Philippe Saibir Pako-Tenene


70% of Ambae’s population forced to evacuate following volcanic eruption

Hi everyone, Sad news. Please pray for the people of Ambae ( Aoba ) vanuatu. My thoughts are with you all.I do have a large family on Ambae Island/ blood relations ,on my Mother’s side The Tenene Family. Regards- Phil. 70% of Ambae’s population forced to evacuate following volcanic eruption by bobmakin Photo taken on Ambae yesterday […]

The Naqaqa Family Farm, Fiji

Vinaka Vakalevu/ Thank you – Gary Yost Published on Oct 29, 2015  Beauty, song and the Garden of Eden in this second film in the series from Vanua Levu — a very magical and musical short about Setareki the farmer and his family at the Naqaqa farm, near Naidi Bay and at the foot of Mt. […]

Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1114 ( Friday 22 September 2017 )

Bonjour everyone, Hope you all well. Just a note to say a Massive thank you to the 1) President of Papua NiuGini – Sydney Wantok  Mr Steve Gagau- You did a great job with the Papua New Guinea 42nd Independence anniversary in Kensington/Sydney last Saturday 16 September 2017. 2)  Dr Michael Mel from the Australian […]

Papua New Guinea – Presentation of New Ireland

Papua New Guinea Published on May 27, 2013 This video is focus on New Ireland, giving information about the culture, geography, landscape, activities (diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing), accommodations, tribes… New Ireland, a beautiful, friendly and easy going place. * Do not hesitate to comment and share the video. Find more information on… Like our […]

Just Play – #ENDviolence – Vanuatu ( End Violence )

Thank you/Merci – Franck CASTILLO Published on May 10, 2017 The U20 players qualified for the FIFA U20 World Cup in South Korea stand up to #ENDviolence in Vanuatu

Dr Evelyn Scott, Indigenous rights activist and ‘trailblazer’, dies aged 81

  By Miriam Corowa PHOTO: Dr Evelyn Scott was one of the leading figures of the decade-long campaign to change the Constitution. (AAP: Mark Graham) RELATED STORY: Mansell lashes out at ‘disappointingly weak’ Aboriginal referendum report RELATED STORY: Indigenous leaders call for representative body, treaties process MAP: Townsville 4810 Among the towering figures of Australia’s Aboriginal and Islander communities, Dr Evelyn […]

Australians ‘just starting to wake up’ to historical South Sea Islander slavery: Jeff McMullen

By Will Higginbotham Updated about an hour ago PHOTO: Jeff McMullen is a veteran journalist, filmmaker and author, who has worked for 60 Minutes and the ABC. (Jeff McMullen) RELATED STORY: Blackbirding: Australia’s history of kidnapping Pacific Islanders RELATED STORY: Statue ‘whitewashes’ Townsville’s slave history, South Sea Islanders say RELATED STORY: Stan Grant: It is a ‘damaging myth’ that Captain Cook […]

Ol Skolaship blong Gavman blong 2018

Nyus i kam long MP mo Pati Olgeta – Sistem blong skolaship blong Gavman i jenis long yia ia. Long yia ia yu mas aplae from skolaship long intanet, mo aplikesen i open kasem Wenisde 4 Oktoba long midnaet nomo. Yu save karem moa infomesen mo fulumap skolaship aplikesen form mo sabmitim long: No mestem […]

Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest # 1113 ( Thursday 7 September 2017 )

MELANESIA 1) Australian South Sea Islander Recognition Symposium to mark the 110th anniversary of the mass deportation of Pacific Islanders from Australia as well as 170 years since the first Melanesian labourers were brought to NSW   6th September 2017. Whilst we remember with great shame and now publicise the injustices perpetrated against Aboriginal and Torres Strait […]

Paradise in poverty- Papua NiuGini.

Commentary  Paradise in poverty  July 24, 2016 David Kare  0 Comment By JOHN VAREY DURING the last 40 years since independence Papua New Guinea (PNG) has been characterised as “paradise in poverty”. More recently PNG has been seen as a “rich beggar”, begging around the globe for more loan although the country is described as “an island […]