Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1024 ( Monday 22 September 2014 )


1) Vanuatu – Job Alert22-Sep-14
Blong moa infomesen long ol vakensi we i stap anda go long website ia
Sendem aplikeisen blong yu i go stret long employer nomo!

  • 5183Service Advisor

Asco Motors Vanuatu
Source:Daily Post (Weekender)20-Sep-14Due:27-Oct-14

  • 5182Monitoring Officer

GRM International
Source:Daily Post (Weekender)20-Sep-14Due:25-Sep-14

  • 5181Reservations Manager

Breakas Beach Resort
Source:Daily Post (Weekender)20-Sep-14Due:30-Sep-14

  • 5180Commercial Airplane Pilot

Balair Airways Vanuatu Limited
Source:Daily Post (Weekender)20-Sep-14Due:30-Sep-14

  • 5179Casual Dealers – BlackjacK

Palms Casino
Source:Daily Post19-Sep-14Due:29-Sep-14

  • 5178Finance Manager

Origin Energy Vanuatu
Source:Daily Post19-Sep-14Due:03-Oct-14

  • 5177General Manager

Vanuatu Broadcasting Television and Corporation
Source:Direct from Employer19-Sep-14Due:31-Oct-14

  • 5176Hairdresser/Technician

Paradise Spa
Source:Direct from Employer19-Sep-14Due:

  • 5175Beautician/Masseur/Therapist

Paradise Spa
Source:Direct from Employer19-Sep-14Due:

  • 5174Corporate Communications Practitioner

Chris Westinghouse Associates
Source:Direct from Potential Employee19-Sep-14Due:

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2) Tonga businessman jailed for drugs

22 September 2014
A Tongan businessman has been sentenced to 5 years and 5 months in prison after involvement in a huge drugs bust in New Zealand.

The owner of Auckland airport based Ezi World Cargo, Mosese Laumanu Uele, pleaded guilty to one charge of importing 250 kilogrammes of pseudoephedrine into New Zealand.

Although Uele was not the prime mover, he used his licence to operate in a Customs controlled area to allow the drugs into the country.

His lawyer John Kovacevich says Justice Mark Woolford was lenient in sentencing Uele, calling the offence out of character.

“He should be eligible for parole after 22 months. His honour Justice Woolford, he gave Mosese Uele the most lenient sentence in the circumstances that he could impose for an offence of that kind.”

Lawyer John Kovacevich.Radio New Zealand International 

3) Over 460 Chikungunya Cases Reported In Samoa
Outlying rural areas hardest hit recently

By Sophie Budvietas

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Sept. 20, 2014) – Chikungunya has hit the village of Leauva’a the hardest with the Ministry of Health (M.O.H.) reporting more than 460 people presenting with the virus nation wide.

In the latest alert, the Director General of Health Leausa Dr Take Naseri reports that his Ministry continues to observe the situation.

He said most of the cases recorded were young people under the age of 35 years, with the majority of these patients being under four years of age.

“The Chikungunya (CHIKV) outbreak in Samoa continues to be monitored by the M.O.H.,” Leausa said.

“So far, presentation of the main signs and symptoms of those affected, have largely been mild with acute fever and rash, and joint pains.”

“This report includes further test results of samples taken in August, whereby the Lab has confirmed 42 of 115 samples, 36 per cent, as CHIKV infection.” “As of July 21 to September 7, 2014, there is now a cumulative total of 461 cases of suspected and confirmed Chikungunya cases.”

Leausa reports the most affected areas continue to be the densely populated Apia Urban Area (A.U.A.) and North West Upolu (N.W.U.).

“By now many more cases are being reported from outer lying areas in Savaii and rural Upolu,” he said.

“(The) attack rate for Samoa is currently at 2.5 per 1,000.”

According to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O), an attack rate is defined as the proportion of those who became ill after a specified exposure.

So when looking at the distribution of Chickungunya cases by districts, Leauva’a, in Gagaemauga 1, has the highest attack rate per 1,000.

While 112 cases have been reported to the Ministry in Faleata East and Vaimauga West has presented with 104 cases to date, with their large populations of 12,630 and 24,105 their attack rate is much lower.

According to the Ministry, with 16 recorded cases and a population of on 1,404, Leauva’a has a much higher attack rate of 11.4 per 1,000.

Looking now to Public Health measures, Leausa said they were ongoing and include vector control by source reduction, that is chemical spraying and continued clean up.

“(The) multi-media campaign messages and health promotion and awareness programs on Chikungunya and source reduction (continues),” he said.

“(There is also) continued surveillance and reporting.”

Leausa advises the public to seek medical consultation if very ill.

Samoa Observer


4) On Eve Of UN Summit, RMI President’s Video Seeks Global Attention
‘In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, climate change has arrived’: Loeak

By Giff Johnson

MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Marianas Variety, Sept. 22, 2014) – Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak increased the height of a seawall around his home last year after king tides combined with storm surges flooded many parts of the capital, Majuro, damaging buildings, roads and seawalls.

“But even this is barely enough to protect my family from the encroaching waves,” he says in five-minute video to be released globally Friday morning on the eve of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s global climate summit in New York City.

“Out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, climate change has arrived,” Loeak says standing outside his home in Majuro with his seawall and ocean-side waves as a backdrop. The Pacific, he says, is already facing a “climate emergency.”

The video is being released ahead of this week’s United Nations Climate Summit in New York City as a “clarion call from the climate change frontline,” Loeak says. He will join over 100 heads of state at the Sept. 23 summit, and says it is “the time to build the greatest climate change alliance the world has ever seen.”

However, a number of heads of state will be no-shows at the summit, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In the video, Loeak beseeches global leaders to take action, using the backdrop of his home that is located just a few meters from the high tide mark on this low-lying atoll. To emphasize small island vulnerability to sea level rise, Loeak’s video includes clips of high tides that inundated residential areas throughout Majuro Atoll in March this year. The video will be posted on YouTube.

“In the last year alone, my country has suffered through unprecedented droughts in the north, and the biggest ever king tides in the south,” he said.

The president speaks as the surf rumbles in the background. Loeak tells personal stories about change he’s seen in his home atoll of Ailinglaplap. “The beaches of Buoj Island where I use to fish as a boy are already under water, and the fresh water we need to grow our food gets saltier every day,” he says. “For the Marshall Islands and our friends in the Pacific, this is already a full-blown climate emergency.”

He makes the point that this week’s U.N. Summit is the first gathering of world leaders on climate change in nearly five years, and just over a year to the deadline for signing a new global treaty on climate change in Paris at the end of 2015.

“The science is more alarming, the impacts more severe, the economics more compelling, and the politics more potent,” he says.

“Even the world’s two biggest polluters — China and the United States — are working together to find a pathway to a new global agreement.”

He expressed concern that some countries “seek to slow us down.”

In recent weeks, Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Tony deBrum has expressed concern over the Abbott government backtracking on climate action, and the expected non-attendance at the climate summit by China and India heads of state.

“[This] week’s summit is a chance for all of us to be the leaders we were elected to be,” Loeak says. “We must send a strong and united message to the world — and to the people that we represent — that we are ready to do a deal next year. And to avoid the worst impacts of a warmer world, this new deal must capture a vision for a carbon-free world by the middle of the century. Without it, no seawall will be high enough to save my country.”

Marianas Variety 


5) TSI i givim woning long pasin blong baim ol vot long Solomon Islands ileksen

Updated 22 September 2014, 12:46 AEST

Sam Seke 

Long dispela taim we Solomon Islands i redi long nasenal ileksan long dispela yar, anti-korapsen lain Transparency Solomon Islands i givim aut bikpela woning.

Transparency Solomon Islands i tokaut agensim ol korap pasin long ileksen 

Odio: Daniel Fenua, Executive Ofisa blong Transparency Solomon Islands i toktok 

Executive Oisa, Daniel Fenua i tok taim blong ileksen i taim we pipol i mas mekim bikpela disisan long sait long gutpela honest pasin na no nogut korapt pasin.

Em i tok taim blong ileksen em i taim blong ol kandideit i save grisim ol vota long baim vot blong ol.

Mr Fenua i tok baim vot ino minim tasol long givim moni or ol narapela samting direct long wanwan vouta – em save kamap long indirect pasin tu.

Em i tok em i rong tu long kandidet i givim moni long ol sios pasta long grisim ol sios memba long vot.

Mr Fenua i tok ol pipol tu i noken askim moni oa help long ol kandidet na na promis long votim ol.

6) Meri i CEO blong Vanuatu National Council blong ol Chief

Updated 22 September 2014, 12:33 AEST

Caroline Tiriman 

Lukluk blong Jenny Ligo, wanpela meri lida blong Vanuatu long public service i makim wanpela meri long kamap Chief Executive Ofisa long Malvatumauri Council blong Chiefs.
Nakamal blong ol Vanuatu Chief 

Odio: Jenny Ligo, meri lida long Vanuatu i toktok 

Tingting blong Public Service Commission long makim wanpla meri olsem Chief Executive Ofisa blong Vanuatu Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs i bihaenim loa blong kantri.
Jenny Ligo husat ibin president bifo blong National Council of women na konuniti lida i mekim despla toktok bihaen long sampla chif itok oli no laikim wanpla meri long holim despla wok.
Ms Ligo i tok aninit long loa Public Service Commission iken makim wonem man oa meri long kisim despla wok sapos oli gat mak oa qualification long holim despla wok.
Em i tok em ino lukim wai ol chief i no laikim disppela, bikos ol meri tu i save kamap olsem chief na ol nau i wokim planti long ol wok long haus na long komuniti.

7) Ol vota long Fiji i laikim ol polisi blong Fiji First pati blong Bainimarama

Postim 19 September 2014, 12:35 AEST

Sam Seke 

Planti moa long ol  vota long Fiji i laikim Fiji First party blong Frank Bainimarama bikos long polisi blongen long sait long wanem ol i kolim multi-culturalism.
Interim Praim Minista blong Fiji i putim vout blongen long ileksan aste (Credit: ABC) 

Odio: Dr Gordon Nanau, Lecturer long sait long Politics na International Affairs long University blong South Pacific long Suva, Fiji i toktok 

Dr Gordon Nanau, Lecturer long sait long Politics na International Affairs long 
Dispela em i lukluk blong Dr Gordon Nanau, Lecturer long sait long Politics na International Affairs long University blong South Pacific long Suva.

Em i tok party blong Bainimarama i muv aut long pasin blong bipo we politik em i go long sait long race.

Em i tok interim gavman blong Bainimarama ibin kirapim planti developmen projek long kantri tu taim em i stap long paua.

Dr Nanau i tok tu olsem Bainimarama yet i pulim planti long ol vout we i go long party long ileksan long Fiji aste.

Olgeta risat blong ileksan bai kam aut klia long tumora, tasol i luk olsem pati blong Frank Bainimarama nau bai ranim gavman.


8) Brèves d’Australie et du Pacifique – lundi 22 septembre 2014 

Mis à jour 22 September 2014, 10:38 AEST

Caroline Lafargue

Fidji: le nouveau Premier ministre démocratiquement élu, Franck Bainimarama, prêtera serment cet après-midi.

Il est « profondément honoré mais il reste humble ». C’est ainsi que Franck Bainimarama a salué sa victoire samedi lors d’un meeting dans un stade de Suva. Plusieurs milliers de Fidjiens sont venus l’acclamer. Les résultats définitifs ont été annoncés dimanche. Franck Bainimarama et son parti Fiji First, raflent 32 des 50 sièges du Parlement, avec 60% des voix. Derrière vient le parti social-démocrate indigène Sodelpa, avec 30% des voix et 15 sièges. Cinq parties dénoncent des fraudes électorales massives, mais les 92 observateurs internationaux jugent « crédible »le résultat des élections.

  • Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée: un accident d’avion a fait quatre morts samedi. Le pilote papou, le copilote australien, et un passager, ont été tués sur le coup. Le quatrième est décédé de ses blessures dimanche. Cinq passagers, tous des Papous, ont survécu au crash du bimoteur, à 20 km de l’aéroport de Port-Moresby. Les accidents d’avions ont très courants en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée, où les routes sont tellement mauvaises que l’avion est la souvent la seule solution pour se déplacer. Il y a eu plus de 20 crashs depuis 2000.
  • Finalement, Vladimir Poutine participera au sommet du G20 en novembre à Brisbane. Le gouvernement australien et la majorité des pays du G20 préfèrent maintenir le dialogue avec la Russie, malgré le conflit ukrainien, qui a fait environ 2900 morts, et l’attaque contre le Boeing de la Malaysian Airlines, dans laquelle 37 Australiens ont été tués.  « La plupart des membres du G20 estiment que le Président Poutine doit venir à Brisbane et affronter la condamnation de la communauté internationale pour sa politique en Ukraine », a précisé Julie Bishop, la ministre australienne des Affaires étrangères samedi.
  • 11 ans après, John Howard avoue son « embarras » quand il a appris que finalement, Saddam Hussein n’avait pas d’armes de destruction massive. Dans une interview-fleuve diffusée ce week-end, l’ancien Premier ministre australien assume cependant sa décision de participer à l’invasion de l’Irak aux côtés des Américains en 2003. John Howard assure que les rapports des services secrets américains sur les armes de destruction massive irakiennes n’étaient pas « une tromperie délibérée ».
  • Samoa: le chikungunya progresse encore. Selon les derniers chiffres du ministère de la Santé, on est passés de 400 à 626 cas en quelques semaines, l’épidémie ayant démarré en juillet. Heureusement, souligne le ministère, ce chikungunya se manifeste par des symptômes peu forts. Et au Samoa américain voisin, l’épidémie de chikungunya ralentit. Il y a encore actuellement plus de 820 cas et seulement 15 personnes à l’hôpital.


9) PNG MPs On Official Visit To China
Chinese invited delegation to meet officials, businesses

Highlands Highway closed to Western Highlanders after murder

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Sept. 22, 2014) – A group of MPs will leave for China today at the invitation of the Chinese Government. It will be led by Usino-Bundi MP Anton Yagama, who is chairman of parliamentary finance referral committee.

Others in the group are Wabag MP Robert Ganim, who chairs parliamentary referral education committee, Wosera-Gawi MP Joseph Yopyyopy, Jimi MP Mai Dop, who is chairman of parliamentary public works committee, and Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour.

The delegation will spend two days in Yantai city in Shandong Province and travel to Beijing at the end of the week to complete the September 23 to October 1 visit. In Yantai, the delegation will have informal meetings with the city leaders and visit some major companies.

On Friday the delegation will travel to Liugong Island, the museum of the Sino-Japanese war, and will depart for Beijing the same day where they will meet with officials of the Chinese Communist Party. The team will also visit the China Metallurgical Corporation, which has an interest in the Ramu Nickel project.

PNG Post-Courier

10) Few Solomons MPs Contribute To Bills, Debate: Transparency
Report shows good attendance, poor participation

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, Sept. 19, 2014) – A Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) survey has shown that very few Members of Parliament regularly contribute to debate on bills that comes before parliament.

Last week TSI published the MPs’ attendance list which showed the number of days that each MP has attended Parliament.

A statement from the Corruption watchdog said its findings have shown that many MPs have very good attendance records, however, when it comes to contribution to bills presented in parliament the majority did poorly.

The survey has shown that only seven Members of Parliament have contributed to more than half of the bills debated in the Ninth Parliament.

The study looks at MPs’ contributions from the 1st Meeting, beginning on 1st October 2010, until 28 May 2014, the closing date of the sixth meeting.

The survey does not cover the recent seventh meeting. In the period of the 1st – 6th meetings, a total of 37 bills were debated.

TSI Executive officer Daniel Fenua said it is important to note that this research only looks at the number of contributions made by MPs on Bills debated on the floor of parliament but it does not take into account MPs’ contributions on motions, questions and answers.

Meanwhile, the study showed MPs that contributed more than 50 percent on bills debated are MP for North East Choiseul, Hon. Manasseh Sogavere, who attended all 37 bills and has contributed 36 times.

MP for West Are’are, Hon. John Maneniaru has contributed 24 times to 37 bills and MP for North East Guadalcanal, Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua who contributed 24 times.

Prime Minister and MP for Gizo Kolombangara, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo contributed 22 times when his Finance Minister and MP for Small Malaita Hon. Rick Houenipwela contributed 22 times.

The study also showed that MP for Aoke Langalanga Hon. Matthew Cooper Wale has contributed 20 times while Central Guadalcanal MP, Hon. Peter Shanel Agovaka has contributed 18 times.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation

11) Vanuatu elects new president

22 September 2014

Vanuatu’s Electoral College has finally elected a new president after eight meetings.

Fr Baldwin Lonsdale, from the island of Motalava in Torba Province and a priest in the Anglican Church, is the eighth president of the country.

Fr Lonsdale is the second Anglican priest to become head of state.

He was a senior civil servant and the secretary general of the Torba provincial government before becoming a priest.

Fr Lonsdale says his election is a privilege and a happy moment for the people of Torba province.

He says he will uphold the constitution and ask the people of Vanuatu to stand united.

“I know that there is a big responsibility in the office of the head of state but my first and foremost priority is to make sure that the constitution of the nation is upheld at all times and that peace, unity, justice and harmony prevail at all times. And I will call for the need to seek the support of all citizens of the nation.”

Vanuatu’s new president, Baldwin Lonsdale.Radio New Zealand International

12) New Caledonia voter registration consensus building

22 September 2014
Reports from New Caledonia say a consensus appears to be building over who will be allowed to vote in the independence referendum due to be held by 2018.

The territory’s public broadcaster says discussions have been held at the French High Commission in Noumea as comprehensive talks on the territory’s future will be held in Paris in two weeks under the auspices of the French prime minister, Manuel Valls.

It says agreement appears near to automatically register voters who took part in the 1998 referendum on the Noumea Accord, which is the French-backed 20-year decolonisation roadmap.

However, the anti-independence Front For Unity of the territory’s president, Cynthia Ligeard, wants to have a broader electorate.

The pro-independence Caledonian Union is to meet in a week and expected to decide whether it will join the Paris talks after warning of a boycott over the voter eligibility issue.Radio New Zealand International

13) Fiji Election Commission Releases Final Results
84% voter turnout with Bainimarama’s FijiFirst winning big 

By Shalveen Chand

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Sept. 22, 2014) – Fiji Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has announced the official results just a while ago and handed it to the Fijian Electoral Commission to make the allocations.

Total votes cast in the general election were 496,364 from the 591,101 registered voters, registering an incredible 84 per cent voter turn-out.

Invalid votes accounted for 0.75 per cent of total votes at 3714.

The FijiFirst Party won the 2014 general election with 293,714 votes.

The Social Liberal and Democratic Party (SODELPA) had 139,857 votes, the National Federation Party (NFP) had 27,066 votes, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had 15,864, Fiji Labour Party (FLP) had 11,670 votes, One Fiji Party had 5839 votes, Fiji United and Freedom Party had 1072 votes, independent Roshika Deo had 1055 votes, while independent Umesh Chand had 227 votes.

The Electoral Commission will soon announce the allocation of seats, followed by the return of the writ to the President.

Fiji Times Online.

14) Weak opposition problematic for Fiji: academic

22 September 2014

A Pacific studies academic Steven Ratuva says the likely make-up of Fiji’s parliament will throw up a lot of problems.

The final tally is expected today but results so far show Frank Bainimarama’s FijiFirst party is likely to hold 32 seats in the 50-member parliament.

Dr Ratuva says Sodelpa’s likely 15 seats and the National Federation Party’s three make up a very weak opposition.

“It’s going to be a very unbalanced parliament in terms of accountability and secondly in terms of complacency for the government itself. You’re bound to have parliamentary dynamics which will be almost totalitarian in nature, although of course it’s legitimate, it’s through election.”

Dr Ratuva says while many of the FijiFirst candidates have government experience only one has been in parliament before.Radio New Zealand International

15) Electoral Commission announces Fiji parliamentarians, Prime Minister elect amassed 202,454 votes 

By Online Editor
8:19 pm GMT+12, 21/09/2014, Fiji

The 50 member parliament has been announced by Electoral Commission Chair, Chen Bunn Young.

From the FijiFirst, 32 candidates will sit in the House of Representatives.

They are FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama who amassed 202, 454 votes out of 496,364 total votes

Party general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum secured 13, 753 votes and Praveen Bala with 6, 358 votes.

The remaining FijiFirst parliamentarians are as follows;

Ratu Inoke Kubuabola 5, 414 votes
Dr Mahendra Reddy 5, 398 votes
Ruveni Nadalo 5, 018
Pio Tikoduadua 3, 611
Joeli Cawaki 3, 394
Osea Naiqamu 2, 962
Sanjeet Patel – 2, 931
Brij Lal 2, 700
Timoci Natuva 2, 691
Viam Pillay 2, 391
Dr Jiko Luveni 2, 296
Inia Seruiratu 2, 010
Lorna Eden 1, 869
Balmindar Singh 1, 826
Vijay Nath 1, 616
Semi Koroilavesau 1, 611
Jioje Konrote 1, 585
Samuela Vunivalu 1, 463
Dr Neil Sharma 1, 391
Netani Rika 1, 361
Alifereti Nabulivou 1, 306
Mere Vuniwaqa 1, 175
Alvikc Maharaj 1, 016
Rosy Sophia Akbar 990
Jone Usamate 939
Iliesa Delana 906
Ashneel Sudhakar 895
Faiyaz Koya 875
Veena Kumar Bhatnagar 874

The Social Democratic Liberal Party will make up the bulk of the opposition.

It’s representatives in parliament are as follows:

Ro Teimumu Kepa – 49,458
Niko Nawaikula – 7348
Naiqama Lalabalavu – 6668
Mosese Drecala – 6276
Viliame Tagiveitaua – 4532
Anare Vadei – 3840
Viliame Gavoka – 3690
Semesa Karavaki – 3434
Suliano Matanitobua – 3268
Ratu Sela Nanovo – 2523
Kiniviliame Kirikari – 2413
Isoa Tikoca – 2406
Salote Radrodro – 2300
Aseri Radrodro – 2169 and Jiosefa Dulakiverata – 2105

The last three seats in parliament go to the National Federation Party which returns to the House of Representatives after 15 years.

It’s members of parliament are Biman Prasad with 8097 votes, Tupou Draunidalo securing 2966 votes and Prem Singh with 1125.

This makes up the fifty member parliament.

Electoral Commission Chair Chen Bunn Young this morning return the Writ of Elections to President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

FijiFirst leader Rear Admiral (retired) Voreqe Bainimarama will be sworn in as Prime Minister elect at 4pm today..


16) FijiFirst secures 32 out of the 50 Parliament Seats – The FijiFirst Party will form the next government as it has secured 32 out of the 50 seats in the new parliament. Fijivillage has also received confirmation that FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama will be sworn in as the democratically elected Prime Minister of Fiji after the 2014 general elections at 4pm today by President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau. The final official tally of the 2014 general elections is out with FijiFirst securing 59.2 percent of the total valid votes.


17) $95m loan for Pacific

Repeka Nasiko
Monday, September 22, 2014

ABOUT $95million has been loaned to about 30,000 families across the Pacific by the South Pacific Business Development Microfinance Network in the past 14 years.

SPBD Microfinance Network founder and president Gregory Casagrande said apart from providing unsecured credit, SPBD also provided other financial services and continuing financial education to clients.

He said the company was now looking to expand its services to Fiji after receiving a financial boost from the Fiji Development Bank.

“We have a lot more opportunity to make a big difference here in Fiji and for families that we haven’t worked with yet,” he said.

While speaking in Nadi on Friday, Mr Casagrande said assisting women establish a small microfinance business was their core objective.

“From this day forward we’ll be able to market change in the trajectory of the growth of the company and that is because of this partnership.

“There are a number of things that we are going to do together over the next few years. We are going to provide more free financial literacy education to thousands of micro entrepreneurs in Fiji so that we could increase their business acumen.

“We are going to do joint partnership efforts for our clients so that our ladies have abilities and venues they can sell and market their products.

“I think that would be a terrific service to further scale the businesses of the people that we are trying to support.”

The company has outlets in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and the Solomon Islands.

18) PNG looks for private sector efficiency in SOEs

22 September 2014
Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister says there’s a growing need for private sector participation in the management of state-owned enterprises.

The government is preparing for the partial sale of Air Niugini as the first in a series of privatisations.

PNG Power is also being considered for partial sale early next year.

Peter O’Neill says public/private partnerships are a way to forge greater efficiency of the state enterprises.

He says in the case of the electricity provider, there is a clear need to raise capital to expand the services and meet growing demand.

“Again it’s not only about raising capital but it is also about trying to bring private sector efficiency and management skills into managing the state-owned assets. The state-owned enterprises have been mismanaged for quite a while. As a result, we have not fully been able to realise its potential and its ability to deliver world class services.”

Peter O’Neill. Radio New Zealand International

19) China keen to increase trade value for Vanuatu

22 September 2014
China and Vanuatu have signed an agreement to allow more Vanuatu exports into China.

The exchange of notes was signed by the Vanuatu minister of foreign affairs, Sato Kilman and the Chinese ambassador in Vanuatu, Xie Bohua.

The first secretary of the Chinese Embassy, Yang Xuhong, says Vanuatu’s products will be exported with a zero tariff rate, and China will also help Vanuatu with training and technology.

Currently, China imports kava, noni and sandalwood but Mr Xuhong says the deal will increase the trade value of the products.

“Vanuatu is one of the least developed countries in the world and the bilateral trade between China and Vanuatu is not balanced. We would like to use this opportunity and we would like to promote Vanuatu exports to China, to encourage the production.”

The first secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu, Yang Xuhong.Radio New Zealand International


20) Alternate water supply continues – Fiji’s Water Authority continues with its alternate water arrangement today with a view to ensure all affected families in the greater Lami area are provided with water. Since Friday, when the arrangement was implemented because of a significant drop in water level at the catchment area. The arrangement is such that whilst 65per cent of the 25,000 people from 5,100 homes in selected areas are receiving water through their taps, the remaining 35per cent are designated for alternate water delivery are the Lami/Delainavesi and Veisari/Togalevu.


21) Rugby stars Vanuatu anti-violence message

22 September 2014

The Hurricanes rugby franchise will visit Vanuatu in November to spread the word against domestic violence.

The Hurricanes personnel development manager is in Port Vila to meet non-government organisations and education leaders as part of the lead-up work.

Steve Symonds says the players will help promote a positive message.

“We generate a lot of excitement which allows the delivery of key messages. That allows the message in the country to be delivered around domestic violence and the need to not abuse in the home. One of the interesting statistics that often happens after our trips is the reporting of domestic violence goes up, which is actually what we want initially. We want to have an impact we can see.”

Mr Symonds says the players will also speak of the benefits of being drug-free.

22) Fiji to send team to world event

Arin Kumar
Monday, September 22, 2014

THE Fiji University Sports Association (FUSA) aims to send a national team to the World University Games in the near future.

And the biggest obstacle FUSA faces is finances.

Over the weekend, the annual inter-tertiary competition was held in Suva where the talented students of the nation’s tertiary institutes proved they had what it takes to perform on the big stage.

FUSA committee member Gabrielli Qoro said they would continue to peruse their dream of sending athletes to the international meet.

“The FUSA committee have dreams to have Fiji University Team to represent us at the World University Games,” he said.

“But once we have a good bank account and be able to secure good sponsors then we would be able to have this tours and international games.”

Qoro also clarified they do not make profits from the annual competition they host.

“This is not a money making organisation, and the only area where we get our funding from is through the registration and affiliation fees from the Universities and the Tertiary institutions.”

He said while they faced difficulties in securing venues for their competition, the competition was an overall success.

University of the South Pacific reclaimed the title after winning 18 gold medals compared to Fiji National University’s nine.

Last year, the two institutions were tied for first place with 12 gold medals each.Fijitimes

23) West Ham upsets Liverpool

Monday, September 22, 2014

LONDON – Liverpool suffered a surprise 3-1 loss away to West Ham yesterday as fresh questions were raised about whether they have the defence required to win the Premier League.

Brendan Rodgers’s men were 2-0 down inside seven minutes at Upton Park.

The visitors failed to deal with James Tomkins’s knock down and Winston Reid turned the ball in to put the Hammers 1-0 up in the second minute.

And the London side doubled their lead minutes later when Senegal forward Diafra Sakho’s intended cross beat everyone, including Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet.

Defensive errors cost Liverpool the title when they finished runners-up to champions Manchester City last term and they’ve now lost three of five league games this season.

But they remain a potent attacking force and England winger Raheem Sterling pulled a goal back with an unstoppable shot from inside the box in the 26th minute after Mario Balotelli’s initial effort was blocked.

Substitute Morgan Amalfitano made the game safe for Sam Allardyce’s West Ham side two minutes from time when he latched on to former Liverpool winger Stewart Downing’s through-ball before finding the far corner.

Earlier, Arsenal stopped Aston Villa going top of the table courtesy of a 3-0 win, with the much-criticised Mesut Ozil on target.

Villa had conceded just one league goal in their previous four league matches but all that changed as Arsenal fired in three inside four minutes at Villa Park.

Ozil put the Gunners in front in the 32nd minute and former Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck scored his first Arsenal goal two minutes later before Villa’s Aly Cissokho turned the ball into his own net.

Newcastle moved off the bottom of the table and eased the pressure on manager Alan Pardew by coming from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 at home to Hull, with substitute Papiss Cisse scoring both the Magpies’ goals inside the final 15 minutes.

Southampton went second with a 1-0 away to a Swansea side who had to play more than half the match a man down after Ivory Coast striker Wilfried Bony was sent off.

QPR and Stoke shared the points in a 2-2 draw at Loftus Road while honours were also even in the goalless stalemate between Burnley and Sunderland.

Today sees Chelsea looking to maintain their perfect league record this season away to Manchester City.

Manchester United will go in search of their first away league win under manager Louis van Gaal, at Leicester.


Premier League

QPR 2 – 2 Stoke, Aston Villa 0 – 3 Arsenal, Burnley 0 – 0 Sunderland, Newcastle 2 – 2 Hull, Swansea 0 – 1 Southampton, West Ham 3 – 1 Liverpool


Watford 1 – 1 Bournemouth, Brighton 0 – 0 Blackpool, Derby 2 – 2 Cardiff, Fulham 0 – 1 Blackburn, Leeds 3 – 0 Huddersfield, Middlesbrough 4 – 0 Brentford, Millwall 0 – 0 Nottm Forest, Norwich 2 – 2 Birmingham, Rotherham 1 – 1 Charlton, Sheff Wed 1 – 0 Reading, Wolves 1 – 0 Bolton, Blackburn 2 – 3 Derby

Champions League

Bayern Mun 1 Р0 Man City, Roma 5 Р1 CSKA, Ajax 1 Р1 Paris St G, Barcelona 1 Р0 Apoel Nic, Chelsea 1 Р1 Schalke, NK Maribor 1 Р1 Sporting, Ath Bilbao 0 Р0 Shakt Donsk, FC Porto 6 Р0 BATE Bor, Juventus 2 Р0 Malm̦ FF, Olympiakos 3 Р2 Atl Madrid, Liverpool 2 Р1 Ludo Razgd, Real Madrid 5 Р1 FC Basel

Europa League

Partizan Belgrade 0 – 0 Tottenham, FC Red Bull Salzburg 2 – 2 Celtic, Everton 4 – 1 VfL Wolfsburg, Apollon Limassol 3 – 2 FC Zürich, Borussia Mönchengladbach 1 – 1 Villarreal, Rio Ave 0 – 3 Dynamo Kiev, Steaua Bucharest 6 – 0 Aalborg BK, Fiorentina 3 – 0 Guingamp, PAOK Salonika 6 – 1 Dinamo Minsk, Legia Warsaw 1 – 0 KSC Lokeren, Metalist Kharkiv 1 – 2 Trabzonspor, Club Brugge 0 – 0 Torino

French Ligue 1

Marseille 3 – 0 Rennes, Lorient 0 – 1 Reims, Metz 3 – 1 Bastia, Nantes 2 – 1 Nice, Toulouse 3 – 3 Caen, Bordeaux 2 – 1 Evian Thonon Gaillard

German Bundesliga

Hamburger SV 0 – 0 Bayern Mun, 1. FSV Mainz 05 2 – 0 Bor Dortmd, FC Augsburg 4 – 2 SV Werder Bremen, Schalke 2 – 2 Eintracht Frankfurt, SC Paderborn 07 2 – 0 Hannover 96, VfB Stuttgart 0 – 2 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Sport-Club Freiburg 2 – 2 Hertha BSC

Italian Serie A

Milan 0 – 1 Juventus, Cesena 2 – 2 Empoli, Verona 2 – 1 Palermo, Fiorentina 0 – 0 Genoa, Inter Milan 7 – 0 Sassuolo, Parma 4 – 5 Milan, Sampdoria 2 – 0 Torino, Cagliari 1 – 2 Atalanta, Lazio 3 – 0 Cesena, Napoli 0 – 1 Chievo

Portuguese Primeira Liga

Penafiel 2 – 0 Vitória Setúbal, CD Nacional 1 – 1 Sporting Braga, Vitória Guimarães 1 – 1 Paços de Ferreira, Boavista 1 – 0 Académica de Coimbra, Marítimo 2 – 0 Penafiel, Paços de Ferreira 1 – 1 Gil Vicente, Vitória Guimarães 1 – 1 FC Porto, Estoril Praia 2 – 1 CD Nacional

Spanish La Liga

Deportivo de La Coruña 2 – 8 Real Madrid, Atl Madrid 2 – 2 Celta de Vigo, Ath Bilbao 0 – 1 Granada CF, Espanyol 2 – 2 Málaga, Elche 0 – 2 Eibar, Eibar 0 – 1 Deportivo de La Coruña


Marist Eastgate Memorial

THE 20th Geotech Drilling Marist Eastgate Memorial tournament was held at the National Hockey Centre over the weekend:

Friday: Ventures 4 Stingers Xtreme 0 (M), Stingers Fusion 4 Stingers Spaxx 0 (W), Marist White 2 Marist Blue 0 (M), Ventures 3 MoBees 0 (W), Ventures 4 Seals 1 (M), Stingers 5 Marist Blue 0 (M), Stingers Fusion 1 Marist 0 (W), Marist White 2 Naidrodro 0 (M), Seals 5 Mates 0 (M), Marist 4 Stingers Spaxx 0 (W), Stingers Fusion 1 Marist 0 (W), Marist White 2 Naidrodro 0 (M), Seals 5 Mates 0 (M), Marist 4 Stingers Spaxx 0 (W), Stingers 1 Marist White 0 (M), Stingers Xtreme 0 Rebels 1 (M), Stingers Fusion 2 Tokelau 0 (W), Marist Blue 0 Naidrodro 1 (M), Stingers Xtreme 2 Mates 0 (M), MoBees 3 Rebels 0 (W), Stingers 3 Falcons 0 (M), Seals 0 Rebels 0 (M), Marist 3 Tokelau 1 (W), Naidrodro 0 Falcons 1 (M)


HFC Bank Farebrother Challenge

BLK Nadroga 34 Naitasiri North Bulls 3


Aviva Premiership

Sale 46 – 8 London Welsh, Harlequins 26 – 23 Wasps, London Irish 32 – 36 Saracens, Bath 45 – 0 Leicester, Gloucester 22 – 25 Exeter

Guinness PRO12

Newport Gwent D’gons 13 – 33 Glasgow, Scarlets 43 – 0 Benetton Treviso, Munster 31 – 5 Zebre, Connacht 10 – 9 Leinster, Cardiff Blues 9 – 26 Ulster

Top 14

Racing Metro Paris 27 – 16 Toulouse, Grenoble 24 – 15 Bayonne, Clermont Auvergne 43 – 12 Lyon, Montpellier 23 – 3 Stade Francais, La Rochelle 26 – 29 Bordeaux-Begles, Castres 27 – 18 Oyonnax, Brive 13 – 53 Toulon

Currie Cup

Western Province 36 – 12 Griquas, Blue Bulls 15 – 26 Sharks, Eastern Province Kings 22 – 37 Cheetahs, Lions 29 – 15 Pumas


Hawkes Bay 36 – 17 Bay Of Plenty, Auckland 32 – 7 North Harbour, Manawatu 36 – 17 Southland, Counties Manukau 20 – 28 Canterbury




Sydney Roosters 31 North Queensland Cowboys 30, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 18 Manly Sea Eagles 17


Business House

THE 10th event of the Fiji Triathlon 2014 Marco Polo Triathlon Series was held in Suva last week:

Team Super Sprint event (375m Swim/10k Bike/ 2.5k Run):

Men’s: 1st-Marist (54pts), 2nd-International School (11pts), 3rd-Fulton Hogan Hiway (9), 4th-Ernst & Young (7pts), 5th-Yang &Co (4pts), 6th-Navy (3pts), 7th-St Johns College (3pts)

Women’s: 1st-International School (24pts), 2nd-Peace Corps (17pts), 3rd-Western Wananavu (15pts), 4th-Western Bulls (12pts), 5th=Ernst & Young (4pts) & USP (4pts)

Team Sprint event (750m Swim/20k Bike/ 5k Run):

Men’s: 1st-Marist (53pts), 2nd-USP1 (34pts), 3rd-Westpac (27pts), 4th-Works (22pts), 5th-Navy (17pts), 6th-West Schools1(15pts), 7th-Disability (13pts), 8th=West Cyclist (9pts) & USP2 (12pts), 10th= Ecolab(11pts) & Digicel (11pts), 12th=West Schools 2 (9pts) & Garden City(9pts), 14th-St Johns College (8pts), 15th-Jet Runners (6pts), 16th-BOC (5pts), 17th=International School (4pts) & Wardens(4pts), 19th=BSP(3pts) & Navy 2(3pts), 21st-Ernst &Young (2pts), 22nd-Forum Secretariat (1pt)

Women’s: 1st-USP1 (46pts), 2nd-Works (30pts), 3rd-West Schools1 (15pts), 4th-West Schools 2 (12pts), 5th=Bodylife Gym (5pts) & AusAid (5pts), 7th=Adi Cakobau School (4pts) & USP 2 (4pts)

Team Olympic event (1500m Swim/40k Bike/ 10k Run):

Men’s: 1st- Marist (42pts), 2nd-Gillette (25pts), 3rd-USP (13pts), 4th-BOC (10pts), 5th-Garden City (7pts), 6th-World Health (4pts), 7th=Wardens (1pt) & FNU (1pt)

Women’s: 1st=AusAid (5pts) & NZHC (5pts)

Individual Super Sprint (375m Swim/10k Bike/ 2.5k Run):

Men’s: 1st-Toma Pene (39pts), 2nd-John Lowry (26pts), 3rd-Rhyse Cheer (15pts), 4th-Louie Morrell (12pts), 5th-Maxime Pons (9pts), 6th-Darcy Keenan (8pts), 7th-Tui Lomaloma (6pts), 8th=Carl Ngamoki (5pts), Jimmy Hendrix (5pts), Brad Campbell (5pts) & Timoci Koroduadua (5pts), 12th-David Dugucanavanua (4pts), 13th=Verayame Naikolevu (3pts), Nigel (3pts) & Griffyn Ramsden (3pts), 16th=Esira Naikatolu (2pts) & Mark Gillette (2pts), 18th=Jeremiah Rafai (1pt) & Viliame Cakacaka

Women’s: 1st-Brenda Lowry (25pts), 2nd-Mia Ramsden (20pts), 3rd-Kalisi Nakarawa (19pts), 4th-Sarah P (18pts), 5th-Sulu Atchison (16pts), 6th=Luna Campbell (10pts) & Ella Morrell (10pts), 8th-Stella Keenan (8pts), 9th=Raylin Mario (4pts) & Samantha Sunderman (4pts), 11th-Stephanie Barrett (2pts)

Individual Sprint (750m Swim/20k Bike/5k Run):

Men’s: 1st-Lui Pene (52pts), 2nd-Reece Pene (19pts), 3rd-Isikeli Rawlinson (15pts), 4th-Joseph Crooke(12pts), 5th-Kurt Johns (10pts), 6th-Steve Thon (8pts), 7th=Verayame Naikolevu (5pts), Mike Thon (5pts), Manoa Maiwaqa (5pts), Carl Ngamoki (5pts) & Tim Noble(5pts), 12th-Urupeni Senibulu (3pts)

Women’s: 1st-Tessa Martin (37pts), 2nd-Nau Dakuiliga (21pts), 3rd-Brenda Lowry (18pts), 4th=Lavinia Dickinson (17pts) & Sam Sunderman (17pts), 6th-Sarah Pene (15pts), 7th-Margot Szamier (14pts), 8th-Bronwyn (9pts), 9th-Seini Occonor (6pts), 10th-Josivini Gusuivalu (4pts), 11th-Sophia Kagan (3pts)

Individual Olympic event (1500m Swim/40k Bike/ 10k Run):

Men’s: 1st-Tim Noble (44pts), 2nd-Salabogi Lakoenalagilagi (31pts), 3rd-Jerome Pons (27pts), 4th-Petero Manoa (23pts), 5th-Hordur Gudmundsson (10pts),6th-Stephen Sanday (9pts),7th-Mark Ramsden (8pts),8th= Adriu Rokowailoa (6pts)and Sandeep Singh (6pts),10th = Caleb Koroi (1pt) Bob Gillette (1pt) Kurt Johns (1pt)

Women’s: 1st-Sarah Pene (5pts), 2nd- Margot Szamier (1pt)

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