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The Opposition trailer. Papua New Guinea. (2016) Showing at the Australian Museum Sydney/Australia 7 September 6pm.

FILM ON PNG CORRUPTION FIGHTERS FACES LEGAL HURDLE PNG Exposed | 20 April 2016 The Opposition is the first feature-length documentary to look into the murky world of real-estate developers, their political patrons, and PNG’s unsung heroes fighting against them. It focuses on the famous case of Paga Hill, which the country’s public accounts watchdog […]

Opinion: a call for a tolerant, understanding and caring Vanuatu

Posted: August 19, 2017 | Author: Vanuatu Digest |  By Michael Taurakoto MP Andrew Napuat’s recent statement on the supremacy of Christian principles in Vanuatu society raises important issues that leaders throughout Vanuatu should deliberate and consider carefully. It is true that the founding fathers and mothers of this country were primarily Christian. This is a testament to the important […]