Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 991


1) Vaturisu calls urgent meeting for all members

Posted on June 6, 2014

Len Garae

The Chairman of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs, Chief Henry Manlaewia is asking all 100 plus registered members of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs of Efate and its Offshore Islands to attend an urgent meeting in the Chiefs Nakamal in Port Vila on June 11 at 8.30 in the morning.
Chief Manlaewia says it is essential that all members of the Vaturisu attend the meeting to be briefs of the imminent National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2030, the Government plans to organise in the Chiefs Nakamal from June 16-20.

Vaturisu Secretary General Chief Jimmy Meameadola explains, “The main purpose of this important meeting on June 11 is for the chiefs to also hear first hand from a member of the National Sustainable Development Programme Core Group, Jamie Tanguay who will present the various topics to be covered in the four-day presentations and discussions
“For example in the NSDP Programme, it talks about the economic well-being (of the nation). When we talk about economy, people immediately think in terms of money in the western context but we in Vanuatu also have custom economy. We the chiefs therefore have a duty to also present our views to help the Government to incorporate it in its national policy to guide the development of our country for the next fifteen years”.

Chief Meameadola says the second topic is social well-being, which brings about social issues at custom level that are not recognised and this is an opportunity to discuss the issues faced by chiefs in custom governance. “Another issue is environment. Environment laws are in place but where do the chiefs come in to contribute towards the protection of our environment?”, he asks.

“Culture and well-being is also another issue the chiefs need to address to contribute towards National Government Policy on the subject to promote as well as protect it”. Vanuatu Daily Post

2) Gov’t to review water concession contract

Posted on June 6, 2014

Royson Willie

The Government has informed the company that currently manages and operates the water concession in Port Vila, Unelco Suez, of its intention of a mid-term review of the Port Vila water concession agreement as provided under the contract.

The government made its intention known when it invoked Article 4 of the water concession contract, which states that “the Government may, on the 20th year of the Contract, and subject to prior written notice to the Operator, decide to terminate the Contract at the end of the 25th year”.
The 20th year of the contract was last year (2013), following the initial signing on December 23, 1993.

While the intention was made known to Unelco last year by former prime minister Moana Carcasses, the latest of a series of correspondences on the issue was made in a letter dated May 21, 2014 by Prime Minister Joe Natuman.

On December 13 last year the Council of Ministers (COM) in its extra-ordinary meeting agreed for the government to invoke Article 4 of the contract for the management and operation of the water supply service of Port Vila.


3) Two Tonga police convicted of manslaughter

6 June 2014
A Tonga police inspector, Kelepi Hala’ufia, and a constable, Salesi Maile, have been convicted of manslaughter for the death of New Zealand policeman, Kali Fungavaka, in Nuku’alofa in 2012.

Matangi Tonga reports they have been remanded in custody for sentencing on July the 1st.

It says Justice Cato delivered his 66-page verdict to a full courtroom that included the Fungavaka family at the Supreme Court.

He found a third policeman, Fatai Faletau, guilty of assault and two other police have been acquitted.

A civilian Semisi Manu, who was in a cell with Mr Fungavaka, was convicted on a grievous bodily harm charge last week.

Mr Fungavaka, who had been in Tonga for his grandfather’s funeral, was arrested outside a bar in Nuku’alofa and assaults resulting in multiple injuries occurred that night.

He died in Vaiola Hospital several days later.Radio NZ

4) Reports Tonga’s Democrats in disarray

6 June 2014
Democratic Party leader Akilisi Pohiva.

Photo: RNZ / John Barr

There are reports in Tonga of a split in the opposition Democratic Party with suggestions four MPs will be dropped from the Party’s line up for the November election.

Radio Tonga says the party’s deputy, Dr Sitiveni Halapua, Semisi Tapueluelu, Falisi Tupou and Sione Tione, all holders of seats on Tongatapu, could be dumped.

But the leader Akilisi Pohiva says that is not necessarily the case.

He says a decision on who will stand for the party is still to be made by an independent committee with a decision likely next week.

“They have to come out with justification of why did they push one or two candidates, current members, and get people from outside to replace the seats in Parliament.”

Akilisi Pohiva says it is important that MPs are committed to the party and are people he can work with.Radio NZ


5) Power crisis hits Marshall Islands capital

6 June 2014
The Marshall Islands capital, Majuro, is bracing for a weekend without electricity after the atoll’s generator broke down on Thursday.

Our correspondent in Majuro, Giff Johnson, says a surge at the power plant destroyed a key part of the main generator.

He says during the outage, backup generators at Majuro Hospital broke, plunging it into darkness.

“The wards were completely in darkness with not even flashlights available initially, nurses were using cellphone light to see and deliver medicines and take care of patients. They had a patient who had just come out of surgery on a ventilator so they had to go to a manual system to keep the patient alive, but fortunately they were able to restore the [backup] generator.”

Giff Johnson says engineers are working around the clock to restore power to the Marshalls’, but with critical backup components currently in Singapore for refurbishment, it could be at least Monday before it is back on line.Radio NZ

6) RMI Missile Test Planned Later This Month, Warns US Army
People should avoid some islands during Kwajalein interceptor test

By Giff Johnson

MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Marianas Variety, June 6, 2014) – The United States Army issued a warning to Marshall Islands residents, ships and aircraft about a planned missile intercept mission that will be staged from Kwajalein Atoll later this month.

The Army said the risk to populations living on four northern atolls and islands in the flight path of the missile interception test is small, but urged them to avoid being on two islands during the test period.

The missile test is scheduled at the U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll/Reagan Test Site or USAG-KA/RTS for June 23. The Reagan Test Site at Kwajalein is one of the U.S. military’s primary missile defense test sites. The boomerang-shaped coral atoll is frequently the target for incoming dummy warheads launched on rockets from the United States or from Navy vessels, which are used as targets for interceptor missiles shot from Kwajalein.

The interceptor missile is scheduled to be launched from Meck Island in Kwajalein and the missile will travel northeast as it leaves Meck, according to the Army. This will put the populated atolls of Utrik, Ailuk, and Likiep and the island of Mejit in what the Army described as “the Ocean Caution Area.” About 1,600 people live in this area of the Marshall Islands.

“The risk to populations on these atolls is extremely low, and USAG-KA/RTS is implementing safety measures to ensure any hazards associated with the mission are minimized to the greatest extent possible,” the Army said Wednesday. People are urged not to travel between these atolls from June 23 to June 25. For Likiep Atoll, the Army recommends that no one be on Maat and Liklal, two islands on the southeastern end of the atoll, during these dates.

Back up dates for the missile test are June 24 and 25. The test will be conducted between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. Kwajalein Atoll’s lagoon will be closed between June 19 and the end of the mission, the Army said.

“In the event anyone observes any mission debris, be advised to stay at least 150-feet away from the debris and report the location of the debris to the U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll,” the Army said.

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency, which oversees the tests at Kwajalein, said that last September two medium-range ballistic missile targets aimed at Kwajalein were successfully intercepted and destroyed. U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System programs have completed 62 successful hit-to-kill intercepts in 78 flight test attempts since 2001, the Missile Defense Agency said last year.
Marianas Variety


7) PNG LNG Gas inap kamapim heve long Helt

Updated 6 June 2014, 13:33 AEST

Jessy Pendene

Ol pipal long Hela provins itok oli wari tru long ol pipia Gas em Exxon Mobil Gas bisnis isave toromoi igo long envairaman.

Odio: Jessy Pendene i ripot long LNG Gas na hau emi ken kamapim ol wari long Helt blong ol pipal

Jessy Pendene i ripot long LNG Gas na hau emi ken kamapim ol wari long Helt blong ol pipal (Credit: ABC)

Head Master Paul Baku long Para primary school long Hides long Tari i tok out olsem ol pipol i wok long lukim planti senis i wok long kamap long ol gaden kaikai na wara belong ol.

Mr Baku i mekim dispela toktok behainim news belong Radio Australia long tunde olsem Exxon Mobil i wok long rausim planti ol pipia gas o waste gas igo natin long ol bus.

Emi tok oli i bilip dispela pipia gas o waste gas kampani i wok long rausim i go nating long ol bus i wok long kamapim ol senis long ol gaden kaikai na wara blong ol.

Mr Baku i tok planti ol skul pikinini long Para primary skul tu i wok long kisim sik olsem flu na het pen klostu klostu.

Taim Kantri i amamas long makim world environment day, ol pipol silip arere long lng project site olsem Tari na Papa Lealea i complain olsem oli wok long lukim planti senis i wok long kamap long ol wara na gaden kaikai belong ol we oli no bin lukim long bipo.

Dr Peter Petsul belong school of science long University of Papua Gew Guinea i tok out tu olsem emi tru ol dispela kain senis bai kamap long ol bus arere o environmen sapos oli no tromai gut dispela pipia belong gas.

Radio Australia i bin traim long kisim Wari Iamo secretary belong dipatmen of Environment and Conservation long toktok long plan belong ol long daunim dispela hevi tasol Mr Wari Iamo no bin stap raun long toktok.Radio Australia

8) Vanuatu imas strongim Loa na Oda

Updated 6 June 2014, 12:51 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Wanpla meri lida itok gavman imas strongim ol wok sekiuriti long kantri sopos emi laikim planti turis i raon long Vanuatu

Odio: Jenny Ligo husat igo pas long Women Against Crime long Vanuatu itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Jenny Ligo husat igo pas long Women Against Crime long Vanuatu itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman (Credit: ABC)

Igat askim olsem Vanuatu gavman na Port Vila municipal kaunsil imas wokbung blong strongim ol wok securiti long lukautim ol turis long kantri.

Jenny Ligo igo pas long Women Against Crime long Vanuatu i mekim despla toktok bihaen long tenpla yangpla man ibin paitim tupla yangpla turis blong Australia long Sarere long wik igo pinis.

Ol despla trabalman ibin stilim tu olgeta moni blong tupla turis ya.

Long ol despla yia igo pinis Vanuatu ibin kisim mak olsem ol “happiest pipal long wold”,  tasol ol despla turis blong Australia itok, oli no bilip moa long despla kaen toktok.

Despla tupla turis itok oli bin wokabaut long wanpla nambis long Port Vila taem ol despla man ibin raonim tupla na paitim ol.

Oli tok tu olsem ol despla man ibin stilim ol mobile fon, ol credit car na moni blong ol.

Jenny Ligo itok emi sore olsem despla kaen pasin i bagarapim nem blong Vanuatu.Radio Australia

9) Vanuatu i painim aut mak blong ol diwai long kantri

Updated 6 June 2014, 14:13 AEST

Hilaire Bule

Ol forestri otoriti long Vanuatu i wok long treninim sampela wokman blong ol long wokim wok painim aut mak blong ol diwai insait long bus long kantri.
Odio: Dairekta blong dipatmen blong forestri long Vanuatu, Tate Hanington i toktok
Dairekta blong dipatmen blong forestri long Vanuatu, Tate Hanington i toktok (Credit: ABC)
Moa long 10 wokman blong dipatmen blong forestri long Vanuatu, oli stap long wanpela trening long dipatmen blong forestri long Tagabe long wik ia blong painim aut mak blong ol diwai insait long bus long kantri.
Dairekta blong dipatmen blong forestri, Tate Hanington i tok ol bai mesarem oa makim bikpela long ol wanwan diwai long bus.
Em i tok as tingting long dispela wok nau em long oainim aut hamas kain gas ol i kolim ‘carbon’ i stap long forest.
Mr Tate i tok ol diwai i save kisim carbon long olgeta taim na na dispela nau i help long daonim level blong rabis gas we i stap bagarapim ea na i save mekim climate change na peles i kamap hotpela moa.
Em i tok laspela taim ol i kisim data infomesen long ol diwai long Vanuatu long 1991, i soim olsem ibin gat bikpela senis i kakam long bik bus blong kantri.
Em i tok mak blong pipol long na planti long ol kainkain developmen i kamap na ol i bin katim daun planti long ol diwai long bus blong Vanuatu.
Mr Tate i tok nabawan ailan ol pipol blong forestri bai go painim aut mak blong ol diwai long em nai em long Santo.Radio Australia.


10) Brèves d’Australie et du Pacifique – vendredi 6 juin 2014

Mis à jour 6 June 2014, 13:52 AEST

Caroline Lafargue

Australie: Jock le Croco déménage à Dubai. 
Ce mastodonte de 5 mètres quitte la ferme d’élevage de Rockhampton, où il a passé les 30 dernières années, pour finir sa carrière de monstre dans un zoo situé en plein milieu d’un centre commercial dans cette grande ville des Émirats arabes unis. Quand il était jeune, Jock le Croco terrorisait les habitants de Cairns. Le saltie s’était installé dans le lac du jardin botanique. L’éleveur qui l’a capturé assure que Jock s’est assagi depuis.

Nauru: deux demandeurs d’asile écopent d’une peine de prison – 2 ans et 5 mois pour le premier, et 11 mois pour le second. Les juges les ont reconnus coupables le mois dernier d’avoir déclenché les émeutes de juillet 2013 au centre de rétention et ils ont révélé leur condamnaion jeudi. Les violences ont coûté 60 millions de dollars au gouvernement australien. Le centre a été saccagé.

Il s’est fait un nom au Proche-Orient en quelques heures seulement. Pour George Brandis, Jérusalem-Est n’est pas un territoire occupé. C’est ce que le Garde des Sceaux australien a déclaré jeudi matin devant une commission sénatoriale. Pourtant l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU a avalisé la notion de « territoire palestinien occupé, incluant Jérusalem-Est » dans une résolution votée en 2004. Le gouvernement australien est un des plus fidèles soutiens d’Israël. En janvier la ministre des Affaires étrangères Julie Bishop s’est demandée publiquement si les colonies israéliennes dans les territoires occupés étaient vraiment illégales. En avril, l’ancien ministre des Affaires étrangères, le Travailliste Bob Carr a publié ses mémoires. Il y dénonce la « mainmise malsaine » du lobby juif sur les gouvernements australiens.

Australie: les chercheurs de l’université de Curtin à Perth explorent une nouvelle piste dans le cadre de l’enquête sur la disparition du MH 370. Ils avaient placé plusieurs hydrophones le long de la côte ouest australienne pour enregistrer du son dans l’océan. Quand le MH 370 a disparu, ils ont remonté leurs appareils. Et ils analysent en ce moment un son qui pourrait provenir du Boeing malaysien, enregistré le 8 mars par un appareil qui était placé au fond d’un canyon, à 400 mètres de profondeur, à 40 km de l’île de Rottnest, au large de Perth, soit très au sud de la zone de recherche actuelle.

Australie: la consommation des cigarettes a légèrement augmenté, de 0.3% entre décembre 2012, date de l’entrée en vigueur du paquet neutre, et décembre 2013, selon l’institut d’études marketing InfoView. Une légère augmentation qui fait suite à quatre années consécutives de baisse de la consommation de tabac en Australie. La principale explication, selon « L’Australien », le quotidien libéral: les paquets se ressemblent tous, la marque n’a plus d’importance, donc les fumeurs se rabattent sur la marque la moins chère et ils fument un peu plus. La loi, votée sous le précédent gouvernement travailliste, a reçu le soutien du parti libéral.

Samoa américain: une fille mère échappe finalement aux poursuites judiciaires. La lycéenne a accouché la semaine dernière, puis elle s’est rendue au poste de police avec le bébé. Elle a prétendu l’avoir trouvé, que c’était un bébé abandonné. La lycéenne avait peur d’avouer à ses parents qu’elle venait d’accoucher alors qu’elle avait réussi à leur cacher sa grossesse.

Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée: le Bureau des partis politiques travaille à un projet de loi contre l’instabilité politique. Cette institution d’État propose de réformer la loi en cas de motion de censure contre le Premier ministre. Si le Parlement vote contre le Premier ministre, alors il devrait être remplacé par un député d’un des partis de la coalition gouvernementale, estime Alphonse Gelu, du Bureau des partis politiques. Évidemment la proposition fait bondir les partis d’opposition. Mais à situation extrême, remède extrême. C’est la logique d’Alphonse Gelu. Il rappelle que la durée de vie moyenne d’un gouvernement papou est de deux ans et demi.

Vanuatu: les propriétaires coutumiers d’Ambrym, dans la province de Malampa, bloquent l’aéroport de Craig’s Cove. Ils réclament leur loyer au gouvernement, qui est en retard dans ses paiements. Le directeur général du ministère des Infrastructures a d’ores et déjà prévenu que le règlement de la dette prendrait du temps et que les habitants sont les premiers punis. Heureusement, il y a un autre aéroport dans l’ouest d’Ambrym.

Radio Australia.


11) Construction starts on $30m Pacific solar power project

By Online Editor
10:11 am GMT+12, 06/06/2014, New Zealand

Construction has begun on NZD$30 million worth of New Zealand government aided solar power projects in the Cook Islands and Tuvalu.

Much of the Pacific is reliant on burning imported diesel for power, which is not only costly but also bad for the environment.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully says the construction will result in 95 percent of the electricity in the Cook Islands and Tuvalu being supplied by solar energy.

Tauranga based company PowerSmart is tasked with the construction that will see eight solar generation systems built in the Cook Islands totalling $20.5 million, and four solar/hybrid systems in Tuvalu at $13.9 million.

PowerSmart recently completed a similar project in Tokelau which has now made the island 100% solar powered. Construction there cost $7.5 million and was also helped made by possible by the New Zealand government.

The Tokelau project sees the island save nearly $1 million in diesel costs every year and reduces its CO2 emissions by over 1300 tonnes.


12) Acute rheumatic fever cost Fiji $115 million

By Online Editor
3:56 pm GMT+12, 06/06/2014, Fiji

Acute rheumatic fever(ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) has cost the Fiji health system an estimated $115,804,177 (US$62,597,309) in the past five years, with about 60 Fijians dying each year as a result of RHD.

These alarming statistics were part of findings presented at the World Congress of Cardiology in Melbourne last month.

The study — conducted from 2008 to 2012 — was carried out by medical experts in Fiji and around the world, including Dr Joseph Kado, the head pediatrician and consultant at the CWM Hospital.

“The total direct costs and indirect costs of ARF and RHD in the study was estimated using prevalence and incidence estimates derived from the disease control program register, summaries of hospital inpatient and outpatient cases and bottom-up costing of units with and without surgery and complications,” Dr Kado said.

He said the total cost included accommodation and food for visiting international surgical teams paid for by the Ministry of Health and the amount lost to patients for ongoing treatment.

He said the price of a valve used for a valve replacement surgery stood out as the most expensive aspect in the treatment of RHD. The valve costs $5000 to $10,000 (approx US$2,700 – US$5, 400) per unit.

The study — based on the response of 2200 patients — revealed that the total direct costs of ARF and RHD were $3,985,329.99 (US$2,154,248), which equates to an average $364.38 (US$196.96)) per patient annually.

Surgical costs constituted 17 per cent of total direct costs, with the remainder of direct costs attributable to inpatient and outpatient care. The indirect costs of these diseases however, the report states, dwarfs the direct costs.

The study reveals that of these indirect costs, 81.5 per cent are because of premature mortality of patients with RHD, with the remaining 18.5 per cent because of work absenteeism and health care utilisation.

“The full economic costs of ARF and RHD are relatively large in Fiji, which is also likely the situation in other RHD endemic countries,” the study concluded.

“These data add further weight to the need for implementation of effective prevention and treatment strategies for RHD.”.


13) PNG to host conference on math

The National, Friday 6th June 2014

THE country will host an international conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics in December with more than 100 international participants expected to attend.
The conference is organised by the Division of Mathematics and Computing, School of Science, University of Goroka and PNG Mathematics Society.
The American Mathematical Society and the African Mathematical Union are supporting it.
School of Science executive dean Dr Basil Marasinghe said the conference was expected to attract more than 100 international participants.
“A significant number of top-level mathematicians from all over the world including those from Oxford University and Harvard University are expected to arrive in PNG,” Marasinghe said.
They will present papers and join in discussions on the theme: Contemporary developments in mathematical sciences as tools for scientific and technological transformation of PNG.
Dr Samuel Kopamu, the chief oganiser of the conference, said not only the latest developments in pure and applied mathematics would be presented but more importantly their applications in a number of other fields would be discussed.
“Therefore, this conference will be attractive not only for mathematicians but also researchers, administrators, engineers and mathematics teachers of secondary schools or tertiary institutions, postgraduate and undergraduate students from almost every other field,” he said.

14) Open campus relocates
The National, Friday 6th June 2014

STUDENTS doing their distance studies at the University of Goroka’s highlands region open campus in Mt Hagen will have new classrooms, staff office, computer laboratory and other offices.
The UOG administration has decided to accommodate the increasing number of students in a new location along the Highlands Highway, opposite Queen’s Park in Mt Hagen.
The UOG administration discussed with Francis Ngomba, the person occupying the property, to use a warehouse there for classrooms, computer lab, staff office and other rooms.

15) School set to host jubilee
The National, Friday 6th June 2014

A WORKING committee has been set to host Bau Vocational School’s 50 years golden jubilee celebrations in Madang in October.
Chairman for Bau Vocational school Imakul Bann said the school had served students who could not continue their education after Grades 8 and 10 for the last 50 years.
“The 50 years celebration will reflect on how much the school has contributed to the development of the country,” Bann said.
He said Bau was a leading vocational school in the country and was looking at progressing into a community college level in the next five years.


16) Pledge to ease Papua access

6 June 2014
An Indonesian presidential candidate Joko Widodo has promised to open West Papua to foreign journalists and non-government organisations if he wins next month’s election.

An Indonesian presidential candidate Joko Widodo has promised to open West Papua to foreign journalists and non-government organisations if he wins next month’s election.

Access to the province is broadly restricted to foreign reporters.

In October, three West Papuan activists climbed the wall into the Australian consulate in Bali to demand media access to the province.

Ahead of a visit by the Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, the trio presented a letter asking for him to seek the release of political prisoners from Indonesian jails.

Mr Abbott reiterated his support for Indonesia’s sovereignty over Papua, which Indonesia took control of in 1969 following a controversial UN-backed vote by some chiefs.

The province is the scene of a low-level insurgency since the mid 1960s.Radio NZ

17) Fiji Opposition Parties Claim Upcoming Elections Will Not Be Fair
Intimidation and lack of media coverage among potential barriers

By Liam Fox in Suva

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, June 6, 2014) – Opposition parties in Fiji say intimidation and a lack of media coverage mean the coming elections will not be free and fair.

The September poll will be the country’s first since the 2006 military coup in which Frank Bainimarama seized power.

Rear-Admiral Bainimarama has been on been on the hustings promoting his new party, but opposition groups say the political playing field is far from even.

Ro Teimumu Kepa from the opposition Social Democratic Liberal Party of Fiji (SODELPA) says their own election campaign has been troubled.

“Up to this moment in time there are some things that are happening which does not augur well for the free and fair that we are hoping for,” he said.

When the party has campaigned in some communities, Ro Teimumu says police have turned up afterwards to question people about what was said.

“When a stranger arrives at a village, you know right away that person does not belong to that village,” she said.

“If they come from the police or the military then they believe it’s some form of intimidation.”

Around the world media coverage is part of any election campaign, but SODELPA says it can’t get its message out.

Ro Teimumu says media censorship after the coup means many outlets won’t run comments or stories critical of the government.

“We normally have coverage towards the back of the paper,” she said.

“[It comes] after Bainimarama’s photo and whatever he has to say on the front page, and then after all the supermarket ads and the sports and film and television ads.”

There’s also concern that Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is also the elections minister, which SODELPA says is a conflict of interest.

Their concerns are echoed by the National Federation Party’s leader, Dr Biman Prasad

“We’re telling the whole world we’re holding an election – yet the world must also see there are all these restrictions that are in place which do not allow political parties to engage freely,” he said.

Dr Prasad says laws governing the elections, political parties and the media all favour the government.

“People who are opinion makers, academics, NGOs, trade union officials – they’ve all been barred from taking part in political activities and actually talking about issues,” he said.

Independent candidate

If opposition parties are finding it difficult, independent candidates are doing it even tougher.

Roshika Deo and the supporters of her ‘Be The Change’ campaign lack the funds to buy TV and newspaper ads, and have been forced to turn to social media

“We’ve been in a military dictatorship and we still remain in a military dictatorship and as a result it makes it hard,” she said.

Ms Deo is running as an independent candidate after gaining prominence raising the issue of violence against women and children.

The subject matter, her young age and gender have prompted an angry backlash from some communities.

“There has been certain older, seasoned people that have not been very supportive,” she said.

“They have been created additional barriers for us, have been using a lot of sexist, ageist language.

“We’ve had the misogynist attacks, the rape threats, you know the threats of violence on social media.”

While opposition parties and independents battle to be heard, Frank Bainimarama has no such worries, with every move of his Fiji First Party relayed by the media

Despite facing what appear to be very long odds, opposition figures like Ro Teimumu Kepa say they won’t stop campaigning.

“We can just live in hope,” she said.

Radio Australia

18) Commonwealth Offers Election Assistance To Fiji
Secretariat could provide help both before and after polling

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, June 6, 2014) – The Commonwealth Secretariat has indicated their interest to assist Fiji before and after election this year.

Commonwealth Secretariat’s Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma made this known during a meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

He welcomed updates given by Ratu Inoke on the developments in Fiji and expressed the eagerness of the Commonwealth Secretariat to assist Fiji in its preparations for elections.

The Commonwealth Secretariat will determine how to facilitate this through the established elections monitoring body that will be led by Australia.

Sharma also expressed the Commonwealth’s willingness to assist the new Fijian Government with putting in place the appropriate parliamentary systems and services after the September 17 election.

Ratu Inoke said that Fijians living abroad were registered, with another round to begin in the United Kingdom on June 13.



19) TLTB sends 1 home

Repeka Nasiko
Sunday, June 08, 2014

AN iTaukei Land Trust Board estate officer has been suspended after landowners from Viseisei Village in Vuda claimed their land was leased to a private company without their consent.

TLTB general manager Alipate Qetaki, confirming action had been taken, said: “I have directed the suspension of one of the estate officers from our Lautoka office for half pay pending further investigations.

“We are going to carry out an internal investigation through our internal audit department.”

The suspension is in light of members of the tokatoka Nakelo of Viseisei in Lautoka saying a piece of their land was leased without permission.

Nakelo Limited secretary Epeli Tavai said they were only informed of the transaction after a TLTB receipt stated the land had been leased for $18,000.

Mr Tavai said the landowning unit was also upset over the consent letters used to offer the land to the lessee.

“We looked through the two consent letters and we saw that some of the signatures were from those who have passed away,” he said. “Five of them passed away between 2010 and 2012 but this agreement was done last year.”

Officials from TLTB and the Commissioner Western’s office met the landowners earlier last week as part of efforts to resolve the issue.

Mr Qetaki said there would be more meetings.

“I intend to meet with the landowners next week. We are following a process, the first meeting was with the North West regional manager and a report has been given to me about the meeting.

“Now I will also meet with the trustees and the turaga ni mataqali to discuss the issue further,” he said.Fijitimes


20) Central bank realises trade failure
The National, Friday 6th June 2014

The Bank of Papua New Guinea, as regulator of banking system, realised there is a market failure in trade and transacting of foreign currency, governor, Loi Bakani said in a statement.
Bakani said effective as of Wednesday, an exchange rate trading band of 150 basis points; that is, 75 basis points above and 75 basis points below the official (inter-bank) rate is set within which an authorised foreign exchange dealer can trade currency.
“This change should not in any way affect the smooth functioning of the foreign exchange authorised dealers; the banks, financial institutions and money changers dealing with foreign currency.
“The trading band has no reflection on the stability of the banking system and the central bank’s capacity to serve the foreign currency needs of the country,” he said.
Bakani said: “We still maintain a floating exchange rate regime where the inter-bank rate is determined by the supply of and demand for foreign currency in the market.”

21) Khan: We have nothing to hide

Shalveen Chand
Sunday, June 08, 2014

THERE were 760 warrants issued to Vodafone Fiji by government agencies for information on people, according to Vodafone’s parent company’s global survey revealing the extent of wire-taps by governments around the world.

Vodafone Fiji managing director Aslam Khan said in a statement on the company’s website that Vodafone Fiji provided information to its head office in UK and consented to the statistics to be published for public consumption.

“We have nothing to hide. It is as transparent as it can get. The 760 cases listed in the report under Vodafone Fiji is for information related to call records that is provided to the police and the court on production of a search warrant or court order,” he said.

“The only information we provide on the production of a search warrant is the date and time of calls made or text messages sent between two parties and the duration of that call. This is the only information we capture and record for billing purposes.

“Vodafone Fiji does not have technical capability in its network to either listen to a telephone conversation or record a phone call or a text message.

“Also, there is no law for legal intercept in Fiji and if any network provider were to eavesdrop on a call or read contents of an SMS message sent and received between two parties, this would be classified as illegal.”

Mr Khan said Vodafone strongly believed in fundamental rights of citizens, that is freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

“We would like reassure all our subscribers that Vodafone Fiji neither has technical capability nor a desire to ever listen to or read contents of any communication between any two parties.

“We will also not support such a requirement that contravenes the rights of our customers,” said Mr Khan

Vodafone’s revelation that government agencies in six unidentified countries use its network to listen to and record customers’ calls has sparked protests in some countries.Fijitimes

22) $58m beyond target

Ropate Valemei
Saturday, June 07, 2014

THE Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCA) has surpassed its target for the first five months of this year by $58.6million.

Ministry of Finance permanent secretary Filimone Waqabaca said the performance was pleasing and reflected the continued resilience of the country’s economy.

“It also shows our tax reforms are bearing fruits and that tax compliance is improving,” Mr Waqabaca said.

He said revenue collection to May totalled $736.6m, an improvement of 12.8 per cent compared with last year’s results.

“The revenue growth to May is one of the highest in the past 10 years. This is despite the fact that we have adopted a new tax regime, involved major cuts and the broadening of the tax base,” he said.

“Consistent with the 2014 budget expectations, the value added tax was the major contributor to government’s coffers with a collection of $290m. Revenue from income tax totalled $137.8m while trade taxes totalled $181.1m.”

FRCA CEO Jitoko Tikolevu said there were risks such as natural disasters, which could affect the revenue collection.

“While we are happy with the result, we still have a long way to go and we must work harder now to meet our 2014 target of $2.039billion.”Fijitimes

23) PNG Central Bank Moves To Stabilize Kina, Pegs It To U.S. Currency
PM O’Neill praises bank’s efforts: ‘It was necessary’

By PNG correspondent Liam Cochrane and staff

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, June 6, 2014) – Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister has defended moves by the country’s Central Bank to stabilise its currency, the kina.

Earlier this week, the Central Bank effectively pegged the kina to the US dollar, to stop a steady decline in value.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said it was necessary.

“Like many countries around the world, we are able to manage the movements around the currency, so it gives confidence to the economy and businesses,” he said.

“Large variations in the difference between the benchmark rate set by the central bank and that traded by the commercial banks…when you analyse the profits that are being made by commercial banks, they’re quite substantial out of foreign currency trading.

“So we need to take control of what is happening so we give confidence to the economy, and confidence to the businesses that trade in foreign currency.”

Commercial banks can now only trade the kina within 75 basis points either side of the reference rate, currently pegged at $US0.4130

Traders say inflation worries and a lack of confidence in the kina have combined to undermine the currency.

The Central Bank says the move is in response to a “market failure in the trade and transacting of foreign currency”.

The Bank said the action was no reflection on the stability of the banking system or the levels of foreign reserves.

However, customers have this week reported limits on the amount of foreign currency they are allowed to withdraw.

The move could impact a number of major companies operating in the resource-rich but largely undeveloped island nation, including ExxonMobil, which recently shipped its first consignment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from its $19 billion plant there.

Mr O’Neill has just returned from Japan to witness the arrival of the first shipment of LNG from the plant.

The kina slumped to a low of $0.32 last month, down almost a third from $0.47 last year, sparking speculation among dealers that the Central Bank would take steps to arrest the slide.

The PNG economy is forecast to hit a record 21 per cent growth rate in 2015 on the back of the project, with the government expecting to bank 1.7 billion to 2.2 billion kina per year until early next decade.
Radio Australia

24) Fiji Link can be a dominant player in the Pacific – Acting PM

By Online Editor
4:08 pm GMT+12, 06/06/2014, Fiji

Fiji’s Acting Prime Minister and Tourism Minister said Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun soon to be Fiji Link can be a dominant player in the Pacific.

While welcoming Pacific Sun’s new ATR 72-600 aircraft which touched down at the Nausori Airport Friday, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said our national carrier stands out compared to the other airlines in the Pacific.

He said Fiji should capitalize on this.

He said a few years back Pacific Sun was making huge losses and now they have started making profits.

Sayed-Khaiyum said the dividend is given to government however the profit is shared amongst the staff of the airline company.

The new ATR 72-600 aircraft has the seating capacity for 68 passengers, and will be used for the Nadi, Suva and Labasa routes.

It will also operate regionally to Samoa, Tonga and Funafuti.

The domestic and regional carrier will also be officially rebranded as ‘Fiji Link’ this evening.

The formal launch will also be held with a gala event at Suva’s Grand Pacific Hotel this evening.

He also highlighted that it’s critical that Nausori airport gets upgraded.

25) NZ eyes beef trade with PNG

By Online Editor
4:02 pm GMT+12, 06/06/2014, Papua New Guinea

New Zealand has indicated its interest in expanding beef trades with Papua New Guinea, high commissioner to Papua New Guinea Tony Fautua said.

He said there were plenty of trade opportunities for businesses.

New Zealand’s exports to PNG were worth NZ$242 million (K554m) in the year ended 2012, with sheep meat contributing the most.

Fautua said there were plenty opportunities for beef trade to increase too.

“At the moment we’re doing well, but mainly in sheep meat.

“It was the biggest export (to PNG) from New Zealand. We can do better on the beef.”

New Britain Palm Oil’s Ltd (NBPOL) cattle operations generated K17.4 million (US$6.4 million) in revenue last year with high demand domestically for beef meat.

The company produced 1,435 metric tons (MT) of beef up from 1,304 the previous year, generating the revenue with all produce sold into the domestic PNG market.

According to the company’s report, that trend looks set to remain for next few years.

Chief executive Nick Thompson said during NBPOL’s annual general meeting recently that the company’s cattle production at Ramu and Numundo, looks promising.

“The cattle had a record year last year in terms of its contribution and I think that will be smashed this year. The company’s commitment to excellence in all facets of the group’s operations is reflected in the improving quality of our cattle and increasing demand for our beef products.”

Thompson said, though cattle production was just a smaller part of NBPOL’s business, it is gradually growing.

“Breeding work continues to steadily improve the herd genetics at both sites and management focus on nutrition and animal condition is showing strong results.

“The Ramu and Numundo Premium Beef Brands continue to strengthen with the improved quality. Beef quality is high as all animals are now feedlot fed prior to slaughter.”.


26) Ol trak we stap help blong steal long naet

Posted on June 4, 2014

Dear Editor,

I gud ol police mekem wok blong olgeta blong jekem ol trak we stap ron ron long late naet.
Espeseli ol trak we i kat dark glass.
Mi save se i kat sam trak or car we stap ron late night oli stap mekem sam “operesen” blong steal.
Police should yusum wan private trak blong ron long naet wetem uniform blong faenemaot se hu ia olgeta stap steal.
I kat wan bus i bin stap salem ol samting we oli stilim olbaot long ol residensel eria long Vila.
Bus ya kala blong hem I yelo.
Nara wan hemi wan red car we glass blong hemi dark i stap ronron long late naet.
Plis police patrol mekem wok blong yu from ol fasin blong steal I mekem ol man ino feel safe long ol home blong olgeta.
Blong assistim police nomo.

Vila ( Vanuatu Daily Post )

27) Solomons’ Central Bank Employee’s Embezzlement Trial Continues
Bobongi accused of stealing more than a million Solomon dollars

By Assumpta Buchanan

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, June 5, 2014) – Trial on the case of the former Central Bank employee (CBSI) who allegedly stole more than a million dollars of muted notes from the Bank continues, in the High Court.

The trial has started with a voir dire hearing in late March followed by a long adjournment as the presiding judge was on sick leave.

The ruling was then heard in May in which the Judge ruled in favour of the prosecution.

Trial proper then followed with the prosecution now in the evidence of its sixth witness and will call six more witnesses before concluding its case.

The former currency officer is standing trial for allegedly stealing more than “$1.7 million [US$229,000]” of muted notes from the bank between 2007 and 2009.

That was when the bank was in the process of destroying the muted notes.

The 44-year-old father faces 38 counts of money laundering charges and two counts of larceny & embezzlement.

Prosecution alleged Bobongi on various occasions deposited certain amounts into his Bank of South Pacific (BSP) Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) accounts and that of his wife’s.

It was also alleged that part of the money was used by Bobongi to pay for properties.

Some of the muted notes were allegedly found in his brief case when police searched his house.

Trial before Justice Leonard Maina continues today.

Bobongi is represented by Wayne Ghemu and Sevuloni Valenitabua of Public Solicitor’s Office, while Director of public prosecution Ronald Bei Talasasa and Crown Prosecutor Maito’o Hauirae appeared for the state.
Solomon Star


28) Democratic power

Shalveen Chand
Sunday, June 08, 2014

THE National Federation Party’s youth leader Usaia Moli believes Fiji’s youth, especially those in their mid 20s and younger, do not have a fair idea on how democracy works.

Mr Moli, who aims to earn a parliamentary seat for the youth, said Fiji’s political situation made the country’s situation extraordinary.

“The younger generation wasn’t provided a democratic environment for them to learn from. These things can’t be learnt from books but the youth have to be part of it,” he said.

“There is also a need to incorporate Fiji’s recent history, especially from the past two decades, as part of school curriculum so the youth grow up knowing what happened in Fiji.

“For me, a democracy is where everyone’s opinion matters and everyone benefits equally, be it education or economic growth.

“It’s all sad to know that most youths don’t bother with the elections, they don’t realise how important September 17 is.”

Mr Moli says there is also a need to make the youth understand what their vote means and how it can prove vital in Fiji’s general election.

This year will see more people vote not only because of a bigger population since the last election but also because the voting age has been reduced from 21 to 18 years.

The demography in this age bracket could, as Mr Moli suggested, be very pivotal for parties hoping to return to power under the banner of democracy.

He has stated he will contest the September general elections under the NFP banner and hopefully win a seat in parliament.Fijitimes


29) Big-Eared Bat, Thought Extinct, Rediscovered In PNG Forest
Lost for over a century, potentially still critically endangered

By Geraldine Coutts

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, June 5, 2014) – A big-eared bat has been rediscovered in Papua New Guinea after dropping out of sight for more than a century.

Two University of Queensland students caught a female sample of the species in mid-2012 while conducting field work in a forest in the country’s Central Province.

It did not match any bat known to exist, and was later determined to be the species not seen since the first and only specimens were collected by an Italian scientist in 1890.

Catherine Hughes, one of the students, says the initial aim of the field trip was to record the sounds of known bats in the area but a much bigger discovery was made.

“It was very unexpected … we never expected to stumble across this micro bat species,” Ms Hughes told the ABC’s Pacific Beat.

The bat, known as Pharotis Imogene, is listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list of threatened species, as critically endangered, possibly extinct.

Ms Hughes says environmental factors could have contributed to a lack of sightings.

“This micro bat was caught in the lowland area, most of the lowland forests in PNG are under heavy threat from logging and conversion to agricultural lands,” she said.

Even though the bat species has not been sighted for 120 years, Ms Hughes believes more are there and has called for more research.

“I think the best we could do is get out there, conduct more surveys in the area and see what we can get, because not much is known about their ecology,” she said.

“I’m certain that there would be a population still out there.”

Radio Australia


30) Hayne stars as Paramatta Eels beat Cowboys

Sunday, June 08, 2014

SYDNEY, – Parramatta have held off a fast-finishing North Queensland to secure a scrappy 18-16 win in Friday’s NRL clash and maintain their 100 per cent record at Parramatta Stadium.

Dominant for large spells of the game thanks to another masterful performance from Jarryd Hayne, the Eels hung on in the final five minutes as the Cowboys finished strongly.

A Michael Morgan try in the 78th minute proved to be too little too late as Paul Green’s side slumped to their sixth straight away defeat of the season.

Hayne warmed up for Origin II by scoring a try and having a hand in two more as the Eels chalked up their seventh win of the season.

Will Hopoate did his hopes of returning to the NSW side no harm with a solid defensive display but a dropped pass just in front of the North Queensland line with less than a minute remaining set up a nervous finish.

The Eels will be wondering how they didn’t wrap up the game earlier with Chris Sandow only converting one of four kicks.

Three tries in the opening 40 minutes from the hosts – scored by Junior Paulo, Semi Radradra and Ken Sio – did most of the damage with James Tamou going over for the visitors.

Hayne increased the advantage with a try just after the restart following some good work from Sandow and a smart offload from the giant Pauli Pauli.

However, it proved to be the last time Brad Arthur’s side troubled the scorers as the Cowboys hit back through Antonio Winterstein and Morgan.

But it wasn’t enough to deny Parramatta, who after two successive wooden spoons now find themselves two points off first place.

31) Oh wins ladies golf

Rashneel Kumar
Sunday, June 08, 2014

GYE Oh fought off a tough challenge from Maxine Pretty on the final day yesterday to claim the Fiji Ladies Open title at the Fiji Golf Club course in Vatuwaqa.

Oh, who has been heading the leader board since day one, remained composed to clinch her fifth Fiji Ladies Open title.

The Fiji Golf Club member managed overall gross score of 307 and defeated Pretty in the playoff to claim the top prize.

Pretty from the Growling Frog Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia also scored 307.

“It was a tough competition. I played consistently and I think that helped me to overcome the challenges,” Oh said.

“I won the Fiji Ladies Open title four times and it always feels good to win here.”

Robyn Tuivakano of Tonga was crowned the nett winner after scoring 273 while Mi Jeon Park of Fiji Golf Club finished runner-up on 278.

Last year’s winner Sylvia Joe claimed the division one best gross prize after scoring 317 while the best nett prize went to Luisa Balekana of Solomon Islands on 288.

Elina Raass of Tonga scooped the best gross prize in division two after scoring 361 while Margie Browne of Fiji Golf Club managed the best nett of 291.

The division three best gross went to Mereani Naisara on 402 while Sunny Lee won the best nett prize on 288.Fijitimes

32) French win doubles after 30-year wait

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Update: 9:16AM Julien Benneteau and Edouard Roger-Vasselin on Saturday became the first home pair in 30 years to win the French Open men’s doubles at Roland Garros

.The 11th seeds defeated Spain’s 12th-seeded Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez 6-3 7-6 (7-1).

Yannick Noah and Henri Leconte were the last French pair to win their home title in 1984.

“When I was 10 11, we went to the federation for some practice with all the other kids, and we slept here,” said Benneteau.

“Some nights I would sit on the Chatrier alone and dream about just playing on this court.

“Now I have one of the best feelings.”

33) Mixed results for Vanuatu beach volleyball teams

7 June 2014

Vanuatu has two teams competing at the Asian Beach Volleyball Champs in China.

On Friday, Henriette Iatika and Miller Elwin won both their matches against Kazakhstan and Hong Kong.

Vanuatu’s second team Linline Mansale and Loti Joe lost their matches to Kazakhstan One and Japan One.Radio NZ

34) Fiji netball team beats Cook Islands

7 June 2014

In netball, the Fiji Pearls beat the Cook Islands Black Pearls 53-40 at the Pacific Netball Series in Rarotonga.

Earlier Samoa beat the Papua New Guinea Pepes 49-39.

The Pepes now have two games against the Fiji Pearls and the Cook Islands

The top two qualify for next year’s World Cup in Sydney.Radio NZ

35) Tonga go in cold to Pacific Nations Cup

7 June 2014

Tonga will open its Pacific Nations Cup campaign today without the benefit of a pre-tournament hit-out that their rivals Samoa have had.

Manu Samoa played a test against Japan last week and Fiji are hosting Italy in a test this afternoon before they start their Cup campaign next weekend.

The Tonga coach Mana Otai says they’ll try and emulate something close to a tense match but admits it’s not the same as having a real game

“Preparation wise you know we’ve done it before I mean we’ve gone into Japan after they have played the whole you know Asian tri-nations or six-nations so it shows that we can do it but this is a different calibre of opposition so we are definitley going to go out there and try to do the best we can given the preparation that’s in front of us.”

Mana Otai.

The game is being played in Apia.Radio NZ

36) Fijians fly to victory over Italy in rugby union test

Updated 8 June 2014, 12:04 AEST

Fiji’s build-up to next year’s Rugby World Cup has been given a boost with a 25-14 victory over Italy on Saturday.

Fiji’s build-up to next year’s Rugby World Cup has been given a boost with a 25-14 victory over Italy on Saturday.

The Flying Fijians were down 5-7 at halftime, but came back strongly in the second part of the match to win.

Fiji scored three tries with Nemani Nadolo, Dominiko Waqaniburotu and Napolioni Nalaga touching down.

Italy scored two tries.

Last year Fiji lost to Italy 31-37, with five Fijian players yellow carded in the match, at one stage leaving only 11 players on the field.

A strong local crowd gathered to watch the team and newly appointed coach, John McKee told local media he hopes for similar support in upcoming games.

The team will play the Cook Islands later this month in a World Cup qualifier.Radio Australia

37) Wallabies beat France 50-23 in first rugby Test at Lang Park

Updated 7 June 2014, 22:32 AEST

The early loss of captain Stephen Moore did mot slow down the Wallabies as they recorded a 50-23 Test win against France.

Adam Ashley-Cooper dives over for a Wallabies try. (Credit: Getty Images)

The early loss of captain Stephen Moore was not enough to prevent the Wallabies making a flying start to their Test campaign with a 50-23 win against France at Lang Park.


Australia was ruthless in an attacking masterclass to pick up where they left off at the end of last year’s European tour.

The seven-try blitz was their highest score over Les Blues on Australian soil and their fifth straight Test win – equalling their best streak in nine years – much to the delight of a 33,718-strong Brisbane crowd.

The only worry was the early loss of new skipper Stephen Moore who is in grave doubt for the rest of the three-Test series with a suspected medial ligament tear.

Flanker Michael Hooper stepped up to the plate as stand-in captain and led from the front in a superb display in attack, defence and on the ball.

Pre-match concerns over the Wallabies rookie halves pair and their second-row were unfounded as Nic White and Bernard Foley impressed and debutant lock Sam Carter was named man of the match.

When Israel Folau loped 50m and put replacement Pat McCabe over with his first touch of the ball in the 71st minute, Australia led the outclassed tourists 50-9.

Folau also scored a try of his own and played a key role in the try of the night with Nick Cummins finishing a beautiful backline move.

To their credit, the French bench made a late impact and closed the game with two five-pointers, including a pushover penalty try on fulltime.

The Wallabies led 29-9 at half-time with the game all but over following a four-try first-half where they were helped along by the fumbling French.

Foley and White took to their task with relish – finding a hungry array of runners with wide passes that Quade Cooper would be proud of.

But it was 50-cap forwards Wycliff Palu and James Slipper, a stand out in his 65 minutes, who were the unlikely duo to combine and help put Folau over for the opening try in the 19th minute.

Vice-captain Adam Ashley-Cooper was quickly over for the second thanks to a clever grubber by Foley for Cummins before a dropped intercept allowed Matt Toomua to put his winger over.

While centre Wesley Fofana looked dangerous early, France only hung in through the boot of veteran flyhalf Frederic Michalak.

But the Wallabies were far more clinical in attack with Tevita Kuridrani producing a deft volleyball bump for Hooper to score in the 32nd minute.

Toomua’s try just before the break epitomised the game when he pounced on a loose ball that debutant winger Felix le Bourhis left behind him following a turnover from a Rob Simmons break.

Moore last five minutes in first Test as captain

However, the Wallabies made the worst possible start to the game, losing captain Moore to injury just five minutes into his first Test as captain.

Moore badly injured his left knee in the opening minute of play against and, try as he might, could not stay on.

The 92-Test hooker was treated on the ground after falling awkwardly in making a tackle from the side against a French attacker.

Moore bravely attempted to play on but was a mere passenger as France pressured inside Australia’s half before Frederic Michalak slotted a drop goal.

The new skipper, a Trojan in all 15 Tests last year, was replaced by Tatafu Polota-Nau while flanker Michael Hooper took over the captaincy duties.

Moore is now in grave doubt for the rest of the three-Test series with fears he suffered a medial ligament tear.Radio Australia

38) Fiji creates football history

Posted on June 6, 2014

Dear Editor,

Fiji under 20 jubilant soccer coach said ‘it is the end of 3 century waiting in the corridor to step onto the global football stage’. And mind you the stage is ‘World Cup’.

I mean this is how determined and eager FFF has towards this tournament. These words could have well be uttered by coach Meremer
Vanuatu was at stand still when Amicale played its final games with Auckland City recently unfortunately this has not been the case for our national team that did exceptionally well in Suva.

If Vanuatu is serious about getting up there in football, then may I say it is not the senior national team, it is not OFC club championship but is our under 17 and 20 team campaigns, it beckons most Vanuatu support.

Our boys have completed their tournament without a lost and should hold their heads high. They did it without much publicity or moral support here in Vanuatu but I am sure they have impressed their counterparts and their coaches and football families in the pacific region and afar. They have obviously made me proud.
Congratulations Boys!

Bakeo W ( Vanuatu daily Post )


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