Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1100 ( Wednesday 27 May 2015 )


1a) Jenis long voting long Port Vila

Olgeta –

I gat 2 bill o niufala loa long Palemen nekis manis we bae oli jenisim fasen blong vot long Port Vila.

Bill for the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act No. of 2015

Bill ia bambae i jenisim elekorol baondri blong Port Vila konstituensi i kambak long baondri blong Port Vila Munisipol Kaonsel. Hemia i minim se yufala we yufala i gat red kard mo yufala stap vot long konstituensi blong Port Vila be yufala liv aotsaed long baondri blong Munisipal, bae yufala i mas gobak long blu kard mo vot long Efate Rural konstituensi long 2016. Hemia i minim yufala we i stap liv long Blaksan, Manples, Bladinieres, Prima, Beverley Hills, Bellevue, Etas, Teoumaville, etc. Gavman i nid blong mekem jenis ia from yufala we yufala i gat red kard mo stap liv aotsaed long Munisipol baondri, loa we i stap naoia i karemaot ‘fundamental right’ blong yufala we i stap long Konstitysuen blong save vot long lokol gavman mo tu nasonal gavman. Naoia i stap, yufala i no save vot long lokol gavman – yufala i no save vot long Shefa Provins eleksen mo yufala i no save vot long Port Vila Munisipol eleksen tu. Jenis ia bae i givimbak ‘fundamental right’ blong yufala we i stap long Konstitysuen blong vot long lokol gavman mo tu nasonal gavman. Bae yufala save vot long Shefa Provinsel eleksen mo tu nasonal eleksen.

Jenis long loa ia bae i minim se mi bae mi lusum bitim 600 vota blong mi we naoia bae oli mas go bak long blu kard.  Yufala ol vota blong mi we bae yufala go bak long blu kard, bae mi askem yufala blong vot long MP Gillion long Efate Rural, mo mi mo MP i stap kam araon finis long ol eria blong yufala blong talemaot hemia long yufala.

Narafala samting we Kaonsel blong Minista i agri long hem tu se long 2016 bambae mifala karemaot 1 jea blong MP long Port Vila konstituensi mo givim jea ia long Efate Rural konstituensi. Hemia i minim se bae Port Vila konstituensi i nomo gat 6 MP – bae i go daon long 5 – mo Efate Rural konstituensi i nomo gat 4 MP – bae i go antap long 5. Hemia blong luksave nomo jenis blong ol baondri ia mo ol 1000’s pipol we bae oli go bak long blu kard mo i nid blong gat 1 moa MP blong lukaotem olgeta.

Bill ia bambae i jenisim elekorol baondri blong Luganville konstituensi tu i go bak long baondri blong Luganville Munisipol Kaonsel, so ol vota wetem red kard long ples olsem Banban, Shograon, Aore, etc, bae oli mas go bak long blu kard. Be namba blong MP blong Luganville bae i stap semak long 2.

Bill for the Municipalities (Amendment) Act No. of 2015

Bill ia bambae hemi jenisim fasen blong vot from 1 riserv jea blong ol woman long wan-wan ward blong Munisipol Kaonsel. Long nekis Munisipol eleksen long 2017, bae yumi no vot 2 taem olsem we yumi bin mekem long 2013 Port Vila Munisipol eleksen (wan taem blong open jea, wan taem blong riserv jea). Bae yumi vot 1 taem nomo, be woman we i karem hae-est namba aot long evri woman we i ron long ward bae hemi eleked tu olsem kaonsela wetem hemia (man o woman) we i winim open jea.

Niufala sistem blong vot ia bae yumi yusum fastaem long Luganville Munisipol eleksen long 21 Julae long yia ia.

Ta, MP Ralph Regenvanu & Vanuatu’s Minister of Lands and Natural Resources//

1b) Palamen i sidaon stat long Fraede

Olgeta –

Long Fraede 29 Mei bae 1st Ekstra-odineri Sesen blong Palamen blong 2015 bae i stat. Mi sua se bae Oposisen i boykot long Fraede, minim se bae Palamen i stat nomo long Mande 1 Jun (3 dei afta, folem Konstityusen).

1st Ekstra-odineri Sesen bae i sidaon 1 wik nomo, afta bae 1st Odineri Sesen blong 2015 i stat long Mande 8 Jun.

1st Ekstra-odineri Sesen bae i lukluk long olgeta bill o niufala loa ia:

1. Bill for the Supplementary Appropriation (2015) Act No.  of 2015
2. Bill for the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (Amendment) Act No.   of 2015
3. Bill for the Citizenship (Amendment) Act No.   of 2015
4. Bill for the Government Remuneration Tribunal (Amendment) Act No.   of 2015
5. Bill for the Police (Amendment) Act No.   of 2015
6. Bill for the Public Land Transport Act No.   of 2015
7. Bill for the Statute Law Miscellaneous Provisions Act No.   of 2015
8. Bill for the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act No.   of 2015
9. Bill for the Municipalities (Amendment) Act No.   of 2015

1st Odineri Sesen bae i lukluk long olgeta bill o niufala loa ia:

1. Bill for the Shipping (Amendment) Act No. of 2015
2. Bill for the International Companies (Amendment) Act No. of 2015
3. Bill for the Stamp Duties (Amendment) of 2015
4. Bill for the Charitable Association (Amendment) Act No. of 2015
5. Bill for the Planted Forest Act No. of 2015
6. Bill for the Energy Efficiency of Electrical Appliances, Equipment and Lighting Products Act No. of 2015
7. Bill for the Industrial Development (Amendment) Act No. of 2015
8. Bill for the Business Names (Amendment) Act No.    of 2015
9. Bill for the National Youth Council Act No. of 2015
10. Bill for the Commercial Government Business Enterprise Act No.   of 2015
11. Bill for the Kava (Amendment) Act No.   of 2015

Sipos yu intres blong luk eni bill ia, email i kam long mi mo bae mi sendem long yu.

Bae yufala gat janis blong lisen long Palamen long Radio Vanuatu o yu save watjem long intanet long

Ta, MP Ralph Regenvanu & Vanuatu’s Minister of Lands and Natural Resources//

2) Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 26 May 2015

by bobmakin

  • The government has asked the University of the South Pacific to enable secondary teachers to have further training in their subjects of preference. This is to ensure they have a suitable qualification. USP has responded it will be able to provide an upgrade programme in Education from Semester 2.
  • The Central Office of Information has advised the government there will be a need to protect children by law from much of the internet offering on-line.
  • The Port Vila Municipality is laying off staff to save the present huge expense of salaries. From ten million vatu a month, the mayor hopes to reduce personal emoluments to 3.6 million vatu to help the council out of its financial crisis. Port Vila Municipal Council is henceforth allowing salvage of recycled or salvageable material from the Bouffa landfill, but not of food stuff.
  • The Department of National Development and Tourism is urging the government to enforce the Act which sets building standards. It is said there is special need because of the post-Pam reconstruction.
  • Parliament meets on Friday for the first extra-ordinary sitting. It will be followed by the first ordinary sitting for the year.
  • The Patunvanu claim for malicious prosecution was overturned by the Appeal Court. Damages of VT 6 million plus interest have been reduced to half a million vatu with no interest by the Appeal Court
  • Daily Post yesterday carried important new information concerning the four seats for women in the up-coming Luganville elections. Unlike in Port Vila there will be no voting twice. But still four seats are reserved for women.
  • Resilience is the key word in the VT 46 billion Japan is providing to Vanuatu to prepare for later disasters and the worst aspects of climate change. 55 billion yen will be provided over three years Japanese PM Shinzo Abe promised Vanuatu PM Natuman in Japan.
  • Today’s Daily Post has Mele village giving squatters 3 months to harvest their produce and vacate lands they have been occupying. Mele Land Trustees Chairman Chief Dick Namata wants squatters to leave peacefully.


3) Referendum possible on CEDAW in Tonga

27 May 2015

The prime minister of Tonga says there could be a referendum on the ratification of a controversial women’s rights convention.

The government is facing increasing pressure to stop the ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, or CEDAW, with opponents claiming it will open the door for same sex marriage and abortion.

Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva has told Radio Tonga he thinks the issue is important and the government will leave it for the people to see what their decision will be.

Mr Pohiva says he believes there will be a referendum and he will to discuss it with the cabinet.

However the prime minister says the exercise will cost time and money.

Meanwhile Radio Tonga reports Tonga currently has no legislation to allow referenda.

The acting Attorney General says there would need to be new legislation and resources for such an exercise.RNZI

4) Samoa Parliament Defies PM, Defeats Electoral Amendments

Opposition leader calls vote a ‘Victory for Democracy’

By Lance Polu

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, May 26, 2015) – The Prime Minister calls it the day for human free choice. The Leader of the Opposition hailed the Prime Ministers call for government MPs to vote on conscience as a Victory for Democracy.

The (vote) division was 30 against and 16 for the Government’s electoral amendment that defines new boundaries for the Urban Seats that will replace the phased out Individual Voters two seats in parliament as of the 2016 general the elections.

The amendment has been the contagious issue with the Electoral Amendment 2015 which Parliament last month decreed a Parliamentary Committee to again review and whatever the Committee comes up with, will be carried by Parliament. This was after the Parliamentary Committee designated under the Standing Orders to review and reported to Parliament, had its report defeated after the Prime Minister threatened his Human Rights Protection Party MPs to vote in support of the Governments amendments as dissidents will be dealt with by the Party.

That Parliamentary Committee and its Report was chaired by the Speaker with the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and other MPs as members.

The Prime Minister’s move to support his Minister and amendments did not go down well with the Speaker and the Opposition Leader who quipped that the Parliament was no more than just a “rubber stamp” and it was a waste of the Parliamentary Committees time and Cabinet may just as well bring in their bills and have them passed without any review and public comment.

The Minister of Justice Fiame Naomi who also looks after the Electoral Commission and who tabled the amendments, had been stubborn and held on to her view that the electoral boundaries are already defined under which the Statistics work and the last Census (2011) was conducted and reported on.

In last month’s Parliament session, another parliamentary Committee was given the task to review the amendment one more time. The Committee was chaired by former Speaker and former Cabinet Minister Leaupepe Toleafoa Fa’afisi and recommended a different set of boundaries for the Urban Seats of which Fiame Naomi called a “draft legislation with wordings that go against the law”. She also insisted that the only legal draftsman for Government is the Attorney General.

Caucus majority against

But Fiame knew her amendment will be defeated if it goes to the vote especially without the power of the party numbers. The message came through after a long caucus meeting yesterday where the issue was discussed fully and exhausted caucus opinion. MPs cautioned not to again use the power of the Party’s majority in the house to push the Governments amendments as what happened in last month’s session.

This morning in Parliament, the Prime Minister opted to give his MPs the freedom to choose and vote on conscience.

So when Parliament met today, Fiame insisted in a tirade going back on the history and her Ministry’s thinking and rationale upon which the amendments are based. When she again suggested that the Committee’s amendment was a “draft” legislation, the Opposition Leader Palusalue Faapo 11, (in his limited time allowed), reiterated the legal status of the Parliamentary Committees and the importance of their work and function in the lawmaking process.

Before the vote, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi who had been quiet all along, took the floor and announced that “this is a day for individual choice” and that his party MPs with the majority in the House will vote on their own choice.

“So that the country will know that this is a political party that protects human rights as its name says, both the rights of the majority and those in the voice of the minority.”

The Opposition Leader Palusalue Fa’apo 11 was quick to support and saluted the Prime Ministers decision. “Whatever outcome the vote will be, this is a victory for democracy,” he announced.

Speaker had the last say

The Speaker, La’aulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao, made reference to the last month’s debate where he “agonized and absorbed his disappointment” when Parliament and his Committees report was thrown out.

“The process of Parliament, there is only one authority, and that is Parliament,” he emphasized. “The full authority was vested in the Committee of Parliament,” he insisted.

5 Cabinet Ministers voted against

30 MPs including 5 cabinet Ministers voted for the Parliamentary Committee’s amendments and 16 including the Prime Minister and six cabinet Ministers voted against.

Of the 30 who voted for the Committees Report, 18 were government MPs and 12 Opposition MPs.

If there is substance in reports that the Prime Minister may face a challenge from within for the leadership ahead of next year’s general elections, the numbers in today’s vote, which can be a testing ground for party rifts and loyalties, it appears the preference for a Leader (other than the PM himself), cannot come from those who voted in support of Cabinets position.

After the lunch break the Prime Minister tabled the 2015/2016 Budget then Parliament was adjourned to Thursday 18 June 2015.


5) Samoa poised for soft loans

27 May 2015

The Samoa Government is confident it can obtain soft loans to cover a $US40 million dollar budget deficit in the coming year.

The Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi has outlined the government’s spending plans, with expenditure set at $US332 million dollars and income of $292 million.

The budget includes a tax on fuel imports to raise money to fund renewable energy developments.

Samoa plans to be generating all its electricity requirements from renewable sources by 2017.RNZI

6) Oil spill concern in American Samoa

27 May 2015

There’s concern up to 4,000 litres of fuel and tonnes of dead fish could be spilled into the ocean in American Samoa where a fishing vessel ran aground.

The Taiwanese-flagged longlier hit the reef off Coconut Point on Friday, leaving its crew with minor cuts and scratches.

Efforts to salvage the longliner have so far been unsuccessful because of bad weather.

Our correspondent Monica Miller says there’s an increasing threat oil will leak from a three foot hole in the vessel’s hull.

She says there’s also concern people will try to eat the fish that had been caught by the longliner and have now spilled into the lagoon.

“Some of the catch of 75 tonnes that is on board, that people will think that the fish that they are seeing in the ocean is okay to eat. But the coastguard says that the fish is largely contaminated.”RNZI


7) Kiribati telco: ATH closes asset purchase deal

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: 5:34PM AMALGAMATED Telecom Holdings is the owner of Telecom Services Kiribati following the successful closing of the asset purchase agreement with the Government of Kiribati last night.

ATH had applied and received a foreign investment certificate in Kiribati and had registered and capitalised a company in Kiribati, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Kiribati Ltd, to the complete transaction.Fijitimes

8) CNMI House backs multi-agency drug force

27 May 2015

The Northern Marianas has taken another step in the fight against methamphetamine after lawmakers supported setting up a taskforce to deal with the problem.

]The House of Representatives has adopted a resolution asking the governor, Eloy Inos, to create an agency to reduce supplies of the drug in the CNMI.

The Interagency Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force would aim to disrupt and dismantle the most significant drug trafficking organisations and money laundering operations.

The agency would include the Departments of Public Safety and Finance, the judiciary, the Attorney General’s office, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation and the Community and Guidance Centre.RNZI

9) NGOs condemn Nauru’s censorship

27 May 2015

A group of NGOs has written a letter to the Nauru government calling on it to restore full access to internet services and repeal a new law which restricts freedom of expression.

The signees include Access Now, Human Rights Watch, the International Service for Human Rights, Pacific Freedom Forum and the Refugee Council of Australia.

The letter says the government’s blocking of some internet services, including Facebook, is a form of censorship and silencing certain perspectives is not justified under human rights law.

It says in obstructing the free flow of information, the government will deprive its citizens of the benefits that the internet offers.

The NGOs say they are also deeply troubled by an amendment to the criminal code which restricts freedom of speech, what can be reported and public protests.

It says the Nauru’s operation of an immigration detention centre brings an additional responsibility to uphold human rights.RNZI

10) CNMI utility not helped by government

27 May 2015

The utilitiy provider in the Northern Marianas has released its quarterly report suggesting it is hamstrung by the local government.

The Marianas Variety says the government cannot pay its utility bills, enacts laws that reduce the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation’s revenue while also preventing it from imposing rate hikes.

The report says if this doesn’t change, CUC may collapse or run out of money.

The report notes that CUC continues to struggle financially due to account receivables of $32 million US dollars, which includes the government’s $30 million in unpaid utility bills.

In the first half of fiscal year the government paid less than 59 percent of their bills.

The report also says in recent years the Legislature enacted measures affecting utility rates, reducing revenue by 5.7 million or 12 percent of CUC’s operating budget:

There is also pending legislation that would transfer financial responsibility for streetlights to CUC, resulting in an additional $2 million loss if passed.RNZI


11) Norfolk Islanders May Take Sovereignty Issue To UN
Parliament recently ended 40 years of autonomy

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 26, 2015) – Norfolk Island may raise its concerns about the actions of the Australian government at the United Nations.

Australia has passed legislation that ends nearly 40 years of autonomy in Norfolk Island, but the island’s legislature is seeking ways to stop it becoming law.

It has approached both Houses in Canberra with a formal statement of its opposition in a Remonstrance Motion.

But the island’s chief minister Lisle Snell says they are also considering other avenues of protest, including approaching the United Nations.

“That they look at the process which has been conducted by the Australian Parliament in regards to the abolishment of the Norfolk Island government and the reasons why it has been abolished and justification of it and what other areas we have, maybe in the form of self-determination for Norfolk Island.”

Radio New Zealand International


12a) PNG Speaker i joinim party blong PM

Postim 27 May 2015, 15:59 AEST
Sam Seke

Speaker blong PNG palamen i lusim party blongen na go joinim party blong Praim Minista Peter O’Neill.

Odio: Wesley Manuai, ABC niusman long Port Moresby i toktok
Wanpela bikpela stori long Papua New Guinea politik tede em long dispela tokaut blong Speaker blong palamen, Theo Zurenuoc olsem em i lusim nau People’s Progressive Party blongen.

Bihain long 8 pela yia wantaim PPP, ol i tokaut longen last nait olsem Mr Zurenuoc i nau go joinim People’s National Congress party blong praim minister Peter O’Neill.

Dispela annaucement i kam aut long taim we Opposition Leader, Don Polye i wok long toktok long muvim wanpela motion of no-confidence agensim Prime Minister.ABC

12b) Australia Week long PNG i stat long Fonde

Updated 27 May 2015, 10:58 AEST
Sam Seke

Narapela Australia Week long Papua New Guinea we i soim ol wokbung namel long tupela kantri bai kamap gen long dispela wik long Port Moresby.

Odio: Aaron English, Public Diplomacy Officer long Australian High Commission long Port Moresby i toktok
Dispela wik bai lukim 19 pela event we i inkludim tu ol samting olsem soim ol film, ol music, sait long sport, sait long kaikai na tu ol debate or toktok long sampela isiu.

Australian High Commission long Port Moresby nau i go pas long ol dispela Australia Week long PNG.

Namel long top performance long wik ia em singa blong Melbourne ol i kolim Fatai em bai star long concert long Port Moresby longFonde  28 May.

Fatai bai pilai wantaim ol PNG Idols, Naka Blood, Sprigga Mek, Noiziik na Mereani Masani long Gold Club.

Australian High Commission i tok em bai visitim University of PNG na bai em i stap tu long wanpela wokshop wantaim ol musik sumatin we i laik kamap olsem musisian.ABC



13a) Brèves du Pacifique – mercredi 27 mai 2015

Mis à jour 27 May 2015, 16:12 AEST

Élodie Largenton

Les Îles Marshall vont devoir rembourser 1 million de dollars aux États-Unis.


Cette somme avait été donnée par le gouvernement américain il y a huit ans pour financer la construction d’une école primaire à Majuro. Mais les travaux n’ont toujours pas commencé, et tout l’argent a été dépensé pour la réalisation des études de conception. En plus de ce retard, les autorités ont découvert qu’elles n’avaient en fait pas les autorisations de construire sur le site prévu. Les États-Unis veulent donc récupérer l’argent, et ce avant juillet.

  • Alors que Hōkūle’a vogue dans les eaux australiennes, d’autres pirogues traditionnelles sont en train de terminer leur périple entamé à Sydney en novembre dernier. Le Mua Voyage a été lancé à l’occasion du Congrès mondial des Parcs, organisé en Australie par l’UICN, l’Union Internationale de Conservation de la Nature. Depuis, la flotte de va’a du Pacifique s’est rendue en Nouvelle-Zélande, et se trouve actuellement aux Îles Cook. À chaque escale, les marins polynésiens plaident pour la préservation de l’environnement.
  • C’est un premier pas vers la tenue d’un référendum sur la reconnaissance des Aborigènes dans la Constitution australienne : les représentants aborigènes rencontreront le Premier ministre, Tony Abbott, et le chef de file de l’opposition, Bill Shorten, le 6 juillet à Sydney. La rencontre était prévue depuis longtemps, mais désormais la date est arrêtée. Ces consultations doivent permettre de discuter des modalités du référendum, qui devrait avoir lieu en 2017. On ne connaît pas encore l’intitulé de la question qui sera posée aux Australiens.
  • L’Australie n’est pas le pays de la chance pour tout le monde : c’est le message lancé aux autorités par l’Armée du salut. La situation des gens qui fréquentent ses centres a empiré depuis l’an passé, rapporte le mouvement. La majorité d’entre eux n’ont que 18 dollars pour vivre par jour, une fois qu’ils ont payé leur logement, précise l’Armée du salut, qui demande au gouvernement de prêter plus d’attention aux Australiens pauvres.
  • La saga Boo et Pistol continue. On apprend aujourd’hui que Johnny Depp risque dix ans de prison en Australie pour avoir apporté ses deux chiens sans les avoir déclarés à la douane. Les animaux auraient dû être placés en quarantaine pendant dix jours, pour éviter toute contamination. Même si Johnny Depp a renvoyé ses chiens en Californie, l’affaire ira en justice, ont fait savoir les autorités australiennes. L’acteur risque donc dix ans de prison et 340 000 dollars d’amende.

13b) Brèves du Pacifique – mardi 26 mai 2015

Mis à jour 26 May 2015, 16:40 AEST

Élodie Largenton

Le dépouillement commence aujourd’hui à Bougainville, après deux semaines de vote. 


Une opération qui se déroule dans trois centres différents. Les quelque 173 000 électeurs de la province autonome de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée étaient appelés à élire leur président et leurs députés. Les résultats sont attendus pour le 8 juin.

  • Le nouveau chef de la police papoue remet en question le partenariat passé avec les forces de police australiennes. Gary Baki estime que les 73 policiers australiens déployés en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée sont trop indépendants. Ils devraient rendre plus de comptes aux chefs de police papous, juge-t-il. Il en discutera directement demain avec l’ambassadrice australienne dans le pays. Précisons que ces policiers, non armés, sont chargés de former les officiers papous.
  • C’est aujourd’hui la Journée nationale du pardon, en Australie. Chaque année, c’est l’occasion de rappeler le tort causé par les autorités aux familles aborigènes : jusqu’à la fin des années 1960, des enfants étaient enlevés à leurs parents et placés de force dans des familles d’accueil. Plusieurs écoles de Nouvelle-Galles-du-Sud ont organisé des cérémonies, ce matin. À Broken Hill, par exemple, les élèves se sont rassemblés au son du didgeridoo.
  • Le mariage homosexuel sera légalisé avant la fin de l’année en Australie. Le ministre des Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, en est convaincu. Après la victoire du oui en Irlande, les Verts veulent accélérer les choses et un débat pourrait avoir lieu mi-juin. Et selon Malcolm Turnbull, du camp conservateur, le Parlement devrait se prononcer en faveur du mariage entre personnes du même sexe : « Je suis très confiant, ça passera cette année. Bien sûr, pour cela, il faut un projet de loi. Mais je n’ai jamais vu les opinions évoluer aussi rapidement sur une question de société. Mon sentiment, c’est que ça a de très fortes chances de passer. » Pour le moment, les débats font rage au sein des partis politiques sur le vote de conscience. Si les députés conservateurs sont obligés d’assumer une même position sur le mariage gay, alors le non aurait de fortes chances de l’emporter.
  • Pendant près d’un mois, des demandeurs d’asile vietnamiens ont été secrètement détenus en mer par les autorités australiennes. L’information vient d’être révélée devant un comité sénatorial. Pour décourager les réfugiés d’arriver par la mer, l’Australie intercepte les bateaux transportant des migrants et les renvoie directement. C’est donc ce qui s’est passé le mois dernier. Les 46 demandeurs d’asile, dont des enfants et des femmes, ont été interrogés à bord d’un vaisseau de guerre, par des agents d’immigration. Aucun d’entre eux n’a obtenu le statut de réfugié, et ils ont tous été renvoyés au Vietnam. Les autorités australiennes assurent les avoir bien traités, leur procurant nourriture et soins médicaux. Canberra reconnaît, en revanche, n’avoir aucune idée de ce qu’il est advenu de ces migrants.


14) China projects entice investors

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CHINA’S state planning agency on Monday released a list of more than 1000 proposed projects totalling 1.97trillion yuan ($F0.65tn) that it is inviting private investors to help fund, build and operate.

The National Development and Reform Commission said the 1043 projects, in sectors such as transport, water conservancy and public services, will be done as public-private partnerships (PPP).

An NDRC statement on its website did not say whether private investors will include foreign firms.

As its economic growth slows, China is increasingly turning to PPP, a model not commonly used, to fill a widening funding gap as Beijing clamps down on traditional off-balance sheet borrowing methods used by local authorities. Chinese policymakers on May 15 ordered banks to keep lending and not reduce the size of their loans to local government projects under construction, especially urban subways and affordable housing.

15) Heatwave kills 500

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AT least 500 people are reported to have died in a heatwave sweeping India, with temperatures reaching 48C (118F) in some areas.

Most deaths have taken place in the southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where more than 140 people have died since Saturday.

Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh recorded 48C while temperatures rose to above 44C (111F) in the capital, Delhi.

Authorities have urged people to stay indoors and drink plenty of fluids.

Heatwave conditions have been prevailing in the two worst-affected southern Indian states since mid-April, but most of the deaths have happened in the past week.

The worst-hit state has been Andhra Pradesh where 246 people have died from the high temperatures in the past week. State officials said 62 people died of sunstroke on Sunday.

“The majority of the victims are people who have been exposed to the sun directly, usually aged 50 and above and from the working classes,” news agency AFP quoted P Tulsi Rani, special commissioner of Andhra Pradesh’s disaster management department, as saying.

“We are asking them to take precautions like using an umbrella, using a cap, taking a huge quantity of liquids like water and buttermilk, and wearing cotton clothing,” he added.

The Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency said the heatwave had killed 186 people in 10 districts in neighbouring Telangana state, with 58 people dying since Saturday.

The north-western desert state of Rajasthan has also recorded several deaths due to the heat, the PTI reported, including a woman who collapsed and died on a roadside in Bundi City.


16) Chikungunya Virus Spreading Rapidly In Pacific Islands
First detected 4 years ago, half of Pacific now affected

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 26, 2015) – The chikungunya virus is now found in half of the Pacific and is expected to spread further in the region and around the world.

That is the view of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community whose experts have been monitoring the emerging disease in collaboration with bodies such as the Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network.

Chikungunya was first detected in the region four years ago and the SPC’s Dr Yvan Souares says, as anticipated, it has spread rapidly.

He says their expectation is that it will continue to spread for some years due to a number of factors, such as the low immunity of the highly mobile populations, the presence of mosquitoes and the often poor resources for combatting them.

Radio New Zealand International

17) Free HIV test

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

ANGLICARE Papua New Guinea Inc is inviting people to have tests for HIV-AIDS and sexually-transmitted diseases.
The non-government organisation established by the Anglican Church in 2000 as Anglicare Stop AIDS is offering free tests and counselling.
Port Moresby branch manager Bernard Paru said Anglicare PNG Inc had branches in Lae, Mt Hagen, Wabag and Popondetta.
“We provide free voluntary, confidential counselling and testing, HIV counselling and testing, general counselling, couple counselling, ongoing counselling, referrals to other health clinics or facilities, advocacy and training,” Paru said.
People who want to know their HIV status can get their result in 15 minutes after a blood test.
“If one finds out that one is positive, we provide one ongoing support and counselling so that one can live a normal life,” Paru said.
Paru said sexually-transmitted diseases were tested and treated for free.
“Most people do not understand what HIV-AIDS really is,” he said.
“They have a narrow understanding of the disease and are quick in making conclusions.
“They think it’s a killer disease and are scared of coming for tests.
“People should come for counselling and testing and find out their HIV status.”


18) University defers re-structure

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

THE new re-structure of the academic programme at the University of Goroka has been deferred to next year.
This was the resolution reached by the university council and protesting students, last Friday.
Acting Chancellor Jerry Tetega had met with the students to address their grievances over the implementation of the new restructure.
They had been boycotting classes for three weeks. There will be a major awareness carried out this year on the new restructure before the implementation next year.
Commerce student Jeremy Koimo thanked the council and management for listening to their concerns.
He said it was unfair on the students to spend six years on a Bachelor of Education programme instead of four years.
The students had demanded that the university council and administration scrap the restructure and allow the old programme to continue.
Under the new structure, they have an extension of two years on the Bachelor Of Education programme.
Students raised the issue of hefty school fees their parents had to pay.

They said hefty fees were putting more pressure on low-income families struggling to pay the K5000-plus fees currently imposed on them.

19) PNG PM focuses on human resources capacity

27 May 2015

Papua New Guinea’s prime minister has pinpointed strengthening human resources as one of the country’s priorities.

Peter O’Neill says PNG is a nation in a period of true transition and that it is absolutely vital the nation gets the transition right and all Papua New Guineans play a part.

He made the comments while presenting awards to leading PNG organisations that have made contributions to developing the human resource capacity of the nation.

The awards were presented at the PNG Human Resource Institute National Congress in Port Moresby.

Mr O’Neill says his government is focussed on ensuring PNG’s human resources capacity is grown, with its investment in education central to this focus.

He says that in order to invest in education in PNG’s districts, his government is extending 35-thousand US dollars to each local level government authority this year.

That figure is to increase to almost 180-thousand next year.RNZI


20) Many miss out in Bougainville poll – former MP

27 May 2015

A former Bougainville MP says as many as a third of voters in her area could not vote in the recent election because they were not on the roll.

Two weeks of voting in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region was completed at the weekend and counting is now underway.

The Election Commissioner recognised during the election that many names were missing from the roll and set up three emergency polling stations where the old roll could be accessed.

But Therese Jaintong, who won the Central Bougainville women’s seat in 2005, says this did not solve the problem and many missed out.

“I would say they were turning away one third, and mostly young people. These are the people that should really be voting. Old people are voting, but young people – I don’t think they registered them. It goes back to the updates of the common roll.”

Therese Jaintong says the government needs to ensure that electoral staff enrolling voters visit houses at night when people are at home.RNZI

21) Speaker, MP join PM’s party

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

SPEAKER Theodore Zurenuoc and Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Tobias Kulang have left the People’s Progress Party for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s ruling People’s National Congress Party.
Zurenuoc and Tobiang could not be reached for comment last night. But the move was confirmed yesterday by PNC MPs and officials who said Finschhafen MP Zurenuoc and Kulang switched camps during the party’s pre-Parliament caucus meeting on Monday night.
O’Neill as party leader is expected to make an official announcement of the move. The number of his party’s MPs is now 60. Zurenuoc’s move however may not be in line with the spirit of the Alotau Accord of 2012 where it was agreed that a PPP MP should be the Speaker.
The defection leaves New Ireland as the stronghold of the PPP. Governor and party founder Sir Julius Chan, Namatanai MP Byron Chan, Kavieng MP and party leader Ben Micah and Kainantu MP Johnson Tuke remain with the party.
Kulang last year had moved from Belden Namah’s PNG Party to PPP and just recently pledged his loyalty to Micah when he was referred by the Ombudsman Commission to the Public Prosecutor.
Zurenuoc’s defection comes as a surprise to PPP faithful, as the well-known Zurenuoc family of Finschhafen in Morobe, is synonymous with the party.
It also came with the recent referral of Micah, the Public Enterprises and State Investments Minister, to the Public Prosecutor on allegations of misconduct in office.
Micah was a very disappointed man when he spoke with The National last night.
“I am very close to the Speaker and Tobias Kulang and they have never raised any issues about my leadership or the party,” he said.
“I will not make any official statement on behalf of the party until we hold an executive and caucus meeting.
“I’m surprised. Both men are very close to me and they have never given me any indication that they would be leaving the party.”
Micah said it was a big disappointment because the Zurenuoc family of Finschhafen was synonymous with the party.
Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Dr Alphonse Gelu could not be reached for comment last night on MPs defecting to other parties.
But he has said recently that there were processes in place for the registry to recognise a change of party membership.
The recent case involved THE Party MPs, including Forests Minister Douglas Tomuriesa joining PNC.

22) Finance Minister: Papua New Guinea Is Not Broke

Marape assures parliament country can meet obligations

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 27, 2015) – Papua New Guinea is not broke – that’s official and from Finance Minister James Marape.

He assured Parliament during its first session yesterday afternoon that the Government was implementing cost-cutting measures to cushion the drop in world commodity prices.

“In light of the falling oil and gas prices in the international market the Government is prudent in its spending and that there is no need for panic,” Mr Marape said.

He said public servants were getting paid on time, Parliament was functioning as a result of paying its electricity bills and 40 per cent of service improvement program funds had been remitted to districts and provinces.

These were signs of sufficient liquidity in the system, the Finance Minister said. Mr Marape was responding during Question Time to questions by Southern Highlands Governor William Powi who wanted assurance that the Government had enough money to fulfil budget requirements when the country was facing the effects of the downfall as a result of falling oil prices.

Mr Powi had also asked if the world economic crisis had affected PNG and what strategies the Government had to offset it.

Mr Marape responded that PNG was affected but the Government had been controlling the expenditure.

Critics had been giving false hope to the nation when really the Government was managing the expenditures well, he added.

He reiterated that operational grants to the districts and provinces had been given, 40 per cent of provincial services and district service improvement program funds had been disbursed, electricity bills had been paid and the tuition fee free education funds had also been released. He said critics had been raising concerns but the Government had successfully implemented the 2014 Budget.

PNG Post-Courier

23) Solomons eyes new electoral system

27 May 2015

The Solomon Islands government says it will scrap the country’s first past the post electoral system in favour of a more representative system.

Experts from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance and Australian and New Zealand universtities are in Honiara this week for a three-day seminar which is examining different electoral systems and discussing their compatibility to Solomon Islands.

The Government’s Chief Technical Adviser, Mose Saitala, says the aim is to have a new system in place before the next general election in 2018.

” This is one of the top priorities of the government and that is to reform the electoral act and it coincides also with the overwhelming wish of the people of Solomon Islands to change the electoral system from that of first past the post to a more majoritarian kind.”

Mr Saitala says special considerations are also being given to the possibility of a more inclusive process for Prime Ministerial Elections which have been a source of unrest and instability in the past.RNZI

24) New Caledonia ministerial staff reinstated

27 May 2015

A court in New Caledonia has overturned a decision by the president, Philippe Germain, to sack the assistants of three of his ministers.

Mr Germain removed the support staff of three ministers shortly after his election in April but the three ministers argued in court that without the assistents, they cannot do their jobs properly, which also goes against the public interest.

The public broadcaster says the court decision is an interim ruling subject to further assessment of the case.

The row over the three ministers’ staff is linked to ongoing deep rifts within the territory’s anti-independence camp.

After the election last May, the anti-independence side formed a united front, but the power-sharing deal ended when Mr Germain’s party pulled out in December and triggered the government’s collapse.

In April, Mr Germain was chosen thanks to the support of pro-independence ministers within the collegial government, thereby defeating the other contender for the top job, Cynthia Ligeard, who had been the president for just over six months.

Mr Germain has described the three ministers, including Mrs Ligeard, as opposition members after they failed to endorse his candidacy.RNZI

25) Options raised for Fiji’s Sodelpa over MP suspension

27 May 2015

A scholar of parliamentary process and law in the region Richard Herr says the opposition in Fiji has a few options open to it to deal with the suspension of one of its MPs.

Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu of the Sodelpa party has been suspended from parliament for two years over slurs against the Speaker during a constituency meeting.

The opposition says nothing was directed at the Speaker and their MPs boycotted Parliament last week after it voted on the suspension.

Dr Herr sees three options ahead for Sodelpa.

“They can choose to focus on the empty chair in parliament, as a sort of silent protest. The member himself could resign of course and that would mean that the position would be refilled immediately. I guess some of the constituents could petition the parliament to reconsider it. It can’t go to court but the parliament itself could reconsider.”

Dr Herr says Fiji’s parliament appears to have followed standard procedure over the issue but he says in general parliaments try to avoid using their sanctioning powers on matters of privilege because of the public reaction.RNZI


26) MP: Deal inked without landowners’ input

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

THERE was no consultation from landowners before the contract for infrastructure development on the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone was signed between the Government and developer, Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather says.
Fairweather told parliament during the Question Time that the local community at Vidar, outside Madang town, had unanimously agreed for the Government to close the project.
“The national and provincial government must stop all survey, construction and any other work associated with the development,” Fairweather said. “There are lack or no consultation, environmental impact, no benefits to landowners and the provincial government and there is social impact and economic impact of this project.
“There was no awareness by the Government on the need for incorporated land groups and umbrella companies before the people were forced to form them.”

Fairweather said no memorandum of understanding on a compensation formula was signed between the people, developer and Government.

27) Customary titles concern

Atasa Moceituba
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

EIGHTY per cent of the customary traditional titles in the Rewa Province are vacant.

This was revealed by the Rewa Provincial Council deputy chairman Pita Tagicakiverata during the provincial meeting at Nadave, Tailevu yesterday.

Mr Tagicakiverata said there were 312 customary titles of which 59 were occupied while the other 253 remained vacant.

He said the titles had been vacant for the past four years.

“If things are not running well for a village or mataqali level then we are to blame because we are doing our part installing people in their rightful leadership role and that is one of the issues the provincial meeting will look into,” he said.

Mr Tagicakiverata said they hoped to have all the vacant customary titles filled as soon as possible.

“We will take this to the bose ni vanua. It will then be taken to the mataqali and the mataqali will decide the rightful title holder and from there the turaga ni mataqali will meet and nominate the turaga ni yavusa.”

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs senior training officer Ro Aca Mataitini said the decision to get all the customary titles occupied depended on the mataqali.

Ro Aca said majority of turaga ni mataqali and clan leaders relied on iTaukei Lands and Fisheries Commission (TLFC) to decide everything for them.

“That should not be the case what we usually want them to do is for them to sit down because they know each other well and who the rightful holder of the position should be,” Ro Aca said.

He said the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs did not encourage TLFC to come in and decide everything for the villagers.

“The iTaukei Affairs will always be there to empower the people and leaders on how to make right and wise decisions,” Ro Aca said.Fijitimes

28) Lands Ministry manages to recover $6m

Luke Rawalai
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

THE Ministry of Lands has recovered $6million in rent arrears from crown lands and foreshore leases around the country.

Minister for Lands Mereseini Vuniwaqa said this was out of the outstanding $23m in arrears.

She could not comment on the period of debt as she didn’t have the details with her but she thanked the lessees for paying up.

The recovered debt, she added, had been collected since January this year following a grace period as Government waived interest rates.

Mrs Vuniwaqa said they had initially aimed to collect $23m in the six-month grace period.

“We had a target of collecting a total of $4m every quarter and so far we are doing well,” she said.

“We have a taskforce that has been implemented to look into the collection of these arrears and they are doing well.

“The effort to collect arrears has been progressing well since we extended the waiver of payment to June.”

Mrs Vuniwaqa said the arrears for both leases were collected on a half-year basis.

“The arrears are made up of pending leases from crown and foreshore leases around the country,” she said.

“Where land and qoliqoli compensation or goodwill is concerned this is dealt with by the iTaukei Affairs and is a different issue altogether.”

Mrs Vuniwaqa stressed there was a vast difference between the lease arrears they collected and the goodwill money paid to landowners.Fijitimes

29) $1m complex proposal to ‘showcase the North’

Serafina Silaitoga
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

INTERNATIONAL and regional meetings could be heading North from 2017 after a proposal for a $1million cultural centre to be constructed in Macuata.

Government yesterday revealed this to the Northern Development Board members pleading with landowners and hoteliers to identify an available land to build the complex.

Divisional planning officer North Alipate Bolalevu said it was time to showcase the North to the world.

“Government leaders have wanted to bring regional meetings over to the North but the unavailability of suitable complexes has hindered the plans,” Mr Bolalevu said.

“Even our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has always urged us about this issue because he wants to bring these kinds of big meetings to Vanua Levu.

“This is an opportunity for us to market and show the division to our foreign visitors so we should all work together for this project.”

Mr Bolalevu said the project had been part of the 2016 development projects.

“It is a priority and I urge the board to seriously think about it because we all have a role to play for this development.

“Government is estimating a cost of $1m so we should also work with them in making it happen.”Fijitimes

30) Vanuatu Chiefs Tell Squatters In Village Near Port Vila To Leave

Reports of illegal activities in Mele results in ultimatum

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 26, 2015) – Chiefs in Vanuatu’s biggest village, which is near Port Vila, have given squatters until August the 18th to vacate their plots.

The call has been made by the spokesman for the chiefs of Mele village, Chief Dick Namata.

He says failing to obey the advice would leave the villagers with no other option but to carry out an operation on August the 19th without giving any details.

Chief Namata says an increasing number of complaints of theft and trespassing in food gardens has been blamed on individuals who have newly arrived from other provinces looking for work.

They are said to have found nowhere else to stay and erected temporary shelters on Mele custom lands without permission.

Chief Namata says expatriate lease holders of Mele custom land have also complained of illegal activities on their properties, including fishing in restricted areas.

Radio New Zealand International


31) Man accused of murdering Fiji journalist denied bail

27 May 2015

A court in Fiji has refused to grant bail to the man charged with murdering his partner and former journalist, Losana McGowan.

28-year-old Usaia Kilaiverata appeared before the High Court in Suva on Tuesday, where his request for bail was heard.

Fiji Live reports Kilaiverata’s application stated that he was self-employed and was supporting his children in New Zealand, as well as looking after his grandmother.

The application was denied, with the judge saying he was a flight risk.

He was remanded in custody to appear again on the 5th of June.RNZI


32) Rise in overseas workers

The National, Tuesday May 26th, 2015

AN analysis shows that from 2000 to 2012 more than 50,000 people arrived in Papua New Guinea for employment opportunities in areas like administration, executive and managerial.
The report by fellow Carmen Voigt-Graf at the Development Policy Centre in Australia indicated that most of these visitors where from Asia.
“The growing number of visitors from Philippines comes to PNG for employment purposes – a trend that is directly linked to the expanding economy.
“Australians continue to dominate arrivals for business and holiday purposes.
“Most people who come to PNG do so to work, over the entire period from 2000 to 2012, visitors in the category of administration, executive, managerial was the largest occupational category followed by professional, and technical.
“These are the two most highly skilled occupational categories growing at a rate between 2000 and 2012 of 203 per cent and 233 per cent respectively.
“This indicates an ongoing shortage of highly skilled labour in PNG.
“However, their combined share of working visitors is declining: from 88 per cent in 2000 to 80 per cent in 2007 and 71 per cent in 2012.
“Taking up a rapidly increasing share of working visitors is the visitor arrivals category of “tradespeople, mechanics, boiler men, etc”. (Tradespeople are referred to as tradesmen in the data released by the NSO.) This category, which became the third largest by 2012, accounted for 16,848 working visitors in 2012 or 15 per cent, up from only 925 or 3 per cent in 2000: a growth rate of 1721 per cent.
“This remarkable increase points to an increasing shortage of trades labour, associated with PNG’s expanding economy and especially its booming construction and mining sectors.
The fourth largest category in 2012 were “service workers”, which includes workers related to customer interaction, entertainment, sales or other service-oriented work: this category grew by 598 per cent.
The category of “transport and communication workers” grew most rapidly between 2000 and 2012 (2410 per cent), albeit from a low base, making it the fifth largest category in 2012.
“The even more remarkable growth in this category is probably linked to increasing deregulation in the telecommunications industry in PNG.
“PNG’s growing economy has attracted an increasing number of both highly skilled and vocational and technical workers. The composition of the foreign workforce has changed significantly over the last decade. In 2000, nine out of ten visitors who came to PNG to work had a professional or managerial background. Now, it is only seven out of ten.
“The sharp rise in the share of blue collar workers – from 3 per cent to 15 per cent of working visitor arrivals between 2000 and 2012 – among the expatriate workforce is linked to recent patterns of economic development in the country and reflects the growth of both extractive industries and the construction sector.

33) Investment concerns

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

AN Australian economist says Papua New Guinea faces challenges in attracting foreign direct investments into the country.
Deloitte Access Economy partner Stephen Smith said foreign investment was critical in developing a sustainable economy for PNG but there were still problems faced in making the country an attractive investment destination. Deloitte Access Economy is an economic consulting firm in Australia.
Speaking at a business breakfast in Port Moresby yesterday, Smith said some of the challenges include PNG’s budget position, weak commodity prices and the exchange rate.
“There are some macro challenges in driving and attracting foreign direct investment to PNG into the future,” he said.
“Foreign direct investment is vital for driving employment opportunities, creating platform for economic growth and creating support and driver for economic opportunities for Papua New Guineans.
“It is critical that foreign direct investments continue to flow in PNG.
“PNG LNG is a great achievement that would provide some important dividends for PNG going forward.
“But it’s important to diversify, we can’t be reliant only on the resources sector and we can’t be reliant on a single project.”
Smith said statistics by the Frasier Institute showed there was still room for improvement in PNG in attracting foreign investment.

34) Business forum returns in July

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: 2:54PM THE Suva Chamber of Commerce and Industries will bring back the popular annual Fiji Business Forum from July to August.

Re-elected chamber president Dr Nur Bano Ali said the forum would feed into the budget process for Government.

She made the comment while addressing chamber members during the annual general meeting at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva last night.Fijitimes

35) National carrier to charter more flights

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: 2:40PM NATIONAL airline Fiji Airways will charter more flights this week as it works to cater for customers affected by flight disruptions.

The interruptions in flow of travel happened after one of the planes suffered extensive damage following an incident at the Nadi international Airport tarmac two weeks ago.

Chairman Nalin Patel said the airline chartered a flight last weekend and additional charters would be included this week.

“That A330 is still in Brisbane, undergoing assessment and the required repairs and we are not in a position to confirm when it will return to service, but we are hopeful that it will be soon,” he said.Fijitimes

 36) aircraft to help address flight disruptions

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: 4:25PM THE arrival of the new Island of Ovalau will assist national airline Fiji Airways in addressing flight disruptions caused by an out of service aircraft.

Fiji Airways board of directors chairman Nalin Patel said the airline would not be able to confirm how long the Namuka-i-Lau would be out of service.

“The Boeing 737-800 will also assist in flight disruptions caused by an out of service aircraft that was involved in a tarmac incident earlier this month,” he said.

“It will also assist in direct flights to Wellington which will begin on June 25.”Fijitimes

37) Pacific warned to brace for fuel price rises

26 May 2015

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community is warning countries in the region to brace for an expected rise in fuel prices as ten months of dropping oil prices come to an end.

The Economic Development Division of the SPC says between July 2014 and May 2015 the Pacific saved US$1.5 billion based on total regional fuel volume.

However the SPC’s Petroleum Advisor Alan Bartmanovich says many countries did not benefit from this reduction because of poor fuel price regulation systems.

In response to this, SPC is developing a ” Pacific Islands Fuel Pricing Manual” to be launched during a regional renewable energy workshop in July in Hawaii.RNZI


38) Modern highway commence soon

Published: 27 May 2015

THE construction of modern highway road will commence soon following the signing of an exchange of note between the government of Japan and Solomon Islands at the Prime Minister and Cabinet conference room yesterday.

Called ‘Upgrading of Kukum Highway’ it was signed by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, Japanese Chard d’ Affairs His Excellency Kenichi Kimiya and chief representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) Shigeru Sugiyama.

The components of the project include upgrading of Kukum Highway from the City Council Roundabout to the Ministry of Fisheries in Kukum, countermeasures against Traffic congestion around the Central Market, improvement of the City Council roundabout, construction of two lane bridge in parallel with New Mataniko bridge, replacement of old Mataniko bridge and soft component for enlightenment of users including pedestrians.

The project is expected to be completed by 2018 to accommodate traffic flow for all users.

His Excellency Kenichi Kimiya said, the project is a symbolic of friendship between Solomon Islands and Japan.

“The components are not only paving existing road and re-constructing two Mataniko bridges, but also expanding capacity of the Kukum highway in order to reduce the traffic congestion and enhance traffic safety for all users,” he said.

He said, he was also happy to be given the chance to cooperate with the government of Solomon Islands on the ongoing project for improvement of Honiara Ports facilities.

Mr Sogavare said, the signing of the project marks another development partnership that will transform the face of Honiara and address the issue of traffic congestion.

He said, as everyone is aware the conditions of Honiara road are covered with pot holes and some road are too small to accommodate the traffic.

He said the implementation of the project is important to the economy and transport services in the country and certainly will transform the face of Honiara.

Meanwhile tender will start soon and the contractor is expected to be selected by August.

By Charles Kadamana/Solomon Star.

39) Air traffic control system upgraded

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

Air Service Limited is upgrading its air traffic management system to improve the level of air safety within the country’s airspace, managing director Captain Ted Pakii says.
The ground-based radar in Port Moresby currently covers or monitors aircraft within a 200-nautical mile radius.
“Beyond 200 nautical miles, we are unable to see the aircraft traffic, (although) we are able to provide separation between aircraft using position reports passed on by the pilots,” he said. “Because we are not able to see and track the aircraft traffic in real time outside 200 nautical miles of Port Moresby, we provide a wider (50 to 80 nautical mile horizontal and longitudinal) separation between aircraft.
Pakii said the wider separation distance provided an extra safety net.
“This is an internationally accepted practice in oceanic and remote airspaces of the world,” he said.
Pakii said with the new surveillance projects, they would be able to see and monitor all aircraft operation within the control airspace in real time. He said the upgraded system would improve air safety management.
“The fully automated state-of-the art air traffic management systems we are bringing in will provide an improved level of aviation safety within our airspace,” he said.
Pakii said because of the wider separation standards, a lot of flights were currently routed through non-direct routes, thus increasing flight times.

40)  $50m for twin tower project

Ropate Valemei
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A SOCIAL club is investing more than $50million in the development of the twin tower complex in Suva.

The renowned Union Club along Carnarvon St in the Capital City will take on a massive facelift when the project is completed in 2-3 years.

“It’s not a small project because this is a first in the country and in the region for a social club to make an investment of this magnitude,” said Union Club trustee Brij Lal.

The President and patron Ratu Epeli Nailatikau unveiled the new proposed multimillion-dollar twin tower development complex during the club’s 70th anniversary last night.

“It’ll take two years for planning and another one and half years to build the two twin towers,” Mr Lal said.

Mr Lal said planning would also have to go through various authorities such as the municipal council and required time.

In terms of employment, he said, about 300-500 people would be employed during the construction period and another 300 would be employed once the towers become operational.

The complex would have an integrated approach and expected to feature commercial offices, embassies and non-government organisations.Fijitimes


41) Police warn people to be wary of lucrative offers on internet

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

POLICE have warned people to be wary of offers by foreigners of attractive positions with lucrative perks and privileges through the internet.
Assistant Commissioner Donald Yamasombi said it was a new trend of cyber-crime which people must be aware of.
He issued the warning after a former PNG public servant was detained in Darwin, Australia, for allegedly smuggling the drug methamphetamine, known as ice.
The man was arrested at the Darwin international airport on March 15 on arrival from the Philippines.
“His trip was paid for and arranged by a foreign company based in Hong Kong,” he said.
Yamasombi said the PNG man had applied through the internet to become the chief executive officer of a chocolate factory in Hong Kong.
“He went there to be interviewed for that position. After been interviewed by the company’s officials, he went to Manila to transit back home (Port Moresby),” he said.
“However at the Manila international airport, he met a man that the company officials in Hong Kong had arranged for him to meet.
“The man gave him a package to take to Darwin to give to a man believed to be another company official.
“It was at Manila that he knew that he will have to come back home by transitting through Darwin.”
Yamasombi said upon arrival in Darwin, he was arrested by airport officials after the drugs were found in his possession.
“Right now we cannot do much, but will only assist the Australian police investigate this case,” he said.

 42) Complaint lodged with police over PNG sorcery death

27 May 2015

A missionary in Papua New Guinea says an official complaint has been laid with police over a brutal murder in the Highlands region.

The alleged axe murder of a woman was prompted by accusations of sorcery.

Anton Lutz, a Luthern missionary in the area, was able to prevent three women accused of sorcery from being attacked earlier in the year, but says one of them was repeatedly hit by a man with an axe in her home on Monday.

Police say they are appealing to local MPs for funding to charter a plane to the remote village and investigate, but Anton Lutz says stopping the violent attacks is a long-term ideal.

“This woman, she’s been accused over years of causing children to die of measles, and causing old men to die of pneumonia and causing people to die of malaria and they’ve been blaming her for this for a long time and so she’s been trying to survive and raise her children and so on, but on Monday they walked up the hill and didn’t give her any chance to explain herself and just killed her.”

Anton Lutz says the primitive belief in ancestral spirits, called “sanguma”, is behind the sorcery accusations.RNZI

43) Forum Chief Welcomes Draw-Down Plan For RAMSI
Dame Meg Taylor praises professionalism of Solomons police

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, May 26, 2015) – The Pacific Islands Forum Secretary-General Dame Meg Taylor says she welcomes the progress made by the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI under the agreed four-year draw-down strategy for the RAMSI Participating Police Force.

[PIR editor’s note: SIBC reported that ‘The 11th Enhanced Consultative Mechanism on RAMSI begins in Honiara tomorrow. …The meeting brings together representatives from RAMSI, the Pacific Islands Forum, and the Solomon Islands Government to discuss the work of RAMSI in the Solomon Islands.’]

Dame Meg also praised the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force for its role in ensuring peaceful and well managed national elections in 2014.

She said this demonstrates progress made by the Solomon Islands Police to strengthen capabilities to manage complex nationwide operations.

She said the professionalism of Solomon Islands Police Officers during the election is a credit to the collaborative efforts by the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI towards building a stronger and professional Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

The Secretary General also reaffirmed the commitment of the Pacific Islands Forum to support the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI in their common goal to ensure the sustainability of the hard-won peace, security and stability in the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation

44) Fiji Police Commissioner Wants Tasers For Officers
Groenewald wants police equipped with nonlethal protection

By Atasa Moceituba

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, May 27, 2015) – Fiji Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald wants his officers equipped with tasers.

Mr Groenewald, who was injured when he confronted robbers in Suva last week, made the statement in response to discussions on police protection.

Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Dr Ram Raju raised the protection issue during the commissioner’s first public consultation in Nadi yesterday.

While he was not in favour of issuing firearms, Mr Groenewald said there was a possibility of handing them a nonlethal alternative.

“The issue of arms for police officers is a very contentious issue,” he said.

“I have already raised this with our minister and we are looking into the possibility of introducing non-lethal ways of arming our officers by way of the taser gun.”

Immigration, National Security and Defence Minister Timoci Natuva said there had been discussions on the issue.

“For the actual recommendation to reach my desk, I haven’t received it but I understand there have been talks about it and I think we really need to have a few more discussions about it,” Mr Natuva said.

“We need to weigh the pros and cons of having taser guns because the issue is that some criminals and thugs are not easy to control because they are armed with crowbars and knives while our officers have no defence.”

Mr Groenewald said the idea came from a recent workshop he attended overseas.

“I collected all of the information and I have already submitted the report to our minister. These are ways and means of protecting our officers.”

He said the concept of the taser meant enough immobilisation to allow the officer to arrest the criminal.

“This is all there for us but I am not in favour of issuing firearms to our people. Yes, we do have firearms but they are only issued to our people during special circumstances.”

Fiji Times Online.


45) Group warns of likely volcano eruption

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

THE forecast for a possible eruption from Mt Tavurvur volcano in Rabaul, East New Britain, is still current, the Rabaul Volcano Observatory says.
It stated in a situation report thatTavurvur was expected to remain quiet but the occurrence of strong earthquakes and the relationship they had with eruptions could affect the status of the volcano in the future.
In March, the observatory had said the high frequency volcano-tectonic earthquakes and the relationship between the northeast earthquakes and renewed or increased eruptive activity at Tavurvur suggested that a one-off eruption similar to August 29, 2014, and others in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 could occur.
The 5.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred last week resulted in minor damage to a building on wooden posts and three on corroded galvanised posts.
Several small landslides occurred in various places, including those in gullies on the northern flank of Mt Mother, or Kombiu.

The RVO said it was worth noting that the earthquakes were not directly volcano-related to the Rabaul Caldera system but in the past they had been associated with increased or renewed eruptions at Mt Tavurvur.

46) Pacific atolls changing, not sinking – academic

27 May 2015

The author of a recent report which says atolls like Tuvalu are growing, not sinking says the research is being misrepresented.

The Changing Waves and Coasts in the Pacific report which studied over a hundred years of images of Funafuti atoll in Tuvalu found huge changes in the shape and form of the islands.

The head of Auckland University’s School of Environment, Paul Kench, says the found an overall increase in island area in that time despite a sea level rise of 30 centimetres.

Professor Kench says the report highlights a more complex challenge for Pacific atolls than simply sinking.

“There will be islands for them to live on in the future but they will have changed. And there is a real urgency to expand this work and do sort of national assessments for each of these island countries and really take a serious look at how we integrate this information to help these countries with their future planning and adaptation strategies.”RNZI

47) Province reports signs of El Nino

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

STRONG winds and rain in some parts of Morobe could be early signs of El Nino, according to Morobe Disaster and Emergency Services director Charlie Masange.
“There is increasing heavy rain in some parts of Morobe, while in other parts people are complaining of drought conditions,” Masange said.
“This could be the signs of El Nino.”
He confirmed that a strong wind warning had been issued by the National Weather Service for Morobe.
He confirmed that several areas surrounding Lae had been hit by flooding. “Many complaints of heavy rain and flooding were from the Miles areas and settlements,” he said.
“Officers are carrying out assessments to see if we can get some machines or talk to the four lane highway developer to help us out,” Masange said.
“The Miles area is always a problem area because they live next to the mountain ridge.
He said was in the path of the floods every time it rains


48) Chinese mining firm buys half share in PNG gold mine

27 May 2015

The Canadian multi-national gold miner, Barrick Gold, has sold half of its Papua New Guinea operation to China’s Zijin Mining Group.

The Chinese company has acquired 50 percent of Barrick Niugini Ltd, which owns 95 percent of the Porgera Joint Venture gold mine in PNG.

Barrick also operates Porgera.

Barrick’s chair, John Thornton, says the partnership with Zijin is the first step in a long-term strategic relationship with one of China’s leading mining companies.

Zijin’s chairman, Chen Jinghe, says the companies have complementary expertise and experience and share a common vision for creating long-term value for the owners.

Under the new structure, Barrick and Zijin will jointly control the company that manages Porgera.RNZI

49) PNG Forest Minister expects REDD+ to become law

U 27 May 2015

Papua New Guinea’s Forestry Minister says PNG is close to bringing into law a UN programme aimed at reducing emissions and conserving forests.

Douglas Tomuriesa says the framework for REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) should become law in the current parliament sitting.

The programme aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through forest management in developing countries, and is linked to the emerging carbon credits market.

Mr Tomuriesa says legislation has passed through its first reading and the government has identified five major forest areas in PNG to conserve.

He says a number of developed countries considering reducing their emissions are looking at the carbon market.

“Where do they buy carbon credits for these emissions? Well, Papua New Guinea is here, and Papua New Guinea is putting its hands up to say that, hey, we’re prepared to conserve our forest for REDD programmes for you to buy carbon credits.”RNZI

50) PNG Government Plans Agricultural ‘Revolution’

Initiatives to improve access to capital to be announced soon

By Isaac Nicholas

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 27, 2015) – The Government has plans to revolutionise the agriculture sector amid concerns raised by Opposition Leader Don Polye over the multi-million kina Sepik Plains oil palm project in East Sepik Province.

“We are going to revolutionised agriculture. Shortly we will be announcing initiatives in the agriculture industry that will revolutionise financing because lack of access of capital is now lacking progress in the development of agriculture,” Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told Parliament yesterday.

“Because Papua New Guineans and big investors cannot have access to credit, we are addressing that issue at present and we will announce the policy shortly to build agriculture.”

The Prime Minister was responding during Question Time to Mr Polye who wanted Mr O’Neill to explain the K50 million released for the Sepik Plain Agro Industry project which he claimed has been embezzled and misused.

PM O’Neill said embezzled and misappropriation were serious allegations and Mr Polye had to be careful on what he said because he was making direct imputations that people had misused and stolen money.

He said Mr Polye when he was Treasurer released that funding for the agro project in the Sepik Plains and was well versed with the project and there was nothing sinister about it.

“We invest a substantial amount of money in the Sepik Plains because we can build infrastructure. No investor will go into such a difficult area if there is roads, no power lines and I know for a fact that 65 kilometres of road have been built, power lines are on the way into the project area where palm oil will be grown in the Plains of Sepik where a huge potential is there,” Mr O’Neill said.

PNG Post-Courier

51) Japanese PM Supports Managed Fisheries In Pacific

Abe ready to assist islands sustainably manage resources

By Peter Erick L. Magbanua

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, May 25, 2015) – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that Japan is ready to assist and support Pacific Island Nations in managing and preserving their maritime resources.

During the press briefing after the Seventh Pacific Island Leaders Meeting (PALM7), a Japan Foreign Ministry official said that the leaders highlighted the importance of the long-term and cooperative relationship in the fisheries area between Japan and the Forum Island Countries (FICs), such as for improving the sustainability of fisheries resources as well as promoting mutually beneficial fisheries relationships with Japanese vessels in the region.

President Tommy Remengesau Jr. has been very vocal on Palau’s intention to close down 80% of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and ban commercial fishing with the intent of the legislation of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary. The Japan Foreign Ministry official said that during the bilateral meeting between Remengesau and Prime Minister Abe, the Palau National Marine Sanctuary was mentioned once and Japan has expressed its support to it as well.

Under the leadership of President Tommy Remengesau Jr., Palau is poised to make history by establishing the world’s first Nation-wide Marine Sanctuary – designating its entire ocean territory as a regenerative zone for sharks, whales, tuna, and countless other precious species.

This is a bold vision to reverse the oceans’ degradation from industrial fishing and to protect one of the last great places on Earth, and we know it can work. Palau declared the world’s first shark sanctuary in 2009. Today, 10 countries have followed Palau’s lead, creating 4.9 million square miles of shark sanctuary. Others have followed suit with similarly important shark protections. Palau showed that it was possible. Its small spark ignited massive global action.

“Each Pacific Island Nation has its own appropriate maritime management in place and Japan has acknowledged and recognized these kinds of programs. And in terms with Palau, President Remengesau has been mentioning the protection and conservation of the Pacific Ocean to which Japan is very supportive and we will extend the necessary assistance in preserving maritime resources in each Pacific Island Country,” the Japan Foreign Ministry official stated.

In the PALM7 Leaders Declaration, they recognized that the Pacific Ocean provides foundation of prosperity for the Pacific Countries, they also reaffirmed critical importance of integrated approaches to sustainable development, management and conservation of ocean resources and the marine environment. Thus, the leaders took note of the Palau declaration during the recent Pacific Island Forum (PIF) on “The Ocean: Life and Future” (2014), the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape (2010) and the Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Policy (2005).

The leaders reaffirmed to further enhance both bilateral and multilateral cooperation in such areas as marine environment, maritime security, maritime safety, maritime surveillance, marine scientific research and observations, conservation of ocean resources and sustainable fisheries management to promote economic growth and to improve livelihoods and food security.

Island Times

52) Economist: Changes providing economic opportunities

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

CHANGES in the global economy provide opportunities for Papua New Guinea to grow its economy through the agriculture and tourism, an economist says.
Deloitte Access Economics partner Stephen Smith said the changing lifestyles of people, especially in Asia, presented good opportunities for emerging economies like PNG to take advantage of by developing the resources it had to generate revenue for economic growth.
Smith said Asia, a driving force for global economic growth, was going through changes and putting a risk on the economy, however there were opportunities still being presented in mining, agribusiness, tourism and wealth management.
“Think about the changes in the global economy over the last two decades and the continuing change over the next two decades, it is about rising incomes, change in preferences, demographic change, growing middle class,” he said.
“People in Asia want to travel more, they are consuming more and eating different sorts of food.
“And that presents enormous opportunities for countries which have large agricultural sectors and countries that have some fantastic places to go and visit and take advantage of that rising income growth in Asia
“So these are important opportunities that are highly relevant for PNG.”

According to Smith, GDP growth per capita for PNG in the past years was positive with most contribution coming from the mining sector but there was a positive outlook for the growth driven by exports.

53) Giant Clam Populations On Decline In Pacific

Harvesting exceeds reproduction, extinction looming

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 26, 2015) – A New Zealand marine biologist says drastic measures must be taken to save giant clam populations in the Pacific, which he says are on the brink of extinction in much of the region.

Dr Charley Waters has spent the past 12 years researching and working to restore giant clam populations in Aitutaki lagoon in the Cook Islands.

He says for many years, clams have been harvested for local and international markets faster than they can reproduce, and populations are now critically depleted.

“I use the term functionally extinct. While there is still some clams left in the lagoon, their distances are too far apart for reproduction to occur. Global organisations have listed them as threatened or endangered. As opposed to saying densities are too low for populations to remain viable.”

Dr Charley Waters says he has concerns that giant clams can fetch up to five hundred US dollars on the international market.RNZI

Radio New Zealand International


54) American missionary launches Tok Pisin Bible

The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

THE King James Version of the Bible has been translated into Tok Pisin by an American missionary and launched last Friday at Pangia station, Southern Highlands.
Hundreds of Christians flocked to the station to thank missionary Chad Wells from the Baptist Church and to view the Bible.
It is the first time the King James Version Bible had been translated into Tok Pisin. The small Bible is being sold for K35 and the bigger one costs K52.50.
Deputy Secretary for the Department of Community Development, Religion and Youth Leo Tulumbu gave K5000 to the church as an appreciation for the work done.
He said semi-educated or illiterate people would benefit from the Tok Pisin Bible to easily understand the word of God.
“The Government and churches are working in partnership and Christians must pray hard so that the word of the Lord will change this nation and people’s lives,” he said.
Michael Wilson, deputy chairman of the Body of Christ, said every parliamentarian must have a copy of the Tok Pisin Bible by September this year.


55) Athletics blong sendem 12 man tim long SPG

By Raymond Nasse

Posted: Saturday, May 23, 2015 1:00 pm

Follem fulap kritisisim we i bin kamaot long social media mo media abaot pefomens blong Team Vanuatu i go long Oceania Championship long Cairns, Australia, Vanuatu Athletics Federation (VAF) i kamaot blong givim saed storian blong hem.

Raynold Alatoa we hemi Vaes President blong VAF, hemi talem se afta long fulap konsultesen olgeta i disaed blong mas kamaot mo givim saed storian long pefomens blong Team Vanuatu long Oceania Championship.

Alatoa i talem se long taem blong selektem tim blong go long Cairns, i bin gat 3 athletics klab oli bin stap trening from, be long taem blong trials, we hemi long namba 12 March, i bin gat 1 klab nomo i tenap, i mekem se seleksen i kamaot long wan klab nomo.

Wan dei afta long trial, Cyclone Pam i hitim Port Vila, mekem se Alatoa i talem se oli bin yusum nara 3 wik ia bifo long Championships long Cairns, blong oli tren nomo long grass long Independence Park, from Gavman i blockem Korman Stadium olsem wan Hazard Zone, antap wetem ‘phsycological trauma’ blong cyclone, hemia nao afektem pefomens blong tim.

Wan nara fakta tu, we Alatoa i poentemaot, hemi deit mo taem we olgeta i kasem ples blong kompetisen long Cairns.

Alatoa i talem se long dei we olgeta i shud flae i go long Brisbane oli kanselem. I mekem se nekis dei blong hem nomo long aftanun oli flae kasem Brisbane, ova naet long we, mo nekis dei long 7am, oli mekem wan 2 hour flaet i go kasem Cairns, afta 30-40 minit bus ride go kasem Games Village, we i lukim fes ivent blong dei ia hemi 200 metres, long 10.15am.

“Mifala nogat 48 haoa blong rikavari, mo ol atlet oli shud kasem ples 2 dei bifo kompetisen, be iet i no fault blong mifala,” Alatoa i talem.

Alatoa se nomata long hemia, hemi hapi long pefomens blong olgeta long Cairns, nomata we situesen we oli bin fesem.

President blong VAF, Jansen Molisingi, hemi talem se Cairns hemi wan ‘learning curve’ blong tim, nomata long situesen we oli bin fesem, be naoia olgeta i focus long Pacific Games.

Daily Spot i bin askem long VAF, se wetem demolition blong Korman Stadium, olgeta i gat ples blong tren long hem, mo Alatoa i talem se running track, i gat 300 Metre nomo oli stap yusum naoia from nara 100 Metre i no posibol nomo.

VAF hemi konfem blong sendem wan 12 man tim i go daon, we insaed i gat 7 man mo 5 woman. Bambae i gat 2 ofisol tu i follem tim, mo koj, hemi Glynis Nunn, foma heptathlon Olympic Gold Medal wina, we hemi koj blong Vanuatu uprising sprinter, George Vinjaria Molisingi, long Australian High Perfomance Centre.

VAF i konfem se bambae i gat ol Track atlet nomo mo i nogat eni field atlet.

Team Vanuatu i stap luk fowod long 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 5000, 10,000, ol relay mo semi marathon blong oli kompit long hem long manis July.

Raymond Nasse/Vanuatu Daily Post

56) POM will be ready for Games: Parkop
The National, Wednesday May 27th, 2015

NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop remains confident that Port Moresby will be ready to host the Pacific Games in July.
Parkop said that during the opening of the upgraded Wardstrip Road alongside the Sir John Guise Stadium in Waigani yesterday.
“This Games is very important because it coincides with our 40 years of nationhood,” he said.
“There will never be a better time in history for such an event and we must prepare well to make our country proud.
“There is a massive effort put together by the NCD Commission and Government to make sure we deliver one of the best Games in history.
“We want to showcase the sporting talents of our young people and our city’s image and prove to the world PNG’s place in the Pacific.”
Parkop said facilities at Sir John Guise Stadium and other venues were of world standard.
He said some people were complaining that a lot of the money was being spent in the capital city for the Games.
“All these efforts are to prepare the city to host major international events like the Pacific Games, Women’s FIFA soccer World Cup in 2016 and APEC summit in 2018,” he said.
“This is where we showcase our country’s history, culture, achievement and aspirations to the world.”
The Kookaburra Flyover Bridge at Erima will be opened on Sunday.

 57) PNG Hunters welcome bye despite winning run

27 May 2015

Papua New Guinea Hunters rugby league coach Michael Marum believes the bye has come at the right time for his squad despite their strong run of form.

The Hunters made it five straight wins at the weekend with a victory at top of the table Townsville, to consolidate their position in the Queensland Cup playoff picture.

Michael Marum says the win against the Blackhawks was their best performance of the season but he believes their upswing in form can be traced back to the win in Burleigh before the international break, where they came back from a 20-point deficit.

“That was the turnaround. Played Pride at home and we went back out there to the [Norths] Devils game. After the Blackhawks win I think there’s just a lot of support around the place, around the country and everyone’s supporting. You normally have your critics and everyone else but it’s good to see everyone coming together and putting their heads together supporting us now so if we continue on winning the next two, three games I think we’ll be right [for the playoffs]”.

Michael Marum says he’s given the players six days off to rest and spend time with family before returning to training for the home game against Ipswich.RNZI

58) Allen Jr wants top finish in Port Moresby

Zanzeer Singh
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

OLAF Allen Junior is targeting for the gold medal at the Pacific Games. Allen Jr carded a brilliant six under par 66 during the final round of the Fiji Premium Pro-Am at the Denarau Golf and Racquet Club course in Nadi last Saturday.

His score was the best over the two days 36 holes event.

As an amateur Allen Jr finished ahead of the professionals. He carded rounds of 73 and 66 for a total of 139.

On the second day Allen Jr carded seven birdies and a bogey.

Allen Jr said the aim was to win the gold medal in Papua New Guinea.

He said the score would have been better if not for the blemish at the last hole.

“I have to improve on my drives. It was my best performance at the Denarau course and it was challenging. I have not been to Papua New Guinea before but expect the course to be in similar condition.” he said

Meanwhile the club’s general manager David Roche said this year’s tournament was a great success with 104 players participating.

He said the national team players for the upcoming Pacific Games were present.

“With such a strong field, the scoring was hot. In the professional division was a sudden death play-off was required to decide the winner between Sam Lee and Anasa Seravatu after being level on a score of 143,” Roche said.

“Sam emerged victorious collecting his first cheque for his first professional career while Anasa was the runner-up,” he added.

* Pacific Games coverage courtesy of BSP

59) State of Origin: Maroons braced for ‘hammering’
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: 4:58PM Surprised by Josh Reynolds’ axing, Queensland assistant Michael Hagan says the Maroons are still bracing themselves for a “hammering” in Wednesday night’s State of Origin opener in Sydney.

Hagan admitted on Wednesday that the aggressive Reynolds proved Queensland playmaker Johnathan Thurston’s nemesis when NSW won game two last year in Sydney, snapping the Maroons’ record eight-series hold on the trophy.

Yet NSW coach Laurie Daley overlooked Reynolds, opting to launch the Blues’ title defence with Sydney Roosters halfback Mitchell Pearce out of position at pivot.

“He [Reynolds] was fantastic for them last year and put a lot of pressure on Johnathan Thurston in game two in Sydney,” Hagan said.

“Mitchell Pearce is a quality player but I thought Josh Reynolds would be there given the job he did for them last year.

“He is a whole-hearted player, he gets in faces, puts pressure on the kicker. Origin is about that sometimes. But I am sure they have got a couple of other guys to do that job tonight.”

Newcastle’s Beau Scott looks set to take over Reynolds’ in-your-face role after battering Thurston in a round two NRL clash with the Cowboys.

Scott has also had past Origin run-ins with Thurston and fullback Billy Slater.

Hagan believed Slater in particular would be in NSW’s sights and they will test him for the shoulder complaint that kept him out of the trans-Tasman test.

“We will try and look after our halves tonight,” Hagan said.

“Billy Slater at fullback I think he is going to take a hammering so we need to get back there in numbers and support him as much as we can.

“The ball players understand they are going to be under pressure but they are tough and know what Origin is all about.”

Hagan hinted that NSW’s rookie forwards David Klemmer and Josh Jackson may also be out to make a name for themselves.

“They have a reputation of being nice and hard,” he said.

“I am sure they will try to put their mark on the game at some stage.”

But Queensland will also be out to flex their muscle in attack, with Hagan confirming coach Mal Meninga had spoken with officials about maintaining the 10m in defence – a major complaint after last year’s game two loss.

“We probably didn’t see that last year in Sydney,” Hagan said.

“Hopefully the fans get to see a bit of footy.

“If I was a fan I would have been disappointed with the lack of footy that was played last year [in game two].”

Hagan backed Greg Inglis (tonsillitis) to be at his best despite spending three nights in hospital during a disrupted Gold Coast camp.

He said Queensland’s rookies Josh McGuire and Michael Morgan received their jerseys from ex-skipper Adrian Lam on Tuesday night.

Lam inspired the team with tales of a “no names” Queensland team’s shock 1995 Origin whitewash.

60a) Fifa arrests in US corruption probe

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: 5:20PM Swiss police began making arrests as part of a US Justice Department investigation into corruption involving individuals at FIFA, soccer’s ruling body.

Swiss police have begun making arrests as part of a US Justice Department investigation into corruption involving individuals at Fifa, football’s ruling body.

The arrests were made as Fifa’s 209 national member associations were gathering for the group’s presidential election, held every four years.

The raids come amid rising anger that Fifa hasn’t done enough to curb a culture of wrongdoing amid a constant stream of corruption allegations that reached their peak with the awarding of the next two World Cups to Russia and Qatar.

Fifa governs global football, setting the rules for international play and putting on the World Cup. The organisation’s revenue has surged under President Sepp Blatter, hitting US$5.7 billion in the four years culminating in the 2014 World Cup, the most-watched television event in history.

During Blatter’s tenure, Fifa has been marred by investigations into embezzlement and bribery. Until Wednesday (Fiji time), though, he had been expected to stand for re-election on Friday.

Desert Cup

Questions continue to swirl about how gas-rich Qatar, a blistering-hot desert state smaller than Connecticut without any discernible football culture, managed to convincingly win the right to host sport’s most-watched competition.

“It’s kind of a culture of get what you can,” Michael Hershman, co-founder of Transparency International, said in a February interview. Hershman wrote a governance report on Fifa’s behalf in 2011 that was largely ignored. “It became not as much about the sport as it did about self-promotion and self- enrichment.”

The federal inquiry was overseen by the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, which Loretta Lynch ran for five years until she became the top federal prosecutor in April; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS has been investigating the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football, known as Concacaf, over unpaid taxes for the past three years.

US investigators got help from Chuck Blazer, the longtime general secretary of the confederation, the New York Daily News reported in November. Blazer wore a hidden recording device in a keychain to meetings with soccer officials at the London Olympics and elsewhere, the paper said. The IRS had leverage over Blazer: he hadn’t paid taxes on millions of income for more than a decade, according to the paper.

Blazer, who resigned in 2011, didn’t pay taxes or file returns for the confederation and one of its subsidiaries, which ultimately resulted in it losing its non-profit status.

60b) Bolt wins 200m in best time of 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: 4:16PM Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt has overcome rain-soaked, chilly conditions to streak to his new season best in winning his favoured 200 metres at the Golden Spike meet.

In the eastern Czech city of Ostrava, the 28-year-old world and Olympic champion – who also holds the world 100 and 200m records, clocked 20.13 seconds yesterday, almost a second behind his world record of 19.19sec set back in 2009.

In his only previous appearance over 200m this season, Bolt timed 20.20sec on home soil in Kingston, Jamaica, in April.

60c) Nadal kicks off bid for 10th French title

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update: 4:05PM Defending champion Rafael Nadal began his campaign for a 10th French Open with a 6-3 6-3 6-4 breeze past France’s world No.296 Quentin Halys.

Nadal, seeded a humble six this year – his lowest for a decade – needed just one hour and 50 minutes today to record his 67th career win at Roland Garros.

The 28-year-old Spaniard, who is seeded to meet world No.1 Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals, came into the tournament without a European claycourt title for the first time since 2005 and with many in the sport writing him off as a spent force.



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