NEMBIHIN TAK – CMB featuring Funky (2014)

Published on Aug 10, 2014

NEMBIHIN TAK – Cocoman’s Basement Featuring Funky (2014)

This is the second video to come out from CMB under the Nexuz Media label and it features brother Funky on the track and and audio composed and recorded at CMB Studios.

The song is sung in the Ahus Island dialect for most part but also features English and Tok Pisin. “Nembihin Tak” means “My Girl”.

Big shout out to NiusLink Media for the awesome footage they compiled from their travels around the North Western Islands of Manus Province – Amik Island/ Luf Island/ Lepon Island and numerous others around the North Western Islands.

Port Moresby footage features the CMB crew and Funky at various locations in Pom, being Manubada, Downtown Port Moresby, Pomis Campus with cutaways taken while traveling.

CMB Crew: Webster Do’o/ Micheal Pohonhelan/ Stanley Murray/ Charlie Rau

With Floyd “Funky” Manata

Song composed by: CMB/ Funky
Song recorded at: CMB Studios

Footage Shot by:
NiusLink Media (Manus Footage)
Nexuz Media (Port Moresby Footage)

Video Edited: Nexuz Media

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