Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1113 ( Monday 27 July )


1) Search for 9 missing in PNG ends today

27 July 2015 

A week long search in Papua New Guinea for nine missing people, six of whom are children, is being called off.

Poor weather has hammered Milne Bay Province for weeks and local disaster authorities have been stretched by search and rescue operations.

The acting provincial disaster co-ordinator, Steven Tobessa, says one person is dead and three were rescued in challenging weather conditions over a week ago, but nine people, including six school children, are still missing.

He says a search crew involving about 70 people, with a helicopter, dinghies, and a larger vessel has been involved in the search but it will end its operations today.RNZI

2) Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 24 + 25 July 2015

by bobmakin

  • Radio Vanuatu News has today has Reserver Bank Governor Athy being rather more prolix on the subject of why the Reserve Bank has rejected the Bank South Pacific’s bid to to purchase Westpac in Vanuatu, but adding nothing new to the discussion first reported yesterday in Post. The considerations were all financial and not influenced by any political party, Athy said, and necessary in the fragile economic conditions post-Pam.
  • Yesterday Daily Post also had the news of NUP winning the majority of seats by any party in the Luganville Council. Hope got 3, the Greens 2 and GJP and Nagriamel each one. They are able to add today that the name of Mrs Netaf Roinata Rosemary of NUP is being put forward to take the mayoral position.
  • Daily Post this morning has two new posts created for senior MPs. One is Parliamentary Secretary for Provincial Affairs, the other Parliamentary Secretary for Policy Research, each receiving VT 2.6 m per year, presumably in addition to their pay and/or allowances as sitting MPs. In addition there are cars, housing and other benefits for the holders of the non-advertised positions which go to Messrs Steven Kalsakau and Silas Yatan.
  • Lands Minister Telukluk claims in Post today that the leases awarded to staff of Lands by Steven Kalsakau when he was Minister were all valid. This claim is made despiteTransparency Vanuatu and incoming Lands Minister Regenvanu later deciding differently. They were all properly cancelled after Transparency’s and Regenvanu’s findings.
  • One hundred new citizens have received their certificates. The awarding ceremony was held at Au Faré at Melcofe says Daily Post.
  • The Independent gives nearly half a page to former Opposition Leader now DPM Carcasses (called Opposition Leader under his photo) to shoot his mouth off about what he sees as “dirty politics behind the former Natuman Government.” He accuses Natuman of disgraceful handling of the Police Mutiny Case, aided and abetted by Public Prosecutor Timakata. “With all due respect to Mr Timakata, the public perception is that he is too closely associated with the former Natuman Government,” says Carcasses. All that said, it is only facts which will matter in the Bribery Case coming up in a fortnight for Carcasses and many ministerial colleagues.

3) Wokbaot long Tanna long wik ia: MP Ralph mo Andrew Napuat

Olgeta –

Bae mi mo propos kandidet blong GJP long 2016 long Tanna, Andrew Napuat, bae mitufala i mekem wan aweanes tua long Tanna long wik ia.

Program blong Tanna hemi olsem:

27 July (aftenun) – Lamakaun Village, Not Tanna (miting lo nakamal)
28 July (moning) – Enuhup, Saot Tanna, opening blong selebresen blong olgeta mo semtaem lonj blong “GJP Cup”
28 July (aftenun) – Loupukas, Medel Bush
29 July (moning) – Loukatai, Wes Tanna
29 July (aftenun) – Lounaraip, Wes Tanna (Emsine Nakamal)
30 July – Lounapaiu komuniti, Not Wes Tanna
31 July (moning) – Enumakel, Waetsan
31 July (aftenun) – Loupali. Waetsan
1 August – kambak long Vila.

Mi wantem tekem janis ia blong wishim yufala wan hapi mo sef Indipendens selebresen 2015!

Ta, MP Ralph


4) Samoa fears dengue spreading beyond Apia

27 July 2015

Samoa’s Apia has been hit with an outbreak of dengue fever type 3 with fifty five confirmed cases which will be sent to New Zealand for further medical testing.

The acting Director General of Health, Robert Thomsen, says the latest number of cases have also to be tested because some patients either have dengue or a combination with the chikungunya virus.

Four people have been admitted to hospital with severe symptoms, but there have been no deaths.

Dr Thomsen says while the impact has been mostly in the Apia urban area, officials fear it could spread more widely.

“And if the numbers warrant, like happened last year with the chikungunya when advices were taken out for schools to be closed, then we will go to that stage.”

The Ministry of Health is continuing preventive measures such as spraying incoming flights from American Samoa, and in the hospitals and schools.

The public is advised to use mosquito repellants and mosquito nets as well as long sleeve shirts and trousers to protect them from mosquitoes.RNZI

5a ) Probe into American Samoa’s retirement fund

27 July 2015 

The director of the American Samoa Government’s retirement fund has been put on 30 days administrative leave while an investigation is carried out into alleged improprieties.

The chairman of the fund’s board of trustees, Fanene Morris Scanlan, says the decision to put Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua on leave was made at a board meeting last week.

The Department of Public Safety has begun an investigation into allegations of misappropriation and abuse of funds at the office involving Luatua and other employees.

Fanene asked Luatua to resign after it was brought to his attention that a rubber stamp bearing his signature was used to approve funds and issue cheques to unregistered businesses, which were later allegedly deposited in Luatua’s personal bank account.RNZI

5b) Cooks To Decide On Compulsory Retirement Age

Currently no policy, need to reenergize public service

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 25, 2015) – The Cook Islands cabinet will soon decide whether to approve introducing compulsory retirement in the public service at age of 60, and voluntary retirement at age 55.

There’s currently no mandatory retirement age in public service legislation or policy, although Cook Islanders are eligible for the old age pension at 60.

Prime Minister Henry Puna has said he wants to commence a process of regenerating the public service, to provide better opportunities for younger Cook Islanders.

In June, the government announced a one-off voluntary retirement package for public servants aged 60 and over in a bid to free up government positions.

Radio New Zealand International 

6) ‘Bloated’ public sector a strain on Cooks’ economy

27 July 2015

A ‘bloated’ government workforce is a cause for warning on the Cook Islands’ economy.

A three-person private sector team charged with reviewing the Cook Islands Public Service is preparing to submit to Cabinet its recommendations after completing wide-ranging consultations.

1,900 people are employed in the public sector and although some say there’s a risk of the 1996 crisis that prompted 4,000 people to leave the Cook Islands, the Office of the Public Service Commissioner says a recent Asian Development Bank review does not spell the same fate.

The public sector was cut in half that year, following an ADB review.

The review team reportedly believes major changes must be introduced gradually over a ten year period.RNZI


7) CNMI rejoices at return to normal internet

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People in the Northern Marianas are celebrating the return of normal internet after a severed underwater cable was repaired yesterday.

The CS Durable arrives in the Northern Marianas to fix the territory’s only communications cable.

The cable’s owner and service provider IT&E says work began early on Sunday to reconnect the fibre optic cable which was severed earlier this month.

The company says there may still be temporary interruptions to its service as the network is restored to its full capacity over the next few days.

A ship came from Taiwan to assist with the repair which is expected to cost IT & E 2-million US dollars, not counting the economic losses from the blackout.

Local business says millions of dollars has been lost due to the blackout which prompted local authorities to declare a state of emergency. RNZI

8) Traditional carvers create trophies for Micronesian tournament

27 July 2015 

Traditional carvers from a small atoll in Federated States of Micronesia say they’re honoured to have been selected to create the trophies for their state’s annual sports tournament.

A group of traditional carvers from a small atoll in Federated States of Micronesia say they’re honoured to have been selected to create the trophies for their state’s annual sports tournament.

The Yap games attracts about 900 athletes from across the state, who compete in a dozen sports.

Larry Reigetal is one of the carvers from Lamotrek Atoll, he says the distinctive trophies are modelled on the Micronesian outrigger canoes and take about four days to make using traditional methods.

“We’re using only hand tools, carving with our hand tools – a traditional axe. And then for the finishing we have to give to one of these guys who really know how to do the finishing touches on it and complete it.”

Larry Reigetal says making the trophies has also provided young people on Lamotrek an opportunity to learn about traditional carving.RNZI


9) West Papua lida i kros long East Timor presiden bifo

Updated 24 July 2015, 13:02 AEST

Caroline Tiriman

Wanpela West Papua lida i tok President bifo blong East Timor, Jose Ramos Horta, ino ken toktok nating  long fait blong indipendans blong West Papua.

Fred Mambrassa, man husat i go pas long Free West Papua Muvment long PNG i mekim despla toktok bihaen long Mr Horta ibin tokim ABC olsem emi no sapotim tingting blong ol pipal blong West Papua long bruk lusim Indonesia na kisim indipendans.
Aste nait emi tokim ABC nius olsem West Papua emi hap blong Republic of Indonesia.

East Timor ibin fait egensim Indonesia long planti yia we planti tausan pipal blong en ibin dai long han blong militari blong Indonesia inap emi bin kisim indipendans long yia 2002.

Fred Mambrassa itokim Radio Australia  olsem emi no wanbel wantem despla toktok blong Mr Horta.ABC

10) Vanuatu ibin bungim trabal pastaim long indipendans

Updated 27 July 2015, 16:03 AEST
Caroline Tiriman
Wokabaut blong indipendans blong Vanuatu ibin bungim sampla trabal pastem emi bin kisim indipedans ikam long France na Britain long 1980.

Minista blong Finance na Economic Management  Willie Jimmy i mekim despla toktok tede taem kantri i redi long makim 35 yiar blong indipendans long July 30 long Fonde.
Emi tok ol papa blong kantri olsem Father Walter Lini na ol narapla lida ibin laikim bai ol pipal i free long lukautim ol iet na noken stap aninit long despla tupla kantri moa.
Tasol sampla pipal ino bin sapotim despla laik blong kisim indipendans, olsem ol pipal blong Santo husat ibin statim fait blong bruk lusim Vanuatu.
Despla ibin ol Ni-Vanuatu lida long askim PNG gavman long salim Kumul fos blong helpim long stopim despla trabal.ABC



11a) PNG / Australie : un départ précipité qui suscite des interrogations

Mis à jour 27 July 2015, 16:43 AEST

Est-ce le signe de relations en demi-teinte entre l’Australie et la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée ? L’ambassadrice australienne à Port-Moresby, Deborah Stokes, quitte son poste huit mois plus tôt que prévu.
La raison de ce départ anticipé reste bien mystérieuse. « Il y a des rotations, des opportunités d’avancement, et des opportunités pour certaines personnes d’accéder à des postes différents », a seulement indiqué la ministre australienne des Affaires étrangères, Julie Bishop.
Ce n’est pas étonnant d’avoir aussi peu d’informations sur une décision relevant de la diplomatie, estime Jenny Hayward-Jones, directrice du programme mélanésien au sein du Lowy Institute, mais on peut s’interroger sur le moment choisi :
« Pourquoi cela arrive-t-il maintenant ? Avec le 40e anniversaire de l’indépendance qui sera célébré en septembre et avec le fait que la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée accueille le Forum des îles du Pacifique, le moment choisi est inhabituel. »
Ces derniers mois, les relations diplomatiques entre l’Australie et son ancienne colonie, la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, se sont quelque peu détériorées. En cause : le projet de Canberra d’ouvrir une mission diplomatique australienne à Bougainville. La province autonome est engagée dans un processus qui doit mener à la tenue d’un référendum d’autodétermination d’ici 2020. À Port-Moresby, certains ont donc estimé que l’Australie prenait de l’avance et pariait sur la victoire du camp pro-indépendance.
Officiellement, le Premier ministre papou a surtout reproché à l’Australie de ne pas l’avoir prévenu. Peter O’Neill aurait découvert l’information en même temps que tous les Australiens, c’est-à-dire pendant la présentation du nouveau budget.
Julie Bishop a d’abord assuré en avoir parlé avec les autorités papoues, mais après quelques semaines, son directeur de cabinet a reconnu que les dirigeants du pays n’avaient pas été prévenus des intentions australiennes.
Beaucoup estiment que c’est à cause de cette brouille diplomatique que l’ambassadrice Deborah Stokes est invitée à quitter le pays précipitamment. La chercheuse Jenny Hayward-Jones :
« On ne peut que spéculer, mais le moment choisi suggère que cette question a mis le gouvernement dans l’embarras. »
L’accès à la province de Bougainville avait été fermé aux touristes australiens pendant deux semaines. Pour calmer le jeu, l’Australie aurait accepté de renoncer à ouvrir une mission diplomatique à Buka. Mais cette information des autorités papoues n’a pas été confirmée par Canberra.
C’est Bronte Moules, ancienne ambassadrice en Birmanie, qui a été nommée pour remplacer Deborah Stokes à Port-Moresby.ABC

11b)  La renégociation du traité des îles du détroit de Torrès, c’est possible

Mis à jour 24 July 2015, 16:26 AEST

Peter O’Neill estime que le traité est injuste, car il exclut les villageois de la région de TransFly, sur le “continent” papou. Ils ne peuvent pas aller pêcher dans les eaux australiennes. L’expert en relations internationales Donald Rothwell affirme que le gouvernement australien a tout intérêt à se montrer souple, car le détroit de Torrès est un lieu de passage stratégique. 

Le traité du îles du détroit de Torrès qui a décidé du tracé de la frontière entre l’Australie et la Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée. Les deux pays sont séparés par le Détroit des Îles de Torrès. Certaines de ces îles sont australiennes, les autres sont papoues.

Le traité, entré en vigueur en 1985, prend en compte les liens culturels et coutumiers entre les îliens australiens et les îliens papous du détroit. Il autorise donc les habitants de 13 villages papous à se rendre librement sur les îles australiennes, sans visa, pour des rassemblements coutumiers, chasser, cultiver, ou pêcher.

Mais selon Peter O’Neill, le traité n’est pas juste car il exclut les villageois de la région voisine de TransFly, sur l’île principale du pays. Résultat, écrit le Premier ministre papou dans un communiqué publié la semaine dernière: « Les villageois de la TransFly n’ont plus le droit d’aller pêcher ou chasser dans la partie australienne du détroit, et ils ont du mal à survivre. »  

La question sera sûrement prise en compte par Tony Abbott en août, car il doit passer une semaine sur une des îles australiennes du Détroit de Torrès. Donald Rothwell, professeur de droit international à l’Université nationale australienne:

« Le Premier ministre sera d’autant plus attentif que ce détroit est crucial pour l’opération Frontières souveraines. Il a donc besoin d’entretenir une bonne relation bilatérale avec la Papousie Nouvelle-Guinée. »

Frontières souveraines, c’est le nom de l’opération menée par la marine australienne à la frontière avec l’Indonésie pour repousser les bateaux de migrants. Les bâtiments de la marine australienne doivent passer par le Détroit de Torrès, qui relie le Pacifique à l’océan Indien.

Donald Rothwell: « Je suis sûr que le gouvernement australien serait prêt à répondre aux demandes du gouvernement papou, et accepterait de modifier le traité. Il peut s’agir tout simplement d’autoriser les villageois de la TransFly à pêcher en territoire australien. Cela pourrait suffire. »

En revanche, il y a très peu de chances que le tracé de la frontière entre les deux pays soit modifié. Il y aurait de grands gisements de pétrole, de gaz et des minerais dans le fond du Détroit de Torrès, pas encore exploités. ABC

11c ) Brèves du Pacifique – lundi 27 juillet 2015

Mis à jour 27 July 2015, 16:33 AEST

Un employé papou du centre australien de détention situé sur l’île de Manus, en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, a vraisemblablement été tué, le week-end dernier. 

Il a été battu, puis poussé à la noyade, rapporte un député de Manus, Ronnie Knight.
Ce dernier indique, par ailleurs, que l’un des accusés du meurtre de Reza Berati a été placé en liberté provisoire. Le demandeur d’asile iranien avait été tabassé à mort en février 2014. Le procès de ses meurtriers présumés n’a pas encore commencé.
Et toujours concernant le centre de détention de l’île de Manus, on apprend aussi que la police enquête sur une accusation de viol collectif impliquant trois Australiens.
Une semaine après des violences confessionnelles en Papouasie, deux personnes ont été inculpéespour incitation présumée à l’émeute. Un employé de banque de 26 ans et un fonctionnaire de 31 ans auraient incité un groupe de 200 personnes à jeter des pierres sur des musulmans en train de prier et à mettre le feu à une mosquée à Tolikara. Ils encourent cinq ans de prison.
Les recherches pour retrouver neuf personnes portées disparues au large de la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée sont arrêtées. Quelque 70 personnes ont pris part aux recherches, mais les neuf disparus, dont six enfants, restent introuvables. Depuis des semaines, le mauvais temps a rendu la navigation difficile dans la baie de Milne. Il y a quelques jours, trois personnes avaient pu être secourues dans la région, mais une autre avait été tuée.
La construction des stades et autres installations pour les Jeux du Pacifique 2019 aux Îles Tonga débutera l’année prochaine, assure le ministre tongien des Finances, ‘Aisake Eke. Alors que plusieurs responsables politiques et sportifs ont récemment émis des doutes sur la capacité du royaume à accueillir les Jeux, le ministre se veut plus optimiste. Un plan de financement sera arrêté dans les prochains jours, explique-t-il. Les Tonga doivent trouver 86 millions de dollars pour financer les futurs travaux. Le ministre des Finances évoque de nouveau la possibilité d’imposer des taxes aux touristes voyageant par avion et des taxes sur les opérations de change, alors que ces mesures ont été mises de côté parce que très impopulaires.
Atmosphère très fraîche aux Îles Cook pour les célébrations du 50e anniversaire de l’autonomie. Les températures sont descendues à 15 degrés dans l’île de Rarotonga. C’est déjà très frais pour les habitants de la plus grande île de l’archipel, mais vraiment froid pour les habitants des îles éloignées. Or, ils sont nombreux à avoir fait le déplacement pour participer au festival Te Maeva Nui. Un député demande donc qu’une clinique reste ouverte en permanence pendant toute la durée des festivités pour traiter les nombreux cas de grippe.
Les Îles Mariannes du nord sont reconnectées au monde extérieur, trois semaines après avoir subi une panne géante ; le seul câble sous-marin que possède l’archipel s’était rompu. Un bateau est arrivé la semaine dernière de Taïwan pour effectuer les réparations. Les services téléphoniques, Internet, mais aussi les distributeurs de billets et lecteurs de carte fonctionnent normalement depuis ce matin.
Des médecins vanuatais viennent d’obtenir leur diplôme à Cuba, après avoir étudié pendant sept ans sur l’île caribéenne. Ils sont 12 à avoir bénéficié des premières bourses de formation cubaines. Depuis 2006, Cuba fournit aussi une formation médicale à des étudiants de Kiribati, des îles Salomon, de Nauru et Tuvalu. Un programme qui ne suscite pas toujours la satisfaction des pays bénéficiaires : les médecins formés en espagnol à Cuba auraient ensuite du mal à communiquer efficacement en anglais avec leurs collègues ou leurs patients.
Les Îles Marshall veulent renvoyer tous les étrangers qui travaillent dans le pays sans visa. Ce sont pour la plupart des habitants originaires de Kiribati qui sont entrés illégalement aux Marshall, ou dont le visa a expiré. Le gouvernement vient de délivrer 155 ordres d’expulsion.
Teliti, l’orang-outan, s’est fait la malle : très curieux, le jeune singe originaire de Sumatra s’est échappé de son enclos du zoo de Perth, en Australie. Mais après sa petite promenade, Teliti est retournée auprès de sa mère. « Comme beaucoup d’enfants de cinq ans aventureux, le jeune orang-outan a voulu tester ses limites, mais s’est vite rendu compte qu’il valait mieux vivre avec ses semblables », commente la responsables des singes du zoo, Holly Thompson.ABC


12) Deaths At Sea Spur Action In Pacific
New working group at Pacific Meteorological Council

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 27, 2015) – The number of lives lost at sea as a result of bad weather has been the catalyst for a new working group at last week’s third Pacific Meteorological Council.

The council met in Tonga and it was the first time that ministers of Meteorological Services from around the Pacific met in conjunction.

The head of the Samoa Meteorology Division, Mulipola Ausetalia Titimaea, says delegates are concerned about the number of weather-related tragedies at sea.

He says countries rallied their support behind an initiative to set up a working group on marine and oceans services.

“We will be working together with our marine counterparts in the different countries in areas where we can provide the early warning services. Not only from storms but also from what we now call swells that might affect the coastal communities.”

The head of the Samoa Meteorology Division, Mulipola Ausetalia Titimaea.

Radio New Zealand International


13) Chinese share market plunges to biggest one-day loss in more than eight years

Updated 27 July 2015, 19:30 AEST
By Justine Parker, wires

Chinese stocks have gone into freefall, posting their biggest one-day losses in more than eight years and futures trading is pointing to even bigger falls on Tuesday.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed down 8.5 per cent at 3,726 and the CSI300 index of the biggest listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen plunged 8.6 per cent to 3,819.

Official figures released by China’s national bureau of statistics just before the break showed industrial profits fell 0.3 per cent in June from a year earlier.

Westpac senior economist Huw Mackay said those figures, combined with a disappointing business survey last week, could have driven investors to exit the market.

“I think there’s been some pent-up selling pressure in that market over the last couple of weeks and it hasn’t been released due to the very firm hand that the authorities have been holding over that market, but it all got released today,” he said.

The precipitous falls on China’s main share markets come after a three-week rebound sparked by government intervention to prop up the market.

Authorities cut interest rates, suspended initial public offerings, relaxed margin-lending and collateral rules and enlisted brokerages to buy stocks, backed by central bank cash, to support share prices.

The battery of stabilisation measures followed a peak-to-trough slump of more than 30 per cent in China’s benchmark indexes, which had more than doubled over the preceding year.

The markets had recovered around 15 per cent before Monday’s renewed sell-off.

“There is still a lot of margin lending which is set against that market,” Mr Mackay said.

“There is also a very large pipeline of prospective new capital raisings from the corporate sector, and I think that the consolidation which we’ve seen after the trough, when the market was in genuine freefall in early July, has created the desire for individuals to take any profits that they’ve accumulated over the last year or so.”ABC


14) Health Dept not aware of any protest

The National, Monday July 27th, 2015

HEALTH Minister Michael Malabag says the Health Department is not aware of any protest or industrial action by church-run nursing and community health institutions.
He said department officials, however, met with the Christian Health Services last Tuesday.
He was responding to questions from Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon on the protest and industrial action by Christian Health Service staff and community health workers for almost three weeks.
“Are you aware that the stop work action is seriously affecting the training and education of more than 2000 students in the 16 institutions?” Philemon said.
Malabag said only the St Barnabas School of Nursing in Milne Bay was affected by the protest. “This is the only one training institution that has been affected in this protest with a total number of 91 students,” he said.
“If we were informed earlier, we would have attend to it properly. The Christian health services are informed that health training is normal.”

15) First ni-Vanuatu Cuban-trained doctors graduate in Havana

27 July 2015

The first Vanuatu doctors to be trained in Cuba have graduated from the Havana Latin American Medical School.

12 ni-Vanuatu doctors have been training in the Cuban capital for the past seven years on Cuban government scholarships.

The head of Curative Services in Vanuatu, Hensley Garae, and a health analyst, Viran Tovu, attended the graduation ceremony in Havana and thanked Cuba for helping boost the number of doctors in Vanuatu, where they are badly needed.

Vanuatu established diplomatic relations with Cuba on independence in 1980 and a number of Cuban doctors are currently serving in Vanuatu’s Vila Central Hospital.RNZI


16) Stop acting like Robin Hood, Naru told

The National, Monday July 27th, 2015

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has urged Morobe leaders to stop acting like “Robin Hood” by dishing out money at will to the people.
He stopped short of mentioning any names although Bulolo MP and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil asked if it was a reference to Morobe Governor Kelly Naru who was known for giving out money to churches and minority groups.
O’Neill urged the Morobe leaders to use the funds they had on infrastructure.
“The Morobe provincial government is receiving close to K45 million every year under the PSIP programme,” O’Neill said.
“In the last three years, that’s almost K135 million. K135 million in anybody’s language is a lot of money.
“I urge the Governor (Naru) that while I say that distributing money to churches, community groups, non-government organisations and women’s groups  is like being Robin Hood which is very nice,  that doesn’t give a permanent solution to the problems that we have in Lae.
“Partner our Government, put some money where we need to develop the roads, so that everyone can (benefit).”
“All the (nine) Members are also getting substantial amounts of money, and close to the end of the term, we would have received close to K75 million, which we never received before.
“If we put this money into infrastructure, it’s going to lift the economies of the districts and the provinces.”

17) Polling extended in PNG’s West Sepik by-election

27 July 2015

Papua New Guinea’s Electoral Commission is under fire again due to poor voter turnout in the West Sepik provincial by-election.

The Commission has extended polling to next week amid delays to transportation of polling teams due to bad weather and technical issues.

As of late last week, a large majority of the 84 polling teams across West Sepik were yet to complete polling, including all stations in remote Telefomin district.

The Electoral Commissioner Sir Andrew Trawen admits voter numbers are well down on the turnout at the 2012 national elections.

A candidate for West Sepik Governor, John Tekwie, says polling was poorly advertised.

“There is no official announcement properly done where people are aware of the time and place for polling. It’s a big problem. They haven’t even publicised it in the public media.”

Meanwhile, another candidate, Paul Negai says the Commission doesn’t appear to have learnt from previous elections how to improve the electoral process.RNZI


18) Bank opens second branch

Shayal Devi
Monday, July 27, 2015

BRED Bank, the second largest banking group in France, now has a branch for its Lautoka customers.

Since starting operations in Fiji nearly three years ago, the company has gradually expanded operations over the country.

The launch of its newest branch was done on Friday night. Operations in Lautoka started a couple of weeks ago.

According to BRED Bank (Fiji) Ltd CEO Frederic Reynaud, said more than 300 customers had joined since the Lautoka branch opened.

“BRED’s presence in Fiji resulted from its interest, expansion and success within the Pacific region,” he said.

“We have been operating for three years and our focus continues to be developing our network to reach out to all Fijians.”

He also announced that another official opening ceremony would be held for their newly established branch in Nadi Town.

“The BRED Bank Group has also decided to increase the capital of BRED Bank Fiji. It shows how confident we are in the Fijian market and that we are here to stay.”

Minister for Trade and Industry Faiyaz Koya attended the launch and commended the bank for decentralising its services to the people.

“Having a robust financial sector is one of the principal visions of the Fijian Government,” he said.

“The healthy competition in the financial sector has allowed better packages for consumers and improved interest rates for both savers and borrowers.”Fijitimes


19) Road works ‘slow’

The National, Monday July 27th, 2015

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill is disappointed with the slowness of the work carried out by a foreign company on the K560 million four-lane highway from Lae to Nadzab in Morobe.
He told Parliament that the Government’s concern was raised by the Works Department with contractor China Railway International, which had now sub-contracted some of its work to local companies to speed up the project.
He explained this while answering a question from Bulolo MP Sam Basil on the Bulolo Highway.
“As we all know, the Government is funding the road all the way from Lae to the Bulolo turn-off as the first phase of the construction of the four-lane highway to Nadzab,” O’Neill said.
“That is a Government-funded project and that is the beginning of the construction work that we are attending to both along the Highlands Highway, and the Bulolo to Lae highway,” O’Neill said.
“Unfortunately, the contractor for the Lae to Bulolo turn-off has been very slow, very disappointing. But we have got the Works Department talking to the contractor and they have now sub-contracted some of the work out to local contractors who are based in Lae, so that they can speed up the work that this particular construction company is doing.”
O’Neill said the Government was negotiating with the Exim Bank of China to fund the road from the Bulolo turn-off to Nadzab.
He said the Government was rebuilding Nadzab Airport so it could cater for the Wafi-Golpu mining activity which was going to take place.
The Government expects the mining activity to increase the number of visitors using the Lae-Nadzab Highway.
Meanwhile, Bruce Warner, the team leader of Works High Impact Office, told The National recently that the 37km Lae-Nadzab Highway would take up to five years to complete, which was much longer than was originally anticipated.
This means that the entire stretch will be completed in 2020.
Section One, which is nine kilometres long, is from Bugandi to the Bulolo Highway turn-off.
Section Two, which is 28km, is from the Bulolo Highway turn-off to Nadzab Airport. This is currently being negotiated with CRI and is subject to Government approval.
The project has been shrouded in controversy since 2013 when an independent audit report commissioned by the Government into the first stage of the highway said the costs submitted by CRI were “unnecessarily high”.


20) FIU takes on grueling roles

Geraldine Panapasa
Monday, July 27, 2015

THE Financial Intelligence Unit will take on new and more challenging roles this year on Fiji’s mutual evaluation and risk assessment projects as well as increase participation in Asia Pacific Group on money laundering.

In the FIU annual report 2014, director Razim Buksh said Fiji’s dependence on IT system and technology would also be strengthened this year with the implementation of an intelligence case management system.

“The FIU commenced work on two important national anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of tourism (CFT) projects that are scheduled for 2015 — the national risk assessment and the Asia Pacific Group mutual evaluation,” he said.Fijitimes

21) PNG jail at ‘dangerous’ overcrowding level

27 July 2015 The MP for Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island says the province’s jail is dangerously overcrowded and a new facility is desperately needed.

Ronny Knight says the current facility is built to hold about 20 people, but there are currently 200 inside, which he blames on a booming population and illegal logging.

He says nobody from Australia’s asylum seeker detention centre on the island is kept in this facility.

Mr Knight says a new prison is planned for the next couple of years, but wider reforms are needed as many of the inmates are locked up for minor offences.

“Maybe we should look more at trying to get people on probation. Some of these people are in jail for things that they wouldn’t be jailed for in other countries, minimal things that could be put out on probation or they could be given community service so we’re looking at trying for prevention rather than looking for a cure here.”

Ronny Knight says over the years infrastructure has not kept up with population growth.RNZI

22) PNG police confirm warrant for Treasury Secretary

27 July 2015

Papua New Guinea’s police commissioner has confirmed an arrest warrant has been issued for the Secretary of Treasury, Dairi Vele, as Mr Vele denies he has gone into hiding to avoid it.

The Post Courier reports Gari Baki says the Waigani District Court has issued the warrant, following allegations of official corruption, misappropriation and fraud.

But Mr Baki says the warrant is yet to be executed, and the delay is a bureaucratic issue.

Mr Vele told the paper he had not been approached by any member of the Court or any member of the police for notification, questioning or processing.

He says he completely rejects a suggestion published on social media that he is in hiding, as it goes against his professional reputation and good standing.

The allegations relate to the purchase of two turbines for PNG Power Limited.RNZI

23) IOM To Work With PNG Communities On Human Trafficking
Promoting community-based surveillance of Indonesian border

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 27, 2015) – The International Organisation for Migration says it will involve locals in Papua New Guinea to try and stop smuggling and people trafficking on the Indonesian border.

The IOM is working with PNG authorities and Canada’s Border Protection Agency to improve surveillance and monitoring.

The agency’s head of mission in PNG, George Gigauri, says people crossing the border illegally tend to be from third countries and are usually trying to reach Australia.

Mr Gigauri says the numbers are not large – likely to be in the dozens rather than the hundreds.

He says given the long border, the inhospitable country and communal land ownership, the IOM believes working with the local communties is the way to go.

“The model we are trying to promote is a community based surveillance model where you have the communities as the first responders and communicating with government officials when they see something suspicious.”

The IOM’s George Gigauri.

Radio New Zealand International

24) Papua: 2 Charged With Inciting Recent Riot
Riot over police response to small-scale sectarian conflict

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 25, 2015) – Papua Police have charged two people for allegedly inciting a riot in Tolikara district, which saw a small mosque burn to the ground and triggered widespread fears of sectarian violence across Indonesia.

Police identified the suspects as 26-year-old local bank employee, and a 31 year-old civil servant.

Papua Police chief Inspector General Yotje Mende told the Jakarta Post the two were seen provoking the assault

The pair are charged with inciting others to commit crime under Indonesia’s Criminal Code and could face a maximum sentence of five years in prison if convicted.

The two suspects were apprehended in Tolikara district capital Karubaga on Thursday and were flown to Jayapura the following day where they will face more questioning.

Police suspected the two had provoked a group of around 200 people to pelt stones and set fire to shops owned by Muslim migrants in Karubaga during the Islamic Idul Fitri holiday.

Investigators also claimed they have obtained video footage of the pair during the riot.

Violence erupted in Tolikara last week after members of the Evangelical Church of Indonesia – the largest religious group in the district – complained about the use of loudspeakers during a mass Idul Fitri prayer and called for the event to be cancelled.

Witnesses say police opened fire at protesters, killing one and injuring 11 others, although the exact nature of the shooting has been widely contested by the church.

But correspondents say there is no dispute that the shooting led to the riot.

Scores of officials and religious groups, both Muslims and Christians, immediately called for peace out of fear that violence might spread to the rest of the Muslim-majority country, which saw a brutal string of sectarian conflicts between 2000 and 2005.

The National Police chief has instructed officers across the archipelago to counter the spread of provocative messages circulating in the aftermath of the incident.

Meanwhile, police in Jakarta have stepped up security to prevent Papuan students and churches from becoming a target of hate crimes.

Radio New Zealand International


25) Shark spa’ in Solomons amazes scientists

Updated at 6:38 pm todayShare on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google Plus Share on Reddit Share on Linked In Share via email

Marine scientists are dumbfounded by the discovery of sharks swimming inside an active underwater volcano in Solomon Islands.

Dozens of hammerhead and silky sharks were filmed swimming around in extremely hot, acidic water inside the caldera of the Kavachi volcano in a lagoon in the country’s west.

The expedition leader, Brennan Phillips, says the scientists were expecting to find very little life in the harsh water conditions.

“But we saw all the big sharks that were in there. So that was a total surprise and it just kept coming. You know, there’s dozens of them and they are quite large.

“And there’s also smaller fish that are in there. There’s this whole little ecosystem there is like a whole series of trophic levels that seem to be co-existing when it’s not erupting.”

Brennan Phillips says the discovery highlights the need for more research in the area before projects like seabed mining are allowed to go ahead.

26) Korea Committed To Assisting Pacific With Climate Change
Adaptation programs, help at regional negotiations

By Avinesh Gopal

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, July 26, 2015) – The Republic of Korea is committed to assist Fiji and Pacific Small Island Development States address climate change challenges through constructive adaptation and mitigation programs.

Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se stated this at a recent meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola in Seoul.

A Department of Information statement said the Korean minister emphasised that the plights of the PSIDS were well-recognised and understood by his government.

“We will do all we can to provide some constructive and tangible support including representation at the next round of climate change negotiations in Paris,” he said.

Ratu Inoke thanked the Republic of Korea for their support, saying they were recognised as a leader in climate change negotiation and the support would be appreciated.

“We welcome the support and look forward to some positive outcomes in the coming negotiations and also constructive outputs in terms of adaptation and mitigation projects and programs,” he said.

Fiji Times Online.


27) Worker killed at Freeport Indonesia mine

27 July 2015

Reports from Indonesia’s Papua region say a worker has been killed at the Freeport Indonesia mine.

Tempo reports the worker was severely injured after falling off a conveyor belt on Saturday at the mine’s Mile Post 74 mining area.

A PT Freeport Indonesia spokesperson told the website the worker died on the spot and the death is under investigation.

28 workers were killed in a tunnel collapse two years ago at Freeport’s Papua operation which is the world’s second-biggest copper and gold mine.RNZI

28) PNG Ok Tedi facing precarious future

Updated at 3:43 pm todayShare on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google Plus Share on Reddit Share on Linked In Share via email

The long term future of the Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province is in doubt with drastic cutbacks on staff and a production shut down.

Staff staying on have been directed to work on maintenance.

The company has declared a force majeure event, saying the current dry conditions mean it cannot meet its obligations.

Ok Tedi Mining says the dry conditions, which are likely to continue into next year, mean it cannot ship its copper concentrate.

The company is also concerned at the impact of the low prices for copper and gold.

It is reducing expatriate staff by 30 percent and local staff by 15 percent, and is reviewing employment conditions for those that stay. Most contractors and labourers have been told there is no work in the near future.

It says the stood down workers and their families have to move out of the company housing that they are occupying.

The company is also closing the Government and the Tabubil International Schools.

The chief executive, Peter Graham, says in a statement, he realises many people will be shocked by this drastic action but he says it is necessary to ensure the long term viability of the company.RNZI

29) Landowners commit to help progress Papua LNG project

The National, Friday July 24th, 2015

LANDOWNERS in Baimuru, Gulf, say they are committed to working with the Government and developers of the Papua LNG, a spokesman says.
Purari Development Trust Incorporation secretary general Ako John said the majority of landowners and people in Baimuru supported the project despite criticisms from the Gulf provincial government and Baimuru local level government.
“The announcement had recently caused some division among everyone but after careful consideration from the silent majority of our affected Baimuru landowners and people, we have clarified our position to support the Government and the project developers,” John said.
“We, as the landowners, retract the negative comments made recently towards Prime Minster Peter O’Neill and his government by our Gulf provincial and Baimuru LLG governments in retaliation to the announcement of the proposed plans for the Papua LNG.
“We distance ourselves from the politics of Gulf and appeal to our provincial leaders to unite and work together for the project.
“We want our leaders to advise other Gulf people to refrain from using the project as a means for airing their own agendas, but stand with the Baimuru people to support the Papua LNG project.”
He added that an awareness meeting for all Baimuru communities will be held at the end of July.
“This meeting will be vitally important for our tribes and people to dispel confusion due to lack of information to fully understand the major projects so that the people are ready to work with the developers and ensure that the benefit packages adequately cover project impacted areas,” John said.

30) Rise in production

The National, Monday July 27th, 2015

NEWCREST Mining Limited has reported an increase in its gold production for the June quarter of this year.
The Australian miner in its quarter report, stated that total group production of gold at its mines was 673 542 ounces, a 10 per cent rise compared to March quarter result of 610 186 ounces, contributing to an increase in gold production to more than 2.4 million ounces for the financial year.
Copper production also increased by 12 per cent, from 86 118 ounces in March to more than 96 000 ounces in the June quarter, said the miner.
On individual mine operations, Newcrest said quarter gold production for its Lihir mine was higher (195 457 ounces) than the previous quarter (178 628 ounces), a result primarily driven by higher grinding throughput and higher feed grades.

31) IPBC praises Petromin over new partnership

The National, Monday July 27th, 2015

THE Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC) has commended Petromin PNG Holdings on taking initiative to partner a Philippines based company, Twinza Oil Ltd, to start the first oil offshore project in the country.
IPBC chairman Paul Nerau said given the current global situation on drop in oil prices, such initiatives still give hope for the country in terms of attracting investments.
“I am really excited to see Petromin partner with Twinza in this arrangement,” Nerau said.
“Congratulations Petromin – the Kumul mining for taking the initial initiative to be part of this project. I think it really shows your commitment to be supporting projects that are happening in our country and it actually shows.
“This is an exciting period for the Kumul companies, the new Kumul Consolidation, Kumul Petroleum, Kumul mining, because it’s time to move to the next level in terms of taking initiatives for upstream, midstream and downstream.
“Looking at the local markets for all our requirements, I think it is opportunity for us to place imports into this country. And we can bring confidence into this country.”


32) Village youths learn to manage land and farms

Tevita Vuibau
Monday, July 27, 2015

MINISTER for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou has called on youths of Yaqeta Village on Yasawa to ensure they practise lessons learnt in a week-long youth empowerment on farm and land management training program.

While closing the empowerment training, Mr Tuitubou said the onus was on the youths who attended the training to ensure the training they received was not for naught.

“Ensure that Government’s resource which was spent in bringing such workshops to your maritime community is worthwhile and I call upon youths of Yaqeta to fully utilise the resources that is in abundance on the island to ensure your development,” Mr Tuitubou said in an Information Department statement.

He said the ministry would closely monitor the development of youths on the island and he was looking forward to their progress when he returned to the village in October.

“We are resource rich but on the other hand are money poor therefore I call upon you to effectively implement all that you have learnt to generate revenue for yourselves,” Mr Tuitubou added.

Meli Cava of Yaqeta Youth Club thanked the ministry for the training as it was one such workshop that had been requested by them during a visit by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“We have been greatly enlightened on how best to use our resources and I am thankful to Government for this valuable training,” he said.

“Through the conducting of this farm and land management training, it indicates to us the youths of maritime areas like Yasawa the commitment and care the ministry has for young people,” added Mr Cava.Fijitimes

33) Fiji: Need Space For Youth Issues At National Consultations
Follows decentralization of Ministry of Youth

By Tevita Vuibau

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, July 26, 2015) – Issues concerning youths were raised at the National Development Plan consultations yesterday with the decentralisation of the Ministry of Youth and the provision of a space for youth to participate in submissions.

National Council president Wiliame Nayacatabu said members gave their views yesterday on issues affecting them as they felt they would be beneficiaries of Government’s decisions.

He said youth were the largest group in Fiji comprising around 37 per cent of the population so it was important to get their input.

He said some of the issues the youth wanted incorporated into the plan included providing space and platform for youth to participate in national events.

“We not only want the views of the youth to be taken on board but for them to be involved in all spheres of decision making,” Mr Nayacatabu said.

Another submission, made by Suli Sarosaro emphasised the need to increase budgetary allocation for this sort of development.

“I believe that the decentralisation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports services should be given prominence as our youths are the future leaders of Fiji and we need to maximise their participation at all levels,” Mr Sarosaro said.

“One other area that should be looked into is the recruitment of more technical staff at the ministry and this is one area which we need to improve on.”

He said there was a need to have more recreational centres for youths at formal and informal settlements.

Melvin Rohitesh Chand, an economics student, made his submissions on the establishment of minimum core standards to bind Government to enforce the NDP policies.

Kaajal Kumar, student and executive director of Aspire Network, suggested for an improvement in national security.

“There needs to be more officers recruited in the force which means we accept good services from them,” Ms Kumar said.

Part of her submission was the need for Government to improve roads in the country.

Fiji Times Online.


34) PNG Hunters beat Townsville to go equal top

27 July 2015

The Papua New Guinea Hunters are now tied for the lead in the Queensland Cup rugby league competing after beating the Townsville Blackhawks 28-26 in Kokopo.

Stargroth Amean, Noel Zeming, Adex Wera, Israel Eliab and Ase Boas all scored as the Hunters extended their unbeaten run to 12 matches.

It’s the second time the Hunters have beaten the competition newcomers Townsville, ending the visitors seven-match unbeaten run.

Both teams have 33 points after 20 rounds but the Blackhawks remain in first place on points differential.RNZI

35) Fiji team ready for Special Olympics

Monday, July 27, 2015

Update: 5:54PM THE nine-member Fiji team to the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles is ready to make the country proud when they start competing tomorrow.

“All Fijians should be proud of our athletes and we should all be cheering them on and praying for them,” said Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports, Iliesa Delana who is in Los Angles, US.

“They are indeed ambassadors of the country and will showcase to the world that we in Fiji are united despite our physical differences.”

Mr Delana said it was a proud moment for him to watch Team Fiji march into the Los Angeles Coliseum last night for the opening ceremony.Fijitimes

36) Rabbitohs in top form

Monday, July 27, 2015

SYDNEY – A relentless South Sydney side have flexed their premiership muscle by destroying a hapless Newcastle 52-6 at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night.

On the same day the Knights lost key playmaker Jarrod Mullen for the season, the Rabbitohs recorded their biggest ever victory over Newcastle, surpassing last year’s 40-point rout in Cairns.

The win consolidates the Rabbitohs’ spot in the top four, while Newcastle’s loss, their 12th in 14 games, all but ends their faint finals hopes.

Skipper Greg Inglis and Alex Johnston both bagged hat-tricks, centre Dylan Walker recorded a double and hooker Issac Luke ran rampant behind a dominant Souths pack.

If it wasn’t for Adam Reynolds’ off-night with the boot — he nailed just six goals from 10 attempts — the Rabbitohs would have surpassed their biggest ever win at ANZ Stadium.

An upset initially looked to be on the cards when Knights prop Kade Snowden crashed over untouched in just the second minute.

But it took only three minutes for their dream start to turn into a nightmare, as Rabbitohs centre Dylan Walker finished off a 60-metre blindside play that also saw opposite three-quarter James McManus’s night end with concussion.

The early setback seemed to flick the switch for the defending premiers, with Johnston burning Chanel Mata’utia in the 10th, John Sutton offloading for Inglis in the 15th and then Bryson Goodwin going over on play one of a scrum win in the 23rd.

Co-owner Russell Crowe was watching on from the stands and the only opponent the Rabbitohs seemed to be playing was the clock.

The carnage continued when Inglis stretched out to nab his second try in the 27th. Walker notched his brace in the 33rd, before Inglis celebrated his hat-trick in the 40th by bringing out his goanna celebration.

By the end of a first half, the Rabbitohs led 36-6.

The points somewhat dried in the second half, with Thomas Burgess crashing through in the 49th, Johnston soaring over Mata’utia in the 59th and then Walker effecting his own hat-trick in the 73rd.

37) Kuridrani scores against Argentina

Amit Raj
Monday, July 27, 2015

IT was back to back Test rugby tries for centre Tevita Kuridrani yesterday as the Wallabies thrashed Argentina 34-9 in the SANZAR Rugby Championship.

The “K-Train” from Namatakula, Nadroga was at his smashing best against the Pumas and was often hard to bring down because of his powerful running. Similar to his very late match-winning try in round one against the Springboks, Kuridrani again struck in similar fashion. The Wallabies were up by 22-9 when Kuridrani dived over after collecting a smart pass from Bernard Foley.

Kuridrani is now among the leading try scorers in the Rugby Championship along with Wallabies veteran backline utility Adam Ashley-Cooper, Pumas captain Agustin Creevy, All Blacks captain Richie McCaw and rookie Springboks centre Jesse Kriel. All players have scored two tries in as many games.

“It was great to come here and get the win. Argentina have a very strong scrum but like last week it was the boys who came off the bench who made the difference,” captain Stephen Moore told Reuters, after the final whistle.

In another second round match of the Rugby Championship yesterday, the All Blacks beat Springboks 27-20 at the Emirates Airlines Park (Ellis Park) in Johannesburg.

Wallabies’ bonus point win has put them level on points with New Zealand at the top of the Rugby Championship standings.

The Trans-Tasman rivals meet in Sydney for the decider on August 8.Fijitimes

38) Tonga’s Ma’afu in doubt for USA clash

27 July 2015

‘Ikale Tahi number eight Viliami Ma’afu is in doubt for Thursday’s Pacific Nations Cup rugby clash against the USA.

The 33 year old took a knock to the shoulder during Tonga’s come from behind 28-18 victory over Canada at the weekend.

Winger Fetu’u Vainikolo also came off in that game but Tonga Rugby’s High Performance Manager, Peter Harding, says it was just a precaution and neither injury is serious.

“There’s a scan or two to be had this afternoon. We’re pretty sure Fetu’u has been passed fit [but] we’ve just got to get the scan for Viliami and make up our mind whether we play him or whether it’s worth risking him. It could have just been a stinger but we need to take precautions first and have a few scans to find out exactly what the problem is, but it’s not serious and it certainly won’t affect his chances going into the World Cup”.

In the other PNC matches from the weekend the USA beat Japan 23-18 and Samoa and Fiji drew 30-all.RNZI

39) Tahiti’s beach soccer stars backed to continue

27 July 2015

Tahiti’s ageing beach soccer stars are being backed to continue for another couple of years at least.

The Tiki Toa finished second at the World Cup in Portugal last week, beaten 5-3 by the host nation in the tournament decider.

It’s the first time an Oceania team had contest a World Cup final, improving on their fourth-placed finish two years ago on home soil.

Oceania Football’s Beach Soccer and Futsal Development Officer Paul Toohey says despite a number of Tahiti players pushing 40 he expects they will return for the next World Cup in the Bahamas in 2017.

“If we look around the beach soccer scene in Europe, some of the players are quite old – 38, 40 years old. There was a guy at the tournament in his mid 40s. It’s one of those games where players can keep going for a bit longer so I think it will come down to the motivation of those senior players. Do they want to go for another one in two years in the Bahamas? My feeling is they will want to but for sure they will need to start looking to the next generation now and that’s really a very important focus for Tahiti and indeed for Oceania Football is how do we foster that next generation of players”.

Paul Toohey says when the current squad does call it a day there are young players in Tahiti who can step up to the national team.RNZI

40) Five players refused entry

Monday, July 27, 2015

JAKARTA – Five players from Italian club AS Roma missed Saturday’s friendly match in Jakarta after they were refused entry to Indonesia and forced to fly home.

The team touched down in Jakarta on Friday evening for the first time in the Serie A club’s history but ran into trouble at customs, Roma chief executive Italo Zanzi said.

Indonesia is the final stop on the club’s summer tour, which saw them take part in the International Champions Cup in Melbourne with Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Seydou Doumbia, Gervinho, Victor Ibarbo, Adem Ljajic and Antonio Sanabria were denied entry by immigration officials at Jakarta’s international airport and later boarded a flight to Rome.

Zanzi said it was “very frustrating” the footballers were not be able to join the rest of the squad for Saturday’s friendly match between two teams of AS Roma players.

“It’s a real disappointment for us, given that we’ve made a substantial effort to be here,” he was quoted as saying on the club’s website.

“It’s not a positive thing for the players, for the club — who did everything that we were asked to do — but, most importantly, for the Indonesian fans because they are why we are here.”

It was not immediately clear why the players were stopped from entering the country and Indonesian authorities are yet to comment.

Football is hugely popular in Indonesia and crowds of rowdy fans gathered at the airport to catch a glimpse of the European stars.

W :


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