Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1097a ( Monday 8 May 2017 )


1) Still fierce, Cyclone Donna moving towards New Caledonia

Tropical Cyclone Donna is continuing to move south and is about 200km off Vanuatu’s islands.

The cyclone, with winds gusting up to 265 km/h close to its centre, is affecting Vanuatu’s Torba, Sanma and Malampa provinces.

Disaster authorities in Vanuatu said people and supplies were standing by ready to be deployed to cyclone-hit areas as soon as possible.

The worst-hit Torres Islands, where houses have been toppled and food crops destroyed, continue to experience winds gusting over 200 km/h.

The director of the disaster management office, Shadrack Welegtabit, said continued stormy weather was hampering the response effort.

“We cannot do any assessment now – both aerial assessment and ground assessment – with the system still hovering in the north. There is still strong gale force winds around the provinces so it’s not safe to send any aircraft or boat in at this stage.”

Mr Welegtabit said it was frustrating that teams were unable to be deployed.

After crossing the northern Vanuatu islands and hovering to the west of Torba for two days, Cyclone Donna is now on track to New Caledonia.

A level one alert has come into force in New Caledonia’s northern province and on Ouvea and Lifou.

The same alert will be extended to the rest of New Caledonia at 2pm, meaning people will be advised to prepare for the cyclone’s impact.

Domestic flights will be stopped late this morning and schools have been ordered to be closed until at least tomorrow.

Forecaster said by tonight the cyclone would be about 140km off the northernmost island of Belep.

Sign of changing climate

A climate scientist said Cyclone Donna’s lateness and intensity was a direct result of a changing climate.

Jim Salinger, from Otago University, said late cyclones such as Donna were rare, but not unheard of.

However, he said this one was unusual as the sea temperatures around Vanuatu and New Caledonia are what they would normally be in March.

“Well we’re not in an El Niño and we’re not in a La Niña, so you would not expect temperatures to be that warm, though they can be on occasions. So what we’re seeing happening here is, I’d say, there’s a bit of global warming going on,” Dr Salinger says.

Dr Salinger said scientific predictions of stronger, more intense cyclones over a longer season as a result of climate change were starting to be borne out. 8/5/17.,-cyclone-donna-moving-towards-new-caledonia

2) Macron for New Caledonia to remain French

5 May 2017

The French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron has spoken out for New Caledonia to stay with France as the territory nears its independence referendum.

In an interview with Noumea’s only daily newspaper, Mr Macron said while it was up to the New Caledonians to decide there could be no rupture to the common history shared with France.

Mr Macron, who had his worst result of any electorate in New Caledonia in the first round of the presidential election, has also spoken out for more police to be hired and deployed.

Observers said a high sense of insecurity in New Caledonia explained the relatively strong showing of his rival Marine Le Pen in the first round.

Mr Macron said what needs to be tackled are the causes which he says include alcohol and other drug abuse, unemployment, the loss of authority of powers and traditional leaders in a rapidly changing society.

3) Pacific nations back West Papuan self-determination 6 May 2017

A coalition of Pacific Island nations has delivered an emphatic call to the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of states to back West Papuan self-determination.

Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Nauru, Palau and the Marshall Islands delivered a joint statement at the ACP’s Council of Ministers in Brussels.

It condemned Indonesian human rights violations in Papua, including alleged crimes against humanity and called for an eventual resolution that includes support of the right of West Papuan political self-determination.

Delivering the statement, a Vanuatu government envoy Johnny Koanapo told the Council that “apartheid-like colonial rule” was “slowly but surely” going to wipe out West Papuans as a people “while… the world stood by.”

African and Caribbean countries in the the 79-member group of mainly former colonised territories have voiced strong support for West Papuan self-determination at subcommittee and ambassadorial level during the past two months

Mr Koanapo said that the day’s discussion “now sets up the great likelihood of a resolution on the full range of West Papua issues at the next ACP ministerial council meeting”, scheduled for November.

It’s the latest in a string of high-level representations by the International Coalition for Papua since last year that have taken the issue of West Papua to a new level of diplomatic activity.

The seven Pacific nations, who are in coalition with Pacific regional church bodies and civil society networks, raised concern about West Papuan human rights at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva two months ago, and also at the UN General Assembly last September.

Indonesia’s government has rejected criticism at the UN level, accusing the Pacific countries of interference and supporting Papuan separatism.

Jakarta says human rights abuses in Papua are largely historical, and that the incorporation of the western half of new Guinea into Indonesia is final.

However, support from other governments for resolution of ongoing human rights infringements in Papua is gaining momentum.

Criticism of the flawed plebiscite by which the former Dutch New Guinea was incorporated into the young state of Indonesia in the 1960s has effected renewed calls for a genuine self-determination process.

At yesterday’s Brussels meeting Papua New Guinea’s ambassador, whose country shares a 760km-long border with Indonesia at West Papua, was the only delegate to speak against ACP moving forward on a resolution on the matter.

Joshua Kalinoe said that “no one is denying that the human rights violations are going on” but suggested that a fact-finding mission to West Papua might be necessary for the ACP to get an accurate picture of the situation.

Guinea-Bissau’s Ambassador Alfredo Lopez Cabral spoke next, comparing the plight of West Papua to East Timor, which Indonesia occupied for 24 years before a mounting legacy of conflict gave way to an independence referendum in 1999.

4) Promise to get unemployed PNG youth into police, army

Papua New Guinea’s opposition leader is promising compulsory service to provide work for the country’s youth.

Don Polye, who is campaigning for the election in Vanimo, says his Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party will establish colleges in each region to train people to become police, defence and prison officers.

He said all these sectors were significantly understaffed.

Mr Polye said he would also ensure there were improved vocational training facilities for those that don’t want to join the disciplined forces.

He said his party would develop tourism and agriculture to provide these jobs.,-army


5) Lawyer says Tonga govt intimidating broadcaster

The lawyer for the General Manager of the Tonga Broadcasting Commission says the government cannot ignore employment contracts.

The government has written to Nanise Fifita to say her contract is null and void.

This came after the TBC chairman was forced to resign amid complaints by prime minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva that the company was not supporting government enough.

But Ms Fifita’s lawyer, Clive Edwards, said she had a right of renewal clause in her contract.

He said if the board carried out the sacking then legal action could follow.

Last week, another former TBC chair refused a settlement from the government related to her removal from the board in 2015 which was later quashed by the Supreme Court.

Mr Edwards said the government was not handling the affairs of the state broadcaster well.

“The way it has been handled it is intimidation and it’s deliberately set out a message that is quite clear. If you don’t do what we tell and you publish the news that we don’t want you to publish, we are going to sack you.”

6 )

7) Jacobsen takes lead in Niue poll

Preliminary results from yesterday’s election in Niue show that O’Love Jacobsen has won most votes for the common roll seats.

Six common roll seats and 14 village seats make up the island’s parliament.

Ms Jacobsen, who has been Niue’s High Commissioner to New Zealand, won 452 votes.

Veteran opposition politician Terry Coe is in second place with 431, followed by the long-serving premier Sir Toke Talagi on 424.

Provisional results also show village seats in Alofi went to Vaaiga Tukuitonga and Dalton Tagelagi.

In the village of Mutalu, there is a tie between Makaseau Ioane and Maureen Melekitama.

8) Samoa PM Calls Sex Worker Report ‘Rubbish’

Submitted by PIR Editor on Thu, 05/04/2017 – 15:19

Tuilaepa laughs off report which says sex work is in response to poverty

By Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, May 5, 2017) – Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi has laughed at claims that poverty and hardship are to blame for the growing number of sex workers in Samoa.

He has also attacked the “newspaper” over its coverage of the issue describing the reporting as “rubbish.”

Tuilaepa was responding during his weekly media programme yesterday.

He was asked for a comment on the connection being made between hardship, poverty and sex work.

“If that is true then you shouldn’t find that in America, the wealthiest country in the world, yet there are a lot of women like that in America,” Tuilaepa said.

“That’s where it’s wrong; you can’t control this type of behavior.”

Tuilaepa then had a go at a “newspaper” which he did not name.

“I know the newspaper is trying hard,” he said laughing.

“It doesn’t matter how far off the issue is, they always try to pull it towards my doorstep. They blame me as the reason for everything.

“That’s why I hardly read their rubbish, I try to free my mind day after day, to avoid being dragged into issues.”

Earlier this week, the Samoa Observer revealed that in 2016, the number of female sex workers in Samoa was estimated at around 400.

This is according to the Multi-country Mapping and Behavioural study 2016, quoted by the Ministry of Health in their sixth annual report to UNAIDS.

A copy of the report had been obtained by the Samoa Observer.

“The Pacific Multi-country Mapping and Behavioural Study 2016 found that there are an estimated 400 female sex workers in Samoa,” the report reads. “Most women are doing sex work for economic reasons.”

“Payment varies considerably from $50 [US$19] to $200 tala [US$77].

“These women have a wide range of clients, including local and foreign men and 58.3% had children and the majority had no other employment.”

The study was the work of the U.N.D.P, U.N.I.C.E.F and the University of New South Wales which called for urgent need for reforms in Pacific island countries to adequately address HIV and sexually transmitted infections (S.T.Is) among vulnerable populations. Samoa was among nine countries the Study covered.

According to the report, the number of partners some of the women have had in the last 12 months was 10. Nine were clients.

“Only 33% of the participants used a condom on the last occasion of vaginal intercourse with a client; a majority were inconsistent condom users with clients in the last 12 months,” the report reads.

“Condom use with casual non- paying partners was low; 50% used a condom on the last occasion.”

The report further says that a minority of the women drank alcohol and their HIV knowledge was moderate.

“None of the women had accessed a sexual health service in the last 12 months, although 60% had been given condoms in that period.

“None had been tested for HIV in the previous 12 months.

“There is therefore a need for extensive condom programming and health education outreach to this group.

“Interventions should also seek to provide female sex workers with housing, sanitation, and economic services to support their participation in prevention interventions.”

The Prime Minister was responding to an article published by the Samoa Observer that there are an estimated 400 female sex workers in Samoa and most women are doing sex work for economic reasons.

The Prime Minister stated in any country there is good and bad.

The health report is evidence of Samoa’s commitment to the global response to HIV, AIDS, and Sexual Transmitted Infection’s.

Samoa Observer

9) Tonga Has Highest Number Of Mormons Per Capita In The World

Submitted by PIR Editor on Thu, 05/04/2017 – 15:55

Though 60% are on the books, only 20% of population thought to be active in Church

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 4, 2017) – Tonga has the highest number of Mormons in the world on a per capita basis, according to researchers.

Its 64,000 followers make up just over 60 percent of the kingdom’s population.

Samoa, American Samoa, Niue and the Cook Islands are the other top five countries for membership of the Latter-day Saints Church.

A Colorado-based researcher Matt Martinich said the church traditionally keeps members on its records, even if individuals no longer associate themselves with the church.

“Tonga church reported membership constitutes about 60% of the population, so although if you look at the number of active members, that percentage is much lower,” Mr Martinich said.

“It’s more like about 20% because about two thirds of the members of the church in Tonga don’t regularly attend church or they identify with some other religious group even though their names are still on the church records.”

According to the figures, the Utah-based church has its biggest adherence in Pacific Island countries, followed by Chile.

Radio New Zealand International

10) Tuvalu given streamlined accreditation for climate financing
09:43 am GMT+12, 06/05/2017, Japan

By Makereta Komai, PACNEWS Editor in Yokohama

YOKOHAMA, 06 MAY 2017 (PACNEWS) — After years of building its human resource and financial absorption capacity, the government of Tuvalu has been recognised as a streamlined national implementing entity (NIE) by the global climate financing body, the Adaptation Fund.

“It’s a good start. We have been given streamlined NIE status. We can now access climate financing limited to not more than US$10m, said Tuvalu’s Finance Minister, Maatia Toafa.

Minister Toafa said while the news was received with welcome in March ‘more work remains to be done to get fully fledged accreditation.’

“This is good for Tuvalu. $10m for climate adaptation is huge for a small island developing country like ours.

Toafa said with the streamlined NIE status, officials in Funafuti are working on putting together funding proposals for the Fund.

Cook Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia are the only two Pacific Small Island Developing States that have given similar accreditation status as Tuvalu.

Minister Toafa is leading his country’s delegation at the annual Asian Development Bank meeting this week in Yokohama, Japan. He told PACNEWS ADB has been a lifeline for the small island nation, since it joined in 1993.

“The ADB has made a remarkable difference in the livelihoods of people of Tuvalu through support to two of its Trust Funds, the Tuvalu Trust Fund and the Falekaupule Trust Fund, Minister Toafa told PACNEWS in Yokohama.

The Falekaupule Trust Fund was set up in the 1990s with support of the ADB to help build the capacity for outer island development – with the concept of putting power in the hands of community members. The Tuvalu Trust Fund, a sovereign wealth fund set up in 1987 is believed to be worth around $140 million.

Another major infrastructure development support from the ADB is the US$11.8 million grant to improve the island nation’s outer island ports, making the transfer of people and loading and offloading goods sager and more efficient.

“We realised that it is very important for government to develop the outer islands and facilitate their economic aspirations. For us in Tuvalu we are facing rapid urbanisation and we’d like to stop the migration to the capital, Funafuti. We want people in the islands to remain there and not to crowd the capital.

Funafuti is fast becoming densely populated with between 5,000 to 6,000 people residing in the capital. This is more than half the island nation’s total population, said Minister Toafa.

The ADB funded project will see the construction of port facilities in the four outer islands of Nukulaelae, Nanumaga, Niutao and Nui.

“The project is quite big for Tuvalu. The cost of one port harbour will be around $13-$15million.

“The actual construction have not begun but the scoping and design work have been completed. The tender is closed and we expect the selection of contractor by this month and construction to begin in August.

Since Tuvalu joined ADB in 1993, it has received three loans totaling $7.8 million, four grants totaling $19.4 million, and more than 20 technical assistance projects valued at $7.9 million in total. ADB assistance has largely supported public sector management, education, and maritime transport sectors…. PACNEWS


11) Palau, FSM sign interconnect agreement with Asian carriers

7:39 pm GMT+12, 04/05/2017, Guam

Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) signed an interconnection agreement on Thursday with Philippines and Indonesian carriers that will allow the two Pacific island states to tap into a new submarine cable network that directly connects Southeast Asia and the United States.

“I am delighted to see this milestone marked today. The submarine fiber network will be critical to so many aspects of our life in Palau, from healthcare to education, from social networking to business,” Palau President Tommy Remengesau said following the ceremonial signing at Hyatt Regency Guam.

The high-speed undersea cable system is currently being installed by Japan’s NEC Corp., the cable network supplier, and is anticipated to be up and running by the end of the year.

George Rechucher, chairman of Belau Submarine Cable Corp. or BSCC, signed the agreement with Ernest Cu, Globe Telecom’s CEO, for Palau. On FSM’s side, Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure Secretary Lukner Weilbacher signed a similar contract with Pak Nanang Hendarno, chief technology officer of Telekomunikasi Indonesia International or Telin.

Globe Telecom (Philippines) and Telin (Indonesia) are major owners of SEA-US, a new cable that will link Indonesia and the Philippines to the U.S. via Guam and Hawaii, in partnership with GTA (Guam), Hawaiian Telecom and RAM Telecom International.

The agreements provide for spur submarine fiber optic cables currently under construction from Palau and Yap in FSM to interconnect with the SEA-US cable for onward transport to Guam.

“We are progressing toward our goal of Ready for Service by the end of 2017. We are confident we are on target,” Rechucher said.

In a press statement, NEC Corp. said it has commenced construction of three submarine cable links that will connect Palau, Yap and Chuuk to the rest of the world.

Palau’s portion of the project is funded through a US$25- million loan from the Asian Development Bank; while FSM has secured a separate grant from the World Bank.

Construction of the spur from Ngeremlengui state in Palau to the SEA-US cable to the north is well advanced, with the modular cable landing station expected to arrive at Koror next week. From there it will be transported by barge to the landing site for installation.

Currently Palau relies entirely on satellite links for Internet connectivity. The high cost and limited bandwidth restrict Internet penetration. In Palau, the Internet is accessed by only 25 percent of the population, while 90 percent have access to mobile phones.

“Palau has seen the need for a submarine cable for many years, recognizing the many national and economic benefits such facilities bring,” Rechucher said. “However, the scope for a cost-effective connection for Palau was limited until the SEA-US cable was contracted, SEA-US being a major submarine cable express route passing close to the shores of Palau.”

Officials said the Interconnection Agreements provide for five 100 gigabit per second wavelengths to Guam, more than 1000 times the current capacity available in Palau, and will provide a big boost to businesses, schools, hospitals and clinics, government services, entertainment and social networking.

“BSCC has been positioned to deliver abundant capacity to our retail service providers in Palau at cost, ensuring maximum benefit to the community and commerce,” Palau’s Finance Minister Elbuchel Sadang said. “We expect our service providers will step up to the plate and make the most of this opportunity to transform their businesses.”

The extension from Pohnpei, the capital of FSM, to Chuuk branches out of another existing cable linking FSM, the Marshall Islands and Guam. All three routes feature transmission speeds of 100 Gigabit per second per channel.

“FSM has adopted a national policy to connect all four FSM states (Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae) with fiber optic cable systems. In 2009, the HANTRU-1 cable system landed in the state of Pohnpei,” Weilbacher said

“With the WB grant funded project that became effective in March 2015, and through FSM’s collaboration and partnership with Palau and SEA-US, FSM is now on the cusp of securing cable connections to all of the FSM states. By the completion of this project, service providers in the FSM will be able to offer broadband connectivity to virtually the entire population of the FSM at competitive prices.”



12) PNG WNB ileksan Bel Kol moni

Updated 5 May 2017, 13:38 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Tede ol pipal blong Bali Vitu na Bulu vilis long West New Britain provins ibin holim wanpla Bel kol seremoni blong daonim kros bihaenim dai blong tripla pipal em oli bin dai long wanpla ileksan fait long wik igo pinis.

Tripla pipal blong Bulu vilis ibin dai long han blong ol pipal blong Bali Vitu bihaenim kros namel long ol sapota blong ol kendidet husat bai sanap long 2017 ileksan.

Ol pipal blong Bulu ibin askim olsem ol pipal blong Bali Vitu imas baem K150 tausan kina compensation long despla tripla man idai, na tede oli bin kisim K15 tausan kina tasol.

Despla long wonem,compensation  mak em West New Britain Good order komiti ibin putim em long K5 tausan kina na moni em ol Bulu pipal i laikim i bikpla tumas.ABC


13 )

14 )


15) Cyclone Donna : la préalerte déclenchée depuis hier soir 23 heures

Météo Nouvelle-Calédonie
Crée le 07.05.2017 à 10h14
Mis à jour le 07.05.2017 à 10h14

La direction de la Sécurité civile a déclenché la préalerte cyclonique hier soir, sur les coups de 23 heures, sur l’ensemble du territoire. Le cyclone Donna continue de s’éloigner du Vanuatu et se dirige à présent vers la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Il pourrait arriver à proximité d’Ouvéa dans la journée de mardi.

« Donna va poursuivre sa trajectoire vers le Sud », annonce le bulletin matinal de Météo Nouvelle-Calédonie.

« Il sera à environ 450 km dans le nord de Bélep en fin de nuit de dimanche à lundi, puis il continue à s’approcher de la Nouvelle-Calédonie en incurvant sa trajectoire vers le sud sud-est. Donna devrait s’intensifier à nouveau aujourd’hui pour atteindre son intensité maximale dans la journée de lundi au stade de cyclone tropical intense. Sur la Nouvelle-Calédonie, le vent de secteur est à sud-est souffle entre 20 et 25 noeuds (35-45 km/h), rafales à 30/35 noeuds (55-65 km/h), localement 25 à 30 noeuds (45-55 km/h), rafales à 40 noeuds (75 km/h) sur le nord de la côte est et l’extrême Nord. Ce soir, le vent d’est se renforce partout hormis sur l’Ouest. Il atteint 25 à 30 noeuds (45-55 km/h) rafales à 40 noeuds (75 km/h), avec des pointes entre 30 et 35 noeuds (55-60 km/h) rafales à 45 noeuds (80 km/h) sur le Nord-Est et la pointe Nord de la Grande-Terre. Les averses deviennent plus nombreuses dés ce matin aux Loyauté, puis sur la façade Est et le Sud. La trajectoire de Donna le rapproche de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Même si son intensité va commencer à faiblir avant de passer au plus près du territoire, Donna constitue un réel danger, qui doit être pris en considération et surveillé avec attention. Il est donc conseillé de rester à l’écoute des informations météorologiques qui seront diffusées dans les prochains jours. »

Il est conseillé de se tenir constammment informé du niveau d’alerte et de la situation météorologique par les médias (radios, télévision, presse écrite), en consultant les sites Internet de la Sécurité Civile de Météo Nouvelle-Calédonie.


16) Pacific labour market still relies on foreign workers and lacks diversification, study reveals

09:39 am GMT+12, 06/05/2017, Japan

By Makereta Komai, PACNEWS Editor in Yokohama

YOKOHAMA, 06 MAY 2017 (PACNEWS) — Initial findings from a new study on labour markets in the Pacific by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has revealed a large and growing unemployed youth population, heavy reliance on foreign workers, lack of diversification and reliance on a few sectors for employment opportunities.

The study was carried out in three Pacific countries – Fiji, Palau and Papua New Guinea.

Some of the initial findings were shared with delegates at a side event at the Asian Development Bank’s annual meeting in Yokohama this week.

ILO’s employment specialist, Sameer Khatiwada said in the three countries, most employment opportunities were in the extractive industries (Papua New Guinea), fisheries (most Pacific Island Countries) and tourism (Fiji & Vanuatu).

The labour market for all three countries was young – with 60 percent of the workforce below the age of 24. Most of the people employed were in the agriculture and service industries, said Khatiwada.

He said another major finding is the lack of skilled workforce that has resulted in the influx of foreign labour force in some Pacific Island Countries.

One example is the US$19 billion Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas project that recruited foreign workers because of the lack of qualified local skilled workers.

“During the construction phase, from 2009-2013, the project employed 21,000 workers, 60 percent of them or 13,00 workers were foreigners from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. These skilled workers were technicians, crane operators, welders, electricians etc., revealed PNG’s deputy secretary for economic policy, Manu Momo.

He said there is not enough jobs to cater for the young people entering the workforce annually.

“The Australia Pacific Technical College is offering training for trade skills that we hope will cater for the demand for those kinds of skilled jobs in the market. The courses provide international accreditation for our people. In 2018, we hope to have 15,000 qualified skilled graduates to join the workforce, said Momo.

Another labour market challenge for many Pacific Island Countries now is what Asian Development Bank’s Robert Jauncey described as ‘skills mismatch’.

“What we find is that there are no jobs to match the skills of people coming out of tertiary schools every year.  There should be greater link between graduates and the market.

“How do we provide them opportunities when there is not enough jobs, said Jauncey.

He said the real challenge for young people is not to become job seekers but also job creators.

“This is where the Pacific should utilise the digital economy. By the end of next year, most Pacific countries will be connected to broadband. This greater internet connectivity will provide enormous job creation opportunities.

“In the United States, the internet has become the saviour of small towns. People in small towns and cities don’t need to migrate to the big cities like New York and San Francisco because they can find work at home, said Jauncey.

ADB, he said is keen to invest and support infrastructure investment like broadband connectivity to improve employment opportunities for people in the Pacific.

The report, titled “Improving Labour Market Outcomes in the Pacific” will be launched in Fiji next month…. PACNEWS


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17c )’s-manus-lie-‘despicable’-senator

17d )


18) Live: Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential election, defeating Marine le Pen

Updated 8 May 2017, 9:25 AEST

France has a new president, with centrist Emmanuel Macron winning the national election and his rival, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen conceding defeat.

The French have a new president, with centrist Emmanuel Macron winning the national election and his rival, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen conceding defeat but saying the vote confirms her National Front party and its allies as the leader of France’s opposition.

World leaders have congratulated Mr Macron, who led the polls over his rival during a tumultuous election campaign that turned the country’s politics upside down. Join us as we follow the wash-up from the battle for the Élysée Palace.

External Link: French election blog

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21) Five women contest in Milne Bay

May 5, 2017The NationalNational

FIVE independent women candidates will contest seats at Milne Bay in the general elections.
Gillian Torie, for Milne Bay regional, is the only woman candidate for the regional seat while Maria Kebei Tomofa and Imelda Yabara Alotau are contesting the Open seat, with Dr Rona Nadile and Monalisa Lendia contesting the Samarai Murua seat. Altoger, there are 11 candidates for the regional seat, 25 for the Alotau Open, 16 for Esa’ala, 22 for Samarai Murua and 27 for Kiriwina Goodenough.
Reports from NBC Milne Bay say the province now has more brothers contesting than ever before.
In the regional seat, there are Neville brothers Peter and Timothy, with Rodney and John Bosco Togumagoma contesting the Kiriwina Goodenough seat, and Rex and Roderic Tetu challenging seating member Gordon Wesley for the Samarai Murua seat.
Maladina brothers Jimmy and Moses and their adopted brother Johnson Koyawaku are all contesting for Esa’ala.
In the case of the Edimani brothers, Eddie is contesting for the regional seat while Benjamin is vying for the Esa’ala Open.

22) Elections on track

May 5, 2017The NationalNational


GOVERNMENT funding of the Electoral Commission is being monitored on a regular basis to make sure it does not run short of money, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
“The funding is going through to the Electoral Commission on a very regular basis,” O’Neill said.
“They’ve never run out of money at any time. They’ve got sufficient, healthy cash balances in the accounts and it is being monitored on a week-to-week basis so that we’ll be able to consistently fund the Electoral Commission.
“I can assure you that the amount of money that we have budgeted for – K400 million – will certainly go into funding the Electoral Commission.
“We want to make sure that we come out of this election without any of the frustrations of the past, where creditors and service providers were left with unpaid bills, and all this nonsense that has been going on.”
He was responding to questions during a National Broadcasting Commission radio talkback show yesterday on the funding of the general election. It had also been one of major issues raised by Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato recently giving updates on the progress of preparations.
O’Neill said the election was a priority of Government which must be delivered.
“We are telling the electoral commissioner: Conduct your business in a firm, business-like manner, making sure that there is no outstanding (payments), everybody’s paid their allowances on time, and are well looked after so that we conduct the election,” he said.
“We must deliver the election on time, results on time, so that people can have their say on who should lead their country and how the country should be led.
“I know that the electoral commissioner has got a lot of work to do, and under a lot of pressure. But so far, he has been firm in all his decisions and has been able to stand to some of the scrutiny of the decisions he has made. I know that he’s experienced enough to deliver a very fair and free election over the next few months.”
O’Neill appealed for a peaceful and trouble-free national event.
“Aggression will not put an extra ballot into the box,” the prime minister said.
“It will only frustrate people.
“Candidates must allow people to have their say, and candidates must know that they are aspiring to be a leader.”


THE Member for South Bougainville Hon. Timothy Masiu has thanked the President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG), Hon. Dr John Momis and his cabinet as well as the ABG Parliament for throwing their support behind him and three other candidates for the North Bougainville, Central Bougainville and the Regional seats during this year’s national elections.
The member who took office just seven months ago through a by-election, said it was indeed a privilege and honour to have been recognised for his hard work therefore getting the endorsement of the ABG.
He said the vote of confidence given by the executive e government of Bougainville was a healthy sign that the ABG was serious in dealing with the national government through like-minded elected leaders representing the people of the four electorates in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB).
Mr Masiu said his achievements in the short time in Parliament speaks volumes and therefore was confident of retaining the South Bougainville seat.04/05/2017 Dawn Fm Bougainville.

24) It’s ‘anti-democratic’

Nasik Swami
Sunday, May 07, 2017-Fijitimes

IF the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Bill 2016 is passed by Parliament in its current form, every voter in 2018 should make a point of not giving any MP, Government or Opposition who votes for the Bill, a single vote in the polls.

That’s the word from former opposition leader, Mick Beddoes who has labelled the bill as “anti-democratic”.

“Anyone who occupies a seat in Parliament who can’t handle criticism, mild or harsh, has no business being there,” Mr Beddoes said.

He said those MPs who could not take criticism should step aside now, and make way for someone who had the courage and backbone to take criticism and subject himself or herself to the full scrutiny of the people of Fiji.

“I say the creators of this Bill should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.”

Several attempts to get a comment from Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum remained unsuccessful when this edition went to press.

Both, the PM and the A-G are out of the country on official duties.

Meanwhile, Government Whip in Parliament and chairman of the Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights which is receiving submissions on the Bill, Ashneel Sudhakar had said members of the public were free to criticise MPs. However, if it was defamatory, they could be sued.

“It just says that you cannot defame or demean the sanctity of Parliament, that is, the institution of Parliament and the Speaker and a committee.”

Under Clause 24 of the Bill, any person whose words or actions defames, demeans or undermines the sanctity of Parliament, the Speaker or a committee commits an offence and is liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding $30,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to both, and in the case of a body corporate, to a fine not exceeding $100,000 or to imprisonment for each director and manager for a term not exceeding five years, or to both.


25 )


26) Airline route improves

Repeka Nasiko
Monday, May 08, 2017-Fijitimes

FIJI Airway’s Singapore route has done well since its introduction last year.

Airline sales and marketing executive general manager Andrew Stanbury said Singapore was a growing route for the company.

“We are being well supported by our new code share arrangement with Jet Airways,” he said.

“The demand from Singapore and from countries in that region is experiencing a pretty good growth curve now so we are reasonably happy with that.”

He said there had been requests to increase the frequency of flights to the Asian country.

“There is a general understanding that there needs to be a movement from two to three services a week but the question for us is when should that be?

“I mentioned about the size of the fleet.

“At some point we’ll need to make decisions as that fleet size grows.”

He said the airline’s incoming Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft could also be deployed to Singapore when they arrive next year.

“Before (the aircraft arrive) we actually are utilising our fleet fairly heavily now so there would have to be an opportunity cost to create a third service to Singapore if we do it immediately.

“So we have to time the growth and the deployment.”

27 )

28) Port Moresby Governor Lifts Ban Against Betel Nut Sales

Submitted by PIR Editor on Thu, 05/04/2017 – 15:13

Police should stop harassing vendors: Parkop

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, May 5, 2017) – Betel nut can again be sold anywhere in Port Moresby after National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop announced yesterday the ban has been lifted.

And he has warned police not to go around the city stopping street vendors from going about their daily business.

He said there has been no authorisation from his office for police to do that.

Parkop, in a media conference yesterday, said the ban on the selling of betel nuts in city was lifted and vendors should be allowed to do their business freely.

Parkop said he received reports of police officers harassing and attacking betel nut sellers and “I don’t know why they were going around putting innocent people’s lives at risk”.

He said there were three incidents reported to him and he viewed the police action as an orchestrated tactic to tarnish his name as governor, either indirectly or directly.

Parkop said the incidents took place on Wednesday in Down Town, Gerehu and Tokarara where police went with marked vehicles to harass innocent people.

“It’s on social media and everywhere and I don’t understand the rationale for this action, there is no authorisation from my office to carry out such operations by police in the city, whether its betel nut vendors or anybody else,” he said.

“This is also seen as a dirty type of campaign.”

The National

29 )

30a )
30b )


31a) Road repairs at Koroinasolo good news for farmers

Luisa Qiolevu
Monday, May 08, 2017-Fijitimes

GOOD news for farmers and members of the public in Koroinasolo in the interior of Bua as road rehabilitation works began in the area last week.

Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer John Hutchinson said work was expected to continue through this week.

Mr Hutchinson said they would upgrade 6.6 kilometres of the Koroinasolo unsealed road.

“The upgrading works will start at the intersection of Koroinasolo Village road to Navulilevu Village which ends at Koroinasolo village,” he said.

“We are currently working on site clearing, grubbing and drainage works. All this are in progress on section 2 of Koroinasolo.”

Mr Hutchinson said repair works would include the removal of large rocks from carriage way on section 2 of Koroinasolo.

“We will also undertake upgrade works on three kilometers of the Kavula and Banikea unsealed roads,” he said. “The repair works will start at Kavula Village and end at Banikea Village.”

Earlier, farmers and members of the public had voiced their concerns on the condition of the roads in the area, saying that it had been affecting transportation.

Koroinasolo villager, Nemani Tutakivalu said farmers in the area found it hard to transport their farm produce to markets.

Mr Tutakivalu said when it rained, the conditions of the road worsened, adding that people had to resort to travelling on horseback.

“This is good news for us and people at Banikea and Kavula villages too,” he said.

31b) FRA to start work on proposed jetties

Luisa Qiolevu
Sunday, May 07, 2017-Fijitimes

THE Fiji Roads Authority is working on upgrading of the Savusavu Jetty after their layout plans and preliminary drawings were completed.

The upgrading works on the Savusavu Jetty is part of FRA’s capital projects in the Northern Division this year.

This was confirmed by Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer John Hutchinson yesterday.

“The existing Savusavu jetty will be upgraded in capacity to accommodate two roll-on roll-off (RORO) vessels at the same time,” he said.

Mr Hutchinson said the project had been tendered out as a design and build contract.

“The preliminary drawings and layout plans of the proposed jetty are now complete and the construction work will commence later this year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Hutchinson also confirmed a short interim repair solution had been completed for the Nabouwalu Jetty.

“The repair solutions for the Nabouwalu Jetty will involve upgrading of the existing concrete landing ramp to safely accommodate roll-on roll-off vessels,” he said.

“The second phase of the construction works is to replace the existing jetty head with new roll-on roll-off ramp.”

The upgrading works on the Nabouwalu Jetty is scheduled for later this year.


32) Self-employed Solomon Islanders to have access to superannuation scheme

Friday 5 May 2017.

A new pilot savings scheme in Solomon Islands is giving self-employed people access to retirement savings.

The scheme, called YouSave, is being operated by the National Provident Fund with support from the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme.

gives people who aren’t formally employed such as market vendors, farmers and fishermen the ability to put money away safely for their retirement.

33) Funding your funeral

Saturday, May 06, 2017-Fijtimes

IN life, there are certain events that we will all go through that will require a considerable amount of investment not only in as far as time is concerned but also money. These events include getting an education, finding a job, buying a house, raising a family, planning for your retirement and ultimately, death.

Fiji National Provident Fund’s early retirement benefits allows members to access their funds for some of these events including education, housing, medical, unemployment and funeral assistance.

In our last article, we discussed the importance of filling a valid Nomination form. The feedback we received on this article was quite overwhelming, that it is only appropriate that this article is about another important form, the Memorandum of Administration or MOA.

The MOA is part of the Special Death Benefit (SDB) assistance. The MOA allows members to set aside $2000 for their own funeral expenses.

It is only when you file a valid MOA, that your nominated executor would be able to access the SDB Funeral Assistance of $2000 for your funeral expenses.

So where does this money come from? read More –


34) Invoicing scam

Margaret Wise
Monday, May 08, 2017

THE Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority has uncovered a scam where companies hire graphic artists to manipulate the value of overseas invoices.

Speaking on the global move towards greater financial disclosure, FRCA director corporate services Fazrul Rahman said a Fiji company was under the microscope for incorrect invoicing.

“This Fiji company has set up a limited party company in Australia that is buying food and supplying it to the Fiji company, or buying from China and the goods are physically coming on the ship from China but the invoice is coming from Australia,” he said.

“So it says the company in Australia is in charge of procurement. But the point here is the value of invoice can be manipulated and understated.

“What’s equally concerning is the invoices based on which money is being paid. People are taking advantage, or maybe there are elements within the banks — not at the top level — and maybe there are loopholes in the system, but they go to five different banks to make that one payment.

“This is happening and is under discussion because its not tax evasion only, it’s about money laundering as well, trying to siphon out money.

“And that’s why we are serious about putting people behind bars.”

Mr Rahman said with the global move towards greater financial disclosure, Fijians can expect tougher tax laws in the near future.

He said the increased effort towards tax transparency would also see finance ministers from countries all over the world ratifying a multilateral instrument on tax transparency next month.

Speaking at the 2017 annual conference of the Fiji Institute of Internal Auditors, Mr Rahman said in any setting — private or public — there has to be a tone towards sustainability and success.

“The tax laws in time to come is going to be more stronger than what we have now,” he said.

“Gone are the days when people can keep money in tax haven.”

He said the multilateral instrument on tax transparency would be signed by countries who wanted to protect their revenue base.

Governments wanted to know where their citizens were investing money, he added, citing the FATCA law (The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) in the United States, designed to improve the accuracy of consumers’ credit-related records

He said the Global Forum on Tax was also a multilateral framework aimed at transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes.

The Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) also addressed international tax challenges.

Mr Rahman said recent tax audits revealed weak financial management systems and tax fraud was on the rise.

As a result there has been a wave of regulatory changes here in Fiji, he said. These included the listed companies, Crimes Act, Anti-Corruption Laws, New Companies Act, Tax Laws, New Tax Administration Act, New Income Tax, Proceeds of Crime Act, Unexplained Wealth, and Anti-Money Laundering.

‘For the declaration of overseas investment, there was amnesty, but going forward you need to declare income from that asset.

“If you drive around you will see people living lifestyles beyond their earning capacity. So there are laws on unexplained wealth and there will be an aggressive move for tax compliance.”

35 )

36) Raoga trial July 3

Published: 03 May 2017

THE court will be hearing evidences on the case of the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) officer accused of defrauding the government of much needed tax revenue, in July.

Chief Magistrate John Numapo set down July 3 to July 14 for the trial on the matter of Ellison Raoga.

This was after the pre-trial conference was conducted yesterday in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecution will be calling a total of nine witnesses.

The matter was then adjourned for an interim mention on May 30.

Mr Numapo told both the prosecution and the defence if they have any preliminary issues to raise, to do so during the interim mention dates.

This is to allow any issues to be sorted out first before the trial proceeds.

Anderson Kesaka of DNZ & Partners is representing Raoga.

Raoga is facing one count of official corruption and six counts of fraudulent falsification of accounts, of which he denied.

He was arrested and charged by members of Task Force Janus, accusing him of receiving payments for remitting a company’s tax worth more than $100,000.

The accused works as a Compliance Officer when he allegedly committed the offences between 2015 and 16 June this year.

Prosecution alleged he and another person having completed the Tax Assessments in respect to a Honiara-based logging company trading as Delta Timber Limited, allegedly entered into negotiations with a representative of that timber company for the waiver of their tax liabilities.

Prosecution alleged he solicited $30,000 payment for reducing Delta Timber Limited arrears to a zero balance,” the brief added.

He allegedly received $5,000 paid to him in two transactions.

It was unknown if Raoga received the outstanding $25,000.

Raoga was the second person to be arrested and charged for corruption offences since the Janus taskforce was established in August last year.

The first arrest was that of Steven Jude Oto, the financial controller of the Ministry of Police and Correctional Services for allegedly obtaining more than $800,000 through dishonest tender processes.

Suspended Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services Edmond Sikua was Janus’s third arrest.

Sikua faces seven counts of official corruption for allegedly awarding government tenders worth $630,436.50 to Beeds Investment, a company registered and owned by his two daughters.

The latest arrest was that of another IRD officer, Leslie Melaba who faces two counts of official corruption for allegedly soliciting discounts, payments and bribes in offering to unlawfully remit the Farmset Ltd tax liabilities.

Public Prosecutor Bradley Dalipanda represents the Crown.


37) No case for Sorcery offense yet

Published: 03 May 2017

Officer within the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) revealed that despite having Sorcery Offense under the Criminal Law, still the country have not dealt with any case so far.

Speaking to the Solomon Star, the DPP officer said the law is there but it does not elaborate on the offense of sorcery and not specific on how to deal with such cases.

Explaining that it is difficult since the requirements of the court to provide evidences in sorcery cases will not go down well with allegations of blaming people, based on assumptions.

He said court only charge people who assault suspected sorcerers and so far two cases of murder related to such were dealt with by the court, one in Isabel and now the recent one in the Guadalcanal plains.

By AATAI JOHN/Solomon Star.

38) Baki Visits Bougainville

Anthony Kaybing
Mutual contribution to strengthen the Bougainville Police Service is the primary concern of the Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary along with the Autonomous Bougainville Government.
PNGRC Commissioner, Gari Baki is currently in Bougainville to undertake discussions as part of the ABG-New Zealand Community Policing Project and also to launch the election operations of the Bougainville Police Service.
The Commissioner also had the opportunity to meet with ABG President Chief Dr John Momis to discuss important law and order issues on Bougainville.
President Momis raised the issue of police visibility in Bougainville as a deterrent to crime and what ways to further empower the Bougainville Police Service.
The President also raised the matter of infrastructural development where the ABG has allocated K2 million for additional police housing but the issue was looking at the capacity to manage construction projects and welcomed Commissioner Baki’s input in the matter.
The President also initiated discussions on continued police training for the Bougainville Police Service and was pleased to learn of Commissioner Baki’s initiative to enhance RPNGC training capacity at the regional level including the possibility of establishing a dedicated police training facility in Buka.
“Whilst I welcome the considerable work undertaken by the RPNGC to date in recruiting new personnel, I welcome advice that you are of the view that a critical part of any future recruitment strategy should be attracting qualified young Bougainvilleans to the force,” Momis said.
The President said he considered such an approach to have significant merit and welcomed the opportunity to discuss the matter with the Commissioner further.
Momis further thanked the RPNGC for their continued commitment to the Bougainville Police Service and also made a commitment on behalf of the ABG to work in partnership.
Commissioner Baki has also assured the President that he would take these matters under serious consideration and provide the continued support that has seen progress of the Bougainville Police Service since its inception.02/05/2017 Dawn Fm Bougainville


39) Mining Moratorium Lifted

Anthony Kaybing
The Autonomous Bougainville Government has made an historic announcement in the lifting of the Mining and Exploration Moratorium on Bougainville.
ABG President Chief Dr John Momis made the announcement on Friday April, 28 2017 after the Bougainville Executive Council carefully considered the implications of developing the capacity of the government to manage exploration applications and the needs of the people of Bougainville.
This allows for applications for the areas of Tore, Isina and Jaba only and does not include Panguna, places which have large ore deposits.
Since the development of the Panguna Mine more than 40 years ago the rest of Bougainville has been covered by the moratorium until the announcement was made.
In 2006 the ABG requested the National Government for the Mining, Oil and Gas powers and functions to be drawn down as the priority powers in its notice to the national government.
In 2008 both the ABG and the National Government signed the Alotau MOU that established the road map for the transfer of the Mining, Oil and Gas powers and functions from the National Government to the ABG.
Although the process was slow the ABG enacted its own Mining Act in 2015 and this paved the way for the ABG to regulate its own mining sector.
“The Bougainville Constitution and the Bougainville Mining Act 2015 clearly define the people as the owner of all the mineral found on all the land in Bougainville,” President Momis said.
“It is significantly important that the people’s consent must be given before any mine is developed and the Mining Act,” Momis said.
Momis also added that the Bougainville Mining Act gives the ABG the opportunity to preserve and reserve certain areas in Bougainville from mineral exploration and mining to strategically harvest mineral resources for the current and future generations.
The Bougainville Executive Council has the final authority to grant mining licenses in Bougainville and in this way it will scrutinise every would be investor well to ensure only genuine investors invest in Bougainville before a license is granted.
“We have learnt our lessons from the Panguna experience and now we have the opportunity to do a better job this time,” President Momis said.
“On behalf of the people of Bougainville I invite and welcome applications from prospective applicants to invest in our mining sector; Bougainville is open for business and I look forward to the development of long term economic partnerships to allow Bougainville to fulfil the economic potential she rightly deserves,” he added.
The Bougainville Mining Registrar will start accepting applications from 10am Bougainville Standard Time, Tuesday 9 May 2017.01/05/2017 Dawn Fm Bougainville.

40) Timber specifications

Consumer Council Of Fiji
Saturday, May 06, 2017- Fijitimes

THE high costs associated with timber is no secret given that it is an essential product for the construction of houses and buildings. It is imperative for consumers to practise vigilance and pay attention to details prior to confirming their order and also taking the delivery of the timber products.

The Consumer Council of Fiji have recently been receiving complaints from aggrieved consumers who did not receive timber products according to their specifications.

In particular, consumers were concerned with the fact that despite placing orders for custom sizes they were being delivered timber of varying sizes.

In one peculiar case at hand, Raju who is in the process of building a single storey flat in the Central Division, ordered 33 pieces of 16ft (4.8m) 4″ x 2″ timbers from a reputable hardware company.

While placing his order the salesperson informed Raju that the timber will be delivered within two days according to the more :


41) Composer in the mix for hip-hop award

Alisi Vucago
Sunday, May 07, 2017-Fijitimes

COMPOSER George Wasile is one of three nominees for this year’s Best Hip Hop Song at the Fiji Performing Rights Association (FPRA) Music Awards with the song Run It Up by Wilo featuring Tropic Thunder.

Wasile said he was ecstatic to receive news of his nomination as it reflected that their hard work was finally paying off.

The 32-year-old said he came up with the song in accordance to the artiste’s genre and the type of music he was into.

He said with the hip-hop collaboration, he came up with the music while the artiste focused on the vocals of the song.

“The song is fun and when people hear it, they’d just want to stand up and start dancing,” he said.

“The FPRA music award is an essential platform to provide local artistes with a spotlight to showcase their different genres and capabilities as it also encourages other artistes to get recognised.”

He said being nominated for the award was a stepping stone for him as it made him realise he had the potential to make a living by composing music. Also, Wasile revealed he was working on three projects with Wilo to enter into next year’s FPRA music awards.

Wasile has encouraged aspiring local artistes to not give up on their passion for music.

“I’ve noticed a lot of local artistes work in a hype so they just record two or three songs and then they stop,” he said. “You need to stay true to your passion and when you do get inspired by overseas music, ensure that the music you make still has some local flavour to it.”



42b )
42c )

42d )

43) PNGLNG backs Kumuls

May 5, 2017The NationalSports

In 2017, Papua New Guinea will, for the first time, host the Rugby League World Cup.
ExxonMobil PNG Limited, operator of PNG LNG, is delighted that this opportunity will create international focus on the country as the PNG LNG Kumuls team capitalises on home crowd support.
As a next step on the journey to the World Cup, the PNG LNG Kumuls take on Cook Islands in the Pacific test tomorrow.
PNG LNG managing director Andrew Barry said the firm was proud to be associated with a national icon in sports.
“We congratulate the players who have been selected to represent their country in the lead up Pacific test match in Sydney,” Barry said.
“We believe the young men will be great ambassadors for the country and the national sport.
“We wish them and team management every success in the test.
“The PNG LNG family will be watching from afar and cheering on the team as they take the field in Sydney.”

44 )

45 )

46) England beats Samoa 30-10 after Tonga, Papua New Guinea win Pacific Tests in NRL’s representative round

Updated 6 May 2017, 22:40 AEST

England, Australia and New Zealand remain the clear pace-setters in international rugby league after the NRL’s representative round.

The rugby league world remains, for all intents and purposes, just three countries wide after England beat Samoa in Campbelltown.

After the Kangaroos’ dominant performance against the Kiwis on Friday night, the international league scene could have used a shake-up, but none was forthcoming.

A Samoan side brimming with NRL talent could not match it with the Englishmen, who ran out 30-10 victors.

The win wrapped up a three-Test Saturday, during which Papua New Guinea beat the Cook Islands 32-22 and Tonga scored a last-gasp 26-24 victory over Fiji.

Ultimately, Samoa ran out of puff in the last Test of the day after matching it with England for the first hour or so.

First-half tries to Ryan Hall and Stefan Ratchford allowed England to jump out to an early lead, but Raiders tyro Joey Leilua put Samoa on the board just after the break.

His Canberra teammate, Josh Hodgson, struck back for England before Anthony Milford scooted over on the right side of the field and, at 20-10 in the 66th minute, the game was not out of reach.

But James Graham and Jermaine McGillvary made sure of the result with four-pointers in the final five minutes/

47 )

48 )

49a )

49b )

50 )


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