Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1042 ( Monday 10 November 2014 )


1) PNG ‘not putting health, education first’

10 November 2014

The director of Papua New Guinea’s Institute of National Affairs says the government needs to reprioritise its spending if the country is to get any benefit from the lucrative Liquefied Natural Gas project.

Paul Barker says the government is spending a lot of money on low-benefit infrastructure projects in Port Moresby, with little investment on core functions such as education and healthcare.

He says that while PNG’s GDP is booming, that’s not making any difference to the lives of most Papua New Guineans.

“Really critical for the government to prune down its level of expectations and expenditure into grand or even white elephant projects and one would say that includes massive investment for an APEC 2018 facility.”

Paul Barker says he’s hoping the budget, scheduled for November the 18th, will see the government refocus to prioritise things such as education, healthcare and law and order.RNZI

2)  Pro-independence party has New Caledonia society project

10 November 2014

New Caledonia’s pro-independence Caledonian Union says it wants to propose a vision of society which will make independence acceptable to the majority of the territory’s people.

The party’s president, Daniel Goa, has told a weekend Congress that many New Caledonians are for independence without knowing it or are keen to build a new country.

He says his side will have to work hard to convince a majority of the benefits of such change, which he says will be outlined next year to prepare a referendum by 2017.

Mr Goa says the plan will have to assure those now opposed to independence that they have their place and that their families and assets are secure.

He says to be against independence makes no sense when independence is inevitable.

The Caledonian Union says should the referendum go against its wish for independence, it won’t line up for subsequent, mandated plebiscites but negotiate directly with France.RNZI

3) Bougainville renews call for NGO to withdraw report

10 November 2014

Bougainville has accused an Australian NGO of having a pre-determined position in its report into the attitudes of villagers to a possible re-opening of the Panguna mine.

Jubilee Australia published the report ‘Voices of Bougainville’ in September, drawing an immediate outcry from the autonomous government in the Papua New Guinea province.

Don Wiseman has more:

“Voices of Bougainville was a series of interviews with people living around the closed Panguna mine. It was heavily critical of government plans for a possible re-opening; it claimed the villagers had been shut out of any consultations, and said locals want a focus on other ways to stimulate economic growth. The Bougainville government, led by President John Momis, complained and called on the NGO’s board to withdraw the report, but Jubilee Australia’s response was to stand by it. The NGO rejected claims of bias in its research and says the report was not intended to speak for all Bougainvilleans. It said it had not made contact with the Bougainville government because this might have compromised its links with the villagers. Now Mr Momis says Jubilee Australia has shown grave disrespect. He says the report shows signs of advocacy rather than a scientific approach and asks again for it to be withdrawn.”


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4a) New Vanuatu airport to cost ‘nothing’

10 November 2014

A Singaporean based consortium proposing to build a huge airport in Vanuatu says the development should not cost the country anything.

Developer adamant Vanuatu airport will be built

The Vanuatu Trade Development Ltd has a plan for a greenfields airport development and a temporary upgrade of the runway at the present airport, Bauerfield.

However the government appears to have scotched it after an outcry because a previous administration had signed a promissory note with the company for 350 million US dollars.

But the managing director of Hermsley Capital, one of the consortium partners, Byron Koh, says that note would only be applied if the government expropriated their investment.

“That is the only way the VTD can claim against that promissory note and the promissory note covers purely the construction costs of the airport only. So it is designed to be a disincentive for government to expropriate the airport by coming and taking physical control of the airport during the concession period. That is the function of the promissory note.”

The managing director of Hermsley Capital, and one of the consortium partners, Byron Koh.

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4b) Vanuatu daily news digest | 10 November 2014

by bobmakin

Instead of reports from the local press today …


Developer adamant Vanuatu airport will be built

Originally aired on Dateline Pacific, Monday 10 November 2014

Prospective Vanuatu airport developer believes it can turn around opposition to the project.


The consortium proposing a huge airport development in Vanuatu remains committed to the deal despite the apparent opposition of the government.

Vanuatu Trade Development Ltd has a deal to build an airport on Efate, but the government appears to have scotched those plans.

Byron Koh is the managing director of Hermsley Capital, one of the parties to the VTDL consortium.

He says their original plan for a greenfields airport development and a temporary upgrade of the runway at the present airport, Bauerfield, stands.

Don Wiseman began by asking Mr Koh about the government’s commitment to VTDL through a promissory note for the 350 million US dollar value of the development.

BYRON KOH: The reasons that VTD succeeded in its proposal is that it was asking for no financial guarantees or support from the [Vanuatu] government in designing, building or operating the airport. There was an extensive 15 month process of vetting both VTD, its backers, the consortium, its negotiators and in fact that vetting was done by the prime minister at the time, the deputy prime minister, the minister of finance, the attorney general and the government taskforce which was set up which was representatives of all the major government departments that would have involvement in the process. So we would say that the process has been very transparent in terms of government. With respect to the promissory note, the promissory note operates only in the event the government comes and expropriates the airport. That is the only way the VTD can claim against that promissory note and the promissory note covers purely the construction costs of the airport only. So it is designed to be a disincentive for government to expropriate the airport by coming and taking physical control of the airport during the concession period. That is the function of the promissory note.

DON WISEMAN: And the concession period is for 50 years.

BK: Correct. The concession period is for 50 years which is the time needed to recover the investment. To give you an idea of the quantum of the investment – I have obviously mentioned the the 350 million dollar build cost – to give you some perspective on that relative to the overall size of the Vanuatu economy, you will appreciate that the GDP last year was 831 million US dollars, total government expenditure last year by the Vanuatu government was 130 million US dollars, total external debt currently carried out by the Vanuatu government is a little over 200 million dollars, so this 350 million dollars represents a significant investment in the country and to protect that the VTD consortium required a promissory note to protect itself in the event of an expropriation.

DW: Clearly it is something you have imagined could potentially happen.

BK: No obviously we hope it doesn’t happen. That is our desired outcome. But if it did happen the promissory obviously would be there to repay the construction costs of the airport to the investors, who at that stage would have put all the money down to design and build the airport.

DW: As it stands at this stage I guess you guys are a long way back in terms of winning the people in Vanuatu over, so how are you going to do that?

BK: We have been through, since the concession agreement was signed in July of 2013 a period of working with government. Our main priority has been to select a site and that is obviously quite a difficult process. You need to have a site that can accommodate quite a large airport. An airport that can accommodate a runway of 3,500 metres. It needs to be a site away from current residents. It needs to be a site that doesn’t have any obstacles that would limit take-offs or approaches by aircraft. So in the last year we have been working with government to identify three potential sites. We have shortlisted one which we have nominated to government and in terms of the design process as well we have actually undertaken a preliminary master plan that we have shared with the government. So in terms of keeping the government up to date we are very confident – that includes the past government under the previous prime minister and this current government – in fact we met with this current government as late as June to discuss the plans and the preliminary design, but in terms of engaging with the Vanuatu people we will be working on that in the next couple of months to show the plans and the significant economic and social benefits that will accrue to the Vanuatu people.

DW: This threat that the company has made that it will sue – one of the figures that is being bandied around is that it will sue for 350 million US dollars if it is not allowed to go ahead.

BK: VTD has made its position very clear which is that the contract at this time is on foot. It obviously believes it has significant rights. It has invested a significant amount of money with consultants, airport architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, coring consultants, geo-technical consultants.

DW: A certain amount of money has been spent so you can’t possibly be talking about 350 dollars can you?

BK: I don’t think VTD has ever stated it would be suing for 350 million dollars. Today it has stated it would be suing for incurred costs, costs to date, and amounts it has legally contracted with its consultants and its advisors. But that figure is not 350 million.

DW” No. How far down the road is the company in terms of taking legal action?

BK: Well the company is still optimistic it can break the stalemate with the government. We are reaching out to government, we are obviously in addition to this working on the plans to remediate the runway at Bauerfield. Through that we are obviously working on engineering solutions for that because still remains a runway that needs to be repaired. So we are progressing but also obviously willing to work with government to resolve this current stalemate.

DW: If the repairs to Bauerfield were done and then the building was given the go ahead how long is that process going to take?

BK: Under the current timetable the new international airport will be operating in the second half of 2019. And so during the interim phase Bauerfield would still be kept operational. Obviously we would be looking to transfer the current Bauerfield management and airport staff over to the new airport and that would occur in 2019.


5) Tonga’s Ha’apai power network being rebuilt

10 November 2014

Tonga Power has begun rebuilding Ha’apai’s electricity network after 90 percent of it was destroyed by Cyclone Ian in January.

The Asian Development Bank will fund the 2.7 million US dollar project, which is expected to take about a year to complete.

Tonga Power’s chief executive, John van Brink, says the new network will use materials and a design more resilient to cyclones.

“This project will actually put whole new high voltage and low voltage networks in place throughout the islands, connecting about 1,000 customers. And it will also provide underground connections from our networks into the houses, which makes them a lot safer and more reliable.”

John van Brink says there are some challenges to the rebuild.

He says a lack of surveying in the past means Tonga Power must resurvey whole villages to find property boundaries, and the low-lying islands make it more difficult to secure power poles in the ground.RNZI

6) More Than 100 Samoans Receive New Matai Titles
Those honored prepared to serve family, village, church

By Sarai Ripine

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Nov. 9, 2014) – Over a hundred new matai titleholders are ready to serve their family, church and village.

It follows a ceremony yesterday morning where they were bestowed titles at Tauese Apia.

The former Controller and Chief Auditor who is also the Sa’o of the family, Tamaseu Randy Warren, spoke on behalf of Sa Tamaseu family to prepare the new titles holders for what’s to come.

“Fulfilling the roles of the matai is not an easy task to carry out,” he said “You have to love and honour your family, church and village.”A matai title is about the life of service. A new matai name is a blessing to anyone. It not something that you just get today and then you forget tomorrow.” Apia

Orator, Tuiletufuga Siaosi Tuiletufuga, also spoke on behalf of the village in congratulating the new matai title holders. He wished them well.

“Don’t forget your service within our village,” Tuiletufuga reminded. He thanked to the Sa’o of the Tamaseu Family for the initiative.There ceremony started with church service to bless the new titleholders.

The new titleholders were humbled by the honour. They said they were extremely proud to have been chosen and are exited about the future. The bestowal ceremony was followed by traditional exchanges of gift, food and money.

The titles allocated to new holders were: Onofiatele, Tauili’ili, Va’amuaoali’i, Tapunu’u, Fa’asuatele, Sinaoloiē, Seugaipapa, Seumataalia, Matuamaivanu, Lupeletai’ala, Auliaimale, Tuimulivai, Ta’aiseuga, Fa’atafugagaomanu, Tausēsē, Tulatoa, Seutaafili,Mamaomaivasa, Tufuipūpū,Seumaalo,Seumataalia,Malo-ua-maua, Tulialetātā,Fueloloa,Tula’iifaletoa and Tuailepapa.

Samoa Observer


7) Suspended Nauru MPs Await Court Decision On Expulsion
Five opposition members suspended by government

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 10, 2014) – A group of MPs suspended from Nauru’s parliament are waiting for Nauru’s Supreme Court to deliver its decision over the legality of their expulsion.

Three opposition MPs were banned from Parliament in May and another two, former president Sprent Dabwido and Squire Jeremiah, were suspended in June for behaving in what the Government claims was an unruly manner.

The pair had opposed the earlier suspensions of Roland Kun, Kieren Keke and Mathew Batsiua.

Mr Kun, who is currently living in New Zealand, says he is hopeful he will be able to return to parliament next year.

“If the court finds in our favour the court will be saying that our suspension is unconstitutional and so illegal and we should have access to parliament again. Whether the speaker will complty with the court decision is another thing [but] we expect the speaker to be complying.”

Suspended Nauru MP Roland Kun says he hopes to hear back from the court before December.

Radio New Zealand International

8) Palau’s Senate Vice President Replaced In Surprise Move
Senate President joins minority members to oust Rekali, elevate Kesolei

By Jose Rodriguez T. Senase

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, Nov. 7, 2014) – In a move that shocked almost everybody in this island nation, Senate President Camsek Chin on Tuesday joined the six members of the former minority to form a new majority and replace Senate Vice President Phillip Reklai.

While the session was ongoing, Sen. Hokkons Baules introduced a resolution to install Senator Kathy Kesolei as the new Senate Vice President. The introduction of the resolution came after the suspension of Senate rules.

The resolution was then voted upon, with seven senators-the six members of the former minority (Senators Joel Toribiong, Regis Akitaya, Mlib Tmetuchl, Kathy Kesolei, Mark Rudimch, and Baules) and Senate President Camsek Chin voting for it.

Those who voted against the resolution were five senators- Senators Reklai, Raynold Oilouch, Rukebai Inabo, Mason Whipps, and Surangel Whipps, Jr. Sen. J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior was not present during the voting on the resolution.

A recess was called after the voting and Supreme Court Associate Justice Kathleen Salii was called in to administer the oath to Kesolei as the new Senate Vice President.

In an interview on Wednesday, Reklai said he respects the decision of the majority.

“In politics, this is a normal process. If the resolution were illegal then I would fight in the court of law. This is a normal political process and the case when the majority seeks a different direction and so this is what happens to change things,” Reklai stated.

Read more : Island Times


9) Brisbane locked down ahead of G20

Monday, November 10, 2014

Update: 12:32PM THIS is the epicenter of security for this weeks Brisbane G20 conference.

Two years in the making, the Police Operations Centre is a state-of-the-art facility capable of receiving live feeds from helicopters and hundreds of cameras scattered across the city.

It is the envy of all our counterparts from interstate, Queensland Polices Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll said.

One hundred and fifty officers will man the centre 24-7 and wont miss a beat.

Officers will be able to follow the motorcades of the world leaders as they arrive at the airport, their hotels and the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Cameras have been placed strategically across the city aimed at keeping world leaders and locals safe.

Police have stressed they do not believe there is a direct threat to the G20 summit but the Convention Centre is a barricaded fortress and the city is crawling with police.

In Musgrave Park, interstate protestors have already arrived and are expected to kick off a week of activism shortly.

If things become unruly theyll be faced with police specially equipped to handle crowds, including sonic devices and surveillance equipment.

That level of police preparedness have shocked some protesters.


10) EU Reaffirms Commitment To Being Development Partner In Pacific
$935 million available for European Development Fund through 2020

By Reginald Chandar

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Nov. 9, 2014) – The European Union has reaffirmed its commitment as a strategic partner of the Pacific islands and to the continued development of the region.

Addressing the SPC’s 44th Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA) in Nouméa, New Caledonia on Friday, the EU’s Ambassador for the Pacific, Andrew Jacobs said the Pacific is of great importance to the European Union.

“We are a major development partner. Our ongoing support has a budget of €750 million [US$935 million] and we now have a further €750 million available from the 11th European Development Fund for the period up to 2020.” “We are also strengthening strategic relations around a range of themes, such as climate change and global security, where an EU-Pacific alliance is of great benefit to both sides,” he said.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community is the European Union’s largest implementing partner in the Pacific and plays a key role to ensure the implementation of its assistance to small island states in the areas of climate change, sustainable management of natural resources, water and sanitation, renewable energy, and agriculture.

Ambassador Jacobs also applauded the commitment of participants at the SPC’s 44th CRGA to closer regional integration, including between the independent Pacific countries and the European overseas territories.

“The EU has increased not only budgets for its bilateral support to countries, but also the funds available for regional programmes.

Stronger regional cooperation will improve the region’s capacity to deal with the challenges and result in significant economic benefits,” he added.

The European Union is the largest development partner in the world and globally, the Pacific currently receives the largest per capita support from the EU.


11) Pacific Island leaders to meet Xi in Fiji

10 November 2014

Fiji has announced several leaders of Pacific Island countries will gather in Fiji next week to meet the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping.

It will be the first visit to Fiji by a Chinese President.

Mr Xi arrives in Nadi next Friday.

The government says the regional guest list is still being finalised but will include the heads of state or heads of government of a number of Pacific countries.

The government says Mr Xi will hold a collective meeting with these leaders as well as a number of bilateral encounters.

Fiji says the centrepiece of the visit will be talks with Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama and the signing of a number of agreements between China and Fiji.

Mr Bainimarama says China is a great friend of Fiji’s and the visit is a clear sign of deep ties and the importance that China places on Fiji’s leadership in the Pacific.RNZI

12) Backing for organisational change at Pacific Community

10 November 2014

Representatives of the 22 countries and territories that form the Pacific Community have backed an agenda for change at its secretariat.

A meeting of the Community’s Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations has been told that while the SPC is recognised as a competent organisation the challenge is how it can do better.

The director general, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, says it is encouraging to see the backing for how the SPC plans to go about attaining organisational change and a shift to a more integrated, multi-sector approach.

Timor Leste is close to becoming the 23rd participating government of the Pacific Community and likely to be formally recognised at the Conference of the Pacific Community next year.

Dr Tukuitonga says the French president, Francois Hollande, will visit the SPC next Monday where discussion would centre on climate change issues and Pacific leaders have been invited to attend.RNZI


13) Islamic State: US troop increase in Iraq signals new phase in fight against militants, Obama says

Updated 10 November 2014, 12:37 AEDT
By North America correspondent Jane Cowan, wires

US president Barack Obama says his decision to double the number of US military advisers in Iraq marks a new phase in the campaign against Islamic State (IS) militants and is not a sign his strategy in the region has failed.

In an interview recorded before he left for a trip to Asia, Mr Obama said the first phase in the fight against IS militants had been getting an Iraqi government in place and sending in 1,500 additional troops signalled a shift from a defensive strategy to an offensive one.

“Now what we need is ground troops, Iraqi ground troops, that can start pushing them back,” he said.

“Rather than just try to halt ISIL’s momentum, we’re now in a position to start going on some offence,” he said, using an alternative name for the group.

“The air strikes have been very effective in degrading ISIL’s capabilities and slowing the advance that they were making.”

Mr Obama stressed that US forces would not engage in combat, and would focus on training Iraqi recruits and some of the Sunni tribes that are fighting IS.

But what we will not be doing is having our troops do the fighting.

US president Barack Obama

“We will provide them close air support once they are prepared to start going on the offence against ISIL,” he said.

“But what we will not be doing is having our troops do the fighting.”

The US president did not rule out sending more troops back to the region.

“You know, as commander in chief I’m never going to say never,” he said.

But Mr Obama said his military commanders believed fewer troops would be needed over time as coalition members join the US in training and assisting Iraqi troops.

The decision to send more troops came five months after IS fighters seized much of northern Iraq.

The militant group has also taken territory in Syria, where the US is leading air strikes targeting the militants.

US air strikes on Saturday destroyed an IS convoy near the Iraqi city of Mosul, but US officials said it was unclear whether the group’s top commander, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had been in any of the 10 targeted vehicles.

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14) Pacific plants highly nutritious – scientist

10 November 2014
An Australian scientist says the nutritional benefits of locally grown plants can have huge health benefits in the fight against non-communicable diseases in the Pacific.

Adelaide University’s Graham Lyons says research into leafy vegetables that grow well in Pacific nations show they have high nutritional value but some have been overlooked as potential food sources.

Dr Lyons says so-called ‘greens’ in the diet can prevent lifestyle diseases and fact sheets have helped to identify and promote edible plants such as sweetleaf and drumstick tree.

“It’s just a matter of getting more of these foods into the diet. And also making people more aware of the bad foods they’re eating which are killing them 20 years younger than they should, and people are getting their legs cut off and what have you, it’s horrific. And more encouragement for people to produce and consume their local nutritious plants.”

A University of Adelaide Research Fellow, Graham Lyons.RNZI

15) Call to change mind-sets to control diabetes

Luke Rawalai
Monday, November 10, 2014

DIABETES is a huge problem in Fiji with about 40 per cent of the country’s population living with the disease while 10 to 15 per cent are in danger of becoming diabetic.

This was revealed by University of the South Pacific, Research and Graduate Affairs Associate Dean Doctor Mohit Prasad during an interview where he said the disease was caused by many factors such as economic factors, lifestyle choices and lifestyle forces.

Dr Prasad said lifestyle forces were a common cause of diabetes among the employed populace who had to work long hours often resorting to easy fast food to sustain themselves.

He added diabetes was still a major problem, adding lifestyle choices of Fijians had grown worse.

“The disease is also spread by the sedentary society that we have become relying more on mobile phones, computers, long hours on video games and in front of television sets,” he said.

“At a time when technology has become so developed we have become less mobile. Fast food outlets have increased and most of the foods sold at these outlets are unhealthy while there is no restriction on the menus provided in fast food outlets.”

Dr Prasad said Fiji could learn from overseas countries where new laws were being set up to try and reduce the sale of junk foods especially in school canteens.

“The Ministry of Health has been trying to do the same but their efforts have been challenged by issues like commercial interests that overrode these efforts.

“Government needs to seriously look into the food and drinks sold in school canteens but the effort to reduce the sale of unhealthy food works both ways because fast food outlets also have a social responsibility to inculcate healthy options into their menus.

“However the most important factor in trying to battle diabetes is a person’s choice, and to change attitudes and mind-sets is really tough.”

He said this was one of the reasons they were creating awareness through emotional theatre plays portraying the result of bad choices in an effort to change people’s mind-sets.Fijitimes


16) Art to help indigenous healing in Vanuatu

10 November 2014

An Australian indigenous artist has drawn comparisons between ni-Vanuatu and indigenous Australian art in a bid to help the healing process of both countries’ first peoples.

Richard McLean, from Cape York in Northern Queensland, says art is a powerful form of expression which can make people celebrate with joy or shed tears in sorrow.

The artist is taking part in a new public diplomacy initiative in Vanuatu, by sharing indigenous art with schools and communities.

He says there are historical connections between his Aboriginal ancestors and ni-Vanuatu ancestors who worked in the sugarcane fields of Queensland between 1860 until the labour trade ended in 1903.

Mr McLean says such sharing could be a means to healing ancient atrocities inflicted on the indigenous peoples of Australia and Vanuatu.RNZI


17) PNG PM Attends APEC Summit In Beijing
O’Neill to welcome assistance as APEC host in 2018

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 10, 2014) – Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has arrived in Beijing, China, for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders summit that begins today.

He was accompanied by Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato, Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru and senior officials.

The PM will focus on Papua New Guinea’s connectivity to other APEC member countries, the country’s development progress and will welcome the APEC community’s assistance to host the APEC summit in 2018.

Mr O’Neill has been briefed by the PNG Government senior officials who had travelled a week earlier to attend the 2014 APEC concluding senior officials’ meeting.

PNG APEC senior official Ivan Pomaliu announced that participants, under the theme “Shaping the future through Asia-Pacific partnership”, had comprehensively reviewed progress of cooperation in the three priority areas, including advancing regional economic integration, promoting innovative development, economic reform and growth and strengthening comprehensive connectivity and infrastructure development.

“We also endorsed a number of initiatives on the realisation of the free trade area in the Asia Pacific (FTAAP), connectivity development and innovative development, economic reform and growth.

“These initiatives will be submitted to the APEC ministerial meeting (AMM) and the APEC economic leaders meeting (AELM) for approval,” Mr Pomaliu said.

He also said the CSOM had endorsed cooperation initiatives in anti-corruption, ocean cooperation, innovation-driven growth and women’s participation in the economy.

“Throughout our consultations, delegates have made positive progress on the outcome documents of the AELM and AMM,” the senior official stated.

“Member economies also conveyed their appreciation to the host for the solid political preparation and highly efficient and transparent organisational work, and have articulated confidence in a successful AELM that will establish a new vision and inject new vigour for the long-term development of the Asia-Pacific,” Mr Pomaliu said.

PNG Post-Courier

18) Fiji urged to take on UN recommendations

10 November 2014

Fiji’s opposition leader says she hopes the government will take recommendations made at the United Nations Human Rights Council seriously.

Fiji is undergoing a review of its human rights record under the UN’s Universal Periodic Review and at a meeting in Geneva late last month it was urged to ratify key human rights treaties and allow in special UN human rights experts like the Rapporteur on Torture.

The opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa says she hopes the government will be in a position to accept the recommendations put to it.

“Well if they are gong to be taking the recommendations by the council which has given them until March 2015 for them to look at the recommendations and take on board the thinking of the public, I think they have to take it seriously.”

Ro Teimumu Kepa says she’d like to see the government set up a constitutional review commission.

Fiji is due to respond on which recommendations it will accept or reject by the 28th Session of the Human Rights Council in March next year.RNZI


19) Political Journalism Conference Held At Auckland’s AUT University
Pacific Media Center hosts media, academics from Asia Pacific region

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (Pacific Scoop, Nov. 7, 2014) – Investigative journalists, film makers, academics and media freedom campaigners from across the Asia-Pacific region will converge on AUT University later this month for a conference on political journalism.

The conference on November 27-29, hosted by AUT’s Pacific Media Centre, also celebrates 20 years of publication of the research journal Pacific Journalism Review.

Ces Oreña-Drilon, an award-winning Filipino television journalist once kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf rebels, will deliver one of the keynote addresses on developments in the trial of the Maguindanao massacre in the Southern Philippines in 2009 when 32 journalists were murdered by a local warlord’s militia.

The killings constitute the world’s worst ever death toll of news people in a single attack.

Drilon is being brought to New Zealand for a visit by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Celebrated journalist and film maker Max Stahl from Timor-Leste – the man who exposed the 1991 Indonesian massacre at Santa Cruz cemetery to the world – will give the PJR birthday keynote address about what he describes as “anti-news”. He will also be screening part of an experimental film based on East Timor’s struggle for independence from Indonesia.

Repúblika editor-in-chief Ricardo Morris will give a third keynote address about media freedom in Fiji under the military backed regime and since the general election in September.

He will be joined by lecturers, researchers and recent graduates of the University of the South Pacific talking about their struggle to protect media freedom.

Film makers screening films and talking about their investigative work include Professor Annie Goldson (the Dotcom saga) of Auckland University, AUT’s Jim Marbrook (Cap Bocage) and Alister Barry of Vanguard Films (Hot Air).

Other speakers and paper presenters will include Nick Chesterfield of West Papua Media news agency discussing how journalists can work undercover in West Papua yet protect their sources; and researchers on climate change, asylum seekers and the widely condemned “Pacific solution”; Māori and cultural social media representations; and the emerging surveillance societies in Australia and New Zealand.

“This should be a stimulating and challenging media conference confronting and exploring many of the issues of our times,” said Professor David Robie, conference convenor.

“One of the most interesting presentations will be on asylum seekers in the Pacific and the contemporary pressures of the surveillance state on journalists.”

Venue: WG126, Sir Paul Reeves Building, Governor Fitzroy Place, AUT University, Auckland. 27-29 November 2014.

Draft programme and speakers


More information

Pacific Scoop
All editorial and news content produced under the principles of Creative Commons. Permission to republish with attribution may be obtained from the Pacific Media Centre – [email protected]


20) Agricultural demand up

Shayal Devi
Monday, November 10, 2014

SINCE starting operations 30 years ago, one of Tavua’s major export companies — Maqere Exports Company Ltd — has noticed an increase in demand from overseas export markets.

The company’s partner, Market Development Facility, said the agricultural export business sourced majority of its commodities along the Ra-Lautoka corridor.

“Strategically placed as the only exporter in the vicinity, this is beneficial to farmers along the Ra to Lautoka corridor who do not have to incur large transportation costs to send their produce for export,” the facility said in a statement.Fijitimes


21) Infrastructure vital for trade

Shayal Devi
Monday, November 10, 2014

GOOD infrastructure such as roads is the link between rural areas, main markets and port facilities, all of which are necessary for the growth of trade.

This was the comment made by Acting Commissioner Western Luke Moroivalu while opening Investment Fiji’s export seminar in Lautoka recently. The seminar focused on agriculture, forestry and fisheries product exports.

People from various sectors also put forth suggestions on how they could work with Government to ensure Fiji’s growth as a leading exporter in the region.

“Trade is the engine for growth, especially for a small island developing economy like Fiji,” he said.

“Increased trade leads to job creation, development of new industries, improved standards of living and alleviation of poverty.”

With an average growth rate of 3 per cent, Mr Moroivalu said Government believed in a range of policies to support the positive growth outcomes and improved business confidence.

“This is including but not limited to accommodative monetary policy (low interest rates) and expansionary fiscal policy working in tandem. It also includes higher fiscal spending on infrastructure, education, health and social transfers.”Fijitimes

22) Population control

Litia Vulaidausiga
Monday, November 10, 2014

DOTTED with 230 Rotary-built homes for low-income families on the outskirts of Lautoka, Koroipita community may soon have a third residential area established, though management is also determined to put a limit on the population.

“There are nearly 800 residents in two residential stages,” said project manager Peter Drysdale.

“However, the projection is, particularly if we get the third stage, which we hope to get funded by NZ Aid, this will raise the population to about 200.”

He said they had now determined they should never allow the town to exceed 280 houses.

“At the moment there are 230 houses and we don’t want this town to get bigger than 280 because it will become unmanageable.”

The community is overseen by an elected town council, with residents paying $7 weekly in rental fees, and are obliged to comply with stringently enforced rules, including a zero-tolerance policy for violence.

“Obviously at any scale, rules are important but it is really important the bigger the town gets.”

Residents are also forbidden to burn green waste or anything other than cooking fire, and are also noted on an official list of residents, with visitors required to apply to the Koroipita town council for a long or short-term permit to stay.Fijitimes

23) Customers complain of bad internet reception

Luke Rawalai
Monday, November 10, 2014

VILLAGERS in Lagi, Qaranivai and surrounding areas have aired their dissatisfaction with Telecom Fiji’s internet and phone services in their areas.

And island owner Kyoko Bandy said they had been forced to travel right to Labasa to send emails and maintain contact with their loved ones and business partners because of deteriorating services.

Ms Bandy said this was unacceptable because they were paying for these services.

“I don’t see the sensibility in paying for a service that does not work forcing poor customers like us to spend more money to travel to town and carry out our business,” she said.

“Our phone reception and internet connection is nearly always down and sometimes we just give up. We have been raising our concerns with the Telecom Fiji office in Labasa but the problem is still happening.”

Ms Bandy said other people with phones in nearby areas also faced the same problem.

“It is sad and all we are asking Telecom is if they can fix their phone reception and internet connections in our area,” she said.

Meanwhile, Telecom chairman Tom Ricketts said this was the first time he had heard of such concerns.

Mr Ricketts said their customers had always recommended their internet services as one of the best around the country.

“However, I do encourage those with concerns as such to visit their nearest Telecom office and lodge a formal report so that their concerns can be addressed,” he said.Fijitimes


24) PNG failing to record domestic violence cases

10 November 2014

A hospital administrator in Papua New Guinea’s Jiwaka Province says the country’s health system is failing to record the prevalence of domestic violence cases in the country.

Scott Dooley looks after the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital where he says domestic violence makes up the majority of injuries treated.

He says the scale of the problem is just not being represented by the health system.

“Violence against women and acts of domestic violence is actually, kind of comes into this general category of, other accidents and injuries, which could be a gardening accident or could be, you know a man stabbing his wife, so I don’t really believe that anyone has good data.”

Scott Dooley says cases of unspeakable violence against women are often dealt with at the hospital and there is a need for deep social and cultural change to end the violence.RNZI

25) Australian Riot Police Fly To Solomons For Elections
90 police officers from around the region include Aussies

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 10, 2014) – A contingent of Australian riot police is among more than 90 officers being flown to Solomon Islands ahead of next week’s elections.

The additional support will see 54 officers from Australia, 32 from New Zealand and about 10 officers from Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Tuvalu.

RAMSI’s Special Coordinator Justine Braithwaite says the increase in personnel is only a contingency measure while the local police force is in full control of policing the elections.

” We anticipate that the elections will be conducted peacefully, if there are any isolated security incidents, the RSIPF is very well prepared and well positioned to manage those, but the incoming specialists will involve a very strong tactical police contingent. In the event their are any issues we will be able to support the RSIPF in managing those.”

It is understood that the Australian contingent arrives into Honiara this afternoon, New Zealand officers are due tomorrow while the Pacific Island contingent is already on the ground.

Radio New Zealand International


26) Call for Australia to act over illegal PNG logging

10 November 2014

A Papua New Guinea NGO is accusing Australia of being the largest beneficiary of illegal logging and exploitation of PNG’s rainforests.

Act Now’s comments come as Australia prepares to host an Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit in Sydney this week.

The summit’s aim is to bring together forest nations, donor countries, corporate leaders and NGOs to focus on practical steps to reduce forest loss.

A spokesperson for Act Now, Eddie Tanago Paine, says the group is calling on Australia to proactively help the PNG Government stop unlawful logging and land grabs.

The group also wants Australia to help stop the flow of money from political corruption and illegal activities in PNG to Australia.

Eddie Paine says Australia is doing little to address underlying issues in PNG because it is also the largest beneficiary of PNG’s corruption.RNZI


27) Australia Minister: Genuine Refugees Will Live Freely In PNG
Morrison announces agreement, plans to make Nauru an ‘open center’

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 10, 2014) – People identified to be genuine refugees at the Manus refugee processing centre will be allowed to live freely in the community in east Lorengau, Scott Morrison, the Australian minister for Boarder Protection and Immigration said yesterday.

He said this while commending the PNG Government on its decision to activate the next stage of the resettlement process.

“The decision by the government of Papua New Guinea demonstrates the positive partnership that exists between Australia and PNG on implementing the resettlement arrangement and the progress that is being made,” he said in a statement.

According to Mr Morrison, the former Labor government failed to fund the ongoing management of the offshore processing centers and they also failed to conclude any practical arrangements for how resettlement in PNG and Nauru would actually be implemented.

He said as promised, the Coalition government had got on with this job and after much positive cooperation from the governments of PNG and Nauru, they were now making real progress with offshore processing and resettlement arrangements.

Meanwhile, the regional processing centre in Nauru will change to an open centre model which will permit freedom of movements and transferees across Nauru the Australian and Nauruan governments have agreed the regional processing centres on Nauru will change to an open centre model.

The transition will begin early next year with family groups the first affected. The Australian government is working closely with counterparts in Nauru to effect the transition.

PNG Post-Courier


28) Quake rocks PNG

Monday, November 10, 2014

A strong magnitude 6.4 earthquake has struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea, the US Geological Survey (USGS) says.

The quake, which was initially reported at 6.9 magnitude before being revised lower, hit at a depth of 65 kilometres in the New Britain region, the USGS said.

“It would have been very widely felt,” said seismologist Emma Mathews from Geoscience Australia.

She said while the threshold for a local tsunami was any quake within a depth of 100 kilometres, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said based on all the available data there was no threat of a destructive wave.

Geoscience Australia said the tremor could have been felt by people up to 836 kilometres away from its epicentre off the sparsely populated west coast of the island of New Britain, while damage could have been caused within a 67-kilometre radius.

There were no immediate reports of damage.

Daniel Jaksa, co-director of the Australian Tsunami Warning Centre at Geoscience Australia, told the ABC the earthquake was common for the region.

“As its epicentre is about 150 kilometres from Lae… it was likely to have been felt in Lae, but it would not have caused any significant damage, if anything.”

Papua New Guinea sits on the so-called Pacific ring of fire, a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates.

In April, a powerful tremor struck off Papua New Guinea off the town of Panguna on the remote and volcanic Bougainville island.

In 2013 the neighbouring Solomon Islands were hit by a devastating tsunami after an 8.0-magnitude earthquake rattled the region. That tsunami left at least 10 people dead, destroyed hundreds of houses and left thousands of people homeless

29) PNG conserveration advocate says country must do more

10 November 2014

A conservation advocate in Papua New Guinea says the government must consult more with local landowners to protect the country’s natural resources before it’s too late.

Elizabeth Tongne is the founder and executive officer of the Wide Bay Conservation Association in East New Britain.

Ms Tongne is in New Zealand to speak at a Volunteer Service Abroad Congress.

She says the PNG government must consult more with local people before implementing its policies.

“In terms of actually doing proper negotiations with people who are on the land and also actually understanding what we want for people, how much we want for the people, and how much resources do we want to take out at this point in time – how much we will be keeping for future generations.”

Elizabeth Tongne also wants the PNG government to compile an audit of the country’s resources so they can be better managed.RNZI


30) Paralympic talent spotters hit the Pacific

10 November 2014

Pacific Island nations are increasing their activity in the lead up to, and qualification for, the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

A Coaching Advisor from the Australian Paralympic Committee is running workshops in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Pierre Chibia from the Vanuatu Paralympic Committee says having the advisor in the country is a boost for Para-athletes.

“It’s mainly to do with identifying athletes with the potential to compete with the hope that we can compete at Rio, particularly in athletics and table tennis. The workshops they’ve been running this week is to develop the capacity of coaches in multiple sports to provide sporting programmes for athletes with disabilities.”

In January 2015 a similar process will be undertaken in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.RNZI

31) PNG cricket sweep historic series

10 November 2014

Papua New Guinea completed a clean sweep of their first ever One Day International series against Hong Kong, with a 3 wicket victory with just 4 balls remaining at Townsville’s Tony Ireland Stadium.

20-year-old Lega Siaka was the hero for PNG, becoming the first man from his country to make an ODI century.

Speaking after the match Siaka described the win as one of the proudest moments of his life.

Vani Vagi Morea was also instrumental in the win backing up his half century from the first ODI with a clutch 65 not out.

Teenager Norman Vanua was the pick of the PNG bowlers with 4 wickets, including the crucial breakthroughs of both Irfan Ahmed and Jamie Atkinson.


Hong Kong 261 all out, 49.3 overs (B Hayat 55, A Rath 51; N Vanua 4-60, W Gavera 3-45)

Papua New Guinea 264-7, 49.2 overs (L Siaka 109, V Morea 65*; N Ahmed 2-38)

Papua New Guinea won by 3 wickets.RNZI

32) Fiji teen slams century in cricket victory

10 November 2014

An impressive 106 from 95 balls from 18-year-old Beitaki Mua has ensured Fiji continue its winning ways on its cricket tour of the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Having won the toss against a strong looking Sunshine Coast Scorchers XI, Fiji batted first and were bowled out for 286 in the 49th over of their allotted 50 overs.

Key contributions with the bat where made by Viliame Yabaki 31 and Manase Ravula 33.

However Mua’s maiden hundred was the highlight of the Fijian innings.

Opening the batting Mua batted with poise and determination for 35 overs and reached his hundred with a trademark cut shot through point.

In reply the hosts struggled from the start to keep up with the required run rate and after 50 overs finished 164/7.

Riyad Khan was the pick of the bowlers finishing with figures of 2-19 from 10 overs.

Khan benefited from the helpful conditions for spin bowling and was unlucky not to be rewarded with more wickets.

The win takes Fiji’s record to seven wins from seven matches.

They will hope to take their superb form into the Twenty20 World Cup and 50 over World League Qualifiers in Lismore, New South Wales at the end of the month.RNZI

33) Fijian makes debut in Italy’s win over Samoa

Monday, November 10, 2014

Italy – New Zealand-born fly-half Kelly Haimona kicked 14 points to inspire Italy to a hard-fought 24-13 rugby victory over Samoa as the Azzurri ended a nine-match string of defeats in Ascoli yesterday.

Haimona was making his full Azzurri debut after being called up for the November Tests two weeks ago alongside Fijian Samuela Vunisa.

And the Zebre fly-half proved a useful addition to Jacques Brunel’s stuttering side as they look to put a disastrous Six Nations and summer tour of the South Pacific behind them.

Italy will face Argentina and South Africa later this month and Brunel’s men, whose last victory was a 37-31 win over Fiji last November, will take some heart from a performance that nevertheless took time to come together.

A shaky Italy went in for the half-time interval trailing 3-10 after flanker Jack Lam touched down for the Samoans just after the half hour, with fly-half Tusi Pisi converting having levelled Haimona’s third-minute penalty with a penalty on 26 minutes.

It looked as though the Italians might suffer their third consecutive defeat to the Samoans, who whitewashed the Azzurri 15-0 in Apia last June after a crushing 39-10 defeat a year earlier in Nelspruit.

Italy’s last beat Samoa in Ascoli in 2009 and a much-improved second half performance revived memories of that 24-6 victory.

34) New golf concept

Maciu Malo
Monday, November 10, 2014

THE FNU/LGC partnership Four Men Ambrose stroke event will see the emergence of new golfers making their mark at the Lautoka Golf Links.

LGC chairman of trustee Raymond Singh said this was a new concept that would see two regular golfers partnering two FNU workers or students.

He said this was an opportune time to promote the golf to the newcomers particularly the FNU family as they were all honourary members of the club.

“It will be a golden opportunity for the students and staff members to learn the sport from the regular members,” said Singh.

FNU vice-chancellor Dr Ganesh Chand said the new venture would encourage the presence of a large field of students.

“This is the right time for them to take advantage as the club will provide golf club and free lessons prior to the main event,” he said.

“At the same this is a great form of relaxation as well as healthy and active students will enhance their education.”

The club expects to round up the field of more than 40 golfers and interested participant are to contact Gaffar Ali on 9789235 to form their respective teams.

No entry fees charged for students and FNU workers.

35) Wallabies survive

Monday, November 10, 2014

CARDIFF – The Wallabies have recorded a tenth straight victory over Wales, fighting back late to edge a thrilling Test match 33-28 at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.

The win in front of 55,004 fans gave Michael Cheika victory in his first Test as head coach and ensured a huge confidence boost for Australia before the sides meet at next year’s Rugby World Cup.

The match was played at a frenetic pace with scores locked 21-21 after a six-try first half.

Wales led 28-27 with 12 minutes to go after a penalty try but NSW ice man Bernard Foley proved the difference, the five-eighth guiding Australia home with three penalties and a drop goal in the second half.

Superstar fullback Israel Folau broke a five-game scoring drought with two first-half tries as Australia benefited from Foley’s composed performance and a fine captain’s effort by Michael Hooper.

There were plenty of signs the Wallabies still coming to terms with Cheika’s new style, particularly in defence, but neither side’s attitude and commitment could be faulted.

Australia looked rattled early as Wales came out firing with some high-pressure defence and powerful running by captain Sam Warburton.

The home side led after just two minutes with halfback Rhys Webb selling a dummy and bursting past Wallabies rookie Sean McMahon to score.

But Australia fought back through two tries to Folau in the space of 11 minutes.

The first was set up by brilliant piece of Hooper, who burst through an attempted tackle from Dan Biggar and found the form rugby league and AFL star in support.

Folau then swooped in the 21st minute to intercept a poor George North pass and run 80 metres to the line.

But again the Wallabies hit back, with Fiji-born centre Kuridrani brushing feeble defence to score under the posts in the 29th minute.

Wales completed a remarkable half when Alun Wyn Jones barged over from close range to lock up the scores.

The second half began at a far more steady pace with Foley kicking Australia to a 27-21 lead through two penalties.

Welsh efforts were reward with a 68th-minute penalty try.

But Foley, calmly slotting a drop goal with eight minutes remaining before converting another penalty.

36) Victory for Ireland

Monday, November 10, 2014

DUBLIN – Man of the match Jonathan Sexton kicked 16 points to inspire Six Nations rugby champions Ireland to a superb 29-15 victory over South Africa at Lansdowne Road yesterday for their fifth successive victory.

Both sides scored two tries apiece from Irish flanker Rhys Ruddock a late starter owing to Chris Henry being struck down by a virus scoring his first try for his country days short of his 24th birthday .

But the under-strength Irish played above themselves to record their first win under Joe Schmidt over a southern hemisphere heavyweight.

For the Springboks it was their first defeat to a northern hemisphere side since Scotland beat them four years ago and a wake up call only weeks after they ended world champions New Zealand’s 22 match winning run.

Early Irish pressure paid off when Sexton slotted over a penalty after the South Africans were penalised for pulling the scrum down.

The Springboks, though, were beginning to threaten regularly and a scintillating run by fullback Willie Le Roux tore through the heart of the Irish defence but again the hosts escaped as they were awarded a penalty.

In an enthralling encounter Ireland also produced some fine running rugby of their own with fullback Rob Kearney breaking through the visitors defence and pressured the ‘Boks into conceding a penalty.

Sexton made no mistake to make it 6-0 with a quarter of an hour remaining of the first-half.

The Springboks deciding that they had the Irish scrum under the cosh in the set pieces twice decided to kick for the scorner than at goal but the hosts held firm and an infraction by Bismarck du Plessis allowed Sexton to clear.

Pollard finally gave the ‘Boks something to show for their pressure during the opening period with a penalty in front of the posts two minutes from the break.

Springboks coach Heyneke Meyer rang the changes bringing on experienced campaigners flanker Schalk Burger, winger JP Pietersen as well as hooker Adriaan Strauss whose cousin Richardt Strauss was on the Irish bench.

Finally, though, South Africa’s relentless pressure told as they won a lineout having opted again to go for the corner, after being awarded a penalty, veteran Victor Matfield won the lineout and Marcell Coetzee was on hand to touch down Pollard converted for 13-10.

Things were to get immeasurably better for the hosts minutes later as Sexton broke through the middle as Conor Murray chipped the resulting ball over the South African defence and Bowe was on hand to go over for his 27th try for his country.

The metronomic Sexton converted from the touchline for 26-10 and the Fields of Athenry resonated round the stadium.

The Irish added another penalty through Ian Madigan and Pietersen went over right at the end for a consolation try but it was way too little too late.

37) Costa helps Chelsea

Monday, November 10, 2014

LONDON – Diego Costa scored his 10th goal of the campaign as Premier League leaders Chelsea continued their unbeaten start to the season by winning 2-1 at Liverpool yesterday.

Bidding to make up for their costly 2-0 loss in last season’s corresponding fixture in April, scene of captain Steven Gerrard’s infamous slip, Liverpool took an early lead through Emre Can’s deflected shot.

But Gary Cahill equalised almost immediately for Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea before Costa slammed home 23 minutes from time to silence Anfield and provisionally increase his side’s lead at the summit to seven points.

Runners-up to Manchester City last season, Liverpool have now lost three successive games in all competitions and trail Chelsea by a huge 15 points.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers felt that his side have should been awarded a late penalty after a shot from Gerrard struck Cahill on the arm in front of the Kop.

“We worked so hard in the game, but we need those decisions that are obvious,” he said.

Rodgers restored a host of the first-team players controversially rested for the midweek loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League and saw his team go ahead in the ninth minute.

Can had a shot deflected over by John Terry in the first minute, but Chelsea did not heed the warning and when he took aim from similar range moments later, the ball cannoned off Cahill and into the net.

But within five minutes Chelsea were level, after a goal that required the aid of goal-line technology.

Simon Mignolet parried from Terry at a corner and although the Liverpool goalkeeper got his body fully behind Cahill’s follow-up, Hawk-Eye replays showed that the Belgian had carried the ball over the line.

Having been embroiled in a physical tussle with Martin Skrtel for much of the game, Costa provided a reminder of his predatory instincts to settle the game in the 67th minute.

Manchester City, who started the weekend six points adrift of top spot in third place, visit Queens Park Rangers, while Manchester United entertain Crystal Palace.

38) Tonga shining light of Pacific rugby

10 November 2014

Tonga were the only successful Pacific side from the weekend after opening their northern tour with a come-from-behind 23-9 win over Georgia in Tbilisi.

The Tongans were down 9-6 after an hour of play before they stepped up their game, scoring three unanswered tries in 12 minutes to kick off their tour in a positive vein.

Replacement halfback Taniela Moa came off the bench to score two tries while full-back Vungakoto Lilo provided further momentum with his boot.

The Ikale Tahi play the USA this week.

Fiji were thumped by France as the home team’s debutante wing Teddy Thomas scored three tries in a 40-15 result at Marseille. The Flying Fijians play Wales this week.

Italy came back from a 7 point deficit to defeat Samoa 24-13 in their test with New Zealand-born first five Kelly Haimona kicking 14 points to inspire the Azzurri to the hard-fought win.

Loosie Jack Lam scored Samoa’s only try of the match.RNZI


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