Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1033 ( Monday 13 October 2014 )


1) Noted PNG journalist dies suddenly

13 October 2014

Eminent Papua New Guinea journalist, Blaise Nangoi, has died suddenly in Bougainville.

Mr Nangoi worked at the Post Courier newspaper for 32 years, becoming its editor for a seven year period and later the general manager.

In June he retired and moved to Buka in Bougainville but the paper reports that he was rushed to hospital at the weekend after falling ill suddenly.RNZI

2) State pumps K2.2m to host for MSG trade roadshow

The National, Monday 13th of October, 2014

 THE state has funded K2.2 million towards the hosting of the second Melanesian Spearhead Group and Trade Investments to be held in Port Moresby next month. 
Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru presented a cheque to the Department of Trade, Commerce and Industry last Thursday.  
He said the event provides an opportunity for Papua New Guinean businesses to market their products to other Melanesian countries.
Maru said an objective of the roadshow was to inform the international market of PNG about manufactured goods.
“We are keen as a country to support more of our manufacturers and companies and institutions trade right throughout MSG countries and the Pacific. Although it’s a small market, the government’s desire is to dominate those markets absolutely.”
Chief executive of PNG manufacturers council Chey Scovell said the roadshow would provide further opportunity for local businesses to identify potential markets for their activities.
“Not only to get business to business links. It’s going to be very beneficial for many companies out there to learn how they can get new business and new markets,” he said.
Maru has appealed to the private sector to partner with the state in hosting the roadshow.
3) Indonesia Security Services Raid Separatist’s Headquarters
Police accuse Free Papua Movement of fomenting fear

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Oct. 13, 2014) – Indonesian police and military officers in Papua have raided the headquarters of the separatist group Free Papua Movement in Papua’s Pantura Yapen district.

A police spokesman, senior commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono, has told the Jakarta Globe the separatist group has long provoked fear among local residents, threatening individuals who did not meet their demands.

He says a special team from Yapen Islands district police approached the headquarters and an exchange of gunfire took place for about 20 minutes.

He says members of the movement managed to escape and fled into the forest, leaving police to seize 20 rounds of ammunition, five firearms, a motorbike and a camouflage uniform found on the premises.

Senior commissioner Hartono says the police are taking steps to anticipate any act of revenge, by deploying more troops at the Angkasera district police station.

[PIR editor’s note: RNZI also reported that ‘There are reports in the West Papuan media that 29 members of the separatist West Papua National Committee, or KNPB, have been arrested by Indonesian government officials. … The group was arrested as Indonesia banned a peaceful protest calling for the release of two French journalist , Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat.’]

Radio New Zealand International 

4) 29 separatists arrested in Papua

13 October 2014

There are reports in the West Papuan media that 29 members of the separatist West Papua National Committee, or KNPB, have been arrested by Indonesian government officials.

The group was arrested as Indonesia banned a peaceful protest calling for the release of two French journalist , Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat.

The local reports say the KNPB members are being detained at the Merauke police station.

The French journalists, who were arrested in August, are expected to be told this week whether they will be charged after being initially held for allegedly misusing their tourist visas.RNZI

5) French President Meets Kanak Pro-Independence Group
Caledonian Union visits Paris after boycotting Noumea Accord talks

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Oct. 13, 2014) – New Caledonia’s main pro-independence party has taken its concerns about the territory’s flawed electoral rolls to the French president.

Francois Hollande has received a delegation of the Caledonian Union after it raised the matter with the United Nations last week and asked it to mediate.

Ten days ago, the Kanak group boycotted the Paris talks of the signatories of the Noumea Accord because of the dispute over the rolls, saying any future vote won’t be fair unless the rolls are properly constituted.

The Noumea Accord restricts voting rights on any independence referendum to long-term residents, with the Caledonian Union accusing France of refusing to implement the agreement to the letter.

The Kanak group says getting proper rolls has been the mother of all battles in every decolonisation case.

It has recently sharpened its rhetoric and cast doubt on the French stance that Paris is impartial in the discussions between the pro- and anti independence camps.

[PIR editor’s note: RNZI reported that ‘An assembly member in New Caledonia’s southern province has sharply criticised the ruling French Socialists after Francois Hollande received pro-independence delegates who a week earlier had boycotted top-level talks in Paris.’]

The French government has said a working group is looking into the make-up of the rolls.

Mr Hollande is due to visit New Caledonia next month.

Radio New Zealand International 

6) Vanuatu daily news digest | 13 October 2014

by bobmakin

  • PM Natuman spoke briefly of his official visits to the United Nations General Assembly and Vietnam on arrival back in the country, VBTC mid-day news reported today. An MoU between the Vanuatu Foreign Minister Sato Kilman and his Vietnamese counterpart was also witnessed by Natuman at the signing ceremony.
  • VBTC News today carried the Deep Sea Mining (DSM) warnings of lawyer Dr Christina Ochea regarding the need for secure contractual agreements between the government and prospecting companies. Dr Ochea was addressing the first DSM consultation last week.
  • VBTC said Ochea advised there should be a government office of professional and dedicated staff to ensure work be more efficient, accountable, transparent and beneficial. There needs to be more public comment, too, she added.
  • Daily Post today has artifact collector Christian Cranois dropping his VT 250 million lawsuit against the Vanuatu Cultural Centre (VKS). Carefully crafted stones he had collected were seized by the Police on VKS orders and held for seven years. A week ago arrangements were put in place by the present VKS Management and Cranois received back in his possession the items he had long ago correctly acquired and paid for.
  • A suggestion from Forestry and the Municipality that Port Vila could become Sandalwood City appeared in Daily Post. It is that townsfolk gardeners should use their spare land to grow the valuable and aromatic hardwood tree. The wood keeps its aromatic quality for years after harvest.
  • Daily Post also refers to the speakers at a New Hebrides National Party rally at the British Paddock (now Independence Park) 40 years ago today which called for the abolition of the Protocol which enabled the Anglo-French Condominium.
  • VBTC News also had MP Robert Bohn insisting the government establish sending workers to the United States and Japan for work on Vanuatu-flagged vessels. He said the government should have bi-lateral agreements to enable such work.

7) Vanuatu daily news digest | 11 October 2014

by bobmakin

  • An item so far missed during the week is the Supreme Court dismissal of the claim of the Fishermen’s Cooperative for emoluments coming to a total of VT 1,510,479,456.The case followed the Commission of Inquiry of the Carcasses Government which produced what has come to be called the Tabisal Report. In his judgement, Justice Fatiaki points out that the amount of the claim is so substantial that to accept it on the basis of the Tabisal Report, without making any further assessments and ascertainment, as the Carcasses Government seemed ready to do, would be irresponsible on the part of the executive arm of government and would be contrary to public policies or the public interest of Vanuatu. “Only a court of law can determine these issues based on relevant admissible evidence,” Fatiaki said. Quite so. The fishermen have been sadly misled over the many years by politicians and representatives of their unions or corporate bodies, and are still a long way from seeing a finality in this matter.
  • And another story missed concerns the development of a coastal fisheries policy which has long been necessary. There is a policy for tuna management, but nothing to cover the management of the shallow water resources which give income to the majority of the country’s fishermen. The initiative of Minister Tosul has been greatly assisted by the Secretariat of the Pcific Community (SPC) and the Fisheries Department.
  • In this weekend’s Independent Robert Bohm, as CEO of Vanuatu Maritime Services Limited (VMSL) holds the government to be “at fault” for not training enough locals to act as crew on international vessels. He also says the government has failed in not having bilateral agreements with the USA or Japan where most of the Vanuatu flagged vessels operate from. [VMSL is headquartered in New York and has a web page devoted to its Japanese opertations (sic)]. This is in answer to Prime Minister Natuman’s complaint that the Vanuatu international shipping registry seems not to provide a beneficial return to the state of which VMSL offers the flag as a convenience.
  • Vanuatu Trade Development Pte Limited (VTDL), which signed the now discounted agreement to build a new airport for the outdated Boeing 747 planes, is still selling its airport expertise. GM John Shing lists their “world renowned experts in the aviation sector” in a leading item in the weekend Daily Post.
  • The Independent says quad bikes and motor bikes will be disallowed in the CBD of Port Vila from November 30.


8) Unions in Tonga threaten strikes over cost of living

13 October 2014U

The trade union representing public servants in Tonga is threatening strike action in a week if the Government does not pay at least six percent cost of living adjustment.

The Public Service Association’s secretary general, Mel Amanaki, claims that in discussions between it and the Cabinet it was agreed the Government would pay this amount.

But she says the Government later reneged, claiming a five percent adjustment made under the previous budget, has to be considered part of the six percent amount.

She says failure to meet the union’s demand will lead to strike action.

Ms Amanaki says the PSA is also pushing for a substantial cost of living adjustment in next year’s budget.RNZI

9) Tonga Commissions First Mammogram Screening Machine
Breast cancer is number one cancer in Tonga

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Oct. 10, 2014) – Tonga’s first mammogram machine was commissioned today October 10 at Vaiola Hospital, and will help the Radiology Unit to detect breast cancer early.

The Australian High Commissioner HE Brett Aldam opened a newly renovated pink mammography room and CR services as part of the Pink October breast cancer awareness month.

Dr ‘Ana ‘Akau’ola, a radiology specialist, said the event celebrated a change over from conventional radiography to computerized radiography.

“This is a very important milestone for Tonga radiology and the addition of these two services means that the radiology in Tonga is now a 21st century practice and one to be proud of.”

She said the mammography services are needed as breast cancer is the number one cancer in Tonga. Statistics showed in 2013 there were 30 newly diagnosed breast cancer cases in Tonga, doubling the incidence for any other kind of cancer diagnosed in the same year.

“Mammography is the single most important tool used in medicine to change breast cancer outcome. It will not affect the incidence of breast cancer, in fact we may find the incidence going up initially as we will be catching more cancers, although hopefully most will be in the early stages. This is well before one feels any lumps in the breast, and this earlier detection means earlier treatment and better chance of cure and survival.”

She said having mammography available will not serve any purpose if the women of Tonga do not use the service.

“It is therefore my plea to the women of Tonga, to please come forward and use the service when it is up and running.”

Mammograms produce a black and white x-ray picture of the breast tissue. When a woman has a mammogram, her breast is briefly compressed or squeezed between two plates attached to the mammogram machine—an adjustable plastic plate (on top) and a fixed x-ray plate or digital detector (on the bottom) that makes the image.


Mr Aldam said this was a significant step forward for the Radiology Unit in Tonga and commended the joint hard work and dedication by all those involved. The Australian Government through its aid program is delighted to continue supporting Tonga’s health sector, he said.

Meanwhile, Christine ‘Uta’atu the treasurer of the Tonga Breast Cancer Inc., said they were first established in 2007 because they wanted to help raise awareness of the disease and advocate for women to come forward and receive proper medical treatment.

“It’s now eight-years since then and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We are happy to have contributed, even if it’s in a small way, to the mammography machine. Our increasing awareness of the disease and the Health Department’s commitment to combat it and other non-communicable diseases will hopefully save lives.”

The equipment was donated by Lake Imaging of Ballarat, the fourth largest private radiology group in Australia, through the Tonga Health Sector Support Project funded by the Australian Government. Chris Proctor of Lake Imaging was in Tonga for the presentation. The Breast Cancer Society renovated and furnished the new unit.

Matangi Tonga Magazine


10) Pending Loss Of Foreign Worker Visas Worries Guam Hospital
5-year exemption to nation-wide cap on visas set to expire

By Shawn Raymundo

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Oct. 13, 2014) – The pending loss of visas for foreign laborers could affect Guam Memorial Hospital’s plan to start an exchange program with a hospital in the Philippines, GMH Administrator Joseph Verga said.

“Quite frankly I’m worried about the cap of visas on Guam,” Verga said. “That’s going to complicate things further if we don’t get the extensions.”

Without the visa exemptions, the process to get physicians becomes even more complicated, Verga said, adding that the doctors could do visiting lectures but would not be able to work in Guam.

“We use a lot of H-1B physicians and if we didn’t have it, Guam would be short a lot of physicians,” he said. “It will make a complex situation a little more difficult.”

GMH currently has four doctors and a registered dietitian with H-1B visa status on staff. Two more doctors have already signed contracts to work for the hospital and are preparing to move to the island, GMH spokeswoman June Perez said.

She added that the six doctors’ and the dietician’s visas are secure and are not in danger of being sent back to their home countries.

Since GMH and St. Luke’s Hospital in the Philippines established a partnership in August to improve health care for Guam’s patients, one goal of the two hospitals was to set up a specialist exchange so doctors at St. Luke’s who have a license to practice medicine in the U.S. could work in Guam.

“The partnership will definitely be impacted,” Perez said. “Their ability to come to Guam will be greatly hampered if the (visa exemption) is not addressed.”

More In4 : Pacific Daily News 


11) MEDIA RELEASE – 11th October 2014


Wantok Solomon Islands 2014

Venue: National Museum of Solomon Islands, Honiara, Solomon Islands.  Dates – 28th November to 1st December 2014

Australian South Sea Islanders (ASSI) are the largest Melanesian community living outside of the Pacific Islands, and they have survived considerable adversity. ASSI people believe that they can and must inspire and educate their communities and youth, particularly, instilling a much needed pride and dignity within their people and set a fine example of cultural healing on a national and global stage.  

In 2013 the Australian South Sea Islanders (Port Jackson) applied for funding from the Christensen Fund which is a philanthropic organisation that believes in the power of biological and cultural diversity to sustain and enrich a world faced with great change and uncertainty. Their support will assist greatly the much needed trust building between the Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) communities and their Pacific Islander communities of origin.

This will be achieved through maintaining an on-going dialogue and sharing of information through workshops relating to ASSI/ Pacific Islands sustainable cultures, land and sea traditions, history preservation and lifestyles.

Emelda Davis, president says …. ‘ASSI.PJ are grateful to the Christensen fund and it will be an absolute honour to be working with the Solomon Island community of which I have had the pleasure in meeting earlier this year when I spoke at the opening of their International Museum Day celebrations for the launch of a magnificent Blackbirding exhibition. Day two hosted an important symposium where Prof. Clive Moore, Clacy Fatnowna and myself shared in a robust debate on dispossession and finding families and the much needed reconnection for our communities through self determination.

This is a big collaborative challenge for all as its an international platform and the objective will be to communicate affectively in working in with the museum staff and the many participants that will be attending in order to establish and sustain positive and meaningful relationships.’

Graham Mooney, who will also participate in the workshop, says… ‘I hale from Mackay in far north Queensland, which is home to our largest ASSI / Solomon Island descent community. I have both Aboriginal and South Sea Islander ancestry from my father and mother’s lines. My father was brought up strictly in Solomon Islander culture and still speaks pijin today. I was given the role as our biological family historian both on my father’s (Percival Mooney (senior) ancestry and lineage into the Solomon Islands and my mother’s (Jessie Darr) ancestry and lineage into my Vanuatu heritage.

This will be my first time to visit the Solomon’s in my over 60 years. Our great grandfather, Kwailiu, and great grandmother, Orrani were brought to Queensland as indentured workers to grow sugarcane in Innisfail in far North Queensland. They came from Fataleka, Malaita, Solomon Islands in 1888. My father’s lineage as a Solomon Islander comes through his mother Cecily Fatnowna, the youngest daughter of Kwailiu and Orrani.’

The workshops will effectively share history, screen culture, skills and knowledge from an ASSI cultural engagement and skills exchange-learning. We have created source materials for use in the workshops and later to be used by participants to spread further understanding to their communities. The two largest set of materials are a chronological history of the development of the ASSI community, and a short thematic history of key aspects of our past, including the voyages to Australia.

The workshops significant historical content will be supported by University of Queensland’s Professor Clive Moore – an accomplished Pacific Island / ASSI historian who is considered a son of the Solomons and also speaks fluent Solomon Pijin. In 1976 he was adopted into the Rakwane family in east Fataleka, Malaita Island, Solomon Islands. 2005 also saw Prof. Moore receive the highest order from the Solomon Government for his history work on Malaita Island, ‘A Cross of Solomon Islands’.

The Solomon Islands National Museum and the ASSI.PJ would like to encourage the Solomon descendants and ASSIs to participate in the four day workshop from 28th Nov to 1st Dec 2014 to share in Solomon Island culture, identity and reconnect with community and families, which is the basis of the workshops in creating and maintaining a shared history through grass roots perspectives in story. The workshop will be hosted in collaboration with the Solomon Islands National Museum Director Tony Heorake his staff and community leaders as well as Danny Togo, Emelda Davis from ASSI.PJ and Graham Mooney.

ASSI HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Australia’s Pacific Islands indentured labour trade, often called a new form of slavery, was initiated illegally in 1847, 167 years ago, by Benjamin Boyd an entrepreneur-adventurer who over two voyagers coerced 122 Melanesian labourers, including three women, to the Australian township of Eden on the south coast of NSW. Boyd’s attempts were seen as a human disaster. Other Pacific Islander indentured labourers were brought to Torres Strait onwards from 1860.

Then on 14 August 1863, 151 years ago, 67 men from Maré and Lifu in the Loyalty Islands (now part of New Caledonia), and Tanna and Sandwich (Efate) Islands in the New Hebrides (now part of Vanuatu) were landed in Brisbane and began walking from upstream in the Brisbane River, near present-day Goodna, to Robert Towns’ Townsvale cotton plantation on the Logan River, 57 km away. Don Juan, the ship that brought them to Queensland, arrived in Moreton Bay on 14 August.

They worked on the first of 62,475 indenture contracts issued for Pacific Islanders as labourers in Queensland between 1863 and 1904. Ninety-five per cent of these were males, some no more than teenage boys. By law, they should have been aged 16 years old, but we know that younger teenagers also participated. There were very few women, only about 5 per cent. These Pacific Islands labourers came from present-day Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji, Kiribati and Tuvalu. Solomon Islanders did not join this trade in human labour until 1871. They were recruited as labourers in difficult circumstances, suffered racism, high death rates and then were ordered to be deported in 1901 by the new Australian Commonwealth government.

From the 9,000 living in Australia in 1901 a small community remained, around 2,000. Most were single aging males who died between the 1920s and 1960s, but a sufficient number of families remained that has now built up a community of an estimated 40,000. The difficulty in calculating the size is due to the lack of government focus on census and community education that strategically addresses our indigenous family connections in Australia.

Australian South Sea Islanders fall between two stools: about one-third of ASSI have indigenous ancestry, and about one-half of Torres Strait Islanders have some South Sea Islander ancestry, but they are proudly Australia’s original Pacific Islanders. And the circumstances of their arrival and treatment in Australia are still being played out among disadvantaged members of the community. When they were first brought to Australia, many by quite illegal methods, there were no European-imposed international borders in what are now Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji, Tuvalu or Kiribati. These were created in the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s. Australia, through Queensland and New South Wales, regarded the island around the Coral Sea as their domain to exploit.

Today, ASSI are not Indigenous and are no longer regarded as Australian immigrants, yet many are still as disadvantaged as Indigenous Australians or some recent immigrants who receive substantial assistance.

For more information on MEDIA accommodation / transport and program content:
Emelda Davis
·      M: 0416300946
·      E: [email protected]

Historical facts:

indentured labour trade akin to slavery of South Sea Islanders occurred between 1847 – 1908 (starting in NSW)
estimate 55,000 men & some women taken … saw some Islands reaped of their entire male population.
25 to 30% = 15,000 died due to lack of immunity & maltreatment in very large numbers
deceased estate wages paid for the Commonwealth Govt. White Australia Policies inhumane mass deportation of over 7,000 SSIs
there are an estimated 40,000 surviving descendants today

(Waskam) Emelda Davis – National ASSI Governance Working Group member
President – Australian South Sea Islanders (Port Jackson) Limited
PO Box 117, Pyrmont SYDNEY NSW 2009
email: [email protected]
mobile: 0416300946
phone: 61.2.95188981 

watch video: ABC TV Late Line

watch video: Wantok 2012 National Conference – Bundaberg Queensland

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12) PNG Helt na edukeisan na risosas winmoni

Updated 13 October 2014, 12:17 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Igat askim olsem PNG imas putim bikpla moni long ol risosas long stretim wok blong Helt na Edukeisan long kantri.

Odio: Paul Barker Executive direkta blong Institute of National Afeas long PNG itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Gavman blong Papua New Guinea imas iusim sampla winmoni blong LNG na ol narapla risosas long stretim gut ken ol bikpla sevis olsem Helt na Edukeisan.

Despla em toktok blong Executive direkta blong Institute of national afeas long PNG, Paul Barker bihaenim ol ripot olsem papa blong LNG projek ExxonMobil PNG Ltd ibin salim planti moa gas igo long ol narapla kantri long wik igo pinis.

Ol wok blong Edukeisan na Helt iwok long bungim planti heve long ol despla yia igo pinis we planti pipal iwok long dai nating long wonem helt sistam i bagarap.

Mr Barker itok tu olsem mak blong edukeisan igo daon tru na planti sumatin ino skul gut.

Planti pipal tu long PNG iwok long tok olsem ol haus sik iwok long bagarap, na ino gat marasin long lukautim gut ol sikman-meri na pikinini.


13) L’actu calédonienne en bref de ce lundi 13 octobre 2014

Par Michel Voisin (avec A.P)
Publié le 13/10/2014 | 09:44, mis à jour le 13/10/2014 | 13:14

L’essentiel de l’actualité en Nouvelle-Calédonie de ce lundi 13 octobre 2014.

Thio: trois morts et un blessé grave lors d’une sortie de route

Un dramatique accident de la circulation a eu lieu ce lundi matin à 8h à Thio. Une sortie de route qui se solde par un très lourd bilan: trois morts et un blessé dans un état grave qui a été évacué sur le CHT Gaston Bourret.
Voir notre article ici.

Aircal: retour à la normale à Maré

Les Maréens peuvent désormais rejoindre leur île pour les vacances sans trop de difficulté. 
Avec le retour du beau temps ce samedi, Air Calédonie a repris ses rotations à destination de Maré. De son côté l’aviation civile a terminé les réparations de la radio balise défectueuse de l’aérodrome de La Roche. Désormais, les avions peuvent à nouveau atterrir même par mauvais temps.
Aircal devrait ce lundi programmer une rotation supplémentaire.  
Un grave accident à Dumbéa

Une voiture qui tombe de l’un des ponts de l’échangeur de Kenu in sur la voie express.
A son bord trois occupants qui ont été évacués sur l’hôpital Gaston Bourret
L’un d’eux  serait grièvement blessé. (Voir notre article publié dimanche).
Un homme roué de coups à la Baie des Citrons

Un homme a été violemment frappé tôt dimanche matin à la Baie des Citrons. Il était assoupi dans sa voiture quand un jeune lui a réclamé une cigarette.
Ensuite le malheureux a été violemment agressé par six mineurs accompagnés d’un jeune de 21 ans. Tous ont été interpellés et placés en garde à vue. Deux d’entre eux devront rendre des comptes à la justice.
Octobre rose

La caravane d’Octobre rose était à La Foa oa et a Bourail ce week-end. L’opération  de sensibilisation de la ligue contre le cancer, s’est déplacée en Brousse, pour rappeler la nécessité de la prévention. A Bourail et à La Foa, le rose était donc de rigueur…Cette couleur symbolise les pathologies qui affectent les femmes, y compris le tabagisme qui reste la principale cause de mortalité sur le Territoire.
La prochaine  opération de sensibilisation de la ligue contre le cancer ce sera samedi prochain devant les grandes surfaces de Nouméa et dimanche une journée récréative sera organisée au Kuendu Beach à Nouville.

Clôture du Silo

La 11e édition du Silo a refermé ses portes dimanche. Pendant quatre jours, de nombreux auteurs calédoniens, métropolitains et étrangers ont pu échanger avec un public venu nombreux au rendez-vous.
Rencontres, ateliers, conférences et projections auront rythmé l’événement, tandis que la librairie installée pour l’occasion n’a pas désempli. L’édition 2015 du Silo sera organisée à Poindimié.

14) Bougainville health workers get mental health training

13 October 2014

There are plans for health workers in rural areas of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea to receive basic mental health training.

Last week Bougainville’s health minister, Rose Pihei, said more help is needed for those affected by mental health issues and trauma caused by the Bougainville crisis.

The director of medical services at Buka hospital, Dr. Barnabas Mapanu, says as in most post-conflict regions, mental health services are very much needed.

He says there are minimal resources to assist people, but he chairs a mental health steering committee which is looking to provide more training for health workers.

“We are able to train people who can recognise people affected by mental health initial complications, within the community. So that we can be dealing with this right in the community instead of focussing them right in the hospital setting.”

Dr. Barnabas Mapanu says it is important to have trained rural health workers, as it is often too expensive for patients to travel to the hospital to seek help.RNZI

15) China donates medical gear to hospital

The National, Monday 13th October, 2014

 PRE-BIRTH scans can now be done at the Port Moresby General Hospital, thanks to the Chinese Embassy for donating a new ultra-scan machine.
The donations included medical equipment and pharmaceutical products.
Chinese Ambassador to PNG Li Ruiyou presented the equipment and products costing about K115,000 to hospital chief executive Grant Muddle last Friday. A Chinese medical team working in the hospital was present. 
Dr Paisen Dakulala represented the Health Department. 
“It is a way to promote exchange and cooperation in the medical health sectors of both countries and further strengthen that relationship,” Ruiyou said.
Muddle thanked Ruiyou, his staff and the people of China for their assistance. He thanked the PNG Health Ministry for a partnership with the Chinese Government that enabled their medical specialists to work with local specialists in the city.
“Our local medical officials are learning more from Chinese medical experts since working with them in 2011 on a two-year contract that was signed with the Health Department. 
“Those who arrived this year, will be leaving while a new lot will come for the next two years,” Muddle said.
Dakulala, the deputy secretary for Health Service Standards, was grateful to the Chinese Embassy for providing oxytocin.
“This much-needed injection will save more mothers during child birth at Port Moresby General Hospital,” Dakulala said.


16) Lagea joins PNC, brings Govt number to 64

The National, Monday 13th October, 2014

 KAGUA-Erave MP James Lagea has joined the ruling People National Congress party of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
It brings the Government’s strength in Parliament to 64, making it the biggest political party in the nation.
Lagea told the Southern Highlands provincial assembly in Mendi last Friday that he had joined the PNC party on September 23 to team up with the five MPs from the province who were all with O’Neill.
Lagea was a member of the People United Assembly party led by Hela Governor Anderson Agiru.
Lagea said his move was in the best interest of the people of Kagua-Erave and the province to support O’Neill in his leadership of the country. Southern Highlands Governor William Powi thanked the people of Kagua-Erave and Lagea for joining the party.
He said it was timely for all members of Hela and Southern Highlands to support and rally behind O’Neill.
“We have to join hands and rally behind our leader to provide the much needed services to the people of PNG,” he said.
“Our fathers provided free labour to build this nation and we have continued to build the economy of this country for the past 25 years with our oil and will continue to support the economy for the next 40 years with our gas.

17) Solomons ‘People First Party’ Launches Election Campaign
Motto of new party is ‘Leave No One Behind’

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, Oct. 12, 2014) – The People First Party has launched its first National Campaign today at the National Museum Auditorium.

The party’s motto is ‘Leave No One Behind’ and the party’s vision and strategies for Solomon Islands stretches out to 2050.

Speaking at the launch this afternoon, party leader Dr Jimmie Rodgers says, the People First Party wants to empower people of Solomon Islands through putting the people first and empowering the constituencies.

“Within that long term vision 2050 there will be four years or five year plans. Why is it important to have a vision 2015 because it sets the stage for the country that you want to have, the kind of people, the kind of education, the kind of health, the kind of private sector, the kind of churches that supports our government. That’s the country that we want to aim for.”

Meanwhile on tourism, Dr Rodgers says the industry is the answer to Solomon Islands’ economy when the logging industry ends.

“Successive governments have not invested in tourism, we only want money to come. We expect our small operators, eco-tourist people to suffer and struggle, submitting their proposals to MPs who refused to sign them. As a government they have not got a plan to invest massively. For tourism to grow in this country and it can replace logging, but for it to grow we need to spend, we need to invest in tourism like we’ve never invested before.”

SIBC News understands, another Political Party, the United Democratic Party also launched its national election campaign in a separate event in Honiara today.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation

18) Role of military debated in Fiji Parliament

13 October 2014

The role of the military has come under debate in Fji’s parliament as the Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, paid tribute to the military for standing by him as commander.

FBC News reports Mr Bainimarama telling parliament that history will eventually make its own pronouncements of the 2006 coup, but the military could not stand by and watch Fiji be destroyed by corruption and nepotism.

He said that the military he led came to the conclusion that the fabric of the nation was unraveling and that nobody wanted to remove elected citizens, saying he had no choice but to undertake what he called radical intervention.

However, the opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa said the military’s been involved in every coup in Fiji’s history, and called on the new commander to return it to a professional and disciplined force committed to the defence of the people and not against them.RNZI

19) Fiji Opposition Leader Gives Maiden Speech To Parliament
Ro Teimumu: Fijians have had no say in country since 2006 coup

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Oct. 13, 2014) – The presence of an opposition in the Fijian Parliament is a victory against all odds for many Fijians who have not had a say in the running of the country since the December 5, 2006 takeover, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa said in her maiden speech in the new Parliament today.

Ro Teimumu said an air of optimism surrounds Fiji today with the people’s expectation varying depending on which side of the house a representative sits.

“For ourselves since December 5, 2006, where we’ve had no voice, we were invisible, we were a non entity we were not even second class citizens and we had very little rights,” Ro Teimumu said.

“Today almost eight years later all 18 of us in opposition, have been given a voice, we’re visible once again madam speaker.” She said the opposition looks forward to the restoration of the rights of the people of Fiji.

“We now look forward to the restoration of our rights, most of all for the thousands of people who voted for us, now we can debate our country’s laws and to take us forward to hopefully true democracy.”

[PIR editor’s note: Fijilive reported that ‘Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has urged the opposition to always put the interest of the nation, especially youths, above political differences when deliberating on policies in the Fijian Parliament. In his maiden speech as head of the Fijian Government in parliament today, Bainimarama acknowledged the role of the opposition to keep the government in check, but also called on them to keep in mind their roles in the interest of the Fijian people at large and “to provide more assistance to the disadvantaged.”’]



20) Apology

The National, Monday 13th October, 2014

 ON Feb 10 2011, we published an article entitled ‘Land sale lands lawyers in trouble’. 
The article referred to Kapu Rageau, Lionel Manua and Hubert Kikira of the firm Rageau Manua & Kikira Lawyers and stated that they had been arrested and charged with fraud over a matter in which the firm had acted regarding the transfer of a property from Bless Corporation to Kutubu Security Services Ltd.
The article stated that the three lawyers had been charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
The National acknowledges that the article was inaccurate as none of the lawyers were charged with fraud. 
Only Rageau and Kikira were charged with one count each of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Manua was not charged with any offence.
The National understands that the charges against Rageau and Kikira were found to be without legal basis and were subsequently dismissed by the court.
Accordingly, The National sincerely apologises to Rageau, Manua and Kikira for the distress and embarrassment they have suffered.


21) Maru: Tap into West Papua market

The National, Monday 13th of October, 2014

 PAPUA New Guinea is eyeing closest neighbour West Papua for investment and trade opportunities, Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru says.
He told a media conference in Port Moresby last Thursday that West Papua was an untapped market which PNG could pursue investments.
“One area that we (state) want to tap into is West Papua. West Papua has a bigger population compared to ours.”
He urged organisers of the second Melanesian Spearhead Group investment roadshow to invite West Papua to Port Moresby for next month’s event.
“They must come in and take stalls and we talk about what goods we can buy from them.
“We (PNG) must use this trade fair to now looking at how we can export our goods there as well.
West Sepik provincial administrator had said more than 90% of services and products being sold in Vanimo were brought across the border.
It is understood that food items, clothing and electrical appliances from Jayapura, Indonesia among the cheapest to buy and bring into the country.

22) PNG aggressive in Melanesian markets

The National, Friday October 10th, 2014

PAPUA New Guinea has been aggressive with its investments in other Melanesian countries in the Pacific, Business Council of Papua New Guinea executive director Douveri Henao says.
He highlighted that the country had the potential to continue to do so not only in trading of goods and product but in areas of services as well.
Henao made the statement yesterday – relating to Bank South Pacific’s (BSP) investment in the Solomon Islands and Fiji and the Mineral Resources Development Company’s (MRDC) investment in the Pearl Resort, in Fiji.
He said as such, the businesses needed political backing to drive their investments further and grow in their respective markets and sectors.
“These investments do require overall protection from the Papua New Guinea government.
“What do they need to be protected from?
“They need to be protected from government policies that may undermine future expansion and future activities undertaken by the ambition of PNG service investors. 
However, Henao added that: “Even without the rules of protecting our businesses via an agreement they (businesses) went further and invested in the Fiji market and the Solomon islands market.
He said that indicates that our businesses were willing to take on the risks and thrive in their respective markets.
“We have had an uptake of small enterprises in the financial lending market, both in the Solomons and in Fiji. 
“This sort of movement is an indication that there is an appetite for Papua New Guinea businesses to go deeper into Melanesia,” Henao said. 
Meanwhile, Henao said the role that Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru was playing in taking part in the expansion of trade agreements from goods to services was commendable. 
“The role that the minister will be part-taking in the expansion of the trade agreement from goods to services, even without the existence of a services chapter, services agreement in the MSG (Melanesian Spearhead Group), PNG businesses has been much more aggressive in the Melanesian sectors.”
23) PNG invests K300m in Fiji

The National, Monday 13th of October, 2014

 TWELVE companies from Papua New Guinea have investments totalling almost K300 million (F$218.7 million) in Fiji, led by Bank South Pacific, according to High Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca.
He told Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and guests at the Fiji Day celebrations in Port Moresby on Friday that Fiji exports to PNG rose from F$19 million (K24 million)  in 2010 to around F$63 million (K79.74 million) last year.
He said PNG exports to Fiji “had little movement remaining around the F$7 million (K8.86 million) mark during that period”. “However PNG investments into Fiji rose between 2002 and 2013 with 12 companies now investing in Fiji with a total of F$218.7million (K300 million) with BSP, Grand Pacific Hotel Ltd and Pearl South Pacific Resort, leading the way,” he said.
He said the Melanesia Spearhead Group trade show in Port Moresby next month “marks another milestone in MSG, PNG and Fiji relations”.
“More broadly, the Fijian and PNG governments with our respective private sectors share a bold vision, which is a truly integrated Pacific, pursuing common goals that grow our economies, increase our regional and global influence and, benefit all our peoples,” he said.
“This transformation has been staggering over the years. The MSG has moved from a three-item list on our trade schedule (tinned fish, sugar and beef) to trade in thousands of goods and service. This has surpassed even our most optimistic expectations.
“PNG-Fiji relationship is now on such solid ground that trying times, both recent and ahead, must not be able to shake. Such a friendship was forged all those years long ago with the early missionaries and the legacy they left behind.”

24) Owners want shares

The National, Friday October 10th, 2014

 MAJOR shareholders of Airlines PNG yesterday said they wanted new shares to increase their stake in the airline firm.
Airlines PNG confirmed receiving requests from Ok Tedi Landowners, Fly River provincial government, Mineral Resources Development Company and NASFUND to increase their respective shareholdings.
This new investment is in response to a decision by Airlines PNG’s board to recapitalise the company and set it on a path to financial security and growth.
As an integral part of the overall restructuring of the airline’s ownership, the company’s founder and major shareholder Sir John Wild has agreed to the majority of his shares in the airline being cancelled, thereby making way for the increased shareholding by institutional shareholders.
Sir John said: “In order to ensure the long term sustainability of Airlines PNG and facilitate further capital raising by the company I am happy to gift a significant portion of my shares back to the airline. This fulfills a dream of mine to see the airline majority owned for the people of PNG and strongly positioned to carry on its services to the country.”
Following the buy-back of Sir John shares and the issue of new shares, Airlines PNG will be majority owned by PNG institutions. 
Existing shareholders in the company will be given the opportunity to increase their holdings on similar terms to those agreed with the institutional investors.
The airline continues its focus on providing safe, high quality, competitive regular passenger services to the people of PNG. 
Airlines PNG’s chief executive Muralee Siva said: “Our commitment to serving the needs of the PNG travelling public remains the cornerstone of our operations. 
“With greater involvement now from institutional shareholders and the continued support of the people we will ensure much needed competition in air transportation services is available to assist in developing this great country.”
Over recent years APNG has restructured its business by focusing on the domestic market, where it has expanded its regular passenger services significantly. 
It remains uniquely placed to capitalise on opportunities in the aviation charter market as significant contracts in the resource sector are awarded.
25) Investment increases

Ropate Valemei
Saturday, October 11, 2014

TOTAL investment in Fiji has reached the highest level, since the 1980s, with last year totalling 29 per cent of gross domestic product, says Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism permanent secretary Shaheen Ali.

Speaking at the US Inbound Mission seminar in Suva, Mr Ali said this investment growth had been led by private sector investment and a large portion of that was attributed to foreign direct investment.

“Investor confidence is evidenced through increased lending by the commercial banks, which is at an all-time high — a 17 per cent increase to $4billion,” Mr Ali said.

He said the positive growth trajectory would be maintained and supported by increasing levels of public and private investment.

“Over the past five years the Fijian economy has grown steadily at an average rate of 3.2 per cent per year, with 2013 recording the highest ever growth of 4.6 per cent — the 2014 forecast is 3.8 per cent.

“This compared to the US economy, which is expected to expand by 1.9 per cent and the recent downgrading by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of the global growth to 3.4 per cent from the initially expected 3.6 per cent growth.”

He said Fiji’s growth estimates were supported by organisations such as the IMF, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

“Fiji offers the best corporate tax rate, streamlined income tax and tax free regions offering up to 20 years tax free benefits.

“More land is available for investment with long-term lease and the minimum investment requirement of $250,000 has been removed.

He said the Fijian Government was also making an unprecedented level of investment in key infrastructure such as roads, bridges, ports and airports across Fiji.

“Good roads, easy access to market and adequate port facilities are the basic necessities for the growth of trade,” he said.


26) Court kicks out Kiwis

The National, Monday 13th October, 2014

THE Boroko District Court last Friday fined father and son Michael and James Orphan from New Zealand and were ordered to return to their country immediately after being convicted on a visa-related charge last Friday.
James, 30, and Graham Orphan, 57, pleaded guilty to their charges, James on one count of entering the country without a visa and Graham for disregarding an obligation imposed on him by Immigration.
The court heard that the two had entered the country following a request by Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture Boka Kondra for work on a project called Historic Aircraft Restoration. 
The court heard that on Oct 2 both defendants left Brisbane for Port Moresby on Air Niugini.
However, the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority (PNGICSA) discovered that James did not have a valid visa.
PNGICSA officer arranged for his return to Cairns the same day but he missed the flight during interrogation.
Since there was no immigration detention facility, Graham stepped in to take care of him for the night and bring him to the airport the next day for his return to Australia.
The court heard that James got on a charted plane to Waitape, Central,  to see the WWII plane as described in the project by Kondra.
As a result, his father was arrested for not keeping his word to make sure his son was brought to the airport the next day.
Magistrate Tracy Ganaii said by law a person should not remain in the country without a valid visa and ordered that a penalty of a fine be imposed on both.
The court ordered that both defendants pay a fine of K2500 each and their bail money of K5000 each  be converted to the fine. 
The court further ordered that both should return to Australia immediately.

27) JICA helps locals with road

The National, Monday 13th of October, 2014

 THE people of Kuta, in Western Highlands, have thanked Japan for funding the repairing of a seven-kilometre road, allowing vehicles to reach their villages again.
The road, from the Welia border market to Kuta, was cut off by a huge landslide at Piprepeng.
Since the landslide, people were forced to walk with their cargo to and from Mt Hagen.
The Japanese International Cooperation Agency, with the support of the Works Department, gave K2 million to fix the road.
A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Friday at the Kunguma Primary School at Kuta outside Mt Hagen and was attended by JICA team leader Hisashi Muto, deputy Works secretary John Ame, first assistant secretary Andrew Buna and JICA officials.
Muto said under the grant aid project, the Works Department and JICA would start technical cooperation project for capacity development on road maintenance.
“During the project period, JICA experts are planning to conduct the support of revision and development of heavy equipment user manuals and training materials,” he said.
“They will provide operators, mechanics and civil engineering in the four provincial works office with on-the-job training and training for trainers for enhancing the capacity of road maintenance.”
28) PNG, EU to build on ties

The National, Monday 13th October, 2014

 THE partnership between Papua New Guinea and the European Union has contributed significantly to infrastructure expansion, skills and capacity development in rural areas.
It includes the strengthening of the health sector and the rehabilitation of cocoa and coffee projects in some provinces. 
The evolution of this relationship was discussed during a courtesy call to the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, by the head of the EU delegation in PNG, Ambassador Martin Dihm, in Port Moresby last week.
“More products that are made in Papua New Guinea are being sold in European countries than ever before and European technical expertise and equipment are being deployed throughout our resources sector,” O’Neill said.
“PNG and the EU have a bilateral trade agreement that enables free access of products to the European market. 
“This access to Europe is particularly beneficial for Papua New Guinea’s export of palm oil products as well as fisheries products.” 
He said the EU was PNG’s second largest development partner.
29) Solomons’ wharf project at second stage

13 October 2014

Work to upgrade and rehabilitate the Susubona wharf on Santa Isabel in Solomon Islands is underway.

It is the latest stage in the comprehensive Domestic Maritime Support Project which is funded by the Asian Development Bank and the aid programmes of Australia and New Zealand.

Under the scheme five wharves and a landing ramp are being improved with the aim of enhancing economic opportunities.

At Susubona the work will involve the demolition of the existing wharf head and causeway and the construction of a new reinforced concrete wharf head, which will be raised to minimise erosion caused by waves and debris.

A new causeway made of salvaged rock coral material will also be built.RNZI


30) Pacific canoes sail off to Australia tomorrow

Monday, October 13, 2014

Update: 1:30PM CREW members of the three vaka (Fiji’s Uto ni Yalo, Cook Island’s Marumaru Atua and Samoa’s Gaualofa) will this afternoon be part of a handover ceremony by the National Sailing Centre before their departure.

According to the media officer handling the movements of the crew members, Dwain Qalovaki, the handover at Suva Point is the result of support which has recently come in from Fijian business sectors.

The Pacific canoes are expected to sail off from Suva tomorrow morning, bound for Australia.

31) PNG is aware of damaging effects of climate change

The National, Monday 13th October, 2014

 TREASURY Minister Patrick Pruaitch has told members of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group in Washington about the difficulties of addressing climate change in PNG.
“We are particularly aware of its damaging environmental and economic effects in Papua New Guinea with some claims that our country has had the first climate change refugees from the remote Cataret islands near Bougainville,” he said.
He said the IMF was continuing to emphasise the macroeconomic implications and the importance of getting energy prices right, most recently through the release of a “toolkit” to help members ensure that they were pricing energy responsibly.
“This is extremely challenging and important for a country like PNG where almost 90% of households do not have electricity and is certainly part of a poverty trap,” he said. “The IMF toolkit is to help users with a practical methodology to quantify environmental damage and to better assess the benefits of policy reform.”
Pruaitch said that the World Bank Group had increased its support for disaster and climate resilient development in Small Island Developing States from US$145 million (K362.5 million) a year to about US$190 million (K475 million). 
“The initiative will serve the unique needs of small islands with tailored four technical expertise and funding to build resilience and deal with the impacts of climate change.”


32) Solomons to go before UN Committee

 13 October 2014

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Women, Youth and Children’s Affairs is preparing to go before the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

The country ratified the convention in 2002 but has since been struggling to keep up with reporting to the UN.

The Ministry’s Gender Equality and Womens Development Policy Coordinator, Vaela Devesi, says the country is now up to date with its reports and the upcoming meeting is to get feedback and suggestions on the way forward for Solomon Islands.

In 2012 the World Bank rated Solomon Islands as the worst country in the World for domestic violence saying 64 percent of women reported experiencing domestic violence.

Mrs Devesi says being party to CEDAW is important for the women of Solomon Islands.

“Even down to the community level they can, they can have their say and telling the government. This is what we are facing this is what needs to be done and having it as part of law, laws that protect women.”

Gener Policy Coordinator Vaela Devesi.RNZI


33) Adoring fans stun Aussies

The National, Monday 13th of October, 2014

 MADNESS and mayhem. It was organised chaos in Kokopo.
Never before have NRL players witnessed the remarkable scenes encountered in Papua New Guinea yesterday afternoon.
It was a day like never before for the PM’s XIII, who played the Mal Meninga-coached PNG Kumuls.
Thousands of fans swarmed over the team minibus as it neared and left the ground — unbelievable moments, which bordered on frightening.
They banged on the side of the bus and tried to open windows. Most wore old clothes but smiled widely, their teeth red from chewing betel nut.
Players had massages and changed into full playing kit at their hotel, Rapopo Plantation Resort, on the east coast of East New Britain.
The ground was about three kilometres away, fans lining the streets waving and honking horns. A police escort with siren blaring only added to the drama.
The dirt road leading into the ground was insane.
Fans were there waiting five-deep in the hope of seeing, or touching, their NRL heroes. They surged toward the bus.
Those that hadn’t been to this amazing country previously were shocked.
Everywhere the team bus drove, fans stood on the side of the road, patiently. They waved with vigour.
Kalabond Stadium doesn’t have dressing rooms. Players hoped off the bus and were ushered under an old tin grandstand straight onto the field for warm-up before a 3pm kick-off.
About 7000 fans somehow crammed into the venue in stinking heat. Thousands milled around outside the ground. The joint was heaving.
They were excited and loud. Fans were banging on the metal seats, making a hell of a din.
Their deep groans increased tenfold when they saw any players they admired. Roosters Daniel Tupou has been the hit of this tour. ‘Too-po, too-po’ they yell.
A shy Tupou smiled, a little overwhelmed.
The night before the game, players had a swim at the team resort. As Tupou was about to jump in, teammates mimicked the locals, saying: ‘Too-po, Too-po.’
Security was heavy although there weren’t many rules on Sunday afternoon. Anything went.
Fans were literally everywhere, some even scaled light poles, others up trees. They must have been 30 metres in the air. Dangerous but unconcerned.
Each time PNG made a break, the noise level increased to deafening.
After the game, players were rushed straight back onto the team bus otherwise they would have literally been mobbed.
The bus somehow pushed and forced its way through the massive crowd and back to the resort, players still sweating.
They jumped off exhausted. Tired from the occasion, sore from the game’s physicality, heads spinning at what they had just seen.
PNG is the only pure rugby league nation in the world. The game truly is a religion over here. This is one special place. – The Daily Telegraph

34) Vanuatu Ifira football team bai pilai long Grand Final.

Updated 13 October 2014, 14:56 AEST
Sam Seke

Despla emi nambawan taem tru long Ifira Blackbird bai stap long Final.

Odio: Harry Atisson, Media Officer blong Vanuatu Football Federation i toktok wantem Sam Seke

Wanpla football team blong Vanuatu em oli save lukim olsem emi no fit tumas,  Ifira Blackbird tim blong liklik ailan arasait long Port Vila bai gat chance long nabawan win blongen long nasenal kompetisim start long 1985.

Ol Ifira Blackbird we foma Solomon Islands intenasenal player, Batram Suri nau i coachim, bai plei lonf faenol agensim favourites, Tafea FC long TVL Pre-season championship dispela winken.

Harry Atisson, Media Officer blong Vanuatu Football Federation itok despla emi nambawan taem tru stat long 1985, team blong ol bai go pilai long grand final blong football.

35) PNG Cricket team i lusim game blong ol

Updated 13 October 2014, 14:39 AEST

Sam Seke

Ol Digicel PNG Burramundis i bin lusim narapela gem blong ol ken long South Australian Cricket Association or SACA Premier League.

Odio: Rarua Dikana, High Performance Manager na Assistant Coach blong ol Digicel PNG Barramundis i toktok wantem Sam Seke

Ol Digicel PNG Burramundis i bin lusim narapela gem blong ol long dispela South Australian Cricket Association or SACA Premier League.

Ol i lus long 120 ran long 2-day gem blong ol agensim ol Western Grit we ol i pleim long Adelaide long Sarere na aste.

Ol Western Grit ibin bat pastaim na i paitim bikpela skoa blong 388 ran na bihain ol Barramandis i paitim 266 ran.

Dispela lus i naba tu lus blong ol long 2-day gem long dispela SACA kompetisin bihain ol ibin lus agensim ol Northern Territory  Strikers long tupela wiken igo.

Tasol Radua Dikana, High Performance Manager na Assistant Coach  blong ol Barramundis i toktok maski ol i lus gen, ol boi i lainim planti samting long dispela strong kompetisin ol i ken yusim long bihain taim.

36) PNG show fight

The National, Monday 13th of October, 2014

THE Papua New Guinea Prime Minister’s XIII went down to Australia 34-16, but not without a fight.
Despite trailing 16-0 at halftime, PNG were competitive in the second half with young Koiari giant Kato Otio, a head-turner, while centre Thompson Teteh and partner in crime, Gary Lo, rose to the occasion with several impressive touches.
Otio played for the Confederate All Stars in the first half before joining the PMs XIII bench and like his fellow Koiari, Adam Korave, who got the man-of the-match award for the PNG side, was a handful for the Australian defence.
New South Wales prop Aaron Woods scored the opening tries in the first and second half, while centre Will Chambers, winger Josh Mansour, five-eighth Anthony Milford got their own four-pointers. 
Fullback Matt Moylan converted two from three and halfback Ben Hunt a three from three. 
Hunt’s kicking game was superb and had the home side firmly on the back foot at the end of every defensive set. But the Brisbane No.7 was just as menacing with his running game constantly beating the defence with his footwork or strong running.
Despite being able to contain the Australian pack and keep them from getting serious momentum, it was hooker Robbie Farah who was the catalyst for most of the green and gold raids.
PNG coach Mal Meninga said his team had proven their resilience against a formidable Australian line-up and despite not having an equal amount of possession was still able to defend well and then take their opportunities.
“It was a fantastic effort. Personally, I have seen enormous improvement, how calmly the side conducted itself under pressure,” Meninga said.
“It’s all about attitude and the boys have shown that. Their character over the last 12 months has proved that the Hunters programme has done much for the preparations of the boys. Their effort and their passion has driven them to excel,” Meninga said.
Meninga refused to praise individuals but said forwards Korave, Rhyse Martin and hooker Wartovo Puara Jr, put in huge efforts.
Papua New Guinea PM’s XIII 16 (Thompson Teteh 2, Israel Eliab tries; Noel Zemming 2 goals) Australia PM’s XIII 34 (Aaron Woods 2, Josh Mansour, Will Chambers, Anthony Milford, Beau Scott tries; Ben Hunt 3, Matt Moylan 2 goals); HT: 16-0 (Australia).

37) Africa Cup of Nations will go ahead

Monday, October 13, 2014

CAIRO – The schedule for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations will not be changed, African football’s governing body the African Football Confederation (CAF) announced yesterday despite hosts Morocco calling for its postponement over the Ebola crisis.

The Moroccan health ministry had lodged a demand with CAF to postpone the January 17-February 8 competition as it could involve countries affected by the Ebola virus.

CAF “confirms that there is no change in the schedule of its competition and events. We would like to note that since the first edition of the Africa Cup in 1975, this cup has never been delayed or cancelled,” the Cairo-based organisers said in a statement.

It said the organisers have been conscious of the “health risks from Ebola virus and it has implemented the precautions as required by the World Health Organisation”.

CAF said the request made by Morocco will be “discussed during the next meeting of CAF’s executive committee on November 2 in Algiers”. The Algiers meeting will be followed a day later by a meeting between Moroccan officials and CAF, the governing body said.

38) Brazil beats Argentina

Monday, October 13, 2014

BEIJING – Lionel Messi missed a first-half penalty as Brazil beat Argentina 2-0 in a fiercely contested “Superclasico” friendly in Beijing yesterday.

Diego Tardelli was the unlikely hero with his first two goals for Brazil as Messi fluffed his lines with a tame spot-kick at the Bird’s Nest stadium.

Atletico Mineiro striker Tardelli, 29, put Brazil ahead on 28 minutes, before Messi curled his soft penalty attempt close to goalkeeper Jefferson just before half-time.

And Tardelli was on target again midway through the second half as Brazil restored pride after the World Cup, when the hosts were hammered in the semis while Argentina reached the final.

Argentina were on top early in the match and Sergio Aguero fired an inviting early chance over the bar before Angel Di Maria threatened with a drive from distance. But it was Tardelli who broke the deadlock when he pounced on a loose ball and volleyed past Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero on 28 minutes.

Brazil superstar Neymar should have made it 2-0 shortly afterwards but after wriggling his way free on goal, he made a hash of his shot and the ball rolled harmlessly wide.

It was the Barcelona icon’s second penalty miss in two weeks after he also missed one for his club last month against Levante.

Filipe Luis and Di Maria had chances at either end as the second half started energetically, and Oscar went close with a free kick after Martin Demichelis chopped down Neymar.

But again Tardelli was in the right place at the right time as he nodded in Oscar’s cross at the back post to give Brazil breathing space on 64 minutes.

Tardelli was eventually replaced by Kaka, who drew a huge roar when he came on in the final minutes to end a prolonged spell in the international wilderness.

And there was time for Neymar to twice go close before Brazil were able to celebrate their win in the 2008 Olympic Stadium.

39) Fiji wins the Gold Coast 7s

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fiji defeated Samoa 31-24 in final of the Gold Coast Sevens to win round one of the HSBC Sevens World Series and take an early lead in the race for Olympic qualification.

Setefano Cakau scored two tries in the first half before Apisai Domolaili and Semi Kunatani saw the Fijians take a 26-0 lead. But Samoa’s Fautua Otto scored just before half time before Lolo Lui, Siaosi Asofolau and Tila Mealoi narrowed the gap to just two points with four minutes to go.

However, Fiji managed to cement their 2014 Gold Cup Sevens Cup final win when Jasa Veremalua crossed the line to seal the 31-24 final score.

“It was a rollercoaster final but we hung on in there,” said head coach Ben Ryan. “We are by no means the finished product. I feel at home in Fiji and we are grateful for all of the support back in the country.”

40) Fiji Sevens edge closer to Olympic qualification

 13 October 2014

Fiji’s Rugby Sevens side have a head-start in the race for the 2014 World Series title and possibly more importantly Olympic qualification.

Fiji defeated Samoa 31-24 in the final of the Gold Coast Sevens over the weekend being led by two early tries by Setefano Cakau.

Coach Ben Ryan says the season opener was particularly important given the carrot of automatic Olympic qualification for the top four world series finishers at the end of the season.

“Top four is everything. You’ve got to get that seeding early, you’ve got to try and stay in pole position. I said at the beginning that whoever wins the tournament is going to come away feeling as though they’re a lot closer to those top four berths and that’s where we are but we’ve got eight tournaments left.”RNZI


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