Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest Summary # 1121 ( Monday 13 November 2017 )


1) Weather warning

Repeka Nasiko
Sunday, November 12, 2017-Fijitimes

THE public is advised to remain vigilant as continuous heavy rain will be expected over Viti Levu, Western and Southern Vanua Levu, Lomaiviti Group, Kadavu, Yasawa and the Mamanuca Group.

Fiji Meteorological Services acting director Viliame Vereivalu said a heavy rain warning remained in force for the country as an active trough of low pressure moved onto the group from the West.

“A heavy rain warning remains in force Viti Levu and nearby smaller islands, Yasawa and Mamanuca group, Kadavu, Western and Southern Vanua Levu, Lau and Lomaiviti Group,” he said in a statement yesterday.

“A heavy rain alert is in force for the rest of Fiji. An active trough of low pressure is gradually moving on to the group from the West. Associated cloud and rain affect the country.”

He said occasional heavy rainfall and a few thunderstorms would be experienced over Viti Levu and nearby smaller islands in the Yasawa and Mamanuca groups, Western and Southern Vanua Levu, Lomaiviti Group and Kadavu.

Mr Vereivalu said rain would become frequent and heavy with squally thunderstorms.

“The other parts of Fiji can expect occasional showers with isolated heavy fall and few thunderstorms. Showers may possibly increase to rain and become frequent and heavy at times from later tomorrow (today).”

2) New Caledonia partnership with France mootedy 

New Caledonia’s Palika party has proposed making New Caledonia an independent state in partnership with France.

The idea was repeated at its Congress at the weekend when it and three other components making up the FLNKS pro-independence movement had separate meetings to discuss the path to next year’s independence referendum.

The option proposed by Palika would entail granting New Caledonia a seat at the United Nations.

Another FLNKS faction, the Caledonian Union, said next year’s referendum should go ahead, thereby ruling out suggestions of a further accord.

The four separate party meetings followed the Paris talks earlier this month when the Noumea Accord signatories reached agreement on who will be eligible to vote.

The debate in New Caledonia will be given a fresh impetus at the beginning of December when the French prime minister Edouard Philippe is due for a three-day visit.  13/11/17 –

3) Manus situation places West Papuan refugees in spotlight

The Papua New Guinea government is continuing its program of giving citizenship to West Papuan refugees, and the call for registrations is now centred on the Niugini Islands.

That includes West Papuans living on Manus Island.

Oro province governor and vocal West Papua supporter, Gary Juffa, says while this is just a coincidence, there is a connection between the citizenship offer and the asylum seeker situation on the island.AUDIO:



5) Landowners want to extract best benefit

November 8, 2017The NationalHighlands

LANDOWNERS from a resource-rich area in Enga have formed a company in anticipation of any major development to extract gas, oil, gold or copper from their land.
The landowners of Momandi in Kandep district formed a company called Lake Papaili, which also has the support of the Tikioimbo association with its 32 executives who are working together to help the communities take part meaningfully in any future project.
Lake Papaili public relations officer Paia Aku Swal said in Mt Hagen that the company’s main role was to see how people could benefit from the minerals extracted from their land.
Swal said that in many parts of the country where minerals are found landowners have missed out on the spin-off benefits.
He said that this will not be the case with the landowners of Momandi as they have decided to get together and form the landowner company.
He said many landowners missed out on benefits because they did not plan well so they can benefit from what is in their land.
“We have come up with the idea to form the company in advance and prepare to welcome the project,” he said.
He said that the Department of Petroleum and Energy has listed Momandi and areas of Kandep as Petroleum Prospecting Licence (PPL) 260 which is a potential site for a multi-resource project.

6) Chief plans to document Hela culture

November 13, 2017The NationalNational
HELA is planning to produce a documentary on its culture to promote the province as a tourist destination.

Hela chief Ivan Homoko, the chairman of the highlands region tourism, said the documentary would cover Hela culture and produced in their own language.
He said the government was focusing too much on resources and ignoring culture, thus Hela was planning to be the first province to produce a documentary.
Homoko said PNG was rich in culture and there were ways of promoting and attracting tourists.
Homoko said from the 800 languages, people named river, plants and animals differently, and the same applied to culture.
“I see that culture is fading as people are starting to adapt to modern lifestyles. How can we keep our cultures?”
He said the documentary would cover all the traditions used in the past.
Homoko said culture would attract tourists.
He said the government was funding the PNG Kumuls in rugby league instead of investing in culture.
“I called on the government to look seriously into culture and not giving most attention to minerals and resources,” he said.

7) Vanuatu’s NDMO director sacked in aftermath of Ambae evacuation effort

The Director of Vanuatu’s National Disaster Management Office, Shadrack Welegtebit, has been replaced, and Santo’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Basil Leodoro has been suspended.

Both men had leadership positions during the recent evacuation of 11,000 villagers from Ambae Island when the Manaro volcano was threatening to erupt.

But the Editor of the Vanuatu Independent Tony Wilson says Mr Welegtabit has been offered no explanation for his unexpected removal.AUDIO:

8 )

9 )


10) Konfiusin long Solomon Islands Politik

Updated 13 November 2017, 17:06 AEDT
Sam Seke

Konfusion i gohet long sait nasinol politic long Solomon Islands we i lukim Ofis blong Praim Minista i tok 15 pela memba blong Oposisan ibin go toksori long caretaker praem minista, Manasseh Sogavare long wiken.

Planti long ol em ol memba blong United Democratoc Party blong Mr Sogavare yet husat ibin go joinim oposisan long voutim em aut olsem pram minista long wanpela mosin blong no-konfidens long last Mande.

Wanpela long ol em i Memba blong Central Honiara Moffat Fugui we oposisin grup i nominetim pinis olsem kandidet blong ol long vout blong praim minista long Wednesday dispela wik, na kandideit blong ol lain blong Mr Sogavare em i memba blong Small Malaita, Rick Hou.

Wanpela sub-editor blong Solomon Star niuspela, Deli Oso i tok, em i no klia wanem dispela apologi blong ol oposisan memba ia i minim long ileksan blong niu praem minista


11 )

12) Fmr Tonga minister says help coming for the unemployed

One of two finance ministers sacked in the last Tongan government says the next government will get a head start when it comes to providing employment opportunities for the public.

‘Aisake Eke was dismissed by interim Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva for abstaining from a vote of no-confidence in the government earlier this year.

Dr Eke is now seeking re-election for a third term in parliament this week and said he wants to continue to build and improve the pathways for unemployed youth in Tonga. “We already have an agreement with the World Bank and they will provide at least $US15 million [to] provide training for unemployed, upskill from the secondary schools, to further their studies using the local institutions.”

Dr Eke said the training will be accredited to Australian standards so as to provide opportunities for work in industries in that country such as construction, nursing and other technical pursuits.13/11/17 RNZI

13) Concerns that female candidates will miss out in Tongan election

There’s concern in women’s groups in Tonga that next week’s election may once again result in no female candidate winning a seat.

Only five women have been elected to Parliament since 1951, and no woman won a seat in the last general election in 2014.

‘Akosita Havili Lavulavu won the Vava’u by-election last year, and remains the only woman in parliament.

A field of 15 well-regarded women is standing for election on November the 16th, Ofa Guttenbeil-Likiliki of the Women and Children’s Crisis Centre says the biggest hurdle they face is how to change attitudes towards having women in parliament. AUDIO-

14) Tonga missing out at COP23 – Sovaleni10 November 2017 

The former minister responsible for climate change in Tonga says the country is missing out by not having a minister at the COP 23 conference in Germany.

The global conference on climate change is being chaired by Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, but Tonga’s delegation will not include a cabinet minister.

Siaosi Sovaleni headed the ministry responsible for the environment and climate change until he was sacked days after Parliament was dissolved in August.

The election was subsequently brought forward a year to next week.

Mr Sovaleni said an unfortunate by-product is the lack of ministerial presence at COP 23.

“I do believe that Tonga is a small country [but] it should have some contribution towards this global problem that we have. It’s unfortunate that, because of timing, that we can’t be represented at that level so that we can see how we can contribute to this global problem but also to see how we can actually try and mitigate the potential problem to Tonga.”RNZI

15) French Polynesia doctors’ strike ends, but grievances remain 11 November 2017 

A hospital doctors strike in French Polynesia has ended.

The strike was called off after four days following an agreement between the doctor’s union and the health minister.

However, the union’s head says the outcome of the talks is not satisfactory and organisational issues remain to be addressed.

He said the doctors decided to resume work because the backlog of patients had been become untenable.

He also told a local radio station that the doctors are already considering more strike action.RNZI


16 )

17 )


18) Australian horticulture wants to stamp out exploitation of Pacific guest workers

Australia’s horticulture industry is strongly against the exploitation of Pacific Island guest workers, and wants to work with the government to stamp such abuses out.

That’s according to Rachel McKenzie, chief advocate for Growcom, the peak horticulture industry body in Queensland.

Incidents where Pacific workers participating in the season work scheme have faced low pay and poor conditions have been highlighted by Australian trade unions recently.

Ms McKenzie tells Bruce Hill that the problem is caused by unscrupulous labour hire companies and a few bad employers.AUDIO-


19 )


20 )


21) Aerial photography ban by Paris includes French Pacific 10 November 2017 

The French government has banned aerial photography and filming of almost 250 sites, including military zones in French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

The decree, which is aimed at blocking drones, applies to strictly defined areas around sensitive sites, such as army establishments, nuclear power plants, prisons and the space station in French Guiana.

It was signed by several key ministers, including those responsible for the army, justice, finance and internal affairs.

The ban covers five military establishments in New Caledonia and four in French Polynesia.

It also applies to the former Pacific nuclear weapons test sites in Mururoa and Fangataufa where the filming and photography ban also applies to the territorial waters.

Trangressions are punishable with one year in prison and a $US70,000 fine.


22 )

23) Rotary club treats eye patients in Taveuni

Sunday, November 12, 2017-Fijitimes

Update: 2:13PM THE annual eye surgery spearheaded by the Rotary Club of Taveuni has treated almost 200 patients so far.

Club executive member Josephine Amos said most patients have travelled in from Viti Levu.

She said the assistance from members of Boronia in Australia and Pakaurangi and New Market in New Zealand have helped them successfully organise the event.

“Most of our patients that have had surgery have also had their eye sight restored,” she said.

A team of the world’s top eye surgeons have flown in from around the globe to conduct the surgeries.


24) NZ gets first Pacific Secondary School

New Zealand now has its first ever Pacific Island secondary school offering education from year nine to year 13.

The Pacific Advance Senior School in the Auckland suburb of Otahuhu has just added years nine and ten to its existing classes.

Former All Black Michael Jones is one of the leaders of the Pacific Peoples Advancement Trust which runs the school in Auckland.

He tells Bruce Hill the pupils get a solid educational experience, but within a Pacific cultural context.AUDIO-



11 November 2017

Gov’t House confirms Hou, Fugui as candidates for the prime minister’s election next week


MEMBER of Parliament for Central Honiara John Moffat Fugui will contest against the MP for Small Malaita Rick Hou for the Prime Ministership on Wednesday next week.

The Governor General’s Deputy Secretary Rawcliff Ziza confirmed this to the media on Friday afternoon.

He revealed that only two names were submitted as nominations for the top political leadership position closed at 4:30pm yesterday.

The Honiara Hotel Camp nominated Fugui as its candidate whilst the Heritage Park Hotel camp nominated Mr Hou.

Mr Fugui was nominated by Danny Philip, Snyder Rini, Douglas Ete and David Tome. On the other hand, MrHou was nominated by the ousted Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, Freda Tuki, Stanley Sofu and Peter Shanel Agovaka.

Mr Ziza said the Acting Governor General will write to the MPs to inform them about the candidates for the election of the new Prime Minister (PM) on Wednesday.

Mr Sogavare was ousted in a motion of No Confidence on Monday this week.

He was unseated by a majority vote of 27 to 23.

However, the Opposition and Independent group’s numerical strength dwindled after the motion of no-confidence after the Democratic Alliance Party(DAP) switched joined the Heritage Park Hotel camp due to a disagreement over candidacy for the prime ministership.

The infusion of DAP, the former Opposition, into the Heritage Park Hotel camp boosted itsnumbers from 23 to 30.

The Heritage Park Hotel camp confirmed their new coalition yesterday which is made up of Kadere Party, Peoples’ Alliance Party, DAP and Peoples’ First Party.

The United Democratic Party which used to be the major coalition partner in the former Democratic Coalition for Change Government is now part of the new coalition that makes up the new Opposition and Independent Group.

26 )


27) Dame Taylor: Honor businesses of all sizes

08 November 2017

It is vital that businesses of all sizes, including small medium enterprise (SME’s) are honored to note their impact on community development said Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat’s secretary general Dame Meg Taylor.

In her remarks during Saturday night’s Business Excellence Award (BEA) night at Coral Sea, she emphasised on the importance that small businesses impacted on the national economy.

“I want to acknowledge the diversity in the awards categories on offer – and I particularly note the emphasis given to size,” she addressed the more than 100 business house attending the event.

Dame Taylor in her remarks that night stressed the need for social inclusion and united leadership in support of a common vision as a way forward in our post conflict country.

She then applauded Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) for their invitation and time spent with the private sector during her visit.

“I found that the challenges shared, including access to finance; the need for a national platform for youth to share their ideas, vision and vigour for change; support mechanisms for small business owners by government and financial institutions; challenges of getting products to market; high cost of utilities, etc are prevalent in our region.

“These are very real issues which I’m sure many here tonight are aware of.

“The efforts of the Government to assist the private sector are to be commended.

“The Chamber of Commerce has a key role to play as the representative of the private sector,” the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat’s secretary general said.

She then assured SICCI about her organizations readiness to support Pacific Trade & Invest offices in Australia, China, Europe, New Zealand and Tokyo.

About top 10 local business houses were awarded and commended for their services to the national economy on that night.

Other businesses also received awards.

28) Japanese cafe owner keen on Vanuatu coffee

A Japanese investor with a string of coffee shops throughout Japan is taking a sample of Vanuatu coffee for his customers to taste.

Our correspondent reported Jun Sugimoto saying that if people liked the coffee the next cafe he opens will sell nothing but Vanuatu coffee.

Vanuatu’s Director of Agriculture, Antoine Ravo, has welcomed the initiative saying what Mr Sugimoto has been doing is in line with Vanuatu’s agri-tourism policy to link farmers with clients.13/11/17 –


29) Linking Madang with Jayapura a long term plan for PNG govt 

Papua New Guinea’s minister for works says it is a long term government plan to link Madang by road to Indonesia.

Michael Nali said plans for the highway along PNG’s north coast to the border with Indonesia’s Papua region were still in their infancy.

Under PNG’s current coastal road network, the main northern towns of Vanimo, Wewak and Madang are not connected.

Mr Nasli said he expected government to free up money this year to breach the impasse between West Sepik’s capital Vanimo and Wewak in East Sepik.

But he said linking Wewak to the east with Madang was more difficult.

“We are hoping to get that built over time as money permits. It is not something that we will start today and finish tomorrow,” he said.

“But it is in the government’s plan, and in the government’s interests, so over time we will slowly be looking at opening up some of these major missing links.”

Michael Nali said connecting the road to Papua’s capital Jayapura would open up a huge range of business opportunities for PNG.3/11/17 –

30) New roads, bridges to connect people

November 6, 2017The NationalPapua

By Rebecca Kuku
Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, pictured, aims to connect isolated communities in his electorate to the main Hiritano Highway so they can access government services.
Isoaimo, who officially opened a road at the Paitana area of the Kairuku LLG last week, said that he was aiming to build roads and bridges to connect his people to the main road during his term.
“The access road at Paitana will connect six villages from the Kairuku area to the main road so that they can have access to government services,” he said.
“I am now looking at using district service improvemnet programme (DSIP) funds to connect villages from North Mekeo to the highway as well,” he said.
Isoaimo said that during his previous term he concentrated on delivering health and education services but saw that these services would last if there was infrastructure and roads leading into villages.
“That’s why in this term I hope to connect all the villages in my electorate to the main highway so that services will be able to reach the people.”
He also said that building roads and connecting people from the villages to Port Moresby would help to modernise the city.
“We will also be helping to fund people to upgrade their bush houses to modern houses to improve lifestyles and boost people’s morale.
“A road is the access to the government services it ensures that services, like health and education can be accessible to the people right at their door steps.”


31) Senior homicide detective concerned about alcohol-fuelled violence in PN

One of Port Moresby’s most experienced detectives, overseeing the investigation into the death of Post Courier journalist Rosalyn Albaniel Evara, is calling for tighter restrictions on alcohol sales in the city.

The head of the homicide unit, Ulavis Mantu, has investigated a number of fatal domestic abuse cases, and he says in most instances, alcohol consumption is the main source of gender-based violence.

He told our reporter Melvin Levongo his team are continuing to question Rosalyn’s family members and her doctors, in an effort to establish whether she too was a victim of domestic violence.AUDIO-


32) COP23 plans to protect health as climate changes 

The United Nations has launched an initiative to protect people in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) from the health impacts of climate change.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UN Climate Change secretariat have drafted a strategy at the COP23 meeting in Bonn, Germany in partnership with Fiji who proposed the plan.

Fiji’s Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, is the COP23 president, and said Fijians were well aware climate change posed a serious threat to health.

He said the plan would equip SIDS with knowledge, resources and technology to increase the resilience of their healthcare.

The plan aims to climate-proof health systems, collect evidence for investment and triple international financial support.

Currently, less than 1.5 per cent of international finance for climate change adaptation is allocated to health projects.

The WHO said people living in SIDS were on the frontline of extreme weather events, rising sea levels and increased risk of infectious diseases.

It said larger nations must to do everything they could to help SIDS prepare for the future that is already washing up on their shores.13/11/17

33 )

34 )

35 )

36) Bank says customer funds are safe

Monika Singh
Saturday, November 11, 2017

BANK South Pacific has called on its consumers to contact its customer care if they have any concerns about their BSP accounts.

BSP acting country manager Ravindra Singh made the statement yesterday after the Consumer Council of Fiji released a statement encouraging all BSP customers to check their transactions carried out on Wednesday when the bank’s automatic teller machines (ATM) were down for some time.

Council CEO Premila Kumar said they received complaints and concerns from customers who had noticed that despite having their transactions declined, money was still deducted from their accounts.

“We confirm there was an unexpected system outage and regret the impact this has had on our valued customers.

“The majority of these failed transactions have been reversed automatically. In cases where this did not happen, we will do so manually.

“If consumers still have any concerns on their BSP accounts over this or any other issues please contact us on 132888 available 24/7 or email

“We assure our customers that your funds are safe with us,”said Mr Singh.


37) Promise of 50-year land lease

Repeka Nasiko
Sunday, November 12, 2017

ABOUT 60 sugarcane growers from Nawaicoba, Nadi, have been promised 50-year agricultural land leases.

This was confirmed in a meeting between growers, iTaukei Land Trust Board officials, Sugar Cane Growers Council and the Ministry of Sugar on Friday.

TLTB acting senior state officer Akuila Ratu said the leases would be for 50 years.

“We can assure you that all of you will get your leases before the end of the year,” he said.

“We have been having discussions with the landowners and the Fiji Sugar Cane Growers Association and with your advisory councillor and we have informed all of them of the changes that have happened.

“The new term is now 50 years and we will first give your instrument of tenancy.

“We will come back next Tuesday to give your offer letter for the tenancy.”

He added TLTB had paid about $100,000 for the surveyor’s costs.

Fiji Sugar Cane Growers Council CEO Sundresh Chetty said talks to secure the 50-year lease took four years.

He said the farmers were grateful for the promised additional 20 years extension.

Ministry of Sugar director Sanjay Kumar said they hoped farmers would take advantage of the opportunities the new leases presented.


38 )

39a ) Miss World Fiji advances to talent finals

Saturday, November 11, 2017-Fijitimes

Update: 2:57PM FIJI’s representative to the 67th Miss World in Sanya, China has advanced to the finals of the talent category for the pageant.

Speaking from China, Miss World Fiji, Nanise Rainima said she felt really good after her performance and getting to know the final result of the semi-final round for the talent category.

“The talent second round was an amazing display of performance,” Miss Rainima said.

“Different women with different talents and each one was captivating in their own way and I am blessed to be a part of that. I believe the song I sung and performed was more than that but a message to everyone that were present,” she said.

Nanise as she is commonly known to by her family and friends played the piano and sang an original piece she wrote, which was dedicated to her late paternal grandmother and cancer survivor, Ema Ratadai Rainima who lived a cancer-free life before she passed away four years ago.

Meanwhile Miss World Fiji director, Andhy Blake said he was extremely proud of Nanise.

“She has put in the hard work and the results have shown. This has been a major highlight of my career with the Miss World brand,” Mr Blake said.

After this grand achievement Nanise becomes the first Miss World Fiji candidate to the biggest platform of fashion and beauty to have secured a spot in the finals of a fast track competition at the world event. talent finale will be held next week.

39b) Miss World Fiji jumps into pool to assist Kenya

Friday, November 10, 2017-Fijitimes

Update: 1:21PM MISS World Fiji 2017 Nanise Rainima has yet again won the hearts of many people in Fiji and around the world.

The 25-year-old Tailevu lass did the unthinkable of which any Fijian would do in the swimming race, which was the final heat of the Miss World Sports Challenge yesterday.

Miss Rainima jumped into the swimming pool after seeing her team colleague Miss Kenya unable to continue swimming and assisted Miss Kenya to finish her race.

An article by Miss World Ltd reported that “a memorable moment was when Kenya struggled in the water when all of a sudden, Fiji jumped into the swimming pool and helped Kenya to complete her swim. Everyone cheered them both on”.

Miss World Fiji director Andhy Blake said he was extremely proud of Miss Rainima’s achievement.

“Despite not making the finals of the sport, she won the hearts of the World with her support shown towards Miss Kenya during the swimming competition. I am extremely excited about the finals and I look forward to joining her on Sunday when I fly to China for the final leg of the competition,” Mr Blake said.

Meanwhile, speaking from China, Miss Rainima said: “”I don’t doubt for a moment that Fiji, compared to large countries here in the Miss World competition, will make a huge difference in a way bigger than it already has been so far. See Photo – “


40) Aston opens door for PNG players

November 13, 2017The NationalSports

SHEFFIELD Eagles coach Mark Aston, who is also the Ireland’s coach, will keep the door open for Papua New Guinea players who wish to build their careers in Britain.
Visiting PNG for the first time during the rugby league World Cup, despite his side’s 14-6 loss to the PNG Kumuls, Aston said he would consider some of PNG’s home grown talent to play in the second tier Kingstone Press Championship.
Aston, who is also the chief executive officer of Sheffield Eagles, is fond of PNG players and has already provided opportunities for the likes of current Kumuls winger Garry Lo, former Kumuls Menzie Yere and Mark Mexico.
Obviously there are a lot of pathways for PNG’s league talent to follow through to the top level whether it’s NRL or Super League and with Aston’s offering, a sort of Garry Lo-type pathway is in the picture for PNG’s players.
“I always do welcome PNG players and I will look at some to pick up for Sheffield Eagles and give them that opportunity,” Aston said.
“I have got a real strong relationship with Menzie Yere and he’s been with me for 10 years after he signed up in 2008 and next year is his 10th year.
“He’s probably been one of the best centres for Sheffield and now Garry Lo is going to be something else no doubt about that.
“Garry will play with Castleford Tigers next year which is probably the best team in the Super League and he’s going to score tries and that’s what he does, we can proudly say that we helped him get there.
“I open the club’s doors to any PNG player who wants to come over.
“The nice thing is Menzie stayed in Sheffield and he won’t probably come back to PNG.
“He’s got a home, he’s got two wonderful kids and his wife and he is enjoying life over there and Garry is also going to try to make his career over there now and it’s going to be wonderful for him.
“I always have so much respect for those guys and now I’ve seen their home country which is beautiful.
“If there are some more guys who want to come, we will surely consider them.”

41 )

42) World Cup quarter-final spot beckons for PNG Kumuls

A full house is expected at the NFS in Port Moresby for the third weekend in a row when Papua New Guinea play the last of their Rugby League World Cup pool matches against the USA on Sunday.

The Kumuls are hot favourites to win the game and seal a quarter final place in Melbourne, where their opponents almost certainly would be England.

Pacific Beat’s World Cup reporter, Melvin Levongo, says there will be some new faces in the Kumuls’ line-up, while some familiar ones will be saying their farewells to the PNG crowd for the last time.AUDIO-

43) Flying Fijians lose to Italy

Sunday, November 12, 2017-Fijitimes

Update: 2:18PM FIJI Airways Flying Fijians lost their first match on the November tour to Italy 19-10 earlier this morning in Italy.

Fiji scored their only try through lock Leone Nakarawa while Ben Volavola converted a conversion and a penalty in the match.

Italy scored through Simone Ferrari and Carlo Canna kicked three conversion and a penalty.

Volavola was also shown a yellow card in the match.

44 )

45 ) 
46 )
47 )



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