The Opposition trailer. Papua New Guinea. (2016) Showing at the Australian Museum Sydney/Australia 7 September 6pm.

FILM ON PNG CORRUPTION FIGHTERS FACES LEGAL HURDLE PNG Exposed | 20 April 2016 The Opposition is the first feature-length documentary to look into the murky world of real-estate developers, their political patrons, and PNG’s unsung heroes fighting against them. It focuses on the famous case of Paga Hill, which the country’s public accounts watchdog claims was acquired by ‘foreign speculators’ through ‘corrupt dealings’. Allegedly PM O’Neill’s business partner and former stablemate, Michael Nali, championed the project in government before becoming a shareholder. The company behind the proposed luxury estate at Paga Hill, PHDC, is managed by its Icelandic CEO, Gudmundur Fridriksson, whose PNG business interests have featured in numerous anti-corruption inquiries. However, in a dramatic twist, the film may never be publicly screened, that is, if political matriarch Dame Carol Kidu gets her way. Back in 2012 Dame Kidu came out fighting against PHDC. In vocal public statements she accused them of fraud and corruption. PHDC then offered her a handsome consultancy deal, through her firm CK Consultancy Limited. Dame Kidu took the contract. All criticisms of the developer stopped, and she has become the public face of PHDC’s Paga Hill development, giving it a thin gloss of corporate respectability. She strongly denies being bought off. While PHDC are busily courting Chinese partners – with the blessing of NCDC Governor Powes Parkop – it is alleged Dame Kidu is petitioning the Australian courts to stop PNG from ever seeing this documentary film. Evidence submitted to the Australian courts indicate PHDC are backing Dame Kidu’s legal case. While a decision on the case is expected soon, the film’s trailer can be viewed here.

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Hello Wantoks,
Invitation to all Melanesian People from Western Pacific and Friends Of the Pacific,

Fees are Family $20 and Single $15. To purchase tickets, use the links below through website . There are discounted tickets to $18 using discount code ‘COMTIX’) courtesy of Australian Museum;

I will be there.

Please email and let me know, if you can make it to replying here on VOM website or send me an email to

See you all there.

Kind regards, Philippe.




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