Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1120 ( Sunday 23 August )


1) Teach children customs

The National,Monday August 17th, 2015

CHILDREN need to be taught their customs and traditions at an early age, a government official says.
During the launching of the Melanesian Early Childhood Education (MECE) programme in the district, John Tango, a community development officer, in Henganofi, Eastern Highlands, said it targeted all children between the ages of two and six who are in the rural areas.
Tango said too many social problems were happening in the country because children nowadays did not know their cultural values.
Tango said children of today were flooded with Western culture and influence through the mass media, education system and on the streets.
He said children learned from their parents and the environment.
“Teach your children your traditional songs, dances, customs and stories,” Tango said.
“It you steal, fight or play cards your children will follow your ways when they grow up.”
Tango said Aug 13 was a day the district had appointed to train the children to observe their Melanesian culture and values.
Director of MECE Andrew Puldep said Henganofi was the first district in the country to have that programme.
Puldep said they had 294 schools already established in the three local level governments in the district, with the number anticipated to increase if more interest was shown.
He said they were in the process of partnering with the University of Goroka Early Childhood Learning Department to roll out the programme to other districts in the country who might want to incorporate the programme into their development plans.

2) PNG, Fiji league champs to play for Melanesian Cup

The National, Friday August 21st, 2015

THE winners of Papua New Guinea’s Digicel Cup competition and Fiji’s Vodafone Cup competition will faceoff in Port Moresby in October for the inaugural Rugby League Melanesian Club Championship.
Following in the footsteps of the World Club Challenge contested by NRL and Super League clubs, the premiers of PNG and Fiji leagues will playoff for a regional title.
The match will take place at Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby on Saturday, Oct 10 at 7pm.
Six clubs remain in contention to win the Digicel Cup — Lae Tigers, Simbu Lions, Hela Wigmen, Agmark Rabaul Gurias, Mendi Muruks and Mount Hagen Eagles.
The grand final will take place on Saturday Sept 5.
Eight clubs are battling it out to win Fiji’s Vodafone Cup — Fair Trade Makoi Bulldogs, Saru Dragons, Nadera Panthers, Sabeto Roosters, Nabua Broncos, Nadi Eels, Kinoya Sea Eagles and Burenitu Cowboys.
“This match will be an annual marquee rugby league event that will enhance our respective national competitions,” PNG Rugby Football League chairman Sandis Tsaka said.
“It will give local teams something extra to aspire to, and provide international competition for our elite domestic teams.
“The competition has the potential to provide a pathway for local players to showcase their skills on the international stage and attract the attention of talent scouts.”
Digicel Cup chairman Sudhir Guru thanked PNGRFL for developing the Melanesian Club Championship concept.

3) Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 20 August 2015

by bobmakin

  • Fulfilling the already established Right to Information (RTI) policy is today a commitment of government according to both Radio Vanuatu News and Daily Post. Legislation is to be passed this year to ensure that the right to know, transparency and freedom of information precepts on which this policy is based are practised within the national context. A unit to ensure implementation is being set up by the Government Chief Information Officer, Fred Samuel. The legislation was promised by PM Kilman in a recent media briefing.
  • The Mayor of Luganville will be elected tomorrow Daily Post tells us today, following the clarification of certain legal issues relating to the northern town’s election. The new council has 13 members including 5 women.
  • The Mayor of Port Vila, Ulrich Sumtoh, sees women as already helping to assist the capital’s council financially through various initiatives women have put forward. Port Vila has faced a massive drop in revenues of certain kinds, Radio Vanuatu News tells us today, from 93 m vatu of some good many years ago, to just 6 m vatu presently.
  • Parliament Speaker Pipite has a brand new official vehicle. He handed over the keys of the former car to Acting Opposition Leader Ham Lini this week. He indicated the older vehicle is still in perfect condition, Daily Post tells us today. He also says in Radio Vanuatu News that the Parliament building must very soon undergo repairs. He describes the building as dilapidated in today’s Daily Post. Certain government departments are still working from the main building in town, even though it is condemned. Others, which used to be there, are working from Melitco House now. Yet apparently we still have money for new cars.
  • The Vanuatu Project Management Unit says the ground-breaking ceremony for the 1.45 billion vatu project for the beautification of the seafront will take place on 28 August. It will proceed following recommendations of the Vanuatu Tourism Project. The New Zealand Government is helping massively along with the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) as part of the WTO Aid-For-Trade programme and the Vanuatu Government is also contributing. This includes the area from the Seafront to Fung Kuei and Fatumauru Bay to Chantilly’s, Radio Vanuatu News says.
  • The Shanghai Construction Group has begun work on the new main wharf for Luganville, Santo. Ships have arrived which will assist in the work and Daily Post reports the group anxious to complete the whole undertaking on time. Shanghai was the company responsible for USP construction work at Emalus, Port Vila.
  • DPM Carcasses is wanting the VCMB to work closely with farmers to ensure farmers grow what is appropriate for all Vanuatu markets. He appointed a new VCMB board last week at Luganville. Incentives will be needed for copra re-planting, he also pointed out. (VBTC)
  • DPM Carcasses has lifted his ban on foreign D2 licences for wholesale and retail shops. However, such licences will be required to “bring into Vanuatu an annual income of VT 30 million” a Daily Post story says.

4a ) Fest’Napuan STALLS on sale


Ol stol blong Fest’Napuan oli go ON SALE long Mande 24 Ogis.
Fest’Napuan i stap long 28 Oktoba kasem 1 Novemba.
40,000VT long wan.
I gat 50 stall nomo on sale, so NO MESTEM JANIS BLONG YU.
Pem long FLORABUNDA Shop, ground floor blong Immigration Building (kolosap long Jungle Cafe). Tel: 25251 or 7725251
Yu save luk moa infomesen abaot Fest’Napuan2015 long ples ia.
Ta, MP Ralph Regenvanu- Websaet:

4b) GJP i karem 1st Deputi Lord Mayor long Luganville


Folem wan longfala dilei afta long Luganville Munisipol Eleksen long 21 Julae finis, ol niufala elekted kaonsela blong Luganville oli jas mit tede long moning blong elektem niufala Lord Mayor.

Folem wan MOA bitwin NUP, HOPE (pati blong MP Kalfau Moli), Nagriamel mo GJP, Mr Edwin Aprimen blong NUP i tekem posisen blong Lord Mayor, Mr Patty Peter blong HOPE i karem posisen blong Deputi Lord Mayor, mo Mr Walla Rongo blong GJP i karem posisen blong 1st Deputi Lord Mayor.

Long taem blong saening blong MOA, mifala i bin agri blong putum wan woman olsem Lord Mayor, be afta sam blong ol kaonsela nomo insaed long NUP i bin jenisim tingting ia.

Bae GJP i sapotem Kaonsela blong yumi, Wala Rongo, blong wok wetem niufala Kaonsel blong traem leftemap standad blong gavenens long Luganville taon.

Ta, MP Ralph Regenvanu- Websaet:


5 ) High Cost Of Tonga PM’s Media Advisor Questioned
Pohiva says practice ‘is not new,’ but salaries will be modified

By Pesi Fonua

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Aug. 20, 2015) – The Tonga Parliament was in an upheaval this afternoon with the revelation by Lord Tu’ilakepa that the Prime Minister was paying his Media Adviser $500 [US$225] a day, three days a week.

The Prime Minister Hon. Akilisi Pohiva responded to Lord Tu’ilakepa’s revelation by saying that he would do something about the salary of his media adviser.

However, he told the House that the paying of extremely high salary to advisers has been carried out before in the Prime Minister’s Office. He said that during 2012-13, an adviser in the PM’s Office was paid more than $468,000 [US$210,000] per annum. It was later reduced to more than $364,000 [US$164,000]. “It is not new,” he said.

The Speaker, Lord Tu’ivakano, who was the Prime Minister at the time, clarified the remark made by the Prime Minister, that the $468,000 salary for the adviser was paid by the World Bank for work that the adviser was doing on renewable energy. He also pointed out that the adviser had negotiated with the World Bank for the project.

The Minister of Police, Hon. Pohiva Tui’onetoa, who was the government Auditor’s General at the time, reminded the House that the money that comes from donors to government, then becomes government funds.

However, the issue was dropped there, when Legislature turned into the Whole House Committee and the debate in the committee continued with Report No. 7 of the Standing Committee of Privileges relating to a proposal to amend the Rules of Procedure and the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly to differentiate a motion or a petition that is presented by a member of parliament to the House from that presented by a Cabinet Minister.

The Prime Minister Hon. ‘Akilisi Pohiva and the Minister of Justice, Hon. Vuna Fa’otusia requested to let Cabinet look at the issue, but the House was closed for the week without a definite decision on the issue discussed.

The proceedings of the House was deferred this morning until 2:00 pm.

Earlier, Lord Tu’ilakepa, the Nobles’ Representative No. 1 for Vava’u, on Monday, 17 August, tabled a motion for the impeachment of the Minister of Infrastructure, Hon. ‘Etuate Lavulavu for nepotism and the misuse and manage of government property. He has since been reporting to the House on what he clamed to be the misappropriating of government money; a high salary for the CEO of the Waste Management Authority, and money owed by a Cabinet Minister to the Friendly Island Shipping Authority.

Matangi Tonga Magazine

6) American Samoa Considers Drug Testing For Public Workers
Employees, politicians, contractors all could face screening

By Joyetter Feagaimaalii-Luamanu

PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (The Samoa News, Aug. 20, 2015) – If approved into law, territory or political subdivision employers will require applicants, appointees, employees, elected officials, and independent contractors to submit to drug testing, to be administered by Human Resources Department, and create a new chapter in local statute.

“The purpose of this chapter is to ensure and enhance the quality of public service and to secure the public’s trust through the adoption of a system of substance abuse screening and testing that assists in achieving the compelling state interest of eliminating substance abuse among public workers in the workplace,” the proposed measure says.

It explains that the drug or alcohol test should identify the quantity of alcohol, drugs, or metabolites of drugs detected in an initial screening test, and that testing would be permitted when the employer has made a conditional job offer to the applicant, and the same test is requested or required of all applicants conditionally offered employment for that position.

The measure goes on to say that prior to the collection of any sample for testing, an employer is to give written notice to a person of the employer’s intent to require that person to submit to substance abuse testing.

The notice is to be provided in such a way as to ensure confidentiality of the person being tested and to provide a means to verify the date and time that the notice was delivered. At least eight hours should be given to the person to provide a sample for testing following notice.

Upon the filing of a request by an employer, employee, applicant, independent contractor, elected official, or appointee the director is to make a determination as to whether a job is considered to be a safety-sensitive position. The director’s decision is subject to review by the American Samoa Personnel Advisory Board if any party submits a request to the Personnel Advisory Board within ninety days of the director’s determination.

The measure also says that any person who is required to undergo substance abuse testing has the right to appeal to the Personnel Advisory Board the employer’s determination to test.

Also, any person required to submit to a test under this chapter, which results in a positive test result, is to be entitled to request a retest; and, any retest so requested is to be at the expense of the person tested; and if the retest result is negative, the employer is to reimburse the person for any payment made for the retest.

The measure says that any information concerning a substance abuse test is strictly confidential and not be released to anyone without the informed written consent of the person tested. The information related to a positive test result shall be disclosed to the employer, the person tested, and any third party or decision maker in a lawsuit, grievance, or other proceeding initiated by, or on behalf of the person tested and arising from a positive test result.

Failure to adopt or adhere to all the procedures shall invalidate the test result and the result may not be reported or otherwise used for any purpose.

The measure also says that this chapter shall not apply to employees, applicants, and independent contractors of the federal government.

In addition, an employer shall not discharge, discipline, discriminate against, request or require rehabilitation of a person prior to the receipt of a positive test result.

The measure goes on to say that employees, appointees, elected officials, and independent contractors shall be secure in their personal papers and effects and in other areas where they reasonably may expect privacy against unreasonable searches, seizures, and invasions of privacy by the employer.

It further says that no employer may demand, require, or request employees, appointees, elected officials, or independent contractors to submit to searches of the body, person, personal affects of a person, or other areas where employees reasonably may expect privacy as a condition of continued employment other than the testing procedures explicitly set out in the measure.

“Any employer or person who knowingly violates any provision of this chapter shall be fined not less than $1,000 and not more than $10,000 for each violation plus reasonable court costs and attorney’s fees as determined by the court, which penalty and costs shall be paid to the aggrieved person.”

The Samoa News


7) Majuro workshop hears about record-setting tuna catch in 2014
By Online Editor
4:59 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, Marshall Islands

Majuro workshop hears about record-setting tuna catch in 2014

MAJURO, 21 AUGUST 2015 (MARIANAS VARIETY) —- Last year was another record-setting year for tuna catches in the western and central Pacific, a tuna management meeting in Majuro was told Wednesday.

This week’s Purse Seine Bigeye Tuna Management Workshop in Majuro was told that commercial fishing boats caught over 2.8 million tons of tuna in 2014, an all-time record.

Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority scientist Berry Muller delivered a tuna stock update to the meeting Wednesday, reporting that purse seiners accounted for the largest share of fish, catching over 2 million tons, while longliners accounted for 268,795 tons and pole and line vessels brought in 203,736.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community conducts annual tuna stock assessments, which Muller reported on. Muller said the catch of bigeye tuna at 161,299 tons showed a five percent increase. While this was considered “stable” it maintains the bigeye in its “over-fished” condition.

The purpose of the three-day workshop involving both fisheries managers and industry representatives is to discuss possible options to present to the December annual meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission or WCPFC as conservation measures to reduce the volume of bigeye being caught in the region.

“This is time sensitive,” said WCPFC Executive Director Feleti Teo at Wednesday’s opening. He said he hoped the meeting would identify options to put into the pipeline for consideration at the December meeting.

Catches of both skipjack tuna (1.95 million tons) and yellowfin tuna (608,807 tons) set an all-time record in 2014, said Muller. She said 302 purse seiners were active in the region last year. Drew Wright, a former WCPFC executive director who is chairing the Majuro workshop, said there have been 75 more efficient purse seiners built in the past five years, most of which fish in the central and western Pacific.

This week’s workshop follows on a similar one in Honolulu in April that discussed a variety of options to reduce fishing pressure on bigeye, a tuna prized in sashimi markets. These include consideration of limiting the use of fish-aggregation devices, instituting catch limits, and modifications to fishing gear.


8) Removal Of Typhoon Debris From Saipan Could Take 6 Months

Soundelor leaves behind 220,000 cubic yards of debris

By Junhan B. Todiño

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Aug. 21, 2015) – Typhoon Soudelor left an estimated 220,000 cubic yards of debris on Saipan, according to the mayor’s field operation director, Joann Aquino.

Aquino, who recently attended a briefing by U.S. Army Corps and Engineers, said she was told that it will take six months to get rid of all the typhoon debris.

[PIR editor’s note: Marianas Variety reported that ‘Almost 20 days after Typhoon Soudelor battered Saipan, residential areas and secondary roads around the island are still littered with debris. …[However,] the island’s main roads, including Beach Road, are nearly cleared of debris, according to DPW acting Secretary Pete Camacho. … He said DPW’s priority is the main roads that provide access to Commonwealth Utilities Corp. personnel who are fixing power poles.’]

As part of the working group with the Emergency Operation Center, Aquino said the mayor’s office has been tasked to conduct debris-cleanup operations. She said they have been cleaning up in the following areas: Quartermaster traffic light to Chalan Kiya traffic light, AK Toyota traffic light to Joeten-Kiyu library traffic light, and Joeten-Kiyu library to Susupe Beach Park.

The mayor’s office is also assigned to remove the debris from the Chalan Kiya traffic light up to the Northern Marianas College traffic light, the NMC traffic light to San Vicente traffic light, Quartermaster Road to AK Toyota traffic light, Susupe Beach Park to Mobil Chalan Piano traffic light, Chalan Piao traffic light to Koblerville Tototville housing area, Mobil Koberville to As Perdido traffic light, As Perdido traffic light to the Airport Road, and As Perdido traffic light north to Shell Dandan traffic light.

Due to many requests for debris removal from residents, the mayor’s office is advising residents to segregate the debris by type: vegetation, including branches and fallen trees; construction and demolition materials, including wood and tin roofing; and white waste, which consists of appliances and electronic gadgets.

Mayor David M. Apatang said they continue to get assistance from the private sector in their debris-removal operations.

These companies include Tang Construction, ITS Equipment Rental, GPPC and Best Sunshine which is paying the wages of 30 temporary employees involved in the cleanup.

Marianas Variety

9) Disaster Food Stamp Distribution In CNMI Goes Smoothly

More than 1,700 apply for assistance; 500 served daily

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Aug. 21, 2015) – The first day of the disaster food stamp distribution went well, Department of Community and Cultural Affairs Secretary Laura Ogumoro said on Thursday.

The lines were long as expected, but no major problems occurred and everything went well, she added.

“It was smooth and I’m impressed with the organization and the planning and the crowd-control. I have not heard any major complaints from the people except for the long wait, but that is something we cannot avoid.”

Ogumoro was at the Nutrition Assistance Program office in As Lito to oversee the distribution .

She said they provided extra care to the elderly people applying for the disaster food stamps, adding that the Red Cross and other volunteers were giving out water to the people waiting in line.

Ogumoro said by 3 p.m. they had accommodated more than five hundred people.

Mary Ann Tudela, NAP administrative officer, said 257 were on-going NAP clients, 250 were new applicants, and 68 had disabilities.

Tudela said they will try their best to accommodate more than 500 people before 5 p.m. each day even though they are only required to accommodate 250 people daily.

She said as of Thursday, 1,750 had applied for disaster food stamps, adding that everyone can apply as long as they are valid residents of the CNMI.

Moreover, an applicant must meet the gross income and resources-limit test. If they don’t meet the gross income limit and resources test, they must submit disaster related expenses that may qualify them for eligibility.

The distribution of emergency food stamps will continue until Aug. 26.

There were around 30 volunteers who helped in the distribution process that started at 8 a.m. on Thursday.

According to a volunteer, people started falling in line as early as 4 a.m.

One of those who was there at 4 a.m. said her turn came at around 3 p.m.

She lives in Garapan and is single. She received food stamps worth $154.

Anther applicant said she had a son and received food stamps worth $282.

Marianas Variety


10) Australia imas lukautim gut ol seasonal woka blong Pacific: Lionel Kaluat

Postim 21 August 2015, 16:42 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Het blong leba dipatmen blong Vanuatu i tok Australia imas mekim olgeta wok emi ken mekim blong lukautim ol wokman-meri blong ol Pacific Island kantri taem oli wok long Australia.

Komisina blong Labour blong Vanuatu, Lionel Kaluat i mekim despla toktok bihaenim wanpla bikpla miting blong Pacer Plus em Australia, New Zealand na ol Pacific Island kantri em oli bin holim long Samoa tupla wik igo pinis.

Toktok blong en i bihaenim tu tingting blong Australia long apim mak blong ol wokman-meri blong Pacific em oli ken wok long Australia.

Long despla taem planti wokman-meri blong Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Vanuatu na Solomon Islands i save salim ol woka blong ol long wok long Australia.

Mr Kaluat i tok ol Pacific kantri ia i save long sampela employer oa bos long Australia i save tritim nogut ol woka blong Pacific ia taim ol i kam wok.

Planti moa long ol woka long ol dispela kantri i save go long New Zealand.ABC

11) Pipol long sampela hap blong Western Highlands i hagere

Updated 21 August 2015, 15:30 AEST
Sam Seke

Ol pipol blong Western Highlands Province blong Papua New Guinea tu i gat heve long kain em ibin nogat ren longpela taim na ol gaden kaikai i dai.

Planti hap blong PNG highlands i nogat kaikai long wanem bikpela kol na nogen ren i bagarapim ol gaden na farm blong ol.

Tasol Grace Joyce wanpela meri blong peles long Bubunga Vilis long Mulbaea District long Western Highlands Province i tok, wari blong ol em long bikpela san na nogat ren.

Em i tok ibin moa long tripela mun i nogat ren na ol gaden kaikai i dai pinis.

Ms Joyce i tok pipol long distrik blongen i nau stap hagere na i laik long ol otoriti i helpim ol long sait long kaikai.ABC


12a ) Brèves du Pacifique – vendredi 21 août 2015
Mis à jour 21 August 2015, 16:19 AEST
Élodie Largenton
Les États-Unis demandent à l’Australie d’étendre ses frappes aériennes à la Syrie.
Australian Defence Force: Sgt Pete
Un avion de l’armée australienne survolant l’Irak. (Photo : Australian Defence Force / Sgt Pete)
Le gouvernement australien n’a pas encore donné sa réponse, mais le ministre des Finances, Joe Hockey, a déclaré que les djihadistes de Daesh ignoraient les frontières au Moyen-Orient et qu’il fallait tout faire pour les empêcher d’agir. Cette demande des États-Unis n’est pas une surprise, elle était attendue depuis plusieurs jours. L’Australie est actuellement engagée en Irak pour lutter contre Daesh.
Une actrice australienne est reconnue coupable d’abus sexuels sur mineur. Maggie Kirkpatrick, qui a notamment joué dans la série télévisée Le prisonnier, écope de 18 mois de travaux d’intérêt général pour avoir agressé sexuellement une adolescente de 14 ans, dans les années 1980. Elle affirme être innocente et entend faire appel de la décision de la justice.
  • Les Mariannes du nord reçoivent une nouvelle aide des États-Unis pour faire face aux dégâts causés par le cyclone Soudelor, il y a trois semaines. Une aide financière de 30 millions de dollars, qui doit permettre de réparer les infrastructures publiques. Par ailleurs, un bateau doit apporter des dizaines de poteaux d’électricité de Guam, mais il est tombé en panne.
  • Nouveau record de prises de thon dans le Pacifique. Plus de 2,8 millions de tonnes de thon ont été attrapés l’année dernière par des navires de pêche commerciale. Les prises de thon obèse sont en hausse de 5%, alors que les pays de la région tentent de limiter la surpêche.
  • L’Inde affiche ses ambitions dans le Pacifique. Le pays accueille en ce moment 14 îles de la région à Jaipur. Les autorités indiennes se disent prêtes à aider les pays du Pacifique à faire face aux impacts du changement climatique. L’Inde cherche aussi à conclure des partenariats dans les secteurs de la pêche, des mines, des technologies, ou encore du gaz naturel. Si officiellement, il ne s’agit pas de concurrencer la Chine, la presse indienne souligne que sur les quatorze pays invités, six ont reconnu Taïwan – Kiribati, les Îles Marshall, Nauru, Palau, les Îles Salomon et Tuvalu.
  • Aux Îles Cook, plusieurs personnes sont coincées à Rarotonga après avoir participé aux festivités du 50e anniversaire de la Constitution. Il n’y a plus assez d’argent dans les caisses pour les renvoyer chez elles, dans les îles éloignées. En plus de cela, le bateau qui fait les navettes connaît des problèmes de moteur. Quant à ceux qui montent à bord des cargos, ils doivent lutter pour trouver une place au milieu des quantités de marchandises que des habitants de Pa Enua veulent rapporter chez eux.
  • Des langues aborigènes menacées de disparition sont en train d’être enregistrées par l’université nationale australienne. Des chercheurs et des étudiants travaillent, pour le moment, à la création de dix dictionnaires. « L’Australie a déjà perdu beaucoup de langues aborigènes, on ne veut pas en perdre plus », explique la responsable du programme au sein de l’université, Jane Simpson. ABC

12b) De nouvelles accusations d’incitation à l’émeute aux Îles Fidji

Mis à jour 20 August 2015, 17:06 AEST

Élodie Largenton

Depuis quelques semaines, les arrestations se multiplient aux Îles Fidji. En tout, 65 personnes sont aujourd’hui accusées de vouloir semer le trouble dans le pays. Mais la situation est toujours aussi confuse.

Certaines de ces personnes sont accusées d’avoir voulu créer un État indépendant chrétien, d’autres auraient utilisé des armes et se seraient entraînées dans des sortes de camps militaires. Les arrestations ont eu lieu dans la province de Ra, dans le nord de l’île principale, mais aussi, ces derniers jours, dans la province de Nadroga et de Navosa, dans le sud-ouest.
Aman Ravindra-Singh est un avocat de Lautoka, il représente la plupart des accusés. Une tâche très délicate vu le peu d’informations dont lui-même dispose, affirme-t-il :
« En réalité, nous avons été maintenus dans l’obscurité, alors que nous sommes leurs avocats. Et nous attendons encore de voir l’ombre d’une preuve en ce qui concerne les accusations d’utilisation de fusils et d’armes à feu lors d’entraînements de type militaire. »
Une opacité sciemment entretenue par les autorités, accuse l’avocat de la défense :
« Ce que la police et le parquet ont fait très habilement, avec le concours du gouvernement fidjien, c’est de créer un climat de peur et d’insécurité. Et c’est très gênant que les médias locaux aient été constamment censurés ; ils n’ont rapporté aucun commentaire fait de notre côté, du côté de la défense. »
Le Premier ministre, Frank Bainimarama, a promis d’écraser toute tentative d’insurrection. « Il n’y aura pas d’États autoproclamés indépendants aux Fidji. Quiconque encourage la violence politique devra faire face à la justice », a ainsi déclaré le dirigeant fidjien, en début de semaine.
L’armée vient, par ailleurs, d’annoncer le déploiement de 140 soldats pour assister la police dans ses enquêtes. C’est l’utilisation possible d’armes qui rend cette implication nécessaire, explique le chef de l’armée de terre. Les policiers ne sont pas armés.ABC

13) Drought worsens

Sunday, August 23, 2015

LOS ANGELES – Climate change has aggravated California’s devastating drought, causing between 8 and 27 per cent of the dry conditions afflicting the nation’s most populous state, a study released on Thursday has found.

The study, published this week in Geophysical Research Letters, is the first paper to estimate how much climate change has exacerbated the state’s drought by sending moisture from plants and soils into the air, according to Columbia University, where the lead author works.

Researchers examined monthly weather data, including rainfall and temperatures, going back 114 years to isolate the proportion of the drought they concluded was due to climate change, as opposed to natural weather variations that have heated up the state, according to Columbia University.

The paper estimated between 8 and 27 per cent of the drought was likely attributable to climate change, the university said.


14) College a top institution in country

The National,Monday August 10th, 2015

THE Port Moresby Business College continues to provide quality technical and vocational education making it one of the premier colleges in the country, an official said.
Education Department first assistant secretary for TVET (Technical, Vocational Education and Training) operations and management Monica Manuai said they wanted to give quality education because we know TVET is the master key for economic development.
“We want to give quality training to our students and when we talk of quality it is not one little thing – you want quality teachers, quality infrastructure, quality equipment, quality materials and so on.”
There are two business colleges and eight technical colleges in the country under the Department.
Principal John August said they were investing in a new two-storey building.
The college was taken over from Gordon International in 1974 and made into a secretarial college.
In 1987 it changed to Port Moresby Business College due to improvements in the academic curriculum.

 15) Forty-two end training
The National,Monday August 17th, 2015

FORTY young Bougainvillean men and women have graduated from a first-of-its kind intensive course that boosts students’ education to enable them to apply for recruit training at Bomana Police College.
The graduation was held on July 24 at the BPS Training Centre in Hutjena near Buka Island, Bougainville.
The Pre-Recruit Education Programme, funded by the Australian Government, was designed to give young Bougainvilleans the education needed to complete police recruit training when joining the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.
Dr John Momis, President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, thanked the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Royal PNG Constabulary for working in partnership with the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Australian Government in supporting the programme to increase police capacity.
“We need more police officers who are better trained and equipped and able to assist when our people need them,” Momis said.
“We need effective courts and an effective public prosecutor and solicitor, these services are vital if the lives of Bougainvilleans are to be safe and secure. They are essential if we are to attract investors.”
Speaking on behalf of the Police Commissioner, RPNGC Assistant Police Commissioner Francis Tokura said the Pre-Recruit Education Programme’s successful recruitment and training of young Bougainvilleans will increase the future strength of the police service in Bougainville.
“Those applicants who are successful in completing the six months recruit training at Bomana will be posted back to serve in Bougainville,” Tokura said.
In congratulating the graduates, Minister Counsellor of the Australian High Commission Rod Hilton said: “This programme represents a partnership – a partnership of friends working together to achieve a common objective, which is peace and stability in Bougainville, and a better law and justice sector here in Bougainville.”
Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Kamuai of Bougainville Police Service said the Pre-Recruit Education Programme was the aspiration of the people of Bougainville made possible through their leaders.


16) New Solomon Islands Ministers sworn in
By Online Editor
4:54 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, Solomon Islands

Three  Solomon Islands Cabinet Ministers were sworn-in Thursday by the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui at Government House following a reshuffle exercise by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare early this week.

Former Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Augustin Auga was sworn-in as the new Minister for Provincial Government, while former Provincial Government Minister Duddley Kopu was sworn-in as the new Minister for Agriculture and Livestock.

Former Minister of Women, Youth and Children Affairs Jimson Finiau Tanangada was sworn-in as the new Minister for Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs.

Other reshuffled Ministers who will be sworn-in at a later date are Bodo Dettke, Bartholomew Parapolo and Freda AB Tuki Soriacomua.

Dettke will be the new Minister of Culture and Tourism while Parapolo will be the new Minister of Forestry and Research. Freda Soriacomua will be the new Minister of Women, Youth and Children Affairs.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said the new portfolio allocations are neither demotions nor promotions but are made to support the delivery of DCCG Policies and to encourage Caucus solidarity to achieve national unity.

The Prime Minister said the exercise demonstrates the confidence he has in his Ministers to carry out their mandated duties without fear or favour and they will have the full support of the DCC Government.


17) Somare fears crisis near
By Online Editor
11:00 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, Papua New Guinea

Former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare says the nation is heading towards bankruptcy like Greece.

“We are now facing a Greece-like crisis because we are easily spending money than making it,” Somare told the Waigani Seminar of the University of PNG.

“Today LNG cargo leaves the shores of PNG at a total average export value of US$44 million (K119 million) every three to five days,” he said.

Sir Michael said the country was on the verge of bankruptcy when he returned as the prime minister in 2002.

“My record in fiscal management as the prime minister from 2002 to 2011 speaks for itself before I was illegally removed. And before being ousted, we established the largest project ever in PNG’s economic and financial history, the LNG project.”

Sir Michael said that the idea of a Sovereign Wealth Fund was to safeguard the future generations.

“The incredible returns on equity in the project and corporate tax receipts would have ensured PNG’s buoyancy long into the future.”

Sir Michael said that he had abided by the rule of law when he was the prime minister.

“I understood my role as the chief executive of the nation and subjected myself to the law. I, like any ordinary citizen, am not above the law.

“I have had two successful votes of no-confidence against me (in 1980 when ousted by Sir Julius Chan and 1985 when ousted by Pais Wingti) according to the Constitution and I accepted the outcomes gracefully and stood down from office.

“Similarly, as a leader I faced the tribunal (in 2011) under the Leadership Code of the institution that I created – the Ombudsman Commission. I accepted the decision to be suspended from office for two weeks.”

Sir Michael said practising effective leadership delivers us safely into the future.” .


18) Fiji Opposition Leader Confirms Inter-Party Grievances
Kepa says management board is following procedures

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Aug. 21, 2015) – Two grievances have been lodged with the management board of the Opposition, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa confirmed.

This includes the grievance from party member and member of Parliament Mosese Bulitavu and from members that co-signed his complaints with another from party principal administrative officer, Mick Beddoes.

It is understood the letter from Mr Bulitavu demanded Ro Teimumu stand down from her position was signed by Semesa Karavaki, Aseri Radrodro and Ratu Kiniviliame Kiliraki.

Ro Teimumu said they were obliged to follow disciplinary procedures.

“The matter is now with the management board and they are obliged to follow our disciplinary procedures as laid down in our party constitution and this is why we will not comment on the specifics involved, in order to allow the process to take its course,” Ro Teimumu said.

Ro Teimumu requested party supporters and members to be patient and allow the management board to carry out its responsibilities.

Meanwhile, Mr Bulitavu said his decision to resign would be finalised today.

Ro Teimumu said Mr Bulitavu’s threat to resign on Friday was a matter for him to decide.

It is also understood that there was increasing support for him to do so, as to allow Ratu Jone Kubuabola to come in.

“Under the current electoral system, any resignation by a member of Parliament does not result in a by-election. The vacant seat will simply go to the candidate in our party with the next highest number of votes. We have about 30 candidates on our list that can step in and fill any vacancies that arise from resignations.

“If Hon Bulitavu resigns, the Electoral Commission will initiate the process for his seat to go to the next person in line. This is Ratu Yavala Kubuabola, a highly-qualified former Minister of Finance,” Ro Teimumu said.

Meanwhile, party general secretary Pio Tabaiwalu said they would wait for party president Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu to sit with the board and decide who would be the independent arbiter to deal with the cases.

Fiji Times Online.


19) Fiji Economic Projections Strong For This Year
Growth rate is 4.3%, investment up to 26% of GDP

By Shayal Devi

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Aug. 21, 2015) – The Reserve Bank of Fiji is expecting investment in the country to be in excess of 26 per cent of GDP this year.

Speaking at the opening of the BRED Bank Nadi branch on Wednesday, Governor Barry Whiteside said the private sector was driving this investment.

“We are grateful that the private sector is taking the challenge,” Mr Whiteside said.

“We are starting to see investment flowing from overseas as well.

“In the past three years, the bulk of it (investments) would have been from our local investment sector.”

He said the growth of the Fijian economy was looking up as well.

“We have forecast a growth rate of 4.3 per cent for this year,” Mr Whiteside said.

“We will keep a watch on it and do what we have to do.”

Meanwhile, Mr Whiteside also commended BRED Bank on its competitive ability.

He said they were particularly impressed with the bank’s involvement with the small and medium-sized enterprise sector.

[PIR editor’s note: Fiji Times reported that ‘French banking chain BRED Bank Group has invested an additional $20million (US$9.4 million) in capital for its establishment in Fiji. … This was announced by Bred Bank Group CEO Olivier Klein during the opening of the bank’s branch in Nadi on Wednesday night. … According to Mr Klein, the capital increase would further strengthen the financial structure of the bank and enable it to pursue its strategy over the long run.’]

“They are under our radar. They are part of the six banks we now have in Fiji and we feel we have a good set of banks to go forward with.

“There is a lot of liquidity in the economy and there is a lot of drive coming through from the businessmen in the country.”

Fiji Times Online.


20) Bridge to remain closed for two weeks

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Update: 1:56PM ONGOING repair works at the Nasau Bridge in Nadi will take two more weeks, says the Fiji Roads Authority.

FRA maintenance works manager Dale Nicholls said they were extending the existing bridge beams onto a new concrete pad.

“This would firmly support the bridge structure and allow us to reopen the bridge with the least minimum downtime but would still require construction of the pads, curing of the concrete and lengthening the bridge beams,” he said.Fijitimes

21) Giant Chinese Vessel Raises Eyebrows In Vanuatu
Cargo ship carrying barges unload supplies for Santo port project

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 20, 2015) – A major wharf extension for the northern Vanuatu island of Santo is expected to be completed in three years.

Wayne Huang of Shanghai Construction Group made the assurance as a giant vessel and barges packed with equipment and material arrived in Luganville for the project.

The Luganville Wharf is to be extended by 80 metres.

The 230 metre long vessel, the Zhenhua 22, raised eyebrows in the Santo town when it submerged to allow the barges to float ashore over the weekend.

Mr Huang says the Zhenhua is one of very few in the world and it was its first operation in the Pacific.

Radio New Zealand International

22) Basic Utilities In PNG Facing Challenges Over Coming Days

Reservoir water low, electricity bill system down, fuel supplies down

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Aug. 21, 2015 – Users of electricity, water and fuel in PNG will all be hit hard in various forms during the next couple of days.

PNG Power has announced that it will shut down its EasiPay services for 11 hours tomorrow to upgrade its system while Port Moresby water service provider Eda Ranu has warned city residents that Sirinumu Dam is suffering from the El Nino effects.

To add to the woes, fuel supplier and distributor Puma Energy announced it is suspending its fuel refining activities at its Napa Napa refinery west of Port Moresby. The PNG Power Limited shutdown is nationwide shutdown – from 10pm tomorrow until 9am on Sunday – and consumers are advised to buy their power credits, or top up, before these times to avoid disappointment.

Yesterday, Eda Ranu warned city residents to use water wisely because Sirinumu is drying up fast. It will worsen if the prolonged dry continues for several more weeks, it warned.

Fuel supplier Puma Energy says it has started mothballing activities at Napa Napa and was preparing for a prolonged suspension of refining operations as it irons out its differences with the Government over Customs and licensing issues.

PNG Post-Courier


23) Fiji police warn against swearing on facebook

22 August 2015

The police in Fiji are warning that swearing at people is illegal in the country, after responding to concerns about an ex-student who swore at a Principal on facebook.

The Fiji Village reports that police spokesperson, Atunaisa Sokomuri, has confirmed that some Marist supporters raised serious concerns about a social media post, in which an ex-student swore at the Marist Principal.

He said the Cyber Crimes Unit investigated the matter and met with the person, who has since put up a public apology.

The Fiji police have stressed that swearing at people is illegal in the country, and people should respect the law. RNZI

24) ‘Defrauded’ Out Of $62 Million In Export Duty: Minister
Dettke’s allegations prompt parliamentary investigation

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 20, 2015) – The outgoing Minister of Forests in Solomon Islands says the Government has been defrauded of $US62 million in export duties and withholding tax.

Bodo Dettke, who was moved from the post to the Tourism portfolio earlier this week, says the money should have been paid to Customs and Inland Revenue.

Since Mr Dettke’s claim the government has announced it will set up a taskforce and says it could appoint a Parliamentary Special Select Committee to investigate what it says is an allegedly serious breach of the country’s laws.

The government also says there will be independent investigations into alleged underpayments by logging companies undertaken by the new Foresty Minister, Bart Parapolo.

The logging industry makes up more than half of the Solomons’ economy.

Radio New Zealand International

25) Cyber crime worry

Ropate Valemei
Saturday, August 22, 2015

FIJI is not alone when it comes to cyber crime issues around the world.

Wynyard Group CEO and managing director Craig Richardson said the reality was the lack of knowledge and resources to deal with the increased threats of cyber crime.

“Fiji is no different from that situation. This is a reality for small countries like Fiji and New Zealand,” Mr Richardson said during his presentation at the Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Congress in Nadi yesterday.

He said countries such as Fiji were struggling to get resources, knowledge and capabilities.

He said small countries such as Fiji relied on experts from overseas especially on infrastructure.

He said the country needed to focus on building local talents.

“For Fiji, it needs to invest in this; for people to understand the threats so that they can understand and operate technologies that can defend against cyber crimes,” Mr Richardson said.Fijitimes

26) Fiji Attends Police Conference For First Time Since Coup

Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police meeting held in Niue

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 20, 2015) – The Fiji police is attending the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police conference for the first time since the 2006 coup.

The Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police or PICP has 21 members and meets annually to share ideas on crime and policing.

Fiji’s membership was suspended in 2006 pending the restoration of the rule of law.

But following elections in Fiji last year an invitation was extend to Fiji to rejoin the group.

The Niue Chief of Police Tony Edwards, who is hosting this year’s conference in Niue, says he wants to encourage an open debate on how to deliver the best policing service to our communities.

He says the conference also helps countries to share tactics on combatting crimes which extend across borders.

Special workshops on disaster and emergency management and disaster victim identification will also be held.

Radio New Zealand International


27) Severe El Niño likely to persist until 2016

22 August 2015

Climate forecasters are warning Pacific countries to make long-term preparations for what looks to be one of the worst El Niño events in many years.

New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) says water temperatures, which dictate El Niño’s strength, are already 3-5°C above normal, with the potential to climb even higher in coming months.

Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga are already affected by drought, with hundreds of thousands of farmers in PNG’s Highlands region losing crops, prompting a national disaster response.

NIWA Forecaster Chris Brandolino said the current El Niño was projected to last well into the new year.

“This could be one of the strongest El Niños we have seen in many years,” he said.

“The last super-intense El Niño was back in 1997 and 1998.

“And because El Niño is forecast to persist through the upcoming spring and the upcoming summer in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s likely the conditions that will accompany El Niño will also persist.”RNZI

28) Severe drought in PNG may force schools to close

22 August 2015

Severe drought conditions in Papua New Guinea may force schools to shut in the Enga Province, potentially impacting more than 100,000 students.

The provincial education director, Rowatina Was, says schools are on the verge of closure due to a severe shortage of water and associated problems.

The Post Courier reports Mr Was told a special provincial disaster and emergency meeting that 15,000 students from 11 different schools have already asked for the suspension of classes because of the water shortage.

He says they are also running out of food and vegetables, but says he wanted to consult with senior government officials before he approved the school closures.

The Post Courier says children and teachers in primary, community, elementary, vocational schools and the tertiary institutions such as Enga Teachers College, IBS and Enga College of Nursing will be affected if a decision is made to suspend classes.RNZI

29) COP21 needs to secure an agreement – USP academic

By Online Editor
4:58 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, Fiji

Sea level rise is a real threat to the Pacific region and is an issue that scientists are using as tangible proof of climate change.

An academic at the University of the South Pacific (USP), Professor Elisabeth Holland, says the time to act is now and lobby for a legally binding commitment to fix global carbon emissions at the Paris COP21

“If Paris doesn’t work, if we don’t find a solution, is if France say diplomacy doesn’t work, if Fiji’s leadership doesn’t work, if the Republic of Marshall Islands leadership doesn’t work, we’re on the red line.”

Less than a 100 days from the Paris meeting on the Conference of the Parties, Professor Holland will lead a handful of experts from the region to lobby for an international commitment on a carbon emission quota..

In Fiji, more than 800 communities have been affected by climate change with 45 villages earmarked for relocation this year alone. In the Pacific, climate change destruction is displacing entire countries.


30) Worse EL- Nino expected: PNG Weather Office

By Online Editor
10:58 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, Papua New Guinea

People in Papua New Guinea have been warned to prepare for the worst, as the effects of El Nino sets in.

The National Weather Service said what is being experienced throughout the country, is just the start of more dry weather and frost to come.

Director, Samuel Maiha said this will continue until early next year.

“We are one of those countries that are going to be affected very severely over the next four months. The global predictions at this time are for this El Nino to continue until at least March, April, May next year.

I think, in terms of the impact due mainly to reduce rainfall conditions, we can confidently tell Papua New Guinea that its not good news in terms of rainfall and frost over the next 4 months. I think, it’s almost certain that we will experience more of the same kind of weather that we are experiencing,” said Maiha.

Meanwhile, the  Tambul area in the Western Highlands Province is fast turning into a desert a week after frost wiped out all vegetation and food crops and as the drought continues.

Jack Tame from NBC Western Highlands says the people are gripped with fear and panic.

“Tambul has got Lower Kagul and Upper Kagul, there are two constituencies. And both of them, everything is turning brown. And when we are talking about brown, we’re talking about desert and desert, there’s no life no more.

So I’m afraid how people would survive. People do not know what is happening. Even we haven’t had any of the weather service officers or anyone coming to their communities and informing them about the duration of this dry season. So when I came, I told them that there’ll be another four more months to go and people are very afraid,” he said.


31) India Offers Pacific Expertise To Mitigate Climate Change
14 island nations attend Summit in Jaipur

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 20, 2015) – India has offered its expertise and technology to Pacific nations to help them combat the threat of climate change.

Leaders and delegates from 14 island nations are in Jaipur for the second Summit of the Forum for India- Pacific Islands Cooperation.

India’s Economic Times quotes the country’s External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, saying India stands ready to share its expertise and technology with the island nations to help them adapt to and to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The paper says India will push for greater cooperation with the island countries in sectors like oil and natural gas, mining, IT, healthcare, fishing and marine research.

Radio New Zealand International


32) New Caledonia blockades continue as talks break down

22 August 2015

Negotiations between the New Caledonia government and protesting truck drivers have broken down, with a blockade of the territory’s capital, Noumea, set to continue.

The truck drivers, frustrated by a decision to not allow low grade ore exports to China, have blocked all main routes into the city for days, only allowing emergency vehicles through.

The Chamber of Commerce says between 30 and 80 percent of workers could not get to work on Friday, with many businesses opting to close for the day.

After ten hours of negotiations, the truckers yesterday refused to accept an offer from Prime Minister Philippe Germain to raise the issue at a nickel strategy group meeting later this month, calling it an insufficient commitment.

The French High Commissioner, Vincent Bouvier, has called on the parties to continue talks, saying the prevention of freedom of movement is extremely worrying.RNZI

33) Milling plant to help Manus rice farmers

The National,Thursday August 20th, 2015

LOCAL rice growers in Manus will be able to produce rice with the opening of a new rice milling plant in the province.
The plant, which can produce 750 kilograms of milled rice per hour, costs K300,000. It was funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency with assistance from Manus provincial government.
Department of Agriculture and Livestock director for food security Brown Konabe urged farmers to increase production to supply the mill and meet the Government’s expectations during the opening last week.
Konabe said the Government’s policy on large scale commercial production would see the imports of rice by 2030. He said Manus should ensure there was an increase in its production to meet the target set the National Rice Policy.
Department of Agriculture and Livestock national coordinator for small-holders rice promotion Heai Steven Hoko said Madang and East Sepik had piloted rice growing from 2003 to 2008.
Hoko said Manus and Milne Bay were undergoing small-holder rice production with assistance from JICA from 2011 to this year.

 34) Changes made to oil, gas act
The National,Thursday August 20th, 2015

AMENDMENTS to current Oil and Gas Act are underway to cater in the interests of the country, Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban (pictured) says.
He said many new petroleum projects were being developed in the recent years and that called for amendments to be made to the Act.
“We’ve taken an audit on the oil and gas Act – the project agreement of the gas,” Duban said.
“We will be pushing some amendments on the Oil and Gas Act which will try and cater for the interest of this country. I see that the oil and gas act at this point in time is not able to accommodate the whole changes, we must benefit from our resources.”
Duban was speaking during the swearing in of new board members of Konebada Petroleum Park Authority in Port Moresby yesterday.
Duban said the petrochemical park would be built as a result of the gas projects that were being developed in PNG, and amendments needed to be made to the Act so that it catered for the recent petroleum project developments.
He added that the park, to be built outside Port Moresby, could host many petrochemical investments which PNG would benefit from.
“When this park is developed, the money that it will bring to the economy would be massive. It is located at an ideal spot where we can host a number of major downstream processing activities. We want to see downstream processing. When this park is developed, the money that it will bring to the economy would be massive,” Duban said.

35) PM O’Neill highlights prospects with India
By Online Editor
5:09 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, India

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has highlighted the great opportunity to come from closer cooperation with India as a market for LNG, and for the development of downstream precession in petrochemicals.

PM O’Neill made the comments following a high level meeting with executives from the Indian Government-owned Oil and Gas Company (ONGC) Group Limited, Petronet LNG Ltd and GAIL (India) Limited in Delhi.

“India is an enormous market with a constantly rising demand for energy,” Mr O’Neill said following the meeting.

“Papua New Guinea is geographically close to India, our LNG is of a high quality and the market is ready to take our LNG.

“LNG currently account for around nine per cent of the energy market in Papua New Guinea whereas the comparable economies are using around 24 per cent LNG.

“India has an expressed desire to use more LNG for both the economic and environmental benefits as a cleaner burning fuel.

“With the Papua LNG project moving forward there is a market that is waiting to import our gas.

“An earlier MOU that was signed between Petromin PNG Holdings Limited with the ONGC Group and Petronet LNG Limited that provides an avenue to advance these negotiations.”

The Prime Minister said India has experience in the production of petrochemicals that offers the opportunity for cooperation.

“India has a great deal of technical knowledge and expertise in downstream processing of petrochemicals.

“In particular, India’s experience in the production of fertiliser will be of significant value to Papua New Guinea and is a further market for our petrochemical products.”

India is an enormous market with a constantly rising demand for energy, with the country geographically close to India, our LNG is of a high quality and the market is ready to take our LNG O’Neill said.

“LNG currently accounts for around nine per cent of the energy market in PNG, whereas the comparable economies are using around 24 per cent LNG.

“India has an expressed desire to use more LNG for both economic and environmental benefits as a cleaner burning fuel. With the PNG LNG project moving forward there is a market that is waiting to import our gas.”

An earlier MOU signed between Petromin PNG holdings Limited with the ONGC Group and Petronet LNG limited provides an avenue to advance these negotiations O’Neill added.

He said India has experience in the production of petrochemicals that offers the opportunity for co-operation, with their technical knowledge and expertise in downstream processing of petrochemicals.

“Co-operation between energy and resources companies from India and Papua New Guinea will continue in the months ahead.

“We look forward to the discussion we have advanced today leading to concrete agreement and the expansion of jobs and economic output in both countries,” he added.


36) PNG government urged to reverse food import ban from Australia, NZ

By Online Editor
4:51 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, Papua New Guinea

The president of the PNG Women in Agriculture Development Foundation is calling on PNG’s agriculture minister to reverse his decision on importing fruits and vegetables from Australia and New Zealand.

Maria Linibi’s comments come after members of her organisation have been calling her for assistance and information on how to cope with the drought and frosts.

A national strategy meeting has been held in Port Moresby today to nut out a plan for responding to the disaster, brought on by the powerful El Nino event.

It is estimated that almost one million people have been affected, and the assessment so far is that immediate aid will be required for areas devastated by frost.

Linibi says many of the nations major rivers have dried up and the lack of rain is impacting on people’s lives.

She adds fresh vegetables and fruit prices have also shot up due to limited stocks.

Meanwhile, the  Papua New Guinea government has defended its decision on a ban of limited agricultural product imports following criticism that farmers cannot cope with increase demand as the country battles the effects of El Nino and a severe lack of infrastructure.

Critics have been saying a lack of transport and storage infrastructure for fresh fruits and vegetables has caused farmers unprepared for the increased demand.

“We have to ensure that we provide the help needed to the farmers to ensure they are ready to supply before we unplug and transfer (to domestic production),” local parliamentarian Sam Basil told reporters in Port Moresby.

But PNG Youth Link chief executive Steven Kilage said the import ban would only benefit some companies who were likely to monopolize the fresh produce market.

Kilage said the only means of transport from PNG’s highlands region to Port Moresby and Lae for fresh produce is by air, making it the most expensive in the world.

PNG Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Tommy Tomscoll dismissed the criticisms, saying the selected import ban is good for the farmers who have been calling for government intervention to provide market relief.

Tomscoll also defended the import ban as the country faces a severe drought and frost caused by the Pacific’s El Nino weather pattern.

Tomscoll said the drought “is only for a short term but the ban is a long-term relief for the farmers in terms of markets that will become available to sell their produce.”

“These are not crops that take you long to grow. They are not like coffee and cocoa, it will take you two months to grow and harvest within two months,” Tomscoll said.

Those that we did not include in the list are those that we cannot produce in quality and quantity,” he said.



37) School trains women

The National,Monday August 10th, 2015

CARITAS Technical Secondary School in Port Moresby is targeting to set a sister school in West New Britain to cater for the rising need of educating girls to become great leaders in the country, an official says.
Deputy principal academic Willma Patenge said that was one of the school’s long term goal.
Principal Esther Mwayemwanna said the school gave the students (girls) a second chance to see their potential in education and achieve their dreams in life.
Caritas Secondary was established in 1995 with the first 144 female students enrolled.
The late archbishop, Peter Korongku, saw that there was a need to educate the young girls of the country.
He invited the Caritas Sisters of Jesus (formally known as Caritas Sisters of Miyazaki), from South Korea, to establish a school similar to Don Bosco Technical School where there is a dual curriculum (academic and technical) to cater for life-long skills.
That was how the girls’ school was built.
One of the school’s pioneers is  Patenge, the deputy principal who has been there for almost 10 years.
There are many other women who are now living successful lives after attaining knowledge and skills from this school.
The first principal of the school was Sister Stella Ann.
Mwayemwanna is the first Papua New Guinean principal of the school.
All previous principals were expatriates.
Every year the school enrolls about 1000 girls. This year the school enrolled 888 students.
“Yes, there are a lot of fond memories about the school, especially because of the strict discipline,” Patenge said.
“Being a student back then was a bit of a struggle trying to cope with all the discipline but it all has paid off to make me realise the importance of education and has brought me to be who I am today.”
The funding for operations of the school comes from the parents (through school fee payments) and benefactors of the school from  Port Moresby and other parts of the world.
The school has upgraded its car park, main road and the multi-purpose hall, called Don Cimatti Hall, named after the founding Father of the Caritas Sisters of Jesus.
The school has two major highlights every year – technical day and open house where the school opens its door to parents and guests to come and see the academic and technical displays of the students.
They witness demonstrations on  technical skills performed by the students like cake decorations, table skirting, dress-me-up contest, hair show, and others. The cultural show is where students display their  cultures in unique dance songs and routines with their vibrant traditional costumes.
The aim of the school is to equip girls with life-long skills through the technical subjects that the school offers and to produce honest and productive citizens of this country.
The school’s motto is “Love, Purity and Dilligence”.
All these virtues are instilled in all aspects of student learning to form women of character.

38) Banks need to do more for women-owned SMEs
By Online Editor
5:12 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, Fiji

While some progress has been made in getting banks to support women entrepreneurs in Papua New Guinea, a lot more still needs to be done.

That’s the view of Avia Koisen, President of the PNG Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Addressing the issue of empowering women through SME development at a regional workshop on trade and investment in Fiji today, Koisen says through lobbying by her Chamber, the three major commercial banks in PNG; ANZ, Westpac and BSP now offer a help desk for women customers.

She hopes other banks in PNG will follow suit, including the PNG-government funded National Development Bank.

“We had challenged banks in PNG to go beyond their loan conditions and bend their policies to accommodate women who run their small businesses,” Koisen told the regional workshop.

“Only the microfinance bank was responsive.”

Current advocacy work for the PNG Women’s Chamber of Commerce is to lobby for tax holidays ranging from one to 5 years for women entrepreneurs who are transiting from informal to the formal sector.

The chamber also did a lot of awareness among women members to take advantage of the SME loan facility made specifically for women that the PNG Government offers through BSP.



39) Fall crowned queen

Talebula Kate
Sunday, August 23, 2015

MISS Carpenters Marie Fall has been bestowed the honour of representing the people of Suva after being crowned the 2015 Vodafone Miss Hibiscus queen at the Carpenters foreshore last night.

The 18-year-old managed to rise above all the other twelve queen contestants, shedding happy tears after being announced this year’s Miss Vodafone Hibiscus queen.

Ms Fall acknowledged her fellow contestants, 2014 Hibiscus Queen, Nanise Rainima, the Queens co-ordinator, Jane Kanas, her sponsor, Carpenters and her mother for their endless support since the beginning of her journey as a queen contestant.

She also dedicated her win to every young woman out there who thought they were never good enough.

“Let this be proof to you that you are special, you have a purpose in life,” she said.

Ms Fall who also won the Best Talent, Miss Photogenic and Miss National Tourism will now represent the Capital City to the Miss Fiji Pageant in October to be held in Nadi.

Meanwhile, Miss Suva City Council and Charity queen Sarah Vamarasi walked away as the 1st runner-up, Miss FBC, Nelisha Umarao was the 2nd runner- up, Miss APCO Adikula Vereivalu took 3rd runner-up and Miss Frincos Hire Olivia Vakaososo was the 4th runner-up.Fijitimes

40) Finally, water for Talai people

The National, Friday August 21st, 2015

MUCH-needed water supply has finally reached the people of Upper Talai settlement in the nation’s capital after 40 years of struggle.
The people of Upper Talai settlement in the Moresby-South electorate are not likely to forget easily what their local MP Justin Tkatchenko and National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop did for them.
The 3000 people in the area finally saw the flow after Tkatchenko cut the ribbon yesterday and commissioned the water supply.
“For 40 years you people have been walking up and down the hill, especially our mothers and our daughters, you have suffered enough, Tkatchenko told the people.
“I apologise for the lack of services and for the previous members and governments for not doing their job to serve you people.
“Having water is a right and not a privilege. It is so sad that you haven’t have had that right for all this time.
“Now you have water flowing to your door step for the first after 40 years and it’s now time to rejoice and take ownership of the service so that you can continue to use it.
Parkop, who witnessed the commissioning, said water supply was very important for people.

41) Clean water for rural dwellers

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Update: 2:00PM MORE than 10 households at Raravatu Settlement in Rakiraki can now take advantage of a clean water system, thanks to the efforts of Ra Naari Parishad and the Australian Government.

The project has been made possible through a $500,000 agreement between the Australian Government�s Fiji Community Development Program (FCDP), Habitat for Humanity (Fiji) and 10 civil society organisations to construct water and sanitation projects in 16 vulnerable communities.

Ra Naari Parishad president Anand Pillay said there was a great need for proper water supply at the settlement.

The Ra Naari Parishad is a non-governmental organisation.Fijitimes


42) Wallabies omit James Horwill and Nic White from Rugby World Cup squad, Two Fijians force their way in
By Online Editor
11:18 pm GMT+12, 20/08/2015, Australia

Former captain James Horwill has been omitted from the Wallabies 31-man squad for the Rugby World Cup beginning in England and Wales next month.

Coach Michael Cheika announced the squad at a function at a Qantas jet hangar in Sydney on Friday morning.

He found no room in his squad for Howrill or scrum half Nic White who ran out against the All Blacks at Eden Park last Saturday.

Horwill, who also ran out against the All Blacks last Saturday, captained the Wallabies at the 2011 World Cup but missed out on one of the hotly contest lock positions.

Rob Simmons, Kane Douglas, Will Skelton and Dean Mumm were all chosen ahead of the experienced Horwill.

Cheika phoned Horwill on Thursday night to break the news and said it was a “a very difficult conversation”.

He said Horwill almost played himself into the squad with his performances during the Rugby Championship after being a bit further away at the start of the series. But Cheika said other options gave him a better mix for the squad.

“We just needed two jumping-oriented guys and we’ve got those,” Cheika said.

“You can always say there’s a bit of risk, but we feel we’ve got enough backup to cover in the short-term.”

“In credit to James, and to the other players who missed out, his response was brilliant, even feeling for me making that quite difficult call?”

Simmons missed the past two matches against the All Blacks due to a broken hand but is expected to be fit for the World Cup warm-up match against the USA in Chicago on September 5.

Douglas wins a spot after playing his first game in two years for Australia last week since after being released by Irish club Leinster to sign with Queensland.

Brumbies scrum half White played solidly after starting for the Wallabies in the 41-13 loss to the All Blacks on Saturday but has been overlooked for the experienced Will Genia who returns from injury and Waratahs half Nick Phipps.

It was inevitable that one of the incumbent Wallabies scrum halves would miss out. Cheika was always happy taking two halves given the availability of utility back Matt Giteau to be called into the position in an emergency.

Genia was Cheika’s first-choice half for the Rugby Championship series but injured his knee in the first match against South Africa.

White was called into the squad after that match and has shared the role with Phipps.

Cheika said he was also happy to have White and hooker James Hanson in reserve outside the squad in case of injuries.

“We believe in those players and their ability to come in and do the job,” he said.

Asked whether he had a first XV pencilled in or was still looking to finalise positions, Cheika replied:

“I’m not really keen to talk about that. (But) I can assure you we’re working off a plan that we’ve had since we came off the Spring Tour (last year).

“We’re still working off that plan.”

Captain Stephen Moore said he had been called by former Wallabies captain John Eales to tell him the news.

“He said congratulations on your selection for the team and on leading the team.

“That’s a great honour hearing from someone like that.”

Australia has drawn a tough pool that will see it open with a match against Fiji on September 23 in Cardiff before taking on Uruguay, England and Wales.

Only the top two teams from each pool progress to the quarter-finals.

Wallabies World Cup squad:

Backs – Israel Folau, Adam Ashley-Cooper, Rob Horne, Drew Mitchell, Henry Speight, Tevita Kuridrani, Matt Giteau, Matt Toomua, Kurtley Beale, Bernard Foley, Quade Cooper, Nick Phipps, Will Genia, Joe Tomane.
Forwards – Wycliff Palu, Ben McCalman, Michael Hooper, David Pocock, Scott Fardy, Dean Mumm, Rob Simmons, Will Skelton, James Slipper, Sekope Kepu, Scott Sio, Greg Holmes, Stephen Moore (capt), Tatafu Polota-Nau, Kane Douglas, Sean McMahon, Toby Smith.

43) Nane athirst for Muay Thai win

The National,Thursday August 20th, 2015

PAPUA New Guinean martial artist David Nane is set to add another win to his record in Muay Thai kickboxing when he meets Australian Steven John in Melbourne on August 25.
The 64-kilogramme fight had been secured by Nane’s Cairns-based promoter Francis McDonald.
Since he started fighting in the martial art’s 64kg, 66kg and 68kg divisions in 2009, Nane’s maintained quite an impressive record of 13 wins and two losses from 15 fights.
From three overseas fights, he won two and lost one.
The Melbourne fight will be his fourth abroad.
Nane departs Port Moresby on Monday to meet with his promoter in Cairns and together they head south for the fight the next day.
Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.
The physical and mental discipline it requires is stringent.
It is known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterised by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins.
These are the hallmarks which indicate good physical preparation and contribute to a full-contact fighter’s efficiency.

Muay Thai became widespread internationally in the twentieth century, when practitioners defeated notable practitioners of other martial arts.

44) Next tier of Pacific rugby nations Oceania Cup

22 August 2015

While Fiji, Samoa and Tonga are busy fine-tuning their preparations for Rugby World Cup, the next tier of Pacific countries are building for the future at the Oceania Cup, which kicks off this afternoon in Port Moresby.

Cook Islands won the biennial event two years ago but will not defend their title, choosing to focus their limited resources on November’s Olympic Sevens Qualifier.

Newcomers American Samoa open proceedings against Solomon Islands at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, followed by hosts Papua New Guinea against Tahiti, in the first round of matches.

The General Manager of Rugby PNG, Frank Genia, says pride and silverware aren’t the only things on up for grabs.

“Although you could call this a dead rubber tournament, so to speak, it is crucial for the development of a lot of the Melanesian countries. For PNG in particular, we are using it as an opportunity to start to build and develop and establish our player pathways and develop our talent coming through, leading into World Cup qualifiers in two years. There’s a lot of incentive here – there’s a long road ahead – but it starts off this weekend”.

The four countries will play each other once over the next nine days, with the top team declared the winner. RNZI



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