Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1043 ( Tuesday 11 November 2014 )


1) News Release

Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Noumea, New Caledonia

November 7, 2014

SPC, Melanesian Spearhead Group To Benefit From Regional Partnership

An agreement renewed today will boost development in five Pacific nations and trigger action to address common priorities including youth employment, sanitation and fisheries management.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Melanesian Spearhead Group Secretariat (MSG) have extended until 2017 a Memorandum of Understanding which commits both regional bodies to collaborate to deliver much-needed services and technical assistance to the people of Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Governance, shipping safety, forestry policy, sub-regional Sea Cucumber management and the promotion of healthy living and Melanesian culture are also among the areas of cooperation identified.

Speaking at the agreement signing in Noumea, the SPC Director-General, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, welcomed the close, ongoing cooperation between the two organizations.

“By sharing our respective expertise and creating joint programmes we can maximize the development outcomes and enhance the effectiveness of our work with, and for, our members and other partners as we tackle pressing issues facing the Pacific region,” Dr Tukuitonga said.

The Director-General of the MSG, Peter Forau, said the agreement would reduce the opportunity for duplication of effort in addressing major, shared challenges and improve the efficiency of expenditure.

‘’At this critical time for development in the Pacific, I applaud this strengthened partnership with the region’s leading scientific and technical organization, the SPC, as together we stand to improve service delivery for the benefit of citizens of Melanesia and indeed for the entire Pacific region through sharing our knowledge and experience,” Mr Forau said.

The original memorandum between the regional bodies was signed in July 2012. The 2014-17 memorandum was formalized on the final day of the 44th session of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations convened by the SPC in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are members of both Pacific intergovernmental organizations. They are the largest Pacific Island countries in terms of land area, population and Gross Domestic Product, yet face multiple pronounced, shared challenges.

2) Pro-Independence Caledonian Union Promotes ‘New Vision Of Society’
New Caledonia party to make independence ‘acceptable to majority’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 11, 2014) – New Caledonia’s pro-independence Caledonian Union says it wants to propose a vision of society which will make independence acceptable to the majority of the territory’s people.

The party’s president, Daniel Goa, has told a weekend Congress that many New Caledonians are for independence without knowing it or are keen to build a new country.

He says his side will have to work hard to convince a majority of the benefits of such change, which he says will be outlined next year to prepare a referendum by 2017.

Mr Goa says the plan will have to assure those now opposed to independence that they have their place and that their families and assets are secure.

He says to be against independence makes no sense when independence is inevitable.

The Caledonian Union says should the referendum go against its wish for independence, it won’t line up for subsequent, mandated plebiscites but negotiate directly with France.

Radio New Zealand International  

3) Second New Caledonia march during Hollande visit

 11 November 2014

Reports from New Caledonia say another march is planned in Noumea on Monday when the French president, Francois Hollande, makes a brief visit to the territory.

A group claiming to be progressive and for independence says it will march to the French High Commission late on Monday afternoon while two main anti-independence political party umbrella formations plan to march earlier in the day.

The second march has reportedly been called to highlight unease at the slowness of the implementation of the Noumea Accord on greater autonomy, which is to end with a referendum on independence by 2018.

The first march, which was announced several weeks ago, has the backing of several pro-French politicians and is aimed at showing Mr Hollande that a majority of the people want to remain French.

Amid deep divisions within the pro-French camp, a leading politician, Philippe Gomes, has dismissed the march as a political stunt, saying Mr Hollande can do no more than re-affirm France’s neutrality.

Mr Hollande will spend much of Monday afternoon outside Noumea, visiting the northern province.


Pro-French rally called in New Caledonia
New Caledonia mission stirs loyalists
France urged to clarify its New Caledonia stance
Kanaks meet Hollande over roll row
Hollande urged to pay attention to New Caledonia issue

4) Namba 4 birthde blong GJP tede

Olgeta –

Tede hemi namba 4 birthde blong Graon mo Jastis Pati.

GJP hemi bin bon long Port Vila long namba 11 Novemba 2010.

Tankyu tumas long yufala ol sapota we yufala i mekem se long short taem ia GJP hemi kam wan big force insaed long politik blong Vanuatu, mekem se yumi save ajivim fulap jenis we yumi bin tokbaot taem yumi setemap pati 4 yia i pas.

Jekem GJP websaet blong sam niufala storian.

Vanuatu Minister for Lands : Ralph Regenvanu

5) Vanuatu daily news digest | 11 November 2014

by bobmakin

  • Daily Post today reports some VT 14.5 million being allegedly paid into MP bank accounts. Post’s Editor Royson Willie’s sources were prepared to inform on 15 MPs in Opposition receiving either VT 1 million or VT 500 thousand in accounts at ANZ, Westpac and Bred banks. The MPs numbered six from Sanma, one from Penama, two from Tafea, two from Malampa and four from Shefa. There will be much speculation regarding the likely names of these personnel in nakamals tonight. An Opposition source described the money as loans. Whatever they may be labelled if they are to ensure the passage of another motion of no confidence it will amount to bribery. The PM’s first political adviser continues to question why there is seen to be a need to change government. The Opposition has never stated any reason worth millions of vatu and yet allegedly has backers for resuming the Carcasses Government even though it received so little support in the last motion.
  • Given all of the above, however, Parliament is due to meet on 18 November – next week – yet the 15-day notices of Bills have not been signed by the Clerk (on leave) and the Speaker is seeking advice from the State Law Office. (Daily Post coverage)
  • Vanuatu’s patrol vessel the RVS Tukoro has been part of a regional surveillance and defence activity code named Kuru Kuru with the assistance of the Australian defence cooperation agreement. Illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing activities were to be tackled. RVS Tukoro patrolled the limits of Vanuatu’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with the assistance of a French military surveillance plane, Radio Vanuatu reported this morning. Investigations were carried out but no arrests made. The Police Maritime Wing Adviser said that the surface to air work carried out during this year has greatly reduced IUU fishing.
  • Dr Richard Leona of the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) praised the work of the new digital X-ray equipment installed in the new Outpatients Department of the hospital to Radio Vanuatu News. X-rays can be computer examined and transmitted to elsewhere in the world by the internet as required for comment or advice. The bulletin also carried part ofthe PM’s speech at the opening of the Outpatients Department in which Natuman extolled the work of the missionary churches for providing medical and healthservices in the regions of Vanuatu long before the colonial governments. The Presbyterian Church’s Paton Memorial Hospital was the predecessor of VCH. The Anglican mission set up Lolowai Hospital and the SDA church the Aore Hospital. Yesterday’s Daily Post shows the Head of State decorating 46 medical practitioners with medals at the opening of the new VCH facility.
  • Vanuatu has an election supervision team in the Solomon Islands to observe how the somewhat larger country manages its election procedures, Radio Vanuatu reported.
  • Post today reports the death of Christopher Turner CBE, Deputy British Resident Commissioner and Financial Secretary at Independence. Chris Turner was responsible for the development of the Finance Centre and tax haven in Vanuatu and subsequently served as British Governor of the famed tax haven the Turks and Caicos Islands as well as Montserrat, also in the Caribbean.
  • Yesterday’s Post carries a Port Vila municipal warning that development matters like building permits and any kind of change of usage of land will henceforth be subject to strict adherence to the Physical Planning Act. The Act has often been ignored until now the Daily Post learned. But this will not be allowed to continue.
  • Numeracy and literacy kits in Bislama for Year 1 teachers in government schools were launched at Mele Sungo francophone school on Friday. They have been produced under the Vanuatu Education Support Programme aided by the Australian and New Zealand governments. Australian High Commissioner Jeremy Bruer pointed out that the books, alphabet cards, word chats and maths aids would not only improve literacy and numeracy but underscore the need for preserving the mother tongue. Education is the key to all development, said NZ High Commissioner Georgina Roberts. The aids should assist communications between teachers and pupils. Daily Post covered the event at Mele in its Monday paper.

6) PM: PNG gateway to Pacific

The National, Tuesday November 11th, 2014

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has told a regional meeting in China that Papua New Guinea was the gateway to the Pacific for Asian countries.
He is attending the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Beijing, China, accompanied by Cabinet ministers Rimbink Pato, Richard Maru and Justine Tkatchenko. He met with other regional leaders and spoke to more than 1000 senior business people. He highlighted a range of issues central to further strengthening PNG’s economy. “Papua New Guinea is a gateway to the Pacific Islands for Asian countries,” O’Neill said.
“We are utilising our position as a crossroads between Asia and the Pacific Islands to strengthen trade, increase skills and improve the lives of people in our region.”


7) Nobles to elect representatives

Matangi Tonga
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NUKU’ALOFA – Tonga’s Nobles will also elect their nine representatives to the Tonga Legislative Assembly on the morning of November 27, the same day voters will elect their 17 representatives.

There are 33 hereditary nobility titles in Tonga, and four of those titles remain vacant, namely Ma’atu, Ahome’e, Fohe and Fielakepa.

The Acting Attorney-General and Director of Public Prosecutions, Aminiasi Kefu, said Friday that Lord Lasike will stand, as he was reinstated with his title after a criminal conviction against him was overturned by the Court of Appeal in 2012.

He said the title Lord Fielakepa was currently with a trustee and not a titleholder, after the late Fielakepa passed away last year. In addition, six persons who were appointed by the late King as Life Peers, possessing the same rights and benefits of a noble, can also vote for an electoral district they declare, but they cannot stand as nobles candidates themselves.

The Commissioner and Supervisor of Elections Pita Vuki said they included the three Law Lords: Lord Dalgety and Lord Tupou for Tongatapu and Lord Tufui for Haapai.

8) Tonga Democratic Leader: Rule Of Law Is Weak
Pohiva’s priority is greater accountability, transparency

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 10, 2014) – The only party fielding a candidate in each of the 17 constituencies in the Tonga election says improving the rule of law is one of their key aims.

The Democrats have formed the opposition over the past four years but hope a more cohesive campaign will take them into power on November the 27th.

Their leader, Akilisi Pohiva, says their priority is greater accountability and transparency, and he says improved rule of law will flow from this.

“The rule of law is very, very weak, very weak and we have to make sure that the rule of law is strong and there is a lot of work to be done to make sure that the rule of law is there to provide equal justice for everybody. It is very very important, the rule of law.”

Akilisi Pohiva says having all MPs elected by the people is part of their accountability push.

Radio New Zealand International 

9) Cook Islands By-Election Could Result In ‘Hung Parliament’
One Cook Islands Party stands to be ‘king maker’ if Demos prevail

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 11, 2014) – The Cook Islands is holding a by-election on the outer island of Mitiaro tomorrow, which has the potential to produce a hung parliament.

The by-election follows an election tie in July between Tuakeu Tangatapoto of the Cook Islands Party and the island’s previous MP, Tangata Vavia of the Democratic Party, with each of them getting 50 votes.

On election day, the Cook Islands Party won 12 seats, the Democratic Party nine and the newly formed One Cook Islands Movement secured two seats.

If the Democratic Party wins the by-election, the One Cook Islands Movement, with its two seats, could be king maker.

Last month, the caretaker Prime Minister, Henry Puna, denied there was a risk of constitutional crisis and internal party splits, saying he would engage in talks with One Cook Islands leader Teina Bishop if needed.

Radio New Zealand International 


10) Kiribati suspends official over missing funds

By Online Editor
7:57 pm GMT+12, 10/11/2014, Kiribati

The Kiribati Government has suspended a deputy minister-level official as part of an ongoing investigation the Pacific ally has launched into a missing aid fund donated by Taiwan earlier this year, Foreign Minister David Lin revealed last month.

Fielding questions at a Legislature interpellation session, Lin reiterated the ministry’s stance that the fund, consisting of AU$1.7 million (US$1.5 million), was part of a funding effort to help the ally buy a landing craft to use as a sea transportation vehicle.

The fund was given to the Kiribati government in a public ceremony this January, he said.

The reported disappearance of the money is an “internal control problem” on the part of the Kiribati government, Lin added.

“There is allegedly some major negligence, scandal or even fraud on the part of Kiribati and its government should take full responsibility over the missing money,” he said.

The minister said an ad-hoc investigation committee has already been formed by Kiribati to look into the missing money, which is around AU$1 million of the total AU$1.7 million.

Interpol is also involved in the investigations, the minister added.

Kiribati President Anote Tong takes the case seriously and has promised to solve it as soon as possible, Lin said. According to his understanding, a Kiribati deputy minister-level official has already been suspended over the scandal, he added.

Taiwan gave the money to Kiribati to help it purchase a landing craft to improve transportation around the island nation.

The craft was originally scheduled to be built and sent to Kiribati in July to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Kiribati’s independence. The money, however, reportedly never reached the ship builder.

Several lawmakers in Taipei questioned the Foreign Ministry’s decision to have a Philippine company build the landing craft, saying that the ministry should instead have asked a Taiwanese builder to take on the project, which could have prevented such a scandal from occurring in the first place.

In response, Lin said the ministry had previously asked the Taiwan Shipbuilding Association whether any local company would be interested in the project but received a lukewarm response.

He noted that the ministry has always put Taiwanese businesses at the top of the list when it plans to work with diplomatic allies on major cooperation projects.


11) Losing Guam Gubernatorial Candidates Asks For Election Audit
Gutierrez ‘trying to guarantee … integrity of the election’

By Shawn Raymundo

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Nov. 11, 2014) – In a six-page letter sent to the Guam Election Commission yesterday, the chairman of former Gov. Carl Gutierrez’s campaign requested that the commission conduct a manual audit of last Tuesday’s election ballots.

Joaquin Perez, chairman of the Gutierrez election committee, cited several manufacturing issues with the Election Systems and Software machines used to tabulate the votes. He also questioned if the devices were monitored using surveillance cameras and if there was an adequate police presence securing the University of Guam Calvo Field House the night before the election.

“The only thing we’re trying to guarantee is the integrity of the election,” Perez said at the campaign headquarters in Hagåtña.

According to the unofficial election results, Democratic candidates Gutierrez and Garry Gumataotao received 35.97 percent of the vote while their Republican opponents, Gov. Eddie Calvo and Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio, received 63.69 percent.

“If we picked up only 36 percent of the votes, the increase from the primary to the general election was almost minimal,” Perez said. “With the kind of response we were receiving toward the end of the campaign, there’s no possible way we would not move from our primary numbers substantially.”

Perez called on the GEC to conduct a public hearing to audit the unofficial results of at least 10 precincts, which the commission would select randomly by using a lottery process.

If the results of the audit reveal discrepancies of 0.5 percent, then a second audit should be done, Perez said. If after two audits there remains a discrepancy of 0.5 percent, than a full audit should be conducted.

Based on historical figures, it is unlikely for gubernatorial candidates to lose in every precinct, Perez said, who has been involved in Guam elections since 1964. Perez also pointed out that there was substantial support for Democrats in the election as the party retained control of the Guam Legislature with a 9-6 vote.

“I’m concerned about the numbers because I’ve never seen numbers like this,” Perez said. “I’ve been involved in every gubernatorial election there has been. I have never seen numbers like this.”

In the letter, Perez advocated for the GEC to begin a mandatory audit after every election.

“I’m pretty used to losing,” Perez said. “If it is going to be a loss, then let it be honest.”

Pacific Daily News

12) ADB, EU Provide Funds To Improve Nauru Electricity Supply
$4 million supports Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability Project

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 10, 2014) – Nauru’s electricity supply is to be boosted with aid from the Asian Development Bank and the European union.

An ADB energy specialist Michael Trainor says the Nauru Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability Project will deliver more dependable electricity with fewer outages at lower cost.

The project will fund a new efficient diesel generator for the Nauru Utilities Corporation and the repair of its power station’s roof.

The ADB says Nauru’s economy will benefit from improved service reliability and efficiency of operations at the utility.

More than four million US dollars is being provided as grants with the Nauru goverment also making a contribution.

Radio New Zealand International


13) Vanuatu Chif na Sios ino sapotim Seabed mining

Updated 11 November 2014, 13:04 AEDT
Caroline Tiriman

Ol chif na ol sios long Vanuatu ino sapotim tingting blong mekim ol wok mining aninit long ol solwara blong kantri.

Piksa: Caroline Tiriman i ripot long wari blong ol sios na chif long Vanuatu long Seabed Mining

Ol chif na ol sios long Vanuatu ino sapotim tingting blong mekim ol wok mining aninit long ol solwara blong kantri.

Oli tok solwara emi bikpla samting tru long food security na ol kaen wok mining long solwara bai nap kamapim bikpla bagarap long ol environment long solwara.

Wari blong ol i bihaenim nambawan miting em gavman ibin gat wantem ol narapla laen long painim tingting blong ol pipal long despla deep sea mining.

Despla miting ibin kamap long Port Vila long mun igo pinis, na gavman ibin redi-im wantem halvim ikam long Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) na  European Union (EU).

Deep sea mining i wanpla kaen mining em oli no mekim iet long wanpla kantri long wold, tasol long Pacific rijan, PNG i wok long lukluk long kamap olsem nambawan kantri long statim despla kaen wok mining..tasol planti pipal na ol environment grup i gat bikpla wari long despla long wonem oli tok sopos ol posin pipia igo insaet long solwara, despla bai bagarapim tru ol fish em ol pipal isave kaikaim.

Nau ol chif na sios long Vanuatu i gat despla wankaen wari  na Pastor Allan Nafuki blong Vanuatu Christian Council of Churches itok ol sios i wari tru long despla tingting.

Dr Tarcicius Tara Kabutaulaka, associate profesa long Asia-Pacific studies long University blong Hawaii itok heve  blong environment emi wanpla bikpla samting emi save kamapim ol bikpla wari long rijan.Radio australia

14) Solomon Islands i redi gut long ileksan

Updated 11 November 2014, 15:06 AEDT

Sam Seke

Electoral Komisin blong Solomon Islands itok olgeta wok blong redi-im ileksan igo hed gut

Odio: Assistant Media officer blong Solomon Islands Electoral Commission, Jimmy Isu i toktok wantem Sam Seke

Ol Solomon Islands ileksan otoriti ino kisim wanpela ripot blong trabel we bai bagarapim eleksen long kantri em bai ol i holim long naba 19 dispela mun.

Assistant Media officer blong Electoral Commission, Jimmy Isu i tok maski olsem, polis i redi pinis long sait long ileksan sekiuriti.

Em i tok ol ship i stat pinis long kisim go ol ballot pepa long ol longwe ailan, na ol i wok long redim ol lokol na intenasenal obseva pipol long go lukluk long taim blong vot.

Mr Isu i tok ol i makim pinis tu olgeta ofisel we bai ronim ileksan long olgeta 902 polling stesen long kantri.

421 long man na 26 ol meri kandidet nau bai kotestim ol 50 pela konstituensi blong nasenal palamen.Radio australia


15) Presiden AS Barack Obama akan Berpidato di Universitas Queensland

Terbit 11 November 2014, 20:34 AEDT

Presiden Amerika Serikat Barack Obama akan menyampaikan ceramah dihadapan tamu global di Universitas Queensland (UQ) pada Sabtu mendatang sebagai bagian dari penyelenggaraan forum G20.

Dalam acara yang akan khususkan untuk tamu undangan di Kampus St. Lucia UQ, Obama menurut rencana akan menyampaikan ceramah khusus mengenai peran Amerika Serikat di Asia Pasifik.

Wakil Rektor dan Presiden UQ, Professor Peter Høj mengatakan ini merupakan peristiwa penting dan bersejarah bagi UQ.

“Universitas Queensland merasa sangat terhormat dan ini akan menjadi peristiwa bersejarah bagi kami dan juga 50 ribu mahasiswa kami,” kata Professor Høj.

“Kami sangat senang bisa menyambut para tamu yang hendak mendengarkan secara langsung ceramah Presiden Obama, tidak hanya sebagian mahasiswa kami saja, tapi juga para tamu dari berbagai universitas dan sekolah serta tokoh pemuda yang berkontribusi pada masyarakat.

“Kami sangat senang bisa menawarkan panggung bagi generasi muda untuk bisa berbagi ruangan dengan Presiden Obama ketika dia memberikan gambaran mengenai berbagai hal yang akan berdampak pada masa depan mereka,”

Media lokal dan internasional akan turut meliput dan menyiarkan ceramah Presiden Obama kepada dunia.

Universitas Griffith akan kedatangan Perdana Menteri Turki

Perdana Menteri Republik Turki, Professor Ahmet Davutoglu, direncanakan juga akan membahas rencana negaranya untuk menjadi tuan rumah pada
Pertemuan Pemimpin Negara G20 2015 mendatang ketika dia menyampaikan pidato pada acara pra-G20 di Brisbane Jumat lalu.

Konferensi selama dua hari itu bertujuan untuk memperkuat pertumbuhan global dan akan diselenggarakan di Gedung Balai Kota Brisbane oleh Universitas Griffith yang bermitra dengan Kelompok Riset G20, Universitas Toronto.

Professor Davutoglu akan menentukan daftar para pembicara yang akan menghadiri konferensi itu yang diantaranya adalah Sekjen OECD, Angel Gurria.

“Professor Davutoglu memimpin salah satu negara yang paling strategis dan signifikan dalam G20 dan kehadirannya di konferensi akan membawa perspektif regional yang kuat, “kata Wakil Rektor Universitas Griffith Profesor Ian O’Connor.

“Australia dan Turki berbagi pengalaman unik yang terjalin sejak satu abad lalu dan kini telah berkembang menjadi persahabatan yang kuat dan abadi berdasarkan rasa saling menghormati antara masyarakat kita.

“Pandangan perdana menteri tentang bagaimana Turki mempersiapkan diri untuk menjadi tuan rumah KTT Para Pemimpin G20 mendatang setelah Brisbane akan menjadi sorotan pada konferensi.”

Konferensi ini akan mencakup berbagai isu G20 terkait termasuk pertumbuhan ekonomi, lapangan kerja dan kewirausahaan, energi dan infrastruktur, perdagangan, regulasi keuangan dan perpajakan.

Perwakilan dari organisasi termasuk Dana Africa50 Infrastruktur, McGraw Hill, BMO Capital Markets, Organisasi Perburuhan Internasional dan Bank of China juga akan menyampaikan kepada delegasi.Radio Australia


16) Brèves du Pacifique – mardi 11 novembre 2014

Mis à jour 11 November 2014, 17:25 AEDT
Caroline Lafargue

Hawaï: la lave du Kilauea a mis le feu à une maison abandonnée hier.

Big Island: la lave du Kilauea a mis le feu à une maison abandonnée hier.
La lave s’écoule du volcan depuis juin, mais c’est la première fois qu’elle détruit une maison. La riviere en fusion continue ses caprices. Sa progression est erratique. La coulée de lave a ralenti. Elle stagne tout prêt d’une des routes d’accès au village de Paoha. Mais elle peut reprendre sa course sans préavis, et elle menace 50 maisons. Les habitants sont prêts à évacuer en cas d’urgence.

  • 11 novembre: les coquelicots fleurissent sur les poitrines des Australiens. Ce symbole de la Première guerre mondiale est omniprésent pour le 96ème anniversaire de l’armistice. Des cérémonies ont été organisées à l’aube dans toutes les grandes villes. 61 000 Australiens ont été tués pendant le Première guerre mondiale, considérée comme un traumatisme fondateur pour la nation australienne. Et les benefices des ventes de coquelicots vont aux associations des anciens combattants. Aujourd’hui, elles ont encore appelé les Australiens à ne pas oublier les militaires qui ont fait la guerre au Timor Leste, en Irak et en Afghanistan, des conflits récents souvent éclipsés par la Première guerre mondiale. Une minute de silence a été observée pour les anciens combattants qui n’ont pas surmonté leur traumatisme et se sont suicidés.
  • Narendra Modi sera à Fidji mercredi prochain, après sa participation au G20 en Australie. C’est la première visite d’un Premier ministre indien à Fidji depuis celle d’Indira Gandhi en 1981. Une visite largement justifiée par la rivalité entre l’Inde et la Chine. La Chine est bien implantée dans le Pacifique, mais pas l’Inde, bien qu’elle ait une diaspora importante à Fidji – 37.5% des Fidjiens sont d’origine indienne, Fidji est le pays au monde qui a la plus large proportion d’Indiens. Le but ultime de la visite de Narendra Modi est de convaincre Fidji d’accueillir sa marine, afin d’avoir une présence militaire dans la région, selon Balaji Chandramohan, chercheur à l’Institut d’analyse stratégique et de défense de New Delhi.
  • Après Narendra Modi, ce sera au tour du Président chinois de faire escale à Fidji, vendredi prochain. Xi Jin Ping sera le premier Président chinois à poser le pied à Suva. Un certain nombre de chefs d’État et de gouvernement du Pacifique feront le déplacement à Fidji pour le rencontrer.
  • Australie: le ministère de l’Immigration se dote d’une cellule spéciale d’enquête. Objectif: enquêter sur les accusations des demandeurs d’asile contre leurs gardiens aux centres de rétention de Nauru et de Manus. À Nauru, plusieurs affirment avoir été victimes d’agressions sexuelles. Les Verts australiens saluent l’initiative du ministère de l’Immigration. Radio australia

17) Vanuatu: un aéroport quasiment “gratuit”

Mis à jour 11 November 2014, 15:37 AEDT
Caroline Lafargue

Le gouvernement a suspendu le projet de construction d’un nouvel aéroport international sur Efate, l’île-capitale. Mais le consortium Vanuatu Trade Development y croit encore.

Si VTD et le gouvernement vanuatais trouvent un accord, l’aéroport international de Port-Vila, Bauerfield, pourrait être remplacé en 2019 par un aéroport plus grand dont le site n’a pas encore été trouvé.
La piste de 3500 mètres de long permettrait à de plus gros avions long courier de se poser au Vanuatu.

Le promoteur singapourien, Vanuatu Trade Development et le precedent gouvernement vanuatais ont signé un accord en juillet 2013. Vanuatu Trade Development va financer la construction de l’aéroport. En échange: l’État vanuatais lui cède la gestion de l’aéroport pendant 50 ans – une activité qui doit générer des revenus suffisants pour amortir le coût de la construction.

Mais le promoteur a réclamé un gage pour sécuriser son investissement. Le precedent gouvernement a donc signé un billet à ordre de 350 millions de dollars américains. Par ce document, le Vanuatu reconnaît sa dette et s’engage à payer le promoteur à la date d’échéance.

Cette clause a créé un scandale au Vanuatu, car la somme est énorme – c’est quasiment la moitié du PIB annuel du Vanuatu en 2013. Le nouveau gouvernement a donc suspendu le projet. Mais tout cela n’est qu’un malentendu, estime Byron Ko, le directeur de Hermsley Capital, une société d’investissement australienne, qui fait partie du consortium Vanuatu Trade Development:

« Ce billet à ordre de 350 millions, c’est juste pour couvrir le coût de la construction de l’aéroport. C’est la seule façon pour nous de garantir que nous rentrerons dans nos frais au cas où le gouvernement vanuatais chercherait à prendre le contrôle de l’aéroport avant la fin de notre concession de 50 ans. »

Si l’État vanuatais respecte l’accord, le Vanuatu aura un nouvel aéroport flambant neuf… sans l’avoir finance. C’est en tout cas comme ça que le consortium présente le projet.

L’entreprise actuelle qui gère les aéroports vanuatais, Airports Vanuatu, est vent debout contre ce projet. Selon Kevin Abel, son directeur, confier les aéroports à un consortium étranger, c’est renoncer à la souveraineté du Vanuatu. Il faut dire que son enterprise risqué fort d’être absorbée par le consortium.

Le bras de fer se poursuit en coulisse. Et Vanuatu Trade Development menace de poursuivre en justice l’État vanuatais s’il annule le contrat signé en juillet 2013.

« Le contrat est signé et valide. Il faut le respecter. VTD a déjà investi des sommes importantes, nous avons mobilise des consultants, des architects d’aéroports, des ingénieurs, etc. Mais nous sommes optimistes, nous devrions parvenir à sortir de l’impasse avec le gouvernement vanuatais. »

Byron Ko, le directeur de Hermsley Capital, au micro de Don Wisemann sur la radio néo-zélandaise internationale. Si la situation se débloque, le nouvel aéroport devrait entrer en service au deuxième semester 2019. Radioaustralia


18) Operation shuts down websites

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

SILK Road 2.0 and 400 other sites believed to be selling illegal items including drugs and weapons have been shut down.

The sites operated on the Tor network — a part of the internet unreachable via traditional search engines.

The joint operation between 16 European countries and the US saw 17 arrests, including Blake Benthall who is said to be behind Silk Road 2.0.

Experts believe the shutdown represents a breakthrough for fighting cybercrime.

Six Britons were also arrested, including a 20-year-old man from Liverpool, a 19-year-old man from New Waltham, a 30 year-old-man from Cleethorpes and a man and woman, both aged 58, from Aberdovey, Wales. All were interviewed and bailed, according to the National Crime Agency.

Tor, as well as hosting legitimate sites, is home to thousands of illegal marketplaces and trading in drugs.


19) Rural school in need of teachers

The National, Tuesday November 11th, 2014

A SCHOOL with only two teachers in Morobe has been forced to enrol more children because they have nowhere else to go to.
The Wabubu Primary School, located in the interior of Busamang in Salamaua, Huon Gulf, caters for children from Wakop, Buasi and Bumatu.
It is a Level Three school with only two teachers – head teacher Yuka Aigal and Raewe Bago – catering for 130 children.
They are lacking good quarters, classrooms and clean water supply.
Aigal said teaching positions for only Grade Four, Six and Eight were registered while Grade One and Grade Three positions were not.
Aigal said because of the increase in the number of school-age children in the communities, they were forced to take in all the children.
“If we ignore them, they will grow up and may feel uncomfortable enrolling in Grade One,” Bago said.
A Grade Six teacher left in June for maternity leave and never returned.
Yuka concentrates on Grade Eight students while Bago teaches Grades One, Three and Four. They use any spare time to teach Grade Six.
The school has only three classrooms – made from bush material, one semi-bush material and a permanent double classroom.
Former Huon Gulf MP Tukape Masani funded the only permanent double classroom in 2002.
The teachers reside in bush-material houses while a permanent teacher’s house, funded by former provincial administrator Kemas Tomala with K20,000 in 2013, is left incomplete.
Councillor Gandi Ungi has urged council manageress Carol Sasa and LLG president Philemon Tomala to look into the plight of the school.

20) Social media distracts students

Post Courier
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PORT MORESBY – The overall performance of students in primary and secondary schools in Papua New Guinea has dropped dramatically since the introduction of social media.

This concern was raised by Mele Olley, the principal of Port Moresby Grammar School, while addressing graduating students last Friday at the school’s 18th Grade 12 graduation.

“Students spend most of their time in school on Facebook and WhatsApp, they dont concentrate in class nor do they spend time researching and attempting their assignments and homework,” she said.

“They’re more interested in posting on facebook what they have just bought from Vision City then completing that Math assignment that is due the following day.”

This was confirmed recently through an independent survey carried out in a number of private schools in NCD, including POM Grammar and the Port Moresby International School.

The principal said students are obsessively glued to their phones and tablets. She said they would rather look at their phones than talk to you and they would be checking who has messaged them almost every minute.

According to Ms Olley, Port Moresby Grammar is undergoing an overall administrative and curriculum restructure to keep up with digital technology. The school has invested over a million kina this year on information technology teaching facilities and equipment to revamp its teachers who are mostly familiar with the old chalk and talk method of teaching with new online teaching techniques.

She said students nowadays are knowledgeable with online activities and discussions and teachers need to utilise this mode of communication to harness them back into the academic arena.


21) Minister to present in parliament ‘three key policies’

The National, Tuesday November 11th, 2014

MINING Minister and Namatanai MP Byron Chan is expected to present three key proposed mining policies in the next parliament session this month.
These guidelines include sustainable mining development, involuntary resettlement and geothermal out of a list of six keys under the proposed changes to the Mining Act 1992.
This follows a consultative meeting held recently between Chan, Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenouc and State Working Group comprised of senior officials from the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management and Mineral Resources Authority in consultation with Industry Working Group – PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum.
The World Bank sponsored mining review looked at reviewing key areas of the long overdue 1992 Mining Act following wide regional consultations last year which includes:

Mining Act regulations;
mining (safety) act regulations;
sustainable mining development policy;
involuntary resettlement policy;
mine closure policy; and,
Geothermal and off-shore mining policy.

Chan urged the State and the Industry Working Group reviewing the 1992 Mining Act to be committed in order for the draft mining act can be concluded on time.
“This is so that the government knows where we are in terms of mining policy review and the way forward,” he said.
Both working groups said work on the draft mining policy had considerable progress despite minor hiccups with three policies including mining development, involuntary resettlement and geothermal have being completed for the minister to table in Parliament.
The remaining three policies such as the off-shore mining, mining (safety) act regulations and mine closure policy would be concluded next March along with the overall Mining Act regulations.
Chan said he would present these policies to Parliament prior to the mining conference in Sydney next month to give direction on the government’s mining policies.

22) Honiara Businessman Decries Campaigns Scapegoating Foreign Businesses
Unnamed person says candidates trying to ‘score cheap political points’

By Tony Kando

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Times, Nov. 10, 2014) – A Honiara businessman, who wrote to Solomon Times on the condition of anonymity, says he is surprised and somewhat concerned at some of the tactics used by certain candidates in Honiara.

“I have to be honest it is surprising and disturbing, when people who aspire for political office pinpoint certain business owners as the cause for the rot in government,” he wrote.

“We have been called corrupt, greedy, liars and foreigners meddling in the affairs of the country. This tone is the same with all the campaigns I have heard, from East to West Honiara, and I am worried for the safety of myself and my family.”

He says it is unfortunate that such leaders use the business community to score cheap political points.

“They should focus on positive messages, one that would help rural people and those that find it hard to make ends meet.

“People label us as corrupt, but as a business man I find it very hard to deal with various agencies without officers asking me to pay them to fast track payments or permits or the like…so who is guilty here?”

He says he is seriously considering taking his family abroad, at least during and after the elections.

“I am like everybody else, I work hard to make a living for my family, I see myself as a Solomon Islander, my children feel the same way, why this?”

Dan Desha, an expert on the subject, wrote in the India Tribune that corruption is both demand and supply driven. When a contractor asks for a kickback, it is demand driven; but when an inspector is paid to pass an inspection, it is supply driven.

“People are in a position to demand bribes, while people with money are in a position to supply bribes, so corruption occurs at every level from grassroots to highest offices,” he writes.

“Playing the blame game is not going to help anyone. Both are equally guilty.”

He says bribing should be made unprofitable and controlling it should be cost-effective by imposing prohibitive fines and penalties.

“That is the only way you can put powerful bribe takers out of business first and then go after the wealthy bribe givers.”

Solomon Times

23) Unregistered parties in Solomons queried

11 November 2014

Questions are being asked about the number of sitting MPs campaigning with unregistered political parties going into next week’s Solomon Islands election.

Earlier this year the Solomons parliament passed the Political Parties Integrity Act in an effort to bring stability and stop party hopping.

A number of political parties chose not to register to contest the elections but local observers say they are campaigning anyway and include amongst their candidates MPs who had voted for the legislation.

The Political Parties Commission chair, Sir Paul Tovua, says they are aware that unregistered political parties are on the campaign trail and has reiterated that they are breaking the law.

The unregistered parties are seeking a court ruling on the legality of the new law.


37 sign integrity pledge for Solomons poll
PNG advises Solomons on political stability
Pacific countries still among lowest globally for gender equality in politics
Solomons watchdog says MPs should not be allowed to sell allegiances

24) Overpayment of salaries

Nasik Swami | Tuesday, November 11, 2014

AN audit of the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests by the Auditor-General in 2012 revealed that the ministry continued to pay remunerations to officers who had either resigned or retired.

The Auditor-General’s report noted that $13,341 was paid by the ministry to the officers resulting in the overpayment of salaries.

The report further stated that the overpayments of salaries resulted from the failure of the ministry to submit salary change advice on time to the Ministry of Finance.

“In addition, ineffective payroll reconciliation process also contributed to the overpayments of salaries,” the report noted.

In the report, the Auditor-General recommended the ministry address the delay in addressing salary change advice by effectively communicating and co-ordinating matters affecting payroll in a timely manner between the administration/stations and the accounts section.

The Auditor-General further recommended the ministry that where an overpayment was substantial, legal proceeding was an avenue that can be considered if other arrangements for recovery are not possible.

The audit also recommended the ministry strengthen its salary reconciliation process to minimise or avoid irregularities in the payments of salaries and wages and also assist in early detection of irregularities for immediate action.

In response, the ministry noted the findings as a great concern and said it was working on improvements to internal processes and internal communication in its corporate service division to avoid instance of overpayments to its retirees and resigning workers.Fijitimes


25) Impact Of Free Trade on Custom Land In Pacific Cause For Concern
Pacific Network on Globalisation questions efforts to join global economy

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 11, 2014) – The impact of free trade agreements on custom land is a concern for the Pacific Network on Globalisation.

A campaigner for the organisation, Adam Wolfenden, says custom land is central to life in the Pacific Islands but free trade agreements see it as a barrier to investment, and something that needs to be challenged.

He says free trade advocates are using agreements to secure control over land use, meaning custom decisions are undermined.

Mr Wolfenden says Vanuatu’s commitments at the World Trade Organisation mean its ability to support and nurture land use for indigenous enterprise, such as local tourist accommodation, can only happen if it gives the same support to foreign investors.

He says the push for the Pacific Islands to become integrated into the global economy is asking the Pacific to turn its back on the systems and cultural practices that have supported it for generations.

Radio New Zealand International


26) PNG yet to know Tuna warning status

By Online Editor
9:19 pm GMT+12, 10/11/2014, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea should know by December this year the status of its yellow card warning placed by the European Union on the National Fisheries Authority six months ago.

In June this year, the EU (via the European Commission Directorate-General of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, DG MARE) enacted two decisions warning the Philippines and PNG that they risk being identified as countries it considers non-cooperative in the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

The decision highlighted that these countries (in the EU’s view) were not doing enough to fight illegal fishing. It identified concrete shortcomings, such as a lack of a system of sanctions to deter IUU activities or a lack of actions to address deficiencies in monitoring, controlling and surveillance of fisheries.

Last week, an EU technical mission was in Port Moresby discussing PNG’s progress in addressing the EU illegal, unreported and unregulated fisheries concerns and to follow up from the meeting held by the National Fisheries Authority and the European Union in Brussels in June.

The primary purpose of the mission was to discuss the progress made by PNG authorities in addressing the concerns about IUU in its waters. The mission also met and discussed with representatives of the industry.

NFA presented its report and according to the EU, a formal report summarising the actions taken and state of play will be submitted in early December and decision on the way forward be taken.

In a media release Monday, EU advised that illegal, unreported and unregulated fisheries pose a threat to sustainability of stocks and development.

“The European Union supports the fight against IUU in many partner countries around the world and particularly in those that export fishery products to the union. In this context it had issued earlier this year a “yellow flag” on the situation in PNG,” the union stated.

“Certain actions need to be taken now so that PNG maintains free access to European markets for its tuna products.

“In this context, a team from the European Commission Directorate-General of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries conducted a two-day technical mission in early November to Port Moresby.”

NFA managing director John Kasu also said yesterday that the meeting had been useful.

“NFA staff have presented their updates on the actions taken so far, and the European Union delegation has been able to advice on what else we might be able to do to address the concerns raised,” he said.

European Union ambassador to Papua New Guinea Martin Dihm, welcomed the progress made with the reforms.



27) PNG PM emphasises infrastructure for growth

11 November 2014
Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister has told APEC partners that his plans for growing PNG’s economy hinge on infrastructure development.

Peter O’Neill has attended the APEC Business Advisory Council Leaders Dialogue in Beijing.

The dialogue, which comes ahead of the main APEC Leaders’ summit, is a forum of senior business people from each APEC Member country to discuss challenges in business, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Mr O’Neill says one of the main areas explored was infrastructure and connectivity in which a lot of members face common challenges.

The Prime Minister says he spoke about his desire to build PNG’s economy on the back of infrastructure development.

“And the infrastructure investments that we are making today is also similar sort of investments that other countries and the economies of APEC region do so. So it is important that we continue to stay focussed on that, and continue to work hard so we can maintain the growth that we have.”

Peter O’Neill RNZI


28) Fiji’s corruption agency has responsibility to investigate – TI

11 November 2014

Transparency International Fiji says the Independent Commission Against Corruption, or FICAC, must be seen to be actively investigating claims of government corruption.

Documents leaked on blog site Fijileaks last week, which appear to come from FICAC, say the former health minister Neil Sharma manipulated a tender process, and recommended that he be charged with conspiracy and abuse of office.

FICAC has declined to comment on the authenticity of the leaked documents.

It now says it is investigating the ministry but refuses to disclose when the probe was launched, what the suspected breach is or when the investigation is expected to be finalised.

Transparency’s executive director, Apisalome Tudreu, says FICAC has a responsibility to complete a thorough investigation.

“If this is going to encourage trust in our system, then they will have to appear like this is being done actively to complete the process and reach the final decision. At the end of the day of course it’s the reforms to make sure these kind of practises do not recur.”

The Director of Public Prosecutions could not be reached for comment on the leaked FICAC recommendation.


Anti-corruption probe in Fiji Health Ministry
Former Fiji minister unaware of corruption probe
Document implicates former Fiji minister in abuse of office
Fiji reports pinpoint salary overspending


29) Fifteen MPs In PNG Being Investigated For White Collar Crimes
Maprik MP Simon arrested for false pretense, official corruption

By Donald Willie

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 11, 2014) – Fifteen Members of Parliament are being investigated for white collar crimes which include official corruption.

They are also being investigated for misappropriation, conspiracy, false pretence and fraud, the police national and anti-corruption directorate said yesterday without naming the MPs.

The latest however, was Maprik MP John Simon, who was arrested last Friday and charged with false pretence and official corruption.

He was detained at Jackson Airport while trying to fly out of Port Moresby.

Police said they have charged him with two counts of false pretence and 38 counts of official corruption. Mr Simon appeared at the Waigani District Court where his lawyers applied for and were granted a court bail of K2000.

During the past two years, three MPs had been successfully prosecuted out of five who had been arrested and charged with financial discrepancies.

They included former Pomio MP Paul Tiensten, who is currently serving a nine-year jail sentence, and Gulf Governor Havila Kavo and Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape, who are both awaiting sentencing.

On the Maprik MP’s case, the anti-corruption directorate investigations found that a total of K86,050 was paid to his two private companies which had allegedly rendered services to the then-candidate’s election campaigns in 2012.

Simon is the sole director and owner of the two firms, Extreme Construction Ltd and Extreme Hire Cars, which were paid K49,000 and K37,050 respectively.

Police investigations showed that the Maprik district administrator and treasurer were sacked in 2012 for allegedly refusing to settle the MP’s election-related expenses.

They lodged a complaint with the police which led to Mr Simon’s arrest last Friday.

PNG Post-Courier


30) Solomons Official: Climate Change Forced Relocation “Challenging”
Issues of land in Solomons will make it very difficult: Mataki

By Bradford Theonomi

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 11, 2014) – Relocating those on low lying atolls affected by climate change will be challenging.

That was according to Permanent Secretary Ministry of Environment and Conservation, Climate Change and Meteorology, Dr Melchior Mataki.

“When we talk about relocating, you are relocating structures, cultures and even political attachments,” he said at a recent workshop in Honiara.

“All these issues need to be looked into very carefully because the issue of land as we know is difficult here,” he added.

Mataki said this is due land availability – government owned only minority of the land whilst the majority of it are under customary tenure.

“So the issues of land need to be looked at and address first.

“At the ministry level we are trying to study this and bring about thorough discussion on how best to address relocation.

“Relocation however is an extreme adaptation option if the government is to consider, but the government alone is not in a position to do this, it will require additional assistance.

“And if we look in terms of extremes, then we will have to consider the fact that there is also an international bit to it where that outside assistance is needed,” he said.

“Relocation is not an easy straight forward option although relocation has taken place in the Solomon Islands for other reasons apart from climate change.

“That is one reason as to why we need to have proper groundwork done,” Mataki said.

Solomon Star


31) Scheme aims to benefit women

The National, Tuesday November 11th, 2014

The Liklik Informal Bisnis Meri Foundation launched its Small Loan Scheme of K20,000 on Friday to help small businesswomen in the National Capital District start  informal businesses.
Foundation chairwoman Mary Pohei said that was an opportunity for women who had the desire and will to go into business but did not have start-up capital.
“To access these mini loans, women must first of all register with the foundation and attend its financial literacy training,” she said.
“We women must rise up to the challenge and take ownership of this scheme instead of waiting for handouts all the time.”
Pohei said times had changed and women could make a difference in their lives if they had a vision to succeed in whatever informal business they ventured into.
Pohei said the foundation had already started conducting financial literacy training to start off mothers and girls who lacked basic skills which, to them, had always been a hindrance to accessing banking services.
“A lot of the time our small businesses breakdown somewhere during its operation because we are financially illiterate,” she said.
Pohei called on National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop to fund the training under the Pohei Vocational Literacy Training for Women in Informal Business to help them start off somewhere.


32) Anu to open Games

The National, Wednesday October 22nd, 2014

AUSTRALIAN indigenous singer Christine Anu will perform at next month’s PNG Games opening ceremony.
Anu, 44, replaces Australian ARIA award-winning songstress Jessica Mauboy, who was to have performed at the Games opening on November 16 in Lae.
Anu, who reached fame with her 1995 hit song “My island home”, accepted the Games Host Organising Committee invitation after 25-year-old Mauboy, who is currently promoting her single “Can I get a moment?” released on October 17, pulled out of her commitment citing a clash in schedules.
Games organising committee chairman Phil Franklin said he was happy that they were able to replace Mauboy with another Australian star.
Anu’s illustrious career has spanned over two decades with platinum albums, sell-out musicals, Hollywood blockbusters (she appeared in Matrix Relaoded and Moulin Rouge) and high profile collaborations with musical luminaries such as Baz Luhrmann, Paul Kelly and David Atkins.
“From her humble beginnings in the Torres Strait Islands to the song ‘My Island Home’ that propelled her into the annals of Australian history, there are parallels to one of the main objectives of the PNG Games – to promote national unity and provincial pride – and I am sure this message will not be lost on her audience when she performs at next month’s event,” Franklin said.
PNG favourites Jokema and K-Dumen will join Christine to perform live at the opening ceremony.

33) Oceania FIFA administrator shamed, dumped
By Online Editor
9:17 pm GMT+12, 10/11/2014, Switzerland

ZURICH, 11 NOVEMBER 2014 (STUFF NZ) — The Oceania Football Confederation has had a third administrator in two years banned by FIFA.

Former New Caledonia football boss Edmond Bowen has become the latest OFC man to be shamed after he was deemed to have been dishonest in a mandatory vetting process.

Bowen has been banned from football governance for three years and unceremoniously removed from his privileged position upon FIFA’s own disciplinary committee – world football’s first court of instance.

Specific details of Bowen’s behaviour have not been released by FIFA, with a statement from football’s world governing body simply saying the Oceania man “did not fill out the mandatory declaration of integrity truthfully” and he has therefore breached “general rules of conduct”.

FIFA says Bowen, who was put forward by Oceania Football as a candidate to serve upon FIFA’s disciplinary committee, will serve a three-year ban from the game effective yesterday (November 10) and noted he also failed to respond to the ethics committee during the case.

Media in the Pacific has previously reported that in 2010, Bowen received a one-year prison sentence and was involved in bankruptcy proceedings.

FIFA announced Bowen’s ban via a statement on its website, saying he is barred “from taking part in any kind of football-related activity at national and international level for a period of three years”.

Almost exactly two years ago to the day, Oceania Football boss and FIFA executive committee member Reynald Temarii was served with a one-year ban by FIFA after being caught up in an undercover vote-rigging sting to determine World Cup host nations.

UK newspaper The Sunday Times alleged Temarii was guilty of trying to sell his votes while the same sting also saw another OFC man, Ahongalu Fusimalohi, banned for two years.

Gordon Glen Watson, the OFC’s head of communications, told Stuff he was not able to comment on the situation until he’d spoken with the organisation’s general secretary, Tai Nicholas.

34) Pacific women in ANOC Committee

By Online Editor
9:15 pm GMT+12, 10/11/2014, Thailand

Two Pacific women are part of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) move to get more women involved in the high echelons of ANOC activity.

This push spearheaded by re-elected ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah sees Palau’s National Olympic Committee (NOC) Secretary General Baklai Temengil and Papua New Guinea’s NOC Secretary General  Auvita Rapilla join Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) President Dr Robin Mitchell, ONOC Secretary General Ricardo Blas and ONOC Vice-president Barry Maister representing Oceania in the ANOC Executive Committee.

The names were announced by the ANOC President at the close of the ANOC General Assembly in Bangkok, Thailand on the weekend.

In line with the new ANOC Charter, President Mitchell was elected by ONOC in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in July 2014 and is now Vice President of ANOC representing ONOC.

SG Ricardo Blas and Maister were also elected in July.

Temengil was also elected in July and replaces former ONOC President Kevan Gosper

According to Blas, Gosper completed his term at the end of the Congress in Bangkok.

“We wish to extend our personal gratitude to President Gosper for his leadership and guidance and for being a strong advocate of our Olympic family in Oceania,” the ONOC Secretary General.

Rapilla, confirmed as 5th delegate after confirmation from President Mitchell and Sheikh Al Sabah.


35) Fiji loses first tour match

Emoni Narawa
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

THE Fiji men’s cricket team unbeaten run during their Australian tour was halted yesterday when they lost their Twenty20 encounter against the Maroochydore Swans by 63 runs.

The loss is Fiji’s first from seven games.

Winning the toss the home side elected to bat first and quickly it became clear they had made the correct decision.

The Fijian bowlers struggled to find a way to stop the flow of runs as the Swans opening pair made hay on a glorious sunny morning.

Uncharacteristic fielding errors also occurred and after 9 overs the Swans were 0-81 and looked likely to post a score in excess of 200 from their 20 overs.

However, Fiji fought back well in the middle overs, and the fall of 5 wickets managed to restrict the home side to 5-167 from their 20 overs.

In reply Fiji was bowled out for 104.

It was a disappointing performance all around from the Fijian players. They hoped to rectify their weaknesses before the final game on the Sunshine Coast this evening against the Sunshine Coast Scorchers.

The side was boosted with the arrival of Sydney-based Rabici Lesuma and Maciu Gauna who arrived in camp yesterday.Fijitimes

36) France wants revenge

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MARSEILLE – France have “triple revenge” in mind ahead of Saturday’s rugby union Test against Australia.

Coach Philippe Saint-Andre’s team suffered three straight defeats by the Wallabies on their June tour Down Under, and two of those were humiliating.

Either side of a dour 6-0 reverse in Melbourne, France were thumped 50-23 in Brisbane and 39-13 in Sydney.

“We have to take a triple revenge,” said Saint-Andre on Sunday, a day after Les Bleus cruised to a 40-15 success over Fiji in Marseille while Australia triumphed 33-28 in Cardiff for their 10th successive victory over Wales.

“What struck me was the third Test (in June) where we collapsed too quickly. That’s unacceptable when you represent a country, a history, an identity.”

Saint-Andre knows his side will have to stand up to the Wallabies in individual battles at the Stade de France in Paris.

“Yesterday (Saturday) they won a lot of turnovers. They have individuals who are capable of winning one-on-one duels.”

As for his own side, Saint-Andre says there is much to work on from the Fiji match, despite running in five tries, including a hat-trick from debutant wing Teddy Thomas.

“We know we still have work to do. We conceded two tries from defensive mistakes and we could have been a bit more patient close to the line.

“But at least there was enthusiasm, desire, a team that was lively and enjoyed playing.”

The result ensured France did not suffer a fifth straight defeat for the first time since 1982 —— they had lost their final Six Nations clash 22-20 at home to Ireland in March before the June tour.

But Saint-Andre is wary of his side switching off.

“We’re French, every time we don’t move things very much, we fall asleep.”

Still, the coach was enjoying a rare success since taking over the reins three years ago —— it was only the 12th France win in 30 matches on his watch.

And he even found the chance to mock those who have criticised him for constant tinkering.

He aligned halfback Sebastien Tillous-Borde with five eighth Camille Lopez for his 13th different halves pairing in those 30 matches.

Yet they both played well and combined expertly.

“Apparently it was the 13th (pairing), maybe there will be a 14th or 15th,” said Saint-Andre defiantly.

Finally he turned his attention to Racing-Metro’s Thomas, who is likely to be given another outing against the Wallabies despite being partially at fault for Fiji’s first try after a weak attempt at a tackle.

37) Federer wins first match

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LONDON – Roger Federer opened his challenge for a seventh ATP Tour Finals crown in dominant fashion on Sunday with a 6-1 7-6 (7-0) victory over Canada’s Milos Raonic.

Federer last won the prestigious season-ending event at London’s O2 Arena in 2011 and the world No.2 looks in the mood to add another title to his collection.

In a powerful performance, the Swiss racked up 24 winners, avenging his loss to Raonic last month in the Paris Masters quarter-finals.

Earlier, Kei Nishikori made a dream start to his Tour Finals debut as the Japanese star clinched a surprise 6-4 6-4 victory over Andy Murray.

Nishikori, the first Asian singles player to qualify for the prestigious tournament, rose to the occasion with his first victory over Wimbledon winner Murray at the fourth attempt.

The 24-year-old had failed to win even a set in those losses to Murray, but the last came more than two years ago.

He took the game to Murray from the start and hit 20 winners in a 95-minute triumph that gives him a good chance of qualifying for the semi-finals from the same group as Federer and Raonic.

38) Toa Samoa capt says league becoming more popular than union

11 November 2014

Samoa rugby league captain David Fa’alogo claims rugby league is already as big as rugby union in the islands and will soon overtake the more traditional code.

The Newcastle star made the comments to Rugby League Week after Samoa was bundled out of the Four Nations tournament after a 44-18 loss to Australia.

However many are still calling the Samoan campaign a success because of the manner with which they nearly upset New Zealand and England.

The Samoans also helped attract the biggest crowd for any sporting event in Wollongong this year with over 18-thousand gathering to watch their clash with the Kangaroos.

Fa’alogo says it’s only the start for Samoan rugby league and their first appearance in the Four Nations is a good stepping stone.

The prop says he thinks league can overcome union in popularity as it is probably on par with rugby union at the moment in Samoa and it’s only going to grow.

While the league team seems to have captured the imagination of the public in Samoa, the nation’s rugby union side opened their northern tour over the weekend with a 24-13 loss to Italy and a drop in their world ranking.RNZI

39) Samoa drops out of rugby top 10

11 November 2014

Samoa have dropped two places and out of the top 10 in the International Rugby rankings after their 24-13 loss to Italy.

Manu Samoa are now 11th and have been replaced at number 9 by Japan who narrowly missed out on upsetting the New Zealand Maori over the weekend, succumbing to a late try in a 20-18 loss.

Australia have returned to third in the latest Rankings after recording a 10th successive victory over their Rugby World Cup 2015 opponents Wales, 33-28.

The victory, in tandem with England’s 24-21 loss to New Zealand at Twickenham, has once again created an all-southern hemisphere top three with the All Blacks set to celebrate five years atop the ranking this weekend and South Africa second despite their defeat to Ireland.

Tonga improved their rating with victory over Georgia but remain unchanged at 13th them.

Fiji are just above them in 12th.RNZI


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