Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1054 ( Monday 29 February )


1) Concerns over state of MSG Secretariat

29 Feb 2016

The leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group are concerned at the state of the MSG secretariat and are planning a special summit to try and remedy it.

The chair of the MSG, Solomon Islands prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has been touring the member countries in the past two and the leaders of Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia’s FLNKS back the summit plan.

Mr Sogavare’s planned visit to Fiji was called off following Cyclone Winston.

The leaders are worred at the poor financial state of the secretariat, which has delayed the appointment of a new director general and hampered the organisation’s work programme.RNZI

2) PNG dialogues with Jakarta on West Papua – O’Neill

29 Feb 2016

Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says he is continuing dialogue with Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo on the issue of West Papua.

The newspaper, the National, reports that Mr O’Neill’s comment came after he met with his Solomon Islands counterpart, Manasseh Sogavare in Port Moresby.

As the chairman of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, Mr Sogavare has been on a tour of the Melanesian region, discussing MSG issues such as the human rights situation in Indonesia’s Papua region.

Mr O’Neill said that he was maintaining dialogue with Jakarta in a “respectful manner… with a focus on building mutual understanding in relation to the safety and security of our millions of Melanesian brothers and sisters across our border”.

He said PNG remained a strong supporter of the work of the MSG Secretariat based in Vanuatu, saying the work of the sub-regional grouping had to stay relevant for the people of Melanesia.RNZI

3) New Caledonia roll to be vetted

29 Feb 2016

Special commissions in New Caledonia will tomorrow begin vetting controversial entries on electoral roll of those eligible to vote in provincial elections.

The make-up of the roll has been one of the most contentious issues in recent years as the territory is gearing up for an independence referendum by 2018.

Pro-independence politicians have long claimed that thousands of people have been enrolled despite failing to meet the residency requirements introduced with a change to the French constitution.

Magistrates and observers from the United Nations are now tasked with checking the credentials of more than 1,000 voters whose enrolment is being challenged.

The roll is different from the one to be used for the referendum but both are restricted to long-term residents only.

Loyalists concede that if the roll is stacked with ineligible voters, the referendum outcome could be challenged and voided.RNZI

4) Fiji death toll rises to 43

29 Feb 2016

The death toll from Cyclone Winston has risen by one to 43.

The Director of Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office, Akapusi Tuifagalele, told Fiji media the latest victim is from Koro Island.

FBC news reported there were now 54, 615 people in 899 evacuation centres.

The category five cyclone hit just over a week ago causing an estimated half a billion US dollars in damage.RNZI

5) Free TFL, EasyTel calls for Vanuabalavu villagers

Monday, February 29, 2016

Update: 7:06PM VILLAGAERS on Vanuabalavu can call any TFL landlines or EasyTel phones anywhere in the country for free for the next two weeks.

This is after Telecom Fiji Limited restored the sole telecommunication service on the Island.

Company CEO Mothilal DeSilva said the initiative was a way of giving back to the community during “such trying times”.

TFL VTSat has been commissioned at Adi Maopa Secondary School and the numbers are: 6030744, 6030849, 6030002.

The same also goes for those on Koro Island. The numbers to Koro Island are: 3557366, 3555614, 3633236, 3555388, 3627919, 6030274. 6030275, 6030276, 6030721, 6030722.Fijitimes

6) a) Fiji Gov Cracks Down On Unethical Traders After Winston
Price gouging and selling cyclone damaged goods

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 29, 2016) – Fiji’s trade minister has warned traders against engaging in price gouging in the wake of cyclone Winston, after some reports of consumers being exploited for supplies.

Faiyaz Siddiq Koya said there were complaints some traders increased the prices of batteries, torches, bottled water, tarpaulins and building materials.

He said some traders were also found selling cyclone damaged goods and food that was spoilt.

The minister said these practices were unacceptable and the Commerce Commission would be conducting inspections to ensure people were not being exploited.

Waiting for relief

Some villagers in the outer islands of Fiji were told they had to wait another week for tarpaulins.

Aid finally arrived to Lavena village on Taveuni in the north of the country yesterday.

But Iosefo Golenavanua and two of his sons only received food, as tarpaulins were only given to families with completely flattened houses, which is about two thirds of the village.

He is staying with five other families in the kindergarten classroom but they’ve been encouraged to move back so classes can restart.

He said the two tiny rooms with roofing still leaked and might even fall over.

“It’s a complete write-off, and our toilet and kitchen, gone. And we haven’t received any tarpaulin and we hope we will get some. If we don’t we will make use of some of the tin that is here.”

Iosefo Golenavanua said all his crops were destroyed and he needed to find a new source of income so he could rebuild his house.

Radio New Zealand International

b) Fiji suffered over $1 billion worth of damage – Finance Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says Fiji suffered more than $1 billion worth of damage after Tropical Cyclone Winston. This number is expected to increase as damage assessments are still underway. Sayed-Khaiyum says there is a lot of damage to homes, agricultural crops, infrastructure and utility services like water and power. He says the banks have agreed to give 0.5 percent interest rate to offer 5 year term loans to individuals and small businesses affected by the cyclone.

c) More than 45,000 evacuees Fiji Wide – There are currently more than 45,000 evacuees in all evacuation centres around Fiji due to the devastation of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston. This was confirmed by National Disaster Management Minister Inia Seruiratu who says ships have dispersed with food rations. “We still have about 45,000 people in the various evacuation centres throughout Fiji and the Lomaiviti princess had sailed for Vanua balavu.” Most of the rations and machinery are for Vanua balavu and Koro which were badly affected.,000-evacuees-fiji-wide#sthash.T8xtdPt8.dpuf

d) Destroyed schools face uncertain future – Some schools hit by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston have been damaged beyond repair and will have to be replaced or relocated. Other schools were so badly hit by the cyclone they will not open anytime soon. Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy says about seventy percent of the schools in the West will resume classes on Monday, others will not be ready until next month, and some not at all.

e) Power supply in North – Power supply in the Northern division is yet to be fully restored. Taveuni, which is one of the worst affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston, has not had any power since Saturday. Power has only been restored at the Taveuni Government Station, after a team of engineers from Suva flew to the island yesterday to undertake restoration works. Power in the whole of Savusavu will take at least a month to be fully restored.

f) 100 percent of crops gone in towns north of Lautoka – All of the crops north of Lautoka have been ruined by Cyclone Winston and farmers have to start all over again, says the manager of a cooperative in Nadi. Cyclone Winston has claimed 42 lives so far, with two people still missing, and it wiped out all of the crops north of Lautoka in the Western Division, and caused significant damage in Nadi. However, Kyle Stice of Natures Way Cooperative said seeds and plants in the Sigatoka Valley were not as badly hit and they would serve as the means to re-grow the crop. He said each cyclone was unpredictable and Cyclone Winston’s speed, as well as it being a ‘dry’ cyclone, meant that some crops survived, and the usual post-cyclone flooding was not as bad as expected.

g) Fiji community in Australia galvanizes itself to help after TC Winston – The Fijian community in all corners of Australia is galvanizing itself to help those in their houses and livelihoods back home. Up to 50 shipping containers have been obtained to carry relief supplies, and moves are afoot for fundraisers at major rugby league matches and other venues. Australian aid agencies say donations are flowing in from the wider Australian community, but with so many in need, it will be a very long road to recovery.

7) Fiji Cyclone Winston fundraising appeal planned for March 5 in Port Vila

by dailyvanuatu

8a) PRESS RELEASE (22/2/2016): GJP gains one more councilor in Sanma Province

Two months and two weeks after the formation of the new Sanma Provincial Council headed by GJP councilor Hon. John Olo Aru, the newly-elected councilor for South Santo Area 1, Hon. Vutnaia Efu, has performed a custom ceremony to leave the party he was elected under, the Vanuatu Presidential Party (VPP), and join the GJP.  The ceremony which took place at Jarailand on Friday 19th February was witnessed and received by GJP Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon. Alfred Maoh, GJP Sanma Executive Chairman Jean Vincent Rocroc and GJP Councilor for Malo, Hon. Thomas Vora.  Hon. Vutnaia Efu was accompanied in his move by his Chairman Chief Michael of Belmol and over 500 supporters who voted the Councillor into office in the December 2015 elections.  His move brings the total number of GJP Councillors in the Samna Provincial Council to six.  Councillor Vutnaia is a first-time Councillor who holds the post of Chairman of the Disaster Committee in the Sanma Provincial Government Council.  He comes from the village of Tanavusvus where he is a respected leader in the community and in the church.  Vutnaia Efu was the candidate who scored the highest number of votes of any candidates in the December 2015 Sanma provincial elections.


Sanma Provincial Council i bin form long Mande 4 Januari wetem 5 Kaonsela blong GJP, mekem se niufala Presiden blong Sanma i kamaot long GJP, Kaonsela John Olo Aru.

2 manis mo 2 wik afta long fomesen blong Kaonsel, long Fraede 19 Febuari 2016, Kansela blong Vanuatu Presidential Pati (VPP) long Saot Santo Eria 1, Hon. Vutnaia Efu, i mekem wan kastom seremoni blong kam joenem GJP.  Kaonsela Vutnaia i mekem muv ia wetem Jeamen blong hem Jif Michael blong Benmol mo ova 500 sapota blong tufala we i muvaot long VPP mo kam joinem Graon mo Jastis Pati.  Hon. Alfred Maoh, Minista blong Internal Afeas, GJP Sanma Eksekutiv Jeaman Jean Vincent Rocroc mo GJP Kaonsela blong Malo, Hon. Thomas Vora oli bin risivim kastom seremoni ia long bihaf blong pati.  Wetem muv ia, ol Kansela blong GJP long Sanma Provinsel Kaonsel naoia i nomo 5 be i kasem 6.

Kaonsela Vutnaia hemi wan festaem kaonsela long Sanma Provins mo semtaem hemi stap olsem Jeaman blong Disasta Komiti insaed long Sanma Provinsel Gavman.  Kaonsela hemi kamaot long vilij blong Tanavusvus mo hemi wan rispekted lida insaed long komuniti blong hem long Saot Santo Eria 1, espesli long level blong jioj mo komuniti.  Kansela Vutnaia hemi kandidet we i skorem haest namba blong vot long Sanma Provinsel eleksen long Disemba 2015.

8c) Job advert – Namba 2 Politikol Advaesa,
Ministri blong Intenol Afeas

Olgeta –

Ministri blong Intenol Afeas i stap lukaotem wan man o woman blong wok olsem NAMBA 2 POLITIKOL ADVAESA long Ministri blong Intenol Afeas.

Mein wok blong person we bae i karem posisen ia hemi blong sapotem wok blong Fes Politikol Advaesa blong Ministri, mo Minista.

Wok blong Namba 2 Politikol Advaesa ia hem i blong:
 Givim advaes long Ministri long saed blong ol polisi blong hem
• Mekem risej blong sapotem wok blong Ministri
• Kipim kontak wetem ol stekholda blong Ministri
• Stap insaed long ol impoten miting mo raetem minit blong miting
• Draftem ol aksen plan blong implimentem ol eksekutiv disen blong Ministri
• Raetem ol projek proposal.

Kwalifikesen mo ekspiriens:
 Gat wan Univesiti digri
• Bin wok finis long Gavman o save gud ol sistem blong wok blong Gavman
• Gat ekspiriens blong mekem risej
• Gat ekspiriens finis blong tekem mo raetem minit long wan miting
• Gat gudfala komunikesen skil (long email, long raeting mo long toktok)
• Save raetem ol impoten dokumen kwiktaem
• Gat strong tingting blong wok blong sevem pipol mo save wok hem wan.

Aplikesen i mas gat wan aplikesen leta, CV, mo nem blong 3 profesenel referi. Plis sendem aplikesen i kam long Mr John Salong, Fes Politikol Advaesa blong Minista blong Intenol Afeas, long post-ofis long PMB 9036, Port Vila, or long email long:[email protected], bifo 4.30pm long Fraedei 4 Maj 2015.

Ta, MP Ralph Regenvanu and Vanuatu Minister for Lands.

9) Govt’s 100 Day Plan is here! Ship capsizes off Erromango with 13 on board; 30% of children under 5 stunted, survey finds

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The ship LC Mahalia capsized north of Erromango en route Tanna this morning Radio Vanuatu News has just announced. It seems the vessel’s 13 personnel are safely in a life-boat and their rescue is being arranged. Mahalia was carrying materials for road works on Tanna.

PM Charlot Salwai said the Government is looking to ways to increase Ni-Vanuatu participation in economic activity of the country in the launch of the 100 Day Plan on Friday. A review of the memberships of international organisations of which Vanuatu is a member is also one of the main items on the Plan, Radio Vanuatu News stated this morning. The de-centralisation plan of government is also to be reviewed. The Police Force is to be returned to Internal Affairs. The land law reform was also highlighted as extremely important. A national water strategy is to be established. Click here to download the complete 100-Day plan document (PDF, 299kb).

Daily Post this morning carries a photo of a fleet of new ministerial vehicles purchased by the Caretaker Government which are to be sold, the new Salwai Government states. Post also points out that the 100 Days Plan makes no mention of the possibility of pardons for those MPs in prison. “The 100 Days Plan is concerned with development.”

Radio Vanuatu News drew attention to an Opposition press conference which dealt with Public Service issues.

Daily Post today carries the alarming report that almost 30% of children under 5 have stunted growth, a Health survey has established. This is due to acute malnutrition. Louisa Tokon, Health Ministry nutritionist, told a workshop that there are good statistics for breast-feeding, but not enough meals a day are given to those of 6–23 months.

The new Government PRO is Hilaire Bule, veteran bilingual journalist, Vanuatu Indigenous Watch principal, Vila Times reporter and former Independent and VBTC senior staffer as well as RNZI correspondent.

Radio Vanuatu News also drew attention to an Opposition press conference which dealt with Public Service issues.

The old coinage is no longer legal tender, but will be accepted by commercial banks.


10) French Polynesia remains on cyclone alert

29 Feb 2016

A orange alert remains in force in the western parts of French Polynesia as strong winds and rain continue.

Tropical Cyclone Yalo in the south has broken up but a broad front is sweeping the most populated islands.

On Rangiora in the Tuamotu archipelago, the heaviest downpour in living memory caused flooding of dozens of homes, with the mayor quoted as saying more than half a meter of rain fell during the night.

The mayor said the flooding would not allow the primary school to open tomorrow.RNZI

11) Former Tahiti President Gets Another Suspended Sentence
Lawyer: haven’t decided whether decision will be challenged

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 27, 2016) – French Polynesia’s court of appeal has given a suspended 18-month jail term to a former president Gaston Flosse for misuse of public funds over his invasion of privacy.

Flosse ran an intelligence service between 1997 and 2004 to keep a tab on rival politicians, journalists and others.

Flosse had earlier been convicted in the criminal court for abusing 10 million US dollars in public funds by running the spy agency with its staff of 19 out of the presidency office.

His lawyer is yet to say whether the appeal court decision will be challenged in France’s highest court.

Four years ago, Flosse was convicted for obstructing the examination of the case and he was fined 16,000 US dollars for destroying all the agency’s documents.

In 2014, Flosse was given a four-year suspended jail term, a 170,000 US dollar fine and banned from public office for three years for corruption.

Radio New Zealand International

12) Hopes for Wallis air links to Fiji

29 Feb 2016

There are hopes in Wallis and Futuna of an economic boost with fresh air links to Fiji.

During last week’s visit to Wallis, the French president Francois Hollande said offers would be sought to get a service by 2018.

The territory’s broadcaster said Fiji Airways could be interested in using ATR turbo prop aircraft to fly to both Wallis and Futuna as the two islands are about 800 kilometres from Nadi.

It said this could also boost tourism in the French territory as Fiji attracts large numbers of visitors, adding that cruise ships reaching Fiji could extend their itinerary to Wallis and Futuna.

The territory’s only air link is currently provided by New Caledonia’s Aircalin.RNZI

13) Tonga Becomes ILO Member

187th member and 8th Pac island nation in last 15 years

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 27, 2016) – Tonga has become the 187th member of the International Labour Organisation.

The ILO says a letter was received from the Minister for Labour and Commerce, stating, the country formally accepted the obligations of the organisation’s constitution.

Tonga is the eighth Pacific island nation to join the ILO in the past 15 years.

Radio New Zealand International

14) Tonga Airports Almost Complete Big Upgrade
$28M World Bank funded improvements, primarily capacity

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 29, 2016) – The Chief Executive of Tonga Airports says a $US28 million upgrade of facilities will be a huge boost for the country.

From April Tongatapu’s Fua’amotu airport will be able to receive Air New Zealand’s Boeing 777 flights and Vava’u in the north will receive international flights from Fiji.

While work on the runways is complete, there is still upgrades to the terminal, security and navigation equipment to finish.

But Viliami Ma’ake said a lot of work had gone into increasing the capacity of the airports.

“The main thing was to resurface, upgrade the strength of the pavement and we also extended the turning bays at both ends of the runway and we also did some expansion at the apron for turning and parking.”

Viliami Ma’ake said the upgrade was done through funding from the World Bank.

Radio New Zealand International

15) American Samoa’s Manu’a Islands To Get A Bank Again

Reintroduce some terminals to make cash transactions

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 29, 2016) – The Australian bank, ANZ, is moving to re-establish limited banking services in American Samoa’s Manu’a islands.

ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank terminated its service in the Manu’as several years ago, forcing residents and businesses there to either fly to the main island, Tutuila, or use relatives to do their banking.

Manu’a does not have any ATM machines.

The bank’s acting country manager, Sean Stratton, told a House committee in Pago Pago the cost of providing services in remote areas like Manu’a was prohibitive.

But he said the bank was looking to re-introduce some eftpos terminals in some parts of the island group that would provide customers with the ability to make cash transactions.

Radio New Zealand International

16) Project To Turn Cooks’ Island Into Regional Fishing Hub
$13M development, conflicting claims on impacts

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 28, 2016) – A former Cook Islands MP says the government is planning to turn Penrhyn Island in the country’s north into a giant hub for fishing boats in the region.

Wilkie Rasmussen said a reliable source told him the government will soon announce it will inject US$13 million into upgrading Penrhyn Harbour to accommodate up to 100 fishing ships, 30 of them licensed to fish in Cook Islands waters.

He said it would mean boats fishing in other waters such as Kiribati and French Polynesia will go to Penhryn for dry docking, to offload catches and to refuel.

He said such a big development would overwhelm the island, which has a population of 120 people.

“The project is about developing the island and turning it into a fishing hub. We are looking at about 100 odd ships that could call into that island within a very short space of time. It really is you know, an island in isolation. All of a sudden you’ve got an invasion taking place.”

Wilkie Rasmussen says no one has been consulted on the plan in Penrhyn.

But the Cook Islands government said the allegations are incorrect.

The Cook Islands News reported a government spokesperson, Trevor Pitt, saying the claims are “nonsensical” and “fantasy-driven drivel”.

Mr Pitt said the government alway ensured every concern is catered for in any development around the country.

He said the prime minister recognises the government is duty-bound to preserve the long-term interests of the island’s people.

Radio New Zealand International


17) Marshalls Work On Delayed Japan-Funded Projects

Communication problems on the $75M of construction projects

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 27, 2016) – The Marshall Islands has 75 million US dollars worth of construction projects in the pipeline for funding by Japan, but communication problems have delayed their implementation.

The new Public Works Minister, Tony Muller, said getting these moving is a top priority for his ministry.

Mr Muller said donors are begging to fund projects and usually it is the other way around.

He said the government needs to clear bottlenecks to move forward on projects that are in the pipeline, but for one reason or another are stalled.

Public Works officials have been meeting with Japan officials so the projects can move.

The minister said there are three projects currently on the Japan priority list for support.

These are the Majuro fresh water and sewer improvements worth $30 million, a disaster shelter and multi-purpose facility estimated at $15 million, and an airport upgrade pegged at $30 million.

Mr Muller said the water project includes plans to build a new 15 million gallon reservoir to store additional water for Majuro residents which would increase water storage by nearly 50 percent.

Radio New Zealand International





21) Bougainville i bungim heve long Ren

Updated 25 February 2016, 15:34 AEDT
Caroline Tiriman

Long Bougainville ol taem nogut olsem drought na ol bikpla ren emi wok long pudaon nau i mekim ol pipal i sot long kaikai.

Drought em El Nino ibin kamapim long 2015 ibin hamarim planti hap long mainland PNG na New Guinea Islands rijan, tasol nau ol bikpla ren i wok long pudaon na bagarapim ol gaden kaikai.

Ol pipal long Bougainville itok ol bikpla sun na ol bikpla ren i mekim ol kaikai ino grow gut na tu oli lukim planti binatang i bagarapim ol kumu.

Despla drought ibin kamapim heve tu long Solomon Islands na Vanuatu.

Helen Hakena, direkta blong Leitana Nehan divelopman agensi long Buka itok, ol mama ino save salim planti kaikai nau long maket.

22) Bougainville Mining Loa ino helpim pipal

Updated 25 February 2016, 15:41 AEDT
Caroline Tiriman

Wanpla save meri blong Bougainville i mekim bikpla askim igo long Autonomous Bougainville Gavman long tokim gut ol pipal long ol mining Loa em oli bin kamapim long 2015.

Dr Ruth Spriggs, wanpla meri blong Bougainville iet husat isave lukluk long ol wok kamap na sidaon blong ol pipal blong Bougainville i mekim despla askim long wonem emi tok despla mining law i havim tasol ABG na ol mining kampani.

Emi tok despla loa bai nap kamapim narapla bikpla heve olsem Bougainville Crisis em planti tausan pipal ibin dai long en.

Bikpla fait  ibin kamap long Bougainville long ol yia 1980’s long wonem ol papa graon klostu long Panguna Copper mine ibin gat kros wantem Mine na PNG Gavman.

Dr Spriggs itok, emi wari long wonem aninit long ol loa, gavman inap sasim ol papa graon samting olsem K20 tausan kina na kalabus inap long wanpla yia sopos oli brukim ol despla mining loa.ABC

23) PNG imas gat planti moa Meri Seif Bus

Updated 25 February 2016, 16:12 AEDT
Caroline Tiriman

Olgeta provins long Papua New Guinea imas gat ol meri seif bus oa bus blong ol meri iet long lukautim sekiuriti blong ol.

Despla em askim blong meri igo pas long North Bougainville Human rights grup, Helen Hakena bihaenim ripot olsem Namba tu Meri Seif Bus istatim sevis blong en long Port Moresby long wik igo pinis.

Despla bus sevis isave kisim ol meri tasol na oli isave ron namel long ol bikpla rot long city.

Laen blong United nations women na Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation ibin statim despla sevis wantem halvim ikam tu long Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Governor blong National Capital Districk, Powes Parkop.

Port Moresby siti i pulap long planti bus tru, na ol despla bus isave pulap tumas wantem ol pasinjia, tasol planti taem ol mama, na ol yangpla meri isave bungim heve long ol man husat isave stilim ol bag blong ol, oa oli save mekim pasin nogut long ol meri.

Olsem na UN Women long Papua New Guinea ibin wokbung wantem ol despla laen olsem Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Price waterhouse Coopers, na Governor Parkop long statim despla sevis blong ol meri.

Benjamin Turi, Metropolitan polis komanda long NCD itok emi wanbel long despla sevis na emi tok tu olsem NCD gavman imas larim planti moa bus olsem blong ol meri.ABC

24) Goroka Show i bungim wari

Updated 25 February 2016, 15:57 AEDT

Caroline Tiriman

I luk olsem olpla cultural show long Papua New Guinea “Goroka Show” bai no nap go hed long despla yia long wonem National Sports Institute itok oli no nap iusim graon blong en.

Goroka Show emi wanpla bikpla show we i save pulim planti turis em oli save kam long planti kantri long World blong lukim ol pasin tumbuna, ol singsing na tu ol samting em pipal isave mekim.

National Sports Institute itok laen blong FIFA under-20 Women’s national team iwok long iusim graon long treining long FIFA under 20 world Cup long mun November.

Siameri blong Goroka Show Keryn Hargreaves itok, emi wari tru long despla toktok blong Institute long wonem despla yia bai makim 60 yiar blong show na oli wok long redi gut long celebratim show long September.

Ms Hargreaves itok planti handrat pipal isave stap long despla show, taem namba blong  FIFA under-20 Women’s national team i stap aninit long 20.ABC

25) Solomon Islands Skolasip Korapsan

Updated 25 February 2016, 15:48 AEDT
Sam Seke

Executive Ofisa blong Transparency Solomon Islands, Ruth Liloqula hemi laik for olketa mas aotim disfala Tertiary Scholarship Award from olketa memba blong palamen, kasem taem we olketa kamap wetem wanfala transparent sistim fo givim aot.

Ms Liloqula hem se sistim wea olketa gohet fo givim aot scholarship distaem ia, hemi barava korap wan nao.

Hem se hemi no garem eni transparensi long hem an olketa misiusim plande samting long hem.

Ms Liloqula hem se hem bae gud sapos olketa kamap wetem wanfala sistim we olketa mas mekem pablik hu nao olketa memba i givim olketa scholarship ia long hem and GPA mak blong olketa.

Hem se sapos nomoa, olketa mas aotim from olketa memba ia kasem taem olketa streretem hao for givim aot.ABC





28b ) Brèves du Pacifique – jeudi 25 février 2016

Mis à jour 25 February 2016, 19:16 AEDT

Caroline Lafargue

C’est la chronique d’une élection écrite d’avance. Au Samoa, les législatives n’auront lieu que le 4 mars, mais le HRPP est déjà sûr de remporter 18 des 49 sièges du Parlement.

Tout simplement parce que les représentants du HRPP, le parti de protection des droits de l’homme qui est au pouvoir depuis près de 30 ans, sont les seuls candidats dans ces circonscriptions. Ils n’ont pas de rivaux. Un vide qui s’explique par la campagne agressive menée par le HRPP auprès des tribunaux. Le Premier ministre sortant, Tuilaepa Sailele, a ainsi réussi à faire annuler la candidature de son opposant Tu’ula Kiliri. Motif: Tu’ula Kiliri n’a pas rempli les services normalement dus par un chef à son village, ont estimé les juges.
Ils veulent mettre les plus gros pollueurs à l’amende. Greenpeace Australie Pacifique et le PIANGO, le réseau des ONG du Pacifique, organisent une conférence qui se clora vendredi soir, pour mettre sur pied une stratégie juridique, et permettre aux petits pays du Pacifique d’attaquer en justice les multinationales et les faire payer pour la pollution qu’elles occasionnent. Des juristes du Vanuatu, des Kiribati, des Tuvalu, des Salomon et des Fidji planchent sur la question, aux Fidji justement.
Zika: vaste opération anti-moustiques aux Samoa américaines. Ce week-end, 3000 fonctionnaires seront mobilisés pour détruire les nids à moustiques, assécher les flaques d’eau, vider les réserves d’eaux stagnantes comme les pneus usées, les seaux, etc. Le gouvernement cible en priorité les villages qui comptent le plus de femmes enceintes car le virus du zika peut provoquer des malformations des foetus.


29) As it happened: PM moved to tears in Indigenous Affairs policy interview

Updated 29 February 2016, 17:30 AEDT

The Prime Minister is moved to tears during an interview about his approach to Indigenous Affairs policy.

Malcolm Turnbull had been speaking on a referendum to recognise Indigenous Australians in the constitution, saying it could feasibly be held next year.ABC




32a ) Fruit pickers: ‘Starving for the Australian Dream’ (ABC, 25.2 & Daily Mail 26.2.16)

‘The $0 pay cheque revealing the exploitation of foreign workers in Australia: Fruit pickers get NOTHING after deductions including $120 for sleeping in a crowded caravan’

‘Starving for the Australian Dream – workers paid less than $10 a week

Fruit pickers are earning $0 a week for their hard work on Australian farms, an investigation has revealed.’

Read the full story:

32b ) Daily Mail(UK/Australia) 26 February 2016

‘Seasonal farm workers receiving less than $10 a week after deductions, investigation reveals’, ABC, 25.2.16 :$9-a-week/7196844

33) Pacific fruit pickers exploitation: tougher regulations needed (ABC 26.2.16)

‘Migration law expert calls for tougher regulation of labour hire companies’, ABC[Rural], 26.2.16 :

…and here below is a link to the original 13th January 2015 Win News(Wide Bay, Queensland) news report that launched the scandal over a year ago…and it seems very little has been done to change the situation since then….

34) Top US Official: Pac Visit Symbolizes Importance Of Region
Last 7 years ‘deepened and intensified’ engagement

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 27, 2016) – A top United States government official says the week’s visit to Samoa, Tonga and Palau was a demonstration of the US commitment to the region.

Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Russel toured the islands alongside the Commander of the US Pacific Fleet, Admiral Scott Swift.

Mr Russel said the visit symbolised the whole-of-government approach to enhancing relations in the area.

“It’s an integral part of American strategy and has been for many decades. I’m proud to say that over the last seven years we’ve really deepened our engagement and intensified our engagement in the affairs of the Pacific.”

The delegation met local government officials and visited USAID projects.

In Palau, Mr Russel met with the leaders of Palau, the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia and addressed of the local legislature.

Radio New Zealand International

35) Benefits to Pacific seabed mining investigated

29 Feb 2016

A new report says sea bed mining in the Pacific would significantly benefit Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands.

The cost benefit analysis report, commissioned by the SPC and the European Union, aims to provide information to Pacific countries about the impacts of sea bed mining.

The report looks into mining in three Pacific counties – seafloor massive sulphides in Papua New Guinea, maganese nodules in Cook Islands and cobalt-rich crusts in the Marshall Islands.

The report found the mining in PNG and Cook Islands has benefits that significantly outweigh costs.

But it said crust-mining in the Marshall Islands was not currently economically viable due to present metal prices, expected ore recovery and the cost of technology.

The report said if proper steps were taken to manage environmental risk, there was a higher possibility of social benefits outweighing social costs in all three countries.RNZI






39) Facebook faces criticism

Saturday, February 27, 2016

PROMINENT Germans appeared starstruck by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on a visit to Berlin on Thursday even while talking tough about the social network’s record on data protection and hate speech.

Mr Zuckerberg is on a charm offensive in Germany, where the company he co-founded has faced criticism for months from politicians and regulators over its privacy practices and a slow response to anti-immigrant postings by neo-Nazi sympathisers.

The 31-year-old entrepreneur met Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, told journalists about his vision for the future of Facebook and received an award from publisher Axel Springer while avoiding controversial topics.

Ms Merkel’s adviser Peter Altmeier told journalists after the meeting that Mr Zuckerberg had understood the importance of removing illegal content from the internet.

Afterwards, he posted on Twitter about “a really good conversation with a man who changed the world”, publishing a picture of the two together.

Max Schrems — the Austrian law student who has fought multiple lawsuits against Facebook including one that sank the Safe Harbour agreement on transatlantic data transfers — contrasted the approach of European governments with the way the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has demanded Apple unlock an iPhone at the centre of a criminal investigation.

“The only thing that’s mind-blowing to me is how European governments ‘negotiate’ and ‘ask’ these companies to comply with the applicable law. In Germany it’s hate speech and privacy, in the UK it’s taxes — but they don’t treat them like a subject to its law, but another nation state,” he told Reuters.

40) Decisive victory

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton has won the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary, handing her a welcome boost over Bernie Sanders before the high-stakes Super Tuesday contest.

“To South Carolina, to the volunteers at the heart of our campaign, to the supporters who power it: thank you,” Mrs Clinton tweeted as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News all called the vote in her favour at the close of polls.

“Tomorrow this campaign goes national,” Mrs Clinton said to a loud roar as she thanked supporters in Columbia, South Carolina.

“We are going to compete for every vote in every state. We are not taking anything, and we are not taking anyone, for granted.”

Mrs Clinton also looked beyond her battle with Mr Sanders, tweaking the man many now see as the likely Republican nominee: Donald Trump, whose campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again”.

“Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again. America has never stopped being great,” she said.

“But we do need to make America whole again,” she added, laying out an argument against the divisive rhetoric favoured by Mr Trump, who has antagonised immigrants, Muslims and campaign rivals.

“Instead of building walls, we need to tear down barriers,” Mrs Clinton said.

Mr Sanders immediately congratulated his rival, while vowing to fight on for the party’s presidential nomination.

“This campaign is just beginning,” he said in a statement.

“We won a decisive victory in New Hampshire. She won a decisive victory in South Carolina. Now it’s on to Super Tuesday.”

Among Democrats, Mrs Clinton leads in the national delegate count at this early stage of the nomination race, having already won two of the previous three contests — in Iowa, narrowly, and Nevada.

For the Sanders campaign, it was a devastating result in the South.

The 50-point loss will not just prey on Mr Sander’s mind, but it will hurt his staffers as well.

A dejected campaign volunteer told the ABC that she did not have the energy to go to her own campaign’s election night party.

She had spent the day making call after call to people who did not want to vote for Mr Sanders.

But Mr Sanders is not out. He has taken a sizeable blow that will have stunned him, but he is expected to keep swinging.


41) Calls for PNG govt to borrow internationally

29 Feb 2016

An Australian economist who specialises in Papua New Guinea is supporting oppostion calls for the government to borrow internationally to alleviate its cash flow problem.

The leader of the opposition Don Polye said PNG should seek assistance from the International Monetary Fund following revenue shortfalls caused by the global collapse of oil and mineral prices.

Public servants in PNG have complained this month about not being paid wages and funds for basic services in the provinces appear to have dried up.

Economist Paul Flanagan said the IMF was a good source of cheap finance.

“The opposition is talking about maybe going to the IMF. The IMF is actually reasonably cheap finance to assist with these types of transitions.

“It’s certainly what PNG did in the mid-nineties and also late-nineties to deal with similar economic challenges that they faced then.

“So that’s probably a good initiative to go and look for some of these cheap sources of finance and advice,” he said.RNZI


42) Air Niugini increases routes across wider Pacific

29 Feb 2016

Papua New Guinea’s national carrier Air Niugini has announced test charters to the Federated States of Micronesia.

This comes as the airline looks to grow the list of destinations it services in the wider Pacific region.

The Post Courier reports the chairman of Air Niugini, Sir Frederick Reiher as saying test charters to FSM – Ponape and Truuk – would commence in September.

He made the announcement while confirming that new flights to Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila via the Solomon Islands capital Honiara began without problems last week.

Sir Frederick also announced that a second weekly flight to Tokyo would begin in July.

Furthermore, a new flight from Mt Hagen to Jayapura in neighbouring Indonesia is expected by mid-year, subject to Civil Aviation Safety Authority approval.

Air Niugini currently serves international ports in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Honiara, Port Vila, Nadi, Bali, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong and Tokyo.RNZI

43) PNG Airline Confirms $1M Boeing Deal

Down payment on 2018 four aircraft fleet upgrade

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, February 29, 2016) – Air Niugini chairman Sir Frederick Reiher has confirmed that the airline has made a $US1 million down payment to the manufacturers of the Boeing B737MAX airplanes.

He clarified that the figure quoted by Boeing of $US440 million (K1.36 billion) is a “catalogue price” for the four aircraft and not what Air Niugini will pay at settlement.

Sir Frederick also clarified that Air Niugini has ordered four new B737MAX airplanes and that the total price for the four aircraft from Boeing, the manufacturer, is about half of the catalogue price.

He confirmed that although US$1 million as “confirmation fee” – down payment – on Air Niugini’s order has been paid, the installment payments for the airplanes will not begin until about two years before production, or sometimes in 2018.

PNG Post-Courier


44) Coral Bleaching In New Caledonia May Be Due To El Nino
Unprecedented episode at UNESCO heritage lagoon

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, February 28, 2016) – Scientists in New Caledonia say an unprecedented episode of coral bleaching could be related to the intense heat from this year’s El Niño.

The research agency, IRD, said until recently, only small episodes of bleaching had been found in the territory’s lagoon, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Area.

But a director, Claude Payri, said in recent weeks IRD scientists had found bleaching on a magnitude unprecedented for the territory, especially near the coast.

Ms Payri said months of abnormal weather conditions are likely to have contributed to the bleaching, a dieback phenomenon that results in discoloration and possible reproduction issues in coral.

She said greater monitoring sites had been set up around the lagoon to conduct further studies of the bleaching.

Radio New Zealand International


45) PNG Rugby League urged to ‘work together’ at AGM

29 Feb 2016

The Papua New Guinea government has urged the rugby league community to work together and be accountable to ensure the country’s national sport thrives.

The Minister for Sports and Tourism, Justin Tkatchenko, was speaking at the PNGRFL Annual General Meeting at the weekend.

In welcoming more than 35 delegates to the meeting, Mr Tkatchenko said it highlighted the gains made by the rugby league since 2012 ‘in that the PNGRFL has undergone an amazing transformation’.

PNGRFL Chair, Sandis Tsaka, presented the Minister with copies of the PNGRFL 2015 Chairman’s Report and Financial Accounts and Audited Statements, and thanked the government for their continued support and asked the Minister to consider the infrastructure of game facilities within the provinces.

Tsaka said the financial resources of the PNGRFL are governed by the continued support from sponsors and the government, so it was important to be accountable for their actions under the constitution.RNZI

46) Samoa Rugby hoping off-field change will pay off on the pitch

29 Feb 2016

Samoa’s new representative to Oceania Rugby says the country’s World Cup performance was a major disappointment last year and hopes ongoing reforms will lead to a much better showing in 2019.

Samoa won just one of their four group matches, finishing a disappointing fourth in their group and failing to secure automatic qualification for the next tournament in Japan.

Matafeo George Latu has been appointed to a four year term at Oceania Rugby, replacing Lefau Harry Schuster.

He was hopeful that off-field changes will lead to better results on the field.

“Certainly that’s one thing I’d like to see Samoa do is to improve its performances at World Cups. We’re going through this change and reform transition period, which is exciting in a way because change is good and hopefully when you ask me in four years I can say to you look it’s been successful and that hopefully translates onto good performances on the field – that’s all I can hope for.”

Manu Samoa are next in action in the Pacific Tri Nations in June, alongside Fiji and Tonga.RNZI

47) Aussies win series

Monday, February 29, 2016

Australia completed a seven-wicket win over New Zealand in Christchurch to seal a 2-0 series victory and regain top spot in the world Test rankings.

They resumed on 70-1 and skipper Steve Smith recorded his 16th Test fifty to guide his team to their target of 201 shortly after lunch on the final day.

Adam Voges made 10 not out and was the leading series run-scorer with 309.

New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum bowed out of international cricket and said it was “time to move on”.

The 34-year-old, who leaves with 14,676 international runs, broke the record for the fastest Test century during his final match and also the highest number of Test sixes with 107.

“It would be nice to be remembered as a good team man,” said McCullum. “As a guy who played for the right reasons and who, if in doubt, was prepared to take the positive option. Hopefully, the guys that I’ve played with will remember me as a good bloke as well.”



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