Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1127 ( Wednesday 23 September 2015 )


1) Cultural group to participate at festival

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

National Cultural Commission executive director Dr Jacob Simet has confirmed that a Papua New Guinean cultural group will be participating in the Melanesian Arts Festival in Indonesia next month.
“We are preparing to send more than five participants to Kupang, West Timor, from Oct 26-30,” he said.
“Right now we are preparing logistics and travel arrangement for a contingent.
“Acting Culture and Tourism Minister Charles Abel has instructed us to organise cultural groups to participate in that festival.”
Simet said the Indonesian government  had offered to pay for all expenses for seven participants, including five performers.
“But we think that five performances are not enough to display a very good Melanesian cultural performance,” he said.
“So we are looking at taking a good group. After all, last year Indonesians brought in 200 participants to the Melanesian Arts Festival.”
Indonesian Ambassador to Papua New Guinea Ronald Manik said that they had invited cultural groups from PNG, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji to participate in the show. “We hope to promote and improve trade relationship between both countries,” he said.
“We don’t have a permanent formal   economical relationship and  trade between both countries is down.
“So both countries should do some thing to improve. If you look at it, it is more profitable to trade between PNG and Indonesians than other countries.
“We share a common land border and it is much cheaper in terms of transportation. We also have quality and quantity of various products to offer to PNG.”

2) Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 23 September 2015

by bobmakin

  • Radio Vanuatu lunchtime news reported today that Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL) staff will go on strike on 21 October if the action of the AVL Board to terminate CEO Jason Rakau last week is not reversed. Yesterday’s Daily Post had Watson Willie replacing Rakau as CEO from last Wednesday, as decided by a new Board led by businessman Alain Lew. A strike will seriously interfere with aviation in Vanuatu. Such action by government organisation workers has happened before when governments are seen to be simply hanging on, as presently with so many MPs facing criminal charges. VBTC News also saw the possibility of strike action within VBTC – the national broadcaster – itself. The reasons were not outlined.
  • VBTC News has drawn attention to the Prime Minister speaking of the colonial legacy of the Condominium continuing to divide people until today. The division is seen in every aspect of society, and is a main cause of all divisions of people in Vanuatu, he said.
  • The PM has headed off to the UN General Assembly in New York. (Post)
  • A so-called National Validation Workshop will meet in two months to look at the National Sustainable Development Plans for 2016 – 2030. PMO consultant Henry Vira said this will enable the final comments of provincial stake-holders and technical people and finalize how government departments will organise the plans. (VBTC) And the Deputy Prime Minister, in a sudden political move, has announced the re-formation of the Vanuatu Cooperative Federation. (VBTC and Post today)
  • Radio Vanuatu News yesterday drew attention to the need for a single structure to represent all business interests in Vanuatu. The General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce, Astrid Boulekone, made this clear at a National Trade Development Committee meeting recently. The Chamber should be nationally recognized as representing the private sector throughout the country Boulekone and meeting participants agreed.
  • Santo land owners from the Mango area have used the namele leaf tabu to block work on the new Santo wharf because they are unhappy at the VT 500 per cubic metre rate offered. They say the provincial and national governments must review the rate being offered. (VBTC)
  • The URA has announced a 14.74% reduction in the water price, to VT 50.54 a cubic metre in Daily Post today.
  • And another croc has been spotted in the Alkita River at Sola, Vila Times reports this week, with photo.
  • Vila Times also has suggestions that Opposition Leader Lini and former PM Natuman and former Speaker Boedoro will be suspended from Parliament in an extra-ordinary session next month by the government still hanging in there. Of course, if they have the numbers.

3) Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 21 September 2015

by bobmakin

  • Prime MInister Kilman is again thanking China for its assistance to Vanuatu’s development projects. The Radio Vanuatu audio quality of the PM’s address in the matter was not particularly clear but the amount involved is said to be around VT 1.5 billion. Included is the amount necessary to begin work in replacing the Korman stadium which earlier governments have failed to maintain properly, as with Malapoa College. The new stadium will be needed in two years for the SP Mini-Games.
  • The Governor of the Reserve Bank says that the old coinage will need to be exchanged for new money by February next year when the old legal tender will cease to be used. This follows complaints from certain sectors as regards the similarity in size and design of certain of the new coins to old ones of lesser value. (VBTC)
  • The Lands Minister, Paul Telukluk, is calling for a review of the reformed land laws because no custom land owners have been registered yet under the new procedures even though they have been in effect for 17 months. The lead item in Daily Post today appears to be a press release from the Lands Ministry. It is headed Land Law Review. One wonders whether it is the new laws which (despite massive consultation at regional or district level) are at fault, or the practical aspects of implementing them.
  • On-line business registration of companies will be possible under new laws for the purpose. Certain of the details are explained in today’s Daily Post. Roy McDonald of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission explains in today’s paper that many companies will have to register again under the new legislation.
  • The Saturday coastal clean-up is described by Post as being a great success. Many local businesses assisted in the efforts to get rid of much litter. Residents further inland continue to ask when the Environment Unit will insist on tarpaulins to cover waste-carrying trucks going to Etas. Many liberally spray sides of the main road with every kind of waste when they get on to straight and non-potholed stretches where they can gather speed.


4) Cooks PM stands by money advance

23 September 2015

The Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna is sticking by his decision to advance money to Manihiki landowners saying it was needed to diffuse an unstable situation.

Mr Puna, who is from Manihiki, agreed to give the landowners just under US$26,000 during Te Maeva Nui celebrations so they could go shopping before returning to the island.

The Government has previously said that the payment was made after the landowners threatened to vandalise the two solar plants on the island if they were not paid.

In a statement from his office Mr Puna expressed surprised that the early payout had sparked a police complaint.

Businessman George Pitt made the complaint and says the Manihikians committed a criminal offence and were ‘aided and abetted by the prime minister’.

He says both the Manihiki group and prime minister need to be charged.

Mr Puna’s press secretary says the prime minister will not yet comment on the claim, except to say he ‘stands by the urgency of the decision that Cabinet needed to make to diffuse an unstable situation in Manihiki’.RNZI

5) Multilateral Military Operations Take Place In Tonga

US, New Zealand, France, Tonga conduct exercises

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Sept. 23, 2015) – Multilateral armed forces came together during final military operations for Exercise Tafakula on Tongatapu from September 9-11 that included security patrols and seeking mock enemy in difficult terrain.

His Majesty’s Armed Forces of Tonga and U.S. Marines with Company B, 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, Marine Rotational Force – Darwin, conducted patrol-based operations and platoon-level attacks with troops from the New Zealand Defence Force, the French Army of New Caledonia and the Tongan Royal Guards during their culminating event for Exercise Tafakula on Tongatapu.

“The goal of our training here with multiple classes and events conducted was to simply train with allied forces…It’s vital that we know our allies in all aspects of training,” said 1st Lt. Christopher Adamski, weapons platoon commander with Company B.

“We conducted a 72-hour tactical scenario that comprised of four maneuver platoons, patrolling within different areas of operation throughout the island,” he said.

Leading up to the final event, the different militaries hosted classes and demonstrations to exchange each other’s battle drills, standard operating procedures and capabilities. The final operation brought the multilateral forces together to conduct a combined company-level attack against a platoon-sized defensive position.

In addition to the military training, the Marines contributed to school clean-ups and other constructive projects.

Matangi Tonga Magazine


6) Islanders sent home

Marianas Variety
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

MARSHALL Islanders are being deported from the US in increasing numbers, though this year the deportations appear to have declined slightly.

For the past 15 years, Marshall Islanders have been deported from the US at an annual rate of 16 per year, according to government data.

But the numbers increased dramatically from 2011.

The larger numbers also coincide with continuous heavy out-migration to the US that has seen an average of more than 1000 islanders leaving to the US annually since the late 1990s.

More than 30,000 Marshall Islanders are estimated to be living in the US.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Majuro maintains records of deportations that are provided by US law enforcement authorities.

Data maintained since 2002 shows that deportations were single digit through 2006, with the largest number in one year being nine during 2004.

Ten deportations in 2007 heralded the beginning of an increasing trend of Marshall Islanders being deported from the US following convictions for a variety of offenses.

So far, 2013 was the single biggest year, with 37 people being sent back to the Marshall Islands after being convicted of a variety of criminal offenses.

The numbers appear to have dropped off in the first part of this year, with 18 reported through last month, but this is still above the 14-year average of 16 annually.

Crimes of “moral turpitude” are offenses that often lead to deportation from the US, although the definition of “moral turpitude” is not defined in US or state law and is left to government agencies and courts to decide.


7) Traibal fait i stopim wok long helpim pipol i nidim help long kaikai long SHP

Postim 23 September 2015, 14:01 AEST
Caroline Tiriman
Ol fait namel long ol laen wan pisin long Southern Highlands provins blong Papua New Guinea nau iwok long stopim wok blong bringim halvim igo long ol pipal em oli bungim heve long ol bikpla san na bikpla kol.

Despla ol traibal fait istap namel long ol laen wan pisin long Upper Mendi we despla tupla taem nogut iwok long hamrim gut ol pipal.

Planti hap long Papua New Guinea na planti long ol despla ples istap long Highlands rijan ino lukim ren long moa long fopla mun nau.

Despla bikpla sot long wara na bikpla kol i bagarapim tu ol gaden kaikai, tasol nau despla heve i bagarap moa bihaenim ol desla traibal fait.

Ian Apei emi blong Caritas ktolik agensi long Mendi, biktaon blong Southern Highlands na emi tok emi save despla tribal fait igo hed na kamapim heve long wok blong helpim ol pipal.

Mr Apei itok emi laikim ol lida blong Southern Highlands imas wok bungwantem long stopim despla tribal fait long wonem em bai kamapim bikpla heve tru long ol kaikai long saed blong food securiti.

Narapla man husat i mekim sampla wok blong United Sios long PNG, Matt Kanua i mekim wok painimaut long ol heve em drought i kamapim long Highlands rijan itok, emi save long despla traibal fait na emi laik go lukim ol pipal long Upper Mendi, tasol despla trabal fait ibin stopim em.ABC

8) Temotu Spika i askem Premier Soakifono fo tok stret sapos hemi laek risaen

Postim 23 September 2015, 15:04 AEST
Sam Seke

Temotu Province blong Solomon Islands hemi garem sampela isiu distaem long Provincial Assembly blong hem long sait long sapos Premier Baddeley Tau hemi barava laik risaen, o nomoa.

Odio: Toktok blong Spika blong Temotu Provinsol Assembly, Johnson Levela
Diswan hemi mekem Spika blong Temotu Provinsol  Assembly, Johnson Levela fo askem Premier Soakifono fo mekem klia gut long hem sapos hemi laek risaen olsem premier o nomoa.

Premier Soakifono hemi stil stap iet long aelan blong hem long Vanikoro na ino long provinsol kapitol long Lata long Santa Cruz.

Mr Levela hem se hem bin tekem wanfala leta wea hemi se olsem Premier Soakifono hemi laek risain.

Bat Spika ia hemi se taem hemi lukluk gut moa long leta ia, hemi lukim olsem hemi wanfala kopi nomoa so hemi rijektem.

Mr Levela hem se hemi raitim gut wanfala leta an sedem go long Mr Soaki Fono for saenem sapos hemi tru hemi laek risaen.ABC


9a )Brèves du Pacifique – mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Mis à jour 23 September 2015, 16:24 AEST

Élodie Largenton

Retour aux Kiribati pour Ioane Teitiota, expulsé de Nouvelle-Zélande après avoir échoué à obtenir le statut de réfugié climatique. 

Depuis quatre ans, ce père de famille réclamait un permis de séjour néo-zélandais au motif que lui et les siens couraient un péril mortel aux Kiribati, en raison du changement climatique. Mais la justice néo-zélandaise a rejeté sa demande, Ioane Teitiota a donc dû quitter le pays aujourd’hui. Sa femme et leurs trois enfants le rejoindront aux Kiribati la semaine prochaine.
En Australie, le directeur du Conseil consultatif aborigène recommande au nouveau Premier ministre de suivre l’idée lancée par Tony Abbott et de passer une semaine par an au sein d’une communauté autochtone. Malcolm Turnbull devrait se rendre dans l’ouest de Sydney pour commencer, estime Warren Mundine. De très nombreux Aborigènes vivent dans cette banlieue, « il y a même plus de personnes qui vivent dans l’ouest de Sydney que dans tout le Territoire du Nord », souligne-t-il. Pour Warrend Mundine, c’est important que le Premier ministre aille à la rencontre des communautés aborigènes qui vivent dans des zones urbaines. Tony Abbott s’était rendu en terre d’Arnhem et dans les îles du détroit de Torrès.
Nouvelles violences tribales en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée. La police vient d’arrêter 49 personnes dans la province de Jiwaka, dans les Hautes-Terres, après la mort d’un garçon de 11 ans, la semaine dernière. Il a été tué par des membres de la tribu Kuma, qui cherchaient à se venger du meurtre d’un des leurs dans le village de Banz.
Bougainville demande l’aide de la communauté internationale pour organiser le référendum d’autodétermination.Le gouvernement de la province autonome de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée a mis en place une équipe chargée de préparer le vote d’ici 2020, mais il aimerait obtenir un soutien financier de l’étranger. « Le processus de paix de Bougainville a survécu jusqu’à présent et pour que ce succès se prolonge, on invite la communauté internationale à investir dans cette dernière étape », déclare James Tanis, ancien président de Bougainville, à la radio nationale néo-zélandaise.
Deux membres du mouvement pour l’indépendance de la Papouasie occidentale sont accusés d’avoir kidnappé deux Indonésiens, au début du mois. Les victimes, des travailleurs forestiers, ont été retenues en otage pendant plusieurs jours en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, à la frontière avec l’Indonésie, avant d’être relâchées en fin de semaine dernière. Les deux accusés ont été placés en détention provisoire par la justice papoue. L’icône du mouvement indépendantiste papou, Benny Wenda, affirme que Free West Papua n’est pas impliqué dans cette affaire. Selon lui, il se pourrait même que ces enlèvements aient été organisés par des dirigeants indonésiens pour justifier l’envoi de nouvelles troupes à la frontière.
Pénurie de pétrole aux Samoa américaines. Le ferry qui doit approvisionner les îles Manu’a a des problèmes de moteur, et les stocks de pétrole ont été épuisés. Du coup, le bus scolaire est à l’arrêt, mais l’école reste ouverte.ABC

9b) L’Australie se tourne davantage vers le Pacifique

Mis à jour 23 September 2015, 16:44 AEST

Élodie Largenton

En formant son gouvernement, le nouveau Premier ministre australien n’a pas oublié le Pacifique : Malcolm Turnbull a nommé Steve Ciobo ministre des Affaires du Pacifique. Un nouveau portefeuille créé pour apaiser des relations qui se sont tendues ces dernières années.
Dans le gouvernement de Tony Abbott, Steve Ciobo était secrétaire parlementaire pour les affaires étrangères :
« Cette nouvelle position reflète et souligne vraiment l’intérêt renouvelé du gouvernement pour le Pacifique, pour l’importance de la région Pacifique, la valeur que nous accordons à notre développement international, et bien sûr notre désir très fort de continuer à construire une relation étroite avec nos voisins du Pacifique Sud. Le fait que ce rôle ministériel ait moins à voir avec le commerce et plus à voir avec le développement international dans le Pacifique me permet de mettre clairement l’accent sur nos voisins du Pacifique. »
Dans un premier temps, Steve Ciobo va devoir obtenir la confiance des pays de la région, qui n’ont pas franchement apprécié la bourde du ministre de l’Environnement, Peter Dutton. Croyat qu’il ne serait pas entendu, ce dernier avait raillé la lutte des petits États insulaires de la région contre le changement climatique. Selon lui, ces pays ne sont menacés que par « des clapotis ». Steve Ciobo :
« Il y a eu quelques commentaires malheureux qui ont été faits, le ministre en question a présenté ses excuses. En faisant du Pacifique une zone prioritaire, en mettant l’accent sur ces pays, nous allons faire en sorte d’envoyer le message que l’Australie veut être une très bonne voisine, que nous nous voyons faire le chemin ensemble et que nous avons tous la responsabilité d’agir en conséquence. »
Cette nomination est bien le signe que l’Australie prend au sérieux les affaires du Pacifique, estime Jonathan Pryke, chercheur au Lowy Institute, mais il ne faut pas s’attendre pour autant à ce que la politique climatique change :
« En ce qui concerne les évolutions politiques éventuelles dans l’ensemble, et en particulier pour ce qui est des négociations sur le changement climatique, il n’y a aucune modification à attendre avec ce gouvernement, selon moi. »
Le ministre Steve Ciobo devra suivre la ligne imposée par la ministre des Affaires étrangères, Julie Bishop. ABC


10) O’Neill changes tune

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

PAPUA New Guinea’s Prime Minister has softened his tough talk of expelling Australian public servants from his country by the end of the year.

Peter O’Neill announced moves in the Parliament two months ago to turf out foreign advisers, raising concerns they were spying on his government and their presence is making local public servants lazy.

Mr O’Neill now says he does not want consultants and middlemen eating up aid budget allocations, but prefers a change to contract officers who can be accountable to his government.

“Nobody is being thrown out on the street,” Mr O’Neill told AAP in Port Moresby.

“We know they have families. We are not that silly to displace families overnight.”

The prime minister wants to ensure those posted to PNG show loyalty to the government and to service.

“I don’t think that’s too much to ask for,” he said.

Australia has 34 public servants on secondment to the PNG Government and more than 100 technical advisers in the country.

11) Coalition boost

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CANBERRA – Malcolm Turnbull’s elevation to the Australian prime ministership has given the coalition a political lift and boosted consumer confidence.

But his predecessor Tony Abbott is making waves, casting doubt on new Treasurer Scott Morrison’s account that he warned the office of his former boss about a potential leadership challenge.

The first Newspoll since Mr Turnbull toppled Mr Abbott in a Liberal party room contest gives the coalition a 51-49 two-party lead over Labour — the best result since April 2014.

Mr Turnbull is the preferred prime minister with 55 per cent of voters compared with the 21 per cent who back Labour leader Bill Shorten. The ANZ/Roy Morgan weekly consumer confidence index rose 8.7 per cent, bouncing back from three weeks of falls.

“The sharp jump in consumer confidence last week is a clear vote of confidence in the new prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull,” ANZ chief economist Warren Hogan said.

However, economic decisions in the first 100 days of the Turnbull government would be key to keeping confidence up, he said.

Mr Abbott, in his first detailed comments since the coup, said Mr Morrison had not personally warned him of a possible challenge.

On Friday Mr Morrison told 2GB radio he informed Mr Abbott’s office ahead of the challenge by Mr Turnbull that “things were febrile” and they should be on high alert.

“Scott never warned anyone, certainly he never warned me,” Mr Abbott told News Corp.

“I spoke to him on Friday — not a hint of a warning, so I’m afraid Scott badly misled people.”

Mr Morrison has so far declined to respond. Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said there was already “trouble in paradise”.

“We’ll just focus on the contest of ideas,” he said.


12) New Zealand, French Polynesia Amend Air Services Agreement

Deal to give more airlines access between countries

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Sept. 22, 2015) – New Zealand and French Polynesia have signed an amended air services agreement.

The New Zealand Transport Minister Simon Bridges says the agreement will make it easier for more airlines to access both countries and to fly beyond them to other destinations.

He says he also wants to see enhanced air services deals with mainland France and New Caledonia.

Radio New Zealand International


13) US Muslims fear a new wave of Islamophobia

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ANAHEIM – Muslim Americans responded with a mix of frustration, exasperation and anger to what many see as a growing wave of Islamophobia fuelled by two of the Republican Party’s most popular presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

At the Islamic Institute of Orange County, which houses a mosque and a school in Anaheim, in southern California, tensions were already mounting since a group of white men screamed at mothers and children arriving at the centre on this year’s anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, calling them cowards who did not belong in America.

Many of the country’s 2.8 million Muslims say such tensions could become uglier during a presidential race that they fear is already tapping a vein of anger and bigotry.

“It’s pretty troubling that someone running for president would make those claims,” Zuhair Shaath, Palestinian-American, said of Mr Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who on Sunday said Muslims were unfit for the presidency of the US.

Mr Carson’s campaign defended his comments on Monday, saying he was not suggesting a Muslim should be barred from running for president. But his campaign said he would not advocate for that person becoming a leader and would not support it.

The remarks by Mr Carson, who is near the top of opinion polls for the crowded field of Republican candidates for the 2016 election, followed billionaire Trump’s failure to challenge comments made on Friday by a supporter who labelled US President Barack Obama a Muslim.


14) Alarming health rates beneath PNG’s MDGs failure

23 September 2015

World Vision says Papua New Guinea’s poor Millennium Development Goals performance represents real issues with maternal and child health in the country.

The comments were made at an Australian senate inquiry into Canberra’s aid programme in PNG.

The PNG country program director, Curt von Boguslawski, says the rate of stunting in babies, caused by malnutrition which hampers the development of the brain, is at nearly 50 per cent, one of the highest rates in the world.

He says the under-five mortality rate is 61 in every 1000 live births, and one in every 120 expecting mothers will die during childbirth.

Dr von Boguslawski says the Sustainable Development Goals, which replace the MDGs at the end of this year, provide an opportunity for Australia to do more to avoid similarly disappointing outcomes in the future.

“The failure to achieve them represents very real, preventable maternal and child deaths, a lack of access to nutritious food and safe water and compromised lifetime education and earning potential for those stunted during childhood.”

Meanwhile, the senate inquiry heard a call for Papua New Guinea to declare an emergency in response to increasing violence against women accused of sorcery.

The PNG Oxfam country director, Esme Sinapa, said women were being accused of witchcraft when the real issue was often about land rights.

She claimed many women have died because they couldn’t get help soon enough.

Ms Sinapa said PNG needs to declare an emergency on sorcery-related violence, because it is becoming so widespread.RNZI

15) Kaptigau praised for fighting for nurses

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

The late president of the Papua New Guinea Nurses’ Association Sr Eimi Kaptigau has been praised for her efforts in fighting for nurses’ rights.
PNG Nurses Association acting vice-president Frederick Kebai said Kaptigau begun addressing housing issues for nurses in 2013 and did so until her death on Sept 9.
He said Kaptigau’s career and fight for the rights of other nurses began in the 1980s in Kimbe, West New Britain.
She moved to Port Moresby and in 2006 became president of the Port Moresby branch of the nurses association.
During that year the Government allocated K15 million, which she secured to sort out issues faced by nurses in the country.
In 2007, when she was elected  president of the association, she used the funding to start the housing scheme for nurses in Port Moresby and major urban hospitals. Kebai said of that K15m, K3.8m was used to secure 18 houses at Gerehu Stage 3B in 2013, which nurses moved into last year.
“K2m each was given to Kimbe, Mt, Hagen and Mendi hospitals to construct nursing houses in 2012.
“Kimbe has started the project this year, and Mt Hagen has not started yet, while Mendi has completed a double duplex accommodation.”
He said another achievement by Kaptigau was the signing of the memorandum of understanding with the National Housing Corporation in June this year.
This was to begin the process to secure 200 houses at the Duran Farm housing estate for nurses outside Port Moresby.
Kaptigau’s son, Matui, said his mum struggled with kidney failure in February and her condition worsen, which resulted in her death.
“She was a very generous person and gave more than she had,” he said.

16) ‘Mental health law confusing’

Talebula Kate
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The most senior doctor at Fiji’s only mental health hospital has admitted there is confusion on the implementation of Fiji’s mental health laws.

Dr Peni Biukoto told the High Court in Suva yesterday there was confusion at the St Giles Hospital regarding the implementation of the Mental Health Decree which came into effect in 2011.

Dr Biukoto had agreed with Justice Salesi Temo that the changeover from the Mental Treatment Act to the Mental Health Decree was confusing. He made the comment while being cross-examined by State solicitors in the hearing to discharge the presidential order confining Apete Kaisau to St Giles Hospital.

The court heard that for eight years, approval for Kaisau’s visit to his family was given by the Minister for Health.

And correspondence with regards to his leave and visits from St Giles Hospital began in 2004 between the minister and the hospital. But for the past 12 months, Dr Biukoto said, authorisation for Kaisau’s leave was approved by his office until Justice Temo made a ruling that terminated the visits.

Attorney-General’s Chambers lawyer Navinesh Chand, who was also part of the hearing to assist the court, said the hearing was not a contested matter.

Kaisau’s lawyer and Director Legal Aid Commission Sunil Sharma then made a verbal application to the court if his client could step out of the dock because he was not on trial. He was also against the fact that his client was brought in handcuffs even after he had been proven innocent by the court.

Meanwhile, the court was told that Kaisau remains on medication for life.

Dr Biukoto said the consequence of a relapse depended on the severity of the illness.

Justice Temo has adjourned the matter to September 29 and ordered all parties to make written submissions regarding law, fairness of the accused person and the protection of society.Fijiitmes


17) University Of Goroka Students Regrets Protests, To Apologize

Boycott ended with Minister dissolving academic year

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Sept. 23, 2015) – Students at the University of Goroka regret their actions that led to protests and want to return to classes to save the academic year which the Higher Education Ministry has dissolved.

The whole student body will present a letter of apology to Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister Malakai Tabar today when he arrives at Goroka for the swearing-in of an interim governing council of the university and officially open the national education conference.

Yesterday, the acting secretary for Higher Education Prof David Kavanamur said from Goroka, that some students returned to classes on Monday and will be handing a letter of apology to the minister when he arrives in Goroka.

The acting secretary said the students have responded positively. “They regret their actions,” Prof Kavanamur said.

He said despite showing remorse for their boycott of classes for more than a month and refusal to return to classes as directed by the minister earlier and by a court order, the minister’s directive for the suspension of classes’ remains. Mr Kavanamur also said the Goroka university crisis was self inflicted and management and its governing council should have confronted the issue, addressed the concerns before it got out of hand.

“All parties should not expect the minister to come down to their level to address such issues,” Prof Kavanamur said.

On that note he said that since taking office in 2012, as the director and the current department as acting secretary, he has done nothing but solve students’ protests one after another.

PNG Post-Courier

18) 16,327 sit for exams

Atasa Moceituba
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

EDUCATION Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy has sent his best wishes to the 16,327 Year 8 students who will sit for their Fiji Eighth Year Examination today.

In a statement by Dr Reddy said the external exams was an opportunity for students to assess what they had learnt throughout the year.

The minister had also sent his best wishes to the Year 6 students who would also be sitting for their exams this Friday.

“I wish to once again remind students to enjoy their examinations and do their very best. This is an opportunity for students to assess what they have learnt throughout the year and I am encouraging them to give it their best shot,” Dr Reddy said.

He also requested parents to provide their children with all the support they needed in this important time.

About 17,331 Year 6 students will be sitting for their exams this week.

“There are 730 centres within the country in which this examination is instituted.

“From these 730 centres, there are 117 centres in Nausori, 116 centres in the Eastern Division, 97 centres in Macuata/Bua, 83 centres in Suva, 85 centres in Lautoka/Yasawa, 66 centres in Cakaudrove, 64 centres in Ba/Tavua, 61 centres in Nadroga/Navosa and 41 centres in Ra,” Dr Reddy said.Fijitimes


19) Namah locked out of office

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

VANIMO-Green MP and the provincial assembly-elected Governor Belden Namah was locked out of the office of the West Sepik governor in Vanimo on Monday.
West Sepik regional by-election winner and National Alliance candidate Amkat Mai has moved in to occupy the office under the protection of heavily-armed members of the police mobile squad and Vanimo police station officers.
Namah claimed in Port Moresby yesterday Mai’s action showed that he was a power-hungry and a desperate man for breaking into the office and changing the locks to prevent him (Namah) from getting into his “rightful office”.
“Mai is a ‘desperado’. People say that I am power hungry. I am not. I followed proper procedures to be the governor. If I were power hungry, I would have stayed in Vanimo and physically chased Mai out of the office,” Namah said.
“Do I want to do that? No, that’s not how leaders should react. The way Mai has conducted his behaviour since Monday amounts to breach of leadership code.”
Namah, who flew to Vanimo last Tuesday to celebrate the 40th Independence anniversary with the people, to returned to Port Moresby on Monday.
“I did not want to stay in Vanimo yesterday.
“I did not want to cause any confrontation and that is not the way to go. I want to avoid all this (confrontation) and I have made it very clear to my political opponents that the only forum to address this (governorship tussle) is in court.
“But they cannot go to the court, so the only way is to illegally occupy the Office of the Governor. Just because I’m in the Opposition and they are in the Government, it doesn’t give them the right
Namah claimed that National Alliance leader and Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch, who is the Treasury Minister, Nuku MP and vice-Inter-governmental Relations Minister Joseph Sungi, Telefomin MP Solan Mirism and administrator Henry Norm were behind the heavy-arm tactics to overthrow him.
“They have reason to forcibly occupy the office of the governor because they want to hide massive misappropriations of the provincial support grants starting from 2012,” Namah said.
“When I was sworn in as the governor on April 22, we did a special audit of the PSIP funds and uncovered a lot of misappropriation instances.”
Namah claimed the mobile squad operating in Aitape brought to Vanimo the Aitape-based magistrate, Malcolm Samala, to swear in Mai.
“Let me make it very clear, Mai is just a duly-elected West Sepik regional MP. He has not yet been sworn in as a MP. Only the regional by-election writs have been returned. He cannot perform the function of an MP until he has been sworn it at  Parliament.
“The Parliament resumes in November for the budget session. At the same time, he has not been sworn in at the provincial assembly to be the governor. So I am still the governor.”

20) Another chair swap in Solomons Cabinet

23 September 2015

For the second time in a month the Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has reshuffled his Cabinet, swapping the portfolios of two ministers.

The current Minister of Communication and Aviation, Commins Mewa, is to take the role of Minister of Police, National Security and Correctional Services, now held by Peter Shanel Agovaka.

In August three ministers were moved and in May another two swaps were made in the Cabinet, which was first formed just 9 months ago.RNZI

21) Fiji’s opposition still looking to change constitution

23 September 2015

Fiji’s opposition leader says her party and others are still not happy with the country’s constitution and want it changed.

Ro Teimumu Kepa told the Parliament the opposition parties don’t support some sections of the document.

Fiji Village reports Ro Teimumu is not happy with the high threshold of 75 percent of the parliament and the registered voters to change the constitution.

She also criticised the Government’s scholarship scheme and called on the Prime Minister to reinstate the former system.

Mr Bainimarama says Ro Teimumu does not understand the Tertiary Education Loan and Scholarship Scheme, which he says has more students in tertiary institutes and universities than before.RNZI


22) Lands official clarifies allocation of land in NCD

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

It is not the responsibility of the Lands and Physical Planning Department to allocate land within the National Capital District, an official says.
Acting Secretary Luther Sipison said that yesterday when asked to comment on allegations of land grabbing within the city.
“We in the department do not allocate land to individuals or companies,” Sipison told The National.
“The mandated authority is the Papua New Guinea Land Board.
“It’s an independent board which screens the applications for a portion of land that is made available.
“They conduct their board meetings and screen the applications.
“They award the land to whoever is successful in their deliberations.
“There is no land that is given by people in the department,” he said.
“If there is any case where the department has bypassed the board and allocated land to certain individuals, those cases have to be exposed.”

23) Corrupted land deal allegations rife: Sipison

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

By Malum Nalu
Acting Lands and Physical Planning Acting Secretary Luther Sipison admits that his department is teeming with allegations of corrupt land deals by his officers.
Sipison, who is now in the hot seat following the suspension of Romily Kila Pat by the National Executive Council earlier this month, made the frank admission in an interview with The National on Monday.
“I think the problem (corruption) is a chronic one that has existed for a long time and it’s going to take a while to address this issue,” he said.
“If we are going to be true and transparent in our dealings, maybe what we can do is to reshuffle staff – it’s about corruption within the department, not management.
“To address this, we have to look at the reasons behind this happening within the department and a culture that allows this to exist.
“It’s quite complex. It’s not a matter of you changing the secretary and everything will just change.
“I’m confident that we have good people within the department.
“We can start from some place to change the department’s image and its future.”
Sipison has moved in fast to address claims by real estate businessman Michael Kandiu that he was a victim of fraudulent deals by the department.
Kandiu claimed that his land at Portion 1671 (Bomana), Granville, National Capital District, was forfeited by the department.
“I’m going to do my bit to address issues. I think the best thing to do is to expose the rot that exists within the department.”


24) Telikom rejects EMTV offer

By Online Editor
00:34 am GMT+12, 23/09/2015, Papua New Guinea

Telikom PNG has withdrawn a K27 million (US$9.45 million)  offer to buy EMTV because the owner failed to secure National Rugby League rights in the deal, chairman Mahesh Patel says.

Patel told The National the deal and valuation agreed to in Fiji last February with Fiji Television Limited, the owners of EMTV, were based on the inclusion of NRL rights.

EMTV is the national television service owned and controlled by Media Niugini Ltd, a subsidiary of Fiji TV.

“The deal and the valuation were based on EMTV’s owners to secure the NRL rights, which they did not do,” Patel said.

“Now that they do not have this, we had to revise the value of the business. And they were not keen to revalue the business – which does not make sense to us as the NRL is the major revenue source for them and without it, the value of the business is not the same.”

Fijian Holdings group chief executive and Fiji Television Ltd director Nouzab Fareed told the local media in Suva early this month that Fiji TV was still keen on selling Media Niugini Ltd.

“Earlier this year, Fiji Television signed a sale and purchase agreement with Telikom PNG to divest its 100 per cent stake in the PNG-based Media Niugini Ltd for K27 million,” Fareed said.

“As of April, we have satisfied all the conditions except one of the most important ones – which is the NRL (rights).”

Fareed said rugby league was the most popular sport in PNG and contributed to 30 per cent of Media Niugini’s income.

“Because NRL is an important part of Media Niugini, Telikom PNG wanted to re-negotiate things,” he said.

“Fiji Television recently lost the right to air NRL matches in Papua New Guinea, thus it will continue to air on Sky Pacific, Fiji Television’s paid channel. However, Media Niugini will continue to air NRL matches on a delayed basis as agreed.”

He said Fiji TV was looking for another strategic partner or someone who would buy the company totally.

He said six companies had shown interest when the offer was made in October.

Telikom PNG was to have added EMTV to its growing portfolio of media subsidiaries which includes the FM100 radio station. It also acquired Datec PNG last year.



25) Vanuatu to revive Co-operation Foundation

23 September 2015

The Vanuatu Government has resurrected an old organisation to drive rural development.

The Vanuatu Co-operation Federation was once used to push the country’s economic development and was a factor in the British and French Governments’ agreement on political independence in 1980.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Trade and Cooperatives, Moana Carcasses, says the Federation gradually wound down operations because of a lack of political will to provide training and funding.

But he says he is determined to get it up and going again to provide job opportunities through small to medium enterprises in the islands.

The Director and Registrar of Co-operatives, Ridley Joseph, says he is confident it can be restored to its former success, buying local produce from members and selling it in Port Vila and overseas.

Meanwhile, last week the ministry of agriculture and livestock distributed over 600 head of cattle to the islands of Ambae, Maewo and Pentecost in Penama province following on from distributions in Torba province in June.

The Director General of the Ministry, Haward Aru, says all cattle are heavily subsidised with a young heifer being sold for around $90 USD.

Mr Aru says the aim is to encourage more farmers to go into cattle farming in the country.

“In November we distribute for Malampa, to complete this years distribution stocks, then from there we will move to Tafea early next year. And then over to Shefa. A lot of farmers have heard about that but they have not been able to purchase cattle this time around but they are looking forward to buying cattle.”

The government has set an ambitious target of having 500,000 head of cattle spread across Vanuatu by 2025.RNZI

26) Total value of proposed hotel at K1.1bn, company says
By Online Editor
00:32 am GMT+12, 23/09/2015, Papua New Guinea

Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) says the total value of its Star Mountain Plaza in Port Moresby is almost K1.1 billion (US$385 million).

Managing director Augustine Mano said the first phase which included the Hilton Hotel and convention centre would cost less than K700 million (US$245 million).

MRDC and partner Hilton Hotel launched the project earlier this month and aimed to redefine the standard of accommodation for the business and tourism sectors in the country.

Construction was already underway and expected to be completed by late 2017 in order to host the APEC Leaders’ summit which is set for 2018.

Mano said: “When we include the tower, it’s almost K1.1 billion. We are structuring it and talking to the banks but we have not completed the financial announcements of what we are doing and that’s why we are doing it in stages.

“The Government will be a part of it and we are negotiating on that at the moment, but just to meet the schedules we are now working on the hotels first and then the car park.

“Next year we will start on the convention centre and that’s when the arrangement with the Government will come in.

“With Hilton now in Papua New Guinea, we should be looking at  other provinces apart from Port Moresby.

Tourism has great potential in PNG but its underdeveloped so somewhere we need to make a breakthrough which is always risky.”

Mano added that a room at the new hotel would be around K500 (US$175) for premium and – upwards to K900 (US$315).


27) Vanuatu Airport Workers Threaten To Strike
Union dissatisfied with high turn-over in senior management

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Sept. 23, 2015) – Workers at Vanuatu’s airports have threatened to go on strike over a lack of continuity in senior management.

The National Workers Union have issued a one-month notice that all members at Airports Vanuatu Limited are preparing to walk off the job.

Union treasurer Ephraim Kalsakau says the recent dismissal of the AVL Chief Executive is not acceptable.

“The workers have decided that this habit of when governments change, state-owned enterprises get CEOs or senior management change. Given the changes in government over the years the workers have decided that they feel enough was enough.”

Mr Kalsakau says the continuous changes affect the well-being of staff, their work and airport security.

Radio New Zealand International


28) Aviation told to install data recorders

The National, Tuesday September 22nd, 2015

THE PNG Accident Investigation Commission is encouraging the aviation industry to install data recording devices wherever possible, even when not required by regulations in the interest of aviation safety in the country.
Commission chief executive officer Captain David Inau said the inclusion of the devices depended on the cost and the type of operations involved.
He said that while releasing the final report on the fatal accident involving P2-HCY, a Bell 206L-1 helicopter operated by Hevilift, on July 6, 2012.
Inau said all regular public transport operations (such as Air Niugini and Airlines PNG), and other larger aircraft were required by law to have cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders.
“It is a legal requirement that the big aircraft must be fitted with the devices.
“But with smaller operations, like single engine helicopters and smaller aircraft, it depends on costs.
“The requirements are clear under the civil aviation rules,” he said.
On July 6, 2012, a Bell 206L-1 Helicopter (P2-HCY) departed from a remote drill site called Triceratops 2 in Gulf on a 15-minute flight to Hau Creek on the Purari River with three people on board.
There was no fuel at Triceratops 2 and the helicopter was to refuel at Hau Creek and then fly to Mt Hagen.
Six minutes after departing Triceratops 2, a mayday call from HCY was heard.
The helicopter did not arrive at Hau Creek.
Seven days later on July 13, the wreckage was found three kilometres north-east of Triceratops 2.
There were tragically no survivors.
According to the report, the accident occurred as a result of the engine stopping in flight.

29) Bridge a gateway to NCD: Basil

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

A BRIDGE has been opened in Bulolo, Morobe, to link the province to Central and eventually Port Moresby.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil said the bridge would link Wau to Waria Road, then to Tapini in Goilala, Central, and to Port Moresby.
“This Wau Bridge will be the gateway to Port Moresby, and not Menyamya,” he said.
“The bridge links up Wau to Biaru to Waria Road which is being constructed. It will connect to roads in Tapini in Goilala, Central, and eventually connect to Port Moresby.”
He invited veteran pilot missionary and Wau resident Jim Blum to open the 38-metre bridge on Monday.
It is the third bridge built in the past six months in the district and the eighth initiated by Basil in the past eight years.
They were built on a credit arrangement with Madang-based Chinese contractor MCC.
Basil thanked MCC for having the trust in him because the district has only  K2m and is still waiting for the K15m as its district services improvement programme funds for this year.

 30) Work picks up on Lae highway

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

WORKS Minister Francis Awesa says contractor China Railway International has picked up work on the first section of the Lae-Nadzab Highway from Bugandi to 9-Mile.
The company was recently warned by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to speed up its work because it was too slow. Awesa sounded a similar warning.
“After a lot of pressure and visits from me, they’re speeding up and getting somewhere,” Awesa told The National.
“I’m pleased that they’re increasing their work output and getting results. For instance, I’ve said that by the end of this month I want the drainage to be done all the way from Bugandi High School up to 9-Mile.
“They are now performing to expectations and speeding up. I’m happy with the progress. It’s looking good.”
Awesa had warned the Chinese contractor to pick up on the deferred work programme, including bringing in essential equipment.
“That’s the reason why they are progressing rapidly,” he said.
Awesa said the next section of the highway from 9-Mile to Nadzab would be tendered out.
“The next 36km will be tendered, and those people (CRI) have to apply like everybody else,” he said. “It’s not a contract that will be given to them, they have to tender. Tender will be based on performance, like anybody else.”
Awesa said the next section would be “very easy” because there were no relocation of roadside settlers or power lines. “Half of the problem is caused by settlements, people who are refusing to relocate after being paid,” Awessa said.


31) Sighting of rare butterflies seen as a blessing

The National, Tuesday September 22nd, 2015

A BUTTERFLY with wings carrying similar colours to the national flag is creating interest in Jiwaka.
The rare butterfly species was discovered by members of a tribe at Koim in the Anglimp-South Waghi electorate during independence anniversary celebrations last week.
Aroai Afing said members of the Lutheran Renewal Church of PNG believed that God would do something important for the country after 40 years of independence.
Afing said members of the Kuli tribe were taking part in the celebration at Koim Dabar Church.
“A few of the butterflies were seen at that time and we were blessed,” she said.
She said they saw two toddlers, Tabitha Afing and Christina Joe Rumints, playing with the butterflies.
“The celebrations started on Monday with the Bishop of the Lutheran Renewal Church, Pastor Wilson Mark preaching about possessing land over the Jordan,” Afing said.
She said PNG had been independent for 40 years – similar to the Israelites who spent 40 years in the wilderness before crossing Jordan to the Promised Land.
Afing said the sighting of the PNG flag-coloured butterflies was seen as a blessing.

32) Shorelines erode

Repeka Nasiko
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

THE impact of climate change is evident in some coastal villages of the Yasawa Group, where shorelines and even houses are being claimed by rising tides.

And a few villages have relocated grave sites because of receding shorelines.

At Teci Village on Yasawa Island, villagers are hoping the construction of a sea wall promised by an Australian man who has helped the village in the past will eventuate.

Village headman Ame Tuidama said a short-term solution had been implemented to stop sand erosion.

“We heard from a nearby village that they buried tree trunks on the seashore and they were able to stop the sand from eroding. So we tried it and we put trees and old blocks of cement and it did not take long when we noticed the difference,” Mr Tuidama said.

He said rows of coconut trees that lined the shoreline had been swept away.

“We lost one whole line of trees during Cyclone Evan and from there the sand started to erode.

“It only took less than two years for the second row to completely vanish.”

Mr Tuidama said a sea wall would slow down or stop the erosion.

“We hope our Australian friend will build the seawall before the tide reaches the homes.”Fijiitmes

33) People in Rigo face food shortage

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

PEOPLE in the Rigo Inland local level government in Central are facing food shortages and a lack of safe drinking water because of the drought, an official says.
LLG manager Barry Ninihili said from reports he received, areas in Mt Brown, Mt Maria and Oviri had been badly affected.
“People are suffering from food shortages because their food gardens have been affected by the drought,” he said.
“Even the rivers and their water sources have dried up and the people are having difficulties in accessing clean and safe drinking water.”
Ninihili urged the provincial disaster officials to visit the affected areas and verify the reports and provide relief supplies.
But National Disaster Committee chairman Dickson Guina said not all parts of Central were affected.
“Central province is in category three – not as bad as areas in Highlands which are in category four. Only Goilala is severely affected because of the frost,” he said.

34) Satellite Data Shows Parts Of PNG Engulfed By Bush Fires

Extend of burning hasn’t been seen since 1997-98 El Niño

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Sept. 23, 2015) – Satellite data from last month show large parts of the country being engulfed by bush fires that could endanger the lives of Papua New Guineans living in rural communities.

Information provided by the University of Papua New Guinea’s Remote Sensing Centre show bush fires in large swathes of rainforest, savannah and mountainous areas in Western Province, Central Province, the northern part of the Milne Bay mainland, Northern, Morobe, Eastern Highlands, Chimbu, Enga, Madang and East Sepik Province.

Phil Shearman from the UPNG Remote Sensing Centre told the Post-Courier that the bush fires were “unprecedented” since 1997-98, which coincidentally was the period of the last El Nino.

“Here is the map showing locations in the last month. Fires down in the savannah areas are usual for this time of the year but so many in the mountains is unprecedented since 1997/98,” he said in an email to this newspaper.

Provinces in the New Guinea Islands region appear to have been spared with only isolated cases recorded for West New Britain, East New Britain and the New Ireland provinces. The Milne Bay islands of Kiriwina, Fergusson, Normanby and Sudest also appear to be affected, according to the satellite data. The Autonomous Region of Bougainville and Manus Province do not appear to be affected.

The release of the information by the UPNG coincides with reports from Western Highlands of a fire that raged for three days through forests in two districts killing 13 pigs and destroying at least 10 houses and food gardens.

A huge forest area, estimated to be more than 100 hectares, was also destroyed by the fire which spread out of control last week over seven hills and across nine creeks in the two districts.

The fire started in the Mt Hagen Range in Mul district and followed the range, fuelled by strong wind, to Baiyer district, destroying everything in its path. The fire reached Paisa and Kingariga in Baiyer district on the second day and destroyed the livestock, homes and food gardens.

Victims of the bushfire from Paisa and Kingariga community Plark Kisi, Koim Kisi, Mark Pamboa and councillors Simon Nais, Otte Pyakawa and Walinu Kongri said more than 50 men were involved in putting out the fire.

“Many people were afraid of the fire and ran away leaving their homes and properties but some of our men braved the heat and put off the fire on the next day,” the councillors said.

The villagers of Paisa and Kingariga community blamed the bushfire on the current El Nino and asked the Government to assist them put their lives back together.

PNG Post-Courier


35) Agriculture focus

Ropate Valemei
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

THE Fijian Government for the past four years increased its contribution to the agriculture sector, says Permanent Secretary for Industry, Trade and Tourism Shaheen Ali.

Mr Ali said the total budgetary allocation increased by 40 per cent from $51.5million in 2012 to $71.8m this year.

“It should be noted that the increase has been attributed to the increase in capital expenditure in the agriculture sector that are aimed at improving efficiency and increasing agricultural production,” he said.

The agriculture sector — sugar and non-sugar combined — he said, provided about 2 per cent of the national budget.

He said this was not the only contribution. The increased expenditure by the Fijian Government, he said, had taken bold steps to provide farmers with the necessary supporting infrastructure.

More than 36 per cent of the national budget, or $1billion, he said, was allocated to capital expenditure, of which 17.3 per cent of $487m was for the improvement of access road, bridges and port infrastructure.

“This increased expenditure by the Fijian Government positively impacts agriculture by linking agriculture commodities to markets, both domestically and abroad.

“We do acknowledge the fact that budgetary contribution to the agriculture sector in the region has not increased dramatically and this is due to a number of factors.”

Mr Ali said most important was the lack of success of public projects.

European Union ambassador for the Pacific Andrew Jacobs said they were working closer with the Fijian Government and also with governments in the Pacific where the Secretariat of the Pacific Community implemented the programs.

Mr Jacobs said they were trying to assist agriculture and finance ministries from across the Pacific to work together to ensure income from agriculture played an important role in sustainable development.

He said the program carried about 8.5million euros ($F20.64m) where it covered different countries in the Pacific to ensure agriculture played its part in generating income for a better future for everyone.Fijitimes

36) Solomons Bauxite Miner Ordered Out Of Renbel Province
Premier cancels license for Asia Pacific Investment Development

By Denver Newter

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Sept. 23, 2015) – Renbel premier Collin Singamoana has ordered Asia Pacific Investment Development (APID) to get out of Renbel Province.

The order came after the executive cancelled APID’s provincial business licence last week.

Premier Singamoana told the Solomon Star that since APID’s business licence was cancelled, the company has no right to remain in his province.

“I now called on APID to go and pickup all their machineries, equipment and other materials and leave Rennell Island immediately because they are now longer welcomed in the province,” he said.

“We do not need APID to operate in Renbel since they have never complied with our provincial business licence ordinance.

“And in view of that I would like to call on them to vacate Rennell island as soon as possible,’’ Mr Singamoana said.

He added he had already informed the relevant authorities about the cancellation of APID’s business licence.

“My executive did not want them anymore and we do not want to work with them since they have disobeyed our decision,” he said.

Premier Singamoana said APID must leave the land area they are currently occupying as their station headquarters in West Rennell .

Solomon Star

37) Fiji Minister: Pacific ‘Happy To Share Its Tuna Resource’

Fishing must be done sustainably: Tuna Forum told

By Felix Chaudhary

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Sept. 23, 2015) – The Pacific is happy to share its tuna resource with the world but those involved in the trade have to ensure the capture of the important protein source was done in a sustainable manner.

This was the message shared by Fisheries and Forests Minister Osea Naiqamu when he officially opened the Pacific Tuna Forum in Nadi yesterday morning.

“While we acknowledge the need for us to share this resource with the rest of the world, it is important that all Pacific island states, together with fishing organisations, agree to the fundamental principles of adopting and implementing sustainable fishing methods and practices,” he said.

“Tuna is a very important resource to this region, it is only because of the tuna resource that Pacific Island countries came together to establish the Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency in 1976.”

Mr Naiqamu acknowledged the Papua New Guinea National Fisheries Authority for co-hosting the annual forum and called for comprehensive discussions in light of the fact that certain species of tuna were an endangered species.

The three-day forum conference will focus on tuna management issues in the Pacific region, markets and marketing opportunities.

Fiji Times Online.


38) Youths map way forward

Atasa Moceituba
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ABOUT 300 youths from various provinces converged at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva for the 2015 National Youth and Sports Conference that was opened by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Laisenia Tuitubou, yesterday.

With the theme Empowering Youth to Sustain a Nation, the three-day conference aims to bring youth representatives, youth workers, youth practitioners and other stakeholders to discuss issues affecting youths in Fiji.

Mr Tuitubou said the conference would be a good opportunity for participants raise their concerns, discuss and identify concrete actions to address their problems, and to a further extent generate a resolution to outline their aspirations and call for urgent actions to address them.

Mr Tuitubou said resolutions reached at the conference would provide the direction for the ministry in developing programs that were relevant and would address issues that youths had identified.

“For young people to become active participants in decision-making is about creating opportunities for you to be involved in influencing, shaping, designing and contributing to policy and the development of services and programs,” he said.

The minister reminded participants that the meeting was not just a youth development conference but was another way used by the ministry to inform youth about sports uniqueness and what it offered.

“The conference will provide opportunities for youths to participate in sports awareness programs to demonstrate the values offered to those who are currently successful in sports.”Fijitimes

39) Youths attend meeting

The National, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

THOUSANDS of youths from 17 Lutheran Church districts in the country flocked into interior Kabwum Station in north-east Morobe to attend a conference to discuss issues affecting their spiritual and physical development.
Many youths, mostly Highlanders, are still enduring to negotiate the rugged Sarawaget Range to experience the efforts of their forefathers from Finschhafen and Kabwum in spreading the Gospel there.
Conference planning chairman and district administrator David Ketenge has made vehicles available to pick those walking over the Sarawaget Range from interior Indagen.
The conference themed: ‘‘is not life more than food”’ quoting Mathew 6:25 was opened by Head Bishop Rev Giegere Wenge.
Wenge was accompanied by politicians Theodore Zurenuoc, Gisuwat Siniwin and Bob Dadae and former Governor Luther Wenge with PNC Party president Gareth Kissing.
Zurenuoc was adamant over the Church leaders and government to come out from slumber to make their stand known over issues include same sex marriage and gender equality based on Biblical principles.
He said that it is a challenge to the churches and the government on how to prevent and protect the country and the interest of the citizen.
“Youths need to acquire the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God through Bible to withstand the challenges and partner with churches and government to lead the country” Zurenuoc said.


40) Bigger, better music festival

Monika Singh
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

THE music and dance festival that placed Pacific Harbour as an entertainment spot for tourists, was launched yesterday with Paradise Beverages Fiji Ltd renewing its sponsorship for the event.

The Corona Uprising Festival of Music, Dance and Lights will be held on November 7 at the Uprising Beach Resort and is expected to be bigger and better than last year.

Paradise Beverages sales and marketing manager on premise, Rowena Taito said they were excited to continue the venture with Uprising Beach Resort and Pacific Coast Events and Promotions which annually attracted more than 1000 people to enjoy the entertainment, food and culture.

In its third year of sponsorship, the agreement would have Corona as the official beer of the event along with PBFL’s full range of made in Fiji award winning beers, spirits and ready-to-drink beverages available at the event.

“The festival has also been a platform to launch new artist’s and we are happy to continue our support for local music in Fiji this way,” said Ms Taito.

Uprising Beach Resort general manager James Pridgeon said this was the sixth year for the festival which had grown from just about 400 people to more than 1200 people.

Mr Pridgeon said the event had put Pacific Harbour on the world map and it also supported the work done by Tourism Fiji to promote Fiji as a tourist destination to visitors.

“We are pleased to launch the 2015 Corona Uprising Festival of Music, Dance and Lights now in its 6th year at the Uprising Beach Resort.

“It is through the strong support from Corona and Paradise Beverages and our other key sponsors that allows us to produce an event that continues to grow and now becoming Pacific Harbour’s most sought after annual events,” he said.

He said the tourism sector was working hard to put Fiji on the map and attract more tourists to the country and a lot more interest has been generated from the music festival.

According to Mr Pridgeon, they planned to see the partnership grow with Paradise Beverages and they had plans to partner with Fiji Airways for the festival next year.

Pacific Coast Events and Promotions producer and co-ordinator Darlene Underwood said they had great interest from overseas artists who wished to be part of the festival.

Ms Underwood said expressions of interest had been received from artists from as far as France and this year a great line-up of performers was being assembled including those from Canada, Australia, France and of course the local favourites.Fijitimes


41) PNG Hunters coach proud of season

23 September 2015

Papua New Guinea Hunters rugby league coach Michael Marum says his team has plenty to be proud of despite a disappointing end to the season.

The Hunters slumped to a 28-12 defeat against the Ipswich Jets on Sunday in the Queensland Cup preliminary final.

It was the second straight finals loss for the Hunters, who had gone 17-games without defeat in the regular season.

Michael Marum says it was a tough way to bow out but they still achieved a lot this season.

“There is a lot of things we probably achieved this year and that is a positive sign for the team as we [go forward]. We’ve got all those records now. It’s going to be sad not to make it to the grand final but semi finalists -I think no one expected us to be that competitive in our second season so it’s good. We played really good, terrific games this year and we hope to retain most of our players for 2016”.

Michael Marum says the consistency of their performances has been one of the most pleasing aspects of the campaign and he’s very hopeful of retaining most of the players for 2016.RNZI

42) South Africa keen to avoid Samoa’s physicality

23 September 2015

South Africa have no intention of taking on Samoa at their own game in their second Rugby World Cup pool game this weekend.

Following their shock loss to Japan, the Springboks have slipped down the world rankings from third to sixth, while Japan have risen two spots to 11th.

The Boks are desperate to redeem themselves against the Manu and assistant coach, Ricardo Loubscher says his side has to move on from the defeat and focus on Samoa.

“They’re always a physical side, it’s always tough to play against them. We’ve played against them a few times now so first things first for us is to make sure we ignore their physicality. Obviously we want to play the way we want to play so it’s important for us to play the way we want to play – and that’s always to score tries. As I said, they’re a physical side to play against and I think on Saturday will be no different”.

Samoa opened their World Cup with a 25-16 victory over the USA.

The Manu have lost all eight previous tests against South Africa, including at four seperate World Cups.

Their most recent encounter was a 56-23 defeat in Pretoria two years ago.RNZI

43) Fiji ready for Wallabies despite short turn-around

23 September 2015

Fiji rugby coach John McKee says his players are looking forward to taking on the Wallabies tomorrow, despite having only five days to recover from their last match.

Fiji were beaten by 35-11 by England in the opening match of the World Cup at Twickenham.

John McKee says there were plenty of positives from that performance but the squad also let themselves down in some areas.

He says Fiji has focused on recovery in the past few days and while backing up is a challenge they have no choice but to get on with the job.

“It’s what it is and I can talk about it all afternoon [but] it doesn’t change what it is. What they do in future World Cups I’m not sure but it’s what it is in this World Cup. We’ve got our strategy to manage it, and we’ve managed it as best we can, and the boys are ready for the game tomorrow.”

John McKee says Japan’s upset win over South Africa has also given the team a lift and shows that the gap is closing between the tier one and tier two countries.RNZI

44) Roos eye top finish

Maciu Malo
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

THE Coastline Roos rugby league team is hoping to end their season on a high note as they prepare to battle against Nadi Herons in the FNRL Reserve grade final this week.

The Nadroga-based side created history last week by reaching the final and will rub shoulders with Top 8 giants next season.

FNRL Nadroga Navosa development officer Suli Cakautabu said reaching the Reserve Grade final has earned his team a ticket to next season’s Top 8 spot and commended the players for their sacrifice and commitment.

But he reminded his troops not to rest on their laurels and to win the Reserve Grade title.

“This is the first time after many years for any Nadroga team to secure a spot in the Top 8 spot,” said Cakautabu.

“We have achieved our aim but the focus now is to win the final against the Herons.

“The boys are looking forward to the test and are confident of a good outing.”

Former national 7s rep Sunia Nadruku and Fiji Bati rep Jovilisi Naqitawa will spearhead the side’s campaign this weekend.

“The boys know what is expected of them and we want to stamp our mark as champion this year.”

Meanwhile, a new champion will be crowned in this year’s Vodafone Cup competition.

This after the Nabua Broncos defeated defending champion Saru Dragons last week and will face former champion Sabeto Roosters in this weekend’s grand final.Fijitimes

45) Sevens tourney in Yasawa

Repeka Nasiko
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

THE Malakati Rugby Club has fielded a team for the Red Rock Sevens this weekend in Nacula, Yasawa.

The team, made up of youths from Navutua and Malakati villages, has been training for the tournament over the past week. Coach-player Joseva Vunisa said the team was known as the Duavata (United) team.

“Like the name of our team, the boys have been united in their belief of reaching a good placing at the tournament,” he said.

“Our boys are very young and most of them have not played in a tournament as big as the Red Rock Sevens but we are not letting that stop us from taking part. I’ve been talking to them and encouraging them notto look at the amount of experienced players that we will be facing in the other teams.

“We are very proud of them and we are praying that they will do well.”Fijitimes

46) Waqaniburotu suspended for a week after admitting foul play

By Online Editor
01:48 am GMT+12, 22/09/2015, Fiji

Vodafone Flying Fijian flanker Dominiko Waqaniburotu was suspended for one week after admitting an act of foul play meaning he sits out the next Rugby World Cup match against Australia.

Following a review of broadcast footage, Waqaniburotu was cited by Independent Citing Commissioner Douglas Hunter (Scotland) under Law 10.4(j) for a ‘dangerous tip tackle’ in the Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool A match against England on 18 September.

The case was heard by Independent Judicial Officer Professor Lorne Crerar (Scotland) in accordance with the Rugby World Cup 2015 Disciplinary process.


47) Clarification on the role of the TMO at Rugby World Cup 2015

By Online Editor
01:50 am GMT+12, 22/09/2015, United Kingdom

The Television Match Officials (TMO) are tasked with 8promoting accurate and consistent decision-making during the tournament

World Rugby has issued a statement to clarify the role of TMO officials the Rugby World Cup.

The TMO is a tool to help referees and assistant referees with their on-field calls and the referee remains the decision-maker who is in charge of the process.

The TMO can be used only in the following circumstances:

– Determining the grounding of the ball in-goal for a try or touchdown and/or whether players were in touch or touch in goal before grounding

– Determining whether a kick at goal has been successful

– Confirm if an infringement has occurred in the build-up to a try or prevention of a try (infringement must be within two phases of the try or  touchdown)

– Considering acts of possible foul play

As has always been the case with assistant referees flagging for foul play, touch or touch in goal, the referee may consult with the TMO and then disallow a previously awarded try but only up to the point that the conversion is taken.

For the first time at a Rugby World Cup, TMOs have use of Hawk-Eye video replay technology allowing them to view multiple angles synchronised in real-time to improve the quality of decision-making yet further. Citing commissioners also have the benefit of the Hawk-Eye technology.

As a player welfare measure, this technology is also used by the match day medical teams on the side-line and in the medical rooms to aid in their decision-making regarding injuries, particularly head knocks and potential concussions.

Chairman of the World Rugby Match Officials Selection Committee John Jeffrey said: “The TMO is a part of the match official team and the fantastic technology available is a tool to be used in the making of key decisions during matches. The TMO process is used to make sure the correct calls are made to protect the integrity of the game.

“It’s worth noting that just 28 per cent of stoppage time in the opening match of this Rugby World Cup was taken up by the TMO process but we are committed to reducing that time further while not compromising on accuracy. As such, all involved – referees, TMOs, technicians and television producers – are working together to achieve that, said Jeffrey.


48) Japan sets focus on Scotland

World Rugby
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A FAST start against Scotland will be imperative if Japan are to make it two wins out of two and put one foot through the door to the quarterfinals, coach Eddie Jones said on Monday.

The Brave Blossoms have become media darlings of the tournament following their 34-32 victory over South Africa and it was standing-room only as Jones unveiled his line-up for Wednesday’s match in Gloucester.

For what he dubbed his team’s “most important game” at Rugby World Cup 2015, Jones replaced six players from the Springboks match and made two positional changes, Harumichi Tatekawa shifting to fly half from centre and Kotaro Matsushima switching wings.

All eyes will be on Japan to see if they can back up their stunning display against South Africa. To accomplish that, Jones believes his players will have to start the match well at Kingsholm Stadium.

“We see the start of the Scotland game as being super-important,” Jones said. “If you look at Scotland’s record over the last 15 games, unless they get the lead early they struggle to win a game of rugby.”

Jones has made six changes to the Japan side that faced South Africa. On the other side, Scotland have named 12 RWC debutants to face the fiesty Japanese.

Scotland have named their least experienced side at a Rugby World Cup since the 39-15 win over USA in 2003. Four of the starting line-up have 10 caps or fewer, and the team total is 444 caps.

Twelve of the starting 15 will make their RWC debut. Excluding the inaugural tournament, on only three occasions have an ever-present RWC team named more debutants, with France naming 13 once, against Canada in 1999, and Argentina 13 twice, against Australia in 1991 and Wales in 1999.



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