Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1090 ( Tuesday 28 April 2015 )


1) Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 28 April 2015

by bobmakin

Pacific countries are obtaining permission to export kava to European Union countries including Germany. Tonga already has permission to export 10 tons in September. Tongan farmers are delighted and have been advised their kava variety is acceptable. They will maintain good quality. In Vanuatu there are many stories of Tongans having taken Vanuatu kava from Erromango hundreds of years ago. We should not be far behind the Tongans in exporting.


2) Four police officers suspended in Samoa

28 April 2015 

Samoa’s new Police Commissioner, Egon Keil, has suspended four officers for allegedly being involved in criminal activities and breaching their duties.

Two senior police officers at the maritime police were arrested last week and charged.

A policewoman and a senior male officer have also been suspended over a breach of duty..

The police chief says the office of the Attorney General is handling the investigations with the Police Professional Standards Unit.

“I hold myself accountable and I’m going to hold everybody in my chain of command as well accountable and this is part of it. It’s unfortunate but it’s something that needs to be done.”

Egon Keil who took up his position two weeks ago.RNZI

3) Samoa urged to support plan for “noble” kava exports

28 April 2015 

The Samoan government is being urged to help support a plan for controlling the quality of exported kava.

A European kava expert and scientist Mathias Schmidt is visiting kava-producing countries in the region as part of a study on the root crop, which has been banned in Europe because of fears over its toxicity.

Dr Schmidt says kava cultivars from Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Solomon Islands will be analysed in Germany to find the characteristics of good quality or “noble” kava.

He says fortunately for Samoa it only produces the noble variety.

“This country stands a good chance of developing the markets again which is very good news to the farmers here in Samoa. Yes, let’s hope we can do this and we can define the standards for the Europeans and let the market evolve.”RNZI

4) Tahiti nurses strike to get paid

28 April 2015 

Independent nurses in French Polynesia have begun an indefinite strike because they say they have not been paid for several months.

The local daily newspaper quotes the head of their union as saying that they will continue to make the home visits for existing patients, but no longer assure post-hospital care for new ones.

He says this means that some patients won’t be able to be discharged from the Tahiti hospital.

He says many nurses have been hit by hardship because of accruing debts, citing cases where they have had their power cut.RNZI

5) Tokelau, Swains Islands Explore Ways To Improve Livelihoods
Leaders meet in American Samoa to put MOU into action

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, April 27, 2015) – The leaders of Tokelau and Minister of Swains Island, Alexander Jennings met last Friday to explore opportunities to improve the quality of lives for their communities.

The discussion follows the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the Government of Tokelau and American Samoa in December of last year.

Talks between the leaders discussion highlighted transportation opportunities as well as developing sustainable food security solutions against the impact of climate change. Mr Jennings has noted the request from the Tokelau’s leaders, and is very receptive to taking these issues and insuring that the appropriate attention was given.

“This meeting has been long overdue. We have tried for the last 10 years to get to this point of our discussions. I am very thankful that the Ulu o Tokelau and his administration have invited me to present their request of Swains Island. I am also thankful to Governor Moliga of American Samoa for allowing this discussion to proceed. We look forward to incorporating these issues in our working relationship and to improve the quality of life of our peoples. I want to assure the American Tokelauan community that their long desire to be closer to their families in Tokelau will be realized in these discussions,” says the Minister of Swains Island, Mr Alexander Jennings.



6) Marshalls govt needs support for rights work

28 April 2015 

The Marshall Islands government says a lack of resources is hindering the development of human rights there.

The US State Department has released a report critiquing human rights in the Marshalls and suggesting prison conditions, government corruption and domestic violence are problems.

The report comes as the Marshall Islands officials prepare to appear for their second UN Universal Periodic Review of human rights in Geneva.

The secretary of foreign affairs, Bruce Kijiner, says the republic has worked hard since its last review in 2010, including working towards various women and children’s rights agreements and proposing a new prison.

However he says because of a lack of capacity, their efforts are limited without assistance.

“We have the political will to advance these issues forward. It’s just a matter of getting the resources and getting support from our friends in the international community. We are getting some positive responses but I will consider it something achievable if I see it.”RNZI

7) CNMI congressman backs calls to extend military review

28 April 2015 

The Northern Marianas representative to the US Congress is backing calls to extend the comment period for an environmental review of the military’s use of Tinian and Pagan islands.

George Kilili Sablan says the proposal to use the islands for live fire training will have a significant and long lasting impact on the CNMI community.

People in the CNMI are being asked to give their views on the military’s draft Enviornmental Impact Statement on the plan and the congressman says everyone should take full advantage of the opportunity.

He says if more time is needed for technical analysis, then it would be the right thing for the military to extend the comment period.

The Tinian and Aguiguan legislative delegation last week passed a resolution supporting a request by the Governor Eloy Inos for an extension.

The lawmakers are supporting other options for the military exercises, including a “No-Action Alternative.”RNZI


8) Judge calls for further development of internet training in the Pacific

28 April 2015 

A Samoan supreme court judge hopes online toolkits for local judges will be developed further as a five-year development programme draws to a close.

Justice Vui Clarence Nelson says the kits designed by the Pacific Judicial Development Program are one of the most useful resources in a region where three quarters of court workers are lay people.

The programme is funded by New Zealand and run by the Australian Federal Court.

Judge Nelson says there’s still plenty to do for whoever takes on the project.

“They should continue to explore new toolkits that would be of help. I think they should look at making better use of internet facilities that are now becoming more and more available in the smaller Pacific Island jurisdictions and to try and improve those sorts of means of communication.”

Justice Nelson says the toolkits can help improve the administration of justice in the Pacific.RNZI


9) Ol pipol long peles iken kisim moa moa winim ol long taun

Updated 27 April 2015, 15:11 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Wanpela save lain long PNG i tok ol lain husat i stap long peles na i wok wok had long ol kisim na salim sampela samting i ken kisim bikpela moa moni long ol husat i stap long ol siti na taun long kantri

Odio: Paul Barker, Executive direkta blong PNG Institute of National Afeas i toktok
Informal sector oa ol pipal blong ples em isave salim ol samting em ol iet i mekim isave lukim bikpla moni winim ol pipal em oli save wok long gavman na ol bisnis kampani long Papua New Guinea.
Despla toktok istap long wanpla ripot em Institute of National Affairs ibin tokaut long en long Trinde long wik igo pinis long Port Moresby.
Ripot ia ibin bihaenim wanpla wok panimaut em tupla mansave blong Australia Dr Paul McGavin na Dr  Luke Jones ibin mekim long planti ples long PNG.
Dr McGavin na Dr  Jones ibin lukluk long namba blong ol wokman-meri long gavman, ol bisnis kampani, na ol pipal em oli save salim ol samting long maket, na hamas moni tru oli despla pipal isave kisim.
Tupla ibin lukluk tu long ol wari em PNG inap bungim bihaen taem wantem ol wokman-meri.
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10) Wanpela kaunsila long Vanuatu i laik long gavman i larim export blong log

Updated 27 April 2015, 14:57 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Vanuatu gavman imas rausim tambu long salim ol diwai igo long ol narapla kantri blong helpim ol papa graon bihaenim Cyclone Pam.

Odio: Lokal kaunsila long Tafea provins long Vanuatu, Joe Nare Mete i toktok
Despla em askim blong wanpla lokal kaunsila long Tafea provins, Joe Nare Mete husat itok, cyclone Pam ibin mekim planti gutpla diwai i pudaon na oli laik salim ol despla diwai igo long ol narapla kantri..
Mr Mete itok, ol diwai olsem Kauri na Sandalwood istap nating long graon nau, olsem na oli laikim gavman long senisim loa long larim oli salim ol despla diwai.
Askim blong en i kamap long wan kaen taem we Agriculture dipatman istat long givim aut ol samting olsem Island cabbage, tapioka, kaukau na ol narapla kaikai igo long ol pipal long planim long ol gaden blong ol.
Tasol,  Mr Mete itok taem emi hamamas long despla, ol pipal blong en bai hamamas moa iet sopos gavman i halvim ol long salim ol diwai blong ol.
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11a) Situation « désespérée » pour les Australiens condamnés à mort en Indonésie

Mis à jour 27 April 2015, 16:56 AEST

Élodie Largenton

L’espoir s’amenuise pour les deux Australiens condamnés à mort en Indonésie pour trafic de drogue. Samedi soir, les autorités ont averti Andrew Chan et Myuran Sukumaran qu’ils devaient se préparer à être fusillés.
Malgré les pressions constantes exercées par Canberra ces derniers mois, les autorités indonésiennes semblent déterminées à procéder rapidement à l’exécution des deux condamnés australiens. Le procureur général indonésien, Muhammad Prasetyo, a ainsi déclaré que les préparatifs étaient achevés « à 100% ». Et pour lui, « le plus tôt serait le mieux ». Ces exécutions pourraient avoir lieu dès demain soir. David McRae est chercheur à l’université de Melbourne. Selon lui, il n’y a plus beaucoup d’espoir pour les deux Australiens :
« On a rencontré les avocats de deux autres condamnés à mort étrangers. Ils racontent qu’on leur a dit que les exécutions auraient lieu mardi soir, donc je pense que la situation est plutôt désespérée désormais. »
Une issue à laquelle les condamnés se préparent. Chintu Sukumaran a rendu visite à son frère, Myuran, hier, à Cilacap, là où les gens sont exécutés.
« Mon frère a demandé de pouvoir peindre aussi longtemps que possible, c’est sa dernière volonté. Il accueille ces événements avec sérénité. Mais lui, comme nous tous, on pense que c’est une grande injustice et que cela n’aurait pas dû se passer comme ça. »
Malgré ces nouvelles peu encourageantes, les associations de défense des droits de l’homme et les autorités continuent de demander au président indonésien d’accorder sa grâce aux détenus. De retour de Paris, la ministre australienne des Affaires étrangères, Julie Bishop, a appelé son homologue indonésienne pour plaider la cause des deux Australiens :
« Je pense qu’il n’est pas trop tard pour changer d’avis. Et comme je l’ai dit à plusieurs reprises, je ne demande rien de plus à l’Indonésie que ce que son gouvernement demande aux autres pays où des citoyens indonésiens sont dans le couloir de la mort, y compris pour trafic de drogue. »
Le secrétaire général de l’Onu, Ban Ki-Moon, exhorte, lui aussi, le gouvernement indonésien à ne pas exécuter les personnes condamnées à mort pour trafic de drogue, rappelant l’opposition traditionnelle des Nations unies à la peine de mort.Radio Australia
11b) Brèves du Pacifique – lundi 27 avril 2015

Posté à 27 April 2015, 16:27 AEST
Élodie Largenton

En Australie, un petit garçon de 10 ans est menacé d’expulsion parce qu’il est autiste.

Tyrone est originaire des Philippines, mais il vit dans le Queensland depuis huit ans avec sa mère, qui travaille comme infirmière, l’un des métiers qui permet d’obtenir un visa de travail. Sa dernière demande d’autorisation de séjour a malgré tout été rejetée, la justice estimant que la maladie de son fils représentait un « trop grand coût pour les contribuables ». Après la médiatisation de leur situation, une pétition a été lancée en ligne pour appeler le ministre de l’Immigration à revoir sa décision. Elle a recueilli plus de 120 000 signatures.

Dans une nouvelle vidéo de propagande, les djihadistes de Daesh font parler l’une de leurs recrues : un médecin australien, qui appelle d’autres médecins, mais aussi des infirmiers et des dentistes à le rejoindre en Syrie. Tareq Kamleh, âgé de 29 ans, est diplômé de l’université d’Adélaïde. Son recrutement par le groupe terroriste est « profondément inquiétant », estime le ministre de l’Immigration, Peter Dutton.

Aux Îles Cook, des dizaines de personnes ont manifesté, vendredi, contre la pêche du thon à la senne. Le gouvernement a récemment fait part de son intention d’ouvrir ce type de pêche à davantage de sociétés étrangères dans le but d’augmenter les revenus du pays. Les Îles Cook peuvent vendre jusqu’à 1 250 jours de pêche par an, mais seuls 700 ont été alloués pour le moment. Les manifestants craignent que la pêche à la senne ne conduise à l’épuisement des stocks de poisson.
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12) Forum will miss Fiji

Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A COUNTRY has the sovereign right to decide whether to participate or not in a regional political organisation, such as the forum.

The Forum Secretariat made these comments in light of Fiji’s non-participation in the forum, which emerged after Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama maintained his stance not to attend the forum unless Australia and New Zealand leave the forum.

Mr Bainimarama made this known in an interview with a local media a fortnight ago.

“But by deciding not to participate in the forum, the Fiji Government takes itself out of that decision-making body, missing out on an important opportunity to influence the political level discussions that are setting the course for how Pacific countries can work with each other to advance regional ambitions for sustainable development, economic growth, strengthened governance and security development,” the Forum Secretariat said.

“And of course, the forum misses out on the particular perspectives and experience of Fiji, which up until recent times, played such a dynamic role in the forum. Fiji had been an active and respected member of the forum, as would be expected of a founding member.”

With the Framework for Pacific Regionalism, not attending the Pacific Leaders meet in PNG would see Fiji miss out “on game-changing policies and initiatives that will help to make the Pacific a better place”.

The secretariat says: “As set out in the Framework for Pacific Regionalism, leaders believe that the Pacific should be a place where Pacific people can lead free, healthy and productive lives and they have committed to working together to address common challenges and ensure the Pacific advances in a way which brings practical benefits to all Pacific people.

“Forum leaders have committed to pursuing ‘deeper regionalism’ which will help increase market opportunities, improve service delivery, and ensure good governance for Pacific people.”Fijitimes


13) Office closure affects jobs

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BLACKBERRY Ltd is considering closing its offices in Sweden, a move that would result in the loss of up to 100 jobs, a company spokesperson told Reuters.

“At this time, we are considering the closure of our offices in Sweden.

“Since this may impact approximately 100 workers, we are now initiating consultations with the employees’ trade unions,” the spokesperson said in an email.

BlackBerry had about 7000 people as of September last year, according to its website.

The company’s Toronto-listed stock closed little changed at $CA12.62 ($F21.10) on Friday.

14a ) Quake, drill link

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LOS ANGELES – Scientists are now more certain than ever that oil and gas drilling is causing hundreds of earthquakes across the US, with the evidence coming in from one study after another.

So far, the quakes have been mostly small and have done little damage beyond cracking plaster and toppling bricks, but seismologists warn that the shaking can dramatically increase the chances of bigger, more dangerous quakes.

Until now, the oil and gas industry has generally argued that any such link requires further study.

But the rapidly-mounting evidence could bring heavier regulation down on drillers and make it more difficult for them to get projects approved.

A series of government and academic studies over the past few years — including at least two reports released last week alone — has added to the body of evidence implicating the US drilling boom over the past decade or so.

14b) Debt deal

ATHENS, AFP – Seven out of ten Greeks want their leaders to reach an agreement with their creditors as the country’s tense debt drama drags on. About 23 per cent of Greeks backed splitting from the European Union, while slightly under 72 per cent said they supported an agreement with creditors.


15) Half day classes for Nabangasale students

By Anita Roberts

Posted: Sunday, April 26, 2015 1:00 pm

Rubbish and damage left behind by Cyclone Pam has forced students at the Nabangasale Junior Secondary School on Tongoa to take afternoon classes off.

Years seven to ten students were begun on March 31 to help clean up the mess, repair roofing and the school impaired fencing, paint and replanting.

Head of the remote school, Richard John, on his visit to Port Vila this week confirmed this to the Daily Post.

He said Nabangasale received enormous damage beyond expectation.

Four of the school’s classrooms that had roofs blown away by fierce winds have been temporarily patched up; including the administration block, two dormitories and teachers’ houses.

John said the disaster has placed the school in a situation worse than normal.

The school head is worried the cyclone has disturbed future plans. One of that is preparations to accommodate senior level classes.

An ongoing Vt15 million project of the school that is supposed to end next year has been disturbed too.

Through this project, a new generator was installed including a satellite dish. Rotary International has been funding the Sky Pacific TV Program for the students. The satellite dish has been blown down.

An assessment team from Rotary New Zealand went to the school after the cyclone and confirmed to repair classrooms. On arrival, has donated 2,000 liter water tank.

Principal William estimated a total recovery cost for the school to be over Vt30 million.

Nabangasale operates under the authority of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV). It was established in 1958 as the Feeder School of Onesua Presbyterian College. Currently, it accommodates 95 pupils.

A report on the extent of damage and recovery will be delivered to the authority once completed.

Meanwhile, the principal said his teachers are encouraged to engage students in a lot of fun to make them forget Cyclone Pam and bring back their interest to study.Vanuatu Daily Post

16) Open Distance Learning spaces available at Epauto, Centre Ville

Posted: Monday, April 27, 2015 1:00 pm

By Len Garae | 0 comments

The Ministry of Education and Training wishes to appeal to parents whose children are attending Open Distance Learning (ODL)or wish to enroll for ODL at Epauto Junior Secondary School and Centre Village (Ecole Publique) to “apply with an expression of interest” as soon as possible as spaces are filling up fast and the deadline is at the end of April, while Santo East is already full.

The recent devastation by Cyclone Pam is tragic but the Ministry of Education is doing everything possible with relief assistance the country is receiving to cater for the resumption of ODL classes.

Speaking for ODL in the Ministry of Education and Training, Glenden Ilaisa says ODL is a special academic programme for year 10 school dropouts that have no chance of going to year 11.

The Ministry of Education and Training started the pilot programme last year and the spokesman says its statistics have proved a 64% success.

In other words, out of a total of 36 students who enrolled in the three schools last year, 23 of the students succeeded with flying colours.

For this year, Santo East is already full with 21 students; Epauto has 5 while Centre Ville has none yet as we go to press. Apply now before it is too late.Vanuatu Daily Post

17) Students boycott classes

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

MORE than 1000 students at the National Polytechnical Institute in Lae are boycotting classes over poor infrastructure and management of academic affairs in the institute.
There is no internet service on campus, the library is outdated, the mess facilities are rundown and unhygienic, the boarding and clinic facilities are deteriorating and the campus sporting facilities are inadequate, the students said.
Garry Gumembi, the Students’ Representative Council president, said their petition to the administration headed by director Graham Bidang must be met before they resumed classes.
Gumembi claimed some past students were still owed their refunds because the administration could not pay them. They are calling on the Department of Higher Education to intervene.
“There have been ongoing issues about the students’ welfare, more specifically on the students’ learning facilities,” Gumembi said.
“In the past years students raised the issue about students’ library, which was part of the many facilities that did not meet the standard since the institution was changed from the Lae Technical College to the National Polytechnical Institute.
“Here at National Polytechnical Institute, there has not been much change since it changed from being a technical college.  We are still using the same things for the last three to four years.”

18)  Workshop to help teachers become good leaders

Mavuku Tokona
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

THE Professional Development Unit (PDU) of the Ministry of Education conducted a two-phase workshop for the Central/Eastern division teachers at St Joseph’s Secondary School in Suva yesterday.

Officially opened by the Minister of Education, Heritage and Arts Dr Mahendra Reddy, the annual workshop targets teachers with potential leadership qualities and intends to build on those qualities to produce the best possible leaders for schools.

Teachers who attend the Future Leadership Workshop are recommended by principals and headteachers whose names were sent to the school’s district educational offices.

Similar workshops are being led by the PDU in the Western and Northern divisions.

The workshop is divided into two phases, both consisting of a week each of lessons — each week begins at the end of each school term.

St John’s College teacher Tupou Ratuva Singh believes the program is very helpful given the fact we now live in the age of advance software and technology. She said the Future Leadership Workshop would help with the transition from the present day to the future.

With the theme “Developing Quality Leaders toward Change, Peace and Progress”, the workshop rewards the participants with a certificate at the end of phase two that will help teachers advance to higher positions in their schools.

Ms Singh said: “Teachers need to believe in the vision and mission of the school working consistently and disciplined.”

Phase one of the Future Leadership Workshop will end on May 1.Fijitimes


19) Paris talks welcomed by New Caledonia parties

28 April 2015

A leading anti-independence party in New Caledonia has welcomed the announcement that Paris will shortly organise top-level discussions on the electoral law as it to be finalised for the independence referendum due by 2018.

The Caledonia Together Party says it seems indispensable that a common approach can be found before the law is put to the French legislature.

The Paris talks, which will be chaired by the French prime minister, Manuel Valls, will involve the signatories of the 1998 Noumea Accord and will be held before the French Senate reviews the law proposal in June.

Right-wing parties rally in Noumea against New Caledonia’s possible independence and the Socialist government in France

The anti-independence side has sharply criticised the French government over the proposed law, accusing it of siding with the pro-independence camp.

A majority in the territory’s Congress voted against the law proposal which would automatically enrol only indigenous Kanaks.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Noumea on Friday to say they want to stay French.

The French government has repeatedly said it is impartial in the decolonisation process, but loyalists accuse it of favouring independence for New Caledonia.RNZI

20) MP Samsen confirms Nagriamel affiliation

By Len Garae

MP Samson Samsen has confirmed his political affiliation to the Nagriamel Movement to confirm a request in an urgent letter written to him by the Secretary General of the Nagriamel Political Commission, Robinson Toka, on January 15, 2015, for the MP to clarify his political affiliation.

In his letter to Nagriamel President MP John Lum, MP Samsen says, “I write to reiterate my ongoing support to the Nagriamel Movement and the Political Commission currently headed by your good office. Despite adverse commentaries, I continue to maintain my support to Nagriamel and have never affiliated to another political party.

“As verbally mentioned to you I have always remained a Nagriamel candidate and Member of Parliament but due to the Prime Minister’s directive, it would appear to some outsiders that I have moved on.

“I assure you that my conscience as a member of the Government backbenchers remains and despite personal interpretation by some leaders and their supporters, I have always maintained that I am affiliated to the Nagriamel Movement.

“Following on from our various discussions I continue to give my strongest support to the Nagriamel Movement, thus with your blessing, I had the opportunity to rally support as recently as reported in the media on West Coast Santo and will continue my effort to work at increasing and growing the number of Nagriamel supporters on Santo.”

In addition, MP Samsen reminds the President of the NPC of the importance to maintain its three MPs with the objective of increasing its numbers in the constituencies of Santo/Aore/Malo and beyond, to increase its membership beyond the current three in the National Parliament after the 2016 general elections.Vanuatu Daily Post

21) Solomon Islanders condemn MPs tax free salaries

28 April 2015

Transparency Solomon Islands says the people are voicing their displeasure at changes making the salaries of MPs tax free, and they are calling for a review of the decision.

Transparency’s Chief Executive Daniel Fenua says the decision by the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission is a clear abuse of the power and responsibility entrusted in it.

He says having two former MPs on the Commission creates a clear conflict of interest.

“We have got people’s reaction to the issue as being very unfair. If you look at the social media and we have got calls from the public and as well as some organisations. Calling on the government that they should review the decision made and to revoke especially the one where MP’s salaries are tax free at the moment.”

Mr Fenua says Transparency is investigating the legality of the commission’s actions.RNZI


22) Customary land disputes settled by Vanuatu chiefs

28 April 2015

Customs chiefs near Port Vila are to become the first Vanuatu leaders to settle a land dispute in a traditional meeting since the land reform was passed.

Our correspondent says the chiefs in Emua village will preside over the affairs of their village and determine the ownership of custom land.

This would in the recent past had been taken to a western-style court room.

The law change was an initiative of the lands minister, Ralph Regenvanu, who has said he is confident in the leadership of the chiefs.

The chiefs had accused the government of taking away their powers.RNZI

23) Dept: Landowner issues delaying projects
The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

THE National Government has noted landowner related issues as a contributing factor for delays in the implementation of national projects, according to the National Planning and Monitoring Department.
Acting Secretary Hakaua Harry said many agencies had indicated that landowner related issues were hindrances to implementation of some projects.
Speaking during signing of memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the State and Asian Development Bank (ADB) yesterday, Harry encouraged implementing agencies to engage more with communities in which they carry out projects.
“I’ve noted that engagement at political level is very important … engagement with provinces, engagement with communities so that we get everyone on board and they participate and play their part in making sure that the project is done properly,” she said. “Landowner issues like compensation, is a bigger thing that happens right around the country.
“We encourage a lot of engagement, especially getting our provinces to participate.”
Harry said both the donor partners and government agencies faced a lot of issues in implementing projects.
She applauded efforts by agencies to find solutions for these issues.
“The good thing that I’ve noted is that we have issues but we come up with solutions,” Harry said.
“We have lessons that we learnt from the issues, which is an excellent approach.
“It gives us (Government), through the department of planning and monitoring a chance to help alleviate the issues, and implement projects.”
She added that the implementation of ADB projects was progressing.

24) Nabukaluka hosts iTaukei public consultations

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Update: 12:50PM THE people of Waidina in Naitasiri will have a chance to ask questions and raise issues regarding the work by iTaukei government institutions during a public consultation today.

Permanent Secretary for the iTaukei Affairs Ministry Savenaca Kaunisela and officials from the ministry and the iTaukei Land Trust Board are part of the consultations and road show at Nabukaluka District School.

The event ends this afternoon and is the sixth consultation carried out in the Central Division.Fijitimes


25) PNG bank’s largest borrower

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

PAPUA New Guinea is the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) largest borrower in the Pacific region for loans for public and private sector development.
ADB said the country’s active portfolio totaled US$1.1bn (K2.98bn) since it joined the bank in 1971, including 22 ongoing loans for 11 projects, 8 grants, 9 technical assistance projects, and 2 private sector loan and equity operations.
It added that from the overall active portfolio, the Government contributed about US$250m (K679m).
ADB country director Marcelo Minc yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the State, which was represented by National Planning and Monitoring Department Acting Secretary Hakaua Harry, confirming a successful review of last year’s ADB PNG portfolio.
The signing followed from a week-long mission to review overall performance the 2014 ADB PNG portfolio, raise implementation issues, and draft an action plan for this year.
Harry said: “Through experiences and lessons learned over the years, we see stronger and more strategic partnership with ADB effectively delivering high quality economic and social services to PNG, consistent with the Government of
PNG’s development plans and strategies.”
She said in line with PNG’s ADB portfolio obligations, the Government had allocated its counterpart funding requirements in this year’s national budget to ADB projects and was working diligently to ensure timely release of funds for effective implementation.
Harry urged government agencies to adhere to laws and guidelines involved in submitting financial documents on time so that funds could  be made available on time for their projects. “What normally happens is that agencies submit their cash flow and work programmes. Sometimes the agencies do not submit on time,” she said.
“In the first few months of the year, we see that revenue inflow is a bit slow.
“So what comes in is prioritised …. that’s the situation that’s been created. If we do not receive things on time, we do not disperse (funds) on time.”

26) ‘No’ to review

Repeka Nasiko
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ONE Hundred Sands Ltd application for a judicial review of the Government’s decision to revoke their casino licence has been refused by the High Court.

The High Court ruled that although a judicial review was available as a remedy, One Hundred Sands did not have an arguable case therefore the decision to revoke was lawful.

In a ruling on April 24, Justice David Alfred said after a careful study of the material disclosed by One Hundred Sands Ltd chairman Tim Manning, he noted a lack of commitment from the licence holders to fulfil the conditions of the licence.

“From the horse’s mouth comes forth a stream of information that shows a dilatory and careless attitude to compliance with the terms and conditions of the licence which the applicant was fully cognizant of and for which it patently did not manifest a desire to fulfil, either through a lack of capability or due to its later realisation of the implications of the project it had chosen to embark upon,” Justice Alfred said.

“In the event, the sands of time ran out for the applicant and the licence was revoked by the respondent (Attorney General).”

He said based on evidence, One Hundred Sands Limited had failed to satisfy the court that it had an arguable case to allow it to proceed to the next stage of the JR process.

Justice Alfred also ruled that the High Court had jurisdiction to hear the application despite objections made by the Solicitor General based upon the Constitution.

The Solicitor General had submitted that under Section 173 (4) (d) of the 2013 Constitution, no court or tribunal had the jurisdiction to accept, hear or grant any order on the validity or legality of decision made or authorised or any action taken under any promulgation, decree or declaration and any subordinate laws made under any such Promulgation, Decree of declaration made between 5th December 2006 until the first sitting of the first Parliament under this Constitution.

Justice Alfred said the period of time (December 5, 2006 until October 6, 2014) was ever present in every paragraph of Section 173(4) of the Constitution.

However, he said the decision to revoke the company’s licence was made on February 9, 2014 – a date outside of the period mentioned in the Constitution and as such JR was available to the applicant but he refused the application on the grounds that the decision to revoke was a valid and lawful decision and One Hundred Sands had did not have an arguable case against the revocation.Fijitimes

27) Aust investors attend an Investment Exploratory seminar

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Update: 12:21PM TEN Australian investors and their representatives are in the country for a two-day Investment Exploratory Seminar and one-on-one meeting.

The seminar was opened this morning by the Assistant Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Lorna Eden at Tanoa Hotel in Suva.

“This mission an important opportunity to share our expectations from the business communities in order to strengthen bilateral trade and investment relations between Fiji and Australia and to hear from you, of your interests,” Ms Eden said.Fijitimes


28) City roads need repairs, police say

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

ROADS in Port Moresby are unsafe and unfit to be used by teams taking part in the Pacific Games, Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Jim Andrew says.
“I am now declaring Port Moresby as the pothole city. Just look at the pothole-ridden road going to Bomana Police College, PNG Correctional Service barracks and 9-Mile. Taxpayers are living there and yet the roads are bad,” he said.
Andrews called on the National Capital District Commission to fix the potholes and put up traffic signs on the roads before the Games.
“Over 3000 athletes and officials from the region are coming and there has to be a good road system with traffic signs before July. It will be very embarrassing for them to see our city roads as they are worse than roads in the rural areas. There are too many pot-holes and no traffic signs.
“There are no give-way signs, stop signs, no U-turn signs at roundabouts and intersections in the city.
“There are no street names.  There are no white road lines or they have faded, no crossing signs. Some of the crossing marks have faded.”
Andrews said he had written to the NCDC to fix the potholes and put up traffic signs.
“The roads are death traps and a risk. I can’t keep on reminding them,” he said.
“As the chief of operation of this law enforcement agency, I am concerned about this.”
However Sports Minister and Moresby South MP Justine Tkatchenko said NCDC was already working on road signs.
“Andrews should be more concerned about the security of the visiting islanders. His police officers are working with the Games committee in the next two months to ensure that everything is okay,” he said.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop said Andrews should stick to dealing with crime.
“We have done our best to have infrastructure, including roads, be conducive for the Games and beyond,” Parkop said.


29) Violent Prison Escapees Still At Large In Bougainville
19 murderers, rapists, armed robbers broke out of Buka jail

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 28, 2015) – Police in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region of Bougainville are still searching for 19 prisoners who escaped from the Buka police jail over a week ago.

The men who escaped during a power blackout include nine convicted murderers, two armed robbers and two rapists.

The Bougainville police commander, Paul Kamuai, says his officers are tracking a group of the men believed to still be together.

“We are working around with all of the information that has been coming in. At this stage I think they are still in a group around the area that we spoke about before, but because they move from place to place they are not able to locate them.”

Mr Kamuai says with ongoing preparations for the upcoming elections the escapes are an extra burden on already stretched police resources.

Radio New Zealand International

30) Fiji military to act on compensation claims

28 April 2015

The Fiji military says it will pursue compensation claims from families of deceased soldiers, after complaints were sent to the Prime Minister.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporations reports Frank Bainimarama has told the military not to neglect the soldiers and their families, after he received ongoing complaints over their welfare.

FBC reports the prime minister saying the families were concerned about compensation due to them following the death of some soldiers.

The head of the Royal Fiji Military Forces, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, refused to answer questions on the issue, but FBC reports the Landforce Commander Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho says he will pursue any outstanding compensation cases.RNZI

31) Money laundering adds to corruption

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

Money laundering through real estate deals in Australia is adding to the corruption woes of this country, Transparency International PNG says.
TIPNG chairman Lawrence Stephens said in response to a Sydney Morning Herald report on possible money laundering of Chinese crime profits in Australia that when properties were purchased by or on behalf of foreign public officials, “we can expect the corrupt to take advantage of opportunities to conceal their ill-gotten assets”.
“It is commonly known that public officials from PNG have acquired properties and assets in Australia at costs well in excess of their official earning capacity,” he said.
He said TIPNG welcome concerns conveyed by the Inter-governmental Financial Action Task Force reported in the Sydney Morning Herald and renewed its call on Australian authorities to closely examine property deals involving PNG officials.
“It is good that the Financial Action Task Force has drawn attention to this issue.
“TIPNG calls on Australia to be proactive in making public information available on ownership of properties and beneficial ownership of other assets and business interests.”

32) Bush court frees man

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

POLICE in Southern Highlands have condemned the illegal setting up of a court which allowed a murder suspect to go free.
Provincial police commander Superintendent Sibron Papoto said the bush court was set up by relatives of the victim and offender.
He said anyone committing indictable offences such as murder, rape and assault occasioning grievous bodily harm must face the law. Papoto said the relatives of the suspect were from Mato village in the Nipa-Kutubu district. The relatives of the deceased were from Semera village in Upper Mendi in the Mendi-Munhiu district.
They set up the bush court last week and allowed the suspect to go free.
He said the relatives of the suspect paid K10,000 and 10 pigs as “bel kol” compensation last Friday.
The relatives of the deceased demanded K700,000 and 200 pigs as final compensation to be paid at a later date.
Papoto said the report on the killing of a former public servant early this month in Mendi town was with the police.
“Compensation is good to maintain peace but the offender must still face the law,” he said.
Papoto urged the murder suspect to surrender to police because the law did not recognise kangaroo courts.
“We know his identity and he will not escape from justice,” he said.
Papoto said police would investigate and arrest the leaders who organised the illegal court.

33) Telikom ordered to pay taxes

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

THE National Court has ordered Telikom PNG to pay back the taxes it had deducted from the final entitlements of 13 former employees.
Madang resident judge Justice David Cannings ordered PNG Telikom to pay the 13 the full tax deducted by May 29, 2015.
The 13 former employees of Telikom in Madang took the company to court last year when they were not happy with the amount they had received as their final entitlements after retrenchment.
The employees took an originating summons against Telikom seeking a declaration that their final entitlements be calculated and paid to them without tax exceptions as directed in a Cabinet decision (107 of 2011).
They sought a declaration that there was a misrepresentation by Telikom PNG in computing and making final retrenchment payouts to them on base salary instead of total salary package according to the enterprise agreement of 2010. They claimed that Telikom PNG failed to comply with that Cabinet decision to exempt tax obligations on redundancy entitlements for the 13 people.
They had been identified for the voluntary exit scheme exercise.
They asked the court to declare that the Cabinet decision was a valid and effective executive decision made by the Government.
Cannings ruled in favour of the 13 on March 11 and ordered them to file affidavits before April 21.

He made the final ruling last Friday.

34) MP found guilty

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

CABINET Minister Boka Kondra has been convicted by the Leadership Tribunal for misconduct in office and misapplication of funds.
The tribunal consisting of chairman Justice Salatiel Lenalia, senior magistrates Ignatius Kurei and Rosie Johnson, found Kondra, the Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister, guilty of the six charges laid against him.
Lenalia said Kondra was double-dipping in Government funds.
“I recommend the leader (Kondra) and his associates be criminally prosecuted for misapplication of public funds,” Lenalia said.
Kurei said it was not good enough for Kondra to rely on the district administrator or public servants as he should have attended an induction course organised by the Ombudsman Commission.
Johnson said Kondra was aware of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission determinations for housing, accommodation and rentals. She said she was satisfied that Kondra had misused public funds.
Lawyers will make submissions on an appropriate penalty when the tribunal convenes on May 25.
The six allegations were grouped into three categories which included the misapplication of three amounts of public funds and constitutional breaches under Section 27 of the Constitution on Responsibilities of Office.
The first category included the misapplication of K85,276 from the District Services Improvement Programme and District Support Grants held with the North Fly District operating account.
Kondra was alleged to have misapplied these funds for office rentals in Kiunga, Western when he had already been allocated funds in his salary.
The second category of allegations involved the misuse of K134,966 of DSIP and DSG funds to pay for Kondra’s housing rentals at Boroko in Port Moresby when he had already been paid housing allowance.
The third category involved the misuse of K18,200 of DSIP and DSG funds to pay for an outstanding debt for hire car services incurred during the 2007 general election campaign.
The offences were committed between 2008 and 2010 while Kondra was the North Fly MP.

35) Ports scam

The National/Pacnews
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PORT MORESBY – The Papua New Guinea Customs Services has exposed a fraudulent system of clearing goods from the ports in Port Moresby and Lae that has denied it at least K1 million (approx $F755,238) in revenue since February.

PNG Customs Services Commissioner Ray Paul said 28 cases of fraudulent activities were currently being investigated by PNG Customs and police. Mr Paul said 10 people were arrested and five had been charged.

He said machinery unlawfully removed included vehicles, backhoes and road graders.

Cooking oil and other goods and products brought in containers were included.

Mr Paul said it was “unfortunate that some big PNG companies were caught up with these issues”.

“Currently the fraudulent activities are happening in Port Moresby and in Lae,” he said.

“It’s interesting that there have been people working round-the-clock outside the system, with fraudulent documents to defraud the state.

“These cases relate to unlawful removal of imports from Customs control through forgery and the altering of system-generated documents like receipts.”

He said PNG Customs was improving on its operations and was able to expose the fraudulent activities.

“We were able to improve our processes, checking out the system, how the payments will come. That was how we came up with all these fraudulent activities we were able to detect,” he said.Fijitimes

36) Assault cases on the rise

Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

THE Nabouwalu Police Station recorded 131 police reports within the province of Bua from January to March this year.

A report from Station Officer acting Inspector Eroni Soqosoqo tabled at the Bua Provincial Council meeting last week stated the station recorded 50 cases in January, 32 cases in February and 49 cases in March.

Mr Soqosoqo said most prevalent cases they received during the period were cases of assault, theft, drugs and rape.

He told district representatives at the meeting that assault cases continued to escalate stemming from heated arguments and conflicts over minor issues that could be addressed in an amicable manner.

He said police had a no drop policy for cases of assault as injuring any person was an offence.

Mr Soqosoqo said theft continued to increase in the province over the first quarter, and added representatives needed to educate villagers on their role in securing their properties and livestock.

He said most cases involved thieves being presented with the opportunity to commit the crime because of carelessness on the part of property owners.

He said Nabouwalu police would also increase their drug raids within the province in the next quarter.

Mr Soqosoqo stressed to members of the council his concerns over the three rape cases recorded during the period, saying they would show no leniency to perpetrators.

He revealed to the council they recorded 107 traffic bookings within the three months with total projected fines standing at $4760.Fijitimes


37) Water supply services, free of charge: Tongoa Chief

Posted: Monday, April 27, 2015 1:00 pm

By Glenda Willie

Following the extension of State of Emergency period, the Acting paramount chief of Mangarisu village on Tongoa island, Chief Shem Titongoamata is advising the whole communities on the island that water supply services at Mangarisu village is free of charge.

The high chief said ever since the cyclone, the only water supply system working belongs to the Mangarisu village. Therefore, as community leader of the village concerned, he felt it was appropriate to provide free water service to other communities who needed it.

Extending the free water service to NGOs, relief agencies and workers on the island also, chief Titongoamata said the free service will end as soon as the emergency declaration period ends.

[email protected]//Vanuatu Daily Post


38) Beach voleibol i divaed from Olympic mo Pacific Games

By Raymond Nasse

Posted: Sunday, April 26, 2015 1:00 pm

Nekis yia bambae i lukim

Rio long Brazil, hemi hostem namba 31 Olympic Games, mo tim Vanuatu oli stap trae had naoia i go blong silim wan kwalifikesen long merit i go insaed long bigfala intanasonal tunamen ia.

Blong kwalifae, Vanuatu i mas tekem pat long plante World Tour blong FIVB, blong mekem ap ol poen blong save kwalifaem tim i go daerek insaed ivent ia.

Long London 2012 Olympic Games, follem lack of funds, i lukim Vanuatu i jas mestem nomo kwalifikesen, be long yia ia, objektif i stap se bambae Vanuatu i trae had blong mas kwalifae long merit.

Tufala 2011 Gold Medolist long New Caledonia, Miller Pata mo Linline Mansale, we oli winim only gold medol blong Vanuatu long las Pacific Games, bambae oli misaot long Games long July, from bambae oli stap ovasi long Tour blong olgeta Europe, from FIVB World Championship.

Beach Voleibol Vanuatu, oli jusum replesmen blong tufala Vanuatu star ia finis, we naoia oli stap long Asian Tour.

President blong Beach Voleibol, Debbie Masaufakalo, hemi talem long Daily Spot, se olgeta i disaedem finis blong sendem wan yang tim i go long Papua New Guinea, blong defendem gold medol blong 2011.

Vanuatu bambae i sendem Loti Joe mo Leslyn Ler, mo koj blong olgeta Henriette Iatika, blong flyem Vanuatu flag.

[email protected]//Vanuatu Daily Post

39) Solomons bid to train in city before Games
The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

PLANS are underway for the Solomon Islands national touch team to train in Papua New Guinea for the Pacific Games.
Corporate Touch Port Moresby, fresh from a stint in Honiara, is keen to help the Solomon Islanders prepare for the July 4-18 event.
The Solomon Islanders are expected to arrive in Port Moresby a week before the Games, where they will play matches against the corporate sides as a lead-up to the Games.
They are expected to play the CTPM-select men’s and women’s open divisions.
The plans were released on Sunday by CTPM general manager Ray Alova.
Alova said the arrangement was reinforced after corporate team’s promotional trip to the Solomon Islands.
He said fundraising is being organised in the Solomon Islands and Port Moresby for the teams.
“All the proceeds will go to the Solomon Islands national touch teams,” Alova said.
The Solomon Islands Touch Association competition, which tapped off earlier this month invited Alova to return and conduct coaching and referee’s clinics.

40) Kumuls in Hunter mode

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

NINE Papua New Guinea Hunters players have been named in the 18-man Kumuls squad that will take on Fiji in the Pacific test on Saturday.
Israel Eliab, Wartovo Puara Jr, Adam Korave, Willie Minoga, Kato Ottio, Brandy Peter, Noel Zeming, Thompson Teteh and Lawrence Tu’u have all been included in Mal Meninga’s team.
Eliab has been in form for the Hunters in the five-eighth role while Zeming’s goal kicking is a plus for the side. Puara has been rewarded for his sharp form out of dummyhalf all season and will combine well with club captain Eliab.
The line-up has three debutants in  Luke Page (Canberra Raiders), Matt Trnka (Souths Logan Magpies) and Josh Damen (Souths Logan Magpies).
The hard-charging Page is expected to start at prop while backs Damen and Trnka are options for the fullback and wing positions.
A notable exclusion from the squad is Gold Coast Titans winger David Mead, who had been earlier named in the 29-man train-on Kumul team squad last month.
Though named in the squad, Mead opted to play for the New South Wales Country team — in an attempt to don the NSW Origin jumper.
A NSW Origin or Kangaroo spot is looking grim for the former Kumul international — who cost the Kumuls a quarter-finals playoff in the 2013 World Cup in England by missing a conversion in front of the post against Scotland in a pool match.
PNGRFL chairman Sandis Tsaka yesterday confirmed that the team had assembled on the Gold Coast, where they are preparing for the Test match.
“The full team is already in camp at the Gold Coast with Kumuls head coach Mal Meninga,” Tsaka said.
“We are looking forward to Saturday’s match which will reflect the rugby league programme we have in the country. The team is building up towards the Test match and the Hunters programme has provided a platform for us in the build-up.”
The only experienced NRL players named in the side is North Queensland Cowboys halfback Ray Thompson, who can slot in hooker or five-eighth, and Sydney Roosters winger Nene MacDonald.
Israel Eliab is expected to be named captain, with either Ray Thompson or Tyson Martin deputising.
Meanwhile, Fiji have named a side featuring 12 NRL players for Saturday’s fixture.
The Bati proved their quality via their strong showing at the 2013 World Cup but will be disappointed at missing out on the Four Nations last year following their defeat to Samoa in the 2014 Pacific Test.
Kevin Naiqama, Marika Koroibete and Eto Nabuli are the stars of a typically dynamic Bati backline and with a strong forward pack made up of Korbin Sims, Jason Bukuya, Apisai Koroisau and the Saifiti brothers makes this a talented and well-rounded outfit.  PNG Kumuls: Stanton Albert (Penrith Panthers), Wellington Albert (Penrith Panthers), Josh Damen (Souths Logan Magpies), Israel Eliab (SP PNG Hunters), Adam Korave (SP PNG Hunters), Nene MacDonald (Sydney Roosters), Rhyse Martin (Townsville Blackhawks), Tyson Martin (Mackay Cutters), Willie Minoga (SP PNG Hunters), Kato Ottio (SP PNG Hunters), Luke Page (Canberra Raiders), Brandy Peter (SP PNG Hunters), Wartovo Puara (SP PNG Hunters), Thompson Teteh (SP PNG Hunters), Ray Thompson (NQ Cowboys), Matt Trnka (Souths Logan Magpies) , Lawrence Tu’u, (SP PNG Hunters), Noel Zeming (SP PNG Hunters). Fiji Bati: Kevin Naiqama (Wests Tigers), Marika Koroibete (Melbourne Storm), Fabian Goodall (Wentworthville), Brayden Wiliame (Manly Sea Eagles), Eto Nabuli (St George Illawarra Dragons), Darryl Millard (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Ryan Millard (Brisbane Norths), Eloni Vunakece (Wyong Roos), Apisai Koroisau (Penrith Panthers), 10 Daniel Saifiti  (Newcastle Knights), Jason Bukuya (Cronulla Sharks), Jacob Saifiti (Newcastle Knights), Korbin Sims (Newcastle Knights), Tyrone Phillips (Canterbury Bulldogs), Viliame Kikau (North Queensland Cowboys), Tikio Koke (Fiji), Osea Sadrau (Fiji),Timoci Ratulolo Dabea (Fiji).

 41) Fiji Bati names team to face Papua New Guinea

Rashneel Kumar
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

VODAFONE Fiji Bati coach Rick Stone has named a side mixed of experienced and young players for the Test match against Papua New Guinea this Saturday in Sydney.

The team is dominated by players from the 2013 Rugby League World Cup squad.

Experienced players such as Kevin Naiqama, Marika Koroibete, Korbin Sims, Apisai Koroisau and Darryl Millard are expected to lead the charge against the Kumuls.

Only three Fiji-based players in Osea Sadrau, Tikiko Noke and Timoci Ratulolodabea have made the cut.

The match will be a curtain raiser for the Anzac Day Test between Australia and New Zealand.

Fiji Bati:

Kevin Naiqama (Wests Tigers), Marika Koroibete (Melbourne Storm), Fabian Goodall (Wentworthville), Brayden Wiliame (Manly Sea Eagles), Eto Nabuli (St George Illawarra Dragons), Darryl Millard (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Ryan Millard (Brisbane Norths), Eloni Vunakece (Wyong Roos), Apisai Koroisau (Penrith Panthers), Daniel Saifiti (Newcastle Knights), Jason Bukuya (Cronulla Sharks), Jacob Saifiti (Newcastle Knights), Korbin Sims (Newcastle Knights), Tyrone Phillips (Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs), Viliame Kikau (North Queensland Cowboys), Tikiko Noke (Fiji), Osea Sadrau (Fiji), Timoci Ratulolodabea (Fiji)


42) Chelsea on track

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LONDON – Chelsea will have to keep the champagne on ice for at least a week after their seemingly inevitable progress towards the Premier League title was checked by a goalless draw away to Arsenal on Sunday.

Had they beaten their London rivals at the Emirates Stadium, Jose Mourinho’s men would have travelled to Leicester on Wednesday knowing that victory over the resurgent Foxes would have been enough to secure Chelsea’s first English title since 2010.

However, a win on Wednesday will set Chelsea up to take the Premier League trophy in front of their own fans should they also beat Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge next weekend.

Sunday’s fiery clash ended with Arsenal going level on points with second-placed Manchester City, with both clubs 10 points adrift of Chelsea, who like the Gunners have five league matches left to play this season.

The way in which Chelsea captain John Terry celebrated the result suggested the Blues — whose side featured former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas — had gained far more than a point.

The draw meant Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was still waiting for his first win over Mourinho, the Frenchman now having failed to record a victory in 13 meetings with his Portuguese counterpart.

Chelsea had three penalty appeals turned down and Arsenal one in the first half of a game which saw Mourinho put out a starting XI that contained no recognised strikers following injuries to Diego Costa and Loic Remy, with Didier Drogba not fully fit.

43) Man United down but not out in Champions League

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LONDON – Everton beat Manchester United 3-0 to dent their visitors’ hopes of direct entry into the Champions League.

Had United won on Merseyside, they would have climbed into second place.

But this defeat, their third in as many league visits to Goodison Park, left Louis van Gaal’s side fourth in the table with four matches to play as goals from James McCarthy, John Stones and Kevin Mirallas saw Everton rise into 10th place.

Only the top three teams in the Premier League at the end of the season go straight into the first round of the Champions League, with the side finishing fourth facing the prospect of a qualifying round.

United are not yet certain of fourth, given they lead Liverpool, who are fifth, by seven points having played a game more than their bitter rivals.

United manager van Gaal said his side, who’ve now lost seven league matches this season, had been out-fought by Everton.

“We have always had more fighting spirit on the pitch and I think that this is the first match that the other team have shown more of that than us,” the Dutchman told Sky Sports.

Delighted Everton manager Roberto Martinez said: “I thought we were well worth a three-goal lead and that speaks volumes. To keep the concentration for 90 minutes and keep a clean sheet was magnificent.”

It took Everton, who kicked-off 24 points behind United, just five minutes to open the scoring in front of their own fans as McCarthy, shrugging off a couple of flimsy challenges, beat United goalkeeper David de Gea.

Everton doubled their lead 10 minutes before halftime when Stones powered in a header from a corner.

The second half saw a 74th-minute goal from Belgium international Mirallas secure Everton’s victory.

44) Open attracts 64 professionals

The National, Tuesday April 28th, 2015

SIXTY-four professional golfers are confirmed to take part in the A$152,250 (K325,822) South Pacific Export Lager Papua New Guinea Open which starts on Thursday at the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club.
Tournament director Kevin Dunn said there were 69 professionals who had initially signed up but five had withdrawn last week.
Dunn said the professionals that line up for the richest tournament on the Australian Choice Hotels PGA Pro-Am Series — which the PNG Open was part of — include newly-crowned Morobe Open winner Daniel Nisbet.
The young Queenslander won the A$110,000 (K) Coca-Cola-sponsored Morobe Open following a three-hole playoff at the Lae Golf course over the weekend.
“The rise in stature of both events has been impressive and indicates Papua New Guinea’s passion for golf is on the incline,” Dunn said.
He said last year’s Open winner Kalem Richardson was one of the five golfers who had pulled out because of commitments on the Asian Tour.
“That opens the door for a strong field which includes Fiji international champion Steven Jeffress, Western Australia PGA champion Ryan Lynch, as well as young guns Kris Mueck, Tom Bond and Tim Hart.”
Past winners confirmed to have another crack at the 2015 Papua New Guinea Open include Australians Michael Wright (2009), Matthew Ballard (2011), Paul Spargo (2012) and Pieter Zwart (2013).
Dunn said PNG will once again have strong representation, with Nelson Gabriel and August Peni teeing it up.
Both local professionals will be looking to end the recent dominance Australian and New Zealand professionals have had on their premier professional golf tournaments.
He said a total 60 male and 26 female amateur golfers will take part in the four-day event as well.

45) O-League champions favour return to home and away format

28 April 2015

Auckland City football coach Ramon Tribulietx believes a return to a longer format, with home and away matches, would help boost the quality of the Oceania Champions League.

Auckland won their fifth consecutive O-League title at the weekend, beating Team Wellington in a penalty shootout in Suva.

Auckland City celebrate winning the 2015 Oceania Champions League title.

In order to keep costs down the entire competition was held in Fiji for the first time, with Auckland forced to play five matches in 16 days.

Ramon Tribulietx says mental and physical fatigue was a factor in this year’s condensed format and says the best way to develop the players and confederation is to play more games over a longer period.

“Having the opportunity to play home and away I think is probably the best way to experience the games. When we play away in Oceania – anywhere we play – we always have big crowds. [For] the final we didn’t have a big crowd because it was two New Zealand teams playing in Fiji so if we go back to what it was a couple of years ago, where we had group phase, then semi final and final, home and away, you were guaranteed a lot of very good games. That’s the best way you’re going to give you players and staff to develop at the highest level”.

Auckland City’s win means they will return to the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan in December, however whether Tribulietx is still with them is up in the air.

The Spaniard has yet to discuss renewing his contract and has been linked with the vacancy at Australian club Brisbane Roar.RNZI



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