Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1040 ( Monday 3 November 2014 )


1) MSG appoints trade advisor

3 November 2014

The Melanesian Spearhead Group Secretariat has appointed Henry Sanday from Fiji as the Private Sector Development Advisor.

The programme is funded by the European Union and jointly administered by the secretariats of the Pacific Islands Forum and the MSG.

The programme aims to improve trade policy outcomes by building technical capacity, increasing private sector engagement in policy making processes and increasing exports and investments for MSG Member countries.

Mr Sanday was the founding Executive Officer to the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation.

The MSG Director General, Peter Forau says Mr Sanday’s appointment will boost efforts to promote business development in both the formal and informal sectors.

He says this is important to assist member countries participate more effectively in trade under the MSG Trade Agreement.RNZI

2) Vanuatu daily news digest | 3 November 2014

by bobmakin

  • Radio Vanuatu News has not been very comprehensive of late and using many contacts repeatedly with not a lot of substance being added to their themes. Applications for the position of VBTC general manager closed on Friday, so it will be interesting to see who is chosen and if and what new directions for the country’s public service broadcaster might result.
  • Radio Vanuatu News this morning had the very interesting news, however, of the country’s brand new President calling for more political will for stability. “Political will achieved us our Independence,” he said. “Political will has brought us to where we are today, but all sorts of political differences have brought us to the point at which we are today where we lack stability. We must use our political will to make every effort to ensure the stability of the nation.” President Fr Baldwin Lonsdale also encouraged chiefs to play their role for community stability amongst the families for which they are responsible, the family being the principal unit of stability, he said. Radio Vanuatu did not explain the circumstances of the hard hitting presidential address. Your blog will find out.
  • Daily Post, the other regular supplier to the free flow of information on Vanuatu was late arriving at my local store and the day is such their news might not be properly covered by your one-man news blog team until tomorrow.

3) Vanuatu daily news digest | 1 November 2014

by bobmakin

  • The Sandalwood City project has prominence in both Radio Vanuatu and Daily Post bulletins today. The project encourages town gardeners to plant sandalwood wherever they can find a space. Port Vila MP Natapei is shown planting a tree.
  • The European Union has had a Dialogue Team here for dialogue with Foreign Minister Kilman and a senior government delegation. Asked what the outcome was, Daily Post learned, and I quote: “The end result is a better understanding of the mutual issues, messages, work ahead, the framing of the assistance by political contacts and we will have some right choices and conclusions to which both sides should subscribe on which we will inform our member states, and which the Government of Vanuatu should incorporate and implement their future work.” So there you have it. Just what the rural majority really need. Can we hope the visitors paid for the visit of Roy Mickey Joy mentioned alongside?
  • Daily Post has the Appeal Court (hearings starting Monday) ready to list the Carcasses appeal against the Supreme Court dismissal of the Opposition judicial request for a sitting of Parliament. This was for a sitting early September to vote a motion of no confidence in the Natuman Government. No reason was ever suggested to the media for such a motion. The assumption is that its aim was to change the government.
  • Carcasses gets headlines in Yumi Toktok Stret saying he is offering a million vatu to Opposition MPs if they will sign an agreement to keep him as Opposition Leader and then Prime Minister when they take government. YTS suggests he must have left something behind in the PM’s Office!!! They add that as long as he behaves like this the Opposition will never get government again. They tell MP Tony Wright to stop Carcasses dreaming.
  • Post has news of backbenchers driving round in G-plated cars. One apparently was recently on the front page of Post saying a prominent Opposition MP was urging him to sign a motion of no trust. Another, on return from Europe, was alleging the Opposition should stop spreading lies that he signed a motion of no trust.
  • Daily Post has the big news: a 6 Star Hotel / Casino complex for Iririki. The signing took place between Bernie Millman of the Grand and Jewel Casino and Iririki Island Resort and Finance Minister Simelum. Millions of dollars are said to be the likely benefit to government when the VIP gamblers and resort guests start arriving. Vanuatu will become a leader of South Pacific tourism. Millman told DP’s Jane Joshua they have a ten-year licence. Work will start next year and may cause the closure of Iririki for a few months to make available a gated and secure 32-suite complex for all the visiting VIPs of the Jewel Casino.
  • The good news of the casino for Ifirans and residents may well be the ultimately necessary removal – salvaged – or dumping as a dive wreck of the Lycianda. Iririki and Jewel’s VIPs will not want diesel fuel slicks everywhere when they go for their early morning dips in the harbour. Maybe the casino’s coming is partly responsible for The Independent saying two local companies are offering to remove the vessel for no cost to government.
  • Other big page one Post news concerns the Interchange success in winning the contract for the extension of the Cable Network from here to the Solomons and PNG. From Madang the cable will be largely on land and go west to Indonesia and Asia. CEO Simon Fletcher said the project costs USD 72 million and connects with international hubs in Sydney and the US via the existing Southern Cross submarine cable system.
  • From Vanuatu Times we learn that government officials are saying that the Vanuatu International Shipping Registry will be put out for tender if a compromise cannot be reached between the government and Vanuatu shipping registry run by MP Robert Bohn. Commentators say there is a conflict of interest for Bohn as a politician.
  • Douglas Patterson has interesting observations of land and population in The Independent, following his address to the Emerging Pacific Leaders’ Dialogue. And Merelyn Tahi strongly appeals to government for more efforts to prevent violence against women in Post’s Letters page.

4) Fiji squatters ask for regularisation from government

3 November 2014

Squatters living in the outskirts of Fiji’s towns and cities have asked the new government to regularise their status.

The calls, made at a public consulation in Nadi on the weekend, prompted the Lands and Mineral Resources Minister to reveal that a task force is working with the Ministry of Housing to prioritise the matter.

In 2012, Peoples Community Network figures showed 20 percent of Fiji’s population live in squatter settlements.

The Minister, Mereseini Vuniwaqa, told squatters the issue is difficult as settlements are on state land as well as other categories of plots, but said the issue was a high priority for the government.

She says another consultation will take place in Labasa this Thursday.RNZI


5) 57 tonnes of marine debris removed from Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

By Online Editor
9:23 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, United States

 Divers from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) removed 57 tonnes of fishing nets and plastic waste from the waters surrounding Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in Hawaii, a World Heritage Site and one of the world’s largest marine conservation areas.

During the 33-day mission, the team of 17 divers worked from small boats launched from the NOAA ship Oscar Elton Sette, surveying coral reefs at Maro Reef, Pearl and Hermes Atoll and Miday Atoll. Using maps marked with GIS locations based on 15 years of data on net accumulation hot spots and weather trends, the team were able to establish which areas to focus on.

At Pearl and Hermes Atoll, divers rescued three sea turtles tangled in different nets, and spent days removing a 28-foot by 7-foot super net that extended 16 feet deep, and weighed 11 and a half tonnes. The net had destroyed coral in the atoll and posed a big risk to the marine life that could easily become entangled.

On the shore of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, the team recovered almost six and a quarter tonnes of plastic. In total, they removed 7,436 hard plastic fragments, 3,758 bottle caps, 1,469 plastic bottles, 477 lighters.

“The amount of marine debris we find in this remote, untouched place is shocking,” says Mark Manuel, operations manager for NOAA Fisheries Coral Reef Ecosystem Division. “Every day, we pulled up nets weighing hundreds of pounds from the corals. We filled the dumpster on the Sette to the top with nets, and then we filled the decks. There’s a point when you can handle no more, but there’s still a lot out there.”

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are the habitat of more than 7,000 marine species, including endangered Hawaiian monk seals, 14 million seabirds, rare and threatened land birds, and green sea turtles. It is estimated that 52 metric tonnes of derelict fishing gear accumulates in the waters of the monument from around the Pacific each year, and the beaches themselves are heavily littered with buoys, bottles, toys, flip-flops, and crates.

NOAA has led the cleanup mission in the area each year since 1996, and during that time has removed a staggering 904 tonnes of fishing nets and marine debris. “This mission is critical to keeping marine debris from building up in the monument,” commented Kyle Koyanagi, Pacific Islands regional coordaintor for NOAA’s Marine Debris Program. “Hopefully we can find ways to prevent nets from entering this special place, but until then, removing them is the only way to keep them from harming this fragile ecosystem.”

As well as being an entanglement threat for the islands wildlife, the derelict fishing nets are also a danger to the 5,178 square miles of coral surrounding the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, which is the  healthiest and least disturbed coral reef habitat in the US. As well as breaking and damaging the corals, when the nets settle they can smother the reefs, preventing them from growing.

After the nets are removed, they are put to good use. The nets recovered by NOAA will be used as fuel to generate electricity as part of Hawaii’s Nets to Energy partnership with Covanta Energy and Scnitzer Steal.


6) 15 U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers Begin Work In Tonga
Group to join English Literacy Project with Ministry of Education

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Nov. 1, 2014) – A new group of Peace Corps volunteers were sworn in on Friday by the Peace Corps Country Director, Eddie Stice at ‘Ita House, Manumataongo Bay, Nuku’alofa.

The 12 women and 3 men are the 79th group of Peace Corps volunteers to serve in Tonga.

They will join 12 other Peace Corps volunteers who are already in the country to implement a Peace Corps/Tonga English Literacy Project, a joint project with the Ministry of Education and Training.

Eddie Stice said that the new volunteers would be working with students in Classes 3 to 8 in rural primary schools in Tongatapu, ‘Eua and Vava’u.

They would also support the literacy development of youth and adults in the community, “Strengthen parental and community support for education, improve use of books and technology in schools, and do special projects related to healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability.” 

The volunteers have been in Tonga during the past eight weeks, learning the Tongan language and familiarizing themselves with the Tongan culture.

Yesterday’s ceremony was concluded with cultural performances performed by the volunteers who were learning Tongan dances

A Tongan love song was presented by a Peace Corps quartet, Renee Fern, Harold Seitz, Samantha Bailo and Carrie Lee Pugh.

Matangi Tonga Magazine

7) American fugitive wins appeal to stay in Tonga

By Online Editor
7:43 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Tonga

American fugitive Antone Thomas Pedras (62) remains in Tonga after the Court of Appeal in Nuku’alofa on Friday quashed a removal order against him declaring it null and without any legal effect.

The Appeal Court’s second session in delivering its judgment on this case allowed the appeal, setting aside the Supreme Court orders on 14 August 2014.

“In lieu thereof a declaration that the removal order of 5 May 2014 for the appellant is null, void and without legal effect.”

The judges also ordered the Principal Immigration Officer to pay for the appellant’s costs of the appeal, and of the habeas corpus and judicial review proceedings in the Supreme Court.

“The appellant is unconditionally released from his bail. The proceedings remitted to the Supreme Court for the hearing and determination of the appellant’s claim for damages.”

The American man who is married to a Tongan, appealed the decision of the Chief Justice, and was seeking to prevent his deportation to the United States to face charges of wire fraud in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

The court heard he arrived in Tonga with his family from New Zealand in January this year and was granted the usual one-month’s permit upon arrival.

He later applied for Tongan citizenship and as part of that process on 15 April the Principal Immigration Officer issued him with a two-year permit.

A corresponding visa was entered in his United States passport held by that office in connection with his citizenship application as required. On May 2, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a formal request from the United States Embassy in Suva for his deportation to the United States to stand trial of wire fraud.


8) Samoa Deputy PM To Appeal Obstruction Conviction
Fonotoe found guilty of preventing police from doing their duties

By Jasmine Netzler

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Nov. 2, 2014) – Deputy Prime Minister, Fonotoe Pierre Lauofo, will appeal his conviction this Thursday in the Supreme Court.

The Deputy Registrar, Veatauia Faatasi Puleiata, confirmed this to the Sunday Samoan late this week.

In May this year, Fonotoe was found guilty of obstructing police from carrying out their duties.

The matter was expected to be mentioned in call overs before Chief Justice, His Honour Patu Tiava’asu’e Falefatu Sapolu last Thursday morning.

But it was adjourned until this week.

While Veatauia could not say why the matter was deferred, he did confirm that the matter will be used to finalise a hearing date for the appeal.

Following his conviction, the Deputy Prime Minister was asked to pay $200 to the police.

Fonotoe was represented by lawyer, Donald Kerslake, in the initial hearing before Judge Vaepule Alo Vaemoa Va’ai.

At the time, Vaepule said the Police officers were merely doing their jobs.

“They were left stunned and professionally deflated after the two parliamentarians left,” he said then.

“Neither of the officers affected has since received an apology (formal or otherwise) from Mr. Meredith to convey his remorse.”

In August this year when the matter was heard before his Honour Patu, Mr. Kerslake filed the appeal.

The Court then set a hearing date for the appeal on the week starting 29 September 2014.

Samoa Observer

9) Niue deports US kidnap suspect

Updated at 2:13 pm today

The 46-year old American yachtsman sought by the FBI for allegedly kidnapping his nine-year old son and sailing non stop from Seattle to Niue has been deported from Niue.

Jeffrey Hanson, who had visited Niue in 1998, was spotted by a local resident who had read about the FBI manhunt and notified the Niue police.

Mr Hanson was charged with entering the island illegally and is being flown back to the US via New Zealand.

His son will be taken by FBI agents back to New Zealand this week and reunited with his mother in Pennsylvania .RNZI


10) Kiribati leprosy patients urged to seek treatment

3 November 2014

Kiribati’s Ministry of Health is encouraging people with leprosy to come forward so they can be treated.

Last year, the Ministry recorded 105 people with leprosy and this year another 137 cases have been identified, most of whom are children.

The National Leprosy Programme Manager, Erei Bonebati Rimon, told local media, leprosy remains a major challenge.

He says people have a negative perception of leprosy with many too scared to inform doctors but the disease can be treated with the right medication.RNZI

11) Kiribati Climate Change Documentary Wins Global Award
Tinau – ‘My Mother’ picks up special Connect4Climate prize

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (Pacific Scoop, Oct. 31, 2014) – A special Connect4Climate prize has been awarded to Tinau – “My Mother”– from UK/Kiribati producer Victoria Burns, exploring the grave concerns of small island nations such her homeland Kiribati.

This was awarded in the 18-35 age category. According to the Vimeo web factfile about the 8min documentary:

“Scientists predict that Kiribati – a remote Island Republic in the Central Pacific – could be lost to rising sea levels in the next 50 years. As a result a whole nation faces an uncertain future. Tinau is an intimate family portrait of a Kiribatese mother now settled in the UK and the ties that bind her to her former disappearing homeland.”

Ten young film crews from 10 different countries were chosen as winners in the Action4Climate documentary competition. Their “outstanding and unique films inspire the world to take action on climate change”, said organisers.

“These talented young film makers connect to their audience in emotional and powerful ways about the dangers of climate change. They have done serious, important work, which shows that climate change could result in a world that is unrecognisable today, and that we need act now to protect the planet for future generations,” said Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group

The Action4Climate competition was launched in early 2014 by Connect4Climate ( ), the global climate change communications programme. It attracted hundreds of entries from all around the world.

Italian film director and screenwriter, Bernardo Bertolucci, chaired a renowned jury of film makers tasked with choosing winning films in two age categories.

Genuine concern

“We were amazed by the originality of the stories and the genuine concern shown by these young film makers about the effects of climate change. They described the effects of climate change from hundreds of different points of view. Selecting winners was an almost impossible task,” said Bertolucci.

In the 18 -35 age category, the $15,000 top prize went to the Portuguese film maker Gonçalo Tocha with his provocative film The Trail of a Tale made in collaboration with Imagine2020 and the New Economics Foundation. This inspiring story revolves around a letter written in the future to society today.

Dobrin Kashavelov from Bulgaria won second place and a cash prize of $10,000 with Global Warning, a harrowing film about the catastrophic effects on survivors of last year’s typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Third place and a $5000 prize was awarded to American filmmaker Nathan Dappen for Snows of the Nile, a documentary following Nathan’s adventures uncovering indisputable evidence of the fast disappearing glaciers of Uganda’s “mountains of the moon”.

“I am immensely proud to be chosen as the winner and really hope my film helps people realize that we need to act now to protect our future,” said Gonçalo Tocha.

In the younger 14 -17 age group, The Violin Player took top spot. This beautifully animated film was the brainchild of Francina Ramos, a young Argentinian film maker and her co-producer/composer Benjamin Braceras.

Second place went to Facing the Flood by Constantin Huet from Switzerland, an investigative account of the changing conditions in Greenland and the Maldives.

Georgia’s Tura Tegerashivili was awarded third place for the whimsical It’s Easy if You Try.

All prize winners receive production equipment and software to help them hone their skills and talents and inspire them to create more climate change stories.

Pacific Scoop
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[email protected]

12) Credits Go Out To CNMI Utility’s Residential Customers
Saipan casino deal puts $10 million into community pockets

By Alexie Villegas Zotomayor

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Nov. 3, 2014) – Residential ratepayers in the Northern Marianas are getting a windfall this month as each residential account gets a $635.71 credit courtesy of the Best Sunshine International’s $10 million community chest funds.

In a release Friday, CUC Executive Director Alan W. Fletcher announced, “The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation has distributed utility bill credits as established by Best Sunshine International Limited and the Governor’s Office. Under the credit-voucher program, a credit of $635.71 has been credited to each residential utility account.”

This credit, he said, was due to the $10 million Community Chest Agreement between Best Sunshine and the CNMI.

The $10,000,000 was distributed to eligible residential accounts through an electronic credit process.

Last Friday, Fletcher clarified that the money would be distributed to residential accounts, not to persons.

He said all accounts were treated equally and would be getting the same credit.

“We have a uniform rate plan for all customers,” he said.

Fletcher said that they based their computation on the 15,615 in total meter accounts and wish to make sure that everybody gets the credit.

“All active CUC residential accounts, pre-paid meter accounts, and inactive residential accounts with a service location and meter on residential property as of October 10, 2014, qualify under the credit-voucher program,” he said in a release.

He said the Administration had been wanting to assist those who needed help.

Fletcher, in a release, further clarified, “All credit-vouchers are in the form of an electronic credit to eligible accounts. No physical paper vouchers are issued and the credit will count towards each eligible account’s utility billings for water, waste water and electricity. Eligibility is on an account basis only and not directed to individual persons.”

He also said that the credit-voucher has strict limitations.

“The credit-vouchers are limited to one credit-voucher per CUC account number and are not dependent on the number of people living at the service location. The credit-vouchers have no cash value, are not redeemable for cash or services or any other benefits, and are not transferable,” he said.

He also said that credit-voucher eligibility decisions are non-disputable under the billing dispute provisions of CUC’s regulations.

“All unused voucher credits will expire on October 31, 2015,” he said.

In last Friday’s handover ceremony, both acting Gov. Jude U. Hofschneider and Senate President Ralph DLG Torres were equally pleased with the good news from CUC and Best Sunshine.

“It’s a great gift for our customers,” said Fletcher citing the forthcoming holiday season.

Best Sunshine International was represented by senior vice president for corporate marketing Jacqueline Wu.

Wu told officials that they too at Best Sunshine were happy with this contribution to the community.

“We are happy and grateful,” said Wu.

Further, Fletcher said the ratepayers should refer to their latest billing.

“Check your bill,” said Fletcher.

CUC’s Oct. 31 release said residential account holders should check their November billing — which reflects their October utility use — for the credit amount applied to the utility bill. 

Marianas Variety 


13) Australia invests $8.8 million for job creation and livelihoods in Fiji

By Online Editor
7:54 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Fiji

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has announced a further $8.8 million (FJD$17.4 million) over four years to support job creation and local business in Fiji.

Initiatives such as these are at the very heart of Australia’s new aid policy which seeks to achieve better development outcomes in partnership with the private sector.

The Market Development Facility (MDF) is the Australian Government’s flagship program for private sector development in Fiji. It creates sustainable livelihoods, boosts growth and creates jobs through partnerships with local business across Fiji’s tourism, horticulture and export processing sectors.

“”I attended an exhibition of MDF success stories today and was impressed by the business partnerships being supported by MDF.

One of these, Devesh and Bharros Farms, has aspirations to become the largest commercial seedling nursery in Fiji. By supplying seedlings and information to local farmers on key crops for tourism and export, this initiative will help boost local production, allowing farmers to diversify into new high value crops,” said Bishop.

Australia will continue to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth through our aid program. Our continued support for private sector initiatives such as the MDF Program will help drive job creation and new opportunities in Fiji, particularly for those in rural areas and outer islands, she said.


14) Australian invite for MPs 

By Online Editor
3:36 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Fiji

Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop has invited local members of parliament to visit to observe proceedings in the Australian Parliament.

The invite comes on the conclusion of a similar visit to New Zealand by a six-member MPs delegation including Deputy Speaker Ruveni Nadalo and Secretary General of Parliament Viniana Namosimalua.

The invite was put to Speaker of House Dr Jiko Luveni during her meeting with Bishop in Suva.

“She did mention there are different numbers of members of parliament and she is very impressed with our parliament now that it has gone digital,” Dr Jiko said.

“Their parliament has not reached that stage yet but we are thankful to Australia for funding this development in our Parliament.’

Dr Luveni said she would have to look at their timetable and discuss with Members of Parliament.


15) Twomey is new Australian High Commissioner to Fiji

By Online Editor
3:41 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Fiji

Margaret Twomey returns to Fiji to replace Glenn Miles as Australia’s High Commissioner.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirmed the news after she held talks with Fiji’s foreign minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola last Friday.

“We had nominated her sometime ago and she’s very much looking forward to coming to Fiji,” Bishop said. She added Twomey has connections in the country which dates back to generations.

“So she’s very keen to be the High Commissioner and she’s very proud to undertake that role,” said Bishop.

Twomey served most recently as Australia’s ambassador to Russia and previously to East Timor. She was also deputy high commissioner in Fiji.

Fiji is also expected to name a High Commissioner to Australia soon.

“We are also pleased to announce the establishment of regular bilateral senior officials’talks. These will be an opportunity for Fiji and Australia to work together to address global security challenges, regional issues and strengthen the bilateral trade and investment relationship.

“We look forward to Fiji and Australia resuming a full defence and regional security relationship.

“We also agreed to discuss regional architecture to ensure it remains relevant to political, economic and social needs.

Beyond our strong pledge to continue to work more closely at the Government to Government level, we reaffirmed our commitment to the continued strengthening of people-to-people links. Australia also invited Fiji to join the Seasonal Worker Program and a Memorandum of Understanding will put the necessary arrangements in place for this Program to begin. Fiji’s inclusion in the Work and Holiday Visa program is progressing.

“We welcome Fiji’s participation in the New Colombo Plan, which will see Australian undergraduates studying in Fiji. Australia has announced the first group of successful students. This will be a transformational experience for young people– and help deepen the already strong people-people relationship between Australia and Fiji,” a statement from both Ministers said.


16) Australia Reviewing Fiji Desire To Extend SPARTECA 
Trade agreement eventually to be replaced by PACER Plus

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Nov. 3, 2014) – Australian Minister for Industries, Ian Macfarlane is currently reviewing the South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Co-operation Agreement (SPARTECA) deal with Fiji.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop said the deal, which injects about $100million into the country annually, was discussed in her meeting with Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

SPARTECA is a non-reciprocal trade agreement under which the two developed nations of the South Pacific Forum, Australia and New Zealand offer duty free and unrestricted or concession access for virtually all products originating from the developing island member countries of the forum.

“The PM and I did have a very positive discussion about the SPARTECA. We do recognise the importance to Fiji of this industry and the relevant Minister back in Australia.

“I certainly will put forward PM Bainimarama’s views when I return to Australia and I’m hopeful that we will come to an appropriate arrangement,” Bishop said.

She has also welcomed Fiji’s involvement in the PACER plus trade negotiations.

“And overtime we hope that those trade negotiations will lead to PACER plus which will take over from SPARTECA.”

[PIR editor’s note: Fijilive reported that ‘Fiji wants to secure an agreement that will take into account the current trade imbalance and will benefit all parties in the PACER Plus negotiations. … [Bainimarama added that ] the Fijian government now looks forward to continuing the negotiations in a positive spirit to agree to terms that launch the entire region into a new age of prosperity and opportunity.’]



17) Ifira Black Bird FC i statim gut Vanuatu Premier League soka

Postim 3 November 2014, 14:33 AEDT

Sam Seke

Maski em ibin lus long faenol blong Vanuatu TVL Smile Cup agensim Tafea FC, Ifira Black Bird FC i hamamas long em ibin go long faenol tupela wik igo pinis, na nau em i laik traim had moa long nabawan Premier League blong kantri

Soka tim blong liklik ailan long Vanuatu klostu long Port Vila wea ol i kolim Ifira i statim gut dispela TVL National Premier league wantaim tupela win pinis.

Ifira Black Bird we foma Solomon Islands Intenasenal player Batram Suri nau i coach blongen, i  stap long top blong league wantain Amicale FC long 6 pela point.

Ifira ibin winim naba tu gem blong ol long wikem igo pinis 1-0 agensim Spirit 08 FC long Port Vila Stadium.

Coach Batram Suri i tok Club na Ifira komuniti i hamamas long tupela win ia tasol em i tok, planti moa taf gem bai kamap so ol imas tren had na redi gut.

18) Ol Solomon Islands meri i wari long graon

Updated 31 October 2014, 12:37 AEDT

Sam Seke

Oli tok ol bikpla graon long Honiara nau ino stap moa long ol laen femili blong ol


Odio: President blong Guadalcanal Council of Women, Mary Bolen na Transperensi Solomon Islands Philip Manakako itoktok wantem Sam Seke

Ol meri long Guadancanal Province long Solomon Islands i autim ol bikpela wari blong ol long sait long graun long wanpela workshop we ibin gohet tede long Honiara.

Ol i wari olsem ol pipol blong Guadalcanal ibin lusim pinis hap graun blong Provincial gavman namel long Honiara em  ol i save go malolo na bung long en.

Ol Guadalcanal meri i autim dispela wari blong ol long wanpela wokshop long sait long gutpela gavman na korapsen em Transparency Solomon Islands nau i karim aut.

President blong Guadalcanal Council of Women, Mary Bolen itok ol lida blong provinsol gavman bipo yet nau ibin salim aut pinis bikpela hap graun blong provins long Honiara.

Mrs Bolen itok bikpela wari blong ol tu em long pipol blong Guadalcanal i wok long lusim pinis graun blong ol long arere long Honiara City boda.

Philip Manakako blong Transparency Solomon Islands itok despla wokshop i lukluk long wari blong korapsan na ol gutpla wei blong daonim despla wari long communiti.

Mr Manakako itok tu olsem ol meri i sore tru long lukim olsem ol lida blong ol ibin salim ol graon blong ol.


19) Transparency PNG i laik long gavman i tok klia long Joko Tjandra

Postim 3 November 2014, 14:22 AEDT

Caroline Tiriman

Transparency Papua New Guinea i autim wari blongen long wanpela bisnis man blong Indonesia husat ibin gat planti toktok longen long Indonesia na long PNG.

Djoko Tjandra Indonesian accused of embezzlement, who took refuge in PNG and received the citizenship

Djoko Tjandra, bisnisman blong Indonesia i stap long PNG nau olsem wanpela citizen 

Odio: Lawrence Stevens emi siaman blong Transparency International PNG i toktok

Gavman blong Papua New Guinea imas tokaut nau long wonem kaen as tingting tru na emi bin givim citizenship igo long wanpla man blong Indonesia Joko Tjandra  em gavman blong Indonesia i laikim em long go bek long ples blong en.

Despla askim ibin kam long Transparency International PNG na emi oli no wanbel wantem toktok blong Gavana General olsem Mr Tjandra bai no nap go bek nau long Indonesia long wonem emi citizen blong PNG.

Indonesia i laikim Mr Tjanadra long go bek na sanap long kot bihaenim sampla toktok em oli bin sutim long en olsem emi bin kisim nating bikpla moni tru blong wanpla Bank.

Lawrence Stevens emi siaman blong Transparency International PNG itok gavman imas autim olgeta wok na koneksen blong Mr Tjandra wantaim gavman na ol wanwan pipol long gavman.

Em i tok olgetra samting i mas kam aut klia long pablik long ol pipol i ken lukim gut.

20) Australia imas singautim tu ol Micronesia na Polynesia: Dr Nanau

Postim 3 November 2014, 13:55 AEDT

Sam Seke

Wanpela man-save long sait long Pacific Islands affairs itok Australia imas sinagutim tu ol sub-regional grup blong ol Polynesia na Micronesia long miting blong ol Regional Organisation em i laik holim.

Flags of the members states of the Pacific Islands Forum in Cook Islands

Odio: Dr Gordon Nanau, Lecturer long sait long Politics na International Affairs long University blong South Pacific long Suva i toktok

Foran Minista blong Australia Julie Bishop ibin toksaut long visit blongen long Fiji las wik olsem em i laik long rijin i toktok long wok blong ol wanwan regional organisation.

Dispela miting em blong toktok long ol rijinol grup olsem Pacific Islands Development Forum, Pacific Islands Forum, Secretariat blong Pacific Community na dispela Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Tasol Dr Gordon Nanau, Lecturer long sait long Politics na International Affairs long University blong South Pacific i tok sapos ol i singautim SMG, ol i mas inlkudim tu grup blong ol Polynesia na Micronesia.

Dr Nanau i tok dispela em long wanem MSG em i wanpela sub-regional bloc or grup na em i gat ol sub-regional grup i stap tu blong ol kantri blong Micronesia na Polysesia ol i ken singautim igo long miting blong ol rijinol bodi.


21) Hawaï: la rivière de magma ralentit

Mis à jour 31 October 2014, 17:34 AEDT

Caroline Lafargue 

Le fleuve de lave du Kilauea est arrivé à Paoha, à quelques mètres de la poste de la bourgade vendredi matin, mais ne menace pas encore de maison. 

La lave a en effet ralenti sa progression – à seulement 5 mètres par heure, contre 10 à 15 m/h en début de semaine. 

Les 8200 habitants sont donc toujours chez eux. Mais plus de 80 membres de la garde nationale sont arrivés dans le village pour assurer la sécurité en cas d’évacuation, et également pour tenir à distance les curieux venus observer ce fleuve en fusion – à 2100 degrés. 

 Les riverains du volcan Kilaeua ont l’habitude des éruptions, et une majorité s’oppose à une dérivation du magma, entre autres parce que les tentatives passées se sont soldées par des échecs.

Et puis, le volcan, c’est la demeure de la déesse Pele, qui tient une place importante dans la mythologie hawaïenne. On écoute les explications de Piilani Kaawoloa, professeure d’arts vivants au lycee de Paoha: 

« Il y a eu beaucoup d’autres éruptions par le passé. Donc nous savons par experience que la lave descend et finit généralement dans l’océan. Et d’après la mythologie hawaïenne, cela signifie que la déesse Pele a besoin de fruits de mer. Or elle est chez elle sur ce volcan, elle est arrive bien avant que nous ne contruisions nos maisons. Et si on détournait la coulee de lave, cela reviendrait à lui bloquer la route, vers ce dont elle a besoin. Et si on change le cours de la nature, l’équilibre de la nature, alors autre chose de plus grave pourrait arriver. »

Le fleuve de lave est à environ à 140 mètres de la route qui relie Paoha au reste de Big Island. La sécurité civile hawaïenne a donc remis en état deux routes secondaires, en urgence, pour éviter l’enclavement du village.

22) Climat: nouveau coup de semonce du GIEC

Mis à jour 3 November 2014, 17:31 AEDT

Caroline Lafargue

Greg Hunt, le ministre australien, de l’Environnement, mise sur la réduction de la pollution des centrales électriques au charbon. 

Coal power Australia

Le Groupe d’Experts Intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du Climat a publié un nouveau rapport dimanche. 

La Terre va se réchauffer de quatre degrés par rapport à 1990 d’ici la fin du siècle si les gouvernements s’entêtent à ne rien faire. Pourtant, en 2009, les États se sont engagés  à contenir à 2 degrés l’élévation des temperatures. Parmi eux, l’Australie, un pays déjà très malmené par le climat, mais qui a les moyens d’agir. Rajendra Pachauri, le directeur du GIEC:  

« L’Australie est très vulnérable aux effets du changement climatique. Mais elle a aussi les moyens de les contrebalancer. Par exemple, j’admire le travail fait sur l’énergie solaire en Australie, et j’espère que cela va inspirer les autres pays, car les panneaux solaires offrent des avantages majeurs. »  

La semaine dernière Tony Abbott a indiqué qu’il souhaitait une révision à la baisse de l’objectif des énergies renouvelables. Le précédent gouvernement s’était engagé à ce qu’un cinquième de l’énergie consommée en Australie soit propre, d’ici 2020. Ce qui correspond à 41 000 gigawatts heures produites à partir d’énergies renouvelables. L’actuel gouvernement veut réduire à 26 000 gigawatts heure.

Aujourd’hui, en Australie, les trois quarts de l’électricité sont produits à partir du charbon. Le Queensland possède beaucoup de gisements, et en exporte beaucoup. Au point que début octobre, Tony Abbott a dit: 

« Le charbon est bon pour l’humanité, le charbon, c’est bon pour notre prospérité, c’est l’un des moteurs de notre avenir économique, que ce soit en Australie ou dans le reste du monde. »

Un hymne au charbon largement critiqué par Achim Steiner, le Directeur exécutif du Programme des Nations Unies pour l’environnement:  

« Certaines entreprises et certains pays vont se faire beaucoup d’argent. La question, c’est qui va payer l’addition et quelle génération? »  

Naturellement, le nouveau rapport du GIEC appelle les pays à réduire leur consommation d’énergies fossiles. Le ministre australien de l’Environnement, Greg Hunt, estime que c’est toujours possible de produire de l’électricité plus propre à partir du charbon: 

« Notre Fonds de Réduction des Émissions peut aider rendre nos centrales électriques moins polluantes. En ce moment, le CSIRO (équivalent australien du CNRS, NDLR) travaille à des solutions qui permettront de réduire de 30 à 50% l’empreinte écologique des centrales électriques qui fonctionnent au charbon. » 

Le nouveau rapport du GIEC sera la base de travail pour les negotiations sur le climat qui s’ouvriront en décembre au Pérou. Objectif: la signature d’un accord mondial sur les réductions d’émissions, en décembre 2015.


23) Brèves du Pacifique – lundi 3 novembre 2014

Mis à jour 3 November 2014, 17:31 AEDT

Caroline Lafargue

En Australie occidentale, les autorités cherchent un moyen d’évacuer la carcasse d’une baleine à bosse au plus vite, pour éviter son explosion. 

Humpback whale carcass on Scarborough beach, 3 November 2014. Updated about 3 hours agoMon 3 Nov 2014, 2:16pm  The dead whale washed up on Scarborough beach.  720 ABC Perth: Lorraine Horsley

La baleine échouée au nord de Perth. Les carcasses de baleines sont un vrai casse-tête aux autorités: il faut les évacuer vite pour éviter leur explosion… et leur odeur pestilentielle. (Credit: ABC) 

Elle s’est échouée sur une plage à une quinzaine de kilometres au nord de Perth ce week-end. Plusieurs requins, dont un grand blanc, ont eu le temps de dévorer une partie de la carcasse. Samedi, un jeune garcon désireux d’épater la galerie s’est jeté sur le carcasse flottante de l’animal, dans l’océan. Heureusement, il n’a pas été attaqué par les charognards.  Maintenant que la carcasse est à terre, elle se decompose et se gonfle de méthane. Pour éviter qu’elle n’explose sur la plage, les autorités veulent s’en débarrasser au plus vite, à l’aide d’une grue et d’un camion. 

  • Papouasie indonésienne: la grève prévue ce jeudi à la mine de Freeport est finalement annulée. 10 000 mineurs devaient débrayer, pour protester contre leurs conditions de travail dangereuses. L’année dernière, 28 mineurs sont morts dans l’effondrement d’un tunnel. Et en septembre, quatre employés sont morts dans un accident de la route sur le site de cette gigantesque mine d’or et de cuivre. Cet accident a été suivi d’une grève, puis un accord sur la sécurité du site a été trouvé avec la direction de Freeport Indonesia. Comme d’habitude, les details sont tenus secrets aussi bien par les syndicats que par la direction. Le scenario s’est répété ce week-end, des négociations secretes ont eu lieu, les syndicats affirment avoir obtenu gain de cause.
  • Niue a extradé le père kidnappeur vers les États-Unis ce week-end. Jeffrey Hanson, originaire de Seatlle, a enlevé son fils de 9 ans en septembre. Il l’a emmené sur son bateau et mis les voiles, direction les îles du Pacifique. Le FBI les a recherchés pendant deux mois dans toute la région, jusqu’à ce qu’un habitant de Niue reconnaisse le père kidnappeur. Le fils rejoindra sa mère cette semaine en Pennsylvanie.



24) Fijian PM support Sydney meet, no talk on Pacific Islands Forum

By Online Editor
3:44 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Fiji

A proposed Pacific leaders meeting in Sydney next year has been back by Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop suggested the meeting to discuss regional architecture.

The meeting is expected to discuss the roles of the various regional organisations, the Pacific Islands Development Forum, the Pacific Islands Forum, the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

“Is any of those bodies or are they collectively really meeting the needs, the economic, social, security and political needs of the Pacific? asked Bishop during her welcome reception on Friday evening.

In her discussion with Prime Minister Bainimarama and foreign minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola she agreed that there need to be more discussion on the relevant regional architecture to meet the needs of the Pacific Islands.

Pacific leaders should work out what they wanted as Pacific countries and make it relevant for the 21 century,” she added.

Bishop approached Bainimarama during her welcome reception and received a positive response when asked if it would be a good idea to have this dialogue with other regional leaders.

“Before me were representatives of PIFS, and PIDF,” Bishop said

According to Bishop, the Prime Minister said it would be a very good idea

“So we spent the next half hour working out whether it would be in Nadi, Suva or Sydney”

She plans to contact other regional leaders to organise the meeting and the agenda after Fiji recommended that Sydney host the meeting.

The meeting is expected to include representatives from countries such as China and Japan.

Bishop latest Fijian visit also proved Australian media sceptics wrong after they predicted she would be kicked out.

Bishop said, “I thought i am not going to take that lying down so i came over here and found out shock horror that the Australian media got it wrong”

Meanwhile, there was no talk about Fiji’s non return to the Pacific Islands Forum between Fiji’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ratu Inoke Kubuabola and his Australian counterpart Julie Bishop.

“We did not talk about the Pacific Islands Forum,” Ratu Inoke said as Bishop returned to Australia after her two day visit.

Ratu Inoke said the Pacific Islands Forum leaders knew why Fiji had stayed out of the Forum.

Fiji has not moved to rejoin the group since its suspension was lifted after the elections

Whe asked if Fiji could change its stand and rejoin, he replied “No”.

He said Fiji want a review of the Forum membership. It believed Australia and New Zealand should be development partners rather than both development partners and full members.

“They have to decide”, Ratu Inoke said.



25) PNG Cabinet endorses Bills

By Online Editor
3:34 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s National Executive Council (NEC) has endorsed the tabling of several bills in relation to mental health in the next Parliament session.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said in statement the bills include the tabling of the Mental Health Bill 2014, Public Health (amendment) Bill 2014 and Criminal Code (amendment) Bill 2014.

O’Neill said initially the NEC approved the drafting instructions of the Mental Health Bill 2014 and directed the First Legislative Counsel to draft the bill.

“In the course of drafting the Mental Health Bill 2014, the First Legislative Counsel realised that there would need to be consequential amendments to the Criminal Code Act (Chapter 262) and the Public Health Act (Chapter 226) to be done separately, although these amendments were included in the Mental Health Bill 2014 and the policy submission that accompanied that bill,” he said.

O’Neill said the State Solicitor has issued the certificate of compliance for the enactment of the Mental Health Bill 2014 and the consequential amendments to the Public Health Act and the Criminal Code Act.

“This is the reason for the inclusion of the consequential amendments in this submission for the Cabinet’s approval of tabling the principal bill and the consequential amendments together in the next session of Parliament,” he said.


26) List Of Candidates For Solomon Islands Elections Finalized
447 candidates to contest, 62 less than in 2010

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 3, 2014) – The list of candidates to contest the November 19 elections has been finalised.

Electoral Commission said yesterday a total of 447 candidates have been nominated to contest.

The figure was revised from the 443 announced at the close of the withdrawal period last Saturday.

The final list will be published in the papers in coming days.

The 447 candidates was a drop from the 509 that contested the last elections in 2010.

Chief electoral office Polycarp Haununu earlier said the nomination process has been conducted in a highly efficient and professional manner.

He thanked Electoral Managers, Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers for their hard work during the nomination period.

[PIR editor’s note: Solomon Star reported that ‘Police (have) yet to receive any formal disturbance report related to election campaign both in Honiara and the provinces. … Commissioner of Police, Frank Prendergast clarified this amidst unconfirmed reports circulating of several incidents, which have already occurred this week whereby some candidates were chased, stoned, verbally abused by supporters of others.’]

Temotu Pele constituency recorded the most candidates, with 23 candidates nominated.

East Choiseul, South Vella La Vella and Ulawa/Ugi constituencies have the fewest candidates, each with three candidates nominated.

A nation-wide election awareness programme the Electoral Commission is conducting is already underway.

Solomon Star

27) 31 former Solomon Islands MPs to contest as independent candidates

By Online Editor
7:48 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Solomon Islands

Thirty one former members of Solomon Islands parliament will be contesting this month’s National General Elections as Independent candidates.

This number however has raised serious questions as to why the last house has passed the Political Parties Integrity Bill.

The Solomon Star has uncovered that only 17 former MPs have registered under a party.

Whilst the rest of the former MPs will be contesting as independent candidates after two former MPs have died making the total number to stand at 48.

This astonishing result has posed serious questions as to why the government has been very vocal to passing the Bill,  when actually nearly two thirds of the former House has decided to contest the coming elections as independent candidates.

Whilst it is the right of each candidate to contest the election as independent candidates, this has already raised public criticism stating this does not reflect well of the country’s former leaders who have passed a bill they themselves do not honour.

This gave rise to doubts as to whether these leaders who have supported the bill to pass it in Parliament truly understand the decision they make.

“These leaders are making a mockery of themselves and the people they represent. They fail to understand the reality and importance of such Bill. It shows these leaders were forced to accept what they don’t like just to please their leader,” a senior public officer who wishes to remain anonymous said.

The top public officer said, the last government has passed so many Bills that even the former MPs themselves do not really know the consequences and advantages of these Bills for the country.

“They pass it like dumb people who never knew a single thing. But we cannot rule out our politics because when the leader is pressurising the team to follow, they just have to follow otherwise they will lose out on the benefits,” the public servant said.

Figures have shown that out from the twenty four ministers in the last ruling NCRA government, thirteen of them will run as independent candidates.

They include, Dickson Mua, Elijah Doromuala, Bradley Tovosia, Joseph Onika, Samuel Manetoali, Hypolite Taremae, Walter Folotalu, David Tome, Manaseh Maelanga, Commins Mewa, Christopher Laore, Lionel Alex and Charles Sigoto.

The other eleven that will contest under parties include Gordon D Lilo, Silas Tausinga and Stanley Sofu to contest under the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA).

Clay Forau is contesting under the National Transformation Party of Solomon Islands (NTPSI), Rick Hou, Peter Tom, Alfred Ghiro, Moses Garu, Seth Guguna and Connelly Sandakabatu to contest under Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) and Dick Ha’amori who is contesting under the Direct Development Party (DDP).

“So this latest revelation should allow the public to question their former members who are contesting to seek their reason as to why they decide to contest as independents, when they are the ones supporting the Political Parties Integrity Bill to pass in parliament a few months ago,” the senior public officer said.

He added that if MPs don’t want the Bill to be passed at the first place, they should vote against it to make sense, if they decide to contest as independent candidates.

“It makes a lot more sense for the former opposition MPs who are against the Bill to contest as independent candidates than for former government ministers and backbenchers,” the senior government officer added.


28) Three candidates against Solomon Islands caretaker PM Lilo

By Online Editor
7:51 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Solomon Islands

Three  candidates are contesting the Gizo/Kolombangara constituency in the coming General Elections in Solomon Islands to unseat the former Member of Parliament (MP) Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Gordon Darcy Lilo during the launch of his party two weeks ago confidently declared he had already won his seat for the fourth term in Parliament.

He said during his speech at the launch of his party a fortnight ago, that he has nothing to worry about because he believes his people has his trust and confidence to lead them for another term.

However, Lilo’s words will be tested on the 19 November when he will be challenging three other candidates who will vie to unseat him.

The three candidates are Schulte Maetoloa, Kenneth Bulehite both of which are contesting as independent candidates and Jimson Fiau Tanaghada who will run under the banner of the United Democratic Party.

Recent media reports has stated Lilo has the backing of his hard core supporters that gives him the winning edge over his opponents.

In his brief address to his people, during his visit to Gizo a week ago, Lilo acknowledged his people’s support and prayers during his three years tenure as Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

He reaffirmed his pledge to serve the interests of his people and that of the country as a whole.

However there are mix reactions coming from people in the constituency.

As was reported from Gizo, Rockson Pita said the situation in Gizo was tense as other candidates have been seen with strong followers.

“Jimson Tanaghada is likely to be the main threat to Lilo because he has quite a good following too. He could possibly unseat Lilo but the day will tell. Like many said they have enough of Lilo. Saying for the last twelve years they have seen no developments. Even the road in Gizo cannot be fixed during his term so why should he be re-elected,” Pita reported from Gizo.

He said there is likely hood of Lilo’s brother and long time contender Kenneth Bulehite to be another threat to Lilo which people say he could split Lilo’s supporters.

Pita claimed most people in Gizo wanted to see change while other strong supporters of Lilo still want him back.

“But we will see what will happen on the 19th November because currently, here in Gizo, the situation is tense as these candidates are drawing huge crowds of supporters everywhere they go,” Pita added.



29) Fiji Yet To Fully Respond To UN Human Rights Review
Repeal various decrees, review Constitution among recommendations

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Nov. 3, 2014) – Calls to review the 2013 Constitution and to review, amend or repeal restrictive decrees were among 39 recommendations Fiji is still to provide a response to following its second universal human rights review.

The 39 recommendations also include calls to repeal the Media Industry Development Decree” 2010 to “end intimidation and harassment of those that express criticism of the State, to change the climate of fear and self-censorship and to ensure that no one is arbitrarily arrested and detained for exercising their rights”.

Justice Minister and Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum told the human rights council that the 39 recommendations will be examined by the country.

In his concluding statement at the interactive dialogue on Fiji’s 2nd Universal Periodic Review before the Human Rights Council, Sayed-Khaiyum said it was necessary to either consult with the relevant independent institutions, or to refer them to relevant government agencies for input.

“It should be noted that the Fijian Constitution entrenches the separation of powers and strengthens and affirms the independence of institutions such as the Judiciary, the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission and the Police Force.

Thus the need to consult these institutions, where appropriate.” Fiji has been given no later than the 28th session of the Human Rights Council in March 2015 to provide responses to these 39 recommendations.

A total of 137 recommendations were put to Fiji by member countries.

Of these, the country supported 98.

Of the 98, Sayed-Khaiyum said the country was in the process of implementing 12.

Fiji delegation responses to questions 

Repeal of decrees 

The Fijian delegation told the council that the repeal of any other Decrees would be the prerogative of Parliament.

Choice of referendum amendments to the Constitution 

Fiji explained that a referendum was a direct form of democracy which did not entail third party intervention, and that was an important and unprecedented consultative means of amending the Constitution.

Invitation and co-operation with special procedures mandate holders 

Fiji expressed its willingness to cooperate with such special procedures, based on the areas of critical importance and emphasis by Fiji and provided that Fiji had the resources to receive such visits.

Some of the 39 recommendations Fiji is still to respond to 

Review of the Constitution 

Estonia and Namibia recommended that a constitutional commission is established to carry out a comprehensive review of the 2013 Constitution and carry out national consultations to ensure that the constitution is reflective of the will of the people.

Estonia further recommended that the national legislation is aligned with the Rome Statute of the ICC and ratify the agreement on privileges and immunities of the court.

Namibia said doing so may help to bring about a more stable political structure.

Mexico recommended that the Fijian Government consult with the civil society to develop and harmonize a legislative framework derived from the new constitution and in accordance with international human rights standards.

Belgium recommended necessary steps are taken to amend existing legislation in order to bring possible restrictions to freedom of expression or assembly in line with international human rights norms and standards.

Switzerland recommended that the constitution as well as national legislation are amended to ensure that the rights to freedoms of expression, assembly and association be guaranteed without restrictions other than those provided for within the framework of international law.

Restrictive Decrees 

United Kingdom and Northern Ireland recommended the review, amendment or repeal as necessary all decrees limiting freedom of expression and association, particularly the Media, Essential National Industries and Public Order Decrees.

The United States recommended the amendment of the decrees such as the Public Order Act Amendment Decree, the Political Parties Decree, and the Media Industry Development Decree to ensure respect for freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly, and association.

Korea recommended revising a Public Order Amendment Decree and the Media Industry Development Decree in a way that fully ensures the rights to freedoms of association, assembly, press and expression.

Freedom of Expression – Media Industry Development Decree 

Germany recommended that the legislation on freedom of expression, assembly and association is in line with international human rights standards, in particular by repealing “The Media Industry Development Decree” 2010.

Doing so, Germany says this will end intimidation and harassment of those that express criticism of the State, to change the climate of fear and self-censorship and to ensure that no one is arbitrarily arrested and detained for exercising their rights.

Canada also called for a review of the MIDA decree and the introduction of a freedom of information legislation that accords with international human rights standards to ensure respect for freedom of expression and protection of journalists.

Right of assembly – workers rights 

Ireland recommended a safe and enabling environment is created and maintained for civil society actors to freely associate, by amending relevant laws and ensuring they are not invoked to curtail the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

Belgium recommended that the existing legislation is amended in order to bring possible restrictions to freedom of expression or assembly in line with international human rights norms and standards.

Workers rights 

Australia recommended the conclusion of the Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding on the future of labour relations in Fiji.

United Nations Special Procedures mandate holders 

Chile, Costa Rica, Ghana, Portugal, Slovenia, Montenegro, Norway, Uruguay, New Zealand, Solomon, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway recommended that Fiji invite and cooperate with the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council as soon as possible to assist authorities in pursuing progress.

The special procedures of the Human Rights Council are independent human rights experts with mandates to report and advise on human rights from a thematic or country-specific perspective With the support of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), special procedures undertake country visits; act on individual cases and concerns of a broader, structural nature by sending communications to States and others in which they bring alleged violations or abuses to their attention; conduct thematic studies and convene expert consultations, contribute to the development of international human rights standards, engage in advocacy, raise public awareness, and provide advice for technical cooperation.

Special procedures report annually to the Human Rights Council; the majority of the mandates also reports to the General Assembly.

Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers 

New Zealand, Israel, Solomon Islands called for Fiji to invite a Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers to ensure the independence and provide expertise and assistance in the process of maintaining an independent judiciary Canada called for the amendment of the legislative and constitutional framework to maintain the separation of powers and cease any executive interference with the independence of the judiciary and lawyers, and ensure that the processes governing the qualification and discipline of lawyers and judges are free from political interference.

Ratification International Human Rights Treaties 

Germany, Canada, Russia, Uruguay, Estonia, Chile, Portugal called for Fiji to bolster the constitutional Bill of Rights by acceding to human rights treaties including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (OP-CAT), Optional Protocol to CEDAW, and the Optional Protocol to Child Rights Committee on a communications procedure (OP-CRC-IC).



30) Threats against Pacific journalists cause concern for IFJ

3 November 2014

The International Federation of Journalists has launched a 22 day campaign highlighting violence against journalists around the world.

In the Asia Pacific region last year a journalist was killed every ten days and 33 have been killed so far this year, mostly in Pakistan and the Philippines.

The IFJ’s acting director for the Asia Pacific, Jane Worthington, says the Pacific is lucky not to have the targeted killings of journalists but she says there is concern at the threats some of them face.

“The important thing is that people understand that impunity is a major problem affecting journalists and media workers in their safety and in their ability to do their jobs. The more people can understand and can share stories and information and pressure governments to actually fulfill their duties, to protect journalists, the better.”

The IFJ’s Jane Worthington.

31) French Journalists Return Home From Papua Detention
Conviction sets dangerous precedent for visits to Indonesia

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (Pacific Scoop, Nov. 1, 2014) – French journalists Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat have returned to France after being detained for 11 weeks in the Indonesian Melanesian province of Papua, where a court in Papua’s capital, Jayapura, convicted them last week of misusing tourist visas to work as journalists.

They arrived in Paris on Friday and, along with their families, were received in the evening at Reporters Without Borders headquarters by RWB staff, their support committee, the Memento TV production company, the TV channel Arte and friends.

“The return of Dandois and Bourrat is a big relief for us,” said Benjamin Ismaïl, head of the Reporters Without Borders Asia-Pacific desk.

“Their detention and eventual trial was one of the biggest ordeals they have ever had to endure.

“Their conviction sets a dangerous precedent for all journalists trying to visit Indonesia in the future. This case is not over. We know that some of the people they met have been detained since August 6. They should benefit from the protection accorded to journalists’ sources.”

One of their sources, Areki Wanimbo, the tribal leader of the Lanny Jaya district, and three other locals were arrested at the same time as the journalists. He is currently in prison and may be tried on a charge of “rebellion”. 

Pacific Scoop
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[email protected]


32) World Bank reports on business reform in Pacific

3 November 2013

The World Bank has applauded reforms in several Pacific Island countries for making it easier to do business.

Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Palau all performed well in the 2015 World Bank Doing Business Report released last week.

A World Bank official, Jonathan Kirkby, says the areas of most improvement this year in the Pacific were in starting a business, getting electricity, registering property and trading across borders.

He says countries should use the report as a gauge to measure their progress.

“The countries that are ranked top in the world get there by continually undertaking reform, they are always looking at ways that they can improve the operation of their government regulation. So I think the countries in the Pacific and throughout the world can learn by looking at what other countries are doing.”

Jonathan Kirkby says the top ranked countries in the world are Singapore, Japan and New Zealand.

In the Pacific they are Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu.RNZI

33) Nautilus secures intellectual property rights

By Online Editor
9:37 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Papua New Guinea

Toronto-based Nautilus Minerals announced the settlement of the first of two conditions preceding the securement of their agreement with the state of Papua New Guinea regarding the Solwara 1 project, located in the Bismarck Sea.

Nautilus had previously announced in May this year that Papua New Guinea’s 15 per cent stake (US$113 million) towards the completion of the first production stage of the Solwara 1 project, once paid, would secure ‘certain intellectual property rights’, along with the charter of a ‘production support vessel’.

Nautilus Minerals CEO Mike Johnston remarked “Nautilus is pleased it has satisfied the first of the conditions precedent by securing the intellectual property rights required by the State and is now one step closer to securing the release of the escrowed funds.

“Discussions remain on track, with potential vessel partners to obtain a suitable vessel arrangement within the timeframe required under the agreement, which will see the funds released from escrow.”

The company has been focused on securing a suitable vessel arrangement and is negotiating with potential vessel partners, as well as arranging tender processes with shipyards experienced in building offshore construction vessels.

Controversy surrounding the Solwara 1 project is worldwide. Papua New Guinea is the very first candidate to allow deep seabed mining under national legislation, which has garnered attention from environmentalists, scientists and non-government organisations alike.

“There is insufficient scientific data to understand the impacts of deep sea mining, there are no regulatory frameworks in place to govern mining operations and the capacity to enforce such frameworks does not yet exist.

“The issuing of exploration licences must cease until these issues are addressed,” said Natalie Lowrey, spokesperson for the Deep Sea Mining campaign.

Scientific viewpoints detail the potential loss of undiscovered species and inadequate risk assessments on environmental and ecological damage.

A report titled ‘Deep Sea Bed Mining in the South Pacific’ by Dr Tina Hunter and Madeline Taylor from the Centre for International Minerals and Energy Law highlighted New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Act, passed in 2012, which requires consideration of the following, to name a few:

Cumulative effects;
*Effects on the environment or existing interests of allowing an activity with or without a marine consent, including the effects that may occur in New Zealand or in the waters beyond the continental shelf;
*The effects on human health that may arise from effects on the environment;
*The importance of protecting the biological diversity and integrity of marine species, ecosystems and processes;
* The importance of protecting rare and vulnerable ecosystems and the habitats of threatened species; and    New Zealand’s international obligations.

Nautilus Minerals’ mining lease was granted by the government of Papua New Guinea on 17 January 2011, approved with an Environmental Permit in December 2009 from the Department of Environment and Conservation of Papua New Guinea.


34) Air Niugini Launches New Domestic Airline
Link PNG to service small, more remote areas

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 3, 2014) – It is another milestone in the 41-year history of the national flag carrier Air Niugini, to launch a new air service.

The Link Papua New Guinea air service was launched last Saturday at Nadzab Airport by Independent Public Business Corporation chairman Paul Nerau.

“We are launching a new airline – Link PNG – a name which I believe will become well-known across the nation,” Mr Nerau said.

“Well-known and favourably known, especially in regional and distant communities.”

Mr Nerau said the launch of Link PNG is a direct result of the Government’s decision to restructure the share holding in Air Niugini.

Bringing private investment into Air Niugini will not put any risk on profit, the services will operate as part of Air Niugini’s community service obligation.

That obligation will be held by Link PNG as a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Niugini.

“I see the establishment and first flight of Link PNG as just the first step that will open up many opportunities to improve services to remote areas that are less populated, or where airstrips are either unsuitable for larger planes or do not even have airstrips but depend on air travel,” Mr Nerau said.

The services Link PNG will provide will benefit provinces not serviced to the same level as main routes are.

“I am sure it will be the Government’s desire for Air Niugini to consider providing services to areas not currently on travel routes.

“I am sure the board and management of Link PNG are already planning for this expansion as priority,” Mr Nerau said.

It may well mean that the airline will look to different aircraft type to provide these additional services.

That is one of the benefits Link PNG will bring – it will allow greater flexibility in servicing remote areas.

Mr Nerau commended the initiative the board and management of Air Niugini took in ensuring air travel services to more distant areas are protected from untoward consequences the airline restructuring might bring

“Link PNG is the solution, a new airline, a new service for our people,” he said. 

PNG Post-Courier

35) Vanuatu primed for six-star hotel and casino

3 November 2014

There are plans in Vanuatu to create what is being billed as a six-star hotel and casino complex.

The Daily Post newspaper says the Iririki Island Resort on an island a short distance off the Port Vila waterfront is to be developed.

The Finance Minister, Maki Simelum, says the casino and gaming industry is one of the major sources of revenue for the government.

He made the comment after signing an agreement for a ten-year licence with the directors of Jewels Casino and Iririki Island Resort.

The minister says he hopes the casino will attract wealthy tourists from around the world to use the facilities.RNZI

36) New Caledonia uproar over mine deal probe

3 November 2014

The new president of New Caledonia’s southern province, Philippe Michel, may bring a defamation case after an inquiry into a nickel ore deal was cut short amid allegations of fake documents.

no caption

Photo: Province Sud

A pre-election MOU between the province and Eramet of France as well as Vale of Brazil provided for a four-year study of the Prony and Pernod deposits in the south of the main island, with a view to a possible new nickel plant.

Mr Michel cancelled the MOU when he was elected, sayings the deal was illegal on several counts and included a secret section approved by his predecessor, Cynthia Ligeard.

She in turn called for an inquiry and at the start of a hearing on Friday, her former advisor Alban Tremblier refused to answer questions, saying the tabled MOU was a fake.

Mr Michel is now considering lodging a defamation case.

The cancelled deal provided for a joint venture company, in which the provincial government would have been the biggest shareholder, to examine estimates that the deposits contain three million tonnes of nickel that could be mined over 50 years.RNZI

37) New era for Fiji investors

Ropate Valemei

Saturday, November 01, 2014

FIJI is open for business, says Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama.

Speaking at the opening of the Fiji-Australia Australia-Fiji Business Council forum at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva yesterday, Mr Bainimarama said there were great opportunities for those with the enterprise and foresight to take advantage of the new era of prosperity.

“In fact, this past Friday, for the first time in Fiji’s history, Cabinet met with all of Fiji’s development partners to highlight government’s top priorities for the next four to five years and point out areas where partnerships would be most useful,” he said.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from United Nations agencies, European Union, International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank.

“So now is the time for those who have been holding back to invest in the country — to join those already riding the wave.

“Now is the time to reap the rewards of a vastly better investment climate and to take advantage of the government’s generous investment incentives.

“There is so much working to our advantage. Our central position as a hub in the Pacific, a talented workforce destined to become smarter because of the government’s investment in education, the reforms we have made — and will continue to make — to modernise and streamline our economy and our successful transition to genuine Parliamentary democracy.”

He said the boom had already begun and encouraged investors not to miss out on those opportunities.


38) ADB approves fresh loan to upgrade key section of Dili to Tibar road

By Online Editor
9:38 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Timor-leste

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is extending an additional loan of nearly US$12 million to upgrade a 5-kilometer section of road along an important route linking Dili with Tibar, site of the country’s planned new international port.

“Creating a dual carriageway along this portion of the route will increase traffic capacity and provide safer and more efficient movement of people and goods which will be crucial once the new port begins operations,” said Richard Phelps, Principal Infrastructure Specialist, ADB Timor-Leste Resident Mission. “A change in alignment will also shorten the distance between Dili and the port by 2 kilometers, allowing it to avoid some unstable and exposed hillside and coastal areas.”

The targeted stretch of road is part of an ongoing ADB-assisted project to reconstruct, upgrade and climate proof about 59 kilometers of national roads including the Dili to Liquica route, where Tibar is located. This route is also part of the key north coast road linking Dili with the Indonesian border at Mota Ain, and with the western towns of Maliana and Bobonaro. ADB committed initial project finance of $40 million.

The additional loan will fund the realignment and upgrade to four lanes from Taciltolu to the junction with the Tibar to Gleno road, including construction of a roundabout. It will also be used to expand to 4 lanes the road from the roundabout to the Tibar Port entrance, improving port access. These design improvements are needed to accommodate higher than originally expected growth in traffic along the route, as well as strong population growth and business activity in and around Tibar.

The additional road works will extend the project implementation period by a year, with the completion date now estimated at the end of December 2017.


39) Rally Opposes Highway Connecting PNG Highlands To Moresby
Papua People’s Congress leads opposition to trans-island road

By Maureen Gerawa

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 3, 2014) – A peaceful rally held on Saturday in Port Moresby has been blunt with its demand that there will be no highway built to connect the Highlands to Port Moresby as well as from Morobe to Port Moresby.

Those who attended the rally at Jack Pidik Park at Five-Mile, said a petition which is being circulated among the Papuan community will be presented to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

The rally, organised by Papua People’s Congress, was led by former MPs Dame Josephine Abaijah and Galeva Kwarara, also at the forefront of Papuan self-rule and autonomy in the 1970s.

About 800 people, the majority educated elite from the Papua region, attended the event to sign the petition.

Mr Kwarara told the gathering that Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki and Metropolitan Commander Andy Bawa had approved the rally on the condition that it was peaceful and participants had responded accordingly.

“We are peaceful and orderly people. Let’s prove this to these two (Vaki and Bawa),” Mr Kwarara said.

The stiff opposition to the trans-island highway would continue in a peaceful manner on top of other outstanding issues being pursued by the Papua People’s Congress.

“We are here to ensure that Papuan people come together and stop the trans-islands highway coming through,” said Mr Kwarara.

He said National Capital District is already facing a population boom, lacked health and education resources and a new highway would only add to the city’s woes.

“The new highway will bring more problems which the Government cannot solve,” Mr Kwarara said.

Central Provincial Council of Women president Laeko Bala said women and children were suffering due to issues relating to land-grabbing and urbanisation. She called for a stop to the trans-highway.

Representatives from all the other provinces in the region also opposed the highway.

But a Gulf Province representative said the people from Gulf did not oppose the first highway from Southern Highlands Province because this province had a long history with the people of Gulf and the Papua region.

Meanwhile, Dame Josephine told the gathering that a lot of issues she had raised as Papua Besena leader in the 1970s were coming back to haunt the Papuans 40 years on.

She used the opportunity to highlight the work done by Jonathan Baure and other young people on the Papua autonomy question. Dame Josephine said the Papuan struggle was far from over, but it must be maintained peacefully.

She is hoping for a bigger rally at KilaKila village on Thursday.

PNG Post-Courier


40) Shock at killing of Solomons Brother

3 November 2014

There is shock on Guadalcanal following the killing of a member of the Solomon Islands’ Anglican Church’s Melanesia’s Brotherhood.

Our correspondent says both locals and expatriates at north west Guadalcanal have expressed horror at the killing of Brother Jackson Lodo.

It is reported he was set upon by a group of men early last Thursday while walking on the Vura Rd.

His companion, a third year novice brother, was badly hurt and is in hospital in Honiara. RNZI


41) Prepare for the worst

Atasa Moceituba

Monday, November 03, 2014

A WEEK-LONG disaster awareness program will be organised in the three main divisions by the National Disaster Management Office as the country enters the cyclone season.

The program is a continuous one where the department does not only reach out to the community but advocate on how people can prepare themselves for cyclones.

National Disaster Management Office staff, Akapusi Tuifagalele said the purpose of the program was to raise awareness.

He said the program was an yearly one where they reached out to different communities and schools in all parts of the country.

“This program will help waken people’s minds as we approach the cyclone season,” he said.

“We want to make sure that people are aware of this and know what they are supposed to do when a disaster strikes.”

Mr Tuifagalele said the New Zealand Government was willing to assist them by funding the week-long program.

He said areas not covered during the week-long program would be covered by the media.

“We will use the media to advocate and reach the different places that we were not able to visit during the awareness program,” Mr Tuifagalele said.

42) Nicholas Stern: Tony Abbott should not prevent G20 debate on climate change

By Online Editor
9:31 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Australia

A leading international climate change economist has urged Tony Abbott not to “wish away” the evidence for climate change or prevent it from being discussed at the upcoming G20 summit because of “local politics” and a “lack of courage” to confront the scientific evidence.

His comments come as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] release the most rigorous synthesis of climate change science to date, making it clear that without urgent cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, global temperatures will rise by more than 2 degrees.

In a commentary for the Guardian, Nicholas Stern, chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change in the UK and a former World Bank chief economist, wrote that climate change action by politicians was now urgent, with lives and livelihoods at risk.

“With each successive decade being warmer than the last globally, and this year shaping up to be the hottest ever recorded, the reality of climate change is undeniable, and cannot be simply wished away by politicians who lack the courage to confront the scientific evidence,” he wrote.

“[It] should place enormous pressure on the Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, to make it a major agenda item at the G20 summit later this month, instead of shunting it to the sidelines.

The G20 summit would provide the most effective platform for world leaders to discuss transitioning to a low-carbon economy, he wrote.

“Yet the local politics of a country of less than 25 million is being allowed to prevent essential strategic discussions of an issue that is of fundamental importance to the prosperity and well-being of the world’s population of 7 billion people.”

The IPCC report provides evidence of the impact climate change is already having around the world through rising temperatures, shifts in extreme weather, disappearing glaciers and ice sheets, and advancing sea levels.

Avoiding the worst impacts of climate change would mean staying below the threshold warming of 2 degrees, the report says, which will only be achieved if annual emissions will need to be reduced by about half by 2050 compared with 2010.
“The IPCC report makes plain that further delays in tackling climate change would be dangerous, and ‘wait and see’ would be a profoundly irrational policy,” Stern wrote.

“The report should be high on the agenda for the leaders of the world’s 20 most powerful nations, responsible for the majority of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, when they meet in Brisbane on 15 November, said Stern.


43) Fiji Commended For Leading Effort To Protect Sharks, Rays
Pew Associate lauds commitment to conservation

By Felix Chaudhary

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Nov. 3, 2014) – Fiji plays a leading role in the global fight against the unsustainable killing of sharks and rays, says Luke Warwick, a senior associate in the Pew Charitable Trusts’ global shark conservation initiative.

The trust — a US-based not-for profit NGO — is one of the world’s leading advocates for the conservation of endangered species such as sharks and rays.

Mr Warwick said Fiji’s commitment to the cause was commendable.

“Pew worked with the Fijian Government and Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS) to hold a meeting in Nadi in August where Governments from all over the Pacific learned about the 21 sharks and rays proposed for protection at the Conference of Parties which will be held in Ecuador in November,” he said.

“Fiji is playing a leadership role to try and protect sharks and rays internationally and has proposed the listing of reef manta and mobula rays on CMS, and is strongly supporting the listing of silky, thresher and hammerhead sharks.”

Pew has been in Fiji since 2011, working closely with the Coral Reef Alliance and the Government to explore domestic options for managing sharks.

The primary focus of the NGO’s work has been on supporting Fiji to meet international obligations in regards to sharks.

“It isn’t just at CMS where Fiji is becoming a champion, Fiji is also leading the way to help governments across the Pacific implement recent shark listings on the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora (CITES).

“The Fijian Government and Pew co-hosted a workshop in Nadi in February where shark experts from all over the world worked with Pacific governments to learn about the new CITES rules, and the ways sharks can be protected.”

Fiji Times Online.


44) Asia and Oceania keen to enhance cooperation in athletics, claims continental chief

By Online Editor
9:49 pm GMT+12, 02/11/2014, Qatar

Talks have begun between Asia and Oceania to boost cooperation and opportunities for athletes in both continents, Asian Athletics Association (AAA) President Daalan Al-Hamad revealed in Doha.

It follows the successful partnership between the AAA and Athletics Oceania at this year’s International Association of Athletics Associations (IAAF) Continental Cup in Marrakech, where an Asian/Pacific team containing Qatar’s World Indoor high jump champion Mutaz Barshim and Australian long jumper Henry Frayne finished in fourth place.

The two Federations undertook a similar partnership for the first time four years ago in Split, also finishing fourth, behind Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Al Hamad, also head of the Qatar Athletics Federation and an IAAF vice-president, believes greater cooperation fits with the current policy of globalisation pioneered by the world governing body, and also boost opportunities for athletes.

“The IAAF have put the strategy of making our sport more global and with more cooperation between continents,” he said following the IAAF Evaluation Commission visit here to assess Doha’s bid for the 2019 World Championships.

“We have started those kind of talks between Asia and Oceania.

“We have started some some kind of cooperation, we believe we have to start with the athletes, and that kind of work has already started.”.

The Qatari, who has previous described this collaboration as an “example” for all continents, is supported by Athletics Oceania chief Geoff Gardner, who sees plans to develop an Asian-Pacific competition circuit as a way to utilise this relationship.

This would presumably allow athletes from both regions to benefit from each other’s respective strengths, while allowing competition to take place in the summer months as well as when the European season is in progress.

This comes at a time when collaboration between Asia and Oceania has been much talked about in a more general sporting sense, with Olympic Council of Asia chief Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah claiming that Oceanic countries could one day compete in the Asian Games.

The 18 countries that make up the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) have already accepted an invitation to participate in the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, due to take place in Turkmenistan’s capital Ashgabat.


45) Samoa Rugby Squad Puts Up Valiant Fight Against Favorite Kiwis
Late score leaves Tao Samoa on short end of 12-14 loss

By Siala Lova

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Nov. 2, 2014) – A brave Toa Samoa can hold their heads high today.

They might have lost their Four Nations game, 12-14, against a highly fancied Kiwis outfit last night but they won the hearts of the rugby league world.

In front of 16,912 fans at Toll Stadium in Whangarei in New Zealand’s north, the courageous Samoans outplayed the Kiwis for the first 75 minutes of the game but ultimately found themselves run down by a late effort from the home side who only claimed the lead for the first time in the match in the dying minutes.

The New Zealanders looked a far cry from the side which dismantled Australia 30-12 only seven days earlier, and the poor effort will have coach Stephen Kearney sweating ahead of the clash with England next weekend.

If not for some big individual efforts in the closing minutes of the clash the Kiwis would have found themselves with the unwanted tag of being the first ever team to lose to a fourth seed in the Four Nations.

The match started with a minute’s silence for 17-year-old Warriors product Luke Tipene who passed away on the morning of the game.

In the early exchanges the Kiwis looked to exploit the Samoan edge defence with plenty of ball out wide, but it ended up seeing them concede first when Peta Hiku held his pass too long and delivered it right into the arms of a waiting Tautau Moga.

A late call-up for the Cowboys’ teammate Antonio Winterstein, Moga ran 80 metres to go over in the right corner. Tim Lafai was unable to add the extras.

The Kiwi response was swift.

After missing last week’s tournament opener through the suspension that also kept him out of the NRL Grand Final, Issac Luke made his presence felt when he crabbed across field and found Kieran Foran who ran a hard line to equalise.

Shaun Johnson made no mistake from in front to give the hosts a 6-4 lead.

Lacking the intensity and execution they showed in spades only a week ago against the world champions, the Kiwis looked clumsy with ball in hand.

Winger Manu Vatuvei fumbled the ball into touch twice within minutes, although the first came from a Shaun Kenny-Dowall bat-on that itself was ruled forward. They also stalled several attacking raids with poor dummy-half service and offload selection.

Brilliant vision from five-eighth Ben Roberts spawned a second Samoan try on 20 minutes; the former Kiwi international spotting the New Zealand line playing too high and delivering a precision grubber in behind the line for Daniel Vidot to score untouched.

About the only battle the Kiwis were winning was the fiery heavyweight spat between Vatuvei and Joey Leilua; the pair coming together in a heated exchange before Vatuvei delivered a crushing hit which shook the Newcastle centre – who had earlier delivered a bone-rattler on Foran that saw the Kiwi five-eighth favouring his ribs for the remainder of the match.

The Samoans took an unlikely 8-6 lead into the break, then a couple of penalties and a knock-on within the opening three minutes of the second half put the Kiwis under immense pressure. Leilua made them pay with a commanding run and huge fend which upended Kenny-Dowall, allowing him to go over in the right corner.

The Samoans had been the better team by far, but Lafai’s inability to add the extras meant they led by only 12-6 despite outscoring their rivals three tries to one.

For all the courage and discipline the Samoans were showcasing, the Kiwis’ class finally started to show in the final 20 minutes.

Fullback Tim Simona did well to stop a certain try when he jarred the ball from Simon Mannering’s grasp over the line, but a short time later the home side found an overlap on the left for Jason Nightingale to score his second of the tournament.

With four minutes left on the clock the Kiwis pulled out the big play when it counted.

After Ben Roberts was on hand to take a vital intercept from a loose pass, he handed it straight back with an ill-conceived offload on the same play. Shaun Johnson then played a pivotal role in a swift left-side move which eventually beat the

Samoan cover defence and allowed Shaun Kenny-Dowall to go over and give the Kiwis a 14-12 lead.

Five-eighth Foran, still troubled by his battered ribs, closed the game out with a clever kick which allowed his teammates to trap Toa Samoa in-goal.

There was one late heart stutter in the final seconds when the impressive Leilua broke 60 metres downfield, but with referee Henry Perenara controversially ruling his offload travelled forward the play broke down as the final siren sounded.

Samoa coach Matt Parish must have left the field wondering what more his side have to do to get a win, after coming agonisingly close to victory – and scoring the same number of tries as their opponents – for the second week in a row.

The Kiwis meanwhile would be feeling relieved to have escaped a humiliating defeat only days after one of their best victories in recent memory.

New Zealand 14 (Kieran Foran, Jason Nightingale, Shaun Kenny-Dowall tries; Shaun Johnson 1 goal)

Samoa 12 (Tautau Moga, Daniel Vidot, Joey Leilua tries) at Toll Stadium, Whangarei. Half-time: 6-8. Crowd: 16,912. Referee: Henry Perenara (NZL).

Samoa Observer

46) Top players battle

Emoni Narawa

Monday, November 03, 2014

THE second day of National Snooker Ranking tournament was a thriller as players fight for a spot in the Champions versus Champions event next month.

Only the top 16 players from this ranking tournament will qualify for the COC in Lautoka.

Players such as Epeli Bua, Nitesh Chand, Praneel Singh and Yogen Prasad were in the top four and featured in the semi-finals of the two-day event. Other players such as Tony Can, Mahen Deo, Ravi Naidu and Mosese Nawaqakuta have also made it through after qualifying for the quater-finals.

Billiards and Snooker Fiji president Riffat Bhatti said the ranking tournament was the qualifying event for the COC.

“At this tournament, all players gave their best because they want a spot at the COC,” he said.

Bhatti said the COC was always an exciting event as the top 16 players in the country battled against each other.

Meanwhile, in the B division category, Devnit Ratnam, Sonal Sami, Raman Lal, Jack Cox, Hazel Naidu, Raymond Reddy, Rahil Prasad and Abdul Masood qualified for the top eight finishing. Sami, Lal, Naidu and Prasad progressed through to the semi-finals.

The finals was being played last night when this tournament went to press.Fijitimes.

47) Brisbane wins inaugural NRC title


Monday, November 03, 2014

Brisbane, November – Brisbane City have recorded a 37-26 victory over the Perth Spirit to be crowned the inaugural National Rugby Championship winners.

After finishing third and fourth at the conclusion of the regular season, both sides put on a show of high quality rugby in front of a 7889-strong crowd at Ballymore in Brisbane.

The last time these two sides met, Brisbane winger Junior Laloifi scored an 80 metre try to sink the Spirit with five minutes on the clock.

In a fitting finish, the Samoan flyer raced down the left hand sideline and beat three Perth defenders to put the final nail in the coffin five minutes from time.

The strengths of the two sides were in direct contrast, as the home side looked comfortable at set piece time and smartly exerted their dominance through that channel, while Perth picked off easy metres and threatened constantly in open play.

City’s three first-half tries all came off the back of crisp set piece play — man of the match Liam Gill and Pettowa Paraka grabbing five pointers to go with a penalty try that was as a direct result of City’s strong scrummaging.

Tries to Perth’s Ammon Matuauto and Robbie Abel added to Dane Haylett-Petty’s terrific take in the City in-goal area inside the first 40 as Brisbane went into the sheds up 24-21.

After yet another scrum penalty caused by the ferocious Paraka, he scored a carbon copy of his first half try — falling over the line after a 10 metre rolling maul to open up an eight point lead.

The Papua New Guinean prop walked off to a standing ovation from the Ballymore faithful at the 65 minute mark after a herculean performance beforeBrisbane City head coach Nick Stiles said his side’s front row laid the platform for the win.

48) Chelsea survives


Monday, November 03, 2014

LONDON – Eden Hazard’s penalty enabled Chelsea to preserve their four-point lead in the Premier League with a narrow 2-1 win at home to London rivals Queens Park Rangers yesterday.

Diego Costa returned for Chelsea after four games out with hamstring trouble and he saw his side take a 32nd-minute lead when Cesc Fabregas teed up Oscar to bend in an exquisite shot with the outside of his right foot.

Charlie Austin equalised for QPR just after the hour when he beat Thibaut Courtois with a clever back-heel from Leroy Fer’s cross-shot to claim his third goal in two games.

But Hazard gave Chelsea victory in the 75th minute when he calmly beat Rob Green from 12 yards after he had gone down under a challenge by Eduardo Vargas.

Hazard’s goal enabled Jose Mourinho’s side, who visit Maribor in the Champions League on Wednesday, to preserve their four-point advantage over second-placed Southampton, who won 1-0 at Hull City.

Kenyan midfielder Victor Wanyama scored the game’s only goal in the third minute at the KC Stadium, brilliantly lobbing Eldin Jakupovic from 40 yards after the Hull goalkeeper scuffed his clearance.

Arsenal climbed into the Champions League places after Alexis Sanchez scored twice in a 3-0 success at home to winless bottom club Burnley.

Defender Calum Chambers crossed for Sanchez to head Arsenal in front in the 70th minute and smashed home his first senior goal two minutes later after Tom Heaton parried a shot by Danny Welbeck.

Sanchez added a third in injury time from a Kieran Gibbs cross.

49) Solomon footballer helps Team Wellington open campaign

3 November 2014

A Solomon Island International has helped Team Wellington knock over the Phoenix Reserves in the opening round local derby of New Zealand’s ASB Football Premiership in Miramar 2-1.

Team Wellington entered the match looking to build on a successful preseason campaign which saw them secure the services of Napier City Rovers defender Bill Robertson, Auckland’s Alex Feneridis and Luis Corrales as well as claiming the ASB Charity Cup against Auckland City.

Henry Fa’arodo played 80 minutes on Sunday and says he’s excited about the season.

The former A-league player and OFC Champions League winner says his experience has shown that any new players will be brought into the club environment smoothly.

“The support is very good. How they support players that come in is something that makes a lot of difference in a player. Just like support in that they understand the different lifestyle that you come from and they try to make you feel at home as much as possible and try and set you up as well and help you settle down in your environment. That’s one thing I notice.”

In other matches, defending champion’s Auckland City defeated Hawke’s Bay United 3-2 and Canterbury beat WaiBOP United 2-0 and Waitakere United came from behind to eventually beat Wanderers SC 3-2.RNZI

50) Former England cricketer set to play 50th ODI for PNG

3 November 2014

Former England test Cricketer and current Papua New Guinea player Geraint Jones is in line to play his 50th One Day International Match next week when the Barramundis take on Hong Kong in Townsville in PNG’s first ever ODI Match.

Jones has just completed his 14th English County Season, playing for Kent and Gloucestershire last season.

He has signed a two year contract with Gloucestershire to be the Captain of the Four-Day Team next season.

Jones, who was born in PNG, has been playing for the Barramundis since the 2012 World T20 Qualifier in the United Arab Emirates and has been involved with the team rising up the world rankings to a high of 16 in the world.

Jones says PNG have been able to climb up the rankings because the guys have been more or less full time cricketers for the last few years.

He says he has seen big improvement in skills and match awareness due to playing more and in different conditions around the world.

Jones made his ODI debut against West Indies at Nottingham in 2004 and played his last ODI for England against Sri Lanka at Leeds in 2006.RNZI


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