Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1098 ( Thursday 21 May 2015 )


1) Bougainville President Calls For Immediate End To Travel Ban
Momis disputes Foreign Affairs claims Bougainvilleans welcome move

By Isaac Nicholas

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 21, 2015) – Bougainville President John Momis has called for an immediate lifting of the travel ban while Australia has indicated they are ready to hold talks with the PNG Government to resolve the dispute.

A spokesman for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in a short statement issued by the High Commission in Port Moresby today that “we hope to discuss this issue with the PNG Government in the coming days.”

“As Prime Minister (Peter) O’Neill commented last week, the broader bilateral relationship has never been in better shape.

“Our priority is a strong and prosperous Papua New Guinea. Our aid program to PNG is now our largest at A$553 million [US$437 million] in 2015-16. We have a significant and growing development program in Bougainville; almost 50 per cent higher than it was in 2012-13,” the statement said.

President Momis called in a separate statement for the lifting of the ban, dismissing Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato’s claim that the decision to restrict access for Australians to Bougainville had been well received by people on Bougainville.

Mr Momis said that he wanted, as a matter of urgency, to discuss the travel ban with Mr O’Neill and Mr Pato.

“I call on the Foreign Minister to lift the ban immediately, and to separately take steps to resolve the PNG dispute with Australia. There is no basis for the PNG Government to be harming Bougainville as a way of dealing with its misunderstanding with Australia,” he said.

Before leaving for the Pacific Islands Leaders meeting in Japan, Mr Pato said while PNG appreciated the Australian Governments support for development on Bougainville, this must be treated as separate from managing sensitivities of the peace process and elections.

“There are deep historical sensitivities about how the Bougainville crisis started particularly as this relates to Australia’s involvement through these decades,” Mr Pato said.

“This is living memory for many people and there are concerns which the Australian Government must understand and respect.

“The decision to ban Australian travel is easing fears and concerns that have been raised on Bougainville since Australia’s unilateral attempt to place a Foreign Mission in Bougainville.

“There are only two parties to the Peace Agreement; they are the National Government and the Bougainville people, and we are the parties that determine how implementation of peace building should proceed.”

He said the travel ban would only cause problems for PNG, Bougainville and Australia.

PNG Post-Courier

2) Activists arrested in West Papua – report

 21 May 2015

 There are reports from Indonesia’s West Papua province that a group of activists planning a peaceful demonstration in Manokwari have been arrested.

Local reports say the protest was in support of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua application to become a member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Locals reports suggest at least 39 activists were arrested and driven away to police headquarters.

According to a report from witnesses some activists were mistreated by police during the arrests.RNZI

3a ) Solomons Could Benefit Economically From West Papua In MSG

Natural resource wealth could be shared with all of Melanesia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, May 20, 2015) – The country could gain significant economic benefits if it supports West Papua’s submission for membership in one of the regional’s powerful body, the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

The sentiments were echoed by West Papua’s Independence activist and member of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), Jacob Rumbiak, in an exclusive interview last week.

Rumbiak who is once- upon- a- time a political prisoner and also an academic said, West Papua is rich in terms of natural resources.

He said, these resources could be shared with Melanesian countries through economic agreements if MSG members admitted West Papua into MSG.

Rumbiak revealed that the Copper mine Freeport in West Papua earns a total of USD250 billion annually and of that sum USD14 billion is paid every year as tax to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Rumbiak said, these big monies can benefit Solomon Islands and the Pacific region if the MSG members consider West Papua’s submission for membership of the MSG and the body to advocate for West Papua’s fight for Independence in the international arena.

Rumbiak added that the Freeport Copper Mine is just one of the many resources in West Papua.

The former freedom fighter said, natural resources are in abundance in other areas of West Papua, this including in Fulmamora, Arianta, Maloku and Papua.

Rumbiak, however, strongly added that these resources can only be tapped for the benefit of the MSG countries if West Papuans are in control of their sovereignty, dignity and liberty.

But Independent activist also stated that resources in Melanesia, let alone in West Papua, can be tapped if Melanesians are in control of their own sovereignty, dignity and liberty.

Rumbiak reiterated his call to the Prime Minister, Honorable Manasseh Sogavare, to vote for West Papua’s bid for membership citing it was the right thing to do.

Meanwhile a local group advocating for West Papua’s admittance into MSG and eventual Independence, the Solomon Islands Solidarity Movement for West Papua (SISMWP), has called on PM Sogavare to vote for West Papua’s bid for MSG’s membership.

The SISMWP strongly stated that the country’s vote for West Papua’s admittance as an MSG member is a moral obligation in light of the country’s fervent opposition to human rights violations.

Indonesia is amongst few of the countries in the world that continue to violate human rights and yet is shunned by so- called human rights advocators such as USA, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Solomon Star

3b) Sam nyus

Olgeta – Sam nyus:

Eleksen blong Luganville Munisipol Kaonsel mo Sanma Provins i stap kam kolosap
Long stat blong wik ia mi bin go long Santo blong mit wetem GJP Eksekutiv blong Luganville blong tokbaot preperesen blong Luganville Munisipol Eleksen we bae hemi stap long 21 Julae. Bae GJP i kontestem eleksen ia. Mi bin gat janis tu blong mekem wan aweanes long Port Olry towods Sanma Provinsel Eleksen tu – eleksen ia bae i stap long manis Oktoba mo bae GJP i kontestem eleksen ia tu. Long saed blong ol isiu blong graon mo niufala loa blong graon, mi mekem 3 aweanes: long Pepsi (Luganville) mo Fanfao mo Stone Hill.

Mi travel long ol miting ovasi
Mi stap travel ovasi naoia, blong patisipet mo toktok long 2 miting:

1) “Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development”, 21-22 May 2015, United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand. Long miting ia bae mi tokbaot niufala “National Sustainable Development Plan” (NSDP) we Vanuatu i stap divelopem naoia blong jenisim o riplesem “Priorities and Action Agenda” (PAA) long nekis yia 2016 kasem 2030. Mi mi “Co-Chair” blong NSDP “Core Group” we i stap manejem wok blong mekem NSDP, so bae mi tokbaot sam wok we yumi stap mekem naoia.

2) Inaugural General Meeting of the “Islands and Oceans Net (IO Net)”, 25-26 May, Ito International Research Centre, University of Tokyo, Japan. Long miting ia bae mi tokbaot hao yumi stap “recover” afta long Cyclone Pam, mo tu bae mi tokbaot isiu blong “Deep Sea Mining” mo wanem wok yumi stap mekem naoia blong divelopem wan polisi blong adresem isiu ia.

Palamen i sidaon long manis Jun
Palemen bae i sidaon stat long Fraede 29 Mei. Bae Extra-Odineri Sesen i go fastaem, afta bae Odineri Sesen i folem. Ating bae tufala Sesen i shud tekem 3 wik.

Ta, Ralph Regenvanu –


4) Niue Youth Network To Keep Culture Alive In New Zealand
20,000 Niueans live in NZ, only 1,500 reside in Niue

By Mabel Muller

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (Pacific Scoop, May 21, 2015) – A Niuean trust’s efforts to keep its threatened culture alive will now invest in a new youth network.

The Niuean Youth Network held its first fono two weeks ago in Mt Wellington, to gather and plan ways to entice young Niuean people to connect to their roots.

Statistics show that in 2011, just over 1500 Niueans were living in Niue, while more than 20,000 were living in New Zealand as of 2013.

A member of the network’s committee, Blake Wong-Ling, said the group was trying to promote and bring awareness to the Niuean language through several initiatives.

“Even if it was the use of one Niuean word each day, that’s a really good advancement for someone. Or just to feel confident enough to come out, to be Niuean,” said Wong-Ling.

The network falls under the authority of the Vagahau Niue Trust, a group developed by mamatuas (early New Zealand settlers from Niue), and was recently established to preserve the Niuean culture and language.

Chairperson of the Vagahau Niue Trust Mele Nemaia, said being organised and led by youth, for the youth, was what made the network special.

‘Hungry for culture’

“They’re hungry for their language, they’re hungry for their culture, they’re just hungry to be Niueans.”

The aim of the network is to provide a platform for young people to tap into their Niuean culture and learn more about their ethnic identity.

“I can see that these young people can take us forward but we need to nurture them. We need to look after them,” said Nemaia.

“We need to pass on some of the knowledge and wisdom that we have. We need to feed that through.”

Wong-Ling said the network is also designed to get as many people who identify themselves as both Niuean and youth, to participate by contributing any skills that could be an asset to them.

“We’re accountable to the youth as much as they’re accountable to the network”, said Wong-Ling.

“We saw a lot of people with a specific skill set, that we may require.”

Niuean roots

New Samoan, Māori and Niuean youth member Matt Apulu said his Samoan side has dominated his ethnic identity but he hopes the network will help him to grow in his Niuean roots.

“It was good for a plastic Niuean like me to be part of a programme that’s trying to bring the culture alive.”

The network is hoping to extend future fonos out to Wellington and Christchurch and Nemaia is certain it will be successful, if not in her lifetime, definitely in years to come.

“They are our future leaders.”

Mabel Muller is a final year student journalist at AUT University.

Pacific Scoop
All editorial and news content produced under the principles of Creative Commons. Permission to republish with attribution may be obtained from the Pacific Media Centre –

5) Cook Islands Continues Battle Against Chikungunya Virus
Insecticide spraying, information campaign stepped up

By Cameron Scott

RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (Cook Islands News, May 20, 2015) – The Cook Islands Public Health Service says it is doing its best to keep up with a programme to spray insecticide around the homes and workplaces of Chikungunya disease victims in a bid to control the spread of the debilitating virus.

And Public Health is upping its efforts to spread the message on the disease, providing information at Rarotonga International Airport to inform visitors about the viral disease and how to protect themselves against it, as well as putting up posters at key locations at the airport.

According to the Director of Community Health Services, Dr Neti Herman, efforts to control the spread of Chikungunya finally appear to be gaining ground.

Statistics compiled on May 18 show 521 people have contracted the virus in the last 20 weeks.

A total of 536 cases have been reported since October last year.

Rarotonga has been hardest-hit by Chikungunya with a total of 497 cases reported, with just six on Aitutaki, 16 on Rakahanga and two on Manihiki.

However it appears cases may have been under-reported and some people affected by Chikungunya are not going to the hospital or private doctors.

Dr Herman says the amount of new cases appears to fluctuate according to the weather, and shot up to peak at 73 during a bout of very wet weather several weeks ago, which would have caused a proliferation of the virus-spreading Aedes-aegytpi mosquito.

“Rarotonga is where the main problem is.

However last week, which was week 20 since the outbreak began, the number of new cases fell to 35, so the virus appears to be on the decline.”

The virus peaked in April when there was a lot of rain, but following an island-wide Tutaka health check on Rarotonga, cases began to drop. Victims are now spread around the island, with no areas appearing to be particularly hard-hit.

Dr Herman encourages island residents to keep their properties clean to cut down on the number of places where mosquitoes can breed.

“The problem is when something like this outbreak happens, people jump up and down about it, but then they don’t clean their properties.”

The Public Health Service is now considering widening the spraying programme to cover the entire island, block by block, but in the meantime, residents who want their properties sprayed should contact Public Health, Dr Herman says.

She says block spraying poses some problems as it is advisable for elderly and young babies to be kept clear while spraying is carried out, using the chemicals Key Pyrethrum and Key Delta Aqua.

“At present we are concentrating on prevention, and we’re hoping the outbreak will have settled down by the time it comes to the Constitution celebrations.

“We’re planning to spray around all the hostels, schools and other places where tere parties stay, and we will be continuing our efforts to inform people about Chikungunya thorugh Tv programmes, press releases and two local radio stations.

We also have pamphlets available.

“Considering the limited resources available to us, we think we are doing OK.

“We are doing all the work we can to contain the outbreak and we’d like to encourage the community to help us control the spread of Chikungunya.”

Cook Islands News

6) Cooks to boost Japan marketing

21 May 2015

The Cook Islands will turn its focus on Japan for its tourism marketing, with a group from the industry travelling to Tokyo for six days.

Representatives from Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, Turuma Pacific Travel Group, Manuia Beach Resort and the Edgewater Resort are to visit key wholesalers in the Japanese capital.

Turuma managing director, Robert Skews, says Japanese travellers are becoming more adventurous and rather than travelling in large groups as they once did, they are tending to opt for individual or small group travel.

Mr Skews says three Cook Islands dancers will be in Japan at the same time as the Rarotonga group and will perform at an annual dance festival, giving the country further exposure to potential visitors.RNZI

7) Samoa To Host Regional Youth Ministers Meeting In September

Commonwealth officials in country to prepare for meeting

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, May 20, 2015) – Samoa is gearing up to host the 8th Pacific Regional Youth Minister’s Meeting (CYMM) in September prior to the Commonwealth Youth Games in the same month.

Currently in Samoa are three members of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, overseeing the programme and events scheduled for the three day meeting.

The visiting Commonwealth officials had a joint press conference with the Minister for Women Community & Social Development (MWCSD) Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Leiataua and the Ministry this afternoon.

The three day programme will focus on the theme “Youth as Partners in Sustainable Small Island Development” which will target issues pertaining to the development of youth around the region.

These issues include:

  • Youth in the Post 2015 development agenda
  • Strengthening national youth policies
  • Youth participation and Peace building
  • Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Youth work professionalization
  • Climate change.

The meeting will have three key objectives.

One is to review the progress against the 8th CYMM recommendations, take stock of the current trends in youth development and to identify strategies and priorities for future action to advance youth empowerment in the commonwealth.

Secondly is to encourage ministers to “contribute to the global youth development agenda especially the post 2015 development processes.

And thirdly, to “provide the Minister s with the opportunities to share, celebrate and adopt good practice strategies, solution and models, and discuss challenges and concerns”

The meeting will bring together ministers, and government officials, youth representatives and selected youth development stakeholders from the region to share and dialogue on these issues.

One of the key elements of the meeting is the lead up to the new global post 2015 development framework being agreed upon.

Tolofuaivalelei said hosting the meeting is an opportunity for Samoa youth to participate and voice opinions on issues.

“Papua New Guinea hosted the last meeting which only saw a small contingent from Samoa, but with the meeting held in our country, local youths should utilise this opportunity,” said the Minister.

The meeting will run from the 1st to the 3rd of September 2015.

The Commonwealth Secretariat team include Sushil Ram, Commonwealth Secretariat Programme Manager of the Youth Affairs Division, Conference Manager Karen Williams and Harry James, the Pacific Youth Council Secretary.


8) France sets up Tahiti nuclear information commission

21 May 2015

France has set up a commission in French Polynesia to inform the general public about the aftermath of the French nuclear weapons tests on the atolls of Mururoa and Fangataufa.

The decision was made by the defence minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, for a commission to be established made up of 24 members and be chaired by the French High Commissioner in Papeete.

Between 1966 and 1996, France carried out 193 tests on the two atolls, which France now refuses to return and which remain no-go zones.

The commission, which is expected to meet one a year, will receive an annual report of the monitoring of the radiological and geomechanical risks of the former test sites.

France has been dogged by hundreds of compensation claims from test veterans but has rejected almost all applications.

In December, the French Polynesia assembly passed a resolution asking France to pay compensation for the environmental damage.

The High Commissioner immediately rebuked the assembly, saying the move could be seen as an unfriendly gesture towards the French state.

There are also fears that the atolls have been weakened by the blast and could collapse, triggering a tidal wave.RNZI


9) Clean Water A Priority For Recovering Kiribati Islands
Cabinet approves long-term recovery work after Cyclone Pam

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 21, 2015) – A Kiribati National Disaster manager says the top priority for the islands still recovering from cyclone Pam is ensuring greater access to clean water.

Tides of more than 2.9 metres flooded low-lying Kiribati islands at the end of February, with cylone Pam exacerbating problems, particularly on the south islands.

The Kiribati National Disaster Manager, Michael Foon, says immediately following the damage, water tanks were taken to the islands, with Tamana and Arorae most affected.

He says cabinet has just approved the next phase of long-term recovery work.

“Since the last response, there’s been a lot of rain, and that sort of assists getting people easier access to portable water. However, there are long-term recovery activities that are planned at the moment. We are working with the Australian High Commission here on Tarawa to deliver a few more rain water tanks to Tamana and Arorae, and that involves the means to harvest rain water.”

Michael Foon says the work will also include creating or fixing existing water systems, and piping the water to communities.

Radio New Zealand International


10) PNG Universiti sumatin imas helpim West Papua

Updated 21 May 2015, 13:28 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Oro provins Gavana Gary Juffa itok oli mas mekim despla long wonem ol bai lida blong tumora.

Odio: Gary Juffa Gavana blong Oro provins long PNG itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Ol sumatin long olgeta bikpla skul oa Universitis long Papua New Guinea imas sanap strong na autim sapot blong ol long wari blong ol pipal blong West Papua long wonem ol lida nau ilaik bihaenim Indonesia.

Despla em toktok blong wanpla politisan husat isave toktok tumas long wari blong West Papua na Gavana blong Oro provins, Mr Gary Juffa.

Gavana Juffa i mekim despla toktok tede bihaenim wanpla bikpla bung em ol sumatin blong University blong PNG ibin mekim aste nait.

Despla bung ibin kamap pastem long miting blong ol Sinia gavman ofisa blong ol Melanesian kantri tede long Port Moresby long lukluk long despla askim blong United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) long joinim Melanesian Spiahed Grup.

Long mun bihaen ol lida blong Melanesian spiahed grup bai lukluk na skelim gut despla askim blong United Liberation Movement for West Papua long bikpla miting blong ol long Solomon Islands.ABC

11) Fopla Solomon Islands Wokas istap nating long Australia

Updated 21 May 2015, 13:18 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Ol despla man ino gat visa long stap long Australia

Odio: Jack Ooi, Senior Trade Officer wantem Solomon Islands Ministry blong Foreign Affairs itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Fopla wokas blong Solomon Islands em oli  stap nating long Australia imas givim ol iet igo long Australian Imigreisan dipatman na go bek long ples.

Jack Ooi, Senior Trade Officer wantem Department blong  Trade, Ministry of blong Foreign Affairs i autim despla toktok  bihaen long fopla man husat ibin kam wok long Australia aninit long Pacific Island temporary wokas scheme i no wok moa na oli stap nating.

Solomon Islands i wanpla long ol kantri blong Pacific, olsem Fiji, Kiribati, PNG, Tonga na Vanuatu em oli save salim ol citizen blong ol long kam wok long Australia.

Ol ripot itok ol despla man bin stop long wok bihaenim kros wantem papa blong kampani em oli bin wok long en.

Jack Ooi, itok emi wari tu olsem pasin em despla fopla man i mekim bai kamapim heve long ol narapla Solomon Islands pipal husat i laik wok long Australia bihaen.ABC

12) Solomon Islands makim International Museum Day

Updated 21 May 2015, 13:55 AEST

Sam Seke

National Museum blong Solomon Islands tede i statim tripela de blong ol kainkain aktiviti blong makim International Museum Day.

Odio: Gavman Archaeologist long Solomon Islands National Museum, Lawrence Kiko i toktok itoktok wantem Sam Seke

National Museum blong Solomon Islands tede i statim tripela de blong ol kainkain aktiviti blong makim International Museum Day.

Bikpela toktok long International Museum Day we i pudaun long naba 18 long May, em i “Museum for a Sustainable Society”.

Gavman Archaeologist long museum, Lawrence Kiko i tok bikpela samting long tripela de ia em long mekim awaenes long pablik long trutru wok na impotant samting long museum.

Mr Kiko i tok ol aktiviti blong makim bikde blong museum long National Art Gallery long Honiara, em ol kastom singsing na danis.

Em i tok ol sumatin tu i raitim ol essay long wanem nau wok blong museum long tingting blong ol.ABC

13a) ABG Ileksan i pinis tasol Tasman pipal ino vout iet

Updated 21 May 2015, 13:37 AEST
Sam Seke

Ol vouting long Autonomous Bougainville Gavman ileksan i pinis nau na ol i wok long kisim ol ballot bokis igo long ol senta blong kauntim.

Odio: Aloysius Laukai bosman blong New Dawn FM long Bougainville itoktok wantem Sam Seke

Ol vouting long Autonomous Bougainville Gavman ileksan i pinis nau na ol i wok long kisim ol ballot bokis igo long ol senta blong kauntim.

Manager na ripota blong New Dawn FM radio long Bougainville, Aloysius Laukai i tok ol pipol blong Tasman atoll tasol ino vout yet.

Em i tok wanpela ship i lusim pinis Buka long aste long kisim igo ol ballot bokis na ol ileksan ofisol.

Laukai i tok kaunting long nothern rijin bai ol i mekim long Buka, Arawa long sentrol na Buin long south – long Tunde naba 26 long wik bihain.

Mr  Laukai istori moa long ol ileksan blong president na ol memba blong House of Representative long Autonomous Region blong Bougainville emi pinis nau.ABC



13b) Brèves du Pacifique – jeudi 21 mai 2015

Mis à jour 21 May 2015, 18:24 AEST

Caroline Lafargue

Manokwari: au moins 70 indépendantistes ont été arrêtés mercredi lors d’une manifestation pour l’admission de la Papouasie occidentale au Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance. 

L’information émane du quotidien indonésien “Jakarta Globe”. Les militants participaient à une manifestation à Manokwari, la capitale de la province de Papouasie occidentale (officiellement il existe 2 provinces papoues en Indonésie: la Papouasie et la Papouasie occidentale, NDLR). Objectif: faire pression sur le Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance, pour qu’il accepte la candidature de la Papouasie occidentale au sein du Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance. L’institution mélanésienne doit rendre sa décision en juillet. Or le gouvernement indonésien multiplie les pressions sur les pays mélanésiens, pour qu’ils bloquent la demande d’adhésion du mouvement uni de libération de la Papouasie occidentale. La police indonésienne accuse l’un des deux groupes de ce mouvement, d’être lié aux milices armées indépendantistes clandestines.
« Le Samoa américain doit rester sur la liste de l’ONU des territoires à décoloniser. » C’est ce qu’a déclaré le gouverneur samoan américain, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, lors de la conférence sur la décolonisation organisée par le comité de l’ONU au Nicaragua cette semaine. Les représentants des 16 autres territoires de la fameuse liste ont également fait le déplacement dans ce pays d’Amérique centrale. Selon Lolo Matalasi Moliga, les États-Unis ont apporté beaucoup de choses positives au Samoa américain, mais il est temps que le territoire obtienne un statut autonome. « Le statut actuel est intenable », estime le gouverneur. Lolo Matalasi Moliga a donné quelques exemples de dysfonctionnements institutionnels. Ainsi, le parlement local ne peut pas annuler un veto du gouverneur sans l’autorisation du gouvernement américain. Impossible, non plus, de modifier la Constitution du Samoa américain sans l’accord du Congrès américain.
Melbourne: des quartiers entiers interdits aux fumeurs. C’est la nouvelle politique anti-tabac de la mairie. En avril, elle a déjà interdit la cigarette dans trois rues du centre-ville. Elle envisage désormais d’étendre l’interdiction à deux pâtés de maison, sur la rue principale et très commerçante, Swanston Street. « Personne ne peut supporter de devoir se frayer un chemin parmi une quinzaine de fumeurs pour pouvoir pénétrer dans un immeuble », a estimé Robert Doyle, le maire de Melbourne. ABC

13c) Aborigènes: « le référendum est voué à l’échec »

Mis à jour 21 May 2015, 18:25 AEST

Caroline Lafargue

Le référendum sur la reconnaissance des Aborigènes dans la Constitution devrait avoir lieu en mai 2017. C’est la volonté du Premier ministre. Mais plusieurs parlementaires de la majorité sont pour le moins sceptiques. 

Le sénateur libéral, Cory Bernardi, prédit l’échec du référendum sur la reconnaissance
Tony Abbott a promis de « suer sang et eau » pour obtenir la reconnaissance constitutionnelle des Premiers Australiens. Ça fait au moins deux ans qu’on en parle. Mais la campagne publique pour le référendum de 2017 n’a pas encore démarré. Or, selon Mick Gooda, il y a urgence. Il est le commissaire à la justice sociale pour les Aborigènes et les indigènes du Détroit de Torrès:
« Il faut donner une impulsion au processus. Si nous ne nous dépêchons pas, nous allons nous retrouver dans une situation de stagnation, et l’opinion publique va tout simplement se désintéresser de ce référendum. Il faut à tout prix empêcher cela. » 
Tony Abbott a promis d’ouvrir des consultations avec les représentants aborigènes et les députés d’opposition à la fin juin. Mais il devra aussi négocier avec les députés et sénateurs de sa propre majorité. Car ce matin, le Libéral Cory Bernardi a jeté un pavé dans la mare:
« Tout ce qui a pour but de diviser notre pays, de faire des différences entre les races – et c’est le cas de ce projet de référendum, est voué à l’échec. Et d’ailleurs je peux vous dire que quasiment personne ne parle de ce référendum au sein de la majorité. Il n’intéresse personne dans le parti libéral, et de manière générale, en Australie. » 
Le sénateur ultra conservateur n’exclut pas de mener la campagne contre la reconnaissance constitutionnelle des Aborigènes. Le Garde des Sceaux, George Brandis, se prépare donc à une bataille politique difficile:
« Nous devons convaincre les sceptiques, et il faut prendre en compte l’opinion des gens qui ont des convictions conservatrices, et organiser un débat lent et raisonnable. » 
Pour l’instant bien sûr, impossible de savoir quel sera l’intitulé de la question de ce référendum. Quoi qu’il en soit, si l’Australie refuse de reconnaître les Premiers Australiens dans la Constitution, alors l’Australie sera « une nation diminuée », a déclaré Tony Abbott. ABC


14) EU says ball in Pacific’s court for EPA

21 May 2015

The European Union’s Ambassador to the Pacific says it’s up to Pacific countries to decide how to go forward with an Economic Partnership Agreement.

Andrew Jacobs says negotiations, which began nearly 11 years ago, have reached a stalemate and are still a long way from being concluded.

The secretary general of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dame Meg Taylor, says the EU’s Trade Commissioner has proposed a three year deferral, which she says is unacceptable.

But Mr Jacobs says discussions have been going around in circles for months, and a break would give the Pacific a chance to discuss and decide how to go forward.

“We’re very happy to sit around tables and to talk when there is something that we can focus on. But I know that the trade commissioner didn’t feel that at the moment that given the lack of progress recently on the agreement, that it would be a very profitable use of peoples time and our resources.”

Andrew Jacobs says the EU has written to Tonga’s trade minister, who is currently chairing the Pacific side of the negotiations, and is waiting for a response.RNZI


15) Sign language becomes an official language in PNG

21 May 2015

Papua New Guinea’s government has officially endorsed sign language as the country’s fourth official language, alongside English, Tok Pisin and Motu.

The religion, youth and community development minister, Delilah Gore, says this will allow speech and hearing-impaired people to ensure their needs and rights are heard.

The Post Courier reports a senior inclusive resource officer, Christine Kenia, welcoming the announcement, saying the deaf community in PNG has waited too long for their rights to be heard.RNZI


16) PNG Treasury To Review Budget Due To Funding Shortfall
Drop in global commodity prices leads to necessary cuts

By Isaac Nicholas

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 21, 2015) – The PNG Treasury has indicated that a budget review is in the train and consultations will be held soon with the departments to see where the cuts will be made.

The review will be the basis of a Supplementary Budget to be presented by the Treasurer to Parliament for approval.

The announcement yesterday would come as a relief for Opposition Leader Don Polye who had been calling repeatedly this year on the Government to review the Budget.

Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele announced the Supplementary Budget planning in light of the drastic fall in world commodity prices that had also affected revenue as well as PNG’s international rating. He said Moody’s Investor Service Ratings had reaffirmed PNG’s B1 rating, although had changed the outlook to negative from stable.

He said maintaining the overall B1 foreign currency and local currency issuer ratings was a positive outcome in the face of the drastic fall in global commodity prices that had impacted on many countries.

“The reality is that a whole world is undergoing a rebalancing in reaction to the downturn in global commodity prices,” Mr Vele said in a statement.

“We are not immune to the world pricing landscape and also have commenced the process of reviewing where we are and what we need to amend to achieve the growth, stability and prosperity that we have enjoyed over the last 14 years.

Mr Vele, when giving further indications of a Budget cut, said Government would ensure that essential services and infrastructure commitments were met but to live within the means necessary, given the current circumstances.

He said the increase in the debt level was temporary as new infrastructure neared completion, and debt would reduce as older debt was retired.

“As a Government we are determined to restore the vital infrastructure of our country, and if this causes a temporary increase in debt that is a fair trade-off for restoring services to the people,” he said.

“The main issue is of course that we are putting our debt program to address the productive areas of our economy. We are focusing on enabling infrastructure and ensuring that we are touching the lives of our people.”

Mr Vele said while maintaining stability in the exchange rate had been a challenge, the measures implemented by the central bank were meeting their intended policy aim.

“BPNG aimed to bring some stability to the cost of foreign exchange transactions and reduce the risk posed by currency speculators who can use vast amounts of capital to profiteer from our economy,” Mr Vele said.

“After the initial noise, I can honestly say that all stakeholders are working towards a progressive and stable foreign exchange controls regime.”

PNG Post-Courier

17) PNG deputy governor ousted in vote of no confidence

21 May 2015

The West Sepik provincial assembly in Papua New Guinea has ousted the deputy governor, Paul Nengai, in a vote of no confidence.

He has been replaced by the East Coast-Aitape local government president, Sylvester Apiep.

The newspaper, The National, says Mr Nengai was voted out by 12 LLG presidents plus the acting governor, Belden Namah.

Until last month, Mr Nengai had been the acting governor for two years, until Mr Namah was elected to the position by the assembly.

However, that appointment is disputed, with Mr Nengai saying that election was improper and so Mr Namah’s acting governorship was therefore illegal.

A by-election for West Sepik governor is currently underway.RNZI

18) Ratu Naiqama suspended

Nasik Swamy
Friday, May 22, 2015

Update: 12:16AM OPPOSITION MP and Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu has been suspended from Parliament.

This after Parliament passed a motion by Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to suspend Ratu Naiqama based on the recommendation of the Privileges Committee.

According to the sanctions part of Ratu Naiqamas suspension, he is not allowed to enter Parliament precincts including the Opposition Office until the suspension expires.

In an almost six hour sitting which ended at 9.30pm tonight, 27 MPs voted in favour of the motion, 18 opposed and four did not vote.

Ratu Naiqama uttered a slur against the Speaker Dr, Jiko Luveni during SODELPAs constituency meeting last week. Fijitimes

19) Fiji minister out of job after one week

21 May 2015

There is uncertainty in Fiji surrounding a government realignment after a new assistant minister lost her position a week after being sworn in.

Jilila Kumar, who is a former vice principal, was made the assistant education minister after she joined parliament.

However, she no longer holds the position and has declined to tell Fiji media whether she resigned or was sacked.

She told FBC News that queries were to be directed to the FijiFirst general secretary, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.RNZI


20) iTaukei Land Trust Board To Subdivide Landowners Property
Landowners in Qauia object to move despite TLTB’s authority

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, May 21, 2015) – Control of all native land is vested in the TLTB and all such land shall be administered by it for the benefit of the Fijian (iTaukei) owners.

This is contained in the iTaukei Land Trust Act Section 4(1) in the revised edition of 1985 which gives the iTaukei Land Trust Board powers to administer native land.

This empowers the TLTB to subdivide land outside of native reserve, which it plans to do at Qauia contrary to the wishes of landowners there.

About 300 families living in Qauia settlement on the outskirts of Lami Town will be given residential leases after the TLTB subdivides the land and leases them out.

TLTB official Akuila Raibevu told landowners about this plan during a roadshow last week.

Landowners of Qauia, later informed Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) MPs who visited them last Friday of this.

Member of the Naseuvou landowning unit Kolinio Nakarawa said they did not want the land to be subdivided as it was given out by their forefathers.

Mr Nakarawa said despite landowners’ opposition to the subdividing of land at Qauia, TLTB officials told them the process would go ahead.

A TLTB official told this newspaper they worked according to the powers vested in the board by the Act.

Fiji Times Online.


21) Solomon Islands Planning ‘Trade Show For NGOs’
Civil Society to strengthen relations with government, public

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, May 20, 2015) – The Development Services Exchange (DSE) over the past months had gathered non-government organisations (NGOs) together and established a committee for the civil society organizations (CSO) open day, in other words, a trade show for NGOs.

This three days event is scheduled to kick off next week from Tuesday 26th May to Thursday 28th of May.

This is the second of planned annual CSO open day event supported by Oxfam Solomon Islands.

The aim is to strengthen links and relationships between CSOs and the national government in Solomon Islands. It is also an avenue for the public to be aware of the work of civil societies in the country.

The CSO open day will include interesting activities organized by various international, national, community based and church-based organizations including an official opening program, band performances, information sharing, games and many other fun activities for the public.

DSE General Secretary Nancy Jolo during the first meeting said, having these kinds of events open up space and opportunities for civil societies to have meaningful dialogue and communicate development ideas with the national government, private sectors and partners.

“It is also an opportunity for the public to better understand roles that different NGOs play in the development of the country and at the same time, having fun in a friendly space.”

Also speaking on behalf of the committee, event coordinator Neil Nuia expressed his appreciation to supporters of the event. “This year’s theme is about strengthening collaboration between development partners including our national government, private sectors, NGOs, donors and communities.

“So far, we have support coming in from Bmobile/Vodafone, Solbrew providing soft drinks, transportation support from Live & Earn and People with Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWDSI).

The committee is made up of representatives from Save the Children, Oxfam, SIPPA, Live & Learn, PWDSI, READ Solomon Islands, SIIPHRA, The Bahai Faith, SIDT, World Vision, Vois Blo Mere Solomons and DSE.

They were identified and chosen based on the expertise and sectors they represent.

Solomon Star

22a) Call for diversity in business

The National, Thursday May 21st, 2015

TRADE, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru has called on executives and members of business councils from Papua New Guinea and Australia to diversify their investments particularly in large scale farming, processing of dairy products and manufacturing.
He said this during the opening of the recent 31st Australia-Papua New Guinea Business Forum and Trade Expo held in Lae, Morobe.  More than 120 chief executive officers business leaders both from PNG and Australia attended the Forum and Trade Expo.
Maru said Australia is PNG’s largest trading partner with exports to PNG valued at A$2.5 billion (K5.3bn) and PNG exports to Australia stands at A$3 billion (K6.4bn).
“The trade imbalance is clearly in Australia’s favour,” he said.
“If we cannot take any corrective action our trade deficit and trade imbalance will continue to grow in Australia’s favour.
“In terms of investment, I want to thank the Australian private sector for the confidence in investing in our country to help us create employment and generate income and wealth creation opportunities for our people.
“Our statistics showed that Australia had invested heavily in the construction, recreational and entertainment, mining and petroleum activities.
“Current records for 2014 showed a total of 132 approvals for Australian companies alone to do business in PNG.”
Maru further invited Australian firms to partner with PNG businesses and invest into priority areas which will bring the cost of doing businesses down and create more business opportunities.
He said his ministry will be happy to assist Australia’s private sector to invest in the country’s sectors like agriculture, tourism services and manufacturing.

22b) APNG stocks suspended

The National, Thursday May 21st, 2015

The Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX) has suspended the securities of Airlines PNG (APNG) from trading yesterday.
POMSoX’s acting general manager Vincent Ivosa said: “The company faced a similar delay in 2014 and applied for and was granted suspension.
“The board thought that suspension was equally appropriate in this case.
“Accordingly, the board has decided to suspend APNG from the Official List until its Annual Report is despatched to security holders.
“POMSoX informed APNG that timely financial statements are essential for an informed market, and it has the responsibility under the Listing Rules to preserve that principle for the protection of investors.
“The POMSoX board took into account that APNG has a prospectus pending before the Securities Commission for a renounceable rights issue.”
Airlines PNG made an application to POMSoX to seek a waiver of its Listing Rules to submit and circulate its annual report to shareholders. Chief commercial officer Paul Abbot said: “Our (APNG’s) request for an extension to filing our annual report while we wait for the audit to be completed.
“We anticipate that this will be completed shortly at which stage we can lodge our annual report and resolve this issue.”

22c) Call for more SME training

The National, Thursday May 21st, 2015

Papua New Guineans have to be trained and prepared before being involved in small to medium businesses, an entrepreneurial trainer said.
That way, the country’s economy can be improved, he said.
Entrepreneurial Development Training Centre trainer Paul Wiau said establishing credit facilities and giving money to ambitious citizens participating in the SME sector would not make SMEs work.
“SMEs will not work because the people are not prepared, preparation of the people is missing,” he said.
“Where is the preparation of the people before you put money into their hands?
“The viability of that person is just as important as the viability of the business he is involved in.
“They are putting the cart before the horse.
“We need an entrepreneurial class in this country, we need human assets and personal viability training is designed to do just that, to develop people become assets to themselves, their families, their community, their church, to their company or business or whatever.
“The formula is this, a viable person and a viable business equals success,” he said.
“Our government and the leaders are placing natural resources development ahead of human development, they are placing infrastructure ahead of development,” he said.


23) Biggest multi purpose hall to be built at Epauto

By Len Garae

Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 1:00 pm

The hassle of finding a large enough venue for big combined meetings in Efate is soon to end when the long awaited auditorium is finally built opposite Epauto Junior Secondary School.

The South Pacific Division has finally endorsed the plans submitted by the Vanuatu Mission, and to show their commitment to see the hall become a reality, SPD has allocated extra funding to put up an approximately 70 million vatu or so structure.

The hall, which will be three and a half times the size of Ex-FOL building and sits around six thousand or more people, will also feature an inbuilt grandstand, a conference room, a kitchen, toilets and Hope Channel/Radio Studio.

The hall is aligned to the school playground which can be used in bigger events.

Communication Director, Vanuatu MissionSimon Luke says “Work is now underway to tender out the project, sign contracts with successful bidders and contractors, constructors and material suppliers.

“It is envisaged that when all these are put in place the construction will not take long as the materials will have been cut to size and length and will simply be bolted”.

This project will see Epauto site undergoing major re-developments to feature parks areas, drainages and roads.

Parents and students can rest assured that the rough road up the hill will finally be cemented and tar sealed.Vanuatu Daily Post.

24) Work on shopping complex progressing well

The National, Thursday May 21st, 2015

THE Simbu government and general merchandised company CBL’s deal in developing a supermarket and wholesale property in Kundiawa is coming along nicely, provincial administrator Joe Kunda says.
He said the provincial government and CBL had entered an agreement last year in which the company would build a supermarket and wholesale property  at the cost of over K5.2 million on government land at Wara market.
The agreement, signed between Kunda and CBL group director Chen Bang Liang, is for a 30-year lease after which the property would be given to the provincial government.
The building would house a groceries supermarket, a bakery, stationery, mini-mart, restaurant, food bar as well as a butchery, wholesale and hardware shops.
Liang said CBL had been operating in the province for the last 10 years and had expanded operations to Jiwaka and West New Britain.
“Since we began operation in Chimbu, we want to have our
headquarters here and are committed to invest in the province,” he said.
“After 30 years of operation, we will give the property to the people of Chimbu through the provincial government.”
He said about 50 workers would be recruited during the construction phase and expected to employ 150 employees for the production
Liang thanked Kunda, Governor Noah Kool, the provincial management team, Provincial Executive Council (PEC), Provincial Lands and Physical Planning board and those who helped to arrive at the signing of the agreement.
CBL public relations officer Brown Siwi said the agreement is a first for the province and the investment will be one of the single largest in Kundiawa town to serve the people over the next 30 years.
He added that CBL would pay land rates at K4000 per month.


25a) Sorcery suspects in jail

The National, Thursday May 21st, 2015

SEVEN men have been in police cells and another in hospital in East New Britain for almost two months after community members attacked them over sorcery-related issues, police said.
They have been kept there for their safety as community members were still angry.
East New Britain police commander Supt Anthony Wagambie told The National in Kokopo yesterday that seven men were in the police cells at the Kerevat Police Station after members of their community had mobilised and attacked them.
The seven are from Napapar No 5 and one from Napapar No 4 but all from the same family, he said.
Police reports said community members rounded the seven men up after suspecting them of practicing sorcery for some time.
The other was attacked by the villagers.
Wagambie said the attacked man was badly injured as he was beaten with sticks, stone and sharp objects.
Wagambie said all of them were between the ages of 30 and 50 years.
Wagambie said they were kept in the cells  because police and the community were yet to establish facts to provide evidence to enable arrests and charges.

25b) Court clears foreigner of charges

The National, Thursday May 21st, 2015

The Waigani National Court has cleared a  foreigner of charges relating to false pretence and misappropriation.
Go Kem San was charged with procuring documents by false pretence and misappropriation of property in Port Moresby in 2013.
Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, reaching the verdict, said he found San not guilty on both charges.
Sir Gibbs said San, on June 2013, was alleged to falsely and fraudulently represented Margarida Timber Ltd to sign a document relating to premiums.
In fact, the document was a letter for certification of a foreign company at Investment Promotion Authority known as Delta Timber Ltd.
Sir Gibbs, who considered the principal witness’ statement, said San did not force the witness to sign the document.
The witness, Inubi Aruba, the chairman of Margarida Timber Association, signed the document on his own accord but he did not know the content of the document.
“There is no evidence from Aruba that he was forced to sign the document by the accused,” Sir Gibbs said. “It appears to me that Aruba’s signature was obtained at his own accord that if he did not sign the document, he would miss out on the levies and premiums.
“Money was the motivation for signing the document on his own accord.
“I therefore, find the accused not guilty on the count one,”
Sir Gibbs said between Nov 2013 and Jan 2014, San was alleged to have applied to his own use his passport, which was subject to trust and direction of the Waigani district court.
San’s passport was in the court’s custody after he was charged with count one.
However, for medical reasons, he had to travel overseas for medication.
A man on behalf of San presented a letter and a medical referral to the court clerk to obtain the passport.
“The accused used the passport to travel overseas for medical reasons.”
Sir Gibbs said the process to obtain the passport was proper.
“I do not see how it can be said that his use of his own passport was dishonest.”


26) Solomons Opposition Suspicious Of Bauxite Export Approval
Indonesian company allowed to export ‘without a valid license’

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, May 20, 2015) – The Parliamentary Opposition Group has questioned the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and his Cabinet on why PT Mega Bintang Borneo Limited has been allowed to export Bauxite from Solomon Islands without a valid license.

The Indonesian mining company has been stockpiling bauxite from a West Rennell mine under its mining lease and prospecting license which was cancelled earlier this month.

In a statement today, the Parliamentary Opposition says Cabinet’s decision also raises more questions as it contradicts statements made by the Secretary to Cabinet and the Permanent Secretary of Mines who both said they were not aware of the Cabinet decision to allow the export.

The Opposition says this makes the Prime Minister and his Cabinet’s decision highly suspicious.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Opposition says it is calling on Prime Minister Sogavare and the Democratic Coalition for Change Government to justify their decision to allow the unlicensed investor to export the bauxite.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation

27) Miner’s PanAust stake lifts to 76pc

The National, Thursday May 21st, 2015

CHINESE miner Guangdong Rising Asset Management (GRAM) has acquired 76 per cent of PanAust shares, solidifying its hold on the copper miner after last week increasing its stake incrementally from 55.6 per cent.
In the latest update of the acquisition of the Australian miner’s shares by GRAM, PanAust stated that as at Monday, GRAM had exceeded more than half of the total interest shares held, resulting in the offer period being extended to another two weeks for the remaining shareholders.
According to a company statement, all independent PanAust directors had accepted or intended to accept the GRAM offer and had urged all the remaining shareholders to take it.
GRAM had indicated that it intended to acquire any outstanding PanAust shares.
Although having more than half of PanAust share, GRAM would not be entitled to acquire the remaining shares that have not been accepted into the offer, PanAust stated.
PanAust said that GRAM can only be able to compulsorily acquire these shares if it manages to have in its possession, more than 90 per cent of shares. With the ownership of 76 per cent, GRAM is now unrestricted to cast the majority of
votes at a general meeting of PanAust, enabling it to control the composition of PanAust’s board of directors and senior management.
PanAust stated that this would see GRAM control the strategic direction of the business of PanAust and its subsidiaries.
PanAust is the lead developer of the Frieda River copper-gold project in West Sepik.


28) Groups want everyone to join effort to protect women, girls

The National, Thursday May 21st, 2015

a not-for-profit human development organisation, FHI360, and the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee are working to promote gender sanitising and want everyone to join the fight to eradicate gender-based violence (GBV) in the country.
A consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council and Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee expert on GBV Isi Oru said there was a high number of violence incidents in the country because wife-beating was accepted as a norm.
He said some were even murdered.
“About 73 per cent of adult women were murdered between 1979 and 1982, killed by husbands and almost all homicides committed by women during that time were murders of their husbands in retaliation for long-term violent mistreatment,” he said.
“Oru said that gender-based violence was “everywhere in the country”.
“It varies from province to province and across all levels of status.
“The Government has responded by passing the Family Protection Act 2013, but it is still not enough.
“The media, non-governmental organisations, government departments and the public have to work together to eradicate gender-based violence,” he said.
Oru said it was time the community stopped turning a blind eye to GBV, with the excuses that it was a family issue.
“Wife beating is a crime,” he said.
“It is not a family issue, it is an assault and we have to start doing something about it for the sake of our mothers, sisters and daughters,” he said.
Oru made a call for Gender Based Violence survivors to come forward and seek help.
“GBV is a cycle. If he hits you once, he will hit you again so come forward and deal with the issue so that it does not continue,” Oru said.
“Gender-based violence results in many deaths and health problems.
Do not be silent,” Oru said.


29) PNG Lewas grateful for match-play in Samoa

21 May 2015

The Papua New Guinea women’s cricket team is looking forward to some much needed match-practice during their two week tour of Samoa.

The Lewas play two Twenty20 matches today, against the Samoan women’s team and the Samoan U19 men’s team.

Head coach Rodney Maha says this is their first international match since the East Asia Pacific tournament in Japan 12 months ago.

He says all the construction work in Port Moresby for the Pacific Games means they have not been able to train properly back home, so a tour abroad is just what they needed.

“We have no grounds to train on. We’ve done a lot of work in our indoor nets, and also a little bit of fielding [but] what we haven’t done is play some matches before coming here. We hope to get as much playing time here so we can take it over to just before the Games in Port Moresby”.

Rodney Maha says taking on the men’s team will be an especially good test for his players, both physically and mentally.RNZI

30) Fiji sevens team pay-out

By Online Editor
01:31 am GMT+12, 20/05/2015, Fiji

The Vodafone Fijian 7s team will receive their official bonus from major sponsor Vodafone Fiji today.

This was confirmed by Vodafone chief marketing officer Sanjeewa Perera while responding to questions on when the players would receive their financial incentives.

“The team will receive the bonus tomorrow (today) when they arrive in the country and the handover will be from a Vodafone representative to the Fiji Rugby Union representative.”

Vodafone chief executive officer Pradeep Lal conveyed his congratulations to national 7s coach Ben Ryan and the players for their achievements.

“On behalf of Vodafone and our consortium partners Fiji Airways, CJ Patel, HFC, TFL and our dedicated fans we congratulate the team, coach Ben Ryan and the officials for a job well done. Vinaka vakalevu, for making every Fijian proud of our achievements.

“The tremendous success is a result of the hard working board and management, absolute commitment by coach Ben Ryan with the utmost dedication and sacrifice by our boys.”

Lal went on to express Vodafone’s pride at being associated with a winning team.

“To win the Sevens World Series in the very first year after our return as FRU sponsors after a lapse of nine years is truly a magnificent feeling. This is a good omen for our sponsorship partnership with FRU.

“With the 15s Rugby World Cup scheduled later this year and Olympic Games next year, the World Rugby 7s win set a firm foundation to build on the winning performances.

“This was Vodafone’s aspirations in February 2014 when we partnered with the consortium of companies to sponsor Fiji Rugby.

“Now, we are now bearing the fruits of our unprecedented millions of dollars of investment into the sport that ignites the passion in every Fijian and unites the nation like no other. We are proud to share the winning feeling with every Fijian who loves our rugby and country.”

Lal added that they would stand by the national 7s team as they embarked on the road to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“The whole of Fiji with Vodafone and its consortium of partners await the return of our heroes to a grand fiesta upon their return on Thursday,” he said.

“It’s been a long season and we would like to reward and recognise the players in the best way possible. As we look in earnest to the road to Rio Olympics, 2016, Vodafone Fiji hopes to be the ladder to support the team in flying the Fijian flag at its highest ever.


31) Ex coach believes Tahiti can contend at Beach Soccer World Cup

21 May 2015

The former Tahiti beach soccer coach Angelo Schirinzi believes the territory can be a contender at this year’s World Cup in Portugal.

Schirinzi guided the Tiki Toa to a fourth place finish at the 2013 tournament in Papeete, which was played in front of packed home crowds.

He was back in Tahiti this month in his role as player-coach with the Swiss national team, who prevailed in both matches against the Tiki Toa at the weekend.

Angelo Schirinzi says despite no longer having any formal role with Tahiti, he will always have an on-going relationship with the team.

“It’s a special situation because I worked a lot and had a nice time with Tahiti – spent a beautiful time at the World Cup – but coming back with Switzerland was, on the one hand, good for us to prepare and the other hand it was also, for me, it’s a special situation because Tahiti players they also play in the Swiss national league, so they are good friends and of course it was a nice time to be there and go back”.RNZI


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