Hapi Niu Yia 2017! Sam nyus blong pati long stat blong 2017 ( Graon Mo Jastis Pati (GJP )#1



Nyus i kam long MP mo Pati
Parliament of the Republic of Vanuatu

Hapi Niu Yia 2017!  Sam nyus blong pati long stat blong 2017

Olgeta –
Mi tekem janis ia blong wishim yufala wan hapi mo prosperes niu yia 2017.

Sam nyus blong pati long stat blong yia ia:

1. MP Albert Williams mo MP Tasso Fred i nomo MP blong GJP
Olsem yufala i bin harem long nyus, long 20 Disemba 2016 Nasonal Eksekutiv blong GJP i tekem disisen blong putumaot tufala MP ia long pati.  Risen hemi from we tufala i saenem mosen 2 taem (wan long Novemba mo wan long Disemba 2016) agensem Praem Minista Charlot Salwai we hemi lidim Gavman we GJP i part blong hem, mo tufala i no bin askem o karem tingting blong ol sapota o Eksekutiv blong olgeta long aelan, o long Pati Eksekutiv, o long mi olsem Presiden, blong mekem fasen ia.  Long Ekstra-odineri Sesen blong Palamen long Novemba mo Odineri Sesen blong Disemba tufala i bin sidaon wetem Oposisen nomata mifala ol narafala 6 MP blong GJP i sidaon wetem Gavman.
So naoia GJP i nomo kaontem tufala ia olsem ol MP blong GJP.
Hemia i minim se GJP naoia i gat 6 MP long Palamen (i nomo 8).
Yu save ridim wan intaviu wetem mi abaot hemia wetem Daily Post long ples ia.

2. Nasonal Caucas blong pati i bin sidaon long Luganville long las wik
Nasonal Caucas blong pati – we hemi tekem tugeta evri MP mo Kaonsela blong pati mo sam blong ol jeaman blong olgeta – i bin sidaon long Luganville long las wik (long namba 25 mo 26 Januari).
Nasonal Caucas ia i bin lukluk bak long divelopmen blong pati long las yia 2016 mo mekem sam resolusen blong givhan long wok blong pati, mo blong save ajivim ol objektiv blong hem olsem part blong Gavman.
Caucas i bin apruvum tu ol nem blong ol kandidet we bae oli kontestem provinsel eleksen blong Tafea, Shefa, Malampa mo Penama long 23 Maj 2017.
Bae mi putumaot sam nyus blong Caucas ia long wik ia i stap kam.

3. APPLICATION FORMS FOR SEMESTER 1 (2017) ARE NOW AVAILABLE – closing date for applications Friday 3rd February 2017 (Fraede long wik ia!)
The scholarships are open to all Ni-Vanuatu students enrolling in Foundation courses at USP Emalus Campus in Semester 1, 2017, who are residents of Port Vila. Scholarships will only cover tuition fees for 1 unit per student per semester.
Scholarships will be awarded based on academic performance:
– on Secondary School results for students beginning Foundation-level studies
– on GPA for continuing Foundation-level students.
Additional criteria, to be applied at the discretion of the Selection Committee, are gender and financial circumstances of the applicant.
Application Forms are available now from:
– the Student Administrative Services Office, Emalus Campus, Port Vila, or
– email: hcalo@vanuatu.gov.vu
Closing date for applications: Friday 3rd Febuary 2017.
Announcement of successful applicants: Friday 24th February 2017. These scholarships will be awarded from the “Port Vila Scholarship Scheme”, which has been established with funding provided by the Hon. Ralph Regenvanu, MP for Port Vila

Ta, Ralph

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