Kodili Festival 2016 – Solomon Islands

Published on Nov 10, 2016 Kodili festival was held at Buala, Isabel Province on September 26th to 30th 2016. Thank yu tumas – Wolfman

SORONG SAMARAI – Airileke Feat. Twin Tribe ( West Papua )

Published on Nov 30, 2016 Filmed on location from the tip of West Papua (Sorong) to the tip of Papua New Guinea (Samarai), from the highlands to the islands, the bush to the city streets. Sorong Samarai….One People, One Soul, One Destiny. A celebration of Papuan Identity, fighting for a free West Papua. for more […]

Government gives Alliance Francaise management of former French Embassy exhibition room

Ministri blong Lands long bihaf blong Gavman blong Vanuatu i saenem wan agrimen wetem Alliance Francaise blong manejem eksibisen rum blong bilding we Franis Embasi i stap fastaem long hem. Bilding ia hemi propeti blong Gavman. Agrimen i talem se Alliance Francaise i mas mekem ol samting ia: a) Managing the room, and managing the […]

Our art is valuable because it carries tradition, says Vanuatu artist

Posted: March 1, 2016 | Author: dailyvanuatu | Artist Simix Simeon at work in the studio: Photo: Awis Artists By Simix Simeon My name is Simix Simeon and I was born on the small island of Mataso in Vanuatu. I am the leader of an art collective from the Mataso community who live on the […]

Hello – Adele (Reggae Cover) Solomon Islands – MELANESIAN Voice it is- EnJoy!

Vanuatu Music 2015.RiddiikaL_Ratua-Rahangwe. Video/Published on Apr 27, 2015 This video talks about how the life is changing around the world these days. The main context is picked from my own country (Vanuatu) and this song is sang in Ambaean dialect and Bislama with a little English.

SHAXHABIGN – “Mu Ciic” (clip officiel) ( Mainland New Caledonia ) Published on Feb 14, 2015

OU QUE NOUS MENE LE VENT /Published on May 26, 2014 “Ou que nous mène le vent” de Caledonia +687 Mangrove Productions Réalisation : Satu von Hellens

Sleezypeel featuring karekill..mising ya/Solomon IslandsPublished on Jun 30, 2015 First video promo….produce by keponi and skar from shefram records..a bi thanks to my family ghetto youthz band..for helping me aswell through all my musik carear..n not forgeting baka solomon…and not atlyst jah di creator for bieng my protector.enjoy…

Black Beauty Jamelian Official Music Video (Published on May 15, 2015 ORIGINAL GIZO BASED JAMELIAN.Western Province, Solomon Islands. Enjoy (A RADJAH FILM PRO 2015)