Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1102 ( Wednesday 31 May 2017 )


1) PNG MSG Ileksan Observers

Postim 30 May 2017, 14:08 AEST
Sam Seke

Leader blong Melanesian Spearhead Group Observer team wea bae go lukluk long Papua New Guinea National Elections, Sir Francis Billy Hilly hem se waka fo lukluk long PNG elections hem wanfala bigfala challenge.

Hem se tim blong hem bae stap long PNG stat long naba 19 long June go kasem olketa i kaontim evri risalt bihaen vouting hem klos long naba 8 long July.

Sir Francis hem se seksen blong hem bae go long evriwea long PNg fo meksua ilesen hem go gud folom olketa ileksen loa blong blong PNG.

Hem se MSG Oservers tim ino faedem eni samting rong long Vanuatu ileksen last year, an olketa i hop evri samting bae go gud tu long Papua New Guinea.

Mi toktok wetem Sir Francis disfala moning bihaen hem saenim niu observer waka wetem MSG disfala morning wetem MSG Chairman, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

2) Party recognises indigenous rights

Mere Naleba
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

THE Social Democratic Liberal Party says it supports the human rights of all Fijians as well as all communities in the country.

In a statement, SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka, reassured members of the public that the party recognised the rights of indigenous people of Fiji.

“Recognition of the rights of indigenous people of Fiji is in harmony with the party’s welcoming and recognition of the many ethnic communities who have made Fiji their home,” Mr Rabuka said.

“Indigenous rights are also human rights, as are women’s rights, as well as the rights of the disabled and the rights of children for example.”

Mr Rabuka said the international community recognised the rights of indigenous people to manage their land and resources as well as their right to identity, their culture and traditions and their indigenous institutions.

“In supporting indigenous rights, SODELPA does not seek to place indigenous rights above the human rights of members of Fiji’s minority ethnic communities, given the indivisibility and equality of human rights,” he said

“In the same vein, SODELPA recognises the fact that the indigenous community are the majority population, does not mean they lose their entitlement to their indigenous rights, in particular their rights to be consulted, and to give their free, prior informed consent to changes affecting their land, culture and resources.”

Mr Rabuka reassured all minority religious and ethnic communities in Fiji, that SODELPA was committed to assuring their security in Fiji.

3) Vanuatu signs first country framework programme with IAEA
8:08 pm GMT+12, 29/05/2017, Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s foreign minister Bruno Leingkone and Dazhu Yang, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the department of technical cooperation, have signed Vanuatu’s Country Programme Framework (CPF) for the period of 2017-2023.

A CPF is the frame of reference for the medium-term planning of technical cooperation between a Member State and the IAEA and identifies priority areas where the transfer of nuclear technology and technical cooperation resources will be directed to support national development goals.

Vanuatu has been an IAEA Member State since 2015. Its 2017-2023 CPF identifies four priority areas:

*Strengthening National Capabilities in Radiology
*Enhancing crop productivity
*Establishing technical capabilities for groundwater resource assessment and land-water management
* Establishing a national radiation safety and security infrastructure.



4) Over 50 child marriages a year in Tonga

30 May 2017

Tonga has averaged over 50 teen marriages annually over the past two years, a women’s advocate says.

Vanessa Heleta runs the Talitha Project, which is trying to get a change in the marriage laws with its “Let Girls be Girls!” initiative.

Tonga currently allows people between the ages of 15 and 17 to get married if they have their parents’ consent.

Ms Heleta said in 2015 there were 56 child marriages, as they are known in Tonga, and in 2016 there were 52.

She said 15 child marriages have been registered so far this year.

“It’s really saddened my heart. I don’t think it’s right. This day and age we should not encourage child marriages,” she said.

“This project is all about enhancing and giving opportunities to the young girls to be the best that they can be. This law is not doing that.”

Pregnancies led to such marriages, and young girls were also pressured to get married in some cases, she said.RNZI

5 )


6) Marshall Islands tertiary education has new partnership with USP

Tertiary education in the Marshall Islands could be strengthened by a new partnership between the University of the South Pacific and the College of Marshall Islands.

A memorandum of understanding was signed on Friday in Majuro by the university’s president and vice chancellor professor Rajesh Chandra and the president of the college Dr Theresa Koroivulaono.

Under the agreement the two institutions will work together, over the next three years to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics based learning in public and private schools.

They will also look at linking up their online networks and developing capacity for online education particularly in the maritime sector and work to avoid the duplication of courses and programmes to maximise higher education opportunities in the Republic of Marshall Islands.

Last week the USP also opened a new campus in the Marshalls.30/5/17 RNZI

7 )


8) Vanuatu Bride Prais i hap blong kastom

Postim 30 May 2017, 12:45 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Wanpla lida meri blong Vanuatu itok pasin blong baem meri i hap blong ol kastom blong kantri na ol pipla ino ken toktok tumas long en.

Jenny Ligo husat i  Chairwoman blong Vanuatu Women Against Crime and Corruption, i mekim despla toktok bihaenim ol toktok i kamap long social midia olsem prais blong baem ol meri long Vanuatu i antap tumas.

Vanuatu, wankaen ol narapla kantri long Melanesia olsem Papua New Guinea na Solomon Islands igat kastom blong baem ol meri.

Planti pipal isave tok olsem despla  kastom blong bride price isave kamapim gender based violence long ol meri, na tu ol papa-mama isave putim bikpla moni tumas long ol pikinini meri blong ol.

Long Vanuatu ol bride prais i karamapim kastom moni, ol mat na ol pik.ABC


9 )

Crée le 30.05.2017 à 15h40
Mis à jour le 30.05.2017 à 15h43

Un nouveau décès de la dengue est à déplorer. La victime est une femme de 75 ans, originaire de Poindimié, et décédée la nuit dernière alors qu’elle avait été admise jeudi dernier au Médipôle.

Cette patiente, aux lourdes pathologies chroniques, avait d’abord été hospitalisée à Poindimié avant d’être transférée au CHT de Koutio, indique le gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie dans un communiqué. Il s’agit du dixième décès de la dengue depuis le début de l’épidémie, le 5 janvier dernier.

Le gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie renouvelle son appel à la vigilance à l’ensemble de la population calédonienne, rappelant qu’elle doit impérativement se protéger contre les moustiques et détruire les gîtes larvaires qui se trouvent à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur des habitations.

Jeudi dernier, c’est un bébé de six mois qui a été victime de la dengue. L’information avait été rendue publique, hier.


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12 )


13) PNG Madang haus sik marasin sot

Updated 30 May 2017, 13:09 AEST
Caroline Tiriman

Dipatman blong Helt long Madang provins long Papua New Guinea itok em i wok long mekim olgeta samting long helpim Modilon General Hospital long go hed na givim sevis long communiti maski oli sot long marasin.

Provincial health director Marcus Kachau i mekim despla toktok bihaenim tingting blong haus sik long katim sampla wok blong en long wonem oli sot long marasin.

Madang provins, wankaen olsem ol narapla haus sik na rural helt klinik long PNG iwok long bungim heve long lukautim ol sikman-meri long wonem nogat marasin.

Planti taem ol pipal long PNG isave go long ol haus sik, we ol helt wokas isave tokim ol long go long ol Chemist long baem marasin, tasol planti taem ol despla sikman-meri ino gat moni long baem marasin.ABC


14) Riches from the land

Monika Singh
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A FAIRLY young company which just started operations in 2011 received its first export orders by 2014 and by the end of 2015 it started exporting kava to countries such as the US and New Zealand.

Green Gold Kava is a company or rather a product based in Savusavu and was started by yaqona farmer and businessman Praveen Narayan who says he has not regretted his decision to choose yaqona farming as his business.

“Green Gold Kava started in 2011 when I returned to Savusavu to start kava farming. By 2014 we got things started to export kava and by late 2015 we exported to US and New Zealand and from then it’s almost non-stop,” said Mr Narayan.

“In 2016 we won the emerging exporter award and it’s been a roller coaster year for us,” he said.

Mr Narayan also was a recipient of government’s national export grant given by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

He said with the grant and the help and advice from the Ministry of Agriculture, he has done well.

“We have invested a lot in the farms infrastructure in terms of machines, vehicles and packing facility and the most important investment I believe is working with our farmers in educating them on agribusiness and sustainable farming practices.”

Mr Narayan was part of the group of small and medium enterprises who were fortunate enough to attend an expo in New Zealand sponsored by the Pacific Islands Trade and Invest and Fiji Export Council.

He said the workshops by Fiji Export Council and Pacific Island Trade and Invest NZ had greatly benefited Green Gold Kava in terms of giving the company that much needed recognition in the market.

“Whether it be government ministry or diplomatic corps we have made great connections to increase the face value of Green Gold Kava locally and internationally.

“As for Fiji Export Council they have done a tremendous work in enhancing, engaging and empowering SMEs to become more efficient in exports growth.”

Mr Narayan said the Pasifika Festival last year was an eye opener for him because he had the chance to meet the various and potential importers and also had the opportunity to get an insight into what the NZ market required of the exporters from Fiji and the Pacific.

“We have to be very vigilant and observatory when you get a chance to go on a trade mission. To be comprehensive in knowing the market requirements of a particular country, their culture — as for NZ it is a Pacific oriented country and easy for Fijian exporters to do business.”

As far as the shortage of kava in the country goes, Mr Narayan says there is not a shortage of kava as from 2015 until now.

He said as per their workshops with the kava farmers it was revealed that farmers had planted more than a million yaqona plants every year in the bay area of Cakaudrove alone.

“It is only because of the greedy few that the price is still high but we are happy for the farmers. We call them the rural millionaires.”

However Mr Narayan said the high price of kava did have an impact on the business because the price kept increasing every week.

“It wasn’t stable hence a lot of exporters lost their markets and so did the importers. The trust we build we our buyers we managed to overcome all these and fulfilled all orders with the price agreed upon.”

Mr Narayan’s business is set to receive further recognition and boost with a program that is expected to add value to his Green Gold Kava.

“We have a project sponsored by Pacific Island Trade and Invest NZ that is supported by the trade commissioner Michael Greenslade to get a new drink developed with our kava to enable it to become a global seller. We are looking at launching it early next year.”

15) Pastors, villagers burn items allegedly used in witchcraft

Luisa Qiolevu
Tuesday, May 30, 2017-Fijitimes

THE chiefly village of Naduri in Macuata, in its decision to surrender the vanua to God, burnt items allegedly used in witchcraft.

Led by their chief Ratu Wiliame Katonivere, more than 1000 villagers joined Assemblies of God church pastors during the burning of the items at the village on Sunday night.

The items were given by individuals in Naduri Village who had decided to surrender all witchcraft practises.

The items included molikula (a shell of great value to iTaukei), old framed pictures, tanoa or grog bowls, conch shells and ancient framed signs and writings.

Like the cleansing in Bua earlier this year, alleged images of evil beings were seen in the flames as it engulfed the items.

Ratu Wiliame and villagers, under the guidance of the pastors, prayed for the vanua and severing of all curses and bondage from their ancestors.

Tui Bua Ratu Makutu Nagagavoka, who was also at the gathering, encouraged the people of Macuata to turn to God because he had seen the good changes in his vanua.

The group of AOG pastors will continue with their crusade in the village for another week.

16) Fiji PM welcomes back Tabua

29 May 2017

Fiji’s prime minister Frank Bainimarama has welcomed home dozens of confiscated whales teeth saying their return is timely given efforts to save the ocean.

In a ceremony in Fiji today New Zealand handed over 148 sperm whales’ teeth which people from Fiji had attempted to take into New Zealand over the years.

Mr Bainimarama said the teeth which are known in Fiji as Tabua carry great significance for Fijian people and full credit must be given to both countries’ border agencies which worked collaboratively to make the exchange happen.

Mr Bainimarama said Fiji brought in a quota on the trade and export of Tabua and only stranded sperm whales could add to the number in circulation.

He said Fiji’s respect for the ocean and marine life would always take precedence and that the exchange was timely, as Fiji prepares to co-host the UN Conference on Oceans next month in New York.RNZI


17 )

18) Group moots two-party election, says former Fiji foreign Minister Tavola

10:41 pm GMT+12, 29/05/2017, Fiji

The long term assessment of the Fijian political landscape is that it would be ideal to have only two parties, it has been revealed.

The assessment came from a policy analysis think-tank which later developed into a political movement culminating in the proposed Unity Fiji Party.

Kaliopate Tavola, one of the pioneers of the movement, disclosed for the first time Monday the events that led to the birth of the proposed party. But the high-profile economist who once served as a diplomat, foreign affairs, external trade, sugar minister and politician, said he was no longer involved with the proposed party.

“I have given all the support I can in setting it up and some documentation,”Tavola said.

“I have said to them I am no longer part of it. I am finished with politics. I don’t get any information from them any more.”

But he said he would be a “keen observer.”

He revealed the origins of the proposed party.

“We started talking about a need for a policy analysis capability,” he said.

“I am going back to the early days. Consultant Adi Sivia Qoro, former governor of RBF Savenaca Narube, we were involved right from the start. I don’t know who is involved right now. I am no longer part of that now.”

Tavola said: “There is a need to look at certain policies, analyse them and come up with policy statements that would be available to various Governments in the region. So that’s how we started. “We felt that there was a need for that not only in Fiji but in the region as well.

“We wanted to start an Institute of Political Analysis that was non-political. It was basically looking at Government policies and the need to come up with good policies that will maximise development and reach out to all the beneficiaries and communities.

“Lots of countries have that capability. They have an institute that analyse policies and come up with new policy statements. That’s what we were starting to discuss.

“Then it got into the need for a political party. Not long after that it was not for me. It was time for me to do what I like doing best.”

He said when the Fijian group started, they looked at the Constitution, the electoral system, what happened in the last election.

“There were too many parties. And there were independents but they did not meet the five per cent threshold and lost out.

“From there, we got what we need for Fiji in terms of the new Constitution and the new electoral system. It’s perhaps something like in the US where they have only two main parties and so the electors would still have a choice of an alternative Government waiting in the wing.

“We thought that with the new Constitution and new electoral systems what we at least need is two basic parties so that the electors can still have a choice if they want to go with the Government at that time if not they still have a choice to change the Government,” said Tavola.


19 )

20 )


21) Foreign exchange in PNG drop to manageable level
10:44 pm GMT+12, 29/05/2017, Papua New Guinea

The foreign exchange backlog has dropped from K1.9 billion (US$597 million) to a “manageable” K700 million (US$220 million) – with about K280 million (US$88 million) of it from the Bank of South Pacific customers.

Bakani said earlier the K1.9 billion was the highest, before it dropped to K1.5 billion (US$471 million), and then K700 million.

“It’s around that all the time. That is the total for unserved orders,” he said.

BSP chief executive officer Robin Fleming told The National that the bank had about 40 per cent of the foreign exchange market share.

“So do the math and work around that,” he said.

He also explained that measures initiated by the Central Bank last year on the forex market had not impacted BSP’s earnings.

“It has not had a major impact on our revenues or earnings,” he said.

“The Bank of Papua New Guinea has put those particular measures in place for administrative reasons and it hasn’t had any large impact on our business.

“Foreign exchange earnings have remained tracking from last year.

“We got equally the full year benefit of foreign exchange across the Group and we need to take that into account.

“I think this year will be a more difficult year but I am sure there will be some additional flows that haven’t necessarily been budgeted for.

“The foreign exchange is very much flow-driven with a handful of exporters and a large number of importers. And when we get some of the larger flows come in, we are able to reduce the number of orders quite considerably.

“And it may well build up over time. So there are peaks and troughs. But certainly, we got about 40 per cent market share.”.


22) Assistance for local investors

Kalesi Mele
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

INVESTMENT Fiji is placing more emphasis on assisting local investors, says CEO Godo Mueller-Teut.

During the Local Investor Forum at Tanoa Waterfront Hotel yesterday Mr Mueller-Teut said they would assist those investors whose investment exceeded $500,000.

“We see local investors as not only important clients but as major contributors to the growth of the Fijian economy. From August last year until April 2017, Investment Fiji has assisted more than 30 projects by local investors valued at more than $200 million,” he said.

He added these projects provided employment for about 2000 Fijians.

“It is encouraging to see that local companies are putting money back into our economy. This is a clear indication of the strong confidence in Fiji’s thriving economy.”

The forum provides a platform whereby local and foreign investors convene to discuss projects that could possibly be formulated with the assistance of Investment Fiji.

“Our investment team aids both foreign and domestic investors by identifying potential targets and arranging suitable meetings and introductions. We help them in making informed decisions by providing them with sector profiles which outline various opportunities and investment incentives.”


23) 200 new jobs

Kalesi Mele
Tuesday, May 30, 2017-Fijitimes

MORE than 200 people in the Western Division will be employed within the next few months as a new wharf and ship-loading infrastructure is built in Lautoka

The handing over ceremony for the project — which will be constructed to export Fiji’s first ever mined iron sand, was done in Lautoka yesterday.

The handing over ceremony took place between Amex Resources and Chinese company First Harbour Consultants.

Amex Company has invested more than $200 million into the project with the site for mining expected to be in the Ba area.

Company chairman Richard Alston said construction was expected to be completed within the next year.

“We expect that there will at least be 250 full time jobs available for the people of Ba both skilled and unskilled and it will be of benefit for the Fijian economy,” he said.

“So construction phase will take 12 months and then the life of the mine will be at least 20 years and possibly a lot more because we think there are other reserves that are off shore.”

“We are very grateful to the Fijian Government for all the support they have given and certainly First Harbour Construction, they have great partners.”

He added they had conducted feasibility studies on the mining site.

“We started in 2009, so it’s a long time ago, and we followed all the processes. We identified there was a further area offshore but we didn’t want to worry too much about that until we got this major one up and running.

“We had to make sure it met environmental standards and we also had to make sure the people of Ba were happy through the whole process and we think we got their support right through.”

Fiji is one of few countries in the South Pacific to have iron sand reserves which Amex sought to develop to meet international demand for the steel component.

“We think this is a world class reserve.”


24) RAMSI exit soon leaves Solomon Islands peace at stake

5:09 pm GMT+12, 29/05/2017, Solomon Islands

By Andrew Fanasia Jnr

Police in Solomon Islands say community support will be the backbone of their crime prevention strategy post RAMSI.

The Australian and New Zealand led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands departs the country at the end of next month after having spent 14 years and billions of tax-payer dollars rebuilding both the country and its police force after a bloody ethnic conflict.

The deputy police commissioner of Solomon Islands Gabriel Manelusi said RAMSI leaves a highly trained and well equipped force that is ready to stand on its own two feet.

But he said community support would determine whether or not their crime prevention model of policing was successful in addressing drivers of crime in Solomon Islands.

Just recently a second Firearms Amnesty was launched in Honiara. A similar amnesty period was applied in 2003 when RAMSI arrived and people that surrendered their weapons were given amnesty. Those surrendering their guns in the next two weeks will also be given amnesty.

The government has offered another chance for those still holding on to guns to surrender them by 9 June 2017.

RAMSI Special Coordinator Quinton Devlin said it is an opportunity for Solomon Islanders to regain full control of their future.

“When RAMSI leaves, the security and future of this nation will be fully in the hands of Solomon Islanders.

In a separate occasion Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said Solomon Islands must remain peaceful after the exit of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) at the end of June.

“It is the responsibility of all Solomon Islanders and others living and working in the country to ensure peaceful co-existence,” Prime Minister Sogavare said.

During a brief meeting with Australia’s Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Penny Williams in Honiara a week and half ago, Prime Minister Sogavare said after the exit of RAMSI, the Police Force and people alike must appreciate peace, and sustain law and order at all times, adding national and provincial governments must ensure proper paths are taken.

He told Williams sustainable peace cannot be ascertained without a sound economy.

“Solomon Islands wants to build a vibrant economy to finance its health services, schools, such infrastructure services as roads and bridges, wharves and the agriculture and tourism sectors,” PM Sogavare said.

Sogavare said while the country is grateful to Australia for footing the cost of RAMSI during the past 13 years, it is now time to help in building the national economy.

44 RAMSI personnel will remain in the country after its withdrawal. Australia will change its focus from keeping law and order to helping Solomon Islands with the efforts to build a sound economy.

Williams confirmed a team from Canberra will visit Honiara in July to study what areas the Australian Government will help Solomon Islands to develop its economy under a development co-operation arrangement.

The idea of setting up a development co-operation between the two countries was discussed at the Australia-Solomon Islands Security Dialogue held in Honiara May 17.



25) NDMO appoints first female NEOC Controller

Alice larem Sanga.

The Vanuatu National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) appointed the first female Controller in the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) last week to coordinate the ongoing response and relief in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Donna.

The NEOC is activated for all disasters and major emergency operations requiring coordination.

Liaison officers from government agencies and partners are represented in the NEOC to work with the NDMO to:

• gather information, issue situation reports and operational maps;

• conduct damage assessments and coordinate support, including donor assistance;

• make logistical arrangements for relief supplies and distributions; and

• compile assessment reports and prepare briefing papers.

Ms Alice larem Sanga, who is the NDMO Senior Disaster Management and Climate Change Advisor, was appointed to take charge of the NEOC at the beginning of last week.

Ms larem has been working with the NDMO for the past six years.

“It was a surprise to be appointed as NEOC Controller but it was a real privilege.

“It has been a very busy week and I have learnt a lot from working with everyone,” Ms larem said.

Mr Shadrack Welegtabit who is the NDMO Director said this was a very important milestone and showed there are opportunities for females in leadership roles.

“I am very proud of Alice who has done an excellent job this week to ensure people of Torres and Santo are receiving much needed support. Alice has shown great leadership which will hopefully inspire more women to take on these roles,” Mr Welegtabit said.

The Australian High Commissioner to Vanuatu, Ms Jenny Da Rin also offered her congratulations, saying “the appointment of Ms Iarem into a leadership role within the NEOC sends a positive message to women and girls in Vanuatu and provides a strong role model for the younger generation of girls interested in a career in public service.”

26 )

27) Iron mine exploring start

Kalesi Mele
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

AMEX Resources is exploring the sandbanks of the delta at the mouth of the Ba River between Raviravi and Vatutavui from its Sorokoba field base for iron sand.

Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya said this yesterday during the handover ceremony of the wharf site to Chinese company First Harbour Consultants for the construction of a new wharf and ship-loading infrastructure.

“Not only will the project boost our economy and open up employment opportunities; it is also expected to complement Government’s efforts to dredge the Ba Delta, thereby reducing the impacts of flooding during wet weather and we all know the damaging effects of a river bursting its banks,” he said.

“This is undoubtedly good news for those living along the Ba Delta but there is also better news for the nation. Now more so than ever ladies and gentlemen, investor confidence in Fiji has never been higher. Despite Fiji’s recent experience with devastating natural disasters, the outlook on our economic activity is encouragingly expected to continue growing.”

Iron sand is a component used to create steel and is popular and in demand among the growing economies of the world.

“We have healthy deposits of it here in Fiji, but we must carefully consider all aspects of mining for such a resource, including its environmental impacts before the mining lease is granted. Albeit given the lease three years ago, I am happy to mention that Amex has continued to meet the compliance requirements, so Government is willing to partner with them for mutual gain, in our respect, economic returns and investment and in Amex’s case, a steady supply of this sought after mineral.”

This new wharf and ship-loading facility will include a berth, a barge unloading facility, a washing plant, a stockpile area, ship-loading infrastructure, as well as workshops and offices.

The construction of the facility together with the purchase of a specialised marine fleet represents a $180-million investment. This is in addition to the $25m the company had already spent on exploration and other associated works leading up to this.


28 )

29) Police monitor minors

Luke Rawalai
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

POLICE are liaising closely with nightclub operators to verify the identification of their patrons.

Responding to concerns from members of the public regarding the increase of teenagers roaming the streets of Labasa at night, Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said it was important they verified the identification of club patrons to monitor minors.

“With regards to the issue of teenagers as is with other divisions, we liaise with nightclub operators on the importance of verifying the identification of their patrons so as not to allow minors in,” she said.

“Our officers are out on patrols if they see those deemed to be young students, we would encourage them to go home and not loiter in town late at night.

“This is where parental and guardian supervision is extremely important and the safety of children prioritised ahead of other social commitments.”

Members of the public in Labasa had voiced their concerns on teenagers that were frequenting nightspots in the North.

Labasa resident Vereniki Kabakaba said teenagers were seen loitering in billiard clubs, nightclubs and even drinking in private vehicles. Another concerned parent Akisi Vakadei said authorities needed to monitor teenagers and take their parents to task for being negligent.

Ms Vakadei said it was worrying because the teenagers included young girls.

In a separate incident a 13-year-old Year 8 student of Somosomo District School who was allegedly hit by a vehicle driven by a woman in Vatuulo, Taveuni is in stable condition at the island’s hospital.

Ms Naisoro said the incident happened on Friday afternoon while the student was crossing the road after getting off a school bus.

She said police was investigating the incident.Fijitimes

30) Debate on youth value

Alisi Vucago
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

THE employment market for youths in Fiji hardly has detailed or advanced planning to create and provide work to match the number of people entering the job market annually and the great number of school leavers.

This was said by Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa during the Speaker’s debate yesterday.

The debate was themed, ‘Do communities in Fiji value the voices of our youths’. Ro Teimumu said the National Employment Centre that was set up in 2010 had only managed to place 5685 people in employment up to March 30, 2017.

“This covers only a small proportion of school leavers in any one year,” she said. “Those waiting in line include people with Masters qualifications, degree holders, diploma graduates, trade certificate people and many others with a different variety of qualifications.”

Ro Teimumu also stated schools in urban areas were scoring higher marks in external examinations as compared to schools in the rural and maritime districts that were attended mostly by i-Taukei and other rural workers and fishermen. “It is most likely than not, that schools with the best provision would attain better marks than those with inferior facilities,” she said.

Meanwhile, Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou said youth liberty or autonomy in Fiji was mostly governed by culture and tradition across diverse Fijian communities

“In today’s contexts, with the enormous impact of social media, this has led to a need to shift our paradigms as society and youths are becoming more vocal and visible regarding their issues — and that, I believe is a good thing,” he said.


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32 )

33) East versus West trials tomorrow

Veronika Sovatabua
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

THE Fiji National Rugby League will conduct the East vs West national trials tomorrow.

This is to select a Fiji Residents side to participate in the upcoming games.

This trial is important as the Vodafone Fiji Residents prepare to face Canada, the Magpies and a few other crucial matches ahead.

Apart from the games, the Vodafone Fiji Residents will also take part in the Battle of the Bati game to be held here in Fiji on October 27, followed by the Tri-Nations Game between Vodafone Fiji Bati, the PNG Kumuls and the Australian Kangaroos on October 14.

Nadi Zone head coach Vela Tawake confirmed that they were working on getting the boys to be ready for the Wednesday trials.

He said despite time constraints they were faced with, they were currently working hard to impress the selectors.Fijitimes

34) Football move

Pravin Narain
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

FIJI is scheduled to have more international football matches soon.

This will see the country playing to improve its ranking on FIFA listing and also to improve the knowledge and skills of Fijian footballers.

National coach Christophe Gamel, months after taking up the Fiji post, is trying to take Fijian football to European standard.

This include playing more international games.

The national side is lining up another six international friendly matches later this year.

Fiji will play New Caledonia on a home and away basis in the 2018 FIFA stage three Oceania qualifiers next month, play Indonesia in Jakarta, Singapore and most likely Hong Kong in August.

The team will host 100th ranked Estonia in November and is likely to play Thailand in New Zealand.

“In FIFA window, it is normal to play international matches and Fiji has not played many international matches,” he said.

“I have asked Fiji FA to plan for more international matches during my project.

“With more international matches, I am looking at getting more experience for our youth players and most of all I want them to prepare for the 2022 and 2026 World Cups.

Meanwhile, Fiji is expected to climb up the FIFA ranking from 181th position after their draw and win against Solomon Islands during the weekend in Suva and Lautoka.

35 )

36)More friendly fixtures for Fiji
10:51 pm GMT+12, 29/05/2017, Fiji

Building on from their friendly matches against Solomon Islands last week, Fiji have lined up two more friendly matches against Estonia and Indonesia later this year.

After Fiji’s impressive results against their fellow Oceania opponents – drawing 1-1 in their first match then winning 1-0 in their second match – Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel believes the two clashes against teams from outside the region will contribute to the national team’s continuing development.

“There is good news for Fiji FA and our football fans in general,” he said.

“Estonia is a team from Europe and it has been finalised and they have responded positively to play and they’re willing to come here and play.”

Following the two matches, Patel plans to keep the momentum of the national team, working with sponsors to line up more international fixtures.

“We will try to get more international friendly matches,” he said.

“Fiji FA will continue to work with sponsors and give the fans what they deserve in terms of the skills the players are showing and the facilities.”

Fiji will travel to Indonesia for their first international friendly in August before returning home to host Estonia in November.




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