Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1084 ( Monda 6 April 2015 )


1) Fill vacant positions, says TLFC

Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari
Monday, April 06, 2015

THE iTaukei Land and Fisheries Commission (TLFC) is calling on the traditional leaders to fill up vacant positions of turaga ni mataqali (tribal leader) and turaga ni yavusa (clan heads) to assist in the proper administration and development of the people in rural settings.

TLFC chairman Ratu Vananalagi Vesikula said neither his department nor Government had any say in the installation or selection of any chief.

“We are advocating the need for the positions to be filled because they play a big role in administering their people. It’s their duty to work with Government and the churches in the development of their people,” Ratu Vananalagi said.

He added this was the sole responsibility of the vanua where protocols needed to be followed.

Ratu Vananalagi said it was only fitting for the positions of Turaga ni Mataqali and Turaga ni Yavusa to be filled as the people needed to be led.

He said there were 510 unfilled positions of Turaga ni Yavusa out of the 1305 registered with them and 2079 Turaga ni Mataqali vacant positions out of the 4345 in their records.

“These positions are important and they should be filled because of its roles in the administration of the vanua. All these positions have different roles and when positions are not filled, it creates a vacuum or a gap in the administration of the vanua,” Rt Vananalagi said.

Ratu Vananalagi said although they did not involve themselves in the selection process and installation of a traditional leader or chief, they provided advice when required.

“We work together with chiefs to serve the people they lead. They are leaders of the vanua they represent and in most of our work, we will need their support. “Fijitimes


2) Four Tahiti party expulsions confirmed

6 April 2015

French Polynesia’s ruling Tahoeraa Huiraatira party has expelled four senior members, including the vice-president and the mayor of Papeete, amid a row over who can stand for the French Senate next month.

Reports say a Tahoeraa meeting at the home of the party president, Gaston Flosse, unanimously decided to expel the four for defying an earlier party selection.

In February, the party re-nominated Teura Iriti and Flosse’s son-in-law, Vincent Dubois, as candidates.

None of the government ministers, who are all Tahoeraa members, was at the weekend meeting, which has now expelled among others the vice-president, Nuihau Laurey, and the veteran mayor of Papeete, Michel Buillard.

Mr Laurey and Lana Tetuanui, who is an assembly member, say they will still seek to win the Senate seats when the electoral college meets in May.

The two have the support of the government led by Edouard Fritch, who succeeded Flosse as president last year when he lost his office because of a sentence for corruption.

Mrs Iriti and Mr Dubois were made Senators last year, but a French court annulled the election, saying that a march by hundreds of Tahoeraa supporters to the polling station on election day amounted to undue pressure on the electoral college

Mr Fritch and several ministers warned the party against the expulsions, saying they could have grave consequences for it and its majority in the assembly.RNZI

3) Cooks to hold Aitutaki flight referendum

6 April 2015

The Cook Islands Prime Minister, Henry Puna, says he will organise a referendum on Aitutaki over whether to maintain Sunday flights between the island and Rarotonga.

Mr Puna says there has been ongoing tension over the flights since they were introduced six years ago as those opposed to them say Sunday is a sacred day when businesses should not operate.

During the recent Vaipae-Tautu by-election campaign on Aitutaki, he promised that he would put the issue to a vote, should his Cook Islands Party win.

Mr Puna now says the referendum will be organised as soon as it is practicable.

In February, an opposition MP from Aitutaki, Teina Bishop, spoke out against such a vote.

He said a referendum has to be decided by the whole country and to put Sunday flights into a referendum where the whole country decides was silly.

The last by-election win has consolidated the Cook Islands Party’s majority which had been at risk because of a raft of petitions lodged after last July’s general election.RNZI


4) Second FSM tropical storm weakens

6 April 2015

The US National Weather Service says a tropical storm in the Federated States of Micronesia is weakening fast and is unlikely to pose any threat to areas still reeling from typhoon Maysak.

A meteorologist on Guam, Mike Middlebrook, says Haishen has been downgraded to a tropical depression that will likely dissipate by Tuesday.

He says the storm was forecast to hit Chuuk state, where five people will killed and thousands left homeless when it was hit by typhoon Maysak last week.

“So Chuuk kind of dodged this one, which is a good thing because they’re still reeling from the effects of Maysak and they don’t need any more tropical storms.”

Mike Middlebrook says it’s unusual for the northwestern Pacific to have as many strong systems as it’s had so early in its season, which doesn’t usually pick up until about May.RNZI

5) FSM tries to cope with crisis

Monday, April 06, 2015

The head of the Red Cross in Federated States of Micronesia says the country is dealing with a major humanitarian emergency as the country tries to cope with the aftermath of supertyphoon Maysak.

The category five system tore through two of the country’s four states this week, killing five people, destroying infrastructure, contaminating water supplies and displacing about 7000 people.

Isao Frank said the damage was extensive and some islands in Chuuk and Yap were inaccessible.

He said there was a shortage of shelter, food, water and medicine in the worst-affected areas, and the humanitarian response was likely to be a significant logistical challenge.

“There’s definitely reports of overcrowding in community shelters, some people even living in the open air without shelter,” he said.

“There’s also fears of food shortages and some reported cases of diarrhoea from unsafe drinking water.”

“We have a crisis on our hands,” said Mr Frank.

Government patrol boats continued to distribute relief supplies on Saturday, but the Red Cross said the emergency was far beyond the country’s capacity.

He said 60-80 per cent of homes on Weno, the state capital of Chuuk, had been destroyed and evacuation centres had been set up in schools and churches.


6) Tonga dont want to see Aust, NZ kicked out of the Pacific Islands Forum: PM Pohiva
By Online Editor
5:24 pm GMT+12, 02/04/2015, Tonga

Tonga’s Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva has responded to a question on his position with regards to a proposal by Fiji for Australia and New Zealand to be kicked out from Pacific Island Forum

Pohiva said that after Fiji’s suspension, “Fiji continues to remain isolated up to now, and I think they have a good reason not to come back to the Forum.”

He made the statement in Nuku’alofa during Australia’s foreign Minister Julie Bishop visits this week.

Julie Bishop responded that Australia was talking to Fiji and restoring relations.

Pohiva stated his government’s position on regionalism.

“Julie Bishop wanted to know Tonga’s position in relation to regionalism, which is now a topic of debate… . The policy of Tonga in the past ‘friends for everyone and enemy of none’ – that has been the position of Tonga in the past – it is sound ridiculous for someone because in the real world there is always an enemy,” he said.

“There is always an enemy, there is always an enemy, however, I have to follow suit. The position of Tonga, ah, in relation to this issue of regionalism: Tonga will remain neutral. In another word we don’t want to see New Zealand and Australia push out from the Forum, as someone has mentioned that we have more Tongans living in Australia and New Zealand than in the United States, so it would be well, stupid for Tonga, you know, to turn around and say we have to consider seriously the position of Fiji …to form a newly [organisation] in the Pacific.

But my position and the position of my government that we will continue to remain as an independent sovereign state, we will continue to support New Zealand and Australia as members of the Forum – this is our position,” he told the press conference in Nukualofa.



7) Rini to unveil big budget

Published: 02 April 2015

RURAL Development and Infrastructure are to be the prized items in the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government’s 2015 Budget this year.

Finance and Treasury Minister, Snyder Rini, will bring down the $4.1 billion budget, the nation’s historic budget, when the 10th Parliament resumes later this morning.

Dubbed the People’s Budget, the DCC Government, led by Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare has committed nearly $460 million to spend on Rural Development and Infrastructure this year.

“This budget is designed to address the lot of the rural population which accounts for some 85 per cent of the nation’s population,” Mr Rini said.

“It is in recognition of their efforts during the dark days of 2000 when they literally held the nation together, when others abandoned us,” he said last week.

“Sadly we have overlooked them. Well, not anymore. This Budget is the people’s budget,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said the 2015 Budget is going to be a trial run for rural development.

“The DCC Government is not leaving a stone unturned as it summons the muscles of government ministries and agencies to deliver services to the rural area,” he said.

The budget is also seen as a tool intended to unleash areservoir of human resources in terms of semi-skilled and skilled workers that have been denied employment opportunities.

“Just imagine what 85 per cent of the population can do to change the dynamic and economic landscape here once the rural people are empowered to participate fully in the nation’s economic activities.

“It’s going to be an avalanche of economic activities,” Minister Rini said last week.

To ensure timely delivery of services, staffing level at key Ministries would be beefed up. An additional 12 professional staff would be added to the Ministry of Rural Development which will administer the Rural Development Budget of $333 million.

The new staff will help Members of Parliament prepare project submissions for funding under the rural development allocation, Minister Rini said.

Funding will be project-based rather than being handled by MPs as was the case in the past. This new arrangement is necessary to ensure accountability and transparency in the administration of public funds.

“Rural people will benefit from this budget and they will,” the Minister said.

Some six additional engineers would be deployed to help the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, which will administer the $125 million Infrastructure Budget this year.

The move is seen as an effort by the DCC Government to open up the rural areas for investment and development.

“The way to do it is to build more roads and bridges to connect the rural areas,” Minister Rini said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said this week that new legislation is being drafted to create free economic zones in strategic locations around the country.

Incentives to attract foreign investment will be packaged so that the proposed free economic zones become a one-stop shop for investment in the country.


8) State meets

Monday, April 06, 2015

New Caledonia’s Government has held its first meeting since Wednesday’s election of Philippe Germain as President.

The meeting of the 11 ministers saw their respective portfolios confirmed, with Mr Germain of the Caledonia Together Party continuing with economic and fiscal matters.

His predecessor, Cynthia Ligeard of the Front For Unity, has retained her public sector portfolio. The Government was formed after last May’s election but it fell in December amid disagreements within the anti-independence camp.

Congress re-elected the same ministers two weeks later but until last Wednesday, none of them could get the support of at least six members to be president.

A decision by three pro-independence members this week to back Mr Germain broke the deadlock and saw him elected to the top job for the first time.

The Government has decided to call an extraordinary Congress meeting

9) Blogger taken to New Caledonia court

6 April 2015

A French blogger, Franck Theriaux, says he has been summoned to appear in the criminal court in New Caledonia next month for allegedly defaming a local politician and a businessman.

The two, Gregoire Bernut and Didier Leroux, want 23,000 US dollars in compensation and costs over an article on the Caledosphere site, which linked the two men’s activities.

The blog pointed out that Mr Bernut is both a legislator and a person being employed by Mr Leroux, who has vast business interests, including in the pharmaceutical sector.

The blog further noted that Mr Bernut voted against a company tax hike in the territory’s Congress.

The two men’s lawyer say the blogger suggests that Mr Leroux corrupted Mr Bernut and that Mr Bernut accepted to be corrupted.

The case it to go to court on May 29th.RNZI


10) Media association laments loss of former journo

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Monday, April 06, 2015

THE Fijian Media Association had initiated ideas to nurture senior and experienced journalists such as Losana McGowan to guide younger Fijian journalists.

Her untimely loss over the weekend was labelled by association executive Stanley Simpson as a great setback.

“Losana was a wonderful person, a passionate journalist and communications specialist who will be greatly missed and mourned by the Fiji media fraternity,” Simpson said.

“She always had a smile for her colleagues even in the most difficult of times and often carried those around her with her cheerful nature. The Fijian Media Association is in a state of sorrow over her passing.

“She has been in the media for over 15 years, starting off as a student journalist at USP. She was a passionate and committed journalist who really cared about the issues and people she wrote about. She was loved and respected by everyone and was a very caring person.”

Mr Simpson said Ms McGowan’s passing was a great loss for the association and the industry as she was a great mentor who loved to inspire people adding that she would have made a difference to many.

“The FMA will organise a reguregu and will honour Losana. Our sincere thoughts are with her family, and the media family itself is in a state of shock over this tragedy.”Fijitimes

11) Islands Business magazine bought by leading Fiji journalists

By Online Editor
5:31 pm GMT+12, 02/04/2015, Fiji

The region’s pre-eminent news magazine, Island Business has been bought by a consortium made up of leading Fiji journalists and communications consultants.

The magazine’s Editor Samisoni Pareti, former Fiji Times and Fiji TV Editor Netani Rika, former radio and print journalist Dennis Rounds and communications specialist Ana Laqeretabua signed the deal on Tuesday in a private sale for an undisclosed sum.

Their company Front Page Limited takes over the assets of Islands Business International, including contracts to produce the Solomon Islands Airlines in-flight magazine and Discover Fiji.



12) Vegetables returning to the market after cyclone

By Godwin Ligo

Posted: Sunday, April 5, 2015 1:00 pm

By Godwin Ligo | 0 comments

Local root crops and fresh vegetablesincluding, kumala, taro, yams, island cabbage, spring onions and other vegetables are back in local market after nearly a month of no greens at all.

Although the main Port Vila downtown market is still without local food and vegetables and remain closed, mothers from Teouma began selling green vegetables as of the beginning of last week already in small quantities in small outdoor markets in areas like Anabouru.

The first green vegetable to be seen was the watercress that were sold out as soon as they arrived in a small open market at Anabouru.

The first large quantity of crops including baskets of kumala, taro, yams and spring onions with peanuts hit the Marobe Market house at Tagabe on Friday last week and with the arrival of bags of island cabbage from Luganville Santo and Pentecost.

Mothers from Teouma were the first to flood Marobe Market House with baskets of fresh kumalas, yams, taros, spring onions and peanuts on Thursday of last week, as announcement went out by the organizers, the Tongoa Shepherds Women’s Association that more fresh vegetables were arriving from Luganville, Santo.

On Saturday morning of last week, small open local market vendors were selling more green vegetables such as island cabbage, and local crops around Port Vila.Vanuatu Daily Post

13) PNG brewer eyes cassava for beer
By Online Editor
5:27 pm GMT+12, 02/04/2015, Papua New Guinea

PORT MORESBY, 03 APRIL 2015 (POST COURIER) —–Papua New Guinea beer maker SP Brewery wants to venture into cassava production to produce cassava starch to replace malted barley to brew the popular SP brand.

General manager Stan Joyce said this week the company was cutting down on its imported malted barley which was very expensive.

Joyce said that the project would take up to three years before the real result of the final product “SP” was tasted through cassava inclusion in the brew.

The brewery signed a memorandum of understanding with the Agriculture and Livestock Department this week to set up the cassava project on State land at Erap station in Morobe Province

The signing signified a public private partnership agreement the brewing company has undertaken with the Government.

Joyce said on the other hand it was vital that the brewer created employment for people to venture into the cassava project.

He said 20 hectares of Erap land had been allocated for the project.

Small-holder farmers would be engaged to extend the project to at least 5000ha of cassava, producing cassava roots from which starch would be extracted and sent to the brewery.

Joyce said that the company was engaging with the government and the small-holder farming communities in order to grow the economy.

Agriculture and Livestock Secretary Vele Pat Ila’va thanked the brewery’s partnership with the government, adding it was visualising the government’s small and medium enterprise (SME) policy as well as the public private partnership agreement.

“It’s a good timing in signing the MoU to effect the transformation of agriculture sector in the country,” the Agriculture Secretary said.


14) SME, source of potential jobs

Ropate Valemei
Monday, April 06, 2015
THE Reserve Bank of Fiji says small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are a greater source of potential jobs for Fijians.

While presenting the bank’s submission for the Companies Bill to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights last week, governor Barry Whiteside said the country’s SME sector needed to be nurtured in order to provide the benefits, which had been seen in other emerging economies.

“Section 19 of the Bill defines a small private company as a company with total revenue of up to $5m, medium companies have a total revenue of $5m-$20m and large companies are those that earn above $20m in revenue,” Mr Whiteside said.

He said the Small and Micro Enterprises Development Act 2007 had a different definition for SMEs.

According to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority in 2014, he said, about 32 per cent of registered businesses were under the small and micro enterprises sector.

“Some clarity needs to be made on the definition or criteria for micro businesses where currently, a lot of our development work and Government are focused,” Mr Whiteside said.Fijitimes


15) Former Fiji vice-chancellor charged

3 April 2015

Fiji’s Independent Commission Against Corruption has charged the former vice-chancellor of the Fiji National University with abuse of office.

The Fiji Sun reports Ganesh Chand appeared before a court in Suva yesterday having been charged with abuse of office while being employed as a public officer.

Mr Chand was dumped as the university’s vice-chancellor in December amdist a major investigation into the university’s affairs by FICAC.

At the time, Education Minister Mahendra Reddy said it was an amicable parting of ways.

Yesterday, FICAC sought 21 days to file a second phase of information and disclosures, and Mr Chand was granted bail of 240 US dollars.RNZI

16) Accused fined $150 for possessing marijuana

Published: 02 April 2015

A MAN has been fined $150 on Wednesday in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court after he confessed to having in his possession paper rolls and dried top of marijuana plant.

Junior Fiduka, 23, pleaded guilty to the charge without a lawyer.

He admitted having in his possession 24 dried top of marijuana plants and five paper rolls of the drug.

He was caught with the marijuana at a market stall at Tuvaruhu, Honiara at about 9pm of 14 March 2014.

That was when the Police Response Unit was on a mobile duty around Honiara.

It was heard the police officers spotted Fiduka at a market stall beside the road and being suspicious of him they stopped and went to talk with him.

The officers however, found Fiduka with the marijuana and took him to the police station where they charged him.

Fiduka when asked by the magistrate yesterday if he agreed to the facts of his case said the marijuana rolls belongs to someone else.

He said it was only given to him by someone.

Magistrate Natalie Kesaka said even though it was given to him by someone the marijuana rolls were found in his pocket and not someone else’s pocket.

She then imposed a fine of $150 in default of 10 days imprisonment.

Fiduka has until 4pm yesterday to pay the fine.

Failure to pay up will see him spending 10 days in jail.



17) Pacific cyclones highlight existential threat of climate change
By Online Editor
9:37 pm GMT+12, 02/04/2015, Switzerland

The head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), Margareta Wahlström, spoke today of her concerns about the future development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the face of extreme weather events.

Wahlström said: “It is remarkable that in the two weeks since the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, both the Republic of Vanuatu and the Federated States of Micronesia have been forced to declare a state of emergency following two separate Category 5 cyclones which have caused several deaths, population displacement and widespread destruction. This weekend many millions of people could be affected across the Philippines by Typhoon Maysak depending on its strength when it makes expected landfall.

“The Pacific is a constant reminder to the rest of the world of what is at stake this year as agreement is sought on climate and new sustainable development goals to complement the framework on disaster risk reduction agreed last month in Sendai, Japan, at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.

“For many small island states, expected future losses are not just disproportionately high, they pose an existential threat. Climate change combined with poverty and exposed infrastructure and housing, will lead to a significant increase in economic losses due to increased wind damage and sea level rise. Unless disaster risk is reduced these countries will struggle to meet the development needs of their people,” she said.



18) Fisheries business competition attracts interest

Litia Matthewsell
Monday, April 06, 2015

A GLOBAL fisheries business competition has attracted more interest than expected from Pacific businesses that are involved in the seafood supply chain.

The Fish 2.0, Where Seafood Businesses and Investors Connect competition was recently held in Nadi to familiarise entrepreneurs with the competition’s requirements and opportunities.

“We funded the participation for only 25 participants but about double that number applied and some have opted to come at their own cost,” said Monica Jain, whose US-based company Manta Consulting runs the competition.

Fish 2.0’s first competition began in 2013, and its reach into the Pacific region this year has been backed by the US State Department.

“We hope the Fish 2.0 will foster the growth of businesses and investment in the Pacific islands, facilitate diaspora mentoring connections and support the development of sustainable fisheries, technologies and supply chains to protect global oceans,” US ambassador, Judith Cefkin noted.

She said her government’s support for Fish 2.0 originated from the 2012 Pacific Islands Forum in the Cook Islands, where new programs totalling over $32 million was announced by the US State Department.

“One of these programs was an initiative to foster collaboration between local Pacific Island entrepreneurs and members of the Pacific Islands diaspora through the State Department’s partnership with the International Diaspora Engagement Alliance.”Fijitimes


19) Three sign new deals

Monday, April 06, 2015

SYDNEY – Parramatta have re-signed outside backs John Folau, Brad Takairangi and Bureta Faraimo to new NRL deals.

Folau and Takairangi will stay with the Eels for two more years — to the end of 2017 — with Faraimo signing for one additional season.

“It’s great for us as a club to be able to retain quality talent and build stability, which is exactly what (coach) Brad (Arthur) and his team are doing,” Parramatta CEO Scott Seward said.

“I look forward to seeing what our coaching staff and team achieve not only this season, but in the years to come.”

“All three players have been great for us at Parramatta, and their commitment and dedication means we’ll be seeing more of them over the next few years,” Arthur said.

“The stability is great for the players and for the club.”

20) New combination helps Canberra

Monday, April 06, 2015

ALBURY, NSW – Canberra’s new look halves combination of Blake Austin and Sam Williams has steered the Raiders to a 29-16 NRL win over Manly in Albury, the hapless Sea Eagles crashing to their worst season start since 2009.

Williams replaced Mitch Cornish at halfback for the Raiders following their thumping at the hands of Sydney Roosters last week and it worked a treat for coach Ricky Stuart as Canberra recorded just their second win of the year.

For injury-hit Manly, who took the round-five fixture away from Brookvale Oval to Lavington Sports Ground in NSW’s south, one of the few highlights was the eye-catching debut of young gun Tom Trbojevic.

The 18-year-old scored with his first NRL touch after just 122 seconds and added another try in the second half in an impressive first-up effort.

The loss sinks Manly to 1-4, their worst season start since losing their first four games in 2009, Kieran Foran’s first year with the club.

But Canberra were deserved winners led by man of the match Austin, who was ably supported by Williams.

After Trbojevic’s opening try, Canberra laid on 23 unanswered points to lead 23-4 at the break.

Sisa Waqa opened the Raiders’ account in the 11th minute when he beat a poor attempted tackle from Cheyse Blair, before Austin stepped his way over just three minutes later after a Josh Hodgson break from dummy half.

Austin then put Jarrad Kennedy over in the 24th minute and the Raiders led 16-4, until Jordan Rapana crossed four minutes before the break after Waqa tapped down a Williams kick.

A Williams field goal in the shadows of halftime put the Raiders further ahead.

21) Road to Rio

Rashneel Kumar
Monday, April 06, 2015

VODAFONE Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan says the team has big plans for the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The national side which recorded back-to-back tournament wins in Las Vegas and Hong Kong finished third in the Tokyo 7s in Japan last night.

The Osea Kolinisau-skippered side defeated Canada 21-17 in a tough third place playoff after losing to series leaders South Africa 7-5 in the semi-final at Prince Chichibu Stadium.

With two more tournaments remaining in the 2014/15 HSBC Sevens World Series, Fiji is all but in for the Rio Games.

“We are fighting hard over the top and we are getting away from the chasing pack for the Olympics qualification. I don’t want to have any nervous moments in the last couple of tournaments worrying about whether we’re going to make the top four,” Ryan said.

“We have big plans for Rio and to get them we need to get there and we also need to know we can win big tournaments under pressure, one-off tournaments like Hong Kong because that’s what Rio will be all about.

“We will need to step up but the team is learning and I’m pleased.”

The team returns home tomorrow.Fijitimes

22) Arsenal spoils Liverpool hope

Monday, April 06, 2015

LONDON – Arsenal dealt Liverpool’s Champions League qualification hopes a massive blow on Saturday with a stylish 4-1 victory that lifted Arsene Wenger’s side to second place in the Premier League.

Arsenal scored three times in a dizzying eight-minute spell immediately prior to half-time at The Emirates, with Hector Bellerin, Mesut Ozil, from a direct free-kick, and Alexis Sanchez on target.

Jordan Henderson hit back with a 76th-minute penalty after Bellerin felled Raheem Sterling, but after Emre Can was sent off for two bookable offences, Olivier Giroud slammed home Arsenal’s fourth in stoppage time.

Arsenal moved above defending champions Manchester City, who visit Crystal Palace on Monday, and closed to within four points of leaders Chelsea, who have two games in hand.

Later on Saturday, Chelsea can restore their advantage by beating Stoke City.

“We were focused, clinical and if you look at the table, you’ll see the number of goals we scored was not a coincidence,” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said.

With a home clash against Chelsea still to come, Arsenal could yet have a say in the title race but Wenger said he would not let his team get carried away.

23) Wolfsburg too strong for Stuttgart

Monday, April 06, 2015

BERLIN – Second-placed Wolfsburg defeated bottom side Stuttgart 3-1 while SV Hamburg’s change of coach had no positive effect in a 4-0 drubbing at Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga on Saturday.

Ricardo Rodriquez scored twice and Andre Schuerrle netted his first for Wolfsburg to keep Dieter Hecking’s side comfortably second, seven points ahead of Borussia Moenchengladbach.

Gladbach came from behind to win 4-1 at Hoffenheim with a brace from Patrick Herrmann to remain two points ahead of Leverkusen, who are now nine points clear of Schalke —— in action Sunday —— in the battle for Champions League places.

Eintracht Frankfurt drew 2-2 with Hanover, Freiburg edged Cologne 1-0, while Werder Bremen and Mainz were goalless.

Leaders Bayern Munich, seven points clear at the top.

24) Amicale i extendem 7 poen lid long klasmen wetem win

By Raymond Nasse


Fenedy mo Magnoni i selebretem poen blong Fenedy las wiken agensem Shepherds United

Posted: Sunday, April 5, 2015 1:00 pm

By Raymond Nasse | 0 comments

Amicale naoia i staon antap long 2014/2015 Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) premia divisen klasmen wetem 7 poen lid, afta we oli kam blong winim Shepherds United las wiken long wan sko blong 3-1.

Nomata we sko laen ia i foldaon long feva blong Amicale, be maj ia hemi no bin wan isi wan afta we long fes haf tugeta tim i bin stap level long 1-1.

Fenedy Masauvakalo hem nao i makem fes poen, afta long wan kona kik we i go daerek insaed long net, stret long namba 12 minit.

Shepherds i ikwalaes, thru long straeka, Santino Mermer long namba 15, afta we hemi jipim bol ova long Amicale kipa, thru long wan kaonta atak.

Long sekon haf, Amicale hemi manej blong makem sekon poen long 68 minit, thru long Micah Lea’Lafa, afta we niufala Amicale straeka, Lionetti i setemap hem insaed long penalty box.

Masauvakalo nao hemi makem sekon poen blong hem long maj ia, thru long wan penalty stret long namba 79 minit, blong putum faenol sko long 3-1.

Las maj blong dei, Tafea hemi kam bak bihaen blong kitkit wetem wan strong Ifira tim long 1-1.

Fes haf tugeta saed i stap long 0-0. Long sekon haf nao, Ifira hemi openem sko long 48 minit, thru long wan fri kik we Moffat Kilifa i sendem i go insaed long net.

Stret long 75 minit, Tafea i ikwalaes thru long wan hed blong Nichol Tari.

Long 81 minit, Tafea i mestem wan penalty, afta we Robert Tasso i no save konvetem wan penalty, mo i lukim Ifira kipa, Anthony Taiwia i stoppem bol ia.

Tafea mo Amicale i kasem wan bigfala setback, afta we tufala mein man blong difens, Marcomattia Nasali mo Jais Malsarani, oli bin kasem injuri las wiken, we i lukim i gat kwestem mak sapos oli save rikava bifo namba 11 we tunamen longh Fiji i stat.

Erakor mo Tupuji maj, we i shud gohed long 4pm las wiken, oli bin postponem kam tede long 3pm, afta we i bin gat wan ded.

Naoia we i stap klasem i luk:

1. Amicale FC 26

2. Erakor Golden Star FC 19

3. Ifira Black Bird FC 18

4. Tafea FC 16

5. Tupuji Imere FC 16

6. Narak FC 7

7. Shepherds United FC 6

8. Spirit 08 FC 4

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

[email protected]



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    Вот еще одна веская причина инвестировать в внешний резервный диск и сразу настроить стратегию резервного копирования: Time Machine может служить отличным устройством для устранения неполадок.

    Вернувшись в OS 9 дней, появилась сторонняя программа под названием Rewind. Он сохранил инкрементную резервную копию вашего Mac, чтобы, если что-то пошло не так, вы можете вернуть свою операционную систему к моменту времени до возникновения проблемы.

    Несмотря на то, что OS X намного более надежна, чем OS 9, она по-прежнему не идеальна и не является миром, в котором мы живем. Mac OS X по-прежнему может быть поврежден небольшими путями, сбоями питания или установками приложений, которые конфликтуют друг с другом.

    Представьте себе повышение производительности, если вместо того, чтобы тратить бесчисленное количество часов на устранение незначительных проблем с системой, вы можете просто вернуть свой Mac обратно так, как это было до возникновения проблемы! Это сделало бы легендарную простоту использования Mac еще более значительным.

    Вы можете использовать Apple Time Machine. Существует отличный веб-сайт, в котором объясняется, как это сделать: на веб-сайте я не пробовал это лично, но в следующий раз я сделаю чистую переустановку системы!

    Время очень дорого для любого в бизнесе, и чем меньше времени вам нужно потратить на устранение неполадок, тем больше времени вы можете потратить на зарабатывание денег.

    Для того, чтобы Time Machine работала наиболее эффективным способом для вас, вам, конечно же, нужен внешний резервный диск, и лучше всего иметь, что значительно больше, чем содержимое внутреннего жесткого диска вашего Mac. Это связано с тем, что Time Machine делает инкрементное резервное копирование.

    Это означает, что он поддерживает не только текущее состояние вашего Mac, но и старые файлы, которые вы создали, а так как они были удалены, изменены или иным образом изменены. Таким образом, вы можете вернуть любую папку или документ так, как это было раньше, на случай, если вы передумаете или случайно выбросите что-то.

    Один отличный такой диск сделан Apple. Он называется Time Capsule, и он разработан специально для работы с Time Machine. Time Capsule включает на момент написания настоящего документа беспроводной 1TB или 2TB жесткий диск и специально разработан для работы с Time Machine в леопарде Mac OS X или Snow Leopard. После первоначальной резервной копии он автоматически обновляется автоматически с измененными файлами в фоновом режиме, поэтому вам больше не нужно беспокоиться о резервном копировании.

    Если у вас есть несколько Leopard или Snow Leopard Mac, скажите, что в одной комнате есть настольный компьютер и ноутбук MacBook, который вы носите с собой, Time Capsule может создавать резервные копии и хранить файлы для каждого из них. Больше не нужно подключать резервный диск к каждой машине. Time Capsule может все это сделать.

    Независимо от того, что вы делаете, создайте обычную программу резервного копирования для своего Mac сегодня!

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