Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest Summary # 1119 ( Saturday 28 October 2017 )


1)  PNG Buk Sibougo Born in a pig’s hut

Updated 27 October 2017, 12:23 AEDT
Caroline Tiriman

Skul oa education emi wanpla bikpla samting we emi ken helpim laif blong wanwan man na meri.

Despla em toktok blong Paul Titus, wanpla mansave blong Papua new Guinea Simbu provins husat ibin lainim long papa blong en taem emi bin liklik mangi iet.

Despla stori istap tu insaet long buk em oli kolim “Sibougo – Born in a pig’s hut” na emi stori long laif blong Mr Titus.

Paul Titus isave stap nau long New Zealand wantem family blong en, tasol taem emi bin liklik, papa blong en ibin dai na mama ibin lusim em na maritim narapla man.

Em  ibin bungim bikpla heve, tasol emi bin wok hard tru long skul na nau emi wok long New Zealand olsem tisa long Longburn Adventist College, Palmerston North.

Tede oli stat salim buk blong en long United Kingdom na long Pacific rijan bai oli stat salim long Mande.

2) #PNGData4Development: UNDP launches online data portal

For aid organisations and governments working in the Pacific, scarce and unreliable data is still a major barrier to helping communities achieve their Sustainable Development Goals.

With the aim of achieving better development outcomes the United Nations Office in Papua New Guinea has launched a website called #PNGData4Development.

A central data collection point, the UN’s Resident Co-Ordinator in PNG Roy Trivedy, says the network will be open to all Papua New Guineans to access.AUDIO-

3) Solomon Islands NDMO keeping up with fresh water demands in Temotu

Ash from the Tinakula volcano is still contaminating fresh water sources for the Solomon Islanders living on nearby atolls, but the National Disaster Management Office is confident there are enough supplies to help villagers survive the volcanic debris for the time being.

NDMO director Loti Yates says Tinakula is showing signs of calming down, and the situation is under control for now.Audio –

4) Pipol blong Reef Islands bae no garem wata fo dringim nao

Updated 27 October 2017, 11:24 AEDT
Sam Seke

Samfala taosen pipol blong Reef Islands long Solomon Island olketa i nao garem nomoa rein wata wea hem stap iet insaet long water tanks blong olketa fo dringim, an den bae hem nomoa wata fo dring nao.

Olketa sisimol rif aelan ia olketa ino garem riva so pipol i dipen nomoa long rein wata fo dringim.

Chairman blong Temotu Provincial Disaster Committee, Frank Menesa hem se olketa bin talem pipol fo kavarem wata tank blong olketa mekem poisin asis from Tinakula Volcano ino go insaet.

Mr Menesa hem se olketa i hop nomoa fo botol wata wea olketa se bae kam from Honiara long ship, hem kasem olketa aelan ia kwik taem.

Hem se asis wea hem mekem evri samting go waet taem hem rein, hem insaet tu long olketa riva long mein aelan blong Santa Cruz – and olketa ino save sapos hem gud fo dringim or nomoa.

Mr Menesa hu hem Provincial Police Commander tu blong Temotu, hem se Tinakula Volcano hem stil gohet fo faerap distaem.

5 ) Tourism in Melanesia

Friday, October 27, 2017

A REGIONAL tourism body says it’s looking forward to the development of tourism in Melanesia after an agreement signed with the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation is expected to work with the grouping of Melanesian countries in areas like planning, policy, information sharing, product development and marketing.

The memorandum of understanding signed in Port Vila also includes collaboration with airlines on products, capacity building and training.

The tourism body’s CEO Chris Cocker has highlighted the great potential for Solomon Islands and PNG in the area of cruise and niche tourism.

He’s also pointed to the example of Fiji which has 40 per cent of the Pacific’s regional market share.

He said tourism involved the Pacific’s greatest assets — people, environment and culture.

The MSG said information sharing means airlines should not use commercial viability as an excuse not to connect.

6) Indonesia accepts Pacific’s right to raise West Papua concern

27 October 2017

Indonesia’s foreign minister says it is the right of Pacific Island countries to raise issues about West Papua in international fora.

According to Antara news agency, Retno Marsudi said Indonesia also had the right to explain.

This comes after last month’s fiery response by Indonesia to speeches by some Pacific governments at the United Nations General Assembly.

Prime ministers of Vanuatu and Solomon Islands called for an investigation into killings and various alleged human rights abuses against West Papuans by Indonesian security forces.

In response, Indonesia’s representative accused the countries of being manipulated by Papuans with separatist agendas to exploit the issue of human rights.

A month on, Ms Marsudi said that in the UN all countries were given freedom to express their thoughts.

But she emphasised that Jakarta was pursuing a comprehensive development programme in Papua to improve living standards.

The minister also noted that the Pacific Islands region was an area of key interest in her country’s foreign policy and diplomacy.

“At every annual statement of the Foreign Ministry, we emphasise that the South Pacific region is one of Indonesia’s foreign policy concerns.”

She said that during the last three years, Indonesia’s presence and role in the region were evident in the main representative forums such as the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacific Island Forum.

“In addition, when the South Pacific countries were affected by a disaster, Indonesia was one of the countries that sent aid,” she said.

7) PNG cash flow issues endangering lives, says Oro Governor

27 October 2017

A Papua New Guinea provincial governor says a lack of cash flow from central government for basic services is endangering lives around the country.

Papua New Guinea MP for Oro Regional, Gary Juffa Photo: Loop PNG

The Governor of Oro, Gary Juffa, said many provinces weren’t receiving their full functional grants for things like education, health, law and order.

Mr Juffa said Oro has only received funding for two months’ worth this year, and he says the consequent shortfalls in public health impact vulnerable people.

He said it was frustrating because government persists in defending the state of the economy and denying reports of a cash flow crisis.

“Why do Governors have to constantly keep following up with Treasury, with Finance, with Planning, as to where these funds are? So you can’t have one situation and the other at the same time. Either you’re lying or you’re deliberately withholding funds from the people. Which is it?”


8) Families given 99-year leases

Luisa Qiolevu
Friday, October 27, 2017

SEVENTY families living in informal settlements on State land within the district of Labasa can now call it home without any worry.

This is after they received approval notices and land leases by Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya at Subrail Park in Labasa yesterday.

Mr Koya said the recipients were those who had no legal status and did not enjoy the security of tenure and needed to call a place home, with a sense of ownership, belonging and security.

“From today, they will now have the peace of mind of knowing that they and their children will have a place that they can call as their permanent home,” he said.

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11) Fiji’s high-wealth population stands at over 500
5:17 pm GMT+12, 26/10/2017, Fiji

The Fiji Revenue and Customs classifies individuals with net assets worth $1million (US$500,000) or more as high-wealth individuals.

On record, Revenue and Customs have identified 527 Fijians and businesses who fall into this category but believes there are much more high wealth individuals who have not declared their full net worth.

Chief executive, Visvanath Das says there are 333 businesses and 193 individual salary earners that classify as the high wealth population.

“According to what we have actually done the declared income that they have given us. So we have looked at an income of million dollars and above in that category.”

Das says although more than 500of the population are classified as high wealth individuals, he believes there may be more.

“Everyone will agree with me, we don’t think that Fiji has 527 high wealth individuals, there are many out there who are not on the net. So I’m just giving you an opportunity come into the net before we have to pull you in – because the consequences will be very difficult.”

Revenue and Customs is warning individuals and businesses to declare their assets or prepare to face the full brunt of the law.

Meanwhile, close to half of the local businesses are not paying their tax dues to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.

Chief Executive, Visvanath Das has revealed there is a total of 43,196 active businesses in Fiji.

However, only 22, 303 businesses are paying their tax returns.

Meaning, the remaining fifty-two percent of the business population are apparently not paying up.

Das says this dishonest behaviour is really unfair on the 341,251 salary earners.

As these salary earners had their tax deductions at source by their employers.

Currently, there are 10, 386 active companies, however, 5,648 are paying taxes.

As for Estates and Trusts, only 15 percent are complaint. With only 800 filling out returns out of the 5,313.

Lastly, for Partnerships, there are four thousand and nine active but only 600 are filling their returns to the Revenue and Customs.

Das stressed his disappointment with these businesses, companies, trusts, estates and partnerships as there cheating the law and salary earners.

He is also urging these businesses to come forth and opt for voluntary compliance mechanisms offered by the Revenue and Customs.

Das warns that if these unfaithful traders continue this trend they will have to pay up to 300 percent in fines.



12) Solomon Islands Premia Appeal

Updated 27 October 2017, 14:47 AEDT
Sam Seke

Premier David Maina blong Temotu Province long Solomon Islands hem apil go long National Disaster Management Office fo mas kwiktaem sedem go em emergency rilief saplae go long olketa pipol long Temotu Pele Constituency.

Olketa pipol blong olketa aelan long Temotu Pele olketa i gohet fo safa nao from asis blong Tinakula Volcano hem poesenem wata blong olketa fo dringim long olketa wata tank.

Premier Maina hem se NDMO hem mas sedem go hariap olketa botol wata we hem se fo sedem go long ship ia, bikos Temotu hem farawe tumas from Honiara an bae tekem long taem tumas fo kasem olketa long ship.

Hem se Provincial Disaster Committee bae hem traem fo duim eni samting hemi save duim fo helpem olketa pipol blong Pele taem olketa weit fo help from Honiara.AUDIO –

13) Vanuatu Ambae pipal i gat wari long wara na kaikai

Updated 27 October 2017, 12:06 AEDT

Caroline Tiriman

Tede gavman blong Vanuatu ibin rausim State of imegensi em oli bin putim blong bringim bek ol pipal blong Ambae bihaenim wanpla mun we oli no bin stap long ples long wonem long Manaro volkeno.

Samting olsem 11 tausan pipal ibin lusim Ambae na go stap long ol ailan blong Maevo, Pentecost na Santo bihaen long Manaro volkeno ibin pairap.

Klostu olgeta pipal i hamamas long  igo bek long Ambae, tasol nau oli bungim bikpla wari long gutpla wara blong dring na tu kaikai i sot.

Manson Taridenga blong Penama Provinsel Disaster Ofis itok ol pipia oa ash blong volkeno ibin bagarapim ol gaden, na tu ol cattle na pig i bin kaikaim ol gaden kaikai blong ol.


14) Quinze peintures et six mètres de totem à créer ensemble

Païta. Le Dock socioculturel accueille dès demain, vendredi, l’exposition Totem commun, de Denise Tiavouane et Juliette Pita. Une quinzaine d’œuvres y seront exposées, dont une sculpture participative.

Mis à jour le 26.10.2017 à 04h25

Pour le moment, le totem commun a petite mine. Un soleil, quelques étoiles en carton réalisés par les enfants du Dock socioculturel durant les vacances sont accrochés sous le grand hall. Mais si tout fonctionne comme prévu, à la fin de l’exposition Totem commun le soleil devrait être complété d’œuvres de visiteurs et atteindre jusqu’à six mètres de haut.

Cette création participative est un élément de l’exposition de Denise Tiavouane, artiste contemporaine de Païta, et de Juliette Pita, artiste vanuataise. L’exposition débutera demain, vendredi 27 octobre, au Dock.

Artistes du peuple

Les deux femmes ont déjà travaillé ensemble. Denise résidant à Païta, rien d’étonnant qu’elle fasse appel à Juliette pour la résidence annuelle du Dock. « Ce ne sont pas des artistes à la marge, elles parlent au peuple », estime Marc Richer, responsable du Dock socioculturel. Proximité, maître mot de ce lieu culturel.

Les deux artistes mélanésiennes ont travaillé durant dix jours à la création d’une quinzaine d’œuvres. Tout en animant des ateliers, le matin, durant les vacances. Le résultat : des peintures représentant des tortues, des poissons, des sirènes, des lézards, des serpents, mais aussi des danseurs, ou encore une igname. « Sans le faire exprès, nos œuvres communiquent ! », s’amuse Denise Tiavouane en admirant l’accrochage de ses créations.

Famille et tradition

L’artiste peintre a voulu « que mes œuvres sortent de mon ordinaire. J’ai donc représenté des animaux de la mer au lieu de mes danseurs, sur du tissu, avec des couleurs fluo…, détaille-t-elle. J’ai dessiné une igname par exemple, le totem de la coutume. Quand le visiteur entre, il faut qu’il se demande quel est son propre totem. »

Les créations de Juliette Pita font face aux œuvres colorées de Denise, comme une réponse, sur une mise en scène d’Anne Afendikov, scénographe de Pacifique Expo.

Juliette est plus éclectique dans les techniques utilisées. Ainsi se côtoient des œuvres sur tissu, sur canevas, sur tapas. Tapas réalisés de manière traditionnelle par la famille de Juliette. Car son art fait vivre toute sa famille. Alors, toute la famille participe à son art.

« Le totem permet de savoir qui tu es et de ne pas oublier tes origines, estime l’artiste. Je m’inspire beaucoup des traditions et des coutumes de mon île. » Outre les tapas, Juliette expose une œuvre tissée de laine. « Je n’en faisais plus depuis longtemps, car cela me prend beaucoup de temps, et je ne trouvais pas de laine de qualité au Vanuatu, mais là, j’ai eu envie d’en refaire. » Des techniques variées, des traits contemporains, mais une thématique ancrée dans la tradition.

Et comme, selon les artistes, chacun, peu importe sa culture, a un totem, chaque visiteur est invité à réaliser son propre totem et à l’accrocher dans le grand hall. Les deux femmes seront présentes chaque jour pour créer avec les visiteurs.

Au Dock socioculturel, du vendredi 27 octobre au samedi 18 novembre. Entrée gratuite. Vernissage jeudi 2 novembre à 18 heures.

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18) Langues et culture kanak, un enseignement d’avenir
Education. C’est une approche pragmatique qui prévalait au séminaire sur les langues et cultures régionales, jeudi et hier. Car ces matières sont en pleine croissance.

19) Le lycée des Îles à la rencontre des jeunes Si Nengone
Maré. Une délégation du lycée Williama-Haudra de Lifou est venue à la rencontre des élèves des trois collèges de l’île afin de présenter ses filières et dispositifs d’excellence comme le juvénat des Îles ou Sciences Po.


20 )
21 )

22) Majority of Society Islands living in poverty

5:26 pm GMT+12, 26/10/2017, French Polynesia

Figures released in French Polynesia show more than half the population in the Society Islands now lives below France’s poverty threshhold.

The data is based on a 2015 survey on expenditure in Tahiti and Moorea.

55 percent of people in French Polynesia’s most populous islands are earning less than US$1,150 a month while in France 16 percent are below the poverty mark.

A quarter of the population in Tahiti receives no more than US$600 a month.

The figures also show large disparities, with the most affluent households spending nine times more than the poorest ones.

In France, the richest band of households spent about four times more than the poorest.

Food is the main expenditure for 80 percent of households while the top 20 percent of earners spend more on transport and housing than on food.

The figures from French Polynesia’s statistics office are based on 2015 survey.

Meanwhile, reports from French Polynesia say the government has met the head of a new French low-cost airline to discuss a possible new service between Paris and Tahiti.

According to the public broadcaster, the president Edouard Fritch and the tourism minister Nicole Bouteau received the head of French Blue, Marc Rochet.

There has been no comment about the talks but the broadcaster said the airline was considering flying from Europe to Papeete via San Francisco.

Currently Tahiti’s airlinks to Europe are provided by Air Tahiti Nui and Air France which fly via Los Angeles.

French Blue flies to the Caribbean and to Reunion in the Indian Ocean.


23) Troubles bring Pohiva government support says former advisor

5:19 pm GMT+12, 26/10/2017, Tonga

A former government advisor and democracy advocate says support is growing for Tonga’s caretaker government since August’s dissolution of parliament.

King Tupou VI dissolved parliament after the speaker claimed the government was acting unconstitutionally and trying to gather power for itself.

The government of ‘Akilisi Pohiva was hampered by controversies during its tenure but managed to survive a vote of no-confidence earlier in the year

Voters will now go to the polls on November 16 and Lopeti Senituli said Pohiva’s support had grown through his recent troubles.

“There is no doubt about the fact that I think the dissolution of parliament will impact positively on Pohiva because there is a groundswell of sympathy for his government and his candidates,” Senituli said.

“That’s a personal opinion.”

Lopeti says there are danger signs which point to the need for greater political reform in the country.

He was speaking at the National Dialogue on Democracy in Nuku’alofa this week that was organised with the assistance of New Zealand’s Massey University.

The forum comes three weeks before the elections, which were called by the King after he dissolved parliament amid concerns over the government’s conduct.

Senituli said Tonga had made great strides towards more democracy but he said the power the King wielded in dissolving parliament, needs to be reassessed.

“We need to revisit that prerogative to ensure that when His Majesty invokes that prerogative that it is done in consultation with the Prime Minister as opposed to what happened on the 25th of August, which was all done in secret and the Prime Minister was totally caught off guard as well as the acting Attorney-General and other key players.”

Lopeti said there needed to be discussion around whether the King is above the rule of law.


24) Tuvaluans celebrate 70 years of living in Fiji
8:27 pm GMT+12, 26/10/2017, Fiji

It was an emotional gathering of about 1000 Tuvaluans on Kioa Island Thursday to mark their 70 years of living in Fiji.

Tuvaluans travelled from around the globe to be part of the celebration that was also graced by the presence of the President, Jioji Konrote, and Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga.

Divisional Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea also led a team of senior government officials to Kioa Island.

Prime Minister of Tuvalu Enele Sopoaga and his wife was also present at the event to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

Kioa island, situated opposite Buca Bay was purchased by settlers from Vaitupu atoll in Tuvalu who came to Fiji between 1947 and 1983.

Konrote thanked the people of Kioa for being part of Fiji’s growth over the past 70 years.

“I reflected on the wisdom of your elders to settle in Kioa 70 years ago.  They may have moved for various reasons – perhaps as a continuation of our Pacific Islands’ fame as prolific seafarers. They were certainly in search of new land!

“I also reflected on Fiji’s willingness to accommodate the people of Tuvalu at that time. In my view, both our forefathers had forbearance and foresight. What they did was to pave the way for our people to live together, side by side. And we have done this successfully for the past 70 years!

“And whilst we are Fijians now, I applaud you the people of Kioa for maintaining your distinct culture and traditions.

“As a nation, we are going through major positive transformations. The consistent socio-economic progresses we are experiencing are helping us to address and bridge any gaps that exist in our society.  Every effort is being exerted to ensure that no one is left behind as we modernise our beloved nation.

“And our focus, as you are all aware, is not limited to our domestic interests. We are taking on unprecedented leadership roles within the global community. Our Prime Minister Honourable Voreqe Bainimarama, with the strong backing from our Pacific Islands leaders, is ready to take on the presidency of COP23. We are determined to persuade the world to take decisive action against climate change to help all our low-lying countries in the Pacific and around the world. And to help save Planet Earth and humanity.  We are ready to paddle forward together with our Pacific neighbours to tell our story by bringing our islands’ vulnerabilities to climate change to the forefront of global attention.

“We realise that we have to strongly advocate the message of climate change but in the Pacific spirit of respectful listening and consensus building. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with each other, engaging in vigorous talanoa sessions that are aimed at decisive action against climate change.

Beyond the message of climate change, we are promoting the concept of leaving no one behind. It is a genuine Pacific concept. Today, as we celebrate your 70 years of settlement in Kioa, I ask that we reflect on this concept.  That we reflect on this unique arrangement that has allowed us to live together in unity and harmony for the past 70 years. And I ask that we continue to build on this concept for the sake of our children and future generations, not only here in Fiji but also in Tuvalu and throughout the Pacific.  This should be our renewed Pacific Way,” Konrote said….



25a) Micronesia and Papua New Guinea sign amendment to the Air Transport Agreement

Published: Monday, 23 October 2017 12:33Written by FSM Public Information Office

FSM Public Information Office
September 21, 2017
New York–Direct flights to Japan from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) could be coming soon.
Today Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin S. Robert signed an amendment to the Air Transport Agreement between the Federated States of Micronesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) that will allow Air Niugini to extend its current air service from the FSM to Japan.
PNG Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Rimbink Pato signed the agreement on behalf of the PNG government in a ceremony hosted by the PNG Mission to the United Nations. After the signing, both Secretary Robert and Minister Pato made brief remarks welcoming the extension of air services and the strengthening of the bilateral relationship between FSM and PNG.
Secretary Robert welcomed the extension of air service to Japan and expressed gratitude to PNG for helping to bring together the entire Pacific by establishing direct flights between numerous islands. Minister Pato observed that travel between FSM and PNG had strengthened people-to-people contact, and he highlighted the potential for associated growth and investment in the oceans and fisheries sector.
Air Niugini commenced regular flights to the FSM States of Pohnpei and Chuuk from PNG in December 2016, operating twice a week every Wednesday and Saturday. The new flight extensions to Japan are in the planning stages, and have not yet been scheduled. The signing of this important agreement will allow further detailed operations planning to continue.

25b) Japan to offer $3 million in development aid to Micronesia

5:18 pm GMT+12, 26/10/2017, Japan

The government said Wednesday that Japan will offer grant aid of 350 million yen (US$3 million) to the Federated States of Micronesia for infrastructure development as the leaders of the two countries held talks in Tokyo.

“This shows anew Japan’s commitment to supporting Micronesia’s development,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a joint press conference with President Peter Christian.

Abe also said he and Christian “confirmed the importance of a free and open maritime order based on the rule of law.” Japan is keen to maintain a shared stance on maritime security with Pacific island nations to counter China’s rising influence in the region.

The leaders agreed to do their utmost toward the success of the eighth Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting slated for May 2018 in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan. Tokyo has hosted the summit, which brings together Japan and Pacific island nations, every three years since 1997.

Abe and Christian also agreed to work in close coordination to ensure the stable operation of Japanese fishing vessels in the area and handle the remains of Japanese soldiers killed in World War II.

Micronesia, home to about 105,000 people, maintains relations with both Japan and China while its security is handled by the United States through a compact of free association. It was governed by Japan from 1920 to 1945.

Next year will mark 30 years of bilateral diplomatic ties.

Christian met Emperor Akihito on Monday and left Japan on Thursday.


25c )

25d )


26) Australia’s deputy PM disqualified and four senators ruled ineligible in shock High Court ruling
00:22 am GMT+12, 27/10/2017, Australia

The Turnbull government has been plunged into turmoil and will head to a snap by-election after the Australian High Court ruled deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce four other MPs caught in the dual citizenship saga were disqualified from federal parliament.

The result will spark a byelection in the NSW seat of New England, putting the Turnbull government’s razor-thin parliamentary majority at risk.

Joyce referred himself to the court on August 14 after learning he had inherited New Zealand citizenship from his father James. Dual citizens are constitutionally prohibited from serving in Federal Parliament.

Joyce stayed in cabinet while the court considered his case, citing legal advice that he would be safe.

He is one of five federal MPs knocked out by the court.

Deputy National’s leader Fiona Nash is also among them, given her British dual citizenship. Her seat is set to go to the next person on the Coalition’s NSW Senate ticket.

Fellow National and former cabinet minister Matt Canavan survived the court’s judgement, despite doubts about whether he had Italian citizenship.

One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts has also been disqualified. Born in India to a Welsh father, he did not renounce his British citizenship until well after last year’s election. He is set to be replaced by the next on the One Nation ticket, Fraser Anning.

Former Greens senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters – both of whom have already resigned from Parliament – were also ruled ineligible.

Crossbencher Nick Xenophon was also ruled safe, but he has already announced he would leave federal politics to run for South Australian Parliament, regardless of the court’s decision.



27) acinda Ardern sworn in as New Zealand Prime Minister
10:31 pm GMT+12, 25/10/2017, New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern is officially the prime minister of New Zealand.

Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy signed the warrant appointing Ardern as prime minister in a swearing in ceremony at Government House on Thursday morning.

The warrant officially appointing her deputy, NZ First leader Winston Peters, has also been signed.

More than 100 guests attended the ceremony where Ardern described her new ministry as a strong and effective team.

“We have a responsibility now to all New Zealanders to do our very best to achieve the goals of this government, to be a government that is active, that is focused, that is empathetic and that is strong,” she said.

“I look forward to working with all of you to make a positive difference for New Zealand.”

Earlier National Party leader Bill English travelled to Government House with his wife Mary and youngest son Xavier to hand in his resignation.

He will continue to lead National and has committed to recontesting the 2020 election in that role.

Ardern gave her first major public speech in her new role Wednesday.

Ardern arrived to rapturous applause and a standing ovation at the Council of Trade Unions conference in Wellington yesterday, and outlined a series of worker-friendly policies that will undo the work of the previous Government.

These include:

• restoring the right to meal and rest breaks and the duty to conclude bargaining

• restoring the right of union access to the workplace

• restoring the right of workers to initiate collective bargaining

The incoming Government will also lift the minimum wage to $20 (US$13.75) an hour by April 2021, scrap the 90-day workers’ trial, and introduce Fair Pay Agreements to set industry standards for pay and conditions.

Ardern said the unemployment rate should be below 4 per cent. It is currently 4.8 per cent – the lowest since 2008.

She also offered an olive branch to businesses, saying she would ask a tax working group to look at ways to help small businesses, such as a lower company tax rate for businesses with small turnover.

Earlier Ardern announced her Cabinet and executive. In addition to holding Arts, Culture and Heritage and National Security and Intelligence, Ardern will also have a new portfolio for Child Poverty Reduction.

“It’s a personal priority for me, a commitment for me, one of the reasons I am in politics. It’s my intention that I will establish a unit within [the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet] to undertake that work across government departments.”

She confirmed that Grant Robertson will be Finance Minister, David Clark will be Health Minister, and Phil Twyford will be Transport Minister and Housing and Urban Development Minister.

Deputy leader Kelvin Davis will take a new portfolio of Crown/Maori Relations with a focus on the post-Treaty environment, as well as Corrections, Tourism and Associate Education.

Michael Wood was also named as a member of the executive Wednesday, as under-secretary to the Minister for Ethnic Communities.

Ardern said having the Women’s portfolio outside Cabinet with Green MP Julie Anne Genter did not diminish its importance.

“I am a woman,” Ardern said. “I take the issue of things like equal pay, domestic violence, support for women in care-giving roles incredibly seriously.”

Greens leader James Shaw will be Climate Change Minister and Statistics Minister. Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters will pick up Foreign Affairs, as well as Racing and State Owned Enterprises.

Peters later said that there was a 38-page document about the Labour-New Zealand First coalition agreement – far lengthier than the seven-page document released on Tuesday.

“It’s a document of precision on various areas of policy commitment and development.”

He said it would be released in coming months, but when exactly would be up to Ardern.

In a video posted to Facebook last night, National leader Bill English thanked voters for their support and said it had been a privilege to be Prime Minister.


28) Papuan Liberation Movement appeals to NZ’s PM Ardern

8:24 pm GMT+12, 26/10/2017, New Zealand

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua says it hopes New Zealand’s new prime minister will take up the issue of Papuan self-determination

The Movement’s Secretary-General, Octo Mote, has written a congratulation letter to Jacinda Ardern on forming New Zealand’s new government.

In it he said Papuans were humbled by Jacinda Ardern’s stated commitment to having a government “driven by principle not expediency and opportunity, not fear”.

He said they looked forward to such “messaging on important matters” in the region in as far as the decolonisation of the Pacific was concerned.

New Zealand governments have consistently supported Indonesia’s territorial claim to West Papua.

But Mote hoped the prime minster could revisit attempts made by the last Labour-led government to facilitate dialogue between West Papuans and Indonesia.

These attempts were rebuffed by Jakarta.

Mote said that in  Ardern’s coming term as prime minister the Pacific region would address several outstanding issues of decolonisation.

He cited pending independence referendums due in both the French territory of New Caledonia, before the end of 2018, and Papua New Guinea’s autonomous region of Bougainville in 2019, alongside increasing diplomatic efforts by West Papuans to finally gain their freedom after a half-century under Indonesian rule.

“Our hope is that Aotearoa New Zealand will stand by its principles and ensure that the preparations for and the outcomes of these two referendums are transparent and fair,” he said.

“The people of West Papua also hope that Aotearoa New Zealand will add its important voice to the growing number of countries of the Pacific region and elsewhere calling for an immediate cessation of human rights violations against us and for the United Nations General Assembly to take up the issue of West Papua’s long-denied act of political self-determination,” wrote Mote.

He pointed out that West Papuans now have greater representation under the Liberation Movement at regional organisations such as the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacific Islands Forum, and also recognition by countries in the Caribbean and in Africa.

“The time may be right for another attempt at dialogue,” he explained.

“We believe that Aotearoa New Zealand is a nation seeking to right the wrongs of great historical injustice. West Papua is clearly such a case.”

One of the Labour-led government’s senior MPs, David Parker, who is now Attorney-General, spoke about the party’s policy on West Papua early last month.

“When Labour becomes the Government we will take the opportunity to review the policy with regard to West Papua, with a view to exploring a greater degree of autonomy for the people of West Papua in line with the wishes of the people,” said Parker.

One of Labour’s two main coalition partners, the Green party, supports the Westminster Declaration for a Free West Papua, which was signed in the New Zealand Parliament in May this year by eleven MPs from four different parties.

The Greens leader, James Shaw, last month said his party would take every opportunity to advocate for and support a peace dialogue between Indonesia and the West Papua coalition of leaders the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

He pledged to also urge Indonesia “to cease state sanctioned human rights abuses and the imprisonment and torture of political activists”.

The party has a long history of support for West Papuan human rights and self-determination, with the new generation of Green MPs carrying on the work of former MPs Keith Locke and Catherine Delahunty.

“We take this opportunity to thank you most kindly for your unwavering support towards the struggle for self -determination of our people of West Papua,” said Mote in a separate letter to James Shaw.

What’s less clear is the policy regarding West Papua of the other major coalition partner, New Zealand First. No information about West Papua is available on the party’s website.

However New Zealand First’s leader Winston Peters has been appointed Foreign Affairs minister, a role he had in the previous Labour-led coalition government. During that stint in the role, Peters did not veer into action on West Papua.

But among his parties’ 15 core principles is the aim to be a “reliable neighbour in our region”.



29) WNB hospital lacks TB services

October 17, 2017The NationalIslands

INADEQUATE infrastructure and staff allocation are major challenges faced by the West New Britain (WNB) Hospital in implementing its strategies in fighting tuberculosis
(TB), chairman Dr Mathias Sapuri says.
Sapuri said in a nine-page situation report, the hospital had recorded 8885 cases of TB in the first quarter of this year.
“The figures are alarming and highlight the obvious fact that there is ongoing TB transmission in the community of WNB.
“Paediatric TB accounts for 26 per cent – 28 per cent of all TB cases annually in PNG (2013 statistics by the Department of Health).”
He said the hospital management has highlighted their challenges and were currently working with the Health Department to address them.
The limitations faced in the province included:

Lack of adequate infrastructure –  there is a need for a TB unit which will include a TB clinic, TB wards, TB clerk, office space and a cough triage clinic at the provincial hospital;
inadequate staff – the current proposed staff structure will include a medical officer, health extension officer, four nursing officers, two community health workers and a ward clerk;
logistics support – the current TB vehicle has to be specifically for TB programmes. This will assist in treating and monitoring patients, therefore there is a need for a second vehicle for HIV programmes;
treatment support – the treatment supporters programme is lacking and must be reviewed and strengthened;
pharmaceutical supplies and consumables – the supply of TB and HIV drugs, TB and HIV consumables, radiological and laboratory consumables have been inadequate or unreliable in recent times and are significant contributors to the low case detections and low treatment success rates; and,
Health awareness and promotions – with community participation, involvement of stakeholders, non-governmental organisations and the Government.

“PNG and WNB are sitting on the MDR-TB (multi-drug resistance TB) time bomb, the bomb is ticking and we are taking all the necessary steps to address this before this explodes in our face,” Sapuri said.
“As the chairman of WNBPHA, I am also announcing as a matter of urgency that we are launching an all-out war on TB and MRD-TB in WNB and PNG at the end of this month. The theme is Stop TB in WNB and Stop TB in PNG.”

30) Clinic re-opens after renovation

October 27, 2017The NationalNational

THE Malahang Health Centre in Lae (MHC) was re-opened for service on Monday, bringing relief to many sick people in the area.
Morobe health programme adviser Micah Yawing said the centre was re-opened after it was renovated and basic medical supplies restocked.
The centre was closed for almost a month after criminals broke into it, ransacked the building and stole vital medicine stocks on Sept 28.
It was the third such incident at the centre.
Thieves had also broken into the clinic in May and August, stealing cash and medicines.
“I was advised by the sister-in-charge that the clinic was re-opened,” Yawing said.
“Their medicines have been restocked and they are attending to general outpatient cases.
“I am happy to see the facility reopened because it serves a lot of people.”
Yawing appealed to the Hunta, Malahang, Busu, Wagang, Yanga and Back Road communities to take care of the centre as it served them.
Yawing said he did not want to hear of another break-in at the clinic.
“I call on the leaders of those communities to take charge of their youths and advise them not to steal from the clinic again,” Yawing said.
“It is a health facility and not a bank.
“Health deals with human lives so when you destroy health facilities, you put people’s lives at risk.

31) More working people found to have diabetes

October 10, 2017The NationalIslands

MORE workers in East New Britain have been found to have high risks of diabetes.
This was discovered by the Frangipani Clinic of Nonga General Hospital since it began conducting its clinical outreach to companies last year.
Sr Eswin Lau, from the Frangipani Clinic, said they have seen a high number of workers being diagnosed following free tests conducted by the medical team.
She said the tests conducted covered sugar level, blood pressure, weight and lifestyle diseases screening in general.
The medical team is conducting clinics at the PNG Power Limited Kokopo branch  and has already visited 20 companies in the province.
She said the working people  tended to be busy to go for medical checks so the clinic was bringing free services to them.
Lau said often many people came too late to the hospital when there were complications already.
The clinical visits were aimed at identifying health problems in patients at an early stage and referring them to doctors for treatment to avoid complications.
The disease control unit at the Nonga hospital consists of the Maravut Resource Centre which deals with HIV, TB and STIs. The Frangipani Clinic does lifestyle diseases screening, has diabetic and the medical outpatient consultation clinics.


32) Schooling affected by Solomons eruption 27 October 2017 

Hundreds of school children in communities affected by ash from a volcano in Solomon Islands could miss out on their end of year exams next week if relief supplies do not reach them in time.

The Tinakula volcano in the country’s easternmost Temotu Province erupted over the weekend spewing ash over nearby islands covering crops and contaminating water supplies.

The National Disaster Management Office is struggling to get together enough water and relief supplies to send to the island which are at least a day’s boat journey from the capital Honiara.

A no-fly zone is also hampering relief efforts and no attempt has yet been made to do an aerial survey of the volcano.

Matthew Matoko, a teacher on Fenualoa island which has been affected by the ash in the Reef Islands group, said the eruption had affected schools.

“On Fenualoa alone there are two main schools and that of course would affect schooling if water is not available to students. Exams are due next week for primary students and also secondary students as well.”

33) Ministry pilots six schools on internet connection

Friday, October 27, 2017

Update: 1:16PM EFFORTS to help schools that are without adequate internet connectivity has driven the Ministry of Education to pilot six schools around the country on internet connection.

While speaking at the School Connectivity Pilot Project workshop today, Permanent Secretary for Education Iowane Tiko said a study was conducted earlier this year  to define a minimum standard of sustainable connectivity, taking into account factors such as technological features, organisational, social and financial factors.

“Through the study, the Ministry was notified on schools that needed improvement and also though the report we were able to find out that majority of the schools fall into the intermittent connectivity category,” he said.

“I am looking forward to the intended outcome of the pilot project as it will benefit out school with connectivity improvement based on proven technology, sustainable strategies driven by curricular and operational needs, education quality and supported by consensus.”

The workshop took place at the Government Training Center in Nasese today with about 20 participants.

34) ‘Campuses a state idea’

Kalesi Mele
Friday, October 27, 2017

THE idea of building new campuses in Lautoka and Labasa was that of the Government and not the University of the South Pacific Council, says USP’s vice-chancellor Professor Rajesh Chandra.

Prof Chandra said the concept, raised by students, had merely been discussed with nothing concrete arising from the discussions so far.

“The students brought up this issue and said that they feel that us putting a hold on the development of a Lautoka campus was creating problems for them,” he said.

“This was a decision largely of the Government and not of the council.

“The understanding is that we will take up with the Fiji Government’s thinking and be able to build the campuses in Lautoka and Labasa.”

Prof Chandra said the USP was placing more effort in decentralising its learning centres across the region to ensure students had access to quality tertiary education in their own countries.


35) PNG Media imas wok hard long daonim genda base violens

Updated 26 October 2017, 13:14 AEDT
Caroline Tiriman

Ol bikpla toktok na wari bihaenim dai blong bisnis editor blong Post Courier niuspepa, Rosalyn Albaniel Evara igo hed iet long PNG na tu long Pacific rijan.

Oli askim olsem imas gat ol investigation igo long dai blong en we oli sutim tok olsem emi bin dai long domestik violens.

Laen blong Pacific Freedom Forum itok olsem despla dai blong the late Rosalyn Albaniel imas mekim midia industri long rijan long luksave  na halvim ol niusmeri husat iwok long kisim heve long violens.

Long Papua New Guinea iet, sampla memba blong midia iet i kros na wari tru olsem, taem Roslyn Albaniel ibin dai, Post Courier niuspepa iet ino bin mekim wanpla toktok long dai blong en.

Planti lida blong kantri tu olsem Gavana blong National Capital district, Powes Parkop tu ino wanbel long pasin em midia long PNG ino bin tokaut kuik long despla case blong the late Roslyn Albaniel.

Long mande long despla wik, editor bifo blong Post Courier niuspepa, alexander Rheeney ibin tok olsem pasin em Post Courier niuspepa ibin mekim long putim stori blong the late Roslyn namel stret long niuspepa ino bin stret.

Narapla  lida blong midia long Papua new guinea,na head blong  news na  current affairs long  EMTV, Neville Choi itok ol midia laen ino gat excuse oa samting we oli no nap helpim ol wokmeri husat iwok long kisim taem long ol man blong ol.

36) Top cop slams media coverage in Southern Highlands
October 18, 2017The NationalHighlands

MEDIA coverage of events in Southern Highlands is poor and journalists are not getting information from the right sources, says outgoing assistant police commissioner (Western command) Mark Yangen.
He said the media has a vital role to play in telling the people real happenings.
Yangen told The National that when the province was beginning to witness peace and the people and stakeholders were working together to address the law and order problems, the media (TV, radio and newspapers) was telling the people that there was still uprising in the province.
“You (media) are not getting information from the right sources and collecting stories from the streets which in one way or the other, is not helping but
causing more fear and tension,” he said.
“A television company went ahead and reported that police were not working and running around in Mt Hagen in civilian clothes.
“They have their own reasons and to be accurate, the journalist should have called ACP or police commander and not people who know nothing about police work.”
Yangen said the closure of the bank in Mendi had forced many public servants and their families to travel to Mt Hagen to do banking. He said there were reports in the media that businesshouses in Mendi were operating
for only two hours which was not true.
Yangen said all business houses in Mendi were operating as usual and it was only the bank, post office and airport that were still closed.
“Yes the province had gone through a big problem since the declaration of the governor and that problem has slowly come to an end and people are working together to make the town a better place again,” he said.
“Problems are created by a minority and it comes and goes. It’s not permanent.
“Journalists must be mindful when reporting on issues that are affecting a province as sometimes poor reporting adds more fuel to tensions.”


37) Micro and small business grant helps 15,906 people

Luisa Qiolevu
Friday, October 27, 2017

A TOTAL of 15,906 micro and small businesses have been assisted, since the inception of the initiative in 2014.

This was revealed by Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya during yesterday’s disbursement of grants at Subrail Park in Labasa yesterday.

“It is very encouraging to note that a large number of enthusiastic Fijians in the Northern Division who want to positively contribute in the building of a strong and resilient economy,” he said.

Mr Koya said upon completion of the five centres — Taveuni, Savusavu, Labasa, Seaqaqa and Nabouwalu — 4682 entrepreneurs will be supported by the micro small business grant (MSBG).

“This has impacted the livelihoods of more than 79,000 ordinary Fijians,” he said.

“The MSBG initiative has done so well because it relies on the ability of the Fijian people to work hard, be innovative and strive for greatness.”

Mr Koya said the ability as people to create industry and grow the economy are one of the most important natural resources, and the grant program taps on that potential.

“I wish to re-emphasise that the Fijian Government will continue to ensure that those require assistance, will be assisted accordingly,” he said.

“The Fijian Government recognises the importance of the micro small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector and has introduced new initiatives with the objective to stimulate employment in new and innovative projects.”

38) State eyeing foreign investments

October 27, 2017The NationalBusiness

THE Government is creating a more business-friendly environment for foreign investment and the public sector reform is essential for increasing efficiencies, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
He gave the assurance during the Australia – PNG Business Council meeting in Sydney yesterday.
“Australia is our largest investment partner and we want to increase business opportunities,” he said.
“We want Australian businesses to expand investment into Papua New Guinea, particularly into non-traditional areas that are outside the resources sector.
“There are great opportunities in tourism, agriculture and the small to medium manufacturing sector.
“Australian companies have technical capacity that will build our key sectors and from their investment we will have a sound return on investment.”
O’Neill said the 2018 national budget to be tabled in Parliament next month would encourage businesses and create jobs.
“There will be no big surprises. Our aim is to maintain stability. We have a long-term plan to reduce our deficit levels, while maintaining health growth in the economy and maintain stability around inflation and interest rates,” he said.
O’Neill said one of the most important reforms underway was the creation of a more efficient and business-friendly public service.
“An important priority for our Government is addressing the size of the public sector and to make it more efficient and business-friendly. We are going to streamline agencies that are not functioning efficiently and introduce reforms that will raise their service delivery to the expectations of our people and business community.
“We will reform the entire system and enabling the private sector to be more engaged in non-core functions.”

39) Warning on selling counterfeit, expired goods

October 27, 2017The NationalNational

By Martha Deruage
THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission has warned businesses, particularly retail shops and supermarkets, about the ban on counterfeit, expired goods and non-English labelled products.
Commissioner and chief executive officer Paulus Ain yesterday said some businesses continued to sell those products.
Ain said the ICCC visited several retail shops and supermarkets where they found counterfeit goods, expired goods and non-English labelled goods on the shelves.
He said they would like to ensure that the products bought by a consumer were safe and fit for use and consumption.
The products must also meet local requirements and standards.
The ICCC can take action if:

A counterfeit product does not meet the requirement of its interim ban on a non-English foodstuff labelling, or labelling requirement under the Packaging Act 1974;
A business/trader advertises a counterfeit product as a genuine product or having characteristic similar to that of a genuine product. The trader can be investigated under the Commercial Advertising (Protection of the Public) Act 1976 for misleading and false advertising; and,
The content of the counterfeit products weighs/measures less than the prescribed weight/measure on the package.

The trader can be investigated under the Trade Measurement Act 1973.
Ain said the commission was required to act with reason and within the law and would continue to work within its powers.
“In Papua New Guinea, we do not have a certain requirements for products coming into the country.
“That is why we face these problems,” he said.


40) District to become shareholder of market

October 16, 2017The NationalPapua

PEOPLE from the Huhu LLG in Alotau district, Milne Bay, will soon become shareholders of a stevedoring company, according to Alotau MP Charles Abel.
Speaking in Alotau recently, Abel who is Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister, said the district was nearing the conclusion of an agreement with the company in which the Huhu people would own 30 per cent.
The ownership, as Abel highlighted was among a list of things the Alotau district was doing to empower people at the district level.
“I’m pleased to empower the Huhu LLG,” he said.
“Through this market (new temporary market), a lot of money will go back to the Huhu people.
“These (Huhu) people are owners of the Alotau town and surrounding areas.
“They will make money through this new market, they will get a new chamber shortly.”
Abel also went to the eastern tip of Alotau district where he opened a new teacher’s house for the primary school recently.
Speaking at the opening of the house, he said: “East Cape Primary School has received K50,000 from the district. The United Church has received K20,000, the ward has received the solar project worth K500, 000 and I believe we gave a dinghy to East Cape and also an ambulance.
“We tried to do the water project but we have issues with the landowners.
“This is the impact of DSIP is at the ground level.”

41) South B’ville partners with investor to build bridges

October 17, 2017The NationalIslands

BANA district in South Bougainville is set to reap benefits under a partnership arrangement with Chinse investor Jaba Resources Ltd (JRL).
The partnership paves way for the development of infrastructures that would otherwise not be possible given limited government financial resources.
Under the partnership arrangement the South Bougainville district development authority (DDA) will provide financial assistance of K55,000 to JRL for structural checks and certification on Pangara and Tavera river bridges which are vital infrastructures in JRL’s expansion to Bana district.
JRL has completed designs of the two bridges which it will also fund and build. The Pangara river bridge is 90 metres and Tavera is 60 metres long.
The decision by the South Bougainville DDA board at its Sept 15 meeting in Buin is a major step forward in endeavours by MP Timothy Masiu to develop and transform the electorate and Bougainville Region.
Apart from the partnership with JRL, Masiu has been mobilising landowners to be ready for project developments and at the same time identifying and holding discussions with potential investors.
JRL is a joint venture between landowners of the former Bougainville Copper Limited tailings area on the Jaba River which is registered as Tumpusiong Resources Ltd and Timesview (PNG) Ltd.
JRL has been successfully cultivating mine waste materials into saleable products that meet national and international market standards.
Under the partnership arrangement JRL will expand its operations to Bana district, where JRL has proposed to establish among other infrastructures, an industrial zone and township through the construction of an international wharf facility at Motupena.
JRL has conducted project studies and documented the Motupena project including proposal for two major bridges on the Pangara and Tavera rivers, hydro power project on the Upai River, a water supply (at Orei), construction of an airport of international standard at Boku, the creation of a free trade zone to attract more investments, and tourism.
JRL, in collaboration with the Bana district administration and educated elites of the region have also identified other potential economic projects including a cassava oil plantation and fisheries that could be developed as well.
Applauding the board’s decision, Member Masiu said: “We must make it our business to embrace genuine investors and JRL will be here to help transform South Bougainville.
“I am happy with the thorough presentation by JRL. I am happy to have such a project and investor.”

42) Duma lights up WHP village with K250,000

October 18, 2017The NationalHighlands

ALMOST 5000 people from tree tribes at Hox village in Baisu, Western Highlands, now have access to electricity.
Mt Hagen MP William Duma’s office allocated K250,000 to deliver the service.
The Elti, Pinambe and Wia tribes on the border of Western Highlands and Jiwaka’s Anglimp South Waghi electorate have been without power supply since Independence.
Last Sunday, the community shed tears of joy when they first saw their village light up.
Their high covenant homes had been without electricity and they felt that the houses were not complete.
In 2007, leaders and the people from the three tribes came together and formed the Waghi Hox Association through which they asked for access to electricity and water services.
Their prayers was answered when Duma made available K250,000 through the association.
Association chairman Peter Pet and his executives after receiving the funding decided to connect electricity from Baisu to Kipil – a distance of 4.5km.
Pet thanked Duma for making available funds to help the people who have been crying for this service for years.
“We have built permanent homes and most of us have been using generators for years,” he said.
“We thought we will not go on like that but one day electricity will reach our Hox community.”
Pet said that almost all the funding has been exhausted on connecting the 4.5km power supply.
“We can manage this funding to help our community and I thank Duma for the support,” Pet said.
Hagen district joint district budget and budget priority committee member councillor Joseph Rut thanked the members of the community and the Waghi Hox Association executives for being wise in using the funds.

43) Fiji to declare Nadi its third city

4:35 pm GMT+12, 23/10/2017, Fiji

Nadi will be declared a city next month in conjunction with the township’s 70th anniversary.

Fiji’s Minister for Local Government Parveen Bala last night initiated a pre-event launch revealing the announcement as the town council prepares for the significant event.

In addition to the city declaration, Bala also announced the launch of the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant which will be hosted by Fiji in Nadi for the first time.

In line with Fiji’s Presidency of COP23, Bala highlighted the importance of local action on climate change, particularly in towns and cities.

To this end, the Minister noted that Nadi’s upcoming milestones would be themed “From Town, to Fiji’s Most Liveable Green City.

The triple celebration, Bala says is expected to be a grand and memorable occasion.



44) Facebook group “Sharp Talk” calls for tougher punishments for violence perpetrators in PNG

ShaOther share options

The government of Papua New Guinea, together with church, business and civil society leaders, are being called upon to set up an emergency taskforce to deal with gender based violence, after the the death of one of the country’s most senior journalists amid allegations that she was a victim of domestic abuse.

The administrators of the Facebook group, Sharp Talk, which pioneered social media in PNG, have written an Open Letter, in which they make multiple demands with the aim of cutting the rates of domestic violence and bringing more of the perpetrators to justice.

Douveri Henao, executive director of the Business Council of PNG and one of the administrators of Sharp Talk, says the letter is a prompt for the country’s leaders, because they are the ones who need to be proactive.Audio-


45) Tukuraki Village relocates to new site, post land-slide disaster
8:35 pm GMT+12, 26/10/2017, Fiji

After more than five years of living in temporary housing, the community of Tukuraki in the highlands of Fiji are today celebrating as they move into their newly built, disaster resilient village.

The Tukuraki community was devastated in 2012 as a landslide buried 80% of their village and tragically took the lives of a young family including a toddler and young baby.

The community were forced to relocate to temporary homes as they were at risk of further landslides and in the midst of recovering from the landslide, the community was hit by Cyclone Evan only 10 months later. Just recently the community was again forced to flee to nearby caves as Tropical Cyclone Winston hit in February last year, the community’s third major disaster in four years.

As a result, the Fiji Government deemed relocation for the inland community an urgent priority and approached the Pacific Community (SPC) to support in this work. Today, 11 homes and a community hall built to category five cyclone standards was officially opened.

The FJD$756,000 (just over US$360,000) relocation of the Tukuraki Village to a safer and less disaster prone site was made possible through the European Union and the ACP Group of States -funded Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific Project (BSRP) implemented by the Pacific Community. The BSRP Project is committed at reducing the vulnerability for the Pacific to disaster and climate change.

Inia Seruiratu, High Level Climate Change Champion for COP23 and Minister for Agiruclture, Rural and Maritime Development, and National Disaster Management and Meteorology said, “Today as we celebrate the critical milestone for Tukuraki, we also remember Anare Taliga (38 years), Mereoni Robe (23 years), Losena Nai (18 months) and Makelesi Matalau (6 months), who lost their lives to the devastating landslide that altered the lives of everyone in the Tukuraki community.

“The achievement of creating a disaster resilient community that has been led by the community itself is testament to the resilience of the Tukuraki community,”he said.

In addition to the buildings, the project also provided the community with access to a reliable water sources. The Ba area is known for enduring long term droughts and to counter this issue, the project built a dam nearby and have strategically placed water tanks that connect to each household, ensuring the community will never run out of water.

“This community knows and understands disaster but what makes this relocation remarkable is the partnership led by Fiji Government with SPC and the European Union to achieve real, measureable disaster resilience at the community level. We know this new community will protect not only the lives but the livelihoods of the Tukuraki community and we are immensely proud to be a key partner in this work, ” Pacific Community Deputy-Director General Dr Audrey Aumua, said.

Along with the eleven homes and the evacuation centre, the Tukuraki community have also been assisted with a retaining wall (to prevent soil erosion), road access, site levelling and a playground.

The new location is closer to Nalotawa District School which means the community will have easier access to schools as well as health services.

“We are proud to partner up with the Fiji government and the Pacific Community on this project as it not only has helped the people of this community, it has also established for the nation what a resilient rural community looks like. With the effects of climate change and rising tides threatening coastal communities all over the Pacific, Tukuraki stands as a great example of how effective partnerships can sustain development,” the European Union head of Cooperation, Christoph Wagner said.

Tukuraki is the first inland community to be relocated, a unique feature as the other 46 key priority communities for relocation are all coastal…..


46) Climate change threat to peace in the Pacific: Fiji AG

8:33 pm GMT+12, 26/10/2017, Fiji

Climate change is the most existential threat to the Pacific, says Attorney-General and Minister Responsible for Climate Change Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

While speaking at the closing of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) discussions in Nadi this week, he said the global phenomenon could lead to regional conflict.

“If we have an island submerging beneath the waters, we have issues like where we measure the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) from,” he said.

“Where does the 200 economic zone start from and where does it end.

“There are many issues.”

Sayed-Khaiyum said the movement of people displaced by climate change could also lead to disputes.

“We have a country in the Pacific that has bought land in Fiji for food security purposes.

“Fiji has actually, through the Honourable Prime Minister, made a commitment that we will take people from submerging islands into Fiji and give them refugee status. “There is a whole heap of legal issues emanating from that.

“What will be their status? What will the status of their country be?”

Sayed-Khaiyum said there was need for international humanitarian laws to be taken seriously by countries in the Pacific.

“Some of us have ratified conventions. Some of us have ratified more IHL and conventions than others.

“I think the point of this gathering is to discuss how the Pacific can collaborate with each other and those who are ahead can help others and bring them along with us.

“We can also find out how some countries have domesticated international laws into their own sovereign laws and how we can adopt those too.”

Meanwhile, Fiji’s ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty is still ongoing.

“In Fiji’s case regarding the Arms Trade Treaty, we are going through various processes right now,” Sayed-Khaiyum said.

“Our key stakeholder the Fiji Military Force will have to review that.”

Sayed-Khaiyum said the ratification of the treaty would also go through Parliament to endorse its adoption.

ICRC vice-president Christine Beerli said the second roundtable discussions would be held in two years.

She said resource constraints remain one of the challenges faced by Pacific Island countries in their efforts to implement International Humanitarian Law.

Beerli commended Pacific Island States for continuing to work towards the implementation of humanitarian treaties despite these challenges.

“Over the last two days, you have shared with us your specific needs and challenges in this region,” she said during the closing of the first Pacific Roundtable on International Humanitarian Law discussions in Nadi.

“We have listened, we have heard you. And we recognise the difficulties that you face, especially in terms of resource constraints.

“However, we nevertheless encourage you all to take action where you can, in spite of these challenges. It can be small action, it can be targeted action.”

Beerli said small actions such as the establishment of a network of relevant officials who may be involved in the ratification or implementation of an IHL-related measure could be adopted by regional countries.

She said national Red Cross societies could also assist governments in the implementation of the treaties.

The inaugural Pacific Roundtable on IHL was held this week in Nadi where more than 10 countries from the region were present.

Hosted by the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Fijian Government, discussions focused on peacekeeping duties, climate change and nuclear weapons…..


47) Reforestation, management discussed at conference

October 19, 2017The NationalMomase

A three-day conference at the Papua New Guinea Forest Research Institute in Lae discussed effective approaches to implement community-based forest management and reforestation.
The workshop that ended yesterday was attended by officials from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), PNG Forest Research Institute (PNGFRI) and other partners.
PNGFRI director Dr Martin Golman said the first phase of the ACIAR project, now completed, was on the enhancement of community forestry in PNG.
He said the second phase would develop effective approaches to implementing community-based forest management and reforestation which were discussed at the conference.
The project is based on forest management and reforestation, eco-forestry and establishing policies that are effective for communities.
Golman said the project was now in its initial stage and had not been into the actual practical aspect of it but the intention was to go into the practical part of it.
“If the researches come out with effective findings which are workable, then that is the time that we would recommend to the government for the approval to get the project off the ground,” he said.
ACIAR team leader for community forestry in PNG Grahame Applegate said the funding for the second phase of the project was from the ACIAR and the University of Sunshine Coast.
He said this phase would look at community forestry and natural forests and both would involve communities, clans and ownership of land.
“The whole process will also address roles of men and women in the communities to encourage partnership during the implementation process.”
Applegate said because a lot of the issues were related to policy, ACIAR would work closely with PNG Forest Authority and the Government.


48a )

48b )

49) New fruit varieties

Repeka Nasiko
Friday, October 27, 2017

FIJI’S 2020 Agriculture Sector Policy Agenda has mapped out guidelines for the cultivation of three new variety of fruits.

Minister for Agriculture Inia Seruiratu said this was part of the Fijian Government’s committment to develop its fruit industry.

“The Fiji 2020 Agriculture Sector Policy Agenda launched in 2014 clearly identifies the development and agro-processing of fruits such as Pineapple, Mango and Breadfruit,” he said.

“The policy agenda also mentions the need for exploration of fruits such as Mangosteen, Rambutan and Durian for the niche tourism market.

“Production of fruits has a huge potential in this country and we have started to explore this opportunity with our counterparts.”

Mr Seruiratu said developing new fruits variety was a new concept in the country as seen with the introduction of a new Guava variety last month.

“This is evident by the current release of a new variety of Guava which we have named ‘Green Pearl’ for commercial cultivation.

“This will be the first time for Fiji to start cultivating Guava as a commercial crop.”

He said the International Symposium on Tropical Fruits (ISTF) in Nadi would assist Government in its efforts to develop the country’s fruit industry and it’s resiliency from the impacts of climate change.

“The International Symposium on Tropical Fruit (ISTF) 2017 theme ‘Food Security amidst a Changing Climate: Towards a sustainable and resilient Tropical Fruits Industry’ is ideal to be hosted in our country.

“Fiji has been given the responsibility to take up the Presidency of COP23 and we as a nation are very proud of this achievement.

“The theme of the symposium connects well with this responsibility.”

50) Coffee Industry Corporation reports rise in borer-infested gardens in PNG Highlands

10:37 pm GMT+12, 25/10/2017, Papua New Guinea

The number of coffee berry borer-infested gardens in Papua New Guinea Eastern Highlands has increased to 267 from the 12 identified in March this year, according to the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC).

The total area infested with the pest in the province is around 380 hectares. Only 71.9 ha have been rehabilitated.

Coffee Industry Corporation chief executive Charles Dambui said rehabilitation and awareness efforts must continue.

He welcomed the government’s allocation of K5 million (US$1.5 million) towards the eradication campaign in the supplementary budget.

“The K5 million allocation is basically to start mobilising labour, tools, chemicals and conducting awareness to contain and manage the spread of CBB,” he said.

He said the corporation was expecting more funding support in the 2018 national budget to be tabled in Parliament next month.

Dr Mark Kenny, the general manager for the Research, Growers Services Division, said the infested gardens in Jiwaka had increased to 24 from the initial nine, covering an area of 26.4 ha.

In Eastern Highlands, many smallholder gardens including plantations are now infested with CBB.

In Jiwaka, all infested gardens belonged to smallholders except for two coffee blocks at Tolu and Waghi Clothes.

51) More tuna exports in Solomon Islands this year
10:36 pm GMT+12, 25/10/2017, Solomon Islands

The joint venture between Taiwanese Global Fisheries Limited and local Solfish Company has produced significant economic impacts in the country.

This year they export more than 50 reefer containers to overseas markets.

Global Fisheries Executive Officer Jack Chi Tien-I said their tuna exports this year have increased.

“Currently, Global Fishery and Solfish export over 50 reefer containers.

“We have managed to bring in more long line vessels into Honiara after they have seen the success for our joint venture,” he stated.

Chi Tien-I said their local business partner have also improved their onshore storage facility.

“Solfish Company already has a 200metric tonne cold storage available operating in the yard since the beginning of the year.

“Investment on the fish processing plant at the Leeroy’s Ranadi port is headed by Solfish,” he said.

“Global will focus on vessel management and procurement while Solfish will do the exporting and importing portion with long line fishing vessels,” he added.

The first consignment of tuna catch from long line vessels in Solomon Islands offloading and exporting to Japanese market started February last year.

This joint-venture displays steps taken by the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) to reform its respective fisheries policies ensuring the creation of a conductive investment environment, one that is competitive regionally.

In doing so, the DCC Government is striving to create more employment opportunities for Solomon Islanders residing in Honiara.

The Republic of China (ROC) embassy in Solomon Islands is also the key player to engage Taiwan companies to invest or establish business operations in Honiara.

Taiwan also brings in their Fisheries Observers who work alongside the Fisheries Department compliance officers during the port calling of the long line vessels throughout this year.

Solomon Islands Ports Authority Tri Marine Company and Maersk Line have also entered a similar business partnership last week.

Tri Marine will offload fish catch at Noro port which will be stored into reefer containers awaiting Maersk liners for container shipment to overseas markets..


52) ‘Cathedral Thinking’ way forward for Tourism Industry
10:35 pm GMT+12, 25/10/2017, Vanuatu

The Pacific Tourism Insights Conference has brought together a dynamic and unique line up of international leaders in tourism that are recognised for their success and expertise innovative and disruptive thinking.

The conference is part of the National week of Tourism, and centered on four key points which were insights, development, expertise and sustainability that will drive future thinking in terms of tourism destination development and design at the National Convention Centre Wednesday.

In his official address, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Joe Natuman said the conference was of importance because it will discuss key tourism and travel agendas to achieve tourism strategies for the Pacific and the global community.

“This conference will reflect why tourism landscape is vital, thus we need a global understanding of the change that is happening and work towards improving and strengthening our tourism industry,” he said.

The Conference keynote address by author and former CEO of Tourism Vancouver, Rick Antonson was inspired by the medieval thinking of a ‘Cathedral thought’ that has been applied to the developing surroundings that require decades of foresight and preparation so future generations can enjoy their full realisation.

“You cannot take for granted that in 30 years times the tourism industry in the South Pacific will be economically healthy, environmentally sustainable and socially beneficial- that is the problem,” he said.

“The question is what is it that you can do today as individuals or collectively that will ensure in 30 years time, your future generation can benefit from and enjoy.”

Antonson reiterated that the Cathedral Thinking is about long term goals and it was vital that the tourism industry in the South Pacific or in Vanuatu’s plan for the future for the industry.

“Just like an architect who designed a building back in the 1400’s that still exists today but adapts to change that is happening in the world today, just so bodies and organisations need to design a tourism industry today that in the future is enjoyed by the future generation,” he said.

“Preserve what is precious to your tourism industry for the future to ensure positive developments in this industry.”

The inaugural PTIC is organised by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) in partnership with the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO).


53) Ban Seabed Mining in Vanuatu: VANGO
10:06 pm GMT+12, 24/10/2017, Vanuatu

Civil society groups in Vanuatu have called on the Vanuatu Government to impose a ban on all seabed mining activities in the country’s waters.

The coalition of civil society groups including the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, National Council of Women, Vanuatu Council of Chiefs, Vanuatu Council of Churches, Vanuatu Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (VANGO), and youth groups passed a resolution last Thursday that challenges the national government to impose a ban.

VANGO Chair, Lai Sakita, said the civil society groups decided to host a consultation as a follow up to a national consultation that was conducted in 2014 by the government.

“It is important for Vanuatu to impose a ban on such an experimental project that our wantoks in Papua New Guinea are going through as a test and learn phase…we in the Pacific should not be a testing ground.”

Sakita said science is still developing around this experimental project and it is important that civil societies in Vanuatu and the Pacific are properly informed “but in the meantime we must call for a ban because we don’t know much about the potential impacts of seabed mining”.

Having considered countries including New Zealand, Australia, Namibia and Mexico which have significant regulatory and monitoring experience and abilities have adopted a strong cautionary stance on seabed mining exploratory activities, the coalition said they have carefully weighed the uncertain benefits against impacts and called for an immediate ban.

“There are a lot of uncertainties about seabed mining and we don’t know how much of this project will affect our coastal communities who depend heavily on our ocean for survival,” argued Wendy Garae from the Vanuatu National Council of Women.

“Vanuatu like other Pacific Island countries earns a lot from our ocean…it not only benefits local coastal communities but it also contributes to our national economy through tourism and fishers, unlike these sectors mining is not sustainable,” added Garae.

The resolution which calls for the national government to impose a ban is currently before the Ministry of Lands, Geology and Mines for government action.

It is understood the resolution will be brought before Vanuatu’s cabinet for policy decision.

Vanuatu has not taken any active seabed mining exploration licenses since all 145 permits expired last year.


54) Former PNG minister joins opposition against seabed mining
4:36 pm GMT+12, 23/10/2017, Papua New Guinea

Former Papua New Guinea Attorney General and Justice Minister has joined has joined the growing opposition against Nautilus Minerals Solwara 1 deepsea mining project.

Sir Arnold Amet says it is understandable that Nautilus shareholders want to protect their own financial interests but new investors should beware – the Solwara 1 project is very high risk.

“The muddy puddle at the so-called test site at Motukea Island is not fit for purpose. It will not provide any evidence that these machines won’t malfunction at the intended operating depth of 1.6km. The hulks are already deteriorating in our tropical conditions,” points out Sir Arnold.

Canadian company Nautilus is still seeking funds for its flagship Solwara 1 deep sea mining project. Commercial operation has been delayed year after year since it received its licence to mine the floor of the Bismarck Sea in 2011.

In a last ditch bid to finance Solwara 1, Nautilus’ two largest shareholders have now formed a new company whose sole job is to secure funding for the Solwara 1 project.

“I am concerned that the Papua New Guinean Government has bought a 15 percent share in a dodgy project, any operating disasters by Nautilus Minerals will quickly translate into an environmental catastrophe for the Bismarck Sea and its communities. The associated financial liabilities will be huge,” says Sir Arnold.

In recent statements, the machine operators of the Solwara 1 project voiced their fears about the safety of operating the equipment 1.6km under the surface and only 25km off the coast of New Ireland Province.

In their Annual information forms lodged with Canadian Securities, Nautilus describes Solwara 1 as an experiment – both the environmental impacts and profits are complete unknown. Nautilus has declined to conduct a preliminary economic assessment, pre-feasibility study or feasibility study – as per conventional industry practice.

“With this high level of environmental and financial risk, the PNG Government should never have issued Nautilus with its licence. It was issued even though PNG has no legal framework to regulate such a mine and we have no capacity to monitor its impacts. The legal context for the licensing Solwara 1 is highly questionable,” continues Sir Arnold.

Coastal communities in Papua New Guinea are holding the PNG Government to account. Formal letters have been submitted to the Ministry of Mining and Ministry of Environment and Conservation requesting that key documents relating to the licensing of the Solwara 1 project be made public. They have given the PNG Government until October 18 to respond or face the prospect of legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, Nautilus Minerals has boldly stated that Solwara 1 Deep Sea Mine will have zero impact on marine life and coastal communities in New Ireland Province.


55) Countries must take back control of the International Maritime Organisation

10:42 pm GMT+12, 25/10/2017, Fiji

The talks at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) this week at the 2nd meeting of the Intersessional Working Group on Reduction of Emissions from Ships do not seem to be going well for the maritime transport sector to do its fair share in cutting Greenhouse Gas emissions under the targets of the Paris Agreement.

“The intersessional of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) taking place at the IMO headquarters in London from the 23rd to the 27th October needs to do more than just agree an initial strategy to be adopted in 2018 and a final strategy to be adopted in 2023, they need to start implementation of measures immediately,” said the PIDF Secretary General François Martel.

The Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) supports the view expressed by Mr Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the IMO, that tougher policies would be needed for emission reductions in the maritime transport sector as the industry continues to expand.

Pacific island countries are on the frontline of the impacts of climate change and now they find themselves on the frontline of the fight against the causes of climate change, including emissions arising from maritime transport. PIDF members, including Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Solomon Islands, joined by EU members and other nations including Canada and New Zealand, are leading the charge against the obstructionists in the IMO.

“Climate change is the biggest crisis facing the planet today. It is a crisis that cannot be thwarted unless every sector does its part. This includes the transport sector. We see great and rapid progress in many countries in regards to land transport. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the maritime transport sector,” Martel said.

The PIDF Secretary General added, “The planet cannot afford not taking, or delaying, action on climate change. Maritime transport is responsible for as much emissions as Germany and if no action is taken now, by 2050 it would be responsible for as much emissions as the whole European Union.  Shipping greenhouse gas emissions are expected to grow by 50 to 250% by 2050. This is unacceptable!”

“With today’s technology we are in a position to start reducing emissions now. We do not have to wait for the development of technology… we have it already. Unfortunately the biggest stumbling block is the collusion between the fossil fuel producing industries, the shipping industries and certain political blocks.”

“The IMO was trusted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to take action on Maritime emissions to bring it in line with the requirements of the Paris Agreement as we strive to limit temperature rise to 1.5C compared to pre-industrial levels. It is obvious that the IMO is unable to perform this task and it has become necessary that this becomes a task for the UNFCCC,” the PIDF Secretary General said.

The Pacific Islands Development Forum suggests that countries take back control of the IMO from the industry’s influence, since with industry’s influence and as it employs obstructive tactics for any progress in negotiations to limit emissions, the IMO is incapable of bringing the necessary changes. “The dominance of the shipping industry of the IMO cannot be tolerated any longer, especially today when they are practically holding the whole planet at ransom,” concluded Martel.

The intersessional meeting comes to an end on the 27th October 2017 and PIDF encourages major progress be made by the end of this meeting on this issue so crucial for the survival of the Pacific and the whole planet.


56) TIPNG boss raises mining lease concerns

October 27, 2017The NationalBusiness

A REPORT by Transparency International PNG has identified seven areas within the process of issuing mining leases that needs addressing to minimise corruption risks.
Chairman Lawrence Stephens said during the launching of the TIPNG Corruption Risks in Mining Awards Country report that it was developed from participating in the global research initiative programme called the Mining for Sustainable Development (M4SD) Programme.
“This programme brings together 17 chapters of the TI movement in countries where mining is a major component of the national economy, to identify risks in the process of awarding mining licenses.”
Stephens said the awards process was the start of the mining value-chain and any effects of corruption there would be passed along, eventually impacting a country’s sustainable development.
“The new report highlights weaknesses in cross-institutional capacity, human resource capacity in regulators, coherence of feasibility studies and memorandum of agreements, the lack of a national geo-spatial agency, consultation with community representatives, consultation with Community representatives, corporate social reporting and issues surrounding the inclusion of women and vulnerable members of communities.”
Stephens said TIPNG as the national chapter of the global TI movement had been supportive of efforts promoting transparency in the resources sector.
It had been an active multi-stakeholder group within the PNG Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Secretariat.
“We believe that national agencies benefit from having an external party like TIPNG assessing the processes to ensure that they are of a world-class standard,” he said.
“Mining is a steady driver of the economy of our country and is key to ensuring future sustainable development.”


57) Brisbane to host “PNG night” with local musicians

Brisbane is set to host a night for Papua New Guinean students and ex-pats living in the city, celebrating PNG culture and music for those that might be missing home.

Several musicians and DJs from Port Moresby are heading over for the performance, including Derol Wange, also known as DPJ.
It will be his first international gig and he says some of the money raised will go towards charities in the Southern Highlands.27/10/17


58) PNG Kumuls Rugby League World Cup

Updated 27 October 2017, 14:22 AEDT
Sam Seke

I gat planti eksaitment long Port Moresby long nabawan gem blong Papua New Guinea long Rugby League World Cup agensim Wales long National Football Stadium tumora avinun.

Wari ibin stap long sapos Kumuls Vice-Captain, Ase Boas husat ibin kisim injuri bai em nap pilai tasol, PNG Rugby League ofis i tok em bao orait long pilai.

PNG rugby league ripota, Melvin Levongo i tok ol Kumuls igat ol gutpela players, planti long ol i kam long saksesful PNG Hunters we ibin winim Queensland Intrust Super Cup.

Melvin i tok, ol Wales igat ol gutpela players tu we i plei long Wales super league, long England na tu long Australia, tasol PNG bai nap winim ol.

59) Ase Boas the big injury concern for PNG ahead of World Cup opener

There’s an air of anticipation in Port Moresby on the eve of Papua New Guinea’s opening match of the Rugby League World Cup against Wales at the National Football Stadium tomorrow afternoon.

After a disaster at the last World Cup four years ago, the Kumuls are out to make their mark on the tournament this time with a side built around the successful PNG Hunters squad that won the Intrust Super Cup for the first time just last month.

But there is an injury cloud hanging over the Hunters’ star man, Ase Boas.

Coach Michael Marum says his vice-captain has a fifty-fifty chance of playing, but Pacific Beat’s World Cup reporter Melvin Levongo says the signs are not good.AUDIO –

60) Weekend of quality action in store at Central Coast Sevens

The number of warm-up tournaments ahead of the Rugby Sevens World Series is on the rise, with Oktoberfest in Germany earlier this month and the Silicon Valley Sevens in California coming up next weekend, just two of the latest examples attracting widespread interest.

But before both of those tournaments came the Central Coast Sevens in Australia, now well established on the international circuit, and it would appear, growing bigger and stronger every year.

The 2017 event runs until Sunday, and Tournament Director, Craig Morgan, says there will be no shortage of quality players on display.AUDIO –

61) Kumuls out to get even

October 27, 2017The NationalSports

KUMULS coach Michael Marum’s unblemished record in charge of the national rugby league team will be tested by a determined Welsh side tomorrow.
Marum, who is 2-0 as coach after taking over from Mal Meninga last year, has guided the side to wins over Fiji and the Cook Islands so far  but faces what is perhaps the second best side from the British Isles.
But the 44-year-old is not resting on his laurels saying the expection was high and the local fans would want nothing less than a win at the Oil Search National Football Stadium by 5pm tomorrow.
“We’re focused on playing good football. We’re not worried about what the Welsh will bring. If we play well then we should come out on top,” Marum said of his side who are favoured at home.
“They’ve beaten us three times over the years, all in the UK, and it’s time to change that.
“We’re doing this for the country and the fans”
Sports vice-minister Wesley Raminai echoed Marum’s sentiments while welcoming coach John Kear’s side at a recpetion at the British High Commission on Wednesday.
“We welcomed the Welsh and made them feel at home as hosts and they’ve seen that PNG is not as bad a place as people say,” Raminai said.
“We’ve never beaten them so Saturday is hopefully when we get some revenge.”
Marum confirmed that five-eighth Ase Boas would play boosting the side’s hopes while prop Wellington Albert would be included on the bench at the expense of one of the hookers.
PNG Kumuls: 1 David Mead (c), 2 Justin Olam, 3 Kato Ottio, 4 Nene Macdonald, 5 Garry Lo, 6 Ase Boas (vc), 7 Watson Boas, 8 Stanton Albert, 9 Wartovo Puara Jr, 10 Luke Page, 11 Rhyse Martin, 12 Rod Griffin, 13 Paul Aiton; Reserves: 14 Kurt Baptiste, 15 Willie Minoga, 16 James Segeyaro, 17 Enoch Maki, 18 Lachlan Lam, 19 Stargroth Amean, 20 Wellington Albert.
Wales Dragons: 1 Elliot Kear 2 Rhys Williams 3 Michael Channing 4 Andrew Gay 5 Reagan Grace 6 Courtney Davies 7 Matt Seamark 8 Craig Kopczak (c) 9. Steve Parry 10 Philip Joseph 11 Rhodri Lloyd 12 Ben Morris 13 Morgan Knowles; Reserves: 14 Matty Fozard 15 Sam Hopkins 16. Ben Evans 17 Chester Butler. 18. Josh Ralph 19 Dalton Grant 20. Christian Roets 21 Matthew Barron.

62) Vanuatu blong difendem Oceania taetol long New Zealand?

By Raymond Nasse

Andre Nambo wetem Pacific Petroleum, Nicolas Leflon, long taem blong handing ova blong niufala unifom blong Team Vanuatu

2017 Oceania Petanque Championship we New Zealand hemi hostem bambae hemi kik off long wiken ya.

Longtaem petanque man mo Team Lida, Andre Nambo, hemi kam long Daily Sport mo talemaot harem nogud blong hem afta we lukluk i stap se olgeta bambae oli mestem Oceania Championship from i nogat eni fomol funding i kamaot long Gavman olsem we Minister blong Sports, Seule Simeon hemi bin promisim olgeta.

Nambo i se olgeta i go aftarem Minista blong hemi follow up long toktok blong hem, be i lukim i nogat eni rispons kam kasem yestede, we Sarere nao bambae tunamen hemi kik off.

Vanuatu hemi defending jampion blong Oceania mo from hemi las yia oli shud go tekem pat long 2016 World Championship long Madagascar, be from lack of funding mo sponsa i kam long Gavman i mekem se oli nomo tekem pat.

Afta long kwalifikesen blong Vanuatu i go long World Cup long Madagascar long namba 1 Disemba 2016, long manis March long yia ia, Vanuatu tim i no save tekem pat nomo long Wol Kap ia from faenansol problem.

Vanuatu Petanque Federesen i bin winim bid blong hostem Oceania Championship long 2016 long Port Vila stret long Seafront Boulodrome long manis March yia ia.

Long taem blong Oceania Championship ia long Manis March yia ia, Vanuatu hemi bin hostem New Zealand, Tahiti mo New Caledonia, mo afta long olgeta faenol dei, Vanuatu hemi kam blong klemem Oceania Championship ia afta we olgeta i toppem medal tebol.

Wetem dominesen blong Vanuatu ova long Tahiti we hemi rana ap mo New Caledonia long namba 3 ples, trifala kaontri ia oli kwalifae blong go long World Championship las yia.

Team Leader blong Team Vanuatu, Andre Nambo, we hemi wan long olgeta fes man Vanuatu blong plei long wan World Championship blong Petanque long 2012 long Franis, hemi kamaot blong talem se hemi feel disappointed.

Nambo hemi talem se hemi westem everi time mo energy blong hem blong save trenem olgeta yangfala ia tru aot bifo oli plei long Oceania Championship, mo afta long hem, mo naoia we olgeta i no go long World Championship mo naoia bageken oli nomo save go defendem taetol blong olgeta long New Zealand.

Nomata long hemia Pacific Petroleum mo Solidarity Fund oli kamaot blong help sponsarem Team Vanuatu wetem olgeta jersey, track suit mo unifom.

63) Solomons football squad looks ahead to Vanuatu mini games

Preparations are underway for the Solomon Islands national football team to select a squad for the upcoming Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu this year. Solomon Islands national football coach, Felipe Vega-Arango told SIBC there was no final list of players because most of the players had club commitments, and the final selection would be done next month.

Mr Vega-Arango said squad training would begin early next month, and the selection would be done after the TSL league concluded.

He said there was very little time for the team to prepare, and some key players would miss the mini games due to injury and club duties.

Mr Vega-Arango added despite these setbacks, he was confident Solomon Islands would be a team to beat at the mini games.

“Most likely in two weeks we are going to start training once a week,” he said. “And at the end of November hopefully we have one week of mini-camp. We will go into trianing after the TSL (local competition) finishes.”

The 2017 Pacific Mini Games will be held in Port Vila, Vanuatu from the 14th of December.

-SIBC Online

64) Six members of National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands axed

00:25 am GMT+12, 27/10/2017, Solomon Islands

Six Vice presidents who are executive members of the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) were removed in an Extraordinary Congress meeting held at the Heritage Park hotel on Wednesday.

The six were members of the NOCSI executive board and their removal was due to amendments made in the constitution during the Extraordinary Congress meeting.

Nihal Seneviratne VP Finance Marketing, Patrick Morris VP Provincial Development, Golden Kiloko VP Solidarity, Brian Ponotapu VP International, Ishmael Nori VP Solomon Games and Nina Devis VP Women in Sports were removed by congress.

Oceania National Olympic Committee Executive Director, Dennis Miller revealed to Star Sports the removal of the six executive members.

“Basically the meeting was called at the request of the Oceania International Olympic Committee.

“Because there were lot of issues that have been affecting NOCSI.

“In the congress meeting we managed to amend the constitution and restructured the executive board which was passed unanimously after some discussion,” he said.

Miller stressed that the president Marin Rara still remains and another 3 executive members.

“The president remains it is basically the six vice presidents positions being removed.

“The new structure is the president, vice president, athlete commission, general secretary and four other members.

“So right the now the Olympic committee compromises of those people and the afflicted sports.

“We are always available to provide technical advice to make sure NOCSI move forward and don’t fall back into our small old problems,” the ONOC Executive Director stated.

Meanwhile, Pacific Games Council President, Vidhya Lakhan was part of the meeting this week and encouraged the country to start its infrastructure development for the 2023 Pacific Games.


65) Fiji veteran Akuila Uate says the Bati are ready to go to next level

10:56 pm GMT+12, 25/10/2017, Australia

Veteran Fijian Akuila Uate has claimed the Bati are ready to go one step further in this year’s World Cup, given they have some of the best backs in the competition.

Fiji made the semi-finals at the 2008 and 2013 World Cups and believe they have strike power to do so again, with Uate joined by the likes of Jarryd Hayne, Suliasi Vunivalu, Kevin Naiqama and Marcelo Montoya in the backline.

The Bati will put their strike power on display on Saturday when they take on the US for their first pool match in Townsville and Uate believes they are ready to show their true potential.

“I think we have the best backs in the World Cup,” he said.

“I don’t really look at what (other teams) have. I’m not worried about what other teams are doing.

“I definitely believe we have the team to get to the finals and I believe we can win this World Cup. I’m not going to say anything different. We want to be the top team in the World Cup.”

Uate will play at centre on Saturday — a role he has taken on just once before in his career, while playing with the Knights in 2008.

The Manly star however is confident he will handle the change with ease.

Uate is also not the only Bati player who is full of belief as Fiji kick off their World Cup campaign, with forward Eloni Vunakece also backing his side to cause some upsets.

“We’re lucky us Fijians that footy is just in our blood,” he said.
“I’m sure you’re going to see some cracking moments from our side.

“Making the semis (in 2008 and 2013), the expectation has heaped on. But we’ve come in with our goals set for taking out the World Cup.

“You can’t come in and aim for the level below. We have to step it up and up. We’re building towards that, it feels like.”…


66) Fiji Rugby signs MOU with China

27 October 2017

The Fiji Rugby Union has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Rugby Football Association.

As part of the MOU, the Chinese Union will be looking to their Fijian counterparts to help develop its sevens and fifteens programs, with exchanges for coaches, technical staff, teams and players.

Fiji Rugby Chairman, Commander Francis Kean, said China was a “super economic power” globally and there is huge potential for rugby to grow in the world’s most populous nation, especially in the seven-a-side game.

He said the agreement was another important achievement in the reform agenda of the Fiji Rugby Union.

“For too long, we have regarded ourselves amongst the minnows of the rugby world when our recent on the field performance in both the sevens and fifteens codes illustrate that we are a super power in rugby, especially in the sevens code,” he said.

“As such (we) should be maximising the opportunities that are available globally for our players, our coaches and our technical staffs”.

China also has plans to set up its own professional rugby competitions and will look to the FRU for support in terms of coaches, players and other technical staff.

“China has the resources and the people while we have the skills, expertise and passion for rugby,” he said.

“As such it will be a win-win arrangement for both the rugby unions”.

“Rugby is now an export commodity and we have our players playing all over the world who are sending remittance back home contributing to the national economy – as such any opportunity to grow the portfolio will only enhance rugby and national growth”.

The FRU and CRFA will meet in the near future to finalise all the implementations plans.

In another historic achievement and for the first time ever, the Chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union Commander Francis Kean yesterday in the Guangzhou Province China, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Rugby Football Association who were represented by the Secretary of the China Rugby Football Association Mr Jack Lam.

67) New boys join team

Zanzeer Singh
Friday, October 27, 2017-Fijitimes

THE Fiji Football Association will be calling in seven replacements to fill in the vacuum left by players unable to join the national training camp in Ba in preparation for the important FIFA international friendly against Estonia next month.

Fiji with a FIFA ranking of 175 is billed to take on Estonia in a first ever historic clash on November 19 at the ANZ Stadium in Suva. Estonia ranked 80 is part of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

In the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification matches against Gibraltar and Bosnia Herzegovina last month, Estonia had two players who ply their trade in England.

The side featured Ragnar Klavan, a defender for Premier League club Liverpool and Mattias Kait who is an attacking midfielder for English Championship club Fulham.

Fiji Football Association vice-president Tarunesh Reddy said 21 players were in camp in Ba, however three were injured.

Reddy said two had picked up injuries during the Courts Inter District Championship while Lautoka’s Dave Radrigai got injured while playing in the New Zealand IDC last weekend. He said a few senior players such as Zibraaz Sahib and Simione Tamanisau were facing difficulty getting leave from work commitments.

“One player in particular Amani Makoe has been dropped because he joined the camp late without any valid reason,” Reddy said.

68) Samoa Rugby Union in dire straits

10:57 pm GMT+12, 25/10/2017, Samoa

The Samoa Rugby Union (SRU) has nothing to hide.

The Chief Executive Officer, Faleomavaega Vincent Fepulea’i, is not staying mum about the dire financial predicament faced by Union.

Paying off debts, poor game results, attainting international sponsorships, dealing with public criticism, the injustice faced by the Samoan players overseas are some of the issues Faleomavaega spoke about during a one-hour interview with the Samoa Observer.

“We have improved considerably over the last three years,” he said. “Our debt used to be $3.2 million (US$1.2 million) and it’s now come down to $1.4 million(US$552,000).”

“We are continually trying to reduce our costs but the expectations of the country and the expectations of the world around the Manu Samoa that we have to be up there at that level.”

“To improve the performance it needs money, money we don’t have,” said Faleomavaega.Read More-

69) 10 NRL young guns of RLWC 2017

10:54 pm GMT+12, 25/10/2017, Australia

The 2017 Rugby League World Cup is set to unearth players on the world stage that will springboard them into the next decade of dominance in the National Rugby League.

England front-rower James Graham was a then 22-year-old forward in England’s 2008 World Cup squad and now finds himself 135 games into an NRL career after a move to Australia four years later.

English hooker James Roby also used the tournament less than a decade ago to kick-start a big career in the English Super League, repeatedly turning down offers from NRL clubs throughout that period.

We saw Fijian winger Akuila Uate burst onto the international scene at the same time and immediately grab the attention of the rugby league world with five tries in four games.

Two years later he went on to represent Australia.

Fiji teammate Jarryd Hayne used the 2008 tournament to rediscover form for the Fijian side following his axing in the Australian side months prior. He now finds himself in a similar position after a poor season with the Gold Coast Titans.

Tyson Frizell played for Wales during the 2013 tournament and now finds himself in Australia’s 24-man squad.

Sydney Roosters recruit James Tedesco was a key member of Italy’s one win and draw in the 2013 tournament – a campaign he credits for getting him back on track following a serious ACL knee injury 12 months earlier.

St George Illawarra skipper Gareth Widdop was promoted from a bench spot into the halves for England in a career first during the same tournament – a position he’s now cemented at NRL level for the St George Illawarra Dragons.

This year, more young players are set to use the tournament to either take their game to a new level against quality opposition or put themselves on the radar for NRL clubs to take notice.  Read More –



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