TKS (TAFEA [Tanna] Cultural Centre)

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Tafea Cultural Centre, wishes to pass on the most discouraging news of severe damage to their facilities due to heavy damage caused by cyclone PAM on the date 13th and 14th of March 2015. The destructive cyclone PAM destroyed both buildings of the Nikoletan council of chiefs and also the Tafea Cultural House. Most valuable office administrative materials or equipment within these buildings was also destroyed or badly damaged.

Tafea Cultural centre and Tanna Nikoletan Council of chiefs now humbly request assistance from partnership organizations such as EV, FONT PACIFIC, CREDO, CHRISTENSEN FUND, OXFORD UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK BOTANICAL  GARDEN, CHRISTEN LEGARE FOUNDATION, AND TULSA UNIVERSITY , AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, etc. to assist and rebuild the Tafea Cultural Centre buildings and also replace the administrative equipment which has been destroyed by Cyclone PAM. These two joint component compartment (TCC & TNCC) have been of great service to many researchers all around the world in collaborating and facilitating them to preserve and promote the unique and valuable custom, culture and traditions of Tafea Province or Vanuatu as a whole.

The staff of Tafea Cultural Centre (TKS) humbly request any assistance to help rebuild all of the hard work we have done over the past years. We look forward to overhear your respond as our dear ray of sunshine, and hope for your constructive assistance.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Wahe Jean-Pascal

Assistant Curator

Tafea Cultural Center

(Thank you Kirk Huffman )

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