Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1104 ( Sunday 14 June 2015 )


1) Solomon Islands to receive MSG officials – Delegates for the Melanesian Spearhead Group Summit will begin arriving in Honiara early next week ahead of the opening of the Senior Officials Meeting on June 18. The Summit will begin with the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) to be followed by the MSG Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) on June 22 and the Leaders’ Summit on June 24. The Government’s National Planning Taskforce headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade is currently finalizing arrangements for the meeting.

2) Jakarta hopeful Vanuatu change will end Papuan MSG bid

12 June 2015
Indonesia says it’s quietly hopeful the change of government in Vanuatu will signal the defeat of West Papua’s bid to join the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Sato Kilman is known to have a softer stance regarding Vanuatu’s long-held support for West Papua, and as foreign minister recently indicated his country could open an embassy in Jakarta.

The change could potentially sway deliberations at the MSG leaders’ summit in Honiara next week, where a decision will be made on whether to grant West Papua access to the subregional group.

The director of Indonesia’s foreign ministry, Esti Andayani, says her country is carefully watching how things will play out and whether Vanuatu’s policy regarding West Papua will change.

Until now, Vanuatu had voiced support for West Papua’s bid alongside New Caledonia’s FLNKS, while Papua New Guinea and Fiji appear to be leaning against it. Solomon Islands is yet to indicate a position.RNZI

Olgeta – 

Yestede mifala long Gavman saed i sek taem 3 MP i krosem floa blong sapotem mosen blong nogat trast agensem Praem Minista Natuman. Mifala i no bin ekspektem, be taem we mifala redi blong tokbaot mosen long 4 klok yestede, MP Hosea Nevu, MP Samson Samsen mo MP Mokin Steven i bin stanap long ples we oli sidaon long hem wetem mifala long Gavman saed mo wokbaot krosem floa blong palamen blong go sidaon wetem oposisen. Wetem olgeta 3 MP ia, Oposisen i bin gat 27 MP, we hemi inaf blong vot long mosen i pas mo aotem Hon. Natuman olsem PM afta elektem niu PM Hon Sato Kilman. Hon. Sato Kilman i apoentem olgeta ia olsem ol Minista blong hem:
– Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Trade: Moana Carcasses
– Minister of Foreign Affairs: Serge Vohor
– Minister of Agriculture: Christopher Emelee
– Minister of Justice: Dunstan Hilton
– Minister of Lands: Paul Telukluk
– Minister of Finance & Economic Management: Willie Jimmy
– Minister of Public Utilities: Tony Nari
– Minister of Climate Change: Thomas Laken
– Minister of Internal Affairs: Hosea Nevu
– Minister of Youth & Sports: Toara Daniel
– Minister of Health: Morkin Stevens
– Minister of Education: Alfred Carlot
– Parliamentary Secretary: Steven Kalsakau

Mifala long Oposisen i jas depositim wan Mosen Blong Nogat Trast agensem Praem Minista Sato Kilman, Spika hemi talemaot finis se Mosen hemi “in order”, mo bae Palemen i dibetem Mosen ia long 4 klok long aftenun long Tasde 18 Jun (nekis wik), olsem part blong 1st Odineri Sesen yet.

Ta, MP Ralph Regenvanu //

4) Vanuatu Daily news Digest | A new motion

by bobmakin

The new Vanuatu Opposition of Joe Natuman (PM until yesterday) yesterday deposited a motion of no confidence against the government of Sato Kilman. The Speaker of Parliament has ruled it in order and Parliament will debate the issue next Thursday at 4 pm. It is still part of the First Ordinary Session of Parliament.

The press release did not indicate the reason for the motion, whether for charges of bribery which certain new cabinet members face, or other well documented offences from the past.


5) Japan To Fund Major Upgrade To Wharf In Tonga’s Capital
$25.9 million grant to modernize Nuku‘alofa’s Faua Wharf

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, June 11, 2015) – A major upgrade and extension for Faua Wharf in Nuku’alofa to be completed by 2018 will be funded by the Government of Japan with an estimated $55.4 million pa’anga [US$25.9 million] grant to modernise Tonga’s domestic passenger terminal and cargo handling in the capital.

Prime Minister Hon ‘Akilisi Pohiva and the Japanese Ambassador HE Mr Yukio Numata signed and exchanged notes on the project at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office on Wednesday, 10 June.

The project will construct an extension docking site to the western seaside area of the wharf, a new domestic passenger terminal that can accommodate around 700 people and two parking areas.

The Ambassador said this initiative came at the request of the Tongan Government to improve the handling efficiency of both cargo and passengers by separating the domestic and international shipping.

He said the passenger terminal will cater for the special needs of elderly and disabled people by installing gently sloped ramps through its entrances and passageways with the rooftop to have an independent solar system.

The new wharf will strengthen the safety of sea transportation by accommodating ferries such as the MV ‘Otuanga’ofa and MV ‘Onemato and others, he said.

“The new domestic wharf is a substantial leap in the modernisation process of Tonga and is embedded in the concept of reducing isolation by creating greater accessibility for people. It is also envisioned to withstand the impact of natural disasters for longevity.”

The Ambassador said with their contribution these facilities would help Tonga showcase its potential as a capable and leading member of the South Pacific region.

The project is also assistance by the Japanese Government to help Tonga prepare for the 2019 Pacific Games.

The Prime Minister extended Tonga’s heartfelt appreciation for the grant and wished for the bilateral relations between Japan and Tonga to continue growing in strength.

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe announced this project during the PALM7 meeting that was held in Japan last month.

Matangi Tonga Magazine

6) Malietoa heirs meet to discuss title

13 June 2015

 In Samoa, the three factions of the Malietoa paramount title will meet in Sapapalii, Savaii island today for the last round of discussions to find a holder of the title.

The late Malietoa Tanumafili II died eight years ago but the three clans of the Malietoa title have been in disagreement since on whom to choose, an issue which has also been before the courts.

A family member says the heirs of Malietoa Talavou, Malietoa Moli, and Malietoa Natuitasina, have agreed to carry on these meetings in order for the heirs to iron out issues relating to the title.

However the family member hopes the final meeting is a united one, otherwise the heirs of the Malietoa title will go back to court to find a holder.RNZI


7) Micronesia Festival Kicks Off On Guam
Fair provides taste of next year’s Festival of Pacific Arts

By Jerick P Sablan

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, June 11, 2015) – One of the largest festivals on Guam that celebrates the cultures of Micronesia will be held this weekend.

The 28th Annual Guam Micronesia Island Fair kicks off tomorrow at Gov. Joseph Flores Beach Park, also known as Ypao Beach Park, with food, entertainment, local produce, a petting zoo and other activities.

Guam Visitors Bureau General Manager Nathan Denight said this year’s fair is one of the largest with more than 100 vendors participating.

Micronesian islands including Palau, Yap, Marshall Islands, Pohnpei and Kosrae will be at the fair displaying their cultural goods.

Denight said they expect about 30,000 people to come to the fair over the three-day event.

On the main stage, event-goers will be able to see cultural performances from throughout the Micronesian region. Various public school groups will also perform on stage.

The popular Hawaiian band Mana’o Company will perform Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

Local bands such as Marianas Homegrown, Love & Hafa Adai and R&R also will perform.

A petting zoo, carabao rides and other fun activities will be available for the kids.

Farmers will be able to sell their produce at the fair’s farmers market.

The fair also will be a taste of what people can expect at next year’s Festival of Pacific Arts, Denight said.

Guam will host FestPac next year, bringing 27 island nations together to celebrate cultures from around the Pacific.

Because of that event, there will not be a Micronesia Island Fair next year.

Pacific Daily News 

8) CNMI concedes US military can acquire land for training

12 June 2015

The Governor of the Northern Marianas says the US military has the power to acquire land in the CNMI for their military activities.

The CNMI is currently reviewing the military’s proposal to use Pagan and Tinian for live-fire training exercises.

Eloy Inos says the military can use the option of eminent domain to acquire more land in the Commonwealth.

The training plans have faced stern opposition from community leaders.

Mr Inos says the bottom line is that the US military and federal government have the power and the right to exercise their power.

He says he supports more open discussions regarding the plans to lease land for military activities.

However Mr Inos says he prefers the US military to initiate the talks rather than the CNMI.

The governor says he will meet with the military top brass toward the end of the month.RNZI


9) Cooks PM to lodge complaint against NZ website

 12 June 2015
The Cook Islands prime minister Henry Puna is to lay a complaint with the New Zealand Media Council over allegedly false information published by the New Zealand website last month.

The Cook Islands News says Mr Puna launched an attack in Parliament over the reporting of the Cook Islands campaign to join the United Nations.

Mr Puna says the journalists angled their story to state that such a policy would mean that Cook Islanders would be losing their New Zealand citizenship.

But he says there is no substance to the story whatsoever, adding that during a meeting with Cook Islanders in New Zealand this week, he had to reiterate there was no truth in the Stuff story.

Mr Puna says the journalists never gave him the courtesy of an interview or a response to questions on what they wrote.

The article says the office of the Cook Islands secretary for Foreign Affairs and Immigration did not respond to an interview request.RNZI

Mr Puna says he is filing a complaint with the Media Council in New Zealand against the writers of the article.Over 22,000 Pacific applications for NZ residency – The results of a ballot which gives people from five Pacific countries an opportunity to gain residency in New Zealand are being announced today. More than 22,000 applications were received this year under the Samoan Quota and Pacific Access Category. This year more than 9,000 Samoans applied under the Samoan Quota, where 1,100 places are available. Nearly 2,500 applications were received from Tonga, for which just 250 places are allowed. In Kiribati 1,185 registrations were received for 75 places, while demand was lower in Tuvalu with 334 applying for the same allocation.,000-pacific-applications-for-nz-residency


10) Nupla Bougainville gavman imas sapotim turisam

Updated 12 June 2015, 12:54 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Wok turisam bai nap helpim planti pipal long Bougainville winim wok mining

Odio: Direkta blong Tourism long Bougainville Mr Lawrence Bele itoktok wantem Caroline Tiriman

Nupla Autonomas Bougainville gavman imas putim planti moa moni long apim na strongim turisam indastri long Bougainville long wonem em bai helpim planti pipal.

Despla em askim blong Direkta blong Tourism, Mr Lawrence Bele taem ol pipal i redi long lukim nupla gavman bihaenim namb tri ileksan.

Mr Bele itok tu olsem Bougainville igat planti kaen samting em ol pipal blong ol narapla kantri iken lukim olsem, klinpla environment, ol bikpla bus, kalsa na tu planti samting blong second world war istap nabaut long olgeta hap blong Bougainville.

Emi tok tu olsem planti bikpla turis ship iwok long go raon nau long Bougainville, tasol oli laikim turisam bai kamap olsem wanpla bikpla wok emi nap halpim ol pipal.ABC

11) Solomon Islands meri na Midia

Updated 12 June 2015, 13:09 AEST

Sam Seke

Ol meri i mekim wok painimaut long wonem kaen stori em midia isave karim long ol meri blong kantri

Odio: Lisa Horiwapu blong Vois Blong Mere Solomon Islands itoktok wantem Sam Seke

Solomon Islands ibin mekim wanpela sevei oa wok painimaut  long ol stori blong ol meri long ol nius media long kantri ino long taim igo pinis.

Vois Blong Mere NGO blong National Council of Women ibin mekim despla sevei aninit long wanem ol i kolim Global Media Monitoring Program.

Program Manager blong Vois Blong Mere, Lisa Horiwapu i tok as tingting long dispela sevei em long painim aut long naba na wanem kain stori blong ol meri ol nius media i save karim.

Em i tok ol dispela kain infomesen oa stori i ken helpim ol long save long wanem i stap – na tu long helpim long saeit long ol polisi long sait long ol meri.

Ms Horiwapu itok despla kaen wok painimaut oa sevei ino stap tasol long Solomon Islands, emi stap tu long ol narapla kantri long Wold.ABC

12) Vanuatu igat nupla Gavman

Updated 12 June 2015, 12:48 AEST
Sam Seke

Nupla Praim Minista Sato Kilam itok oli gat rait long ronim gavman

Odio: Niupela Finance na Economic Management Minista blong Vanuatu, Willie Jimmy i toktok wantem Sam Seke

Finance na Economic Management Minista long niupela gavman blong Praim Minista Sato Kilman long Vanuatu i tok, ol igat rait long senisim gavman long wanem ol igat namba long palamen.

Willie Jimmy husat ibin finance minista tu bipo itok, politik em i wok long namba na sapos ol i gat namba, ol iken senisim gavman wanem taim ol i laikim.

Mr Jimmy i tok olsem bihain long paleman blong Vanuatu i rausim Joe Natuman long wanpela mosen blong no-konfidens aste na voutim Sato Kilman olsem nioupela praim minista.

Tupla ten seven memba nau i sapotim mosen na tupla ten faif ibin agensim despla tingting.

Praim Minista bipo, Joe Natuman ibin rausim Sato Kilman husat ibin wok olsem foran minista long wik igo pinis.

Despla em nupla laen Kebinat blong Vanuatu.

Prime Minister: Sato Kilman Livtunvanu (People’s Progress Party)
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism: Moana Carcasses Kalosil (Greens)
Minister of Finance: Willie Jimmy Tapangararua, (Independent)
Minister of Internal Affairs: Hosea Nevu, (Iauko Group)
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Serge Vohor Raliuth (Union of Moderates)
Minister of Health: Morkin Steven Iatika (Union of Moderates)
Minister of Agriculture: Christopher Emelee (Vanuatu National Party)
Minister of Public Work: Tony Nari (Iauko Group)
Minister of Lands: Paul Telukluk (Reunification of Movement for Change)
Minister of Education: Alfred Carlot (Natatok)
Minister of Climate Change: Thomas Laken (Greens)
Minister of Youth and Sport: Toara Daniel Kalo (Greens)
Minister of Justice: Dunstan Hilton (People’s Progress Party)

Fainens minista Willy Jimmy itokim Radio Australia olsem oli gat rait long ronim gavman long wonem oli gat namba long Palaman.ABC


13) Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance : les indépendantistes papous soutenus au Vanuatu et aux Salomon

Mis à jour 11 June 2015, 17:14 AEST
Élodie Largenton
Dans deux semaines, les pays mélanésiens se réuniront à Honiara pour un nouveau sommet du Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance. Et ce que tout le monde attend, c’est de savoir s’ils vont décider d’accorder un siège aux indépendantistes papous, qui ont déposé une nouvelle candidature via la Fédération des mouvements indépendantistes papous.

Jusqu’à ce soir, ils pouvaient compter sur leur soutien traditionnel, le Vanuatu. Joe Natuman, qui était Premier ministre jusqu’à aujourd’hui, l’avait fait savoir haut et fort en limogeant la semaine dernière son ministre des Affaires étrangères, Sato Kilman, un peu trop proche de l’Indonésie à son goût. On écoute Kiery Manassah, le porte-parole du gouvernement vanuatais :
« Il y a plusieurs raisons qui ont poussé le Premier ministre à renvoyer Sato Kilman, mais l’une des raisons principales, c’est le point de vue qu’il a affiché sur la Papouasie occidentale et qui ne reflète pas la position du gouvernement. »
En avril dernier, l’ancien ministre des Affaires étrangères avait ainsi annoncé l’ouverture d’une ambassade vanuataise en Indonésie, avant que le désormais ancien Premier ministre ne démente l’information.
Ce soir, la donne a changé : Sato Kilman est le nouveau Premier ministre du Vanuatu. Il a été choisi par les députés pour remplacer Joe Natuman.
Aux Îles Salomon, plusieurs personnalités politiques ont fait savoir, ces derniers jours, qu’elles soutenaient la candidature des indépendantistes papous. Cela fait déjà trop longtemps qu’ils demandent à faire entendre leur voix, estime le dirigeant de la province centrale des Salomon, Selwyn Mapuli :
« Les habitants de Papouasie occidentale sont nos frères mélanésiens, qui luttent pour l’indépendance et le droit de faire ce qu’ils veulent au sein de leur pays. Ils ne peuvent pas se faire entendre, aujourd’hui. En tant que Mélanésien, je les soutiens dans ce contexte. »

Ces dernières semaines, cependant, Fidji et la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée ont indiqué qu’ils préfèreraient voir l’Indonésie rejoindre le Groupe Mélanésien Fer de Lance en tant que membre associé. En 2011, grâce à la pression exercée par les Îles Fidji, l’Indonésie a obtenu le statut d’observateur au sein de l’organisation régionale.ABC

14) Brèves du Pacifique – vendredi 12 juin 2015

Mis à jour 12 June 2015, 18:08 AEST

Caroline Lafargue

Le jeu des chaises musicales continue au Vanuatu. À peine élu, le nouveau Premier ministre Sato Kilman fait face à une motion de défiance. 

Sato Kilman, le nouveau-futur-ex Premier ministre du Vanuatu? (Photo: Vladimir Pesnya / RIA Novosti) 
Jeudi après-midi, les députés ont fait tomber le gouvernement de Joe Natuman, grâce à une motion de censure. Sato Kilman, ancien ministre des Affaires étrangères du gouvernement Natuman, est devenu Premier ministre, élu par 27 des 52 députés. À peine 24 heures après son élection, Sato Kilman est la cible d’une nouvelle motion de défiance, déposée par 10 députés. Le vote aura lieu jeudi prochain. Le nouveau gouvernement est aussi fragilisé par un scandale de corruption, dans lequel la majorité des nouveaux ministres sont impliqués. L’affaire est instruite actuellement par la Cour Suprême.   

  • Mariannes du Nord: des chefs coutumiers s’opposent au Pentagone. Washington envisage d’installer des terrains de manoeuvres militaires sur Pagan et Tinian, pour y organiser des exercices de tirs à balles réelles. Les propriétaires coutumiers sont contre ce projet. Mais le gouverneur des Mariannes, Eloy Inos, affirme que le gouvernement américian a le pouvoir d’acquérir ces terres pour le Pentagone. Le gouverneur rencontrera les hauts-gradés américains d’ici la fin juin.
  • Nouvelle-Zélande: 22 000 candidats océaniens à la loterie nationale pour une carte de résident. Les noms des tirés au sort seront révélés aujourd’hui. Ce n’est que la première étape, car les heureux élus doivent d’abord trouver un travail avant de déménager en Nouvelle-Zélande. Le programme est ouvert au Samoa, à Kiribati, à Tonga, à Tuvalu, et à Fidji, pour la première fois depuis le réchauffement des relations diplomatiques entre les deux pays. Cette année, les Samoans ont été les plus nombreux, avec 9000 dossiers déposés, alors que le quota accordé par Wellington est de 1100 cartes de résidence pour les ressortissants samoans. ABC

15) Brèves du Pacifique – jeudi 11 juin 2015

Mis à jour 11 June 2015, 16:24 AEST
Élodie Largenton

Les fermes éoliennes sont « affreuses visuellement » et ont un « impact potentiel sur la santé », affirme le Premier ministre australien. 

Le gouvernement a l’intention de limiter au maximum le nombre de turbines, a précisé Tony Abbott. Il y a trois semaines, le pays a revu à la baisse son objectif concernant les énergies renouvelables : d’ici 2020, ce ne sont plus 41 000, mais 33 000 gigawatt-heure d’électricité qui devront être produits par l’éolien, le solaire ou l’hydraulique.
L’Australie a-t-elle payé les passeurs d’un bateau de migrants pour qu’il retourne en Indonésie ?Le capitaine et les membres d’équipage d’un bateau disent avoir reçu au moins 7 000 dollars chacun pour faire demi-tour. C’est faux, répond le ministre de l’Immigration, Peter Dutton, sans donner plus de précisions. 

  • L’ambassadeur australien en Indonésie est de nouveau en poste, cinq semaines après l’exécution des trafiquants de drogue australiens Andrew Chan et Myuran Sukumaran. C’est le « bon moment », estime Tony Abbott. « On pense que ces exécutions étaient inutiles, mais on a toujours dit qu’il n’était pas question que cela ait des répercussions sur ce qui est pour nous une relation très importante », précise le Premier ministre. Le rappel de l’ambassadeur est la principale mesure qui avait été prise par le gouvernement australien pour signifier sa colère vis-à-vis de l’Indonésie.
  • À Fidji, les 23 propositions de drapeaux retenues par les autorités ne séduisent pas la population, selon un reportage du Fiji Times. « Je ne vois aucun symbole qui représente Fidji en particulier », regrette un habitant de Lautoka. Un autre trouve que les dessins sont « ternes », surtout comparé à l’actuel drapeau. Les Fidjiens sont invités à voter pour leur emblème préféré jusqu’à la fin du mois.
  • Les espoirs Onusiens des Îles Cook douchés par la Nouvelle-Zélande. Henry Puna, le Premier ministre de l’archipel polynésien, voudrait obtenir plus d’autonomie, que son pays puisse avoir un siège à l’Onu et à la Banque mondiale, notamment, mais en gardant la citoyenneté néo-zélandaise. Il en a discuté directement avec son homologue néo-zélandais, John Key, cette semaine, et la réponse est sans appel : la Nouvelle-Zélande n’a pas l’intention de changer quoi que ce soit au statut actuel. Les Îles Cook sont en libre association avec la Nouvelle-Zélande depuis 50 ans.
  • Les dirigeants du Pacifique approuvent un plan ambitieux pour mettre fin à l’épidémie de Sida d’ici 2030. Pour y arriver, les pays de la région Asie-Pacifique devront franchir plusieurs étapes, et notamment faire baisser le nombre de nouvelles infections de 350 000 en 2013 à 79 000 en 2020. Il faut améliorer l’accès aux dépistages et aux traitements, préconise l’Onu. Dans notre région, c’est en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée qu’il y a la plus de cas de séropositivité.
  • Les opérations de vote se sont déroulées dans de bonnes conditions à Bougainville, assure le commissaire électoral, George Manu. Candidat malheureux à la présidentielle, Sam Kauona affirme que des faux bulletins ont été placés dans les urnes. C’est impossible, répond George Manu, qui souligne que l’élection était supervisée par des observateurs internationaux.
  • Les images font le tour du monde : un bébé koala, qui enlace tendrement sa mère, blessée après avoir été renversée par une voiture. Les animaux ont été recueillis par les soigneurs d’un zoo situé près de Brisbane, en Australie. La maman koala a été opérée avec succès. Elle est maintenant en rééducation et, évidemment, son petit reste près d’elle.ABC

16) Du changement à la tête du Vanuatu

Mis à jour 11 June 2015, 17:51 AEST
Élodie Largenton

Le Vanuatu a un nouveau Premier ministre : Sato Kilman. Il remplace Joe Natuman, renversé par une motion de défiance, votée par 27 députés sur 52.

Sato Kilman a déjà exercé les fonctions de Premier ministre par le passé. (Credit: Reuters)
Jusqu’à la semaine dernière, les deux hommes travaillaient ensemble, dans le même gouvernement : Sato Kilman était ministre des Affaires étrangères. Mais Joe Natuman avait décidé de le limoger pour deux raisons principales : d’une part, il savait qu’une motion de défiance était dans l’air et il avait appris que son ministre la soutiendrait, et d’autre part, ils avaient des points de vue différents sur la question papoue.
Sato Kilman est réputé pour être proche de l’Indonésie, quand Joe Natuman soutient les indépendantistes papous. Le décalage avait été particulièrement flagrant en avril dernier : alors ministre des Affaires étrangères, Sato Kilman avait annoncé l’ouverture d’une ambassade en Indonésie. Il avait été désavoué dès le lendemain par le Premier ministre : « Cette orientation politique n’est pas à l’ordre du jour. On a des problèmes plus urgents à traiter, comme l’après-cyclone Pam », avait indiqué Joe Natuman dans un communiqué.

Aujourd’hui, la donne a donc changé : un pro-Indonésie prend le pouvoir à la place d’un pro-indépendantistes papous. Or, le Groupe mélanésien Fer de lance se réunit dans moins de deux semaines aux Îles Salomon pour discuter de la candidature de la Fédération des mouvements indépendantistes papous.

Ce changement de Premier ministre est le neuvième en sept ans au Vanuatu.ABC

17) ACP calls EU’s EPA deferral unacceptable

13 June 2015

The organisation of African, Carribean and Pacific countries says the European Union’s decision to defer negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement unacceptable.

The EU last month proposed a three year deferral after negotiations for the region-wide deal reached a stalemate after 11 years of discussions.

But the Fiji Times reports the ACP’s secretary-general, Dr Patrick Gomes, saying the deferral was unrealistic, and the he hopes to resolve it next week at a joint ACP-EU parliamentary assembly.

Mr Gomes says such an agreement would be important to the ACP’s economic goals in terms of investment and financing to move their developing countries forward.RNZI

18) Tuvalu irked by big power fishing stance

12 June 2015

Tuvalu’s fisheries minister Pita Elisala says his nation is not selling fishing days to distant water fishing countries that have blocked initiatives to develop its domestic fishery.

Mr Elisala was speaking during the two-day Parties to the Nauru Agreement annual meeting of ministers in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Last month, PNA officials wrote to fisheries officials in Japan and Taiwan and to the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation requesting meetings to resolve what PNA CEO Dr. Transform Aqorau described this week as an embargo against island domestic development.

Mr Elisala, who did not name what countries were preventing fisheries developments in Tuvalu, says Tuvalu is concerned with the way these nations had treated them and is therefore refusing to sell them fishing days.

He says this could have negative repercussions for Tuvalu as it depends on donor aid from these same countries.

Dr Aqorau says Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands have attempted to get purse seiners from Taiwan, but these efforts have been prevented.RNZI

Britain re-looks at foreign policy – British Prime Minister David Cameron is refreshing his approach to foreign policy to define Britain’s place in the world. Cameron, recently re-elected to office for another term, is looking at building stronger ties with Fiji and the Pacific. British High Commissioner to Fiji Roderick Drummond says they are looking at ways to effectively maintain its presence in the Pacific including Fiji.


19) Hackers access sensitive data

Sunday, June 14, 2015

WASHINGTON – Hackers with suspected links to China appear to have accessed sensitive data on US intelligence and military personnel, American officials say.

Details of a major hack emerged last week, but officials have now given details of a potential second breach.

It is feared that the attack could leave US security personnel or their families open to blackmail.

The agency involved, the Office of Personnel Management, is yet to comment on the reports.

Officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to the Associated Press news agency, believe the attackers have targeted the forms submitted by intelligence and military personnel for security clearances.

The document includes personal information, everything from eye colour, to financial history, to past substance abuse, as well as contact detaiils for the individual’s friends and relatives.



Healthcare, Honiara, International Annual Events/Days, People, Solomon Islands, Top Headlines
June 14, 2015

National Medical Laboratory Director Alfred Dofai speaking to the media as Acting Manager of the hospital blood bank Donald Tahani, speaking to the media. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services and its partners will commemorate World Blood Donor Day in Honiara tomorrow.

World Blood Donor Day is annually commemorated on June 14th.

This year’s theme is “Thank you for saving my life”.

Director of the country’s National Medical Laboratory, Alfred Dofai told a media conference over the weekend they will acknowledge a small group of faithful voluntary blood donors in the country during tomorrow’s event.

“During that event we will say thank you to those who keep on donating, a small group of people who keeps on donating blood to save our people’s lives in the hospital, so we would like to say thank you very to them for their service of free blood donation. Now we only encourage voluntary blood donation and not paid donations.”

Meanwhile, Blood Donor Recruitment officer of the Solomon Islands Red Cross, Kelton Sikala encouraged the public to attend the World Blood Donor Day celebrations tomorrow.

“We will have a day’s program and so we appeal to the public to come and enjoy the program and also support those who voluntarily donate blood, so come and be present at the program. There will be activities involved which will help us to understand the importance of blood and why we want to promote voluntary blood donation.”

SIBC News understands tomorrow’s program will be held at the SMI area, Town Ground, West Honiara.

However, speaking in today’s radio talk-back show at the national broadcaster, Medical Lab Acting Manager Donald Tahani says there is dire need for more blood at the National Referral Hospital.

“It’s just too low, it’s way below the calculations from our statistics records. Our records have shown that I’ll give you an example blood needed is around 8,000-9,000 units per year, that’s the average we’ve calculated for the last three years period, from 2011 to 2013. Yet our supply is just around 2,000-2,500, so you could see that big difference.”SIBC

21) Call for people to give blood

Luke Rawalai
Sunday, June 14, 2015

MINISTRY of Health acting permanent secretary Dr Mecuisela Tuicakau has called on the people of Fiji to givea pint of blood and help save lives.

Officiating at the launch of the World Blood Donor Day in Wainikoro outside Labasa yesterday, Dr Tuicakau said the ministry had set up blood banks in hospitals after recognising the importance of blood availability to members of the public.

Dr Tuicakau said blood was needed for life threatening conditions, surgeries, maternal and prenatal care including the treatment of major injuries.

“The World Blood Donor Day was established in 2004,” he said.

“The ministry and medical services have always taken its services down to rural areas so that individuals raise awareness to people in these areas.

“Last year the event was launched in Ba and Korolevu in 2013 before coming to the North for the second time this year.”

Dr Tuicakau saluted donors around the country saying their donations had saved the lives of many.

“The theme for this year’s program is ‘Thank You for Saving My Life’ but the question that we need to ask ourselves is have we saved a life today and have we contributed to the lives of others?

“This is a responsibility that we owe to the people that are in need for blood and not the work of the ministry alone.

“We continue to encourage people on the need to donate and give blood for the sake of those that need it out there.”

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization website says about 108 million blood donations are made around the world every year.

Out of this, 65 per cent of blood transfusions in low-income countries are given to children under five years.Fijitimes


22) Seven off to pilot school

The National, Friday June 12th, 2015

Flight instructor Captain Bruce Paki will be taking his third batch of students for pilot training at Elite Global Aviation in the Philippines.
Paki, who is the vice-president of the company, hosted a farewell for seven trainees, their parents and guardians in Port Moresby last Sunday.
Paki said the seven trainees would be joining 18 students currently training at that pilot school.
Student Pele Pokeya’s father Korowa Pokeya was happy that his son was part of the team that would be trained by Elite.
Pokeya spoke on behalf of other parents and encouraged trainees travelling to Subic on Sunday.
Pokeya was happy with the way Elite Global Aviation was dealing with the students.
“As young people, you go out there and you will be expose to so many things but make it your business to get your priorities right and bring back the pride for yourself, your family and the country,” he said.


23) Unsuccessful Bougainville candidates look to legal action

13 June 2015

Reports from Bougainville say that many losing candidates in the recent election are now talking to their lawyers in a bid to overturn the election results.

New Dawn FM says the seats being disputed include the presidential seat, which was won by the incumbent John Momis, as well as several other general, women’s and ex-combatant seats.

The Bougainville-based radio station says it has received various statements from failed candidates claiming foul play during voting and counting.

However, the acting electoral commissioner, George Manu, has previously said he is satisfied with the way the election has been conducted, saying any interference would have been noticed by international observers.RNZI

Solomons Opposition Questions Slow Implementation Of Budget
Manele concerned government won’t have time to deliver services

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, June 12, 2015) – The Leader of Opposition Jeremiah Manele has questioned the Government as to why the implementation of the ‘People’s Budget’ has been very slow.

With only five months left before the end of the 2015 financial year, MrManele said people are waiting for the much needed services to be delivered.

“After all it is called the People’s Budget and the Government needs to make it known to the people why the budget delivery has been so slow,” Mr Manele said.

He cautioned the Government that they could end up not achieving much because of trying to do too much in a given time frame.

The Leader of Opposition reiterated a statement he made during his Budget Speech in April this year that the most serious challenge to the execution of the 2015 budget is time.

“As I have mentioned in Parliament, and is likely to be the case right now that the time frame for implementation of the budget is simply too short. Obviously, we are yet to start expending the budget and with only five months left to execute the budget, this is simply inadequate,” he said.

In addition, Mr Manele said the Government is currently faced with another dilemma and that is some of the Government ministries do not have the capacity to effectively implement the 2015 budget within the 5 months’ time frame left for this year.

“Their recurrent budgets are not linked or are simply inadequate in terms of their manpower establishment to support the implementation of the programmes or projects in their development budgets or to enhance their ability to collect additional revenue,” he said.

As such, the Leader of Opposition has called on the Government to tell this nation how and when the Government will roll out their work programs and start expending the budget.

“Our people are waiting. The budget is in their name so let us ensure that much needed services are delivered to them, especially the majority of our people in the rural areas. The Government has a huge task ahead and so many promises to fulfill and it must not fail its people.”

Meanwhile, the Leader of Opposition has also voiced serious concerns over the uncontrolled and frequent oversea trips by Ministers and officials.

He questioned the relevance of the trips, calling on the Government to explain how these trips will benefit the people of this country especially when people are still waiting for the much needed services to be delivered to them.

“How can the Government explain the uncontrolled trips and how does it relate to the implementation of a budget that is yet to be implemented,” he said.

Solomon Star


Development, Malaita, People, Provincial Governments, Solomon Islands, Top Headlines
June 14, 2015

The people of North Malaita have described the initiative taken by the Malaita Provincial Government to develop Malaita Province as “timely”.

The North Malaita constituents said developing the province will provide more employment opportunities for its people.

SIBC’s Mbita’ama stringer, John Andrew Kiri reports people are willing to support the provincial government in its development plans.

“Such positive initiatives that the provincial government through Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia’s leadership, once coming to fruition, will discourage Malaita to go looking for employment in other parts of the country or anywhere else but encourage Malaitans to remain at home and work hard to develop Malaita as their home province.”SIBC

25) Solomons Green figure advocates balance in development

12 June 2015

The interim president of the Green Party of Solomon Islands says striking the right balance between economic development and protecting the natural environment is essential for developing countries.

Ernest Kolly is one of two Solomon Islands delegates attending the 3rd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Confederation running through the weekend in Wellington.

Climate change is top of the agenda at the congress which has drawn delegates from as far away as Iraq, Pakistan and Mongolia, to representatives from India, Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

Ernest Kolly says Solomon Islands, as a developing country faced with climate change, has its own balance to strike in terms of development.

“We try to preserve our environment, on the other hand we also need economic development and so the government of the day is promoting more of the tourism industry in investing more in tourism instead of logging developments, etc.”RNZI

26) 24 hours into job, Vanuatu PM faces no-confidence vote

By Online Editor
00:19 am GMT+12, 12/06/2015, Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s opposition has filed a motion of no-confidence in the Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, less than 24 hours after he came to power in a no-confidence vote.

The notice, signed by 10 MPs, has been lodged with parliament’s speaker and will be debated next Thursday.

The opposition says Kilman’s appointment should be terminated and a new prime minister appointed, citing the devastation caused by cyclone Pam.

It says the effect of losing cyclone reconstruction programmes, which were put together by the previous government of Joe Natuman, outweighs a change in government as the confidence of donor partners will be affected.

It also argues that with the majority of the new government implicated in a bribery case currently before the Supreme Court, the government will be forced to interfere in the judicial process.

The motion will need the support of 27 MPs for it to be successful.


27) New Bougainville cabinet takes shape – The re-elected Autonomous Bougainville Government President, John Momis, has announced part of his caretaker cabinet. Dawn FM reports that in a brief ceremony at the ABG House of Representatives, President Momis announced that Patrick Nisira would continue as vice President of the autonomous Papua New Guinea region. He also presented the new member for Peit, Josephine Getsi, who is the first woman to be elected a member of parliament in an open seat, as his caretaker government’s choice of women’s representative.

28) Consultations to begin on Development Plan – The government is about to set off on a national exercise to collect views for a five year development plan which will form the basis of all government policies and strategies in the years to come. Permanent Secretary for Finance and National Planning Filimone Waqabaca says country wide consultations will be held so that the plan encompasses the views of as many Fijians as possible. “It will articulate what government intends to do during the 5 year period. Whether it’s building how many roads, hospitals, electricity, water – those type of development issues.”

29) Acting PM explains symbolism behind the 23 Flag designs
 – The Fiji blue represents peace and serenity and the dark blue stands for prosperity, trust and dignity. Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum shed some light on the concepts for the 23 shortlisted flag designs. “The Fiji blue, was you can see is a very strong presence which provides the continuity and many people are very endeared to the Fiji blue as we call it or the noble banner blue as on our flag, it represents peace, serenity, freedom as well as of course the Pacific Oceans and it shows solidarity with all other island nation states. Yellow represents radiance, light, sustenance and a new beginning, it recalls the Sun, Fiji’s place as the land of the first rising sun. Dark blue stands for peace, prosperity, trust, dignity and intelligence.”


30) Vanua to install chiefs

Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari
Sunday, June 14, 2015

INSTALLING chiefs is not the work of the iTaukei Lands Commission, says commission chairman Ratu Vananalagi Vesikula.

Ratu Vananalagi made the comment at Buretu Village during the iTaukei Affairs roadshow on Friday night while responding to a question from village headman Saula Ikanivecevece.

Mr Ikanivecevece inquired if there was any time frame given for vacant positions in villages to be filled.

To this Ratu Vananalagi said there was no time frame because Government respected traditional protocols.

He said the filling of positions, be it of chiefly status or head of clans or tribes is the responsibility of the vanua and not for the ministry to decide.

“You can only ask us for advice if you’re not clear about anything with regards to vacant positions but Government does not have the power to decide when to have these positions filled,” Ratu Vananalagi told the villagers.

He has also urged indigenous Fijians to talk among themselves and decide on filling the vacant titles and positions.  Fijitimes


31) Solomon Airlines starts Sydney flights

2 June 2015

Solomon Airlines has started its weekly service to Sydney, flying out of Honiara on a Monday and returning on Tuesday.

The carrier’s commercial services manager says the launch is slightly early and he would have liked to have had more time for sales teams to promote the service.

Gus Kraus says flights are running at 40-50 percent capacity but he is hoping this will improve as more people become aware of the service.

“We are working with a company called Ignite in Australia. They are part of the group that actually developed My Fiji and My Bali and My Phuket type campaigns. So we are spending some real hard earned funds into the Australian market to give that tourism a push.”

Mr Kraus says most Solomon Airlines passengers to and from Australia are travellers on business or visiting family members.RNZI


Australia, Business, Government, Investment, People, Programmes, Solomon Islands, Top Headlines
June 14, 2015
Some of the locals who will participate in the business forum. Photo credit: Australian High Commission in Honiara.

The seventh Australia-Solomon Islands Business Forum is on track to start tomorrow.

The Australian High Commission office in Honiara said this is the first time the bilateral business event will be held in Solomon Islands.

The Forum will bring together over 100 players in the trade and investment relationship between Australia and Solomon Islands.

Australian High Commissioner Andrew Byrne said hosting the Forum in Honiara for the first time marks an exciting new chapter for the Solomon Islands private sector.

He said this represents a vote of confidence from the business community in the future of Solomon Islands.

Commissioner Byrne adds it will also provide an opportunity for leaders and policy-makers to interact directly with potential investors from both countries.

He said the Australian Government stands firmly by the Solomon Islands Government and Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry as they strive to boost economic growth across the country.

Meanwhile, Solomon Islands 2014 Businesswoman of the year and Managing Director of Premier Group of Companies, Julie Haro said this year’s Forum is an opportunity to form new business partnerships with Australian investors.

She said the Forum is about building new connections that will enhance development and improve the quality of our service delivery to customers.

She adds the Forum will have ripple effects in our economy as well as for our people.

The two-day Forum is hosted by the Australia-Pacific Business Council and will feature expert presentations on the current political, economic and investment climate in Solomon Islands.SIBC

33) Konrote meets ILO Director General – Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jioji Konrote has met with Guy Ryder – the Director-General of the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. The Minister expressed his appreciation for the support and assistance given by the ILO to Fiji, especially in relation to tripartite relations in Fiji and legal support. The Minister says there’s optimism that the consultations on labour law reforms will be fruitful and positive.

34) New water bottling facility in Ra 
– An American company is investing close to a $140m in a new water bottling facility in Ra. The project has been five years in the making and with final approvals the construction is expected to begin later this year. 480 Holdings Limited is the newest entrant in Fiji’s thriving bottled water sector and director – Bob Bishop says their factory is expected to start producing and exporting towards the end of 2017.

45) Policy vital for SMEs

Geraldine Panapasa
Saturday, June 13, 2015

THE Fijian trade policy framework identifies the development of small and micro enterprises (SMEs) as a vital component to the Fijian industrialisation process, says Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya.

He said the overall policy for trade and related activities recommended a holistic review of the SME policy framework.

“Access to marketing information remains a constraint to SME development and competitiveness in Fiji,” he said during the recent launch of the SME promotions and sales centre under the National Centre for Small and Micro Enterprises Development.

“This marketplace is highly competitive with speed and change integral to general policy and today’s customers expect more features and new updates of existing products on a regular basis.

“Hence an interactive website will be introduced soon that will form a vital part of this promotion and sales centre, and further boost the SME connectivity to the local market and all over the world.”

Mr Koya said market knowledge also helped SME develop a competitive edge and advantage through increased customer knowledge and demand.

He said enterprises could take a strong position in the market, adding the centre would address some of those gaps.

“In the coming months, Government will channel more than $1million to assist SMEs. This initiative is targeted at grassroots community and individuals with special skill set such as handicraft, carpentry and small-scale farmers. The grant facility will provide the start-up capital to existing SMEs of up to about $1000 each.”

NCSMED acting CEO Ravi Chand said they continued to carry out their mandate since 2002 to support, promote and build the capacity of SMEs in Fiji.

He said NCSMED had developed and orchestrated an array of business support resources and services to accelerate the successful development of businesses.Fijitimes


36) New four-lane back road for city

The National, Friday June 12th, 2015

The China Habour Engineering Company Ltd is building a new four-lane back road from  Gerehu Stage one to 9-Mile in Port Moresby at a cost of K300,000.
The company’s public relations manager Pexcy Rodney said the project was awarded to the company by the National Capital District Commission.
He said the project would be completed by the end of next year.
“It’s a 78-week project and a very complicated one because we are building the road through swampy areas and mountains,” Rodney said.
“People residing at the back of Waigani, Morata and 8-Mile will have access to the road once it’s completed.
“This road will help reduce traffic in the city.”
The project will open up employment opportunities for locals.
Project manager Yuan Huiming said reaching the community through awareness was one of the ways of maintaining a good relationship with them.
The construction of the road is part of a decision made by the
Cabinet recently for six major road projects.
The road projects when completed are expected to make it easier for those living in city suburbs to commute, as well as ease traffic problems for the city.
Other road projects includes:  Gerehu to Hanuabada; Gordon Industrial Roads Stage 2; Kookaburra Road flyover at the Erima Junction; Erima to 9-Mile; and Morea Tobo Road.

37) Finally, clean water for villagers

The National, Friday June 12th, 2015

WATER in a basic human need and everyone should have access to a clean and reliable supply, Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour says.
Seymour was at Irom in the Bumbu headwaters on Wednesday to see the opening of 20 water taps, showers and 15 latrines.
The project was completed within three months by the Environmental Health Development Agency, a non-governmental organisation led by Boas Sengi.
Morobe Governor Kelly Naru, who resides at Irom, worked with the agency through the AusAID programme Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesin to have the facilities built for K77,000.
Seymour said apart from cooking, washing and drinking, water was important for health and hygiene.
Council presidents Koim Trilue Leahy (Lae), Michael Poane (Wampar), Andrew Gena (Wantoat) Esonuc (Nabak) and Sam Agi (Ahi) accompanied Seymour.
Seymour told villagers in Wombon, Irom and Omaru that essential services such as roads would be provided.
“It is the people’s money that the Government allocates to be used for community projects,” he said.
“I am just the custodian ensuring essential that services are distributed equally and fairly to people in the district.”
About 800 people reside in the borders of Huon Gulf, Lae and Nawaeband have been neglected over the years because they do not know which local council or district they come under.
Community leader Andrew Talapi requested for a Elementary School to be built there and a clinic to cater for children and women.
They also want Seymour to help their activities in poultry, cocoa and taro farming.


38) Bank exposes State fraud

The National, Friday June 12th, 2015

A BANK has revealed that it stopped about K130 million in fraudulent payments from the Government system in the past 18 months, through the effective use of its check and balance system.
Bank South Pacific general manager paramount banking Aho Baliki told the Finance Department’s annual provincial and district treasurers’ conference in Lae yesterday that K70 million in fraudulent payments were detected and stopped last year, and a further K60 million was stopped up to the end of last month.
Baliki, who heads the division which handles all Government accounts with the bank, said an effective check and balance system enabled the detection and prevention of the theft of large sums of public funds.
Baliki made the revelation to illustrate the effectiveness of BSP’s cheque clearance process which requires presentation of payment confirmation letters when making cheque deposits into business and private accounts, and verification of signatures of payees, and the availability of funds.
Baliki said this was done in conjunction with the Bank of PNG which was using the Kina Automated Transaction System (KATS) to clear Government cheques.
“BSP is privileged to be a partner with Government in delivering banking and financial services to the people of PNG but we must be always on guard against opportunists out there waiting to take advantage,” Baliki said.
He said later while the frauds were detected and stopped, there were no arrests made because it was difficult to pin down the perpetrators.
Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan told The National last night that the immediate plan was to strengthen KATS by making sure all Government cheques deposited were scanned and the cross-checking system “kicks in”.
He said only 17 of the 30 government departments were using the Integrated Financial Management System.
Meanwhile, provincial treasurers from the Momase region also told the conference that for far too long, the department and other line agencies had ignored them. They called for teamwork because of the introduction of the District Development Authority.
East Sepik provincial treasurer Simon Tomba said it was now “a treasurer versus chief executive officer (DDA) situation”.
“With the DDA coming on board, how are we going to be looked after?” Tomba said.
Morobe provincial treasurer Uriah Soten said the Government must fast-track the establishment of the district supplies and tenders board.
Madang provincial treasurer Paul Amera said there was a need for “regular inspections of projects and training for treasury staff”.

 39) Concern over Kanak artefacts up for auction

2 June 2015
Questions are being raised in New Caledonia about old Kanak artefacts due to be auctioned in Switzerland next week.

The newspaper, Les Nouvelles caledoniennes, says the items appear to be the same as the ones identified in press reports in 1974 as having been taken out of the territory illegally.

The artefacts were suspected to have been stolen and shipped out in a container by a collector at the time.

The newspaper says the government is aware of the issue and considering its options before Wednesday’s auction in Basel.RNZI

40) Joint operation to Save Lives – Authorities will conduct a special joint operation to crackdown on traffic offenders because of the high number of offenses recorded in recent months. The joint operation by the police force, Land Transport Authority and municipal councils will begin nation-wide tomorrow. LTA Chief Executive Officer – Naisa Tuinaceva says the traffic infringements range from speeding to driving vehicles with defects to driving under the influence of alcohol.

41) National security is everyone’s concern: Teleni – National security is everyone’s responsibility and should be inclusive. And the national security review committee is concerned the increasing access to internet sites will influence minds in Fiji. Chairman for National Security Review Committee, Esala Teleni say global terrorism is impacting the world and Fijians should be aware of the increase in emerging new security threats.

42) CAAF investigates plane incident in Yasawa – An incident involving an Islander aeroplane in the Yasawas is being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji. The plane which was manned by two pilots experienced an issue with the nose wheel on the take roll causing the aircraft to veer to the side and the wing tip to contact a bure post.

43) Nine accused appear in High Court – Eight police officers and a soldier charged for allegedly killing Vilikesa Soko have had their reporting conditions changed after appearing in the Lautoka High Court yesterday. Manasa Talala, Seruvi Caqusau, Kelevi Sewatu, Penaia Drauna, Filise Vere, Viliame Vereivalu, Jona Davonu, Pita Matairavula and Senitiki Natakasavu will now report on the last Saturday of every month to their nearest police station. All nine men appeared in court with their lawyer asking for fourteen days to prepare for trial.—#sthash.cQl03yF6.dpuf

44) Women to appear in court for harboring escaped prisoner – Two women are expected to be produced at the Lautoka Magistrates Court today charged with one count each of harboring an escaped prisoner. The two were arrested along with two escapees in Bukuya earlier this week. Meanwhile the two escapees alleged to have robbed a 44 year old before stealing a vehicle remain in custody. The victim of the robbery remains admitted at the Lautoka Hospital.

45) Ban on public flogging in Fiji welcomed

12 June 2015

New bylaws being introduced in Fiji to combat public flogging in some iTaukei villages have been welcomed by the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre.

The centre’s coordinator, Shamima Ali, says the bylaws were introduced in the colonial era to allow village chiefs to preserve customs and traditions.

But she says some remote villages have exploited the bylaws, and have taken to public flogging as a way to restrict women’s rights.

“What has happened is that people have taken the law into their own hands, so to speak, and have expanded the laws to include restrictions on women’s dressing et cetera.”

Ms Ali says although the practice is not common and does not have government sanction, it’s good to see the government tackling down on it.RNZI


46) Landowners Of PNG Gas Project Frustrated With Lack Of Payment
LNG exports have yet to produce royalty benefits for Hela people

By Andrew Alphonse

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, June 12, 2015) – After more than 6 million tones of shipments to date, landowners as custodians of the multi-billion kina PNG LNG project, still have not received their equity and royalty benefits. As a result, both upstream and downstream landowners along the 700 kilometers LNG pipeline corridor route between Hides gas conditioning plant sites in Hela province, to the liquification and storage facility at Papa Lealea outside Port Moresby are impatient and frustrated.

In Port Moresby yesterday, under the blistering heat, Boera villagers of Portion 152 near Papa Lealea LNG storage facility, expressed their frustration at the delay tactics employed by government agencies, the Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE) and Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) in expediting their LNG benefits. Mr Muri Henao, chairman of the Boera village clan heads, flanked by Ula Avei (Iduata Gubarea 3 2 clan), Gomara Ganiga (Tubumaga clan), Rei Honokae (Nenehi clan), Mrs Lucy Alesa (president of Boera women’s association) and Mr Moi Miria (Iduata SInalai clan) said they have completed all the requirements as per the oil and gas act (O&GA) to receive their benefits but they are confused and forever waiting when they will be paid.

“They promised us that as soon as we export the first LNG cargo, we (landowners) will get our benefits.

“More than 100 LNG cargoes have now being exported and where is our royalty and equity payments ?” Mr Henao said.

Mr Henao said one prerequisite to obtain their benefits is the clan vetting and land owner identification exercise which they completed successfully in Nov 2014 witnessed by DPE officials. Mr Henao said they supported the moves last week by frustrated Moran landowners in Hela to shut down the Moran oil head project for the same reason, non- payment of outstanding LNG benefits. Mr Henao said his 4000 petroleum processing facility landowners (PPFL) from Boera villagers that includes 10 stock clans and four sub-clans are now ‘confused and frustrated’ as nearly every week, they frequent the DPE and MRDC offices in Port Moresby, only to be given the ‘forever and endless wait’ response. MRDC managing director Augustine Mano last month said MRDC needed a formula and that is the clan vetting and land landowner identification exercise, before they make the payments, adding that it is DPE’s responsibility to facilitate these exercises. Mr Mano said currently, no payments had being made and the benefits are still held in trust.

PNG Post-Courier

47) Fiji sugar a hot commodity in South Korea – Fiji sugar is now being sold in South Korea and already is a hot commodity says the Chairman of Paradise Bio Sugar Lee Hon Gyu. PBS is exporting Fiji’s raw sugar to South Korea under a special arrangement with the Fiji Sugar Corporation. The company hopes to finalize in the near future a permanent arrangement for bulk sugar export. Le says while they’re still undertaking marketing and securing further deals with retailers, major food processing and cosmetic companies, the consumer base and sales are growing exponentially every month


48) Fiji’s Usamate says child labour needs to be eradicated

13 June 2015

Over 173 cases of child labour have been recorded in Fiji over the last 4 years.

FBC reports this was highlighted by the acting Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone Usamate while opening the World Day against Child Labour in Suva on Friday.

Mr Usamate says it is everybody’s business to try and eradicate child labor in Fiji, and that child labour is not only found in businesses but also in our homes.

He says there are instances in our homes and communities where children have had to stay home and miss school to tend to family commitments such crop harvesting or looking after younger siblings.

He says this means children miss out on school, and don’t get the development they need.RNZI


49) Government provides funding towards Team Fiji for the Pacific Games

By Online Editor
00:27 am GMT+12, 12/06/2015, Fiji

The Fijian Government Thursday presented its second cheque of $300,000 to FASANOC, to assist in Team Fiji’s costs for the Pacific Games next month.

Team Fiji needs around 2 point 1 million dollars to send our teams across to Papua New Guinea.

FASANOC President Joe Rodan senior welcomed the continued assistance from Government towards Team Fiji.

The timely injection helps reduce the burden on catering for the athletes who will be travelling to the Pacific Games.

“We always grateful to the Government for donating and helping out FASANOC, as you know sports plays a very important part in our country. The Fiji Team of 423 that’s going over to the games. Majority of them are students and majority of them are youth and it’ll be a good exposure for them,” said Joe Rodan (SNR) – FASANOC President

Out of the 2 point 1 million dollars budget, Government has contributed $600,000 of that money and now leaves a shortfall of $100,000.

The departure tax alone for Team Fiji is more than 89 thousand dollars and Rodan is expected to meet with the Prime Minister in this regard.

“The third is supposed to be $700,000, hopefully you know we will get a little bit more or in that case if you look at the departure tax, for 423 people amounts to about $81,000, we hope we can get some leeway in that area,” he said.

However, Government cannot do this alone and they’re calling on business houses to have a heart and contribute towards a good cause.

“We need the support from our business houses, there are a number out there that have not come on board with any sports, we’d like to sort of say well, you can turn off your TV’s when we showing 7’s and when we showing PNG because you haven’t put anything into it,” said Peter Mazey – Chairman – Fiji Sports Council

Mazey has called on the National Federations to have proper plans in place to avoid last minute requests for assistance.

“We’ve got to stop this leisure planning which we do, all at the last minute, one month before we’re going. That’s why we’re planning development in sports now for four years,” he said.


50) Strongest ever weightlifting field for Pacific Games

13 June 2015

The strongest weightlifting field in Pacific Games history will be on show in Papua New Guinea next month.

The Pacific Games event in Port Moresby is being held in conjunction with the Oceania Weightlifting Championships for the first time.

Among the lifters on show will be Glasgow Commonwealth Games gold medallists Dika Toua and Steven Kari from Papua New Guinea, and David Katoatau from Kiribati.

Samoa, Fiji and Nauru will also have Commonwealth medallists on show, as well as New Zealand and Australia, who are competing in the Pacific Games for the first time.

The General Secretary of the Oceania and Commonwealth Weightlifting Federations, Paul Coffa, says that’s helped to boost the entry numbers.

“We have 21 countries with about 260 lifters competing. That’s quite a large number really – the biggest entries we’ve ever had in this sport in the pacific – and of course the [fact it is a] Rio qualification event has a lot to do with it, and we expect some excellent results.”

American Samoa, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Guam, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Norfolk Island, Samoa, Palau, the Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Tuvalu, Tokelau, and Wallis and Futuna are the other competing countries aside from the CNMI and host Papua New Guinea.

A 32-member delegation, including 25 athletes, will banner the Northern Marianas’ medal hopes to next month’s XV Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea.

Our correspondent says the CNMI will be competing in eight of the 28 sports offered in the Pacific Games, namely, athletics, beach volleyball, bodybuilding, golf, sailing, swimming, triathlon, and va’a or outrigger canoe.RNZI

51) Pacific Games places up for grabs Fiji

13 June 2015

Pacific Games spots are on the line for the Fiji Olympic football team, who are competing in the inaugural Four Nation’s Friendship Cup in Port Vila from this afternoon.

The Fiji Under 23 team is using the tournament as preparation for next month’s Games in Port Moresby, which doubles as the Oceania qualifying tournament for the Rio Olympics.

New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and hosts Vanuatu are the other participating teams.

Fiji coach Juan Carlos Buzzetti says players involved in their Under 20 World Cup campaign are being rested for the Vanuatu trip so it’s a chance for the others to stake a claim.

“Some of the Under 20s will join us after and we need to make decisions so for the boys it’s performance time. We want to see how they perform at this level: some of them have a lot of experience [and] some of them they don’t but they’re playing very well in this moment. It just is a question to see, identify how many players we want to select from this group and bring the Under 20s and see which ones of them will make it.”

In today’s first round of matches, New Caledonia take on Vanuatu and Fiji face Solomon Islands.RNZI

52) FIFA U-20 World Cup: Germany out of competition

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Update: 4:53PM FAVOURITES Germany has been bundled out of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in New Zealand.

The European side was locked 1-1 at full time against Mali in the quarter-final today and the match went into extra time and the dreaded penalty kicks.

Mali came out victorious 4-3 on penalties, sending Germany out of the World Cup.

In the other quarter-final, Brazil defeated Portugal 3-1 on penalties after the two sides ended the match nil-all.

USA plays Serbia while Uzbekistan takes on Senegal in the other quarterfinals in New Zealand today.Fijitimes

53) Naitasiri reigns in rugby battle

Vishaal Kumar
Sunday, June 14, 2015

NAITAISIRI has ended Namosi’s unbeaten run in the Skipper Cup competition after beating them 22-19 in a close match at Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori yesterday.

Both teams demonstrated high attacking rugby from one end to the other in wet conditions but it was Naitaisiri who kept their nerves to hold on for a win with Namosi looking to snatch a comeback victory late in the game after trailing 22-7 midway in the second half.

Naitaisiri opened the scoring through lock Temo Raibevu in the fifth minute with Kini Douglas converting for a 7-0 lead. Douglas then slotted a penalty to extend the lead 10-0.

It took Namosi until the 26th minute to register their first points with Timoci Sinate scoring after a well worked team try from their own half. Mesa Taicirua adding the extras to cut the lead to 10-7.

But just as Namosi thought they held the upper hand, Naitaisiri scored again through Sireli Kaloucava to extend the lead 17-7 with Douglas again nailing the conversion.

To make matters worse Namosi were reduced to fourteen men after Abele Yalayalatabua was shown a yellow card for dangerous play.

Naitaisiri led 17-7 at halftime.

Poor handling errors plagued Namosi in the second half and frustration started to creep into their game as they were further reduced to thirteen men following scrum half Etuate Nete’s yellow card. A scrum in Namosi’s twenty two allowed Viliame Masiwawa to score from the next play increasing Naitaisiri’s lead to 22-7 before Leikima Naredra being sin binned for a professional foul.

This sparked the Namosi side into action scoring twice through Pita Tamanivalu and Rusiate Tadulala in a space of 10 minutes but it was too little too late for as Naitaisiri held on to win.

Naitaisiri coach Joji Rinakama said the side was lucky to come away with the points.

“The win is a win but there were still careless mistakes made by the boys which allowed Namosi to come back,” Rinakama said.

“We had prepared well for the game knowing Namosi was a tough team to beat.

“We still have to work on our weaknesses and still there is room for improvement.”

Namosi coach Jim Wainiqolo said his side lost to a better side.

“Naitaisiri won today because they were the better side. We made too many errors in the first half which led us to play catch up rugby,” Wainiqolo said.Fijitimes


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