Edou Ft. Thuthukani Célé, Sister Phumi – My Lucky (New caledonia & South Afrika)

Merci – MangroveNoumea

Sembela Eno Eddy Kenzo [Official Video] (Africa – Mama Land )

Thank you/Merci – Eddy Kenzo ( Melanesian People Originate from Africa thousands of years ago ) Enjoy!


Published on Jun 25, 2015 A VERY VERY special song, recently recorded in an emotional meeting in South Africa with Mr Benny Wenda, and the former members of Lucky Dube’s band; Phumi Maduna and Thuthukani Cele from the One People Band. Lucky Dube is celebrated in the hills of West Papua as a voice of […]

Meet Melbourne’s Black Rhinos: Preventing crime through basketball

Updated 6 May 2017, 16:15 AEST By David Lewis for Background Briefing A few years after settling in Australia, Sudanese refugee Jamy Alex narrowly avoided imprisonment after committing a terrible crime — but basketball is helping to turn his life around. Players from the Black Rhinos, with Selba Luka (centre), who helped found the team. […]

Uganda Parliament support for West Papua

Uganda Parliament support for West Papua