Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1032 ( Sunday 12 October 2014 )


1) More disruptions possible at Papua’s Freeport

10 October 2014

A union official says workers at the Freeport copper and gold mine in Indonesia’s Papua are seeking face-to-face talks with local management following a fatal accident.

This comes after hundreds of angry protestors blocked access to the mine for two days last week, partially stopping production, following the deaths of four workers late last month.

Reuters reports union official Albar Sabang as saying fresh protests, blockades or strike action could be triggered if worker safety concerns and other demands are ignored.

He says production is important but safety is the number one issue.RNZI

2) Bougainville to put its clocks forward

10 October 2014

Clocks in Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville are to be put forward by one hour from December the 28th.

Bougainville is an autonomous region and has been granted an increasing number of powers by the national government in Port Moresby over the past year.

It will be the first occasion that PNG has been split into different time zones.

Our correspondent says the change means Bougainville will be in the same time zone as its near neighbour and trading partner, Solomon Islands.RNZI

3) New Caledonia’s Martin loses Paita mayoralty

 10 October 2014

New Caledonia’s administrative court has annulled this year’s election of Harold Martin as the mayor of Paita.

Mr Martin’s election was challenged by Frederic de Greslan who took issue with Mr Martin having held a council meeting away from the town hall and for distributing a 16-page brochure shortly before the second round of voting.

Mr Martin had won the election by 286 votes.

Mr de Greslan says the ruling is a victory for democracy.

However, Mr Martin’s camp says it will appeal against the decision, pointing to the reports which show there is no provision banning meetings outside the mayoralty.

A fresh election is to be held within weeks.

Mr Martin had been the mayor of Paita since 1995 and served as president of the Congress as well as president of the territorial government until June.RNZI

4) New Caledonian Pro-Independence Politician, Francois Burck Dies
Tributes paid to associate of Tjibaou, ex-President of Caledonian Union

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Oct. 10, 2014) – Tributes are being paid to a former New Caledonian politician, Francois Burck, who has died aged 75.

Mr Burck was a Marist priest from the north and became an assembly member in 1977.

He was also the president of the pro-independence Caledonian Union party and an associate of Jean-Marie Tjibaou.

He later disagreed with the party’s line and formed a new movement in 1999, playing his part in forging the Noumea Accord, but retired from politics ten years ago.

The government of New Caledonia has expressed its condolences to his family.

Radio New Zealand International

5) Fiji Celebrates 44th Independence Anniversary
‘Celebrating Fiji’s New Dawn’ theme of the day

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Oct. 10, 2014) – Fiji celebrates its 44th independence anniversary today at the Albert Park in Suva with the theme “Celebrating Fiji’s New Dawn”.

Celebrations are also planned at other division, but the main celebration in Suva will feature the March Past parade.

The President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, officiates as chief guest at this year’s Suva event where he will also inspect the parade by Fiji’s armed forces.

The main program in Suva will feature a Fiji Day Parade and the 21 gun salute which will be reviewed by the President.

In Labasa, celebration was held in Syria Park with a march through the town with formalities culminating at the park with the chief guest, Minister for Agriculture, Inia Seruiratu delivering the keynote address.

Seruiratu said a with a new constitution, a parliament and an elected government comes the promise of development, prosperity, inclusiveness and opportunity for all.

He also encouraged the people in the North to invest wisely on readily available resources.

In Lautoka, celebrations was held at Churchill Park yesterday with the Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Joeli Cawaki as chief guest.

Cawaki urged those gathered to join hands and work together “towards a just, economically, financially and socially strong and vibrant multicultural society.” In the old capital, Levuka, celebrations will be held today at Nasau Park with the re-enactment of the ceding of Fiji and the keynote address by the Minister for Youth and Sports, Laisenia Tuitubou.



The Honourable Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management, Inia Seruiratu today officially opened the Northern Division Fiji Day Celebration in Labasa.

The Fiji Day celebration marks the Nation’s 44th Independence Day with the theme “Celebrating Fiji’s New Dawn.”

Minister Seruiratu said that with the September 17 elections and a voter turnout of 80%, the people of Fiji have indicated the willingness to participate in a new democracy.

“Along with this new democratic dawn, comes the promise of development, prosperity, inclusiveness and opportunity for all. This is the heralding of the new dawn. The new dawn that we are celebrating this Fiji Day,” he said.

The Minister added that Fiji now has a new Constitution, a Parliament and an elected Government that will provide the basis to achieve an economically, financially and socially strong and just vibrant multi-racial society.

“For the first time, the rights of all races who call Fiji their home are recognized! For the first time, each Fijian’s vote carried equal weight and power! For the first time economic, social and human rights are recognized and written in our supreme law.

“We now have a fair and level playing field where all Fijians are recognized, valued and protected! For the first time we have achieved, UNITY! Not only in name but also in deed,” Mr Seruiratu said.

The Minister reminded the public that Fiji has a rich and proud history from which inspiration should be drawn from.

“Today is the day to think of the sacrifice and commitment that we make on a daily basis to ensure we better our lives together,” he said.

Amongst the celebration and enjoyment of Fiji Day, the Minister also encouraged the people of the Northern Division to invest wisely on readily available resources.

“Start making dreams for your future and how you are going to contribute to make Fiji a better place to live,” he said.# DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION/FIJI NEWS SUMMARY/09/10/14


Fiji’s progress over the years was highlighted by the Minister for Agriculture Inia Seruiratu at this year’s Labasa Fiji Day celebrations.

Marking the 44th year anniversary, the Honorable Minister said this was a day of pride and joy for all Fijians.

“Fiji has come a long way since 1970 and during this past 44 years, our nation has experienced growth and development and also faced many speed-humps along the way.”

The Minister said despite the many changes, Fiji has progressed and developed due to the peoples’ spirit of determination to succeed.

“Celebrating Fiji’s New Dawn shows that today is also a time where we reflect our past, where Fiji has a rich and proud history which we draw our inspiration from.”

The Minister said that today is a day to think of the sacrifice and commitment that Fijians have made on a daily basis to ensure that all Fijians live together.

“It is time to look forward to our future and I believe we are on the threshold of achieving greater things.”

(Photo attached – for more, visit our Facebook page) # DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION/FIJI NEWS SUMMARY/09/10/14


Levuka town will host close to 1400 Fijians at the 44th Fiji Day celebrations held at Nasau Park tomorrow.

Levuka’s Provincial administrator Elimi Rokoduru said preparations are progressing however he is encouraging every Fijian to reflect on the importance of this day.

“We have schools from Navua, Namosi, Nausori and Suva that are visiting the heritage sites so they will be part of the march tomorrow,” Mr Rokoduru said.

“We will be expecting tourists and the program will include the re-enactment of the Deed of Cession, art exhibition for the students with entertainment provided for families,” he said.

The keynote address will be delivered by the Minister for Youth and Sports, Mr Laisenia Tuitubou at the old capital tomorrow.

The theme for this year’s Fiji Day celebrations is “Celebrating Fiji’s New Dawn”.# DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION/FIJI NEWS SUMMARY/09/10/14


Lautoka city was a sea of blue as hundreds turned out to mark the celebration of 44 years of independence at Churchill Park.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture Hon. Joeli Cawaki was the chief guest at the celebration and said Fiji’s independence this year was something to cherish by every Fijian.

“Fiji has indeed come a long way since 1970 when we were given the instruments of independence by Prince Charles. During the past 44 years our beloved Fiji has experienced rapid growth and development and has encountered big challengers during these years of being independent, but we have always managed to move forward towards a positive progress with steady development which we can all proudly say that we have made it,” he said.

“It is an independence to remember as this year for the first time; the rights of all races who call Fiji their home are recognized!  We have achieved a fair and level playing field where all Fijians are equally accepted, appreciated and valued! This is a remarkable achievement for Fiji and we must congratulate ourselves for building cohesiveness and oneness! That is UNITY, not only in name but also in deed!”

With the theme “Celebrating Fiji’s New Dawn” he reflected on the achievements of the nation including the first ever “truly free, truly fair elections”.

“We now have assembled the building blocks for our new democracy, namely the Constitution, a new Parliament and a newly elected Government. We the people of Fiji need to all join hands and work together towards a just, economically, financially and socially strong and vibrant multicultural society.”

“I challenge you to continue the good works and the sacrifices and commitments that uphold this nation together and better our lives for our future generations as the Celebrating of a New Dawn is truly up to us and I believe we are on the threshold of achieving even greater heights”.

“I would like to remind us to continue to move positively towards the new dawn of tomorrow and support the democratically elected Government, which our Prime Minister has stated clearly that this is the Government for the people, no matter what is your race, religion, your gender, or your political allegiance. Your elected Government is committed to serving you, the people of Fiji,” he added.

(Photo attached – for more, visit our Facebook page) # DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION/FIJI NEWS SUMMARY/09/10/14


10) 15 cases of Chikungunya found in French Polynesia

11 October 2014

French Polynesia’s government says 15 endemic cases of chikungunya virus have been detected on Tahiti.

A government statement says control measures have been implemented and further investigations will be conducted into the origin and extent of the transmission

It says most of the patients are from Teva i Uta, a small town in the south of Tahiti, the territory’s most populated island.

The government is asking anyone who has joint pain and fever following a mosquito bite to seek medical attention.RNZI

11) Medicines seized in American Samoa

10 October 2014

The Department of Health in American Samoa has confiscated a large quantity of medication, mostly antibiotics, at the airport, port and post office.

The department’s Chief Compliance Officer, Papalii Marion Fitisemanu, says the medication seized requires a doctor’s prescription, but it appears they were imported to be sold over the counter.

Papalii says some of the drugs seized through the mail look to be from relatives sending their personal prescriptions to family members on island.

The health department is looking into whether some of the drugs are being sold to locals, who then on-sell them, and says it also appears the drugs are intended for the Oriental fishing fleet.

Papalii says most of the medication seized was imported by Asians, purportedly for personal use, but appears to be in quantities beyond that of personal consumption.

Under local health laws only doctors authorized by the Health Services Regulatory Board can prescribe medication.RNZI

12) Samoa officers suspended over jailing of a child

11 October 2014

Four police officers, including an inspector, have been arrested in Samoa as a result of an inquiry into a 3-year-old who was locked in jail with his father last Friday.

The father was taken into custody for driving an unlicensed vehicle, and his son, who was in the car at the time of the arrest, was also taken into police custody.

Samoa’s acting Police Commissioner Misa Tala’imanu Keti

Photo: RNZI correspondent

The acting Police Commisioner, Misa Talaimanu Keti, says an internal inquiry found there was a breach in the performance of police duties, especially by the suspended officers who had dealt with the matter.

The officers will appear before a police tribunal on the 28th of October.

Misa says the Ministry of Police and Prisons is now looking at providing further education for the officers on how to handle matters involving children.RNZI


13) PNG Universiti blong Goroka bai statim turisam skul

Updated 10 October 2014, 15:33 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Turisam bai kamap olsem wanpla subjet blong Universiti blong Goroka long 2015

Odio: Lawrence Bele emi acting CEO blong turisam na culture long Bougainville itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Lawrence Bele emi acting CEO blong turisam na culture long Bougainville itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman (Credit: ABC)

Ofis blong Turisam na Culture long Autonomas Bougainville Gavman itok oli hamamas tru long tingting blong University blong Goroka long statim skul blong turisam long yia bihaen.

Toktok blong ol i bihaenim toktok blong Vice-Chancellor Dr Gairo Onagi olsem University i laik kirapim despla skul long wonem turisam indastri oa bisnis iwok long kama strong nau long PNG.

Dr Onagi ibin mekim despla toktok taem emi bin opim turisam expo long Goroka University tupla wik igo pinis.

Emi bin tok tu olsem olgeta yia PNG isave kisim samting olsem K1.6 billion long turisam.

Lawrence Bele acting CEO blong turisam na culture long Bougainville itok ol wok turisam inap helpim planti pipal winim ol kaen wok bisnis olsem gas, mining na oil long wonem ol wok turisam ino gat taem blong en.

14) World Vision i helpim iet Solomon Islands

Updated 10 October 2014, 15:46 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Sikispla mun bihaenim oltait wara long mun April wok igo hed iet long Honiara.

Odio: Lawrence Hillary emi emergency response manager blong World Visions long Solomon Islands itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Lawrence Hillary emi emergency response manager blong World Visions long Solomon Islands itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman (Credit: ABC)

Ol non gavman laen wantem gavman blong Solomon Islands, iwok long go hed iet long klinim taon blong Honiara na ol ples long Guadalcanal Plains bihaenim bikpla floods long mun April.

22 pipal ibin dai na moa long 9 tausan ol pipal ibin lusim ol haus na gaden kaikai blong ol long despla taem nogut.

World Vision i wanpla long ol NGO laen em oli wok long mekim ol bikpla wok long helpim ol pipal long ol samting olsem bringim gutpla wara na tu stretim ol toilet oa sanitation.

Lawrence Hillary emi emergency response manager blong World Visions na emi tok emi impotant oa bikpla samting tru long ol pipal imas gat ol gutpla toilet na wara olsem na grup blong en iwok long givim iet halvim long despla tupla samting.


15) Pacifique: le traité de pêche le plus cher du monde

Mis à jour 9 October 2014, 17:54 AEST

Caroline Lafargue

90 millions de dollars pour 8300 jours de pêche. C’est ce que va payer la flotte des bateaux américains pour pouvoir pêcher le thon dans le Pacifique en 2015.

Un coût supporté par l’industrie de la pêche et le gouvernement américains.

L’accord a été conclu hier à Hawaï après des mois de négociations ardues, entre les 17 pays membres de l’Agence des Pêches du Forum des Îles du Pacifique et les États-Unis.

C’est un accord historique, le traité de pêche le plus cher du monde. 90 millions de dollars pour un an de pêche dans le Pacifique, cela représente une augmentation de 328% par rapport à 2009, et de 42% par rapport à l’année dernière.

James Movick, le directeur-général de l’Agence des Pêches du Forum :

« Tous ces pays se partagent les 90 millions, mais évidemment les pays où va pêcher la flotte américaine reçoivent plus que les autres, il s’agit des pays de l’Accord de Nauru, plus Tokelau. Le reste de la somme est distribué équitablement et servira à financer des projets de développement dans les autres pays de l’Agence des Pêches. »

Les pays de l’Accord de Nauru sont Nauru bien sûr, les Îles Salomon, Tuvalu, Kiribati, les Îles Marshall, la Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée, les États Fédérés de Micronésie et Palau.

Toute la difficulté pour eux est de se mettre d’accord sur un tarif collectif, qui ne désavantage personne, alors qu’un pays peut se retrouver avec plus de thons dans ses eaux pendant une certaine période, qu’un pays voisin, vu que le thon tropical est un grand migrateur. Plus de 60% du thon pêché dans le monde provient du Pacifique, et les droits de pêche représentent le principal revenu des pays de l’Accord de Nauru.

Le système des jours de pêche, est également, selon James Movick, une mesure de conservation du thon, car le quota est réduit régulièrement. Organiser la rareté permet aussi de maximiser les profits pour les pays du Pacifique :

« En réduisant l’accès des flottes étrangères aux zones de pêche, on fait monter les prix, c’est ce qui s’est passé avec les Américains. Les autres flottes étrangères vont, elles aussi, payer plus. »

Les autres flottes étrangères viennent principalement de la Chine, du Japon, de la Corée du Sud, d’Espagne, et d’Amérique du Nord et du Sud.

Brèves d’Australie et du Pacifique – vendredi 10 octobre 2014

Mis à jour 10 October 2014, 10:38 AEST

Caroline Lafargue

Le corps d’un passager australien du MH17 a été retrouvé avec son masque à oxygène par les enquêteurs néerlandais sur le lieu du crash en Ukraine.

C’est ce qu’a révélé hier soir le ministre néerlandais des Affaires étrangères, lors d’une interview télévisée. Pour Frans Timmermans, cela prouve que certains passagers étaient conscients quand l’avion, abattu par un missile, a entamé sa descente infernale. Après l’interview, le ministre néerlandais a présenté ses excuses aux familles, se rendant compte que cette précision macabre pouvait accroître leur peine.

  • Tonga: la petite île de Monuafe est désormais submergée. Monuafe, qui faisait la taille d’un demi terrain de rugby, était située dans la baie de Nuku’alofa, la capitale. Et d’après le quotidien Matangi Tonga, elle s’est enfoncée dans l’océan. Il y a 25 ans, l’île était luxuriante, avec 30 différentes variétés de plantes – entre autres, des hibiscus et des pandanus. Aujourd’hui, à marée basse, les habitants peuvent encore distinguer un banc de sable, mais à marée haute, Monuafe n’existe plus. Le quotidien attribue cette disparition au changement climatique, mais il y a d’autres facteurs : l’extraction du sable marin, et les cyclones.
  • Fidji fête aujourd’hui ses 44 ans d’indépendance de la Grande-Bretagne. Ce 10 octobre est bien sûr un jour férié, et l’occasion de nombreux discours optimistes. Pour la cheffe de l’opposition, Ro Teimumu Kepa, la célébration de l’indépendance revêt un symbole encore plus fort cette année car le Parlement a rouvert ses portes après 8 années d’absence. Elle indique que tout dépend des députés, « ils doivent encore montrer qu’ils sont capables de mettre en pratique des valeurs comme la transparence, la responsabilité et la tolérance ».
  • Fidji: un instituteur a été licencié après avoir craché sur un de ses élèves. Ce dérapage est inacceptable, et c’est une violation des droits des élèves, estime le ministre de l’Éducation, Mahendra Reddy. Il ajoute que les instituteurs doivent montrer l’exemple, et le bon, même si leurs élèves sont difficiles à discipliner.
  • Enlèvement d’enfant: le FBI demande aux navigateurs du Pacifique d’ouvrir l’œil et de lui signaler toute embarcation suspecte. Le Bureau Fédéral d’Investigation recherche Jeffrey Ford Hanson, un père qui a enlevé son fils, en septembre. Ils ont quitté Seattle, sur la côte ouest des États-Unis, à bord d’un voilier baptisé Draco. Jeffrey Ford Hanson étant bon navigateur, le FBI estime qu’il pourrait avoir déjà atteint Hawaï, voire le Samoa américain, Guam ou les Mariannes du Nord. Le père a une personnalité instable et il est grand consommateurs de drogues, précise le FBI.



The Ministry of Health launched the World Mental Health Day celebrations with the theme ‘Living with Schizophrenia’ as part of efforts to raise awareness on mental illness.

The Ministry has begun training its staff through a World Health Organisation Program called mhGAP (Mental Health Gap) – gap between the number of people with mental illness and number of staff available to help them.

The Ministry’s deputy secretary for Hospital Services, Dr Mecuisela Tuicakau said 12 workshops have been conducted in all four divisions as well as training for over 200 staff.

“Awareness programs towards 2015 include community groups and workplaces selected as Mental Health Champions, promoting mental health through art project, training and awareness programs for nurses and doctors and much more.

“Fiji is a world leader in establishing the National Wellness Centre. The Ministry of Health has placed its mental health unit in the Wellness Centre. This allows us to have mental health incorporated as an essential part of wellness. Too much of our resources are directed towards managing the less than 5 percent of the population that have a serious mental illness,” Dr Tuicakau said.

The Ministry of Health plans to assist people through specialist community mental health teams established in hospitals in each division.

Dr Tuicakau said through mental health clinics, wellness clinics and home visits, more cases can be managed.

The celebration launch of the World Mental Health Day was in collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the St Giles Hospital, the Psychiatric Survivors Association, the Youth Champs for Mental Health and Fiji Alliance for Mental Health.



Officials representing the private sector, Government and the diplomatic corps joined Fiji’s Defense Ministry in hosting the ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ in aid of the Fiji Cancer Society.

Speaking at the event held at Albert Park, the Ministry’s permanent secretary Osea Cawaru said the fundraiser would assist the Fiji Cancer Society in spreading awareness about the disease.

“We are here to assist and contribute towards the fundraising efforts of the Fiji Cancer Society. All of us may have had an encounter with cancer, whether through the experience of a loved one, a relative and even a personal experience of this disease. In Fiji, cancer is one of the leading causes of death,” Mr Cawaru said.

“A challenge is to ensure periodic screening, early detection and early treatment. The organisation of events such as this morning tea will assist the Fiji Cancer Society in spreading awareness and educating more Fijians on cancer and issues surrounding it.”

The total amount collected during the Biggest Morning Tea was $7314.45.

Rajshree Baleisuva of the Fiji Cancer Society said they are thankful to various organisations in the country that have come forward to assist in the good cause.

“It is a great motivation that people in the society have seen the need and come forward to assist us so that others in need can be helped. This fundraiser is organised by organisations that want to hold morning tea in aid of the society. They get registered and host this and whatever is collected is given to the society. We are grateful that a lot of people come in numbers to support,” Mrs Baleisuva said.

“We use the money on patients support programme, with palliative, with whatever patients need we provide for them and we do our operations from this assistance. We also conduct awareness programs. Our major stakeholder is the Ministry of Health and with assistance from doctors and nurses, we provide other resources so that we go together and provide awareness as well as screening.”

The annual Biggest Morning Tea was first organised in 2006 to raise awareness and encourage networking and discussions around cancer cases in the country.# DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION/FIJI NEWS SUMMARY/09/10/14



The Ministry of Education Heritage and Arts held its consultation process for the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSDP) 2015-2018 in Suva today.

“This workshop provided an opportunity for stakeholders to interact, share ideas and to progress in a concerted effort towards accomplishing the 2015-2018 Education Sector Strategic Plans,” said the Ministry’s acting permanent secretary Mrs Basundra Kumar in her opening address.

The Ministry is committed to the vision Quality Education for Change Peace and Progress, which is aligned to Pillar 9 of the Peoples Charter for Change and Progress.

“Most of the targets oriented towards quality education outlined in the Ministry of Education Strategic Plan 2012-2014 were accomplished beyond expectation, despite the many challenges,” added Mrs Kumar.

She assured the stakeholders that their suggestions would be considered when formulating the strategic plan.

Three other similar public consultations will be held across the nation.# DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION/FIJI NEWS SUMMARY/09/10/14


19) OC yet to deal with 9 MPs over misconduct

The National, Friday October 10th, 2014

THE Ombudsman Commission has yet to deal with nine MPs who have breached the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.
The organic law places a duty on MPs and political parties to provide financial statements of their spending to the Registrar of Political Parties three months after the
elections. Failure to do so is a breach of the organic law and the MPs or parties are liable to pay a fine.
They can be referred to the Ombudsman for misconduct in office.
Documents obtained by The National show that the MPs were referred to the Ombudsman Commission by Registrar Dr Alphonse Gelu (pictured) on Sep 2, 2013.
The nine MPs are Opposition leader Belden Namah, Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato, Governors Anderson Agiru (Hela), Powes Parkop (NCD), Akmat Mai (West Sepik) and Ati Wobiro (Western), James Lagea (Kagua-Erave), Daniel Mona (Goilala) and John Hickey (Bogia).
They were referred after numerous correspondences were sent to them reminding them of their duty to comply with the organic law.
In his letter to the Chief Ombudsman, Gelu said he was referring the MPs for breaching section 89 of the organic law.
He said it was important that the organic law was upheld so details of election financing were made known.
He added that this would protect the elections and the system from outside or hidden influences as well as stabilise and strengthen the party system.
Gelu said the organic law required winning candidates and parties to lodge their returns and MPs who opted to pay fines were not exonerated from their duties to lodge returns.
Chief Ombudsman Rigo Lua could not be contacted for comment yesterday.


20) New e-registration for landowners

The National, Friday October 10th, 2014

LANDOWNERS will now be properly identified through the Civil Registry division’s electronic registration system soon to be rolled out.
As part of the project, the Civil Registry Incorporated Land Group (ILG) section will be decentralising the system to the provinces and the wards starting with Central, Registrar-General Dickson Kirage says.
“The process now is by November, this ILG unit will now rather than doing entries in this office will be doing entries straight in the field level,” he said.
“The team will now be equipped with the electronic registration kits which are being ordered from China to carry out the project.
“It contains a laptop, a fingerprint scanner, paper scanner and high resolution camera and the team will be equipped with a 1.5-litre generator set.
“Whenever there is a request from any ILG, the team will mobilise to that ILG and on the spot capture the images, verify them using community leaders and chiefs or village court officials.
“The fundamental factor is that although we may know people by face, but we cannot vouch their identity because we were never there when they were born.
As long as there is somebody who is the witness to say that he or she was born into this clan and family and able to verify that, then we will make an entry.
“The team will be mobilised to wherever the request comes from but our biggest challenge is funding to carry out this project. The important thing is that this kind of support is very welcome but then we want to look at other critical areas because I’m now switching the system.
“The dilemma we have now is I need to clear this backlog before switching to the new system, trustworthy identity and authenticating it is a key factor.”

21) Land security vital, NRI official says

The National, Friday October 10th, 2014

CUSTOMARY landowners must be protected and their land secured before any major development takes place, Dr Thomas Webster, director of the National Research Institute and chairman of the National Land Development Programme advisory group, says.
Speaking at the presentation of computers to the Civil Registry division yesterday, Webster said the security was through the registration of customary landowners.
The Central provincial government and people are worried about the proposed highway from Port Moresby to Lae.
“I can recognise their fears and I appreciate that because they are concerned about increased land-grabbing issues as a result of an influx of people into the city.
“That’s a genuine fear but the government needs to protect these landowners – the Motukoita, Central and Gulf landowners – help them to register their ILGs, their land.
“Once their land is secure, we open up the highway and people can come and there will be economic opportunities for the genuine landowners who have the land.
“It’s protected, we and know the boundaries so whoever comes and tries to sell it can be dealt with.
“Before we open up the highways, we need to register the ILGS and register the land. We need to have a big project going out there to help the Gulf, Central and NCD landowners to register the land,” Webster said.
Customary landowners in Lae are being forced out by people from the Highlands and Mamose regions.

22) Central villagers protest over land use

The National, Friday October 10th, 2014

A GROUP of villagers in Central claim that their traditional land has been developed without their approval.
The villagers from Papa staged a peaceful protest yesterday and urged that work on the land by two local companies be stopped.
They claimed that Veadi Holdings Ltd and Konekaru Holdings Ltd were involved in the work on land Portions 2485C and 2465C.
Chairman of the Vane Mata Incorporated Land Group Joseph Baeau said while they welcomed development on their land, they should have been consulted first before work began.
“Our land has been developed without our knowledge,” he said.
“We, as landowners, want them to stop.”
Veadi Holdings managing director Nicky Maraga challenged Baeau to take him to court.


23) PNG rules out lethal injection in hunt for execution method

11 October 2014

Papua New Guinea’s government has ruled out lethal injection as it continues to determine how to apply the death penalty.

While the death penalty has never been outlawed in PNG, the government controversially revived it for violent crimes last year after a string of sorcery-related murders.

The Secretary for Justice and the Attorney General, Lawrence Kalinoe, told a gathering in Southern Highlands that lethal injection had been dropped as an option because of restrictions placed on accessing the drugs needed by the manufacturer.

Mr Kalinoe says a comprehensive report has been submitted to cabinet for it to choose from the remaining options: hanging, electrocution, deprivation of oxygen or firing squad.

The Post Courier reports 13 people are on death row in PNG.RNZI

24) Second Accused In Solomons Health Fund Scandal In Court
Man allegedly stole $1.2 million from Ministry of Health

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Oct. 8, 2014) – A Solomon Islands man accused of stealing nearly one million US dollars of a one point three million dollar health fund has appeared in the Honiara Magistrates Court.

He is 45-years old John Biliki, from Choiseul Province who is the second accused involved in the scandal within the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

The governments of Australia and New Zealand contributed the major portion of the health fund.

Biliki is charged with 15 counts of false pretence and 15 counts of money laundering and stealing from the government.

The Solomon Star newspaper reports the first accused, a taxi driver, is now serving a two and a half year jail term following his guilty plea of two counts of false pretences.

Radio New Zealand International


In a bid to strengthen Fiji’s diplomatic capabilities, the Fijian Government has sent a representative to the 13th Senior Diplomatic Course in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs acting Director of International Cooperation Apolosi Lewaqai joined participants from Cambodia, China, Korea, Palestine, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam at the two-week training.

Fiji’s Ambassador to Indonesia Ratu Tui Cavuilati said the course would provide a good platform for networking among participants. He highlighted that three senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have also carried out this course.

“It is really to upgrade their knowledge in diplomacy and the latest in international relations and politics,” said Ambassador Cavuilati.

He believed this was a good opportunity for aspiring Fijian diplomats given that they would also learn about Indonesia’s foreign policy.

“Overall the course which is conducted at different levels help prepare a diplomat in areas of work commensurate with their level,” he said.

“The basics and the dynamics will help the officials adapt according to their own foreign policy perspectives.”

“The acquaintances struck with other Diplomats help build networks and in the long run satisfies the fundamentals in diplomatic relations which are understanding, respect, friendly and amicable relations.”

Ambassador Cavuilati said the course would greatly assist the Fijian officials and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by having professional diplomats trained who can promote and protect Fiji’s interests abroad.

“The Fiji Mission in Indonesia would like more officials from Fiji to come since we have been a willing partner in such capacity and manpower development programs that our friends offer.”


26) More than 200 still displaced by Vanuatu floods

10 October 2014

243 people in Vanuatu are still in evacuation centres after a record 24 hours rainfall caused flash flooding earlier this week.

Disaster authorities are still assessing the impact of the floods and plans for the official recovery effort.

A National Disaster Management official, Phillip Meto, says six of the seven evacuation centres have already been vacated but the largest remains open in Eratap Village, south-east of Port Vila.

“They have lost all their garden crops and they have lost all their houses. And some houses have not been washed away, but they have been filled with mud and debris and all other stuffs that have been brought in by the floods. So there is lots of things for them not to get back soon to their houses.”

National Disaster Management Official, Phillip Meto.RNZI

27) Tongan Islet, Once Thriving Habitat, Disappears Into The Sea
Is Monuafe Island first victim of climate change?

By Finau Fonua

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Oct. 9, 2014) – The tiny offshore island of Monuafe has eroded and receded into the ocean. It is now a submerged sand bar that appears briefly at low tide – the remnants of a forgotten island, with few knowing that it ever existed.

Twenty-five years ago, Monuafe was a healthy islet that supported a diverse flora of plant life. It was one of many tiny islands that sat in the bay of Nuku’alofa and although the island was small (0.3 km square or half a rugby field) it supported 30 different species of plants including Pandanus and Hibiscus trees. This flora and geography of the island was recorded in a 1990 survey issued by the National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, USA (Ellison).

Today, the rapid erosion of the island can be viewed on Goodle Earth’s historical imagery, a graphic reminder of the rapid rate of change in our environment.

Local photographs of Monuafe Island in early 2002 show a drowning and badly eroded island with a small patch of flora. The photographs taken by Firitia Velt in early 2012 show even more erosion, the island on the verge of going underwater with only a handful of dying plants left. Photographs of the Island at the end of 2012 show the island completely submerged in water with only sand left that appears at low tide. Today in October 2014, we can see in the area that the sand is barely visible, even at low tide.

Illegal sand mining and cyclones have been blamed for the swift erosion of Monuafe. However, Monuafe could be Tonga’s first victim of sea-level rising, as other islands in the area such as Pangaimotu are known to be suffering from coastal erosion.

Rest in peace, Monuafe Island.

Matangi Tonga Magazine

28a ) The Voice of Vanuatu
Peoples from the island of Futuna (a Polynesian-speaking ‘outlier’ in southern Vanuatu) living on Efate have constructed a large traditional sailing canoe (called Ta Reo Vanuatu, The Voice of Vanuatu) to be launched as part of a Pacific-wide voyaging project to help raise Australian and international awareness of looming dangers from climate change to Pacific Islanders and their cultures.

This 4′ 29″ film was published online on 15.9.14 by Island Reach (languages of the film are Futunese and Bislama, with English subtitles):

– an earlier film about earlier stages of the same project was released online 24.5.14 by Island Reach. It lasts 6′ 19″ and is viewable at:

28b) South Pacific flotilla to protest climate change inaction at Australia coal port
Protesters from 12 South Pacific nations plan to block ships entering and leaving Australia’s Port of Newcastle, the world’s largest coal export terminal, this month to highlight effects they say climate change is having on their islands.

28c) Australia’s climate stance savaged at UN summit
Nations big and small have condemned approaches such as those of Australia to climate change

28d) Australia’s 2013 heatwave due to climate change, researchers conclude
Record temperatures in Australia in 2013 were almost certainly caused by man-made climate change, five separate studies have found.

28e) Solar energy could dominate electricity by 2050 – IEA
Solar energy could be the top source of electricity by 2050, aided by plummeting costs of the equipment to generate it, a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the West’s energy watchdog, said on Monday.

28f) Merkel adviser lashes Abbott’s ‘suicide strategy’ on coal
An adviser to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on climate policy has attacked Australia’s complacency on global warming and described the Abbott government’s championing of the coal industry as an economic “suicide strategy”.



Fijian youths who wish to start businesses from next year will be able to access a government grant to assist them in setting up their businesses.

The Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Laisenia Tuitubou said this scheme was aimed at increasing economic participation amongst Fijian youth.

“This Government will from next year provide Start-up Grants to individual and youth clubs to engage in micro-businesses that will stimulate economic growth,” he said.

“This will not only direct benefit youths to start businesses but will also ensure that our youths are given the opportunity to be agents of change in their community.”

He added that the grants would not only be limited to individuals but groups could also work apply for this if they meet the eligibility criteria.

“In a few weeks’ time we will reveal more plans that will directly affect Fijian youths especially in the areas of empowerment,” Hon. Tuitubou said.# DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION/FIJI NEWS SUMMARY/09/10/14


30a) Fiji Pearls coach has firm plans for future

11 October 2014

The new Fiji netball coach, Kate Carpenter, believes a change in playing style could help her team close the gap on the world’s elite nations.

Fiji are currently ranked seventh in the world but, despite a five-year unbeaten run against their Pacific rivals, have struggled to compete when facing teams above them on the standings.

Just getting a match against the top tier is a challenge, with Malawi pulling out of a planned two-test series against the Pearls in November.

Former coach Julie Hoornweg introduced some changes to Fiji’s game-plan earlier this year and Carpenter says she also has some ideas on the way forward.

“We perhaps need to make a few adjustments in our playing style, to meet the demands now of the top teams but also to have a program that’s not just preparing for an event – that is ongoing and we’ve got athletes committed to that program, but we’ve also got [to] build the talent and the pool of athletes, and at the age group levels.”

Kate Carpenter says if Fijian netball is strong locally and domestically then they will be strong internationally as well.RNZI

30b) Plenty to prove for Pacific teams in sevens

11 October 2014
The World Sevens Series kicks off on the Gold Coast this afternoon with plenty to prove for the three Pacific teams in action.

A guaranteed spot at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is also up for grabs for the top four teams over the course of the season.

Fiji have lost some key performers from the team that finished third in the overall standings last season, including World Player of the Year, Samisoni Viriviri.

But with a full pre-season under their belts and players now on full-time sevens contracts, hopes are high the team can add to their solitary World Series title.

Samoa reacted to their disappointing sixth place finish last season by appointing Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua to a second stint in charge of the team.

He guided the Manu to a fourth-placed finish at the Commonwealth Games in July and third place at last weekend’s Oceania Sevens.

Meanwhile neighbours American Samoa will be making their World Series debut on the Gold Coast.

The Talavalu face Kenya in their opening match, with Samoa to begin proceedings against Japan and Fiji up against Scotland.RNZI

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