West Papua’s Hidden Fight For Independence

Credit : Journeyman Pictures 

Published on Aug 18, 2014

West Papua’s New Dawn? – A unique investigation into the rarely seen West Papuan fight for independence.

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The violent fight for West Papuan independence from Indonesia is one of the least reported conflicts in the world. With exceptional access, this report delves into the secretive maelstrom gripping the island.

Human rights groups say as many as 500,000 West Papuans have been killed since Indonesia took over the territory nearly 50 years ago. Despite being constantly tracked by authorities, this report unearths stories of recent torture and killings. A camera smuggled into a prison reveals a man jailed for 15 years for hoisting the flag of independence. “They use the Subversion Law as a license to kill – it’s evil.”

SBS Dateline – Ref 6222

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Phils Note : Thank you SBS, for making this latest Documentary on West Papua.

Gives people an inside, of what is happening, in one of our Melanesian Areas today 2014.

GOD WILLING…Melanesian – West Papua will become Autonomy or Idependence ASAP.


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