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Niufala Praem Minista


Yestede long Palamen, VP, GJP mo MPP i krosem floa blong vot wetem Oposisen blong sapotem mosen blong nogat trast agensem PM Hon. Moana Carcasses Kalosil. Vot i bin go thru wetem 35 votes for, 4 abstentions mo 11 votes against, mo Moana i lusum posisen blong hem olsem PM.
Afta, Palamen i elektem Hon. Joe Natuman olsem Praem Minista wetem 40 votes. Hemi fes taem yumi gat wan Praem Minista blong Tanna.


– Ham Lini, DPM mo Minista blong Turism, Commerce mo Indastri.
– Sato Kilman, Minista blong Foren Afeas.
– Charlot Salwai, Minista blong Intenol Afeas.
– George Wells, Minista blong Health.
– Alfred Carlot, Minista blong Jastis.
– James Bule, Minista blong Climate Change.
– Don Ken, Minista blong Yut mo Sports.


– Ralph Regenvanu, Minista blong Lands.
– Esmon Sae, Minista blong Publik Utilities.
– David Tosul, Minista blong Agrikalja.
– Maki Simelum, Minista blong Faenans.
– Bob Loughman, Minista blong Edukesen.

MP Alfred Maoh hemi stap yet olsem Gavman Whip, MP Gillion William i stap yet olsem Jeaman blong Komiti long Foren Relesen long Palamen, mo MP Daniel Nalet i stap yet olsem Jeaman blong Komiti blong MP Privileges long Palamen.

Ta, Ralph Regenvanu, Minista blong Lands.

Vanuatu daily news digest | 16 May 2014

by bobmakin

In a move showing a political wisdom and a maturity, the change of Prime Minister to the veteran politician and nationally respected Joe Natuman will be regionally hailed as a signal achievement for the young nation. More MPs than had crossed the floor in agreeing to the vote of censure of Carcasses were ready to vote for Natuman as PM. Thirty-five had opted for censure before the outgoing PM had completely responded to the charges. Forty were behind Joe Natuman in the vote for the new PM for which there was only one nomination despite the large number of parties now in the new coalition. That the move was so effectively carried out shows certain old enmities have not been allowed to play any part in the transition. Proven abilities have been recognized and the move shows a return to the indigenous leadership required in Independence.

The new cabinet line-up as announced by PM Natuman immediately after completion of the replacement is as follows:

Prime Minister: Joe Natuman

Deputy PM and Minister for Trade and Commerce: Ham Lini Vanuararoa

Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade: Sato Kilman Livtanvanu

Minister of Finance remain with Maki Simelum

Minister of Internal Affairs: Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas

Minister of Education remains with Bob Loughman

Minister of Health: George Andre Wells

Minister of Justice: Alfred Carlot

Minister of Climate Change: James Bule

Minister of Lands remains with Ralph Regenvanu

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries remains with David Tosul

Minister of Youth and Sport goes to Don Ken

Minister for Infrastructure remains with Esmon Sae.

There will be a further Digest later today.


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