Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1088 ( Friday 24 April 2015 )


1) Media Advisory Notice

 Contact: Esther Cann, Coordinator, +44 (0) 7503 400308

 End 50 Years of Isolation – London protest for free and open access to West Papua

21 April 2015

 LONDON – On Wednesday 29 April, protestors dressed in all-black clothing and carrying ‘censored’ placards will protest the ongoing media blackout in Indonesia’s most secretive and isolated province, West Papua. For more than 50 years, Indonesia has kept West Papua under a veil of secrecy. International journalists trying to report on West Papua have been arrested, deported and even imprisoned, while local journalists who uncover the truth face lethal risks. One by one, international humanitarian organisations have closed their West Papua offices. Access for UN human rights observers has been closed for eight years. The ongoing media blackout makes it impossible to accurately and regularly report on human rights violations by Indonesian security officers, allowing them to continue to act with total impunity. Cases of state perpetrated torture, enforced disappearances and other serious abuses are rarely brought to justice. Protestors invited by TAPOL, Survival International, Amnesty International UK and Free West Papua Campaign will call on the Indonesian government to allow free and open access to West Papua. Similar rallies are taking place in Indonesia, Scotland, Germany, France, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

 Date: Wednesday 29 April

Time: 12 noon – 1pm

Place: Outside the Indonesian embassy, Grosvenor Square, London W1K 2HW

 2) Opposition Leader: All Fijians Should Support West Papuans
Melanesian brothers, sisters have suffered for 50 years; Ro Teimumu

By Siteri Sauvakacolo

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, April 21, 2015) – Opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has called on all Fijians to show their support towards their Melanesian brothers and sisters from West Papua who have been suffering for the last 50 years.

The call came after the launch of a major campaign in the UK over the weekend where advocates called on all their Melanesian and Pan-Pacific brothers and sisters to unite hand in hand to bring West Papua back to the Pacific family.

The march was led by exiled West Papuan pro-independence leader Benny Wenda where they also launched the Free West Papua campaign protest.

“What we have been saying all along is that we support West Papua, we know the indigenous issues that they have to deal with in terms of a government that is not supportive of their cause,” Ro Teimumu said.

“So we very much support them in this regard, we hope the MSG will try and be more proactive in terms of the assistance and the lobbying they can do with our brothers and sisters in West Papua.

“We ask all Fijians to keep them in their prayers because they really need our spiritual support since we cannot be there with them physically.”

The official website of the Office of Benny Wenda stated that the West Papuans are calling on all their Melanesian and Pan-Pacific brothers and sisters to unite to bring West Papua back to the Pacific family.

“We as West Papuan Melanesians want to survive, to be safe and to be free in our own country and therefore, we cannot continue to live with Indonesia where we are not safe and where there is only killing and imprisonment for us,” Mr Wenda said.

“We do not want us West Papuan Melanesians to be wiped out from the face of the earth. Therefore, now is the time to bring West Papua back home before it is too late, back to our roots and back to our family within the Melanesian Spearhead Group and as part of the wider Pacific family.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola did not respond to queries on the subject sent via email but he told Parliament last month he could not confirm Fiji’s position on the issue.

Responding to questions raised by Opposition member Ratu Isoa Tikoca, Ratu Inoke said processes had to be followed before a decision could be made.

“The application will be considered by the senior officials of the MSG and then it goes up to the foreign ministers and then to the MSG leaders,” he said.

“This meeting will take place in July in Honiara this year. So we have to follow that process. So madam speaker I cannot confirm if Fiji will support the application of West Papua.”

Fiji Times Online.

3) Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 23 April 2015

by bobmakin

The second food relief distribution to Efate off-shore islands’ residents has been proceeding today. Communities have come together for unloading and the collections were led by widows and the disabled. The Prime Minister has repeated his thanks to regional and traditional partners for their generosity and team leaders from New Zealand expressed their humility at finding so many of the hurricane’s victims being so ready to help with unloading and work needed, enabling it to proceed much quicker than planned. There have been reports of theft of relief items, but no convincing proof so far. The NDMO has promised to follow-up such allegations.

The Luganville municipal elections will take place in July. The present council finishes in May. However, apparently candidates have been advising they remain in office until November, but Principal Electoral Officer Fr Charles Vatu says they finish next month according to the law.

Certain investments planned by the National Provident Fund (VNPF) are being held over for 18 – 24 months because of the big demand for savings following the cyclone. GM Santos Vatoko says some VT 2 billion is expected to be needed by yhe members facing difficulties.


4) Tahiti Prosecution Won’t Appeal Dismissal Of Flosse Corruption Case
Procedural errors in case mean conviction is overturned

By Johnny Blades 

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 21, 2015) – The prosecution in French Polynesia has decided against taking the OPT corruption case to France’s highest court after the matter was thrown out over procedural errors last week.

The appeal court in Tahiti had upheld the position of the defence that case was flawed, quashing the five-year jail sentences given in 2013 to a former former president, Gaston Flosse, and a French advertising executive, Hubert Haddad.

Flosse was accused of getting more than two million US dollars in kickbacks for granting public sector contracts to Mr Haddad over a 12-year period until the middle of the last decade.

Flosse had admitted disbursing the money for private expenses but the appeal court refused to judge the case because of procedural flaws cited by the defence.

This means that the case will have to go back to the investigative judge for the criminal court to deal with it.

The OPT affair had gone to court in 2013 after years of investigation during which Flosse lost his immunity as French Senator and spent several weeks in a Tahiti prison.

Flosse, who lost office last year after being convicted of corruption, is banned from holding public office for three years.

If he had lost the OPT case, the ineligibility would have been for five years.

Radio New Zealand International 

5) Tahiti Senate candidates struck off

23 April 2015

France’s constitutional court has ruled that two former candidates for French Polynesia’s seats in the French Senate are ineligible to stand for office for failing to provide proper campaign accounts on time.

The two are Gustave Heitaa, who wanted to stand again in next month’s re-run of the Senate election, and Teiva Manutahi, who last year became the territory’s first ombudsman.

In last year’s poll, neither of them won more than one percent of the votes cast by the 700-strong electoral college.

Mr Manutahi stood last year after successfully fending off a legal challenge by the French High Commission which objected to him wanting to combine his position as ombudsman with a political career.

There are now seven candidates left for two Senate seats in Paris.RNZI


6) Resilient residents rebuild in Federated States of Micronesia while aid efforts continue 
By Online Editor
4:35 pm GMT+12, 20/04/2015, Micronesia, Federated States of

More than two weeks after Typhoon Maysak lashed the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), aid workers are still working to provide emergency assistance to those in need.
The typhoon tore through islands in Micronesia last month, killing at least five people and leaving thousands displaced.
Volunteers from the Red Cross carried out assessments in the remote islands of Chuuk and Yap states, the areas most severely affected by the storm.
They have delivered supplies such as tarpaulins, water containers, lanterns and cooking sets.
Red Cross spokeswoman Karen Leiva, in Yap, told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program that immediate relief had been distributed.
“What we’re hearing is people in the affected communities, in the majority, they have what they need,” she said.
“But the second set of needs are coming forward. Food and water are going to be the major issues going forward …. because in the islands, most of the food crops … were damaged.
“It’s obvious nutrition is going to be an issue.”
Leiva said water tanks in storm-hit areas were destroyed or contaminated in the storm.
She said the storm had shaken locals but they were pitching in to rebuild.
“This is a really strong group of people,” she said.
“They started to rebuild almost immediately, they’re not waiting for anything.
“There’s no question there was trauma here, some of the villages were completely destroyed but they were very quick to get up and try to return life back to normality.”
Leiva said FSM would need to look at cyclone-proof housing.
“Right now they need to rebuild until they have proper shelter, because some of them, they’re having to sleep in the local church, or the local schools. So they need to get a structure up so that they have a roof over their head,” she said.
“There’s definitely got to be some long-term planning on how to build those homes back stronger,” she said.

7) Betel nut penalties floated in Northern Marianas

23 April 2015

Lawmakers in the Northern Marianas are looking to implement stricter policies on betel-nut chewing.

Several of them have recently attended a forum that discussed the pitfalls of the practice, which can lead to oral cancers.

Representatives agreed that laws against betel nut chewing might be a good proposition for the CNMI.

Short of banning betel-nut chewing altogether, lawmakers are reportedly looking at a betel-nut tax, introducing violation fees, and other policies that may mimic the Smoke-Free Air Act.RNZI

 8) US military says it’s listening to CNMI concerns

22 April 2015

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The US military says it will take into account cultural and indigenous concerns when implementing plans to expand activity in the Northern Marianas.

Pagan Island

Photo: Supplied

The plans include the lease of Pagan Island for exercises including light bomb drops and live-fire training on Tinian.

The Speaker of the House has come out against the plans and the local mayor says the military is ignoring the concerns of the indigenous people who want to return to the currently uninhabited Pagan.

But the Executive Director of the Marine Corps Forces for the Pacific, Craig Whelden, says the military is doing more consultations than they are legally required to do.

“We have some consultations with the Historical Preservation Office ahead of us. We have consultations with Fish and Wildlife Service ahead of us and we have the input of the local people which we are soliciting during this comments period, particularly next week during our public hearings meetings.”

Mr Whelden says the process is around two years through the three year lead-up to implementation of the plans.RNZI


9) Maori Party Condemns Australia For Potential ‘Cultural Genocide’
Possible closure of Aboriginal communities due to funding cuts decried

By political reporter Dan Conifer

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, April 21, 2015) – The Maori Party in New Zealand has written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott slamming the potential closure of remote Aboriginal communities, and saying it could amount to “cultural genocide”.

The open letter was published to coincide with Mr Abbott’s visit to Wellington earlier today for Anzac centenary commemorations.

The West Australian Government plans to stop funding services for up to 150 communities, after the Commonwealth shifted financial responsibility for services onto the states.

The Maori Party’s co-leaders Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox penned the letter, condemning the prospect of shutting communities.

“Mr Abbott, your Government’s actions constitute a return to the flawed policies of the past and will result in the loss of basic human rights such as access to clean water and the right to chose where to live,” the letter states.

“The Maori Party shares the pain of Australia’s first peoples who face losing their connection to their ancestral land and the destruction of their communities as a result of government actions.

“We ask you to reinstate federal funding for these remote Aboriginal communities and commit to basic human rights and values.

“The right of Indigenous people to live on their traditional land and to live as a community is not a lifestyle choice, it is an integral part of our identity.”

Mr Abbott drew criticism from prominent Indigenous figures last month after offering support for WA’s plan, saying “what we can’t do is endlessly subsidise lifestyle choices”.

WA has said it cannot afford to maintain power and water to all 274 remote communities in the state, following the Commonwealth’s decision to transfer funding responsibilities.

A spokesman for the Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion said the Federal Government had provided WA with $90 million in funding and the future of remote Indigenous communities was a “matter for the Western Australian Government”.

“Despite recent media attention, the Australian Government has no intention of closing down remote Indigenous communities,” the spokesman said.

“The Western Australian Government has been discussing the closure of remote Indigenous communities for a number of years, well before it agreed to take on responsibility for municipal services.

“The issue of the future of these communities is a matter for the Western Australian Government but as the Prime Minister said, if people choose to live in areas where there are no schools or jobs, there’s a limit to what governments are able to provide.”

More than 12,000 Aboriginal people live in the state’s remote communities, including 507 people in the smallest 115 communities.

Co-leader Marama Fox told ABC News the move could decimate the language and culture of some Aboriginal groups.

“This amounts we think to cultural genocide,” Ms Fox said.

“Those types of assimilation policies and practices through legislation have been similar to our past here in New Zealand, so we absolutely understand the plight and situation of those communities,” she said.

“Your subsequent generations of people may grow up in a world where they do not know their own language, where they do not understand their cultural practices, where those things have been removed from them through the acts of colonisation and assimilation.”

Radio Australia 


10) PNG Sanguma bilip i olsem sik Kensa

Updated 23 April 2015, 15:11 AEST
Sam Seke

Despla em toktok na save blong Wanpla Human Rights wokman long Highlands rijan

Odio: Paul Petrus Catholic Peace Building Training Coordinator long Western Highlands province i toktok wantem Sam Seke

Wanpela human rights defender long Western Highlands provins long Papua New Guinea, Paul Petrus i tok sorcery or sanguma pasin em i wanpela bikpela heve we i olsem sik kansa long Highlands rijan.

Mr Petrus husat i Catholic Peace Building Training Coordinator long Western Highlands itok planti moa long ol pipol, maski ol skul gut oa wok long lotu tu ol i bilip long sorcery.

Em i tok bilip long sanguma i strong tumas na maski pipol i save em i rong aninit long loa blong gavman na sait long lotu, ol i goget long sutim tok, paitim na kilim dai wanpela narapela longen.

Mr Petrus i mekim dispela toktok long wankain taim em i stap insait tu long ol wok long traim na stretim ol heve long sait long sanguma i wok long kamap long Western Highlands.Radio Australia

11) PNG Rural pipal i wari long ol sevis

Updated 23 April 2015, 15:23 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Igat askim igo long Gavman blong Papua New Guinea long ino ken lusim olgeta moni long divelopim Port Moresby tasol na lus tingting long pipal long ol rural eria.

Odio: Paul Barker Executive direkta blong Institute of National Afeas long PNG itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Gavman blong Papua New Guinea ino ken lusim olgeta moni long divelopim Port Moresby tasol na lus tingting long pipal long ol rural eria.

Despla em askim blong planti pipal husat ibin stap long ol miting blong laen em oli kolim Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC) emi wok long go hed nau long fopla rijan blong kantri.

Oli holim pinis ol miting long Papuan rijan, Highlands rijan, Momase rijan na long wik bihaen bai oli holim long New Guinea Islands rijan.

Laen blong Institute of National Afeas i lukautim despla grup we emi save karamapim ol NGO grup wantem tu sampla patna blong gavman long lukluk long ol samting emi ken helpim ol pipal.

Gavman blong Australia, aninit long Strongim Pipal  Strongim Nesen progrem i helpim long lukautim despla Council.

Paul Barker Executive Direkta blong Institute of National Afeas itokim Radio Australia olsem planti pipal long ol rural eria i wari tumas long ol oli no gat ol gutpla sevis.Radio Australia

12) Ni-Vanuatu wokas bai bungim heve long ritaiaman

Updated 23 April 2015, 15:31 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Gerenal Secretary blong Vanuatu Council of Trade Unions itok gavman i rong long larim ol wokas long kisim sampla ritaiaman moni blong ol.

Odio: General Secretary blong Vanuatu Council of Trade Unions (VCTU), Mr Ephraim Kalsakau itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Tingting blong Vanuatu gavman long larim ol wokman-meri long rausim sampla moni em oli save putim long Vanuatu National Provident Fund bai kamapim bikpla heve long ol wokman bihaen taem.

General Secretary blong Vanuatu Council of Trade Unions (VCTU), Mr Ephraim Kalsakau i mekim despla toktok bihaen long samting olsem 5,000 wokas i askim VNPF long kisim  20% long ol retirement fund blong ol.

Gavman aninit long state of imegensi loa ibin givim tok oraet long ol wokman-meri long kisim moni long VNPF long helpim ol iet bihaen long cyclone Pam ibin hamarim kantri long mun igo pinis.

Tasol Mr Kalsakau itok emi wari tru long wonem taem ol despla wokas i pinis wok, bai oli nogat inap moni long lukautim sidaon blong ol na ol femili blong ol.Radio Australia


13) Brèves du Pacifique – jeudi 23 avril 2015

Posté à 23 April 2015, 16:15 AEST
Élodie Largenton

Les Îles Mariannes du Nord veulent encadrer la consommation de noix de bétel pour lutter contre les cancers de la bouche.

Les autorités n’ont pas l’intention d’interdire la noix, mais d’instaurer des règles similaires à celles qui régissent la consommation de tabac. Un âge minimum pour pouvoir mâcher la noix de bétel pourrait ainsi être instauré.

  •  Aux Îles Cook, c’est aujourd’hui que les électeurs d’Aitutaki étaient invités à répondre à la question : le dimanche est-il un jour sacré qui doit être chômé, ou faut-il autoriser les vols commerciaux pour favoriser le tourisme ? Ce référendum était une promesse de campagne du Premier ministre Henry Puna.
  • La reine d’Angleterre vient de remettre à son mari sa médaille de chevalier de l’ordre d’Australie. C’est le Premier ministre australien qui avait décidé d’anoblir le prince Philip, le 26 janvier dernier, jour de la fête nationale. L’annonce de ce choix avait provoqué une onde de choc, et avait participé à sa déstabilisation au sein de propre camp. Pour apaiser la situation, Tony Abbott a promis qu’il ne participerait plus au choix des récipiendaires de l’ordre d’Australie.
  •  La Nouvelle-Zélande veut se rapprocher encore davantage de l’Australie : invoquant l’esprit des ANZAC, les troupes australiennes et néo-zélandaises, le ministre de l’Intérieur demande à ce que les citoyens des deux pays puissent voyager sans passeport. « Malgré les rivalités, il n’y a sans doute pas de gens plus semblables sur la terre que les Australiens et les Néo-Zélandais », affirme le ministre kiwi. Depuis 1973, les habitants des deux pays peuvent déjà voyager, vivre et travailler chez le voisin sans avoir à demander de visa.Radio Australia

14) Après trois jours de tempête, le nettoyage commence dans la région de Sydney

Mis à jour 23 April 2015, 16:41 AEST
Élodie Largenton

Après trois jours de pluies diluviennes et de vents violents, les conditions météo ont été nettement plus clémentes aujourd’hui, dans la région de Sydney. Les opérations de nettoyage ont donc pu commencer dans les nombreux endroits frappés par la tempête. 

Dégâts causés par la tempête à Stroud, dans la région de Hunter. (AAP: Nikki Short) (Credit: ABC) 
Mike Baird, le Premier de l’État de Nouvelle-Galles-du-Sud, annonce que 12 zones sont déclarées en état de catastrophe naturelle :
« Nous travaillons rapidement pour les aider, et ces zones-là peuvent être sûres qu’elles auront tout le soutien dont elles ont besoin. »
Mike Baird s’est rendu dans la région de Hunter, la plus sévèrement touchée. « Les maisons, le bétail, tout le paysage a été complètement et totalement dévasté », a-t-il déclaré dans la ville de Maitland. C’est là qu’une quatrième victime de la tempête a été découverte, hier soir : une femme âgée, décédée dans sa voiture, emportée par les flots. Trois autres personnes ont trouvé la mort à Dungog, mardi. Stephen Farrow est conseiller municipal dans cette petite ville. Il raconte que tout a été très vite :
« Les eaux montaient d’1,20 mètre toutes les dix minutes, mardi soir. C’est sans précédent. C’est incroyable de voir à quel point l’eau est montée et s’est infiltrée partout. »
Trois ponts de Dungog se sont effondrés, les routes sont endommagées, et de nombreux habitants sont toujours privés d’électricité. Cette situation est semblable dans bien d’autres endroits de la région de Sydney.
En tout, les secours ont reçu plus de 14 000 appels de détresse. Des renforts du Queensland aident les équipes de Nouvelle-Galles-du-Sud à faire face à l’immensité de la tâche qui les attend désormais.Radio Australia


15) Exhibit promotes Pacific region

Geraldine Panapasa
Friday, April 24, 2015

THE China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market (COTTM) event has seen a notable increase in the promotion of South Pacific destinations in the past three years from Chinese travel agencies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guanzhou.

And according to South Pacific Tourism Organisation CEO Ilisoni Vuidreketi, more than 215 people, including the media, visited their exhibition booth at the COTTM in Beijing, China.

“These results are encouraging as SPTO continues to seek opportunities to entice the Chinese traveller to the South Pacific,” he said.

“The feedback we have received from our team that attended COTTM is very encouraging and we can clearly see that our participation at these types of travel trade shows is paying dividends.

“We will continue in our efforts to market the South Pacific to the Chinese travel industry in our bid to increase the number of Chinese tourists into our region and we will take onboard the positive feedback from our Chinese counterparts.”

He said they had partnered with Pure Fiji to provide 15 gift packs for the social media campaign “Where Is It?” through WeChat during COTTM.

The campaign, he said, was aimed at driving consumer appeal to participating islands at the event and increasing motivational aspirations for Pacific Island destinations to Chinese consumers.


16) Community urged to support youth access to sexual health

24 April 2014 

A Solomon Islands health official says they are working to educate community leaders to be more supportive of young people having access to contraception.

New Zealand is funding an initiative that aims to improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes for young people in Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Health’s adolescent health programme coordinator, Nancy Pego says young people have a high rate of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

She says this shows they are not accessing sexual health information, and it’s important this is supported by community leaders.

“I know that it’s a bit sensitive in our country, but might be they will know about what the issues that are affecting young people and then they will slowly accept young people to access these types of contraceptives to prevent them from STIs and even teenage pregnancy.”

Nancy Pego says there are plans for youth recreation centres, which also provide health services, in remote and rural communities.RNZI

17) Hospital morgue working after three years
The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

 AN electrical contractor has finally fixed the Modilon hospital morgue cooling system.
It collapsed three years ago and bodies had to be stored in a container meant for frozen meat.
The container was taken to the hospital during the Airlines PNG plane crash at Rai Coast in 2012. It has remained there.
The hospital’s director corporate services Albert Sika said they had been hiring companies to fix the problem and had spent more than K300,000 but they all failed.
Sika said a small contractor called Right Temperature finally got the morgue cooling system running last week at a cost of K30,000. It built nine new trays to store bodies.
Sikas said doctors could now take bodies out to conduct post-mortem examinations. He said they used to leave bodies out for about six hours to thaw before they could conduct the post-mortem examinations.
“The cooling system is now working and we will just wait for it to be commissioned before we start storing bodies again,” Sika said.



BY JENNIFER NKUI    22/04/15

Ballot PAPERS for the 2015 ABG General Elections arrived today via DHL’s Linden Air cargo carrier C130 the “Hercules”.
The acting electoral commissioner for Bougainville George Manu was on hand to receive the ballot papers consignment in a total of twenty metal boxes.
An elated Mr. Manu told New Dawn Fm that he is happy that the ballot papers are here on time as Bougainville prepares for its most historic event.
The ferrying of the ballot papers all the way from Brisbane, Australia was made possible through funding from the Government Implementation Fund or GIF.
As explained by the head of the Programme management Unit Stan Basio, the printing of the ballot papers was put on tender and was won by an Australian company.
The delivery of the ballot papers was put on tender as well and the company that won that delivery tender was DHL.
After receiving the ballot papers along with candidate posters and specimen documents that will support community awareness, the acting electoral commissioner signed the delivery form to prove that the delivery is complete and that all the ballot papers have been delivered.awnfm/Autonomous Bougainville


A MAJOR awareness exercise for this year’s ABG General Election is currently being carried out in Bougainville.
This activity, which is anticipated to be conducted extensively in many areas in Bougainville, is being carried out by awareness officers identified by the Returning Officers and the council of elders from their respective constituencies.
These awareness officers were trained by their respective ROs last week before embarking on their awareness drive.
Topics that will be covered during the awareness exercise include the limited preferential voting system, electoral offences, good governance, the types of leaders to vote and the importance of having this election.
The awareness program is being coordinated and monitored by the ROs and their district leads.
The district lead is a new concept recently introduced by the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner to assist the ROs in coordinating the awareness programs scheduled to be held throughout Bougainville.
Apart from these awareness officers, Bougainville Police Service personnel are also carrying out their awareness programs in the region.Dawnfm/Autonomous Bougainville

20) France claims impartiality in New Caledonia rivalry

24 April 2015

The French overseas minister has told New Caledonians that the French is an impartial partner in the territory’s decolonisation process.

This comes as the anti-independence camp is gearing up for a mass rally today directed against the government in Paris.

Walter Zweifel reports.

The minister George Pau-Langevin says the government is strictly adhering to the terms of the 1998 Noumea Accord and its interpretation by France’s highest court.

The anti-independence parties say the Socialist government in Paris is preparing a forced independence by rigging the electoral rolls in favour of the indigenous Kanaks.

Ms Pau-Langevin has rejected the terms used as excessive, and insists that the government wants to create an atmosphere of mutual respect.

To accommodate the rally, parking in the streets of much of central Noumea has been banned.

The pro-independence camp is opposed to the loyalists’ campaign to loosen the conditions laid out in the Noumea Accord.RNZI

21) PNG Woman MP Kouza challenges women
By Online Editor
5:05 pm GMT+12, 23/04/2015, Papua New Guinea

Lae MP Loujaya Kouza said that it is not about getting women into Parliament because they are women.

“They must be leaders in their own communities,” she said in relation to the proposed legislative changes required to field women candidates in national elections.

“It is the community support first that gives confidence to the party to put money time and resources behind the candidate to win.

“Very few women candidates are serious enough by now have their own back up support financially to back a political party then call for recognition to contest,” she said.

Kouza said most may expect the political parties to carry their election costs, where do we break even on these expectations.

Meanwhile, political parties are not being forced to drag women into Parliament, it is the voters who will make the choice of whether women should be elected,” Registrar of Political Parties Alphonse Gelu said yesterday.

He was expressing his concern over comments made by Religion, Youth and Community Minister Delilah Gore on the provisions in the revised Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates that address the plight of women candidates during national elections.

Gelu said Gore failed to understand the sensitivity and the reality that women faced when they contest elections.

“Minister Gore’s comments that political parties should not be forced by law to drag women into Parliament against their will is not what the provisions intends to do,” he said.

“The provision is only there to ensure that some and not all women candidates are endorsed by political parties, that is why a certain percentage is included in that provision.”

He said women who contested as candidates still had the choice to either go with a party or not because political parties were only required to ensure that 10 per cent of their total candidates were women.

He said this would ensure that political parties were truly representative of the different groups.

“After all we have a democracy which Minister Gore failed to understand as a leader.

He said politicians should not mislead the public on the good intentions of the provision that required political parties to endorse women candidates.

He said what was being proposed in the revised OLIPPAC was to address a reality that aspiring women leaders had faced since the 1977 elections and that for political parties to support them in their quest to contest for public office.


22) Gore: No free ride for women if they want to enter politics
By Online Editor
5:15 pm GMT+12, 22/04/2015, Papua New Guinea

Political parties should not be forced by law to drag women into Parliament against their will, says vocal Papua New Guinea woman MP Delilah Gore.

“Women should demonstrate true leadership before they are mandated by the people,” Gore, who is Religion, Youth and Community Development Minister and Sohe MP, said.

She was commenting on proposed legislative changes before Parliament that would require political parties to ensure that 10 per cent of candidates endorsed for national elections were women.

However, two other politicians who commented on the proposal yesterday – Opposition Leader Don Polye and Pangu Party leader Sam Basil – said it was overdue. Under the proposed law, political parties which do not comply would be de-registered.

Gore, who the Ombudsman Commission had referred to the Public Prosecutor for possible leadership breaches, said: “t is a good move, but we need to see the uniqueness of Papua New Guinean women.

“We cannot be forced into Parliament by some laws, but truly demonstrate leadership in our communities that can be accepted in the community before being given the mandate to get into Parliament,” she said.

Gore is one of three women MPs in the male-dominated House – the others being Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso and Lae MP Loujaya Kouza.

She said fulfilling the 10 per cent quota under the proposed law would depend on the willingness of political parties to encourage a lot more women to contest the next national election.

“I got into Parliament because I demonstrated leadership in my community, then I had the mandate of my people to be in Parliament.”

I’m still respected as their leader,” she said.

Opposition Leader Don Polye, who is Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party leader, said he party had already endorsed women candidates and would continue to do so because it was a party policy. He said his party is happy to endorse women candidates.


23) Poll success hailed

Talebula Kate
Friday, April 24, 2015

COMMONWEALTH secretary-general Kamalesh Sharma has congratulated Fiji on holding a successful general election under the new Constitution.

Mr Sharma highlighted this during his meeting with the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Fiji’s high commissioner to the United Kingdom Solo Mara.

A Department of Information statement yesterday stated Mr Sharma recognised the enormous strides that Fiji has made and informed Mr Sayed-Khaiyum that the Commonwealth looked forward to warmly welcoming Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama to CHOGM to be held later this year in Malta.

The two also discussed the new Fijian Constitution that contained an unprecedented and comprehensive Bill of Rights and the successful UPR report of Fiji at the UN Human Rights Council.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum also briefed the Mr Sharma on the economic strides made by Fiji in recent years and the opportunities of investment for foreign capital.

He discussed the prospects for foreign companies and governments — including from the Commonwealth — given the unprecedented and sustained economic growth, public sector reforms and liberalisation of the market.

Mr Sharma was also informed of Fiji’s full engagement with multilateral agencies including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum informed the secretary-general the inter alia of the massive budgetary allocation for infrastructure development and focus on service delivery.

The secretary-general and the attorney-general also discussed the secretary-general’s pending visit to Fiji.Fijitimes

24) Solomons Parliament Passes $522 Million Budget

Initiatives to ‘lay foundation for future growth’

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, April 21, 2015) – The 2015 budget has been passed by Parliament.

A total of $4,060,253,863 [US$522 million] promises major reform programs and services for the people of Solomon Islands and lay foundations for future growth. Parliament appropriated the 2015 budget to the service of the year ending 31st December 2015.

Parliament appropriated the 2015 budget to the service of the year ending 31st December 2015.

The Parliament’s Media Unit reports, a total of 36 major initiatives in the priority reform areas and targeted sectors of the Government are outlined under Fundamental and Sectoral Reforms.

It took the House four days of debate and four days for the committee of supply to debate, questioned and passed the 2015 budget.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation


25) Prebble: Media promotes negative side of SOEs

Published: 23 April 2015


NEGATIVE stories published by print media is one of the contributing factors to under-performance of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) in any country.

That’s according to the Asian Development Bank representative and former Minister to SOE in New Zealand Richard Prebble stated.

He was speaking during the SOE forum meeting organised by the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) on Wednesday at the Heritage Park Hotel.

“One country that is now the world leader in SOE reform is Solomon Islands,” Prebble stated. “If that is news to you it is because good news is not news,” he said.

“Most of what we read in news papers is what is going wrong and what is going right we take for granted,” he added.

He said, that this is a common thing in every country where SOEs were always portrayed with their negative stories by the media, whereas good side of it were always unreported in the paper.

“This has an implication on work of the media to improve its balance reporting of issues that relates directly to national development, particularly SOEs that needs support of media to well inform the nations about progresses made and positive future outlook of this sector in the economy.”


26) Deal provides variety

Ropate Valemei
Friday, April 24, 2015

FIJI Television Ltd viewers in Fiji and across the Pacific will be able to view wildlife documentaries from the comfort of their homes by the end of May.

Wildlife Conservation Society inked the deal with the television broadcast company yesterday in Suva to encourage, promote and protect the environment in the region.

Viewed on the free-to-air channels, Fiji One and Pacific Channel, the documentaries were filmed in Fiji, Hawaii, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands.

The partnership will see WCS provide 13 environmental documentaries to Fiji TV that will be broadcast to 14 Pacific Island countries in the span of 12 months.

WCS Fiji Country program director Sangeeta Mangubhai said the documentaries would feature environmental issues across the Pacific.

“A lot of these documentaries will feature different types of environmental issues that are relevant to us and also feature stories about iconic and culturally species such as turtles, humpback whales and species that are important for us to eat.”

Through those documentaries, Ms Mangubhai said, they were hoping to raise public awareness about environmental issues especially in Fiji.

Fiji TV acting CEO Geoffrey Smith said the work of WCS also complemented the presence of Fiji TV in the Pacific.

“We are confident that our viewers in the region will also get to watch these compelling videos,” Mr Smith said.Fijitimes

27) New job advertising website launched

Published: 18 April 2015

PASIFIKI Services Limited has launched its new job advertising website in Honiara, Friday.

Attending the launching were members from various companies, as well as members from the local media.

Speaking during the launching on Friday, General Manager James Edgecombe highlighted some facts that the website had.

“Some of the website facts are, it can be viewed anywhere in the Solomon Islands and the world,” Mr Edgecombe said.

“It is also updated daily, so the content is always up to date,” he added.

“We can also do analysis on the viewers, when there is an increase of people viewing this new website,” he said.

Mr Edgecombe urged the public and other companies or organisations to try log into the newly launched website to have a glance at it and if any organisation wants to have their vacancies advertised, his team is keen to help.

“If you have jobs to advertise, we are keen to help you advertise it,” Mr Edgecombe said.

He further highlighted that for the next two months, the advertising charges are free.

“For the next two months, we will not charge the advertisements just to make sure excellent service riches the wider audience before we start charging the advertisements,” he said.

The charge for a single advertisement is $500 and the benefit of advertising at their website is that the available job will stay on the website until its closing date.

The website is and it is also designed to be viewed on smart phones.



28) Delegation defends Fiji’s treatment of iTaukei

Updated at 12:56 pm on 23 April 2015

A Fijian government delegation has told a UN meeting that the rights of indigenous people of Fiji are in no way under threat.

The 14th session of Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is currently underway at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Indigenous chiefs from Fiji are calling on the UN to step in over international treaty breaches by the government and as part of a presentation by Fiji NGOs, claim indigenous people’s rights are being violated.

But the Permanent Mission’s First Secretary, Gene Bai, advised the Forum that the iTaukei are firmly in control of their destiny.

The Forum heard that the iTaukei enjoy full rights to land, culture, institutions and religion, with all these rights protected within the 2013 Constitution and the nation’s laws and regulations.

He says Fiji’s 2013 Constitution is consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

He explained that for the first time, the Constitution’s Bill of Rights sets out the right to a fair share of royalties for the landowners of any minerals found under their land or under the seabed in which they have customary fishing rights.

Mr Bai told the gathering that around 90 percent of all land in Fiji is owned by the indigenous people through customary ownership and can’t be permanently alienated from them.

He reported the Fijian Government had implemented policies and laws that establish a common and equal citizenry; reaffirm civil, political and cultural rights; and as such, guarantee the social and economic rights of the iTaukei.RNZI

29) Protecting landowners prompts election bid by Bougainville rebel

23 April 2015

Sam Kauona, a leader of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army during the civil war, wants to see mining restored in the region but not until the resource owners are fully protected.

Mr Kauona is one of nine contenders for president in next month’s election in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region and he supports a resumption of mining but there are issues to be sorted first.

Under the just passed Mining Act Bougainville resource owners have been given control over their own resources but Mr Kauona says landowners are still not fully protected and this is what prompted him to stand.

“Resource owners that missed out in the benefits, in equal participation, before. We need to put that right first before we could actually get ourselves involved in developing the mining industry. Yes, we certainly need the mining industry to bankroll the economy of Bougainville.”

Sam Kauona says a key reason he is running in next month’s election is that under the act Rio Tinto, the majority owner of Bougainville Copper Ltd, which ran the Panguna mine before the civil war, has still got an exploration licence.

“Licence was given before and even in the new law it was given back to BCL. Although restricting them of mining licence, the exploration licence was given back, was recognised.”

Sam Kauona, who says he recognises that Bougainville needs to re-embrace mining to develop its economy.RNZI

30) Report corrupt land practices
The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

PEOPLE who have any complaints against officers of the Lands and Physical Planning Department are urged to lodge them so that they could be investigated.
Department Secretary Romilly Kila-Pat said people who complained about corrupt practices in the department must lodge them.
Kila-Pat was responding to a widow’s claim that there were corrupt officers in the department who did not want to release her land and money unless she “paid” them.
Agnes Kolta from Hagen, Western Highlands, was granted Allotment 30 and Section 45 in Mt Hagen on August 17, 1989. But officers gave the land title to another applicant in 1992.
Kolta said she took the matter to court in 2005 and won the case against the department last year.
She said the court ordered the department to allocate her a piece of land in Port Moresby.
“The department would (also) compensate me K145,000,” she said.
“They paid only K60,000 to me last year.”
Kolta said she was to have received her land title in Port Moresby and the remaining K85,000 last December.
Kolta claimed that an officer had been calling and texting her to split the K60,000 with him and another female officer in the department before they would release the title and money to her.
Kila-Pat said he would make sure that the court order was carried out.


31) Hilton comes to PNG

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

A WORLD-class Hilton Hotel will be built in Port Moresby before APEC 2018, Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc says
He said the hotel would be built on Wards Road, Hohola, opposite the Holiday Inn and next to the PNG Forest Research Institute.
It will be the major venue for world leaders and the Hilton Hotel Convention Centre would host the gala cultural dinner.
“That’s a hotel put together by the landowners of Ok Tedi, Fly River provincial government, and Petroleum Resources Kutubu,” Sir Manasupe said.
The Hilton Hotel will be in the Waigani Precinct, one of six precincts in Port Moresby that will be established especially for APEC 2018.
Sir Manasupe said the gala cultural dinner was the major televised event that showcased the culture of the host to the world, and would be covered by more mainstream media than the official meetings.
“The Hilton Hotel is further expected to host ministerial meetings, officials meetings, working level forums and will accommodate ministers and heads of state through the APEC year,” Sir Manasupe said.
“In the Waigani APEC precinct, senior officials, ministerial meetings and APEC youth leaders’ meetings will be held at the National Convention Centre.
“The precinct will host the international media centre adjacent to the Raintree Hotel, spouses cultural programme at the National Parliament, and hotels to accommodate delegates, including the Hilton, Lamana, Holiday Inn and Laguna hotels.
“Residents and businesses will still have passage through the Waigani precincts during APEC Economic Leaders’ Week.”
Meanwhile, the six APEC Leaders’ Week Precincts that have been identified and discussed internally are:

  • Ela Beach Leaders’ Meeting Precinct – All meeting events where leaders are meeting at the same venue will be located in a single APEC Economic Leaders Meeting (AELM) precinct;
  • Hilton Hotel and Waigani Precinct;
  • Town Precinct: The Town Hotel Precinct will be established to provide hotel accommodation and mooring for a cruise ship with direct route access to the AELM Precinct;
  • APEC CEO Summit: An APEC CEO Summit Precinct is proposed around the Taurama Aquatic and Leisure Centre to house the CEO Summit Auditorium, meeting rooms, media centre and CEO Summit Gala Dinner;

Airport Precinct: An Airport Precinct will be established to receive leaders, ministers and delegates through a VVIP arrivals area as well as existing air bridges, provide airside parking, and house rotary wing operations, as well the Airways Hotel and Gateway Hotel; and,
Flora and Fauna Precinct: A flora and fauna precinct is proposed at the PNG Adventure Park to host spouses flora and fauna programme and media visits.
Sir Manasupe said the APEC Economic Leaders Week Road Network would utilise the established major road network that offered wide streets that accessed all APEC precincts with sufficient alternate routes.

32) Lifting the retail experience in PNG

Geraldine Panapasa
Thursday, April 23, 2015

THE Motibhai Group of Companies has formed a joint venture partnership with City Pharmacy Ltd Group (CPL) to operate Prouds duty free stores at Jacksons International Airport in Papua New Guinea.

The Prouds duty free stores will be located at the departure and arrival terminals.

Motibhai Group director Tejash Patel said the stores were scheduled to open in June, adding the stores were 332 square metres and 90 square metres respectively.

“CPL is the largest multi-format retailer in PNG, operating pharmacies, supermarkets, stores, building solutions, coffee shops, household and appliance, convenience stores and a do-it-yourself concept shop,” he said yesterday.

“Motibhai Group is one of Fiji’s most well-established and diversified business houses since its founding in 1931.

“From its initial and long standing experience in grocery retailing this lay the foundation for the concept of the airport duty free in Fiji in the 1970s.

“This naturally developed to fine retailing with our international award-winning Prouds store chain that brings luxury retail to Fiji.”

Mr Patel said their forte in travel retail spanned more than 40 years.Fijitimes

33) Plans for Denarau

Ropate Valemei
Friday, April 24, 2015

A NUMBER of development projects have been planned for Denarau Island in the Western Division including plans to build a 100-room hotel and apartments, 200-berth marina and a 35 square metres of boat yard.

Port Denarau Marina managing director Nigel Skeggs said they were also planning to dredge the area and conduct an environmental impact assessment to secure 50 hectares of mangroves on the other side of Denarau for other proposed projects.

He said the island was 90 per cent developed with room for more development.

“Beyond that, Denarau South was sold two weeks ago. Denarau South has 400 acres of land and developments are looking serious at the moment,” he said.

He said the three golf courses on the island would be divested by their owners.

Speaking to New Zealand investors in Suva this week, Mr Skeggs highlighted the need for investors’ partnership to develop the island and the beachfront area along the Wailoaloa Beach.

“Around Denarau, we see a lot of developments — the road, casino and a hotel.”

“In 10 years, hotels will be seen on the vacant beachfront area along Wailoaloa Beach in Nadi.”

Mr Skeggs said they were experiencing tremendous growth and this was important for the economy.

Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association CEO Michael Wong said the Wailoaloa area would have a lot of development.

“What make investment in Fiji very attractive are the four-lane road and the turnoff to Wailoaloa.”

He said this area was a specially designated tourism development zone.Fijitimes

34) Big offer here: Chinese firm keen to invest in tourism

Published: 17 April 2015


A CHINESE business group has expressed interest to invest in tourism here and facelift the city.

China’s Skyline Business Council has promised to rehabilitate the Honiara International Airport and the road from the airport to the city should it be given the green light to invest in the local tourism sector.

Officials from the Group made vow when they met with the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in Honiara.

The council’s Joint Group Chair, Jason Liu Tao and two other members of the council paid a courtesy visit to the PM yesterday.

During the brief meeting they gave Mr Sogavare a brief outline of their investment proposals for Solomon Islands.

Mr Tao and his delegation are part of a bigger group of investors from the Skyline Business Council who are visiting Solomon Islands to look at investment opportunities.

He said the Skyline Business Council is headquartered in Zhejiang, the most industrious region of China, and is expanding its business operation to the Pacific region.

“We are a group of private investors and do not represent the government of China,” Mr Tao said.

“We have established ourselves in Samoa and we also have business interests in the Fiji Islands.”

In Fiji they planned to invest in solar energy.

Mr Tao said:Read more :


35) District to enjoy new shortcut road

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

THE people of Kagua-Erave district in Southern Highlands will be enjoying smoother bus rides from Mendi or Mt Hagen into Kagua Station and then to Papiri.
By the end of September, they will be able to  travel through a shortcut road into Mendi via the Kagua – Mendi road.
The road is now under major repairs and upgrading.
In the past, people used to travel for five hours  from Kagua to Ialibu then to Walume Road junction in Imbonggu district and into Mendi.
Local MP James Lagea told The National yesterday that major road upgrading and maintenance from Kagua station through Wapisumi to Sumia junction was progressing smoothly.
Lagea said according to the local construction company working on the road, it  would reach Hulu Bridge Three at Rake Market, about 13km from Kagua station and 28km from Sumia Junction, by the end of this month.
He said the provincial government carried out major upgrading on the 7km road from Sumia to Malue village last year, saying work was required for only 20km more.
“At the current rate, it should be completed by the end of September,” he said.
Lagea said the District Development Authority was paying K2 million for the  maintenance.
He said the local contractor carried out quality work despite the wet season experienced in the district recently.
That has allowed 25-seater buses to carry passengers from Mendi or Mt Hagen into Kagua then to Papiri where the construction work is still going on.
“This is the first time for 25-seater buses and other Public Motor Vehicles to carry passengers into Papiri,” Lagea said.

36) Bank helps seal 34km road
The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

THE Asian Development Bank (ADB) has agreed to help seal the 34km Fayantina Road in Henganofi, Eastern Highlands.
The road was recently upgraded by the district Works unit at a cost of K6 million.
According to ADB’s Joseph Kata,  sealing will cost K80 million, and will include construction of a number of bridges, drainage and culverts.
The agreement was signed between community leaders of the 11 wards in Fayantina and bank representatives on at Henganofi station on Tuesday.
The Fayantina Road, which starts from Konamempi and ends in Nupuru in Lufa, was neglected over the last 20 years.
People used to carry coffee, garden produce and school and aid post supplies to and from the 11 ward areas for long distances before catching PMVs.
Henganofi MP Robert Atiyafa said the District Services Improvement Programme funds were spent on the road.
“This is a very big and important project for the district,” Atiyafa said.
“It took me two years to convince the bank to come and help us.
“Infrastructure development and law and order are important priority areas in this district. Education, health, businesses and other services cannot flow if the roads are not fixed,” he said.
The road serves more than 30,000 people, 16 primary schools, six health posts and a health centre.

37) Telikom slashes internet rates

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

TELIKOM PNG has cut its retail costs on internet rates by more than 50 per cent for customers.
Marketing and business development division manager Xavier Victor said the reduction was to allow more bandwidths for its prepaid and post-paid plans.
For instance, postpaid plan customers will get 1GB for K49. Previously it was K110.
With prepaid plans, the minimum purchase of K7 is for 50MB and K2 for 30MB. “Last April, we (Telikom PNG) reduced wholesale internet rate by 47 per cent, which was welcomed by most internet service providers.
“This year is a reduction for retailing by more than 50 per cent,” Victor said
“We are reducing our internet rates as of today (yesterday). The retail internet rates reduction should come as good news for businesses and all customers in PNG.
“We reduce internet prices responding to what the market is asking. On the eve of the Pacific Games, the new rates will no doubt be very attractive to all our customers.
“It makes it very easier for you to exchange images and go in and check relevant websites on what PNG is doing and overall medal tally.”
Victor said Telikom had invested in new technology to improve its efficiency and increase capacity for internet to be available across the country.

38) PM opens water project

Felix Chaudhary
Friday, April 24, 2015

A $650,000 initiative by the Government has resulted in piped water being made available to Malake Island in Ra for the first time.

Plagued with supply issues during extensive dry weather, water woes were brought to an end when Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama opened the taps that flowed treated water to 135 households on the island bringing an end to reliance on rain water for the villagers living there.

“It has been a big undertaking — laying the pipes from the Viti Levu mainland across the open channel to the island.

“The work started last August and it took about seven months before it was completed on March the 27th this year.

“No longer are the people of Malake hostage to the long, dry spells that sometimes created acute water shortages on the island,” Mr Bainimarama said.

An underwater pipe was laid across the 1.5km open channel between the island and Viti Levu and another 1.8km of pipes shared the water to houses on Malake.

Construction work also included a 20,000 litre tank which acts as a reservoir.Fijitimes


39) Hunt for terrorist
By Online Editor
5:22 pm GMT+12, 22/04/2015, Fiji

The Fiji Police Force is working closely with Australian authorities in the search for the most senior member of Islamic State who is believed to be of Fijian and Cambodian descent.

Police chief of intelligence ACP Henry Brown said the Fiji Police did not regard Neil Prakash, who is Australia’s most wanted man, as a threat to Fiji.

“The Fiji Police Force is in constant communication with our Australian counterparts on what has been transpiring and we can confirm that the said individual has had no direct association with Fijian nationals on the allegations levelled against him being an Islamic extremist,” Brown said.

The Melbourne resident, Brown said was not a direct threat to Fiji. But he said they were working closely with Australia regarding any major development.

According to The Australian newspaper, Prakash is believed to have stepped into the void left by Mohammad Ali Baryalei, an Australian jihadist who is reported to have facilitated the travel of dozens of young Australians to the Syrian front and into the ranks of Islamic State.

The newspaper reported that Prakash, who prayed at the al-Furqan centre before leaving for Syria, provided encouragement to other members who, like scores of other young Australian Muslims, dreamed of travelling to the battlefields of Syria and Iraq.

“Instead, Prakash encouraged some of them (young Australians) to stay in Australia and carry out attacks. Prakash did not have any operational control of the alleged conspiracy,” The Australian reported.

It is alleged Prakash plotted to massacre police and members of the public in an Anzac Day terror attack.
The Australian claimed that Prakash was the ringleader of the Anzac Day plot and that he was in regular contact with Pakistan.

“It is understood intercepted communications have linked Prakash, who fights under the nom de guerre Abu Khalid al-Cambodia, to the Melbournians, who allegedly planned to use swords and knives to attack police on Anzac Day,” it further reported.

The newspaper reported Prakash had maintained a high public profile, regularly using Twitter and other social media platforms to communicate with his followers.
It further stated that as well as promoting violence, Prakash had also been helping men and women join Islamic State, sometimes openly declaring that he was in close contact with the group’s organisers, who helped people cross into Syria.

Fiji Muslim League president Hafiz Khan said the league was not aware of Prakash.



By Aloysius Laukai in Buka

Nineteen criminals currently locked at the Buka Police cells escaped this morning during  one of Buka town’s blackouts which occurred at about 3AM this morning.

The Nineteen escaped through a small opening cut by the prisoners over the past weeks and they kept secret awaiting the right timing.

Commander of Bougainville Police Service, ACP PAUL KAMUAI told New Dawn FM that names will be released shortly however POLICE are appealing to the escapees to return voluntarily of face more charges once they are caught.

Superintendent PAUL KAMUAI also called on anyone that has seen these criminals to report them to the nearest Police station near you.

He said that these escapees cut open two IRON BARS on the roof to escape one by one in the dark.

New Dawn FM last week reported that Police are strict on visitors as some visitors were aiding their friends and relatives by suppling tools that they use to cut these iron Bars.Dawnfm/Autonomous Bougainville.

 41) Equipment boost for Cyber Crime Unit

Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari
Friday, April 24, 2015

THE assistance by the Australian Government to the Fiji Police Force has made work easier for the Cyber Crime Unit based at the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters in Suva.

This was revealed to Australian senate president Steven Perry when he visited the Cyber Crime Unit yesterday.

The Australian Federal Police had in February given specialised equipment to the unit to assist in the area of digital forensic investigation, and yesterday’s visit by the president of the Australian senate was to see how the capabilities were being utilised.

Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald said investigations would be a challenge for any law enforcement agency without the proper equipment and machines.

He added assistance from AFP was greatly appreciated and informed Mr Perry that prior to the assistance from AFP, extracting data and information from mobile devices was a difficult and time consuming task. “The new machines have changed that from the two days to two weeks of trying to extract information to now 15 minutes,” the commissioner said.

Mr Perry assured Mr Groenewald of AFP’s continuous support.

“AFP has always welcomed such co-operation through their regional partners and this relationship will continue into the future,” Mr Perry said.

The Cyber Crime Unit investigates unauthorised hacking, threats made via social media and annoying persons to name a few.Fijitimes

42) Call for border policing between Bougainville and Solomon Islands
By Online Editor
10:48 pm GMT+12, 20/04/2015, Papua New Guinea

High demand for high-powered outboard engines in the Solomon Islands has led to the theft of such engines from Bougainville by suspects from the Solomon Islands and Bougainville, police said y.

Bougainville regional commander Paul Kamuai has called on Solomon and PNG governments to be serious in policing the border of the two islands.

Kamuai said there was a high demand for Yamaha 60 and 70hp engines by Solomons businessmen.

“Sometimes it’s only the engines they remove, but sometimes both the engine and dinghy are driven off across the maritime border to the Solomon Islands,” Kamuai said.

He said the normal route for suspects to escape to the Solomon Islands was from Sirowai in Central Bougainville. From there they cross the border to Taro Island in the Choiseul Province about 50kms from Sirowai.

“From Taro, they are taken further to Shortlands or Gizo Islands in Western province.”

Kamuai said, he did not know how much the stolen engines fetched in the Solomon Islands.

A new 60hp in PNG would cost about K18, 000 (US$6,705)

Kamuai said a dinghy with an outboard engine was stolen in Buka Passage in North Bougainville at gunpoint recently. The suspects were pursued by armed Bougainville police with six high-powered rifles in a motorised dinghy to Gizo.

However, police from the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands then stopped the Bougainville police and confiscated the weapons.

Since 2005, armed criminals from Bougainville have been infiltrating into the Solomon Islands and causing terror for their personal gain.

This is according to reports received by ACP Paul Kamuai from the Buin Police Station commander.

Senior Sergeant John Popui revealed that this issue is not new to both the police and border communities for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and the Solomon Islands.

As the report states, these Bougainvillean criminals are always armed with high powered automatic weapons and with the aid of a few local Solomon islanders, they lay terror upon people in the Solomon Island border communities for the purpose of stealing.

Most of this activity is targeted at Asian logging camps in the Solomon Islands and the Meka’amui faction with criminal elements from Orava village in Buin have always been suspected and blamed for these armed robberies.

On the 4th of this month, seven men armed with high powered weapons and alleged to be from Bougainville again caused terror among  the employees of Metuai Logging Company near Gaumai village in the Shortland Islands of the Solomon Islands and made away with $US80, 000 in cash, ten chainsaws and the Asians’ personal belongings and bags.

Four days later at the same camp, four men with a firearm assaulted a Malaitan chainsaw operator and stole his chainsaw.

As revealed by the report, due to insufficient manpower and strained logistics, it is difficult for police to monitor all border movements and the lack of necessary border authorities is also a major contributing factor.

These violent crimes initiated by armed Bougainvilleans in the border communities of the Solomon Islands are a collective concern for both countries and therefore the assistant commissioner for police is calling on the relevant authorities including the PNG High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands with the PNG Customs, border post authorities, Solomon Islands Police and the Bougainville Police Service to work together to address these border crossing issues.

“As responsible parties, we must form a stronger relationship to address the issue of illegal activities by illegal border crossers between Bougainville and the Solomon Islands,” he said.


43) RAMSI Assistant Special Coordinator urges more discipline by Solomon Islands Police
By Online Editor
4:32 pm GMT+12, 20/04/2015, Solomon Islands

The Assistant Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistant Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), Masi Lomaloma has urged officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) to show discipline if they are to get the trust and confidence of the public.

Lomaloma was in Buala, Isabel Province from 15 – 17 April as part of the community consultation team on the staged limited rearmament of the RSIPF.

He was given the opportunity to address more than 20 RSIPF officers based at the Buala Police station during a “change management” session led by the Assistant Police Commissioner, Gabriel Manelusi.

Lomaloma, who is from Fiji, has travelled extensively throughout Solomon Islands during the ten years he has been with RAMSI.

“There are two police issues that come up often during discussions with the communities I have met during my travels. They are trust and confidence in the RSIPF. The people of Solomon Islands have raised the same issues in the last three RAMSI People’s Surveys and in the recent consultations we have had on the staged limited rearmament of the RSIPF,” said Lomaloma.

“The solution to this two inter-related issues of trust and confidence is discipline. Discipline is the foundation of any force whether you are talking about a military force or police force. Discipline is the foundation of any organisation.”

Lomaloma added: “Discipline in its basic form is about getting to work on time or being punctual, getting properly dressed, having the courage to advise people the right thing to do. Discipline is about looking after the resources that you have been given. Discipline is about being accountable and transparent. Discipline is about being healthy and fit. Discipline is about how you talk and act in public. These small things are the important things that can make or break a police force.”

With the assistance of the RAMSI Participating Police Force, the RSIPF has been rebuilding its image, reputation, morale and infrastructure in the past ten years to transform the RSIPF into an efficient and effective police force that is capable of looking after the security needs of Solomon Islands.

“Your Force can have the best resources in the world but without discipline, you are like a man who builds his house upon the sand, in that his foundation is easily shaken when trouble comes its way,” said RAMSI Assistant Special Coordinator, Lomaloma.

He urged members of the RSIPF to adapt to the changes that are currently being implemented by the Force under the leadership of Police Commissioner, Frank Prendergast.


44) Solomon Islands Union Calls For Deportation Of Port CEO

Consultant proposed restructure plan far too costly

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, April 21, 2015) – The Workers Union of Solomon Islands (WUSI) is calling on the Government to immediately deport the Chief Executive Officer of the Solomon Islands Ports Authority.

The Workers Union is also calling on the Government to ban the 10 Singapore consultants recruited by the Ports Authority, from re-entering the country.

General Secretary Tony Kagovai in a press statement said the 11 Singapore nationals had entered the country and were working for some time with the Solomon Islands Ports Authority without work and residence permits.

He says this constitutes a very serious breach of Solomon Islands laws.

The Workers Union General Secretary also reiterated his call for the Government to set up an immediate investigation into how they entered and worked in the country without work and residence permits.

Meanwhile, the Workers Union General Secretary has also called on the Government to investigate the five-year reform program the Ports Authority CEO and consultants plan to implement in the organisation.

Mr Kangovai says the initial restructure proposed by the ADB scoping mission in its November 2011 Report would cost only $11 million [US$1.4 million] to implement from 2012 to 2022.

He says instead Mr Yow, the ten Singapore consultants and the Chair, came up with a five-year reform programme that would cost the Ports Authority around $1 billion, 564 million [US$201 million] from 2013 to 2017.

Mr Kangovai said the dispute at the Ports Authority is about the manner in which the Singapore officers were recruited and employed illegally in the country.

He said the dispute is also related to spending in which the CEO and consultants were brought in to implement an $11 million dollar [US$1.4 million] restructure program but have already spent $29 million [SU$3.7 million] in only 12 months, and with no tangible justification for the spending.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation

45) Vanuatu witchcraft case ends with 15 years jail term

By Online Editor
10:38 pm GMT+12, 21/04/2015, Vanuatu

Five out of the twelve defendants who admitted their roles in the deaths of two people blamed for witchcraft practices on the Island of Akamb, Malekula in November 2014 have been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by the Supreme Court in Luganville.

Seven other defendants who were arrested and charged with one count of unlawful assembly were given a total of 80 hours of community work and six months supervision sentence.

The defendants who appeared before Chief Justice, Vincent Lunabek, Thursday last week faced the charges of premeditated Intentional homicide contrary to section 106 (1) and unlawful assembly in contrary to section 69 of Penal Code (Cap 135). The Court stated that the pictures showed that there were severe injuries to the body of the victims and the death resulted from hanging and loss of blood.

Lunabek said the case is very serious because of the aggravating features.“It was a barbaric act and a public execution of two people. There was a loss life of two innocent lives and the injuries they sustained. There were also use of weapons and emotional harm caused to the family members of the two victims,” he said.

The Court also emphasized that no person has a right to take away the life of another person. He said the Akamb Chiefs and community members have no rights to deliberate over the allegation of witchcraft.

“You have no right to involve in this type of arrogance and to disregard the constitution of this country and whether you like it or not, the law does not allow you to kill someone allegedly practicing sorcery,” he said.



46) Half of Vanuatu residents lack clean water, month after cyclone: UNICEF
By Online Editor
11:00 pm GMT+12, 22/04/2015, Vanuatu

More than 100,000 people in Vanuatu have no clean drinking water, a month after a monster cyclone struck the tiny Pacific nation, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said Wednesday.

Two thirds of the archipelago’s water and sanitation infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed and most wells are contaminated, UNICEF said in a statement.

“There is water but quality is not that good because of the contamination,” Ketsamay Rajphangthong, chief of UNICEF Vanuatu field office, told Reuters in a phone interview from Vanuatu. “When the water is contaminated, there’s lots of risks coming after that, especially diarrhea and also other forms of disease.”

Tropical Cyclone Pam destroyed homes and infrastructure when it swept across the South Pacific island nation on March 13, leaving 11 dead and affecting the majority of the 252,800 Vanuatu population.

Seventy percent of wells have been contaminated and bacteriological tests showed that water required purification before drinking at all sites tested outside the capital Port Vila, UNICEF said.

The agency has been providing water purification tablets and plastic sheets for rainwater collection as a temporary substitute for the 68 percent of rainwater harvesting structures that have been damaged by the cyclone.

Cyclone damage means that women and children have to walk to shower facilities and toilets further from home, or defecate in the open, lacking privacy and exposing themselves to abuse, said Rajphangthong.

UNICEF needs US$1.5 million to close the gap between donations and its appeal target, she said.

“We are still trying to talk to donors and different governments so we can get the additional funds so we can really finish the renovation of [damaged] facilities because this is very urgent,” she said.

“We have been supporting the government and working with other U.N. agencies and NGOs to make sure that we assess the damage and try to help the people to get back to their lives as soon as possible,” she added.

On Tuesday, the United Nations Development Program launched a cash-for-work debris removal project to provide short-term jobs for up to 100 of the most vulnerable people in cyclone-affected communities.


47) Fijian PM queries Aust, NZ policies on Climate Change
By Online Editor
4:45 pm GMT+12, 20/04/2015, Fiji

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has questioned the commitment of Australia and New Zealand on climate change.

“These two neighbours of ours (Australia and New Zealand), they are leading the PIF (Pacific Islands Forum) but the most important thing right now to PIF is climate change,” he told the Fiji Sun news paper

Bainimarama was responding an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald where China and other big green house emitters have challenged Australia over its climate change policies.

In the article China accused Australia of doing less to cut emissions than it is demanding of other developed  countries and asked it to why this was fair.

“All the nations, all the countries in the Pacific worry about climate change than about anything else.

“But their (Australia and New Zealand policies are totally at extreme ends to the policies of the Pacific island nations. Then how can they represent us? Bainimarama asked.

Beijing also questioned whether the Abbott government’s emissions reduction fund – the centrepiece of its direct action policy, under which the government will pay some emitters to make cuts – would be enough to make up for the axed carbon price and meet Australia’s commitment of a minimum 5 per cent emissions cut below 2000 levels by 2020.

The questions have been lodged with the United Nations for Australia to answer in the lead-up to the December climate summit in Paris, where the world is supposed to sign a global deal to combat climate change.

It comes as Australia is facing questions in diplomatic circles for not sending a minister or its chief climate change negotiator to a meeting of the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate in Washington DC, starting on Sunday.

To be opened by US Secretary of State John Kerry, the forum is meant to bring together ministerial representatives from 17 major countries in a bid to accelerate work on a climate deal. Australia is being represented by environment department head Gordon de Brouwer.

In other questions posed to Australia through the UN:

*The US asked whether the emissions reduction fund was the main replacement for carbon pricing, or whether Australia planned to introduce other policies.

*Brazil accused Australia of having a “low level of ambition”, and asked whether it would boost its target to cut emissions more quickly. It also said Australia had effectively reduced the pace at which it cut industrial emissions by expanding the number of agricultural programs included in its greenhouse accounting, summarising: “This kind of action seems to make the level of ambition lower, not higher.”

*Both China and Brazil noted Australia’s industrial emissions increased by more than 30 per cent between 1990 and this decade, and it was relying on accounting rules that reflected changes in emissions from the land to give it a chance to meet its targets.

* The European Union questioned whether the emissions reduction fund could deliver a 15 or 25 per cent cut by 2020 – targets Australia has said it would embrace if other countries did the equivalent.

Erwin Jackson, deputy chief executive of the Climate Institute and a long-time observer of climate negotiations, said the questions showed the international community saw Australia’s commitments as “woefully inadequate” for it to do its fair share in meeting the agreed global target of keeping warming to within 2 degrees.

“This is the first salvo. If the government doesn’t come forward with a credible post-2020 target these kind of criticism will continue and only increase as other countries accelerate and deepen their own action,” he said.

Australia has signalled it will announce its new climate target for beyond 2020 about the time of the Bonn meeting.

The Abbott government does not have a climate policy beyond 2020, and several local analysts have found it is unlikely to reach its 5 per cent target by 2020 as the direct action policy stands.

Bidding for the first round of funding to pay for emissions cuts from the $2.55 billion (US$1.99 billion) emissions reduction fund were held last week, with the results to be revealed in the coming days.

The questions are part of increased scrutiny over climate change commitments. Each developed country under goes multilateral questioning, with the expectation this will expand to all countries after the Paris summit.

Compared with most developed nations, the questions directed at Australia are notably and repeatedly forceful in challenging its emissions targets and the credibility of its domestic policy. Australia now emits more than every European country except Germany.

Australia is expected to submit written answers before its performance is assessed at a UN climate meeting in Germany in June.

The international scrutiny comes as the government is increasingly facing claims at home that it is not serious about climate change. A white paper on energy policy released earlier this month was heavily criticised by groups including the Energy Supply Association of Australia, representing power station owners, for almost completely ignoring the issue.

China, now the world’s biggest emitter and with per capita emissions that have surpassed those in Europe, has also faced criticism that it is not doing enough to reduce its emissions while demanding more of others, and has been challenged over whether it should still be considered a developing economy.

Its commitment, announced last year, is to stop its emissions rising by 2030 at the latest, though it is yet to quantify this.

Jackson said analysts have found that China’s actions to date were likely to deliver the biggest policy-driven cut in emissions ever seen.

It is the world’s biggest investor in renewable energy, and has announced policies to build a clean energy system the size of the entire US electricity network in 15 years.

“China can do more, but is doing far more than Australia by a country mile at the moment,” he said.

“China is introducing carbon pricing while the Australian government tearing up legislation. China is increasing renewable energy targets while the Australian government is reducing it,” he said.



48) Pilot prawn projects taking off

The National, Wednesday April 22nd, 2015

A FRESHWATER prawn project that has been piloted in certain areas of the country has been proven successful.
The initiative began in 2010, after an understanding was reached between the National Fisheries Authority (NFA), Secretariat of South Pacific Community (SPC) and the University of Papua New Guinea. NFA acting managing director Ludwig Kumoru said Papua New Guinea was focused on developing coastal fisheries and inland aquaculture developments.
“This prawn hatchery has been becoming promising to support our local small fishermen who have bigger interest in farming prawn fisheries in the country. NFA in collaboration with provincial governments, stakeholders and artisanal fishermen supporting community fisheries projects for the people to benefit.”
Kumuro said the project would support small to semi commercial prawn farming in PNG.

 49) Japan to look for more investment opportunities
The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

JAPAN will continue to seek other investment opportunities in Papua New Guinea, Japanese Ambassador to PNG Morio Matsumoto says.
He said apart from Sojitz Corporation investment in petrochemical industry in the country, Japan was looking at other areas of investment as well.
Sojitz and National Petroleum Company PNG (NPCP) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) yesterday for establishment of a methanol plant outside Port Moresby.
“I’m sure Sojitz and its PNG counterparts have done so much work to reach this stage of the signing (MOU) ceremony. I’d like to say that this is not the final project.
“We will continue to support the efforts of such companies of Japan and PNG.
“I would like to have more investment coming in to this country and achieve a great success after the investment. There are many things to do to give more support to this (methanol) project” Matsumoto said.
Sojitz Corporation managing executive officer Tsutomu Tanaka said Papua New Guineans would be more involved in the project which the company, with Sojitz partner, NPCP would be establishing.
“We would like to develop a long time business relationship with NPCP. Methanol project is just the beginning. Beyond that, we are pretty much eager to extend our corporation into the other business opportunities, especially in that we are creating investment from with various.” Tanaka said.
He added that: “A project established in PNG but operated by foreigner is not the way that we want. This is another reason that we are pleased with today’s (yesterday) signing (MOU) and develop the project together with NPCP.”

50) Call to invest in other resources

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

THE National Petroleum Company PNG (NCPC) says a limited supply of gas will be a challenge in venturing into commercialisation of gas in the country.
NCPC managing director Wapu Sonk said yesterday this was an issue the Government needed to address.
He was speaking during signing of a memorandum of understanding between NPCP and Sojitz Corporation of Japan, for possible development of a methanol project in the country.
Sonk said any petrochemical project would need the Government’s support.
He said as a country, if we wanted to diversify and develop the industrial base, we needed to prioritise the development of our gas, LNG and power generation as first priority, followed by other options such as petrochemical industry.
“The challenge now goes back to the Government agencies, to help NPCP and Sojitz,” he said.
“It means that the governing agencies that are involved, Treasury Department, Department of Petroleum and Energy and State Solicitors Office – those key agencies must now lay the foundation for this key project to happen.
“I think the most important is the cash price.
“Gas itself must be priced right. If you compare it with LNG pricing, to build a methanol, it won’t work.
“The challenge now is really back to the Government.
“I think that’s sort of the core of the next steps, and the next steps can only happen if we get it right.
“We do have the resource, we do have the right amount of gas that’s been discovered so far, and would enough for couple more trains in PNG and couple more enough for power generation in PNG, enough for at least one more methanol plant.
“At least we are now negotiating and looking at development options.
“I’d like to ask the appropriate agencies to think about what we are about to do here, which is taking the next steps forward in developing a methanol plant in PNG.”

51) Firm hires armed man

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

A logging company in the Solomon Islands is employing armed Bougainvilleans to protect its operations on Shortland Island along the Papua New Guinea-Solomon Islands border, Bougainville regional police commander Paul Kamuai says.
He said the company had resorted to employing nine armed Bougainvilleans without police clearance due to the absence of policing at the border.
He said there were frequent threats, assaults and armed robbery of foreigners and local employees of the logging company by suspects from the Solomon Islands and Bougainville on Shortland Island.
The island is about 25kms from Buin town on Bougainville.
“Solomon Islands police are seeking Bougainville regional police’s help to investigate these incidents on Shortland Islands,” Kamuai said.
He said a gang of seven  raided the Meduai Logging Camp at Gaumai village on Shortland in the Western province of the Solomon Islands on April 4.
“They terrorised both the foreigners and local employees and stole $80,000 (Solomons) from the manager, 10 chainsaws belonging to the company and personal belongings,” Kamuai  said.
He said then on April 8 at the same logging camp four armed men assaulted a man from the Malaita Province. Kamuai said a high-ranking Solomon Islands police officer had requested him to conduct a joint police operation along the border.

52) $11m for agriculture

Luke Rawalai
Friday, April 24, 2015

GOVERNMENT is earmarked to spend around $11million for its agricultural projects within the province of Bua this year.

A report from the senior agricultural officer Bua, Ratu Ilisoni Banuve, stated the projects included rice revitalisation, coconut development, cocoa rehabilitation, vanilla, cottage industry, land preparation and agricultural extension services.

Ratu Banuve said Government spent an enormous amount of its funding to assist farmers in the preparation of their land which was $101,640.

He encouraged farmers within the province to apply so they could benefit from the assistance provided by Government.

Ratu Banuve told council members they would continue their awareness programs throughout the province this year.

Farmers were urged to get involved in farming schemes to have a collective voice in addressing issues that affected them.

Ratu Banuve encouraged farmers to practise intercropping and not to focus on only one type of farming practice. He said Government was focused on revitalising the copra industry with a total budget allocation of $42,787.

Ratu Banuve encouraged farmers within the province to plant more rice and vegetables.Fijitimes

53) Harvest development to boost rice farming

Maika Rabaleilekutu
Friday, April 24, 2015

+ Enlarge this image

Lieutenant Colonel Iferemi Vasu touring a rice farm with his officers and a farmer in Labasa. Picture: TIMOCI VULA

THE Fiji Corrections Service will harvest rice twice a year, says Commissioner of Corrections Lieutenant Colonel Ifereimi Vasu.

Compared with the past years where rice was only harvested once, Lt-Col Vasu said the new development would boost rice production.

“We all know that every year there is six months dry period and six months wet weather so harvesting twice will greatly help our supply,” he said.

“With the improved irrigation system, we are able to plant and harvest rice twice a year despite the dry weather.

“The only thing left is to get good varieties of rice to plant in order to get a good harvest.”

Lt-Col Vasu said if they were able to get their hands on the good varieties then it would eventually help a lot in terms of production.

“It will also help us with food security and feed for our animals,” he said.Fijitimes

54) PNG Minister To Extractive Industries: Protect The Environment
new legislative framework to prohibit dumping of waste in rivers

By Isaac Nicholas

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, April 21, 2015) – Public Enterprises and State Investment Minister Ben Micah has put extractive industries on notice to respect and protect the environment.

He said logging, mining, oil and gas companies would not be allowed to dump their waste into the river systems under a new legislative framework currently being developed by Water PNG and Eda Ranu with coordination from the Independent Public Business Corporation.

“As much as we want to export our gas, minerals and logs, we must be very careful not to poison ourselves in the process,” he said.

Mr Micah said the Bougainville crisis started from an environmental issue with the polluted Jaba River which led to a conflict that claimed more than 20,000 lives.

“How many more rivers, streams and aquifers are going to be polluted tomorrow because of our mad rush for development of mineral resources, hydrocarbon assets and forest resources?” He said.

Mr Micah added that the National Executive Council has approved the Water and Sanitation (WAS) Policy, it will be used as a guide for the creation of new legislations to protect water resources in the future.

“I will be taking a submission to Cabinet to clearly seek NEC approval for Water PNG and Eda Ranu to be the main drivers of the WAS policy.

“They will work with other agencies, especially Health Department, National Planning and Environment and Conservation, so that can get support from international agencies that have the latest technology.

“We will also have access to low interest rates to help us develop the capacity of Water PNG and Eda Ranu to deliver this very vital service to the people of Papua New Guinea.

“I intend to do that by getting IPBC to take the lead in putting together a strategy that will enable Eda Ranu and Water PNG to become responsible for protecting water supply.

But firstly, we need to upgrade and improve current services that are being provided in Port Moresby and other urban centres.

PNG Post-Courier




Family and sexual violence networking partners held a one day workshop today to gain an understanding of gender and the relationship to Family and sexual violence.
The workshop which is facilitated and funded by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Law and Justice Partnership was attended by representatives from the police, community development, courts. Village courts, district courts, Leitana, CIS, Education, Family Support Centre, Nazareth and the Bougainville Women’s Federation.
The aim of the workshop was to build upon and improve the proactive and reactive Family and sexual violence services in the Northern region of Bougainville.
From the workshop, the participants were able to gain an understanding of the National Strategies including Gender Equity and social inclusion, minimum standards and reporting.
They were also able to discuss the referrals pathway and the form of agreement of how this applies in the Northern region.
A committee was formed as a result of this workshop and according to participant senior constable Joyce Tseraha, this body will be responsible to report to the ABG so the government will be aware of what the networking partners are doing on the ground to address the issue of family and sexual violence in Bougainville.Dawnfm/Autonomous Bougainville

56) Runaway mum scolded

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

A JUDGE has ordered a married woman to return to her husband and their two sons after she deserted them last October to live with another man.
Justice Salatiel Lenalia told Alice Allan, in her 30s, of Ravat village in Kokopo, that she showed no motherly love for her sons, one she was still breastfeeding, to go and enjoy life with another man. Lenalia suspended a 12-month jail term and put her on a two-year good behaviour bond.
Allan pleaded guilty to one count of deserting her children.
The court was told that her children had missed her terribly during the five months she was in custody.
The court heard that Allan had two children with her current husband and two from a previous marriage who were being looked after by her elderly mother.
“You cannot continue to treat your children like this. The Child Welfare Act safeguards the lives of children and particularly the one who was breastfeeding that you deserted,” Lenalia said.
“You have great responsibility to care, maintain and nourish your children.” The court heard that on October 24 last year, Allan left her two children with their father and went to stay with her boyfriend at Ulaulatava village.
The eldest was four years and the youngest was 20 months old. The court heard that they really missed their mother. Lenalia told Allan that the two children she deserted were her own offspring.

57) Women’s resource centre

Felix Chaudhary
Friday, April 24, 2015

WOMEN from Nailaga Village in Ba have hailed the opening of the new Nailaga Women’s Resource Centre as an opportunity for them to be up-skilled and earn more income.

Marama Na Tui Ba Adi Laite Koroirua expressed her gratitude to the Government for its commitment and recognition to women living in rural communities across the country.Fijitimes

Homeless Kids In PNG Capital To Be Housed During Pacific Games

Long-term rehabilitation efforts underway in Port Moresby

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, April 21, 2015) – Homeless children will be taken off the streets of the national capital in the lead-up to the start of the Pacific Games in Port Moresby and housed in shelters as part of long-term plans to rehabilitate them.

This was made known at the launch of the revised Lukautim Pikinini Act at city hall recently.

The act paves the way for the Government to work in partnership with service providers dealing with child welfare.

World Vision, an international humanitarian organisation, has a project on street kids in three sites in Port Moresby which is wrapping up soon. However, it has come up with a joint program with NCDC and service providers to remove the street kids using provisions of the revised legislation.

NCDC’s urban youth desk will be conducting profiles of all the street kids and those who are found to have no parents will be taken off the streets and referred to the service providers, which are mostly non-government organisations, where they will be sheltered and hopefully engaged in some form of activity to keep them busy and off the streets.

Those with parents will be taken back to their parents. It is believed that if the program is successful it could be replicated in other towns and cities of PNG experiencing similar challenges.

The legislation protects and promotes the rights and wellbeing of all children regardless of gender and it also aims to protect children from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination, with a clear focus on services for prevention and family strengthening.

NCD has the country’s largest number of homeless, poverty-stricken street children, who beg for cash at the city’s numerous traffic lights, collect used aluminium cans for recycling or sell cheap Asian-made products in front of shops and offices.

It is also known that among these kids are also those who have parents but for various reasons are living off the streets.

At the end of the day, these kids return home and return the next day to continue their daily chores on the streets. Experience from around the world show municipal authorities in the host cities of international sporting events building extra shelter to cater for the homeless.

It is not known if the program funded by the NCDC will also cater for homeless adults, who are also increasing in numbers.

A 2011 International Labour Organisation report on commercial sexual exploitation of children and children working on the streets in Port Moresby identified children who were doing “hazardous work” that included chopping firewood for sale, moving furniture, loading and unloading boxes heavier than their little bodies could carry.

PNG Post-Courier

58) Like father like son

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

ATTENDING to childbirth is still very much a women’s domain in remote PNG.
Try telling that to Kipundu Kaiwa and his son Solomon.
The father and son combination often lead during delivery in the remote village of Piabu situated along the foothills of Mt Missim.
Father of seven Kaiwa and his eldest son Solomon are village birth attendants (VBAs) there.  They have delivered countless babies and saved mothers in the process.
The pair achieved another milestone with 38 others when they completed a VBA refresher at the Mainyanda Primary School in the Watut LLG last Friday.
Kipundu became a VBA in 1979. Solomon joined in 2011, when he attended his first VBA training funded by Morobe Mining.
“Mothers in the community were dying because there was no way to take them to the nearest hospital,” Kipundu said.
“The nearest hospital was a three-hour walk through the mountains.
“I delivered all seven of my children and my two grandchildren. I do what I do because I feel sorry for the mothers. I will do this until I’m very old and weak.”
Solomon followed his father to his first training in 2011. The facilitators asked him to become a participant and he has faithfully followed his father since.
“I’ve delivered five babies so far. I’ve learnt a lot from my father and feel sorry for pregnant mothers because it’s so far away from the nearest aid post, so we do try our best to deliver the babies successfully,” Solomon said.
General manager sustainability and external relations of Morobe Mining David Wissink congratulated the participants for taking the lead in trying to make a difference in their community.
“It’s hard to find people who are committed to this cause, to ensure babies are delivered correctly and safely,” he said.
“It’s rare to find men who want to help their communities and I praise male VBAs for having the heart to help.
“Morobe Mining is working very closely with all levels of the Government to ensure these trainings are delivered and the support is there to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates in the district.” He urged the participants to be faithful to help mothers in the village.


59) Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Wan Voes Kivhan Festival – Saturday!

by bobmakin

Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan artists unite and appeal through song

Over 30 local album recording artists including hotel entertainers, singers in church groups and choirs, and string-band vocalists came together over the weekend  Saturday 9 May at Saralana -A full day event!! at VBTC studio and pledged their support to help communities in worst hit areas throughout Penama, Malampa, Shefa and Tafea province, by recording in the ‘Kivhan’ appeal song.

Kivhan Festival will happen on Saturday 9th May 2015, at the Saralana stage from 10.30am onwards. It will be a full day event with music performance from prime bands and groups in gospel, stringband, and contemporary pop/reggae.The artists responded positively to the organizers of the Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan Festival after calling out to local musicians and artists to be part of the appeal via social media channels.

The organizers of the festival confirm that the song is intended to also be an avenue whereby all local musicians come, record and perform together and continue to maintain the collaboration between artists purposely to write songs together as artists and promote the resilience of the people and the betterment of livelihoods especially after being hit by a natural disaster as well as socio economic downfalls.

The organizers sincerely thank Downside Music Production, Tropik Zounds studio, VBTC, Further Arts, and all the local artists for their support towards the recording of “Kivhan” and this week’s filming of the video clip.

We acknowledge the following artists (some photographed) for their support towards the song & cause for the event Prince Philip & Band, Arthur Knight, Susana Bakoto, Stan & the Earthforce, Eddie Willie Zaddock, Eddie Bulu Smol Faea, Aelan Man, Karina, Meto Garae A1, Max, Sina and Pedio of Family Roots, Apu Tio of Konseners, Blake, Ridley, and David of Vanuatu 4 & The Monuments, Jerry Brown of Dropvicul, Rebecca Olul, Groovy Banana, Jacky Simon & Allan Tommy of Aimos Groove & Navataparop Youths, Rachel Kalmet, Jean Baptise Carlo of Black Revolutions, John Thomas of Krosrod, Vanessa Quai, Matthew Hardwick Nawareke, Milly Dhamz, Fanny Philip of Tokosanmawia, Matilda Cacau of AOG Youths, Joe Nare Mete, Georges Cumbo for Fred et les Ogres, Tim Teo Kalmet, Arno Robert of Young Life, Benson Nakou of Tropik Zounds, James Langdale, JP Nalei, Christof Crowby, Sarah Doyle, Mark Taiki Local Remedy, Bobby Sing Tujah, Janet Barako, Darrell Tangalobani, Christine and Denelly Charlie, Roy and Alick Garae, Naio & Z1 Band, Dimitri Kuatonga, and Alcina Charlie.

Vocalists or musicians in contemporary pop bands, church groups or choirs, as well as string-bands who want to perform or participate in the Kivhan festival can call the festival bands and program coordinator Bobby Shing on mobile 7715547 to register.


Famous Papua New Guinean artist and musician Anslom Nakikus is in Bougainville for a one week road show awareness programme upon invitation from the Bougainville Police Service.
Under the theme “Promoting a Free, Fair and Safe ABG Election 2015” the Bougainville Police Election Awareness Road show featuring Anslom Nakikus will start tomorrow in Buka at the Bel Isi Park.
As revealed by the Assistant Commissioner for Police Paul Kamuai during a press conference today, the road show will focus mainly on informing the people of Bougainville about the election.
After thanking Mr. Nakikus for accepting their invitation and coming to Bougainville, Mr. Kamuai stressed that this year’s elections is a historical event for Bougainville and its people.
Therefore the road show awareness according to the ACP is one of activities that will help to ensure the election is conducted well in a good, friendly and safe environment for all.
In response, Mr. Nakikus thanked the Bougainville Police Service and the people of Bougainville for trusting him and believing in him as an artist.
He then revealed that as an artist he loves reggae music because through reggae music the message of peace, unity and love can be brought across to the people.
Mr. Nakikus who arrived in Buka today is accompanied by band members lead guitarist Aro Badi, Drummer Oscar Tarutia and bass guitarist Benny Kanini.
According to the road show schedule, from Buka, the road show team will be staging the road show election awareness in Tinputz on Thursday, Arawa on Friday, and Buin on Saturday, Panguna primary School on Sunday and in Wakunai on Monday.Dawnfm/Autonoumous Bougainville


61) Tafea FC blong plei Erakor GS FC long wiken ia

Top Tafea O Lik straeka wetem 4 poen, Jean Kaltak, bambae hemi plei agensem O Lik klab blong hem long wiken ia. Photo: OFC

Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 1:00 pm

By Raymond Nasse

Afta long kaming bak blong Tafea mo Amicale long O Lik long Fiji las wiken, i lukim oli foldaon i kam bak bageken insaed long program blong Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) TVL Premia lik.

Kompetisen Dipatmen blong PVFA hemi sendem aot program finis blong ol nomol gem oli mas gohed bageken, from naoia Nasonal Supa Lik i stap kam antap mo tu i gat plante aotstanding maj i stap iet.

Wetem 1 klab blong representem Vanuatu nekis yia, program blong sekon leg ia, bambae hei taet. Program bambae i lukim oli plei long wiken wetem olgeta wik dei, blong PVFA i mas mitim dedlaen we i stap.

Nara samting tu, hemi Pacific Games, we long manis Julae. Pri seleksen we naoia oli stap tren kolosap everidei insaed long Port Vila Stadium, majority blong olgeta i stap insaed long ol premia klab long Port Vila, mo i gat lukluk se bambae oli mekem wan frenli ovasi bifo go long Papua New Guinea. Frenli ia oli stap proposem long end blong manis Juine.

PVFA i stap askem olgeta klab se, oli mas follem program we i stap finis, mo hemia i no minim se oli save jenisim, from taem i no inaf.

Naoia we i stap, Tafea i gat 5 aotstanding maj i stap iet blong plei, Erakor GS i gat 3, mo Amicale 3.

Maj blong wiken ia bitwin Tafea mo Erakor, bambae i lukim Erakor kipa, Serge Daniel, Michel Kaltak mo Jean Kaltak, bambae oli plei agensem ol O Lik kolik blong olgeta long wiken ia, mo bambae hemi diteminim bigwan jenis long klasmen we i stap naoia.

Letes klasmen we i stap naoia i lukim:

Amicale 26

Erakor 22

Ifira 21

Tafea 16

Tupuji 16

Spirit 08 10

Shepherds United 9

Narak 7

Long wan nara stori blong futbol, Luganville Football Association i lukim tede, long 1pm, Malampa i plei Rainbow mo long 3pm, Tafea i plei Santos.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

62) Boxing promota i lukaotem next ‘Golden Boy’

Posted: Thursday, April 23, 2015 1:00 pm

By Thompson Marango

Wan lokol promota blong boxing long Vanuatu hem i stat wok naoia blong okanisem wan tunamen blong traem faenem aot ol nambawan boxer blong 3 difren weight, 75 kg, 72kg, mo 69kg.

Michaelson Abel hem i talem se aim blong tunamen ia hem i blong faenem aot next ‘Golden Boy’ we bae oli save promotem hem kasem level we forma Golden Boy blong Vanuatu, Philip Kating i bin stap long hem bifo.

Tunamen ia bae hem stap long Port Vila long manis May long Port Vila mo ol boxer blong Vanuatu we oli stp faet anda long trifala weight ia oli save contaktem Mr Abel blong save tekem pat long hem.

Abel i talem se afta we bae oli faenem aot who nao ol top boxer blo Vanuatu long ol category ia, bae oli sendem ol top boxer blong Solomon Islands we oli soem fulap interest finis bae oli kam long Vanuatu blong faet wetem olgeta.

Boxing promota ia i talem tu long Daily Post se i gat invitasen blong ol top boxer blong Vanuatu oli go kompit wetem olgeta blong New Zealand.

Hem i talem se hem i long taem tumas we Philip Kating i bin putum nem blo Vanuatu i kam antap long Pacific long mo naoia i nidim blong faenemaot who nao bae i save kam next Golden Boy blong Vanuatu.

Ol boxer we oli interest blo save mo or blong teke pat long tunamen ia bae oli save kontaktem Abel long 5603752.

63) Professionals on show in Papua New Guinea

By Online Editor
11:16 pm GMT+12, 22/04/2015, Papua New Guinea

Some of Australia’s leading Professionals will compete in Papua New Guinea over the next two weeks, attempting to win two of the largest tournaments to be played on the Choice Hotels PGA Pro-Am Series Sunshine Swing in 2015.

Professionals will tee off at the Lae Golf Club tomorrow for the $110,000 Morobe Open presented by Coca-Cola, before heading to Royal Port Moresby Golf Club on Monday for the $152,250 South Pacific Export Papua New Guinea Open.

The South Pacific Export Papua New Guinea Open is now the richest tournament to be played on the Choice Hotels PGA Pro-Am Series, with the Morobe Open presented by Coca-Cola coming in a close second.

The rise in stature of both events has been impressive and indicates Papua New Guinea’s passion for golf is on the incline.

To the delight of organiser’s, three time Morobe Open champion Heath Reed will return to defend his title, but with previous champions like Michael Wright and Brad Burns also competing at this year’s Championship, Reed will need to be on his game if he is to claim a fourth Morobe Open victory.

“To be honest, last year’s victory came somewhat of a surprise considering the amount of golf I had been playing in the lead up to the tournament,” said Reed.

“This course really suits my eye and although I have not been playing too much lately, I am looking forward a good week, hopefully replicating my previous form here at the Lae Golf Club.”

Due to his commitment on the Asian Tour Kalem Richardson won’t be returning to defend his title at the South Pacific Export Papua New Guinea Open next week.

But that opens the door for a strong field which includes Fiji International Champion Steven Jeffress, WA PGA Champion Ryan Lynch, as well as young guns Kris Mueck, Tom Bond, Daniel Nisbet and Tim Hart.

Papua New Guinea will once again have strong representation with Nelson Gabriel and August Peni teeing it up. Both Professionals will be looking to end the recent dominance of Australian and New Zealand Professionals have had on their premier Professional golf tournaments.

All the results from the Morobe Open presented by Coca Cola and South Pacific Export Papua New Guinea Open will be available on the PGA website daily.

The Sunshine Swing forms part of the Choice Hotels PGA Pro-Am Series which comprises of 200 events Australia wide.

Played across more than 170 golf courses around Australia the Choice Hotels PGA Pro-Am Series plays an important part in the development of Australia’s Professional Golfers whilst also growing the game at a grass roots level by engaging an estimated 48,000 amateur golfers each year.


64) Cricket back after six years

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

A CRICKET association in Milne Bay has been revived after a six-long year halt.
The Bou Cricket Association has started its competition after locals saw there was a strong following for the sport and decided to re-start its competition.
According to president-elect Killion Nanumeya, cricket was played regularly in the Alotau district, but the competition ran into hard times and was unable to sustain its competitions with deteriorating equipment and facilities.
“In 2008, our cricket competition was hosted with the use of a cricket mat that was owned by another cricket association and when they pulled out of the competition, they decided to take their mat along with them,” Nanumeya said.
“It was then that we decided to put off the competition until we had enough funds to purchase a new mat.
“It has taken us five years but we eventually bought the mat this year.”
Last weekend another milestone was achieved with the playing of the association’s first matches.
The clubs that turned out was encouraging and showed the people still have a love for the sport.
The association has eight men’s teams and four women’s as well as junior competition.
“All women’s games will be played on Friday’s and the men’s on Saturday.
“Due to the oval’s width, the junior competition will be played on the school holidays in Term 2,” Nanumeya said.
Milne Bay regional cricket manager Simon Deiwille, upon witnessing the launching of the association season over the weekend, said he was pleased with the efforts of the community to revive the competition after six years.

65) Taekwondo to host tournament

The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

THE Korean Embassy, in association with the Papua New Guinea Taekwondo Federation, will be hosting the third PNG-Korean Ambassadors Taekwondo Cup tournament this weekend.
The tournament, at which Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko will officiate, will be held on Saturday at the Don Bosco Technical Institute Hall.
The tournament is aimed at promoting taekwondo in the country as well as helping to identify and prepare local fighters towards the upcoming 2015 Pacific Games in Port Moresby.
The tournament will see over 100 participants, with both male and female in eight different divisions.

Most of the fighters will be from Port Moresby, while participants from Bougainville, Western Highlands and East New Britain will be in attendance.

66) Cup to suspend matches for duration of Pacific Games
The National, Thursday April 23rd, 2015

THE Digicel Cup competition will suspend its matches during the Pacific Games in July, organisers say.
Competition manager Peter Watinga said on July 5 and 12, there will be no matches played as the country hosted the Games.
Watinga said the competition will resume its Week 11 matches on July 19 — the day after the closing ceremony.
He said by then, the regular pool matches will have been completed and there would be cross-over matches.
In the cross-over format, bottom teams in each pool after Round 10 will play a round of matches to eliminate one side so the competition can enter its finals with an even number of sides (10).
The kick-off times for cross-over rounds and finals will be confirmed by the PNGNRL board and major sponsor Digicel.
Meanwhile, the venue for the Vipers and Isapea Round 3 match is yet to be determined as both sides do not have a home ground in the nation’s capital.
The sides played their fixtures in Lae last year and are likely to face off in the Morobe capital again.
Western pool: Simbu Lions, Waghi Tumbe, Mt Hagen Eagles, Enga Mioks,  Hela Wigmen, Mendi Muruks.
Eastern pool: Port Moresby Vipers, Gulf Isapea, Agmark Gurias, Lae Tigers, Goroka Lahanis.
Standings: Western – Muruks 2, Mioks 2, Lions 2, Wigmen 0, Eagles 0, Tumbe 0.
Eastern – Tigers 2, Gurias 2, Vipers 2 (bye), Isapea 0, Lahanis 0.

67) New Zealand clash in Oceania final

Shalveen Chand
Friday, April 24, 2015

IT will be an all New Zealand tussle in the Fiji Airways Oceania Champions League final between holders Auckland City and debutants Team Wellington.

Auckland is through after beating Gaitcha 1-0 and Team Wellington snatching a 2-0 win over Ba.

For Team Wellington it has been a dream debut in the Champions League and the only thing that could better this is if the team wins.

Wellington coach Matthew Calcott said the day would belong to the team that would come prepared the best.

“We have played Auckland before and it has been a see-saw battle, it’s been three games and I think we have beaten them in two, including a pre-season game,” he said.

“But Auckland is a tough side and they will come into the field ready. At the end of the day it will be about the team which is hungrier for the win.”

Auckland coach Ramon Tribulietx said they would be prepared for the finals.

“We would very much like to play our game. Keep it structured and ensure that we create the opportunities,” he said.

“Wellington defence would be even better prepared.

“I am expecting a very tough final.”

The two teams know each other well. In the ASB Premiership in New Zealand, Auckland and Team Wellington finished winner and runner-up respectively.

The winner of the Champions League gets a spot in the Club World Cup and prize money of US$500,000 (F$1.2million).

The final takes place this Sunday at 7pm at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

 68) Juve, Madrid in

Friday, April 24, 2015

PARIS – Real Madrid and Juventus scraped into the Champions League semi-finals, joining already qualified Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

Defending champions Real edged city rivals Atletico 1-0 thanks to an 88th-minute winner from on-loan striker Javier Hernandez after a goalless first leg.

Juventus also made it to the last-four after a 0-0 draw in Monaco allowed them to qualify courtesy of their 1-0 first leg win in Italy last week.

Bayern and Barcelona had made sure of their places on Tuesday leaving Friday’s semi-final draw to feature four teams with 21 European Cup triumphs between them.

The tie in Madrid was a repeat of last season’s final, won by Real 4-1 after extra-time, but Atletico had gone unbeaten in seven previous meetings against their city rivals this season.

However, the visitors had to play the final 14 minutes with 10 men as Arda Turan was shown a second yellow card for a high challenge on Sergio Ramos.

Hernandez then finally got the all-important goal after brilliant work from James Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo left the Mexican (on loan from Manchester United) with the simplest of finishes from close range.

“Obviously, it is my most important goal because the present is what is important,” said Hernandez.

“It is a derby which hasn’t brought good memories since winning the 10th European Cup. I was the one who scored, but it belongs to everyone. The people who believed in me, my teammates and my family.”

Atletico boss Diego Simeone hailed his players efforts.

“I go away proud of my team. Once more we competed very well in a very difficult competition like the Champions League,” said the Argentine.

Juventus made the last four of the Champions League for the first time since 2003 after a goalless draw in their quarter-final, second leg with Monaco saw them progress 1-0 on aggregate.

A controversial Arturo Vidal penalty in the first leg in Turin last week ultimately proved enough for the Serie A leaders, who relied on their defensive strength to see off opponents again let down by their lack of quality in the final third.

A Monaco side full of youthful enthusiasm pushed forward for long spells, but Juventus —— who had let in just one goal in their previous nine matches —— always looked in control and veteran ‘keeper Gianluigi Buffon was never seriously threatened.

The Italian giants came closest to scoring from a 90th-minute Andrea Pirlo free-kick that clipped the bar.

“Tonight was important. There was a lot of pressure on the players after 12 years of waiting,” Juve’s French fullback Patrice Evra told beIN Sports.


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