Are We Ready for Mining in the Solomon Islands?: Lessons from Australia

Published on May 7, 2014

“Waswe, Iumi Redi fo Mining Long Solomon Aelans?: Lessons From Australia”

Australians have been living with mining for over 200 hundred years. They have learnt many lessons, both good and bad. In the Solomon Islands, mining is only now beginning across the country…

‘Waswe, Iumi Redi for Mining long Solomon Aelans? Lessons from Australia’ shares the story of the 12 Solomon Island community leaders who travelled to Australia in May 2013, to benefit from Australian experiences of mining, conservation and culture.

Over ten days they heard different perspectives from all sides, including indigenous land owners, mining companies and park managers. The group will now use this film to share their lessons with many other people in the Solomon Islands…

“Many people in our villages do not even know what a mine is … we need this information to help us make informed decisions about our future” Moira Dasipio, President of Mothers Union Isabel, Solomon Islands.

For more information please contact Ms Robyn James, The Nature Conservancy [email protected] +61(0) 7 3214 6900

Filmed & Edited: Kat Gawlik

Music: East Journey
For more information on East Journey please phone +61 488 469 106

Thank yu tumas – ClimateAndCommunity


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