Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1126 ( Monday 14 September 2015 )


1) MSG leader wants unified Pacific position on climate

11 September 2015

The chair of the Melanesian Spearhead Group says leaders in the region need to work together to combat climate change.

The comment from Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, comes after his fellow Pacific Islands Forum leaders failed to reach a unified position on the issue.

Most countries had wanted to push for a temperature increase over pre-industrial levels of less than 1.5 degrees celsius at the COP21 meeting in Paris.

But this was opposed by New Zealand and Australia and the Forum concluded with a weaker ‘agree to disagree’ position.

Mr Sogavare also says leaders of this region must aggressively invest in climate change research and develop robust strategies to implement adaptation measures.

He says the Pacific must rapidly deploy technologies in carbon capture and storage, clean fuel and renewable energy, and reduce the expansion of deforestation through agriculture, forestry and other land use.RNZI


2) Tonga Broadcasting Chair Rejects Plea To Step Down
Gov seeks resignation prior to new combined utility board

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 12, 2015) – The chair of Tonga Broadcasting Commission has rejected a plea from the Government to stand down.

The Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva and Public Enterprises Minister Poasi Tei, are reported to have begged Lady Eseta Fusi’tua to give up the post.

The Ministry of Public Enterprises has said it also wants two other directors to resign voluntarily but the Radio Tonga reports the Public Relations Commission, saying the contracts of all three are valid for three years.

Lady Fusitu’a says she is not going and she says forcing directors to resign seems unlawful.

Mr Tei says if they do not resign they will not be considered for the combined board the Government is planning for the management of Utilities, Information and Communication.

Radio New Zealand International

3) Cooks PM: Broadcasting Deal Will Bring Region Together
Free content from NZ to much of region through initiative

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 14, 2015) – The Cook Islands Prime Minister says a new broadcasting initiative will bring his country closer to New Zealand.

Henry Puna says the move to provide up to eight hours a day of free-to-air New Zealand content, including top rugby action, would be beneficial not only for sports fans.

Mr Puna says he is looking forward to the cultural exchanges that will occur via broadcasting.

“We’re looking forward to seeing all of these programmes. There will be some educational programmes that will be good for the kids, and for us adults Tagata Pasifika and the Māori programmes will be very, very welcome.”

Samoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea are included in the deal announced by New Zealand last week.

Radio New Zealand International

4) American Samoa government to pay off bulk of its debt

14 September 2015

The American Samoa Government’s unpaid debt to the territory’s power authority is expected to reduce significantly, once the proceeds of a bond sale are in.

The government owes the American Samoa Power Authority US$9 million, with its current bill being about US$400,000 a month.

But the Authority’s executive director, Utu Abe Malae, says the utility expects the bill to be paid with proceeds from the American Samoa Economic Development Authority’s bond sale.

The authority is to receive US$8.1 million from the sale to carry out green projects on Manu’a, and to build a wind turbine on Tutuila island.RNZI


5) Asiana sees more Saipan flights in 2016

By Online Editor
8:47 pm GMT+12, 13/09/2015, Northern Mariana Islands

With a growing interest in Saipan among Korean and Chinese travelers, Asiana is projecting to add more flights to the island.

Asiana Airlines general manager Park Sung-Nam told Variety on Friday, “Next year, we might have more.”

In the meantime, Park said they are looking at increasing their weekly flights to 16 this October from the existing nine flights.

Asiana Airlines flies daily to Saipan from Incheon and has two flights a week from Busan.

“We plan to add one daily flight,” Park told Variety.

By Oct. 25, there will be two flights every day.

Park said Asiana is pleased to make this addition in flights as they see an increase in demand.

He also sees the opening of the Best Sunshine casino facility as an added boost, providing an additional source of entertainment to travelers.

Park said Saipan is becoming popular to Korean travelers, especially among families and couples on honeymoon.

The additional daily flight that Asiana is bringing in this October will come from Incheon, a hub for travelers from China and elsewhere.

“We have been here in the CNMI for 20 years and we are just pleased to bring more passengers here,” he said.


6) Continuing unseasonal weather blamed on building El Niño in Marshall Islands

By Online Editor
8:46 pm GMT+12, 13/09/2015, Marshall Islands

Over two months of steady westerly winds that caused heavy damage to property and have disrupted a normally calm Port Majuro in the Marshall Islands are being blamed on developing El Niño weather conditions in the Pacific region.

Unusually sustained westerly winds and unseasonal storm fronts affecting the Marshall Islands are the result of El Niño, say both Majuro and Guam meteorologists. One of the worst storms to hit Majuro’s normally placid and sheltered lagoon in the main urban area caused serious damage to seawalls, homes and vessels, including sinking or grounding several boats in early July. But a series of follow-on storms out of the west have forced boat owners into repeated 24-hours vigils to protect their vessels from being blown off moorings by gusting winds and waves during August and early September.

“El Niño-like conditions have been present for the last several months,” said Marshall Islands Chief Meteorologist Reginald White Friday. The primary symptoms of the developing El Niño: a drop in sea level of between four and six inches, a sustained monsoon trough presence in Marshall Islands, persistent westerly winds and tropical cyclone formation in this area due to the monsoon surging westward and establishing itself in this area for the past several months. These are “all impacts of El Niño that are now affecting Marshall Islands,” White said. Previous El Niños produced similar conditions, he said.

In early July, an annual two-day national fishing tournament in Majuro was cancelled because of inclement weather, the first time in its over 30-year history the competition had to be postponed. Last weekend, poor weather conditions forced anglers competing in the 23rd annual Budweiser All-Micronesia fishing tournament in Majuro to detour as a safety precaution from using the usual lagoon-to-ocean access pass to a little-used secondary access point for the first time in this regional fishing competition.

In addition to this year, “El Niño has brought with it extended periods of constant westerly winds in Marshall Islands both in 1982 and in 1997,” White said referring to the two most recent major El Niños impacting the western Pacific. Although the Marshall Islands has experienced torrentially high rainfall since the beginning of the year, forecasters are predicting a six-to-nine-month drought to start later this year and to last into mid-2016.

White pointed out that every El Niño is a bit different. “The development, strength and impacts of each El Niño event can vary,” he said.

Charles “Chip” Guard, of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Guam who monitors El Niño conditions in the region, provided additional insight on the development of storms in this area.

“When we are in an El Niño, storm development shifts eastward often to the region east of the Marshall Islands,” said Guard. “When this occurs, you get westerly winds. This lasts for a while and then the storms move to the north and west, and your wind goes back to easterly until the next monsoon pulse — west wind burst — comes through. Then, westerlies reappear and more storms develop.”

He pointed out that this year, “we have had a lot of activity in the central Pacific. The storms there have been large enough to draw in air from the western Pacific. The flow into those central Pacific storms has kept the westerlies rather persistent” in the Marshall Islands.


7) CNMI: NI Mayor Asks AG To Compel Homestead Implementation
Administrative roadblocks by Department of Public Lands

By Junhan B. Todiño

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, September 14, 2015) – Northern Islands Mayor Jerome K. Aldan has asked the Office of the Attorney General to issue a legal determination and notice to compel Department of Public Lands to fully implement all homestead laws.

“Unfortunately,” he said, “the same property rights and privileges lawfully vested on residents of the Northern Mariana Islands have been exceptionally excluded from persons of Northern Marianas Descent and qualified residents of the Northern Islands.”

He said DPL should “remove any and all administrative roadblocks to issuance of homesteads to residents of Northern Islands.”

In his letter to Attorney General Edward Manibusan, Aldan said residents of the Northern Islands “have been deliberately denied their beneficially vested interest and rights to homestead pursuant to the laws.”

Aldan said over two years ago, DPL performed land surveys on Pagan, identified as Lot No. 001 S 03.

The parcel, he added, located in Regusa, Pagan, has an area of 731,464 square meters of land suitable for village and agricultural homestead.

Another 35 parcels of homestead lots were surveyed at the direction of the public lands office in 1979 by a private survey firm. He added that these are located at the site of the present homestead in Shulmuson village.

This was referenced by another private firm hired by the public lands office in 1980, he said.

During a town hall meeting at the Carolinian Utt in 2014, the status of homestead lots was discussed, he added, and it was noted that 1,000 square meters per homestead lot and a little over 700 homestead parcels could immediately be issued at Regusa in Pagan compared to the 35 parcels at the present village of Shumulson.

Nearly 800 homestead parcels could be issued on Pagan to its residents this year, Aldan said.

In 2013, Aldan said the Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation conducted a public hearing where DPL Secretary Pete Tenorio informed lawmakers about a draft land use plan, which now included the Northern Islands for the first time since 1976.

Tenorio also informed the delegation of his intention to seek consultation with the Northern Islands residents and the mayor’s office about the public land use plan.

However, Aldan said DPL failed to follow through in properly consulting with residents.

He said a written legal determination to advise the DPL secretary to immediately comply with the law is proper.

Aldan said the “continued ill-treatment [of] residents of the Northern Islands [and the denial of] their legal and beneficiary rights to homestead is unacceptable and must be remedied immediately.”

Variety was unable to get a comment from DPL.

Marianas Variety

8) CNMI: Schools Open On Schedule After Typhoon Devastation
Public elementary schools complete initial recovery

By Richelle Agpoon-Cabang

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, September 14, 2015) – “We are equipped, prepared and ready,” according to public elementary school principals in an interview with Variety over the weekend.

Despite the devastation caused by Typhoon Soudelor on campuses, elementary schools are opening today, Monday, with half-day classes that start at 7:30 a.m. and end at 11:30 a.m.

Garapan and San Vicente elementary schools, which were greatly affected by the typhoon, will conduct two sessions — one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

“We are excited and ready to rock the first day of classes,” San Vicente Elementary School principal Paulette Sablan said.

According to William S. Reyes Elementary School principal Naomi Nishimura, “I believe our students are excited. Our teachers and my team are ready.”

Garapan Elementary School Principal Leila Yumul, for her part, said they are “okay” and “ready to go.”

The principals noted that parents, teachers and community members have supported the school recovery efforts, and even helped remove debris from campuses in preparation for the school opening.

Education Commissioner Rita Sablan in an interview last week said schools will have adequate water supply for sanitary purposes such as water for restrooms.

But she said schools still need more generators, adding that she has already made a request to the governor’s office.

Marianas Variety

9) Bank Of Hawaii Offers Individual Disasters Loans To CNMI
Post typhoon Souldelor program until Sept. 30

By Alexie Villegas Zotomayor

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, September 14, 2015) – To help community members rebuild their lives after Typhoon Soudelor hit the island on Aug. 2, Bank of Hawaii continues to offer disaster loans.

BOH vice president and branch manager for Saipan Rose T. Sumor told Variety last week, “We do have a disaster loan program going on right now up until Sept. 30.”

She said any consumer who would like to come in and apply is “more than welcome.”

BOH officer Joanne Hamilton Aldan said there are two loan programs on offer.

Under Program A, the minimum loan amount is $1,000 and the maximum is $5,000.

The term of the loan is for two years.

If found eligible for the loan, an applicant will be given up to three months’ deferment from making the first payment.

Program B’s loan amount ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 with a term of up to 5 years at 4 percent interest.

As for their existing consumer loans clients, Sumor said they still have until Sept. 30 to avail themselves of payment deferment.

Prospective loan applicants are urged to visit any Bank of Hawaii branch on Saipan.

Marianas Variety


10) Liberal leadership: Malcolm Turnbull’s press conference announcing challenge to Tony Abbott

Updated 14 September 2015, 21:10 AEST

Read or watch Malcolm Turnbull as he announces he is launching a challenge to Tony Abbott’s leadership during a packed press conference.


Malcolm Turnbull, former Liberal opposition leader and communications minister, has announced he is launching achallenge to Tony Abbott’s leadershipduring a packed press conference.

Here is his speech in full:

A little while ago, I met with the Prime Minister and advised him that I would be challenging him for the leadership of the Liberal Party, and I asked him to arrange or facilitate a meeting of the party room to enable a leadership ballot to be held.

Of course, I’ve also resigned as communications minister. Now this is not a decision that anyone could take lightly. I have consulted with many, many colleagues, many Australians, many of our supporters in every walk of life.

This course of action has been urged on me by many people over a long period of time. It is clear enough that the Government is not successful in providing the economic leadership that we need.

It is not the fault of individual ministers. Ultimately, the Prime Minister has not been capable of providing the economic leadership our nation needs. He has not been capable of providing the economic confidence that business needs.

Now, we are living as Australians in the most exciting time. The big economic changes that we’re living through here and around the world offer enormous challenges and enormous opportunities and we need a different style of leadership.

We need a style of leadership that explains those challenges and opportunities, explains the challenges and how to seize the opportunities. A style of leadership that respects the people’s intelligence, that explains these complex issues and then sets out the course of action we believe we should take and makes a case for it.

We need advocacy, not slogans. We need to respect the intelligence of the Australian people.

Now if we continue with Mr Abbott as Prime Minister, it is clear enough what will happen. He will cease to be Prime Minister and he’ll be succeeded by Mr Shorten.

You only have to see the catastrophically reckless approach of Mr Shorten to the China-Australia free trade agreement — surely one of the most important foundations of our prosperity — to know he is utterly unfit to be prime minister of this country, and so he will be, if we do not make a change.

The one thing that is clear about our current situation is the trajectory. We have lost 30 Newspolls in a row. It is clear that the people have made up their mind about Mr Abbott’s leadership.

Now what we also need to remember — and this is a critical thing — is that our party, the Liberal Party, has the right values. We have a hugely talented team here in the Parliament.

Our values of free enterprise, of individual initiative, of freedom — this is what you need to be a successful agile economy in 2015.

What we have not succeeded in doing is translating those values into the policies and the ideas that will excite the Australian people and encourage them to believe and understand that we have a vision for their future.

We also need a new style of leadership in the way we deal with others, whether it is our fellow members of Parliament, whether it is the Australian people.

We need to restore traditional Cabinet government. There must be an end to policy on the run and captain’s calls. We need to be truly consultative with colleagues, members of Parliament, senators and the wider public.

We need an open government, an open government that recognises that there is an enormous sum of wisdom both within our colleagues in this building and, of course, further afield.

But above all we have to remember that we have a great example of good Cabinet government.

John Howard’s government most of us served in, and yet few would say that the Cabinet government of Mr Abbott bears any similarity to the style of Mr Howard. So that’s what we need to go back to.

Finally, let me say something about Canning. Now this is an important by-election and I recognise dealing with this issue in the week before the by-election is far from ideal. But regrettably, there are few occasions that are entirely ideal for tough calls and tough decisions like this.

The alternative if we were to wait and this issue, these problems, were to roll on and on and on is we will get no clear air.

The fact is we are maybe 10 months, 11 months away from the next election. Every month lost is a month of lost opportunities.

We have to make a change for our country’s sake, for the Government’s sake, for the party’s sake. From a practical point of view a change of leadership would improve our prospects in Canning, although I’m very confident with the outstanding candidate we have that we will be successful.

Please, you’ll understand that I now have to go and speak to my colleagues. I trust I’ve explained the reasons why I am standing for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

Motivated by a commitment to serve the Australian people to ensure that our Liberal values continue to be translated into good government, sound policies, economic confidence creating the jobs and the prosperity of the future.

Remember this: the only way, the only way we can ensure that we remain a high-wage, generous social welfare net, first-world society is if we have outstanding economic leadership, if we have strong business confidence.

That is what we in the Liberal Party are bound to deliver and it’s what I am committed to deliver if the party room gives me their support as leader of the party.ABC


11) NZ Doubtful That Indonesia Will Allow West Papua Mission
Despite good progress during the forum

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 14, 2015) – The New Zealand Foreign Minister has expressed doubt that Indonesia will agree to a Pacific Forum fact-finding mission into West Papua.

Murray McCully’s comments come after the Forum Chair and Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said Jakarta had been accommodating recently.

Mr McCully has met with the Indonesian vice-minister for foreign affairs and a fact-finding mission into human rights was brought up.

“Well I did raise that with the vice-minister that we would certainly hope that if the idea was put forward that they would respond to it positively, but I have to say that I didn’t get a very reassuring response to that.”

Radio New Zealand International

12) New Zealand Appoints Trade Commissioner To PNG
Reflects ‘strong interest’ of NZ companies in PNG market

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 12, 2015) – New Zealand has appointed Peter Hobbs as the country’s Trade Commissioner to Papua New Guinea.

The Prime Minister, John Key, made the announcement after he officially re-opened the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Office in Port Moresby.

Mr Key says PNG is the Pacific’s largest economy and New Zealand’s second largest trading partner in the region.

He says the re-establishment of the trade commissioner position reflects a strong interest by New Zealand companies in the PNG market.

Radio New Zealand International


13) Planti long Bougainville i laikim indipendens

Updated 14 September 2015, 16:47 AEST

Sam Seke

Bougainville i joinim pipol long Papua New Guinea long makim naba 40 Independens Anniversary blong kantri, tasol planti long ol i laik long Bougainville i lusim PNG.

President John Momis blong Autonomous Region blong Bougainville i tok planti moa pipol long rijin i laik long Bougainville kamap olsem wanpela independent kantri.

Em i tok dispela em long wanem ol i lukim olsem Papua New Guinea Nasenal gavman i asua long planti samting aninit long Peace Agreement namel long tupela.

Tasol President Momis i tok toktok long Bougaunville bai kisim Independens oa nogat em bai ol i painim aut long referendum long 2019.

Em i tok long dispela taim, ol pipol long Bougainville i joinim olgeta pipol long Papua New Guinea long makim 40 yia long Independens blong kantri.ABC

14) Malcolm Turnbull i salensim lidasip blong praim minista Tony Abbott

Postim 14 September 2015, 17:07 AEST

Sam Seke

Liberal memba blong Australian palamen, Malcolm Turnbull ibin risain olsem na minista blong komiunikesen na i tokim Mr Abbott bai em i salensim em long lidasip blong party.

Mr Turnbull i tok Liberal Party bai lusim kontrol long gavman sapos Mr Abbott i gohet long stap olsem lida blong pati.

Em i tok ol nius poll ibin soim olsem Mr Abbott em ino gutpela man blong holim wok olsem praim minista.

Mr Turnbull i tok sapos Tony Abbott i gohet long stap olsem praim minista igo inap long gtaim blong ileksan, bai Labor i win na Bill Shorten i kamap praim minista.

Mr Turnbull i tok Mr Shorten ino gutpela man long kamap praim minista so em i moa beta Mr Abbott i raus na em yet i kisim peles blongen.ABC


15a ) Brèves du Pacifique – lundi 14 septembre 2015

Mis à jour 14 September 2015, 16:59 AEST

Élodie Largenton

Le processus de réconciliation pourrait s’accélérer à Bougainville. 

18 ans après la fin des combats, la province autonome de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée prépare son avenir. Les Bougainvillais doivent se prononcer sur leur indépendance d’ici 2020, et, selon les autorités, si la province veut être indépendante économiquement, elle n’a pas le choix : il faut rouvrir la mine de Panguna. Mais avant cela, un processus de réconciliation Bel Kol doit avoir lieu. Le gouvernement de la province se charge de l’organiser, d’appeler toutes les parties à discuter ensemble – les propriétaires des terres de la mine, ceux qui ont souffert de l’exploitation minière, l’entreprise qui possède Panguna, les femmes, les anciens combattants… Une fois les querelles d’hier dépassées, les négociations sur la réouverture de la mine pourront commencer.
Au Vanuatu, le procès pour corruption attire les foules. 18 hommes politiques sont accusés, dont le vice-Premier ministre, Moana Carcasses, soupçonné d’avoir distribué des pots-de-vin à plusieurs de ses collègues en échange d’un soutien politique. Selon le correspondant de la radio nationale néo-zélandaise, une centaine de personnes sont venues suivre l’audience du jour. Et comme la place vient à manquer à l’intérieur du tribunal, une installation sonore a été mise en place pour permettre à ceux qui doivent rester dehors d’entendre tout ce qui se passe. Le procès doit durer encore deux semaines.
La police papoue de nouveau accusée de brutalité. Deux jeunes de la ville de Lae disent avoir été battus par des policiers en civil, hier. Sur des photos parues dans la presse, on peut voir les blessures qu’ils ont reçues à la tête. Les policiers étaient apparemment saouls lors de l’incident. Sans y faire référence, le chef de la police papoue, Gary Baki, promet de tout faire pour regagner la confiance de la population. Dans une lettre ouverte publiée à l’occasion des 40 ans d’indépendance du pays, il se dit déterminé à rétablir la discipline et les valeurs morales au sein des forces de l’ordre.
La pêche illégale d’ailerons de requins continue de prospérer dans le Pacifique. Des militants de Greenpeace disent avoir découverts plus de 300 ailerons à bord d’un bateau taïwanais dans les eaux internationales situées au large de la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée. L’ONG soupçonnait au départ le bateau de pêcher illégalement du thon. Selon Greenpeace, ce genre de découvertes n’est pas rare.
Un plan national contre les violences conjugales en Australie : c’est ce que réclament les autorités du Queensland. Pour la Premier de l’État, Anastacia Palaszczuk, pour avoir une chance d’éradiquer ce fléau, il faut miser sur l’éducation. C’est dès l’école qu’il faut apprendre à respecter sa partenaire, à traiter filles et garçons de la même manière, estime-t-elle. Et il y a urgence, rappelle Anastacia Palaszczuk : la semaine dernière, cinq femmes ont été attaquées par des hommes dans le Queensland. Des attaques qui ont entraîné la mort de trois femmes et de deux enfants.
Qui est vraiment la miss Îles Cook ? Felicia George, de l’île Aitutaki, vient de se faire élire, mais son règne pourrait être bref. Une nouvelle organisation, née d’une dispute au sein du comité miss Îles Cook, va élire sa représentante le mois prochain. C’est en justice que cela devrait ensuite se jouer.ABC
15b) Australie : le Premier ministre Tony Abbott à nouveau menacé
Mis à jour 14 September 2015, 17:47 AEST

Élodie Largenton

Tony Abbott restera-t-il Premier ministre de l’Australie ? La question se pose de nouveau. Sept mois après avoir échappé à une motion de défiance, sa capacité à diriger le gouvernement est mise en doute par plusieurs membres de la majorité.
Le ministre des Conmmunications, Malcolm Turnbull, annonce officiellement, ce soir, son intention de renverser le Premier ministre Tony Abbott.
Plus tôt dans la journée, ABC avait interrogé huit ministres ; six estimaient que Tony Abbott ferait face à une motion de défiance d’ici la fin de l’année. « Et cette fois, je pense qu’ils l’auront », prédisait anonymement l’un d’entre eux. « Il nous avait dit : ‘donnez-moi six mois’. Eh bien, il a eu six mois et la situation est allée de mal en pis. Il devrait juste se retirer », confiait un autre membre du gouvernement.
Ces spéculations ne sont qu’un jeu, voulait croire le Premier ministre :
« Je ne vais pas jouer le jeu de Canberra. D’autres peuvent le faire, mais les gens n’aiment pas ça. Ils n’aiment pas ces potins entre initiés. Pour ma part, je ne jouerai jamais ce jeu. »
Tony Abbott assurait qu’il irait au bout de son mandat et se représenterait, probablement en milieu ou fin d’année prochaine.
Il semblait être l’un des seuls à en être convaincu. Ce qui a mis le feu aux poudres, c’est la rumeur selon laquelle il s’apprêterait à remanier le gouvernement, en maintenant Joe Hockey à son poste de ministre des Finances. Or, il est décrié au sein même de son parti, et certains de ses collègues ont de plus en plus de mal à cacher qu’ils souhaitent son départ. Une situation niée par Joe Hockey :
« Non. Non, ce n’est pas vrai, ce ne sont que des bavardages, des commérages. On fait notre boulot. »
Comme il y a sept mois, celui qui semble le mieux placé pour remplacer Tony Abbott, c’est le ministre des Communications, Malcolm Turnbull. Il a donc officialisé, ce soir, ses intentions.
Avant même sa conférence de presse, cela semble tellement évident que le parti travailliste a pris les devants et critiqué celui qui était à la tête du parti libéral jusqu’en 2009. Michelle Rowland, députée travailliste de Nouvelle-Galles-du-Sud :
« C’est un ministre qui a totalement failli à sa mission, qui a contribué à briser la promesse de la construction d’un réseau national très haut débit. Il a aussi laissé Tony Abbott ne pas respecter deux promesses qu’il avait faites avant l’élection : pas de coupes dans les budgets de SBS ni d’ABC. C’est quelqu’un qui se vante beaucoup, mais on doit rappeler aux gens ses erreurs de jugement. »
C’est maintenant au Premier ministre Tony Abbott de décider si et quand le parti libéral se réunit et décide de son avenir à la tête du pays.ABC


16) Indonesia to refuse PIF leaders or work with them to finding a just resolution on West Papua: Wale

By Online Editor
5:50 pm GMT+12, 13/09/2015, Papua New Guinea

The Solomon Islands Special Envoy on West Papua, Mathew Wale, has cautiously welcomed the decision by the Leaders to take forth a request to the Indonesia Government on a fact finding mission on human rights.

This is the will of all the Pacific leaders and their people including Australia and New Zealand and PNG as chair is mandated to consult with Indonesia.

“Looking back at previous Leaders commitments on the West Papua issue, today’s decision is historical in definitely progressing the agenda in a forward motion. There are only two possible outcomes to expect from here on and that is either Indonesia refuses outright the request of all Forum leaders and face the consequences or they agree to begin a difficult process that includes terms and condition for the fact finding mission” says Wale.

He said he hopes Indonesia considered an important Post Forum Dialogue partner by the Forum could be persuaded to come to the table to begin the robust dialogue to address the terms of reference for a fact finding mission.

“The role of PNG entrusted as Chair of the Forum to begin these negotiations places significant burden on PNG to ensure that it does not confuse its bilateral economic and trade interest with Indonesia and its moral responsibility to seeking a just resolution on behalf of the Forum member countries and the people of the Pacific,” added Wale.

The Leaders communique specifically highlight some of the concerns about the human rights situations in the Papuan provinces and according to PNG Prime Minister O’Neill is the reason why they are calling on all parties to protect and uphold the human rights of all residents in Papua.

“The people of Papua and civil societies have longed cried for this recognition and today we see an opening that gives us some comfort and hope that all Pacific leaders want all parties to protect and uphold our human rights and put an end to this atrocity. What this means for us is that we have a right to be part of this process” said Octovianus Mote, Secretary General of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

Mote said the ULMWP together with the Solomon Islands Special Envoy on West Papua stand ready to assist in a difficult process to ensuring a just resolution.


17) Development partners told to align support to regional priorities, PM O’Neill
By Online Editor
5:53 pm GMT+12, 13/09/2015, Papua New Guinea

By Makereta Komai in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

The region’s 17 development partners have committed to supporting the five priorities endorsed by Pacific Islands Forum Leaders in Port Moresby last week.

Pacific Leaders engaged in meaningful roundtable discussion with the development partners Friday where they were briefed on decisions made on climate change, the 10 year fisheries roadmap, information and communication technology (ICT), cervical cancer and West Papua.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill of Papua New Guinea told journalists after the meeting that the donors and partners were very engaging in the dialogue.

“In fact most of them are already doing some work in these key five areas. They have committed to engaging the region more meaningfully to achieve these targets.

“In the past, we’ve had very broad priorities which were never achieved. We have now narrowed them down to 4-5 key areas we hope we can make some progress in the coming 12 months.

PM O’Neill said donors were very constructive in their engagement and ‘we hope that they will come on board and work with the Forum Secretariat to implement some of these priorities.’

He said the new process of setting priorities has provided a platform for the region to determine its priorities and engage donors to support these priorities.

“In the summary of the discussion today, I stated very clearly that the donors must align themselves to the regional priorities endorsed by the Leaders, said PM O’Neill.

Forum Secretariat Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor paid tribute to Prime Minister O’Neill, the government and people of Papua New Guinea for the success of her first summit of Pacific Leaders, since taking office in December last year.

“I am deeply grateful the Hon Prime Minister and the government and people of PNG for hosting us successfully. I am very proud to be back in my beloved homeland and I take this opportunity to thank you the media for being actively involved and showing interest on regional issues.

“You will now hold us accountable on the five issues. We will need to report to the people of the region on what has happened to their concerns. The Leaders have now mandated us to implement the framework for regionalism, Dame Meg told journalists.

She admits it will not be an easy 12 months for her team at the Forum Secretariat in Suva as they begin work on the implementation of the Leaders decision.

“Some of the huge priorities for our region are climate change and fisheries. Leaders have made a bold decision today that 20 years was too long to wait for returns, they want something done in five years, said Dame Meg.

The Federated States of Micronesia will host the 47th Pacific Islands Leaders Forum in 2016.


18) Fiji calls for changes to Pacific Islands Forum
By Online Editor
00:02 am GMT+12, 14/09/2015, Fiji

Fiji Foreign Minister says there needs to be changes to the way the Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting is run.

Ratu Inoke Kubuabola attended last weeks summit in Port Moresby in place of Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama who has protested about the influence of Australia and New Zealand at the forum.

Fiji was welcomed back into the Forum fold after a six year absence due to their suspension.

Ratu Inoke says he was happy with the reception but feels the forum still needs to undergo reform.

“Just sitting through the meetings, there needs to be some reforms because there is a lot of paperwork and a lot of meetings but I am not sure whether the end result is coming out as the leaders would like to see come out.”

Ratu Inoke says the aim of Fiji’s Pacific Islands Development Forum is to complement the Pacific Islands Forum and not rival it.

19) New fisheries roadmap to replace effort controls with quota system within 10 years

By Online Editor

00:07 am GMT+12, 14/09/2015, Fiji

The 10 year roadmap for sustainable Pacific fisheries endorsed by  Pacific Leaders in Port Moresby last week hopes to replace effort controls management system with the quota system in the coming years.

Director General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, James Movick agrees the quota system will be a good basis to better manage the sustainable conservation of the region’s fisheries.

“The quota system itself will not result in an increase in the value but it will provide a better way of managing the sustainable conservation of our fisheries because you are trading actual catch rather than what we are doing right now, trading days, which is a proxy for an amount we catch per day. The problem for the last few years has been that while we have reduced the number of days available to vessels to fish, the amount of catch has increased because of the increased efficiency of the boats, Movick explained to regional journalists in Port Moresby last week.

He said the roadmap pushes Forum Island Countries to move beyond just selling raw fish to generate greater value to processing onshore within the region.

“We expect the rate of return from our fisheries to be around 13-14 percent this year. This is already in excess of USD$300 million. This is not a bad rate of return for a product commodity where most of the value is taken upstream compared to the processing stage.

“The aspiration of the region is to move beyond just selling raw fish to getting greater value from processing onshore within the region or deriving a share of the benefit from processing stage to the final sell stage. We need to increase the value in terms of the returns, said Movick.

Kiribati’s President Anote Tong said Leaders welcomed the re-examination of the current fisheries arrangement for the Pacific.

“We have always been concerned that the effort based management system was a bit dangerous because we are hearing reports of the severe over exploitation with some of the species with the technology becoming too efficient. The Vessel Day Scheme was getting a bit dangerous in terms of ensuring the sustainability of the resources, said President Tong.

He said New Zealand has kindly offered to help Forum Island Countries transition into a quota system.

“This is the message that we have come out as Leaders and if we do that, the returns will be significantly more than what we are getting today. In the longer term, we want is to take greater control of our fishing industry, said President Tong.

At the moment, countries like Kiribati are ‘simply selling access rights and not involved in processing,’ said the Kiribati leader.

“Apart from Papua New Guinea, not many countries in the Pacific, particularly the large resource owners, which are smaller countries, are not processing at the moment. Much of the fish is being processed in Thailand where employment opportunities are created there and not for our people.

“This is the strategy we are taking in Kiribati. We are beginning to process our fish and engaging with our partners to increase our returns from fish caught in our waters, said President Ton.

Last week, Pacific Leaders agreed that a joint taskforce made up the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) and the Forum Secretariat lead the development of a programme to increase the sustainable economic returns of fisheries, including examining a quota management system and report back to Leaders in 2016.

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key has offered a study visit for ministers of fisheries and officials from the Pacific to look at New Zealand’s quota system.

“At the moment resources earned by countries in the Pacific is based on selling access to fisheries on a daily basis. That’s fine but if you look at technology, they are changing and boats are becoming larger and more efficient and a greater catch is occurring. If that is the situation, then there is a real risk of the sustainability of the tuna fishery in the Pacific.

“If there was a transition to quota management as is the case in New Zealand, then you ultimately pay for what you catch and not on the amount time you spent in the sea. That is very valuable for the Pacific countries because they will pay for the value of the fishery and not just as a gatekeeper for the daily rates, said PM Key.

DG Movick said the roadmap hopes to achieve those ambitious targets within the time frame set out by the Leaders.

“They said they want sustainability and they have set reference target of three years for the major stock. They want to double the value of the catch to the Pacific Islands within the ten year period. They want to see the doubling of number of people employed in the fisheries sector. It is putting these numbers out there, that they are letting themselves to be challenged, said Movick.

Tuvalu’s natural resources minister, Eliasala Pita says it will be a challenge to achieve all the targets of the roadmap within the new time frame of five years.

“Achieving the goals of the roadmap is not easy to achieve. It will require the co-operation between the operators, the Distant Water Fishing Nations (DWFNs) and governments. While the aspiration is to achieve these in a shorter timeframe, it will be a challenge to try and achieve all within the time frame of five years, said Pita.

He is chairman of both the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA).


20) NZ has a lot to learn about Pacific Tuna: PNA

By Online Editor
8:50 pm GMT+12, 13/09/2015, Marshall Islands

The chief executive of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, Transform Aqorau, says a quota-based fisheries system won’t work in the Pacific.

Dr Aqorau was responding to a New Zealand-led push at the Pacific Islands Forum to help shift the region away from daily catches via the Vessel Day Scheme.

The scheme has brought rising incomes to PNA countries but New Zealand says advances in technology and bigger fishing boats are resulting in larger catches which could render the scheme unsustainable.

Dr Aqorau says the only areas in which unsustainable catches are occurring are those outside the control of its Vessel Day Scheme.

“A lot of those statements are, they are not made with a good understanding of what is happening on the ground in the fisheries. And I think their hearts are in the right place but they need to learn a little bit more about our fisheries and not just simply apply what they think can work in New Zealand to the Pacific Islands.”

Meanwhile, New Zealand is to provide US$30 million over the next three years to help the region change the way it manages declining fish stocks. Australia also announced it would invest US$13 million into maritime surveillance within the region to help police the fisheries.

Furthermore, fisheries ministers from all Forum nations have been invited to New Zealand to examine the management system in place.

However Transform Aqorau says New Zealand should be learning from the Pacific about tuna fisheries management and not the other way round.

He has invited New Zealand fisheries officials to visit the PNA in Majuro to learn more about tuna fisheries management.



21) Japan’s Mt Aso volcano erupts, emitting huge plumes of smoke and causing flight cancellations

Updated 14 September 2015, 19:30 AEST

Japan’s largest active volcano erupts, sending up huge plumes of grey ash and smoke and causing the cancelation of more than half a dozen flights.

A volcano located on Japan’s southern-most main island of Kyushu has erupted, sending up huge plumes of grey ash and smoke, Japan’s Meteorological Agency said.

The 1,592-metre Mount Aso is one of the most active peaks in Japan but is also a popular hiking spot.

Authorities issued their third-highest alert and cancelled more than a dozen flights after the huge volcano shot a column of ash several thousand metres into the clear sky.

There were a handful of people at a parking lot near the peak but they were evacuated safely, officials said.

They said the eruption had come without warning.

Kyushu Electric Power Co said the eruption would have no impact on its nuclear plants, one of which — the Sendai nuclear plant, roughly 160 kilometres south of Mount Aso — was restarted in August.

Television footage showed black smoke boiling into the sky and ash was falling as far as 4km away, NHK national television said.

Local authorities have set up a four-kilometre no-go zone around the crater.

Japan lies on the “Ring of Fire” — a horseshoe-shaped band of fault lines and volcanoes around the edges of the Pacific Ocean — and is home to more than 100 active volcanoes.

Mount Ontake in central Japan erupted unexpectedly last year, killing 63 people, the worst volcanic disaster for nearly 90 years. In May, a remote island south of Kyushu was evacuated due to another eruption.



22) PNG PM urges women to get HPV treatment

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minster has appealed to the women of PNG to get tested and treated for cervical cancer and related illnesses.

Last week’s Pacific Islands Forum discussed the need to address high distribution costs of the Human Papillomavirus vaccine as the Melanesian region has some of highest rates of cervical cancer in the world, often brought on by HPV.

In PNG 1500 women die a year because of it.

Peter O’Neill says the issue is about awareness.

“The treatment is there already. We need to get our young women and young girls to the hospitals, get the treatement that is available. It is nothing to by shy about. This is the reality of life. We have customs and practices that range throughtout the region and the fear of going to hospital and being checked is always there but survival is very important. Every life is worth saving.”RNZI


23) Fiji president warns about sedition

14 September 2015

Fiji’s president Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has called on Fiji to rally to the defence of democracy during the opening of the new parliamentary session.

In a forceful address Fiji’s head of state warned any attempt to overturn the government before the next election in 2018 would be subject to the full force of the law.

Dozens of people have been rounded up in the last two months accused of sedition and their cases are now before the courts.

Ratu Epeli described the alleged actions as an insult to democracy and called on people to condemn them.

He also said he was saddened by divisions in parliament over the last session, the first since the 2006 coup and he called for the tone to be raised and a battle of ideas with the national interest in mind.RNZI

24) 16 new laws to be tabled in parliament

Monday, September 14, 2015

Update: 5:00PM A total of 16 new laws are included in the legislative program for the coming parliamentary sessions.

This was confirmed by the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau in his last official address in parliament this morning.

“The legislative program for this parliamentary session will be even more extensive than the previous year, with the introduction of new laws.

“Some of these new laws will be in the following areas : Code of Conduct for Public Office Holders, Freedom Of Information, National Switch, Public Health Protection, Consumer Protection, Security Credit Transactions, Disabled Persons, Child Care and Protection, Community Based Corrections, Child Justice,Adoption,Volatile Substance Abuse,Trade-marks and Industrial Designs,Aquaculture,Sugar Industry and Kava.”

Ratu Epeli spoke reflectively of what it meant to serve in Parliament.

“Those of us in public life must lead by example and especially when you are elected to Parliament. The people have put their trust in you to represent their interests.

“And while you have a responsibility to your political goal, you have a greater responsibility to the nation as a whole. We need to take a united approach to the development of our nation and to ensure that the best interests of the nation are at the forefront of public actions and decisions.Fijitimes”


25) Fiji-PNG builds business rapport, Pearl Resort Opens New 210 Room

By Online Editor
5:58 pm GMT+12, 13/09/2015, Fiji

Papua New Guineas Minister for Finance James Marape says the PNG government will continue to work with Fiji and is confident in our economy.

Marape was in Fiji over the weekend and says they are hoping more investors will find opportunities in Fiji.

PNG businesses have already invested in two of Fiji’s top hotels, the Grand Pacific and the Pearl South Pacific Resort.

“Relationships between nations are built on many aspects and lately one of the fundamental aspects of those relationship is business, commerce, trade and PNG and Fiji has seen a growing rapport in as far as various exchanges are concerned.”

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has welcomed PNG’s interest in tourism sector saying the industry has grown by nine point five percent compared to the same period last year.

The newly renovated and extended Pearl Resort was officially opened by the Prime Minister.

Bainimarama said the $85 million (US$39 million) transformation is a very welcome milestone in the development of the tourism industry in Fiji.

132 new rooms have been added to the resort bringing the total to 210.

It also now has a new 400 seat Convention Centre, a 250 seat restaurant brasserie, a spa and wellness centre, a gymnasium and a chapel for weddings.

“I had said recently that any number of countries have a stretch of beach and a cold drink to entice their visitors. But the magic of Fiji is the genuine connection our visitors form with the Fijian people and the warmth of the welcome they always provide. It’s what sets us apart and makes us such a compelling choice of destination,”said Vorege Bainimarama, Prime Minister.

The Pearl South Pacific Resort was acquired in 2012 by Papua New Guinea’s Mineral Resource Development Company.


26) Fiji Foreign debt drops

By Online Editor
6:00 pm GMT+12, 13/09/2015, Fiji

Fiji’s foreign debt stood at $2.96billion (US$1.36 billion) at the end of December 31, 2014.

This was revealed by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics in their recent update of Fiji’s international investment position.

While Fiji’s Net International Investment Position (NIIP) stood at -$6.78b (US$2.40 billion) at December 31, 2014, the value of overseas Fiji investments was well below the value of foreign investments in Fiji.

According to the Finance Ministry in its supplement to 2015 National Budget address, Government debt stood at $3.8b (US$1.8 billion) as at December 2013, equivalent to 51.4 per cent of gross domestic products, a decline of 53.4 per cent of GDP in the preceding year.

At the end of last year, it forecast about $4b (US$2 billion) of Government debt.

National Federation Party leader and shadow minister of finance Professor Biman Prasad said the NIIP was a nation’s stock of foreign assets minus its foreign liabilities.

“It is defined as the value of overseas assets owned by a nation minus the value of domestic assets owned by foreigners,” Prof Prasad said.

He said it was generally regarded as a nation’s balance sheet with the rest of the world and includes overseas assets and liabilities held by government, the private sector and its citizens.

“The amount reflects a higher value of foreign-owned assets and investment in Fiji than Fiji’s assets and investments abroad,” Prof Prasad said.

He said a large component of Fiji’s international liability in this case (74.3 per cent) was from direct investment.

“The bureau has not released a breakdown of this component, which would have indicated areas/sectors in which we have had increased foreign investment,” Prof Prasad said.

“Whether these investments have led to increased production in the economy and in which sectors and who are the investors?”

He said details would help people understand the meaning and impact on the economy and the people of Fiji’s Net International Investment Position.



27) ADB Vice President Pleased With PNG Projects
‘Connectivity’ projects betterment of peoples lives

By Gorethy Kenneth

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, September 14, 2015) – ASIAN Development Bank vice-president Bambang Soesantono has praised the K91 million [US$ 31,487,000] bridge project that they are funding and is currently under construction.

He also praised the road projects, the Lae Tidal Basin and many others that ADB is currently funding.

Mr Soesantono had the chance to visit two of ADB’s major projects in Mount Hagen and Central Province on Saturday and yesterday.

Yesterday, accompanied by the ADB executives that attended the 46th Pacific Island Forum Leaders Meeting, Soesantono visited the K91 million [US$31,487,000] project outside of Port Moresby – the six bridges along the Hiritano Highway that is currently being built by China Harbour Engineering Company.

Mr Soesantono said he was pleased with the projects that were contracted to China Harbour, including the Lae Tidal Basin, the Nine Mile road in Port Moresby, the Port Moresby-Baruni back road project and the six bridges that are currently being undertaken right now.

He said that he was also pleased with the recent projects and others completed, adding that they are not only to better the lives of the people but to connect them to the global region.

“I am very happy with the project that I have just visited and inspected,” Mr Soesantono said.

“I am also very happy with China Harbour Engineering, the company contracted to complete these projects for the people,” he added.

“I hope that all the projects will be completed on time and also that they are on budget and once completed the benefits can be realised by the people.

“I see that most of them are on time and on budget so I hope there will be some activity to accelerate the projects so that they will be ahead of the schedule,” he said.

He was accompanied by ADB director general Xianbin Yao and ADB country director Marcelo Minc.

PNG Post-Courier


28) Bribery trial draws crowds in Vanuatu

14 September 2015

The supreme court in Vanuatu is overflowing with spectators as a trial of 16 MPs charged with bribery enters its second week.

The politicians are alleged to have received bribes a year ago from the then opposition leader, Moana Carcasses, who is now deputy prime minister.

Moana Carcasses was allegedly trying to procure the MPs support before a planned vote of no confidence to remove the then prime minister Jo Natuman.

It is alleged that US$319,000 was involved.

Radio New Zealand International’s Vanuatu correspondent, Hilaire Bule, says it is the first bribery case involving the country’s leaders and about a hundred people are observing the trial in Port Vila.

He says a sound system has been set up outside the courtroom so those who cannot fit inside can hear what is happening.

Mr Bule says the trial is expected to last another two weeks.

Earlier this month the finance minister, Willie Jimmy, pleaded guilty to the charges and was convicted last week for breaching the Leadership and Penal Codes.

He has since been excused from the trial.

Mr Bule says the prosecution has called at least 10 witnesses so far with over 40 expected to give evidence.RNZI

29) Fijian Soldier Evacuated After Being Shot In Sinai
UN peacekeeper on border between Egypt and Israel

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 12, 2015) – A Fijian peacekeeper has been injured after his camp came under fire in the northern Sinai Peninsula, on the border between Egypt and Israel.

The Fijian military’s land force commander, Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho, said the camp – where many of the Fijians serving as UN peacekeepers are stationed – came under fire when militants engaged with Egyptian forces.

Colonel Qiliho told FBC News the camp was struck by indirect fire from mortars and small arms, which forced the Fijian soldiers to take up fighting positions.

He said one of his soldiers was shot in the stomach and has been evacuated to Israel for surgery, where he is expected to make a quick recovery.

This is the second time in a fortnight that Fijian soldiers have been injured in Sinai.

Two soldiers were injured a week ago when their patrol hit a roadside bomb.

The Egyptian military has launched a major offensive against an Islamic State-affiliated insurgency, called Sinai Province, in the region.

Radio New Zealand International


30) UN issues stark warning on Pacific drought threat

14 September 2015

The United Nations says the looming El Nino threat could impact on more than four million people in the Pacific.

The UN’s Resident Coordinator, Osnat Lubrani, says communities and governments need to prepare now for the extreme weather changes El Niño usually triggers.

He says some countries are already implementing or drafting drought plans and the UN is ready to help co-ordinate this and to provide technical advice.

Over the coming months, countries on the equator can expect more rain, flooding and higher sea levels, presenting challenges for low-lying atolls already feeling the impacts of climate change.

Mr Lubrani says the more populous countries of the Pacific south west will see conditions get drier from now – although some are already in the grip of severe drought.

He says El Niño years characteristically feature a longer cyclone season, with more intense cyclones affecting a wider portion of the Pacific

The Pacific’s head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Sune Gudnitz, says as many as 4.1 million people are at risk from water shortages, food insecurity and disease.RNZI

31) NGOs Assess Impact Of Dry Season In PNG Highlands

Impacts on subsistence ag and water sources in remote area

By Michael Koma

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, September 13, 2015) – Two Non Governmental Organisations, Partners with Melanesia (PWM) and Karimui Resource Conservation Management Project Incorporation (KRCMPI) have jointly assessed the magnitude of the protracted dry spell on subsistence agriculture and water sources in Chimbu’s remote Karimui area.

The assessment team, headed by KRCMPI’s director John Anuobo Sethie, gauged views from the locals and assessed the effects of drought on the environment in isolated locations such as Negabo, Yogromaru, Sogo, Bosiamoru, Karimui station, Peria, Sigimaru, Karepa and Yuro.

Mr Sethie said the long dry season was having devastating effects on the flora and fauna on the Karimui plateau where KRCMPI’s activities were centered.

He told journalists at Karimui station that KRCMPI has “indefinitely suspended all its activities” in proportionate to environmental preservation and conservation in the face of the protracted dry spell.

The organisation’s activities includes bird diversity, consensus building, rainforest literary, sustainable livelihood, community reforestation and climate change.

KRCMPI’s aims and aspirations are underpinned by Partners with Melenesia (PWM), a Port Moresby-based NGO, apart from other sources.

PWM has deployed its technical officer to Karimui last Tuesday to assess the magnitude of the drought plus the consequences and the reactions of the inhabitants.

He said PWM was concerned with the negative effects of drought on the vegetation, water sources and foods crops in Karimui.

“We hope rain will soon be falling on the Karimui plateau to water the vegetation and revive the water sources,” he said.

The El Nino weather phenomenon has devastated the subsistence agriculture and water sources in the area.

Tribal leaders flocked to the Karimui government station last Wednesday and called on the local MP Mogerema Sigo Wii to provide relief food aid for the drought-stricken inhabitants.

The remote Karimui area lies approximately 350km south of Kundiawa, the provincial capital and is accessible only by light aircraft due to the non existence of an access road. The area boosts a population of 20,000 people.

PNG Post-Courier

32) El Niño Drought Looms For Cyclone-Hit Vanuatu
Region preparing for one of worst forecasts since 1990s

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 14, 2015) – In Vanuatu, six months after Cyclone Pam devastated the country, there are fears an El Niño-linked drought could create major food shortages.

Almost the entire Pacific region is preparing for what climate forecasters say could be one of the worst El Niño events since the late 1990s.

The aid organisation CARE Australia says in the country’s south, staple food crops have failed to fully recover after the cyclone due to limited water supplies, sea water damage and dry conditions.

Its Vanuatu program manager Charlie Damon says people are starting to feel concerned about not having enough food.

“We were distributing seeds so that people could start to grow their own crops, however for reasons including unpredictable weather, these crops have failed. And so what we are preparing ourselves for is another situation where food security is a problem, where households do not have enough food. And we’ve already heard stories of children not being able to go to school because they haven’t got enough food.”

Ms Damon says the cyclone season, which begins in October, could further exacerbate the situation.

Radio New Zealand International

33) Australia Minister’s Climate Quip Draws Ire Of Pacific Leaders
Highlights climate rift between Aus/NZ and Pacific leaders

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 14, 2015) – Australian cabinet minister Peter Dutton has been labelled morally irresponsible and arrogant after he was overheard quipping about the plight of Pacific countries facing rising sea levels from climate change.

The Immigration minister was yesterday speaking with the country’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who had just returned from the Pacific Islands Forum Summit in Papua New Guinea, where climate change was a key focus.

Noting that the meeting was running late, Mr Dutton remarked that it was running to “Cape York time”, to which Mr Abbott replied, “we had a bit of that up in Port Moresby.”

Mr Dutton then responded: “Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door,” to which both Mr Dutton and Mr Abbott laughed.

The Social Services minister, Scott Morrison, then pointed out that there was a large television microphone directly above them.

The comments have stirred anger from the leaders of low-lying Pacific nations struggling against rising sea levels and intensifying weather systems.

The president of Kiribati, Anote Tong, said the joke showed a sense of moral irresponsibility unbecoming of leadership in any capacity.

He also warned Mr Dutton that a future Australian immigration minister will have to deal with a wave of Pacific refugees from low-lying countries like Kiribati, if sea levels continue to rise.

The foreign minister of the Marshall Islands, Tony de Brum, took to Twitter to express his dismay, saying “[it] seems insensitivity knows no bounds in the big polluting island down [south].”

Mr de Brum continued: “Next time waves are battering my home and my grandkids are scared, I’ll ask Peter Dutton to come over, and we’ll see if he is still laughing.”

Mr Dutton has refused to comment about his joke, describing the exchange as a private conversation.

That conversation was only hours after the Pacific Islands Forum meeting highlighted a growing chasm between the Pacific countries and Australia and New Zealand on the issue of climate change.

Early on in the summit, conflicting views emerged as small island states like Kiribati and Palau reiterated their calls for greater action from more developed nations, such as New Zealand and Australia.

The major sticking point was a call for emissions to be lowered to the point where global temperatures would not increase more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, while New Zealand and Australia have so far stuck with the UN promoted target of 2°C.

The forum agreed to disagree on the target to be pushed for at the end-of-year UN climate change conference in Paris.

Radio New Zealand International


34) Signs New Caledonia blockade could resume

14 September 2015

There are signs in New Caledonia that truck drivers, who protested last month about a dispute over nickel exports, are poised to restart their blockades.

In August, the drivers established blockades in and arround Noumea and other key access points in the territory over the government’s policy to not approve exports of low grade ore to China after a decline in exports to Australia.

The drivers were aligned with small miners and the territory’s veteran miner SLN who opposed the stance on the issue by the government’s leading party, Caledonia Together.

Mediation efforts began in Noumea, late last month, after the president of the Caledonian Union, Daniel Goa, stepped in to mediate.

However talks have foundered and trucks have converged on the capital in anticipation of the collegial government meeting on the matter tomorrow.

The Caledonian Union appears to have come out against Caledonia Together on the issue, adding to the political pressure on the Philippe Germain-led government over the issue.RNZI


35) PNG Hunters away to Ipswich in grand final qualifier

15 September 2015

The Papua New Guinea Hunters head back to Australia this weekend to take on the Ipswich Jets for a place in the Queensland Cup grand final.

The Hunters 17-match unbeaten streak was ended in Saturday night’s major semi final away to the Townsville Blackhawks.

The minor premiers prevailed 26-12 to advance directly to grand final at Suncorp Stadium.

The Jets beat Easts Tigers 44-18 to set up a clash against the Hunters.

Despite finishing above Ipswich in the regular season the Hunters won’t get to host a finals match.

Coach Michael Marum says he’s not sure why that’s the case but it’s Queensland Rugby League’s decision and his focus is on the team.

PNG prevailed 32-14 on their last trip to Ipswich and Marum says they’re extremely motivated to bounce back from the weekend and earn a spot in the final.RNZI

36) Mixed feelings for Vanuatu and Fiji cricketers

14 September 2015 It’s been a bitter-sweet ending to World Cricket League for Vanuatu and Fiji.

Both teams recorded emphatic victories in the final round but ultimately ended up short of their pre-tournament aim of promotion.

Vanuatu beat Norway by 91 runs in a rain-affected game to finish third.

Jonathon Dunn struck 114 at the top of the order as the Melanesians piled on 309 for 3 batting first. before restricting the Norwegians to 159 for 8 in 36 overs.

The President of Vanuatu Cricket, Mark Stafford, was proud of the way the team responded following their semi final defeat to Suriname.

“The Vanuatu team is a group of players who really play for their jumper. They play for their country and they play for their community. Today was just bringing it all together with a very very positive attitude and the results were on the board after 50 overs – 309 runs. We even had to play without our captain, Andrew Mansale, who was ill with the flu but the team and all the players rose above that”.

Meanwhile a run-a-ball 96 from Jone Wesele laid the platform for Fiji’s 235 for 9, before Botswana were skittled for just 102 in the playoff for fifth place.

Fiji coach Shane Jurgensen was pleased with how the team finished but admits to mixed feelings overall.

“Obviously the last two games [we] played extremely well, played the cricket that I know and we know that we can play. We’re a good cricket team but unfortunately it’s a little bit too late, but at least we stabilised ourselves in divison six for now and it puts us in a strong position. We know what we expect at the next one and what the standards we need to require. It’s been a bit unfortunate the way it’s turned out but yeah the last two games have been fantastic”.

Suriname won the overall title, beating Guernsey by six wickets, although both teams earned promotion to division five.RNZI


Waisale Koroiwasa
Monday, September 14, 2015

AS we preview the 2015 Rugby World Cup, there is no doubt that many rugby followers are about to be glued to the TV screens to witness what the England event has to offer.

Irrespective of the other pools in the world cup, Pool A is set to stage an interesting battle between the host nation — England, current Rugby Championship champion — Australia, Six Nations enforcer — Wales, Pacific Rugby Championship title holder — Fiji and underdogs — Uruguay.

Rugby pundits are calling it the “pool of death”, but former Flying Fijians assistant coach Gregg Mumm has a different version.

Mumm is quoted saying that when Fiji faces these giants in the pool of death, sacrifice, spirit and song will unify them, their secret weapon against uncertainty.

Fiji Rugby Union CEO Radrodro Tabualevu has labelled it the pool of opportunity while skipper Akapusi Qera believes it’s a “brilliant pool” and the team will survive.

All hopes are high and fingers crossed that our warriors will do us proud at the end of the day.Fijitimes

38) Pacific Cup battle

Zanzeer Singh
Monday, September 14, 2015

LAUTOKA will accompany Suva, Nadi and Rewa at the 2015 Pacific Cup after beating Ba 2-1 in extra time during the playoffs at Govind Park on Saturday.

Dave Radrigai the latest signing from Suva starred for the Blues scoring both goals.

Ba took the early lead with a goal from Samuela Nabenia before Radrigai equalised from the penalty spot in the second half.

Radrigai scored the winner in the first extra spell.

New signings Jone Vesikula, Kolinio Sivoki and Samuela Kautoga featured for the Shop N Save Blues.

Lautoka Football Association vice-president Abdul Kadar said this was just the start for better things in the new season.

The Pacific Cup will be played in New Zealand in November and will also feature teams from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.Fijitimes

39) Lance Franklin to sit out rest of Sydney Swans’ AFL season as he battles mental health issue

Updated 14 September 2015, 19:10 AEST

Star Sydney forward Lance Franklin is ruled out for the remainder of his club’s AFL finals campaign due to an ongoing mental health condition.

The Sydney Swans will be forced to rejig their forward line for the remainder of their AFL finals campaign after confirmation Lance Franklin and Sam Reid will not play again this season.

Franklin missed the Swans’ qualifying final loss to Fremantle last weekend due to a mental health issue and Reid suffered a torn hamstring in that match.

“Lance won’t be playing for the rest of the season,” Swans’ coach John Longmire said on Monday.

“We are mindful of his mental health issue and it is something that will need to be addressed and that is his main priority, to get that right.

“Footy isn’t on the agenda for Lance for the rest of the season.”

Reid had been in outstanding form grabbing 10 or more marks in his three previous games, before getting injured in the second quarter of last Saturday’s game.

“It’s generally a four to five week injury, so that’s it for Sam,” Longmire said.

Complicating the forward mix is that Kurt Tippett, who has kicked 13 goals in Sydney’s last four games, is not likely to be used as a full-time spearhead against North.

He will almost certainly be required to work in tandem with Mike Pyke in the ruck duel against North’s Todd Goldstein.

“His (Pyke’s) knees have generally been holding up pretty well at the back end of the year, but it’s a big job to ruck against Goldstein one out,” Longmire said.

“We’d like to have Kurt a bit more in the front half but you’re also aware of the workload you’ve got when you play against probably one of the best ruckman to have played this year.”

Longmire hinted he would tinker with the composition of his forward line.

“Whether we go a bit smaller or we make some positional changes, which is a distinct possibility,” Longmire said.

He expected utility Ben McGlynn to be better for his run last weekend, when he played just his second senior game in the last 14 contested by Sydney.

Longmire was happy with the emergence of youngster Dean Towers who played impressively up forward against Fremantle and was looking for another strong game from veteran Adam Goodes, who he said played with a spring in his step against the Dockers.

Defender Nick Smith, who missed the last two games with a hamstring issue, was expected to run on Tuesday and would be available for the weekend if he came through training on Thursday.

Longmire thought it unlikely injured midfielders Kieren Jack and Luke Parker would be fit for Saturday, though the latter’s broken leg is coming along well.

“Luke Parker is walking past my office and doing cartwheels, but he’d have to do a pretty good set of cartwheels for the rest of the week to be able to play,” Longmire said.


40) How the Williams sisters fared at the US Open

Monday, September 14, 2015

Well that was exciting wasn’t it? Now the Williams sisters can go back to enjoying family life without the added pressure of on-court sibling rivalry. Until next time at least.

So Serena advances into the last four with her 33rd successive Grand Slam win. Two more victories and she will complete the first calendar Grand Slam since Steffi Graf in 1988.

Can she do it? Join us later in the week to find out. Night y’all!

“We’re not supposed to talk about the calendar Grand Slam for Serena Williams – but we’ve got to see the colossal odds on that.

“This was a tough match for Serena, obviously she lost a set, but physically it wasn’t because there weren’t many long points.”

Top seed Serena Williams on her three-set win over big sister Venus: “It’s a really great moment. She is the toughest player I’ve played in my life and she is the best person I know. I’m going against my best friend and the greatest competitor in women’s tennis, in my mind, so it is a tough day.

“When I’m playing her I don’t think of her as my sister, when we’re in the moment you don’t really think about it. We’ve trained all our lives for these moments and it is a great honour to play in front of everyone here.

“Holding serve in the third set was huge – she came out blasting and I was defending a lot. She has so much power so it was tough.”

The perfect finish! Serena sees off the brutal challenge of her sister with a wonderful ace. The pair embrace at the net to the delight of the Ashe crowd.

41) 49ers confirm Hayne’s utility value

Monday, September 14, 2015

LOS ANGELES – Jarryd Hayne looks set to play against the Minnesota Vikings after the San Francisco 49ers pencilled the former NRL star in as a punt returner, kick returner and running back for the season opener.

The 49ers unveiled their player depth chart on Wednesday and it confirms Hayne’s utility value to the team.

Head coach Jim Tomsula has been cagey about where, or even if, Hayne will play against the Vikings on Tuesday at the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium.

Instead of ranking his returners as first, second or third options, Hayne and veteran Reggie Bush are bracketed together on the depth chart.

Bruce Ellington is also in the mix as a punt returner.

DeAndrew White joins Hayne and Bush as kick returners.

The depth chart also shows how Hayne has impressed the 49ers’ coaching staff as a running back, with the Australian third behind number one Carlos Hyde and second-ranked Bush.

Hayne relegated South Carolina running back Mike Davis into the fourth slot.

Tomsula has repeatedly said Hayne, who only played his first elite American football game less than a month ago, needed to show value to the team in multiple positions and the depth chart confirms that.

Tomsula could have left Hayne off one of the return position lists like Ellington and White, but instead views the Australian as too much of a weapon.

Hayne and Bush are the only players listed in three positions.

42) Gambling No.1 addiction for soccer stars

Monday, September 14, 2015

MANCHESTER, England – Gambling has overtaken the demon drink as the main risk for cash-rich soccer players, according to former England captain Tony Adams who battled alcoholism before becoming a saviour for players fighting addiction.

Adams, who founded the Sporting Chance clinic having come through his own drink hell, told how old professionals led him to the pub after training but modern-day stars fell for huge bets and the internet.

More than 70 per cent of footballers, rugby players and stars from other sports who go through Sporting Chance are in the grip of gambling, according to the Arsenal legend who is football director for Azerbaijan side Gabala.

He said two footballers, a rugby league player and a boxer are currently at his clinic, founded in 2000 in Hampshire, southwest of London.

Three football managers and several coaching staff have also joined players seeking refuge over the past 18 months, according Sporting Chance chief executive Colin Bland.

Sporting Chance is recognised as a world leader in helping athletes overcome destructive behaviour.

But Bland said too many coaches still did not take account of mental illness when deciding if a player was fit to compete.

“But if you are up and walking — you might be suffering from an acute depressive disorder or a mental illness — you are well enough to play and you get your treatment at the end of the season.”



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