About us

Pacific Black Box collaborates with Pacific Island communities to produce community based digital resources in creative learning environments.

We work with groups and individuals to digitally collect, map and present information using video, audio, text and graphics.

The information collected becomes a resource for purposes identified by the community. We call these resources ‘community based digital resources’ or CBDRs.

Examples of community based digital resources (CBDRs) include:

  • radio show promoting a locally relevant health message
  • train-the-trainer literacy program to be delivered through mobile phones
  • pop-up poster (digitally projected) about a local event
  • personal and family stories
  • mapping areas of cultural significance
  • digital presentation promoting the work of local midwives
  • photo-story looking at the effects of new media in the community
  • video of an educational drama production for use in local primary schools
  • animation created by local artist.

PBB works with partners to develop creative learning environments where participants can learn digital resource development skills.

We partner with organisations and communities who can see the benefits of using digital media, and work closely with them to design programs which are specifically tailored to their needs.

We prioritise the use of free and open source software (FOSS) as it aligns with the way we work. See more onĀ PBB’s approach to FOSS here.

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