because they are still very much depending on fossil fuel,” he said.

“The fortunate thing is that many politicians and decision makers are realising the impact of this dependence on fossil fuel on their small economies, so they are changing, they are developing new energy pathways.”

Mr Matakiviti says establishing wind turbines in the Pacific could take some time.

“It is dependent on a number of factors, one is if wind is proven, in the country, if it is a viable option, then move into it I think, one is the cost of the technology,” he said.

“So there are a number of issues that needs to be taken into consideration, before country actually moved into promoting small wind turbines in the country.”

12) Border challenge for Pacific

By Online Editor
1:38 pm GMT+12, 08/04/2014, Fiji

The region will be a haven for criminals, drug and human traffickers and money laundering if Customs organisations did not work together.

And if those organisations lagged behind in their responsibilities and roles, the Pacific region would be a dumping ground for contraband goods.

This was the message by Fiji’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation permanent secretary Amena Yauvoli at the opening of the 16th Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) conference in Suva Monday.

“The price of these criminal activities on our people, our societies, our governments, and our economies would be unimaginable,” Yauvoli said.

He said this was a challenge for Customs in the region.

“I urge all members of the OCO to continue to work together through partnerships in communicating and sharing information,” he said.

Yauvoli said Customs administrations were facing new challenges and were responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of trade while applying the necessary controls, guaranteeing and protecting the health of the people and communities in the region.

“Customs are at the frontline in the fight against fraud, terrorism and organised crime. To achieve a correct balance between these demands, control methods must be modernised and the co-operation between the different services reinforced,” he said.

Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority CEO Jitoko Tikolevu said the cost was millions of dollars.

“The cost is huge. We are talking about a small case of drugs and a kilogram is already a million dollars,” Tikolevu said.

Fiji last hosted the conference eight years ago.


13) Regional Meeting Focuses On Best Economic Deal With EU
Strategy for Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations discussed

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, April 7, 2014) – Pacific ACP Trade and Fisheries officials meet in Suva today to identify a strategy to secure a lasting and development-focused EPA agreement for regional countries ahead of negotiations with the European Union.

The meeting’s chairperson and Fiji’s Trade and Industry Ministry Permanent Secretary, Shaheen Ali, says he has also set his sights to focus the meet on mapping a way forward to successfully achieve a better Economic Partnership Agreement.

Speaking at the opening of the meet in Suva today, Ali said the focus is to develop an EPA agreement that is government friendly and would bring benefits to everyone.

“It is therefore, incumbent upon us as Senior Trade and Fisheries Officials to discuss and recommend a negotiating strategy to our Ministers and Leaders that secures an agreement on an EPA that has a lasting developmental impact in our countries.

“I want to reiterate that only as a consolidated and unified group – working together – we can hope to be successful. We need to be both stronger and smarter – to have a lot more unity of purpose – to successfully conclude an agreement that benefits us all,” Ali said.

He adds that Fiji wants the best EPA for the region.

[PIR editor’s note: The Fiji Times reported that “Fiji needs to put together a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement in two months if it is to continue having preferential market access to European Union markets.” Additionally, they reported that “The European Union has made new demands that threaten to dilute what was already agreed to in the interim economic partnership agreement (EPA) instead of addressing the existing contentious and unresolved issues.”]

“From Fiji’s stand-point, we want one EPA for the region, the best EPA, an EPA that is development oriented, and that means getting Papua New Guinea to join us, to conclude one agreement that covers us all.”

The meeting will also focus on other trade-related issues, including EPA Strategy, Development Cooperation, Aid for Trade, Hubs and Spokes, and an update on the work on the United States and Pacific Island country arrangements as well as an update on possible trade arrangement with China.

“With your commitment and support, we will be able to propose progressive recommendations to our Ministers that will take our region forward,” Ali told officials.



14) New Caledonia tribunal processes roll challenges

8 April 2014

Hundreds of people in New Caledonia have been summoned by a tribunal working through requests by the pro-independence camp that they be struck off the roll for next month’s provincial election.

Voting will be restricted to long-term residents in line with the decolonisation process which, after the election, opens the way for a possible independence referendum.

The pro-independence FLNKS Movement insist that people who arrived in New Caledonia between 1988 and 1998 are only allowed to vote if they were also enrolled in 1998.

About 6,000 files are expected to be dealt with this week.

Last month, special commissions assisted by magistrates from France’s highest court revised the rolls but refused to remove any voter.Radio New Zealand Int.

15) Thousands turned up to show their support for Bainimarama’s proposed party

By Online Editor
09:16 am GMT+12, 08/04/2014, Fiji

Westerners from Rakiraki to Lautoka were in the grip of the Bainimarama fever Monday as the Prime Minister and his blue bus drove to their towns and settlements.

Men, women and children of different races came out in a sea of colours and in numbers  to express their support, singing one chorus “We are for Bainimarama”.

It was  Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama’s first foray into the West in his bus to gather signatures that will enable him to register his proposed FijiFirst party.

Travelling via the Kings Rd,  Bainimarama with wife Mary by his side,  was flagged down in Draunivi, Ra, where he was asked to disembark and he was presented with a tabua (whalestooth) in the traditional iTaukei ceremony of iqaloqalovi. In Sorokoba, Ba, he was accorded the isevusevu (yaqona ceremony) and women draped the bus with bales of cloth in the traditional cere (welcome new bus) ceremony. In Nailaga, Ba, he was invited to an afternoon tea. A big banner, “We are for Bainimarama”, greeted him in Lautoka with another huge crowd cheering him on.

The unprecedented scenes reflect his popularity in the West and around the country, because of his Government’s revolutionary policies and excellent service delivery.

In less than eight hours, over 5000 people had signed up for the proposed FijiFirst.

The journey started in Rakiraki where hundreds turned up. The next stop was in Tavua, where more than a thousand people cheered, as he got off the bus in the Gold Town. He then travelled to Vatukoula where he got a raucous welcome too.

On the way to Ba, the bus made several unscheduled stops as more people were eager to sign up.

Women, children, young and old also stood with roadside banners, declaring their support for Bainimarama.

Bainimarama said he was confident of the support of the people, but he was overwhelmed and touched by the extent that people went to, in order to sign up for his proposed political party.

At each of the stops, Bainimarama addressed the thousands who had gathered and informed them that he was there to seek their support through their signatures, in order to register his proposed party.

“I am here because I need the endorsement by the people before my proposed political party can be registered. I knew the support was coming, but I wanted to go out and tell the people, especially in the rural areas that they are included in the new Government that I want to form.”

“I didn’t expect all this, but it feels good to know of the support,” Bainimarama told the Fiji Sun.

He will be in Vanua Levu next week to gather more signatures for his proposed political party.

His officials have already left for outer islands to get the signatures.


16) Labour to finalise election holiday, Elections target areas with high Fijian populations

By Online Editor
3:49 pm GMT+12, 08/04/2014, Fiji

Fiji’s Ministry of Labour has yet to formally declare  17 September as a paid public holiday for the country’s general elections.

Labour Minister Jone Usamate said they hope to do this next week.

“It will be a public holiday and all we have to do is finalise it which we probably hope to do next week,” Usamate said.

The Labour Minister is required to gazette 17 September 2014 as a paid public holiday.

Meanwhile, Fiji’s  Elections Office is working with the various Fijian High Commissions overseas to identify places where there are known to be high concentrations of Fijian residents ahead of the second phase of the voter registration scheduled for next month.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said they have had a pilot programme on the earlier drives in New Zealand and Australia where about 1200 voters were registered.

“We did have interest shown from Fijians overseas on our website last year and we have done an evaluation from that, we’ve also discussed with High Commissions about the possibility of reaching Fijians in higher concentrated areas, so these are the areas that we’re looking at,” Saneem said.

“We have got estimates and we expecting the numbers to be the same as other countries.” As it prepares to send teams to Dubai, UK, USA and Canada for the forthcoming registration trip in May, Saneem said they are also considering reaching out to other parts of the world.

“Depending on numbers and depending on submissions, requests and time we will look at other countries,” he said.

The Elections Office team will be based at the London High Commission for the EVR drive in UK and they are likely to travel to Germany.

“As in the USA we will be conducting registration drives mainly at New York, and then in the west coast and in Canada, the target is Vancouver.”

The second phase of the voter registration drive also scheduled to be held in Papua New Guinea will run from 5 May to 17 May. It will then take place in New Zealand from 17 May to 24 May.


17) Sope, Ayamiseba Claim No Knowledge Of Vanuatu Development Scam
Reports they were talking with scam artist misleading

By Godwin Ligo

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 7, 2014) – Messrs. Barak Sope and Andy Ayamiseba have dismissed reports in Vanuatu Daily Post about “a bigger scam than revealed yesterday” as totally misleading.

They say they were never part of the discussion concerning the project which has been labeled a scam.

“In actual fact, Barak Sope and myself were at the Grand Hotel lobby discussing a completely different agenda when a person approached us, shook hands with us and then sat down and began talking about this issue.

“Then a Daily Post reporter saw us. The next thing was that we saw the article in the Daily Post about us being involved in discussions relating to a scam, which is totally untrue,” Andy Ayamiseba and Barak Sope said in clarification.

“We want the people of Port Vila and Vanuatu to know that we have nothing to do with what was reported in Daily Post,” they told the Daily Post by phone.

Vanuatu Daily Post

18) Vanuatu Parliament Summoned For 2nd Extraordinary Session
Opposition concerned about airport upgrade project loan

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 7, 2014) – Parliament has been summoned to meet in its Second Extraordinary Session on Friday, April 11, 2014 starting at 8.30 in the morning.

One of the items on the agenda for discussion and approval is the controversial Promissory Notes for the proposed construction of the Greenfield airport for Vanuatu.

But the Opposition has expressed grave concern that there has not been enough consideration given to the international airport agreement before such a major undertaking is given for the $350 million project.

It has called on the Government to think carefully about the issue before putting it to the vote in Parliament because it said it could affect the country’s financial position.

In a notice issued Friday to all Members of Parliament, the Speaker Philip Boedoro, said that in accordance with the provisions of Article 21(2) of the Constitution and Standing Order 14 of the Standing Orders of Parliament of 1982, he was summoning Parliament to meet in its 2014 Second Extraordinary Session commencing on Friday, April 11, 2014 at 8.30 am in Port Vila.

The notice included a list of matters to be transacted by Parliament at this session consisting of six items altogether.

The session will consider: 1) the Report of the Adhoc Committee on the International Airport for Vanuatu; 2) approval of a Promissory Note for the planned International Airport for the country to be constructed by Singapore-based company Vanuatu Trade Development Limited (VTDL); 3) approval of Government guarantee for a CCECC Exim loan; 4) approval of Government guarantee for an Air Vanuatu Loan from the Vanuatu National Provident Fund; 5) election of the First Deputy Speaker; 6) election of the Third Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

Earlier, Government had intended that the next session of Parliament after the First Ordinary Session for 2014 would be held after the parliamentary by-election being held in Port Vila on April 15 so that the successful candidate could be sworn-in instead of waiting until midyear for the next session.

But, it appears that the need to urgently provide a Government promissory note to the VTDL now that the company has begun rehabilitation work on Port Vila’s Bauerfield Airport has forced Parliament to now meet sooner.

The Office of the Opposition, meanwhile, has questioned whether enough thought and consideration has been put into the discussion of the above agreement and the provision of US$350 million worth of promissory notes.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Opposition said “the issuance of the International Airport Promissory Notes alone which has been the subject of considerable public debate and media attention is considered serious and could impact significantly on the Nation’s financial capacity and ability to grow for generations to come.”

The Opposition said it has already received many expressions of considerable concern over the Government’s intention to issue the promissory notes from various diplomatic missions, local business houses and international agencies including the recent IMF and World Bank delegations that have raised these concerns with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Reserve Bank.

“The Opposition would like to point out that this is probably the largest commitment that Parliament has been asked to make on behalf of the people of the country and is of the view that not enough consultations have been conducted to enable Parliament, the Government and the country to commit itself to such significant undertakings,” the Opposition statement reads.

“It is believed that the Promissory Notes, the CCECC Exim Bank Loan Guarantee, and the Air Vanuatu Loan Guarantee total a commitment by government of almost a half a billion dollars,” the Opposition’s statement continued.

The Office of the Opposition appealed to all Government and Opposition MPs to think carefully before deciding their vote “as their decision could cause the country to enter into a commitment which under international financial protocols would be misrepresenting Vanuatu’s financial position in having the funds on standby to cover the promissory note”.

It warned that under normal circumstances, this would be akin to a fraudulent act which could directly affect future aid and investment initiatives in Vanuatu.

“It is also interesting to note that during this Parliament Sitting, there will be election of two Parliamentary positions as well and it is suspected that the Government is using this to ensure that the numbers are there to pass any resolutions on the floor,” the Opposition statement said.

“The Opposition Office would like to inform the public that the financial commitments that are expected to be approved during this Parliament far exceed the proper government borrowing thresholds and guarantees and far exceed Vanuatu’s Gross National Product levels”.

It called on the public to make their views known publically in public fora and also during the coming Port Vila by-election.

Vanuatu Daily Post

19) Direct Payments To Solomons MPs Should Stop: Forum
Malaita Ma’asina Forum says money better spent on flood recovery

By Daniel Namosuaia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 7, 2014) – Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) is calling on the national government to stop the SB$15 million [US$2 million] payment it will pay to the 50 members of Parliament today or tomorrow.

Forum president made the call after claiming he was reliable supplied information on Sunday.

It was reported that officers within the ministry of finance are currently preparing the cheques for the MPs sometimes today or as soon as possible.

This means all the 50 MPs will receive SB$300,000 [US$40,710] each. The money is reported to be used by the MPs for relief efforts to assist people of their constituencies affected by the recent flash floods and bad weather.

But MMF president Charles Dausabea described the government’s decision as another corrupt campaign strategy to utilise the current situation for their own gain.

“We (MMF) call on PM Lilo to stop issuing the money to all the MPs. We criticise this in the strongest terms because this is not the right thing to do. I believe the right thing Lilo should do is to give this money through the National Disaster Management Office to manage this fund for relief efforts,” Dausabea said.

He said if PM Lilo is truly serious about assisting the victims of the recent flash floods and bad weather, he should transfer the money to NDMO to facilitate relief efforts.

“But to give the money to each individual MP is definitely a no-no and MMF is calling on all Malaita MPs not to take that money. If they are in their right mind and truly care about their people who are affected, they should give the money to NDMO to use instead,” Dausabea said.

Adding, if all the MPs are true leaders who have a heart for those affected, this money should be given to NDMO to use for relief efforts.

“We call on PM Lilo to just do the right thing. By the look of things, these MPs will benefit and disadvantaged their suffering people. And for sure these MPs will use this money for their campaign strategies,” Dausabea added.

The forum president also questioned why all the MPs should receive the money when only those people in Honiara and parts of Guadalcanal are affected and yet each MP will be going away $300,000 richer.

A top government officer contacted said he is not aware of this but said if this happens this money could possibly comes from the RCDF.

Its understood government is also preparing some funds to help with the disaster relief effort.

Counsellor of the embassy of the republic of China (Taiwan) in Solomon Islands Richard Chiu denied any payment made to the government.

Mr Chiu said the first payment of the RCDF for 2014 is yet to be paid since retirement of 2013 RCDF is yet to be made by MPs.

However he signals that Taiwan might consider releasing the funds due to the current situation the country is facing.

On Sunday, permanent secretary of the ministry of rural development Selina Boso said the payment was actually the 1st tranche of ROC funds for this year.

“This was done in the wake of disaster. The $300,000 is made possible as and advance of Solomon Islands government fund, a temporary arrangement between the rural development ministry and finance that is expected to be repaid by ROC.”

Solomon Star

20) Ousted PNG Treasurer Takes Court Action Against Loan
Polye says Oil Search loan is ‘illegal and unconstitutional’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 8, 2014) – The sacked Papua New Guinea Treasurer and leader of the THE party has sought a court order for the government to pay back a US$1.1 billion loan.

The loan was taken out by the government with Swiss bank UBS, to purchase 10 percent of PNG’s largest oil and gas company, Oil Search.

Don Polye, who was last month sacked as treasurer over his opposition to the loan says he is taking the action because the loan is wrong and needs to be paid back immediately.

“It is unconstitutional. It should not have taken place in the first instance. But it has happened and I think it is very important that the people of this country know that what the government did is illegal and unconstitutional.”

Don Polye says the loan is an example of a government bowing to corporate interests and making a deal that isn’t beneficial to the people of PNG

Radio New Zealand International


21) Fiji to host World Oceania International Film Festival

By Online Editor
3:46 pm GMT+12, 08/04/2014, Fiji

Eight filmmakers will be in Fiji this week to kick-off the second Islands in the World Oceania International Film Festival(IWOIFF) set to begin on Friday at USP’s Japan-Pacific ICT Centre.

The festival will run from Friday April 11 to Thursday April 17 at the ICT Centre and members of the public are encouraged to watch the films, which are all free of charge.

As well as features and documentaries, there will also be short films and each show will be concluded with a question and answer session with the film maker(s).

In an interview Monday, event director Larry Thomas said he was excited about the show, confirming that filmmakers from around the Pacific region as well as Argentina, France, Italy and Australia would be featuring this year.

“Obviously, you’re going to get a great selection of films and like last year, we had both documentary and feature films,” Thomas said.

“So it’s really quite exciting, they’re all very happy to come here even though it’s a long distance, but I think for us also, it’s the opportunity for us to see their films and hear them present them.”

He said there would also be two sets of panel discussions this year — one on Monday April 14 and the other on Tuesday April 15.

“On Monday is the one on the documentary film process and basically, they’ll talk about the process of making a film — form the idea to the final product.

“For Tuesday, we’re having one for television which looks at the local content.”.



22) Province boasts limestone potential

The National, Tuesday April 8th, 2014

THE Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) has highlighted limestone as a mineral that has a huge potential to be developed in Morobe.
About 70% of the province has already been covered by mining companies with exploration licenses and there is an increasing interest from other companies for exploration licenses.
MRA senior mapping geologist Dulcie Saroa, pictured, said: “Apart from gold, copper and silver there is potential for other minerals in Morobe province,” Saroa said.
“In the Huon Peninsula there is potential for limestone. It’s also found in Finschhafen, Mumeng and Wau,” she said.
“Coal is found in Kabwum and the interpretation for geothermal is in progress, the province is a high prospective province,” Saroa said.
Other minerals found in Morobe are nickel, cobalt, chromites and iron.
Morobe Governor Kelly Naru said he did not realise the potential of the province and was really encouraged by the presentation by MRA.
“There are probably a lot more minerals to be discovered,” he said.
The aim of the meeting was to update the provincial government on the progress of mining activities in the province.

23) PNG Company buys Fiji insurer

By Online Editor
3:57 pm GMT+12, 08/04/2014, Fiji

Capital Insurance Group, one of Papua New Guinea’s insurance entities, has announced its acquisition of Fiji’s insurer Dominion Insurance Ltd.

“After many years of growth in Papua New Guinea, and having recently established in Solomon Islands it made sense for us to extend to Fiji, Vanuatu and Tonga through Dominion acquisition,” Chairman Michael Koisen said.

“Dominion is a very well managed and respected operation within our region and we look forward to working with the staff and business partners to further grow the business”.

Dominion Insurance chairman Hari Punja said: “We felt after twenty seven years of ownership it was time for the existing shareholders to entrust the business to different hands.

“It is particularly pleasing to be able to pass the reins to Capital given that they are from our region but have no existing operations in the countries we do business in. This provides opportunities for the further development of our staff and also more flexible solutions for our clients who may have business interests in Papua New Guinea or Solomon Islands”.

The sale is subject to normal regulatory approvals and is expected to be finalised at the end of this month.

24) UNDP’s Clark: PNG Should Use Resource ‘Boom’ To Address MDGs
Revenue is ‘huge opportunity to take major steps in human development’

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, April 7, 2014) – United Nations (UN) programme administrator and chairperson of the UN Development Group Helen Clark is encouraging the Government to maximise progress to achieve Millennium Development Goals in health and education by using revenue from the petroleum sector.

“When I came four years ago, I could see that PNG was in the early stages of a resource boom with a lot of construction going on and a lot of potential,” she said at a media conference in Port Moresby, last Friday.

“Coming back now, I see a Government with the confidence to make very big investments in health and education and in basic services and infrastructure knowing that there will be a revenue flow coming in through the LNG extraction.”

She said the Government was faced with challenges in capacity.

Clark said as revenues from extractive industries flowed into the country, there was a huge opportunity to take major steps in human development.

She said it was clear that the Government had recognised this, which was reflected in the budget investments that it made in health and education, including its commitment to build integrity institutions and mechanisms.

“UNDP seeks to build capacity of Papua New Guineans to achieve their development goals. We look forward to continuing to support leadership at all levels to follow through on the good plans which are being put in place.”

The National


25) New mapping technology aids Vanuatu planning

8 April 2014

The Vanuatu government will now be able to plan better for future impacts of climate change and natural disasters by using new technology which can model sea level rises.

The Department of Meteorology and Geo-hazards says coastal flooding predicted for Vanuatu in the new data could reach catastrophic levels in the next 90 years.

The data, captured by high resolution topographic and bathymetric data through Light Detection and Ranging technology, LIDAR, was presented to government agencies at a workshop.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information in Australia says the collection of data is to help government and communities to better understand the risk of coastal flooding.

Dr Nathan Quadros of the Centre says the tool allows to make better plans for the future.

“The availability of that sort of data is really leading the world in a lot of ways and a lot of the world is going to start going that direction in the near future, and it was good to see that we could do that example here working the the Vanuatu government.”

Dr Nathan Quadros also says the data showed the main commercial centres of Port Vila and Luganville are highly vulnerable to flooding from tropical cyclones and storms.Radio New Zealand Int

26) UN Offers To Help Protect PNG Tropical Forests
Funding from REDD Plus program could help preserve resources

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, April 7, 2014) – The United Nations (UN) has offered to support Papua New Guinea establish mechanisms to retain its tropical forests and access international funding for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) Plus programme.

UNDP administrator and chairperson of the UN Development Group Helen Clark said PNG had the third largest reserves of forest in the world and this was of global significance.

Clark, who was in the country on a three-day official visit, told a media conference in Port Moresby last Friday, that the great innovation with REDD Plus was it provided a way for countries to be paid to keep their forests.

“In the past, development has been about cutting down forests for other supposedly more economic uses and this has brought the planet to the brink of disaster because forests are the planet’s lungs and if you don’t have lungs you cannot breathe,” the former New Zealand prime minister said.

“It is of international significance for Papua New Guinea to retain its tropical forests and the work we can do is to support Papua New Guinea to get things set up so it can access the international funding for REDD Plus.”

Clark said the UN was engaged with the Norwegian government, which about four years ago announced a billion dollar assistance for Indonesia for its forest under this REDD Plus programme.

She said a lot of work had to be done to set up the mechanisms, institutions, community consultation for financiers to be assured that if commitments were made to keep forests that could be measured and monitored.

The National

27) Solomon Islands National Disaster Council issues all clear in wake of deadly Honiara floods

Updated 8 April 2014, 18:07 AEST
Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney and staff

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Operations Committee has issued an all clear statement in the wake of devastating floods which swept through the capital, saying it is now safe for people to move around.

Locals walk through floodwaters after days of heavy rain in the Solomon Islands, which caused flash flooding and the Mataniko River in Honiara to burst its banks, April 4, 2014. (Credit: Audience submitted)

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Operations Committee has issued an all clear statement in the wake of devastating floods which swept through the capital

A total of 23 people died and 9,000 are homeless after devastating floods, landslides and strong winds last week.

The statement means that no further flood threat exists, and it is safe for people to move around.

The Committee says those whose homes were not damaged or destroyed can return home, while those who have no place to return to should remain in evacuation centres.

The statement comes as the chairman of the Solomon Islands National Disaster Council says Honiara needs reconstruction, not rehabilitation, in the wake of deadly flash floods.

Permanent secretary Melchoir Mataki says that infrastructure needs to be rebuilt, not just repaired.

“At this stage what we need is reconstruction – mere rehabilitation will not work in the long term,” he said.

“It will be just a band-aid.

“What we need is reconstruction of roads and other infrastructure, bridges for example, that need to be done.”

Honiara and the whole of the island of Guadalcanal have been declared a disaster zone after torrential rain caused massive flooding, loss of life and loss of homes.

Mr Mataki says many of those who lost their homes lived on a flood plain, where they were not supposed to build.

“So they have naturally increased their risk, the risk of them being flooded,” he said.

“But I think the issue has been they have not experienced flooding of such magnitude in the past, so they thought, probably, that it is still safe to build around there.

“The government is looking into ways of assisting them to recover from the disaster they have faced, but we certainly have a lot of constraints in terms of resources and capability.”

On Tuesday, Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced Australia will increase its aid package to $3 million, with most of the assistance to address immediate needs such as safe drinking water, shelter, food and sanitation.

Disease fears

Video: Disease fears after floods damage Solomon Islands water supply (ABC News)

Fears are also growing of an outbreak of disease, with infrastructures damage, including the sewerage system and water supplies, badly damaged or destroyed.

The National Disaster Management Office says dysentery, malaria, dengue fever and other diseases related to poor sanitation are all a real risk.

Solomon Islands head of the Save The Children Fund Graham Kenna says the flooding will increase the damage from diseases already spreading through the country.

“There is a desperation to get these people away from the evacuation centres and get them settled somewhere which is more permanent for them,” he said.

“Two days ago there was the start of diarrheal disease and… conjunctivitis.

“Prior to the flooding there was the start of a dengue fever outbreak, which we know is going to be a lot worse once the place starts to dry out.”

The Solomon Islands Water Authority says 40 per cent of Honiara is still cut off from the water supply, including many evacuation centres.

“A lot of the water sources would have been inundated with dirty water,” Mr Mataki said.

“So our concern here is not just with water, clean water availability in Honiara but also out in the provinces, for which we would definitely need support and assistance to ensure that our people have access to clean, safe, drinking water.”

28) Supplies getting through to Solomons flood victims

8 April 2014

The chairman of the national disaster committee in Solomon Islands says food is getting through to evacuation centres in the Capital, where about a fifth of Honiara’s population fled after last week’s floods.

23 people are confirmed dead and more than 20 are still unaccounted for.

About 10,000 have sought shelter in 24 evacuation centres around the capital but officials believe that number will start decreasing slowly.

Melchior Mataki, says there were some initial logistical problems getting food rations to the centres because some roads and bridges were damaged.

“But now food supplies are now going up to all the evacuation centres and on top of that too some of the evacuation centres were established even without our knowledge and so the number kept on increasing even up until yesterday.”

The chairman of the national disaster committee, Melchior Mataki.Radio New Zealand Int


29) Tafea FC upsets Hekari United

Rashneel Kumar
Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Hekari United’s Jean Kaltak shields the ball from his Tafea FC opponent during their Oceania Champions League clash at Govind Park yesterday. Picture: JAI PRASAD

TAFEA FC upset Papua New Guinea champions Hekari United 3-1 in the opening match of the Oceania Football Confederation Champions League at Govind Park in Ba yesterday.

Hekari United ended the match with ten players after Tuimasi Manuca was given the marching orders by referee Matt Conger in the 77th minute.

Tafea FC which qualified for the competition as the runner-up from Vanuatu surprised the star-studded Hekari United team with their superior attacking prowess.

Hekari United goalkeeper Leslie Kalai was outstanding pulling off several good saves to deny Tafea FC from winning by a higher margin.

Dalong Damalip opened the scoring in the ninth minute with a powerful drive. Hekari United conceded an own goal in the 29th minute following a Tafea FC corner kick.

Hekari United was awarded a penalty in the 41st minute after Lucien Hinge handled the ball inside the box.

Tutizama Tanito slotted in the spot kick.

Tafea FC led 2-1 at halftime.

Replacement Don Mansale scored Tafea FC’s third goal in the 81st minute.

Former Vanuatu under-17 rep Bong Kalo and Solomon Islander Joses Nawo starred for Tafea FC.

Tafea FC coach Moise Poida said he could not ask for a better start from the players.

Poida said the team was made up of mostly U20 players.

“We really wanted to win this first game of the pool stages,” he said.

“We have three points in the bag and are happy. We will take every game very seriously.

“Ba will be tougher and they will have the home support. I don’t know how they play but we will be ready.”

Hekari United coach Jerry Allen expressed disappointment with the result.

Allen said the red card prevented them from staging a late rally.

“It was a bad game for us,” he said.

“But that is how football goes. It was a disappointing result. We have come here to do well but it did not turn out our way. Some of our players are injured like David Muta.

“I thought that we could come back but the red card cost us.

“The boys will have to step up when they play AS Magneta and Ba. We will try to fix our midfield play.

“We hope to make a comeback. It is about being tough and having patience.”

Tafea FC: Seloni Iaruel, Lucien Hinge, Kevin Shem, Jais Malsarani, Jonah Turu, Bong Kalo, Robert Tasso, Edisson Stephens, Dalong Damalip, Joseph Namariau Joseph Namuli, Cyril Wis, David Chilia, Joses Nawa, Winjo William.

Hekari United: Leslie Kalai, Brian Kaltak, Niel Hans, Nicholas Muri, Tutizama Tanito, Joachim Waroi, Pita Bolatoga, Ericson Komeng, Koriak Upaiga, Tuimasi Manuca, Scott Gannon, Jean Kaltack.Fijitimes

30) Amicale not aniticipating any surprises in O-League opener

8 April 2014
Amicale FC coach Nathan Hall believes his team can be right up there come the latter stages of the Oceania Champions League but admits he doesn’t know a lot about their first up opponents Dragon from Tahiti.

Amicale clinched their fourth straight Port Vila Premier League title last month and have played a handful of friendly matches since to remain match-ready.

The club finished third in last year’s O-League and are keeping things simple ahead of their first match today in Lautoka.

“I’ve seen a DVD of their match against Auckland from last year so I know that their style of play is more or less the same. They’ve got the same coach so I don’t think there’s a lot of changes technically or in terms of the way they play. We’ve just got to play our game – we need to make sure we start quickly and play the way that we know how to play and, as the game goes on, we will have a look at Dragon and depending on the way they play and how they take the game to us will depend on any changes tactically that we might make as the game goes on”.

Amicale FC coach Nathan Hall – Radio New Zealand Int

31) Samoa drawn with NZ and SA for Glasgow 7s

8 April 2014

Samoa have been drawn alongside New Zealand, South Africa and Portugal in a blockbuster Pool A for next month’s penultimate round of the World Sevens Series in Glasgow.

Fiji face Wales, Argentina and Kenya in Pool C.

With just two rounds remaining, the All Black Sevens team lead the overall standings by seven points from South Africa, with Fiji a further 17 points adrift.

Samoa remain in sixth place despite failing to make it to the Cup quarter finals in both Japan and Hong Kong.Radio New Zealand Int

32) Italy stuns Britain in Davis Cup

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

NAPLES, Italy – Italy have foiled Great Britain’s dream of a first Davis Cup semi-final appearance in 33 years with a battling 3-2 quarter-final win in Naples.

The British were in control, leading 2-1 going into yesterday’s closing two reverse singles.

But Italy’s world number 13 Fabio Fognini stunned Andy Murray 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 to level the tie at 2-2, with Andreas Seppi securing the decisive last point with a 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 victory over James Ward.

Murray and Colin Fleming had put Britain in command on Sunday with a 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 7-5 win over Simone Bolelli and Fognini in the doubles.

Murray had beaten Seppi 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 to level the tie in a rain-delayed singles after Fognini had got the first point on the board for the hosts with a 6-4, 2-6, 6-4, 6-1 win over Ward on Friday.

The Italians, who last appeared in the semi-finals in 1998, will now face either Kazakhstan or Switzerland in the semi-final.

Murray’s defeat to Fognini was the Scot’s first Davis Cup singles loss since 2005.

It came three days after he suffered a stomach bug and against a player who has won all three of his titles on clay within the last nine months.

After the rubber Murray said: “He played very well today, that’s for sure. He’s a very good player especially on this surface.

“I knew it would be a tough one but unfortunately I wasn’t quite able to play well enough.”

He appeared to lack sharpness throughout but said fatigue had not been an issue: “I thought I did OK. I guess the third set was the closest one in terms of scoreline.”

33) FIFA WC broadcaster warns on copyright

Rashneel Kumar
Tuesday, April 08, 2014

THE 2014 FIFA World Cup licensed broadcaster Mai TV will take actions against those infringing on the rights of the event.

Mai TV has the sub-license in Fiji for sole TV rights to FIFA TV content by the Pacific rights holder, Click Pacific Limited.

Mai TV’s general manager Marc Santos said they were working with relevant authorities to ensure the copyright of the event was not violated.

Santos said one of their major concerns was the unauthorised advertisements and flyers that had FIFA’s logo or the World Cup image itself in them

“This is not allowed and companies should be informed that FIFA and its related logos/items are not to be used by anyone except if authorised,” he said.

“We have paid a large sum to secure these rights, as have our local sponsors to comply with international law on rights.

“An example is Carpenters Motors, our premier sponsor who have recently unveiled their fantastic Hyundai FIFA TV advert, which was only made possible through an international agreement between Hyundai and FIFA.”

Santos said they were also required by their FIFA agreement to introduce the fact of “public viewing rights” so bars and sports clubs were aware of the process of applying for license to show the FIFA World Cup games in their establishments.

He said these were part and parcel of FIFA’s guidelines to all broadcasters, in all countries for games to be shown in public areas for commercial or non-commercial use.

“In the case of non-commercial exhibition, there is no fee applied, but there are license fees for any commercial exhibition.”

The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 12 and all the 64 matches will be shown live on Mai TV.

34) Winning start to OFC Champions League for BA

By Online Editor
1:56 pm GMT+12, 08/04/2014, Fiji

Prolific striker Osea Vakatalesau turned on a magical performance to guide Ba to a 2-0 victory against AS Magneta in their Oceania Football Confederation Champions League clash at Govind Park Monday.

Vakatalesau made his presence felt right from the opening whistle with his fast breaks.

After missing two golden opportunities, one from the penalty spot, the 28-year-old powered home a right footer from the edge of the box in the 19th minute following a long through pass.

Vakatalesau proved to be the workhorse for the Vodafone 4R Electrical Men in Black and was a thorn in the New Caledonian champions defence.

Nippy Abbu Zahid Shaheed finished off Ba’s brilliant start with an easy tap in after Vakatalesau’s drive came off the post in the dying stages of the game.

Ba dominated possession and could have won by a higher margin had the players taken their opportunities to score.

The visitors had their chances of scoring but finishing proved to be their biggest drawback. AS Magneta’s Ludovic Wakanamune was sent off in the 87th minute after picking up his second yellow card.

Ba coach Yogendra Dutt was happy with the result and heaped praises on Vakatalesau.

Dutt said pressure was on the boys to perform in front of their supporters.

“The teams participating in the tournament are all champions from their countries so we can expect this type of tough matches,” he said.

“A lot pressure was on the players to perform so they missed many chances. We have to talk about that.

“But this win will release the pressure off them. Osea was very instrumental up front. Time and again he made breaks providing the team with a lot of energy.

“I’m proud of everybody’s efforts. There are no injury worries and we will decide on the formation of the team for the next game after the recovery session.”

AS Magneta coach Alain Moizan speaking through an interpreter said his players would need to work harder in the next game.

Moizan said he would be looking to make some changes.

Today’s matches will be played at Churchill Park in Lautoka. At 1pm Amicale FC will face AS Dragon while at 4pm Nadi will take on Auckland City.

AS Magenta: Jelen Ixoee, Loic Wakanumune, Ludovic Wakanumune, Cedrick Sansot, Noel Kaudre, Paul Poatinda, Pierre Wajoka, Kouriane Dokunengo, Kalaje Gnipate, Leopold Makalu, Michel Hmae, Jean Wakanumune, Benjamin Bernard-Herve.

Ba: Epeli Codro, Avinesh Suwamy, Marika Madigi, Ronil Kumar, Jone Vesikula, Abbu Zahid, Mavileko Nakama, Josefata Neibuli, Remueru Tekiate, Osea Vakatalesau, Laisenia Raura.


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