Our art is valuable because it carries tradition, says Vanuatu artist

Posted: March 1, 2016 | Author: dailyvanuatu | Artist Simix Simeon at work in the studio: Photo: Awis Artists By Simix Simeon My name is Simix Simeon and I was born on the small island of Mataso in Vanuatu. I am the leader of an art collective from the Mataso community who live on the […]

Vanuatu – Job Alert ( 24 April 2015 )

Blong moa infomesen long ol vakensi we i stap anda go long website ia Sendem aplikeisen blong yu i go stret long employer nomo! . 5545 General Manager Breakas Beach Resort Source: Daily Post 23-Apr-15 Due: 30-Apr-15 . 5544 Provincial Training Coordinator – Malampa Ministry of Education Source: Daily Post 23-Apr-15 Due: 22-May-15 . […]