Published on Jun 25, 2015

A VERY VERY special song, recently recorded in an emotional meeting in South Africa with Mr Benny Wenda, and the former members of Lucky Dube’s band; Phumi Maduna and Thuthukani Cele from the One People Band.

Lucky Dube is celebrated in the hills of West Papua as a voice of freedom. We always demonstrate with Lucky Dube’s song playing because it makes us strong, with more energy, with the spirit of Dube, because his songs are about protesting, for everyone to live happily with no discrimination. The spirit of Lucky Dube connects with the people of West Papua. They know the history of South Africa, so the spirit connects with them.

“Music has the power, it is a serious tool, fight down inequality, fight down racism… to communicate, to send a message globally” Thuthukani Cele.

“A big thank you to the people who have contributed. You know, in West Papua we can not sing to express ourselves, what we have been through, the political struggle.
For me it is very important. The song can contribute a big part to the struggle itself. Freedom, justice, democracy & independence” Benny Wenda.

It was an honour for Benny to be able to meet with Sister Phumi and Thuthu, and tell them how, for decades now, their voices have helped bring his people hope. The band had no idea that so many people in West Papua held them as their heroes and knew every single word to their songs. Benny could finally bring his people’s gratitude to them.

Then they recorded this song.
It is real, it is now…It needs to be heard.

Send it to your radio stations, to your DJs, or just play it REALLY loudly wherever you are. Let’s get it distributed to all the taxi’s, buses, minivans around the world!!

You know what to do. Twitter the famous, remix it, spread it.

No profit. One Love. Freedom for West Papua NOW.
Phumi Maduna, Thuthukani Cele, Benny Wenda. Making history.

Dedicated to everyone who welcomed Benny & made him feel a part of the family in South Africa.

Thank you –WanderingHobbit

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